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Zinker Knife quotes by Terry Pratchett
#1. Everyone wants something from Vimes, even though I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Hell, I'm probably a spoon. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Zinker Knife quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#2. Quirky, funny, happy-go-lucky dead inside Dexter. No longer Dexter with the knife, Dexter the Avenger. Not until next time. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Zinker Knife quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#3. Listen, friends," said the disciple confidently, " [ ... ] I didn't have a friend in the world. Do you know what it's like not to have a friend in the world?"
"It ain't no worsen havinum that would put a knife in your back when you wasn't looking," the older man said, barely parting his lips. #Quote by Flannery O'Connor
Zinker Knife quotes by Scott Lynch
#4. Probably Verrari," muttered the senior, who was methodically torturing a piece of ivory with a slender carving knife. He wanted it to come out like a sculpted terrace he'd seen at the Temple of Iono, alive with lovely relief and fantastical representations of drowned men taken by the Lord of the Grasping Waters. What he seemed to be producing more closely resembled a lump of white dogshit, life-size. "Sooner trust a sailing ship to a blind drunkard with no hands than a Verrari. #Quote by Scott Lynch
Zinker Knife quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#5. Got tight last night on absinthe and did knife tricks. Great success shooting the knife underhand into the piano. The woodworms are so bad and eat hell out of all the furniture that you can always claim the woodworms did it. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Zinker Knife quotes by Veronica Roth
#6. Is giving me useless cutlery really necessary?" I said, stabbing my toast with the knife instead of slicing it.
"The sovereign is concerned that you will try to end your life before the appropriate time," Eijeh said.
The appropriate time. I wondered if Eijeh had chosen my manner of death, then. The oracle, plucking the ideal future from an array of options.
"End my life with this thing? My fingernails are sharper." I brought the knife down, point first, on the mattress. I slammed it so hard the bed frame shuddered, and let go. The knife fell over, not even sharp enough to penetrate fabric. I winced, not even sure what part of my body hurt.
"I suppose he thinks you're creative enough to find a way," Eijeh said softly.
I stuffed the last bite of toast into my mouth and sat back against the wall, my arms folded. We were in one of the polished, glossy cells in the belly of the amphitheater, beneath the stadium seats that were already filling with people hungry to watch me die. I had won the last challenge, but I was running out of strength. This morning walking to the toilet had been a feat.
"How sweet," I said, spreading my arms wide to display my bruises. "See how my brother loves me?"
"You're making jokes," Ryzek said from just outside the cell. I could hear him, muffled, through the glass wall that separated us. "You must be getting desperate. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Zinker Knife quotes by Toni Morrison
#7. Their children were like distant but exposed wounds whose aches were no less intimate because separate from their flesh. They had looked at the world and back at their children, back at the world and back again at their children, and Sula knew that one clear young eye was all that kept the knife away from the throat's curve. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Zinker Knife quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#8. Kelsier exhaled in exasperation. "Elend Venture? You risked your life - risked the plan, and our lives - for that fool of a boy?"

Vin looked up, glaring at him. "Yes."

"What is wrong with you, girl?" Kelsier asked. "Elend Venture isn't worth this."

She stood angrily, Sazed backing away, the cloak falling the floor. "He's a good man!"

"He's a nobleman!"

"So are you!" Vin snapped. She waved a frustrated arm toward the kitchen and the crew. "What do you think this is, Kelsier? The life of a skaa? What do any of you know about skaa? Aristocratic suits, stalking your enemies in the night, full meals and nightcaps around the table with your friends? That's not the life of a skaa!"

She took a step forward, glaring at Kelsier. He blinked in surprise at the outburst.

"What do you know about them, Kelsier?" she asked. "When's the last time you slept in an alley, shivering in the cold rain, listening to the beggar next to you cough with a sickness you knew would kill him? When's the last time you had to lay awake at night, terrified that one of the men in your crew would try to rape you? Have you ever knelt, starving, wishing you had the courage to knife the crewmember beside you just so you could take his crust of bread? Have you ever cowered before your brother as he beat you, all the time feeling thankful because at least you had someone who paid attention to you?"

She fell silent, puffing slightl #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Zinker Knife quotes by Lindsey Davis
#9. We marched him to the turfy shack where he lived with his parents and while the youth sulked Petronius Longus put the whole moral issue in succinct terms to them: Ollia's father was a legionary veteran who had served in Egypt and Syria for over twenty years until he left with double pay, three medals, and a diploma that made Ollia legitimate; he now ran a boxers' training school where he was famous for his high-minded attitude and his fighters were notorious for their loyalty to him ... The old fisherman was a toothless, hapless, faithless cove you would not trust too near you with a filleting knife, but whether from fear or simple cunning he co-operated eagerly. The lad agreed to marry the girl and since Silvia would never abandon Ollia here, we decided that the fisherboy had to come back with us to Rome. His relations looked impressed by this result. We accepted it as the best we could achieve. #Quote by Lindsey Davis
Zinker Knife quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#10. A drug person can learn to cope with things like seeing their dead grandmother crawling up their leg with a knife in her teeth. But no one should be asked to handle this trip. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Zinker Knife quotes by Abigail Haas
#11. Memory and imagination are only a knife edge apart, and I wonder if I'm making it all up: slipping false memories in among the real ones, just to have something to hold onto. Fools gold. #Quote by Abigail Haas
Zinker Knife quotes by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
#12. murder is not only when you took knife or gun and killed someone.Sometime you kill someone by your Act and deeds That's is also Murder #Quote by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
Zinker Knife quotes by Simon Newcomb
#13. When about fifteen I once made a great scandal by taking out my knife in prayer meeting and assaulting a young man who, while I was kneeling down during the prayer, stood above me and squeezed my neck. #Quote by Simon Newcomb
Zinker Knife quotes by Dan Simmons
#14. Martin Silenus sniffed a jar, found a knife on the sandwich plate, and added great dollops of horseradish to his sandwich. His eyes sparkled with tears as he ate. #Quote by Dan Simmons
Zinker Knife quotes by Mark Haddon
#15. But I don't take any notice because I don't listen to what other people say and only sticks and stones can break my bones and I have a Swiss Army knife if they hit me. #Quote by Mark Haddon
Zinker Knife quotes by Ilona Andrews
#16. The mage pulled my knife out of his side and looked at it. "Nice knife." The voice was deep but female.
I threw my second knife. The blade bit into the mage's chest. Shit. Missed the neck. "Here, have another one. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Zinker Knife quotes by DamnInteresting.com
#17. Armed with the leg as a blunt instrument and with the warrior's knife, Johnston managed to fight his way out of the Blackfoot camp and make his escape into the woods. #Quote by DamnInteresting.com
Zinker Knife quotes by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
#18. Enough! we're tired, my heart and I. We sit beside the headstone thus, And wish that name were carved for us. The moss reprints more tenderly The hard types of the mason's knife, As Heaven's sweet life renews earth's life With which we're tired, my heart and I ... In this abundant earth no doubt Is little room for things worn out: Disdain them, break them, throw them by! And if before the days grew rough We once were loved, used, - well enough, I think, we've fared, my heart and I. #Quote by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Zinker Knife quotes by Peter Guber
#19. A gun can be dangerous. But a gun can protect you, you can hunt for food with it - you know, the tool itself is a tool. The intention of the party using the tool is a part of the process, right? You know: the knife cuts the steak, stabs the person, saves somebody from danger, cuts somebody out of a car. #Quote by Peter Guber
Zinker Knife quotes by Dan Wells
#20. You're a punk?'
'What do they call people from the eighties?' I asked.
'Oh,' she laughed. It was a beautiful laugh. 'I'm my mother, actually. I mean, these are her clothes from High School. I guess I should tell people I'm Cyndi Lauper though, or something, because dressing up as your mother is pretty lame.'
'I almost dressed up as my mother,' I said, 'but I was worried what my therapist would say.'
She laughed again, and I realized that she thought I was joking. It was probably for the best, since telling her the second half of my mom costume - a giant fake butcher knife through the head - would probably freak her out. #Quote by Dan Wells
Zinker Knife quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#21. a collection that included, among other items, an Allen wrench set, some pliers, a power drill, several clamps, some hacksaws, an impact-wrench set, a brace of cold-tolerant bungie cords, assorted files and rasps and planes, a crescent-wrench set, a crimper, five hammers, some hemostats, three hydraulic jacks, a bellows, several sets of screwdrivers, drills and bits, a portable compressed gas cylinder, a box of plastic explosives and shape charges, a tape measure, a giant Swiss Army knife, tin snips, tongs, tweezers, three vises, a wire stripper, X-acto knives, a pick, a bunch of mallets, a nut driver set, hose clamps, a set of end mills, a set of jeweler's screwdrivers, a magnifying glass, all kinds of tape, a plumber's bob and ream, a sewing kit, scissors, sieves, a lathe, levels of all sizes, long-nosed pliers, vise-grip pliers, a tap-and-die set, three shovels, a compressor, a generator, a welding-and-cutting set, a wheelbarrow - and so on. And #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Zinker Knife quotes by Terry Pratchett
#22. Any fool could be a witch with a runic knife, but it took skill to be one with an apple corer. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Zinker Knife quotes by Homer
#23. Never throw a butcher knife in anger. #Quote by Homer
Zinker Knife quotes by Steven Erikson
#24. Fallen. Who tracks our footsteps, I wonder? We who are the forgotten, the discounted and the ignored. When the path is failure, it is never willingly taken. The fallen. Why does my heart weep for them? Not them but us, for most assuredly I am counted among them. Slaves, serfs, nameless peasants and labourers, the blurred faces in the crowd - just a smear on memory, a scuffing of feet down the side passages of history.
Can one stop, can one turn and force one's eyes to pierce the gloom? And see the fallen? Can one ever see the fallen? And if so, what emotion is born in that moment?
There were tears on his cheeks, dripping down onto his chafed hands. He knew the answer to that question, knife-sharp and driven deep, and the answer was ... recognition. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Zinker Knife quotes by David Lange
#25. My back is so scar-tissued that you couldn't find a place to slip a knife. #Quote by David Lange
Zinker Knife quotes by Victoria Harwood Butler-Sloss
#26. Oh I dreamt of his arms long before I felt them. He would stand near me, just feet away, and my body would arch towards his. If I had taken a knife, i could have cut the air between us, fed it to the birds and watched them fall to the earth with the weight of it. #Quote by Victoria Harwood Butler-Sloss
Zinker Knife quotes by Terry Pratchett
#27. There are those who believe knowledge is something that is acquired - a precious ore hacked, as it were, from the grey strata of ignorance.
There are those who believe that knowledge can only be recalled, that there was some Golden Age in the distant past when everything was known and the stones fitted together so you could hardly put a knife between them, you know, and it's obvious they had flying machines, right, because of the way the earthworks can only be seen from above, yeah? and there's this museum I read about where they found a pocket calculator under the altar of this ancient temple, you know what I'm saying? but the government hushed it up ...
Mustrum Ridcully believed that knowledge could be acquired by shouting at people, and was endeavouring to do so. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Zinker Knife quotes by Lewis Carroll
#28. "She can't do Subtraction." said the White Queen. "Can you do Division? Divide a loaf by a knife-what's the answer to that?" "I suppose-" Alice was beginning, but the Red Queen answered for her. "Bread-and-butter, of course." #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Zinker Knife quotes by Larissa Ione
#29. Fortunately, all three assassins turned out to be excellent fighters. Tavin's ability to explode eyeballs with a touch was especially impressive. It had definitely come in handy against a ten-foottall demon with butcher-knife-sized teeth and two dozen eyes.
Pop! Pop! Pop! Eyes everywhere. Some powers were meant for fun. #Quote by Larissa Ione
Zinker Knife quotes by Adrienne Rich
#30. [[diving into the wreck]]

First having read the book of myths,
and loaded the camera,
and checked the edge of the knife-blade
And now: it is easy to forget
what I came for
among so many who have always
lived here...
the thing I came for:
the wreck and not the story of the wreck
the thing itself and not the myth
the drowned face always staring
toward the sun
the evidence of damage
worn by salt and away into this threadbare beauty
the ribs of the disaster
curving their assertion
among the tentative haunters.
We are, I am, you are
by cowardice or courage
the one who find our way
back to this scene
carrying a knife, a camera
a book of myths
in which
our names do not appear. #Quote by Adrienne Rich
Zinker Knife quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#31. So her safe little world would never be safe again ... She knew that the nurturing hand also held the knife, and that was very unsettling. #Quote by Mercedes Lackey
Zinker Knife quotes by Robertson Davies
#32. Our appetite for destruction grew with feeding. I started gingerly, pulling some books out of a case, but soon was tearing out pages by the handfuls and throwing them around. Jerry got a knife and ripped the stuffing out of the mattresses. He threw feathers from the sofa cushions. McQuilly, driven by some dark Scottish urge, found a crowbar and reduced wooden things to splinters. And Bill was like a fury, smashing, overturning, and tearing. But I noticed he kept back some things and put them in a neat heap on the dining-room table, which he forbade us to break. They were photographs.

The old people must have had a large family, and there were pictures of young people and wedding groups and what were clearly grandchildren everywhere. When at last we had done as much damage as we could, the pile on the table was a large one.

"Now for the finishing touch," said Bill. "And this is going to be all mine."

He jumped up on the table, stripped down his trousers, and squatted over the photographs. Clearly he meant to defecate on them, but such things cannot always be commanded, and so for several minutes we stood and stared at him as he grunted and swore and strained and at last managed what he wanted, right on the family photographs. #Quote by Robertson Davies
Zinker Knife quotes by Gregory David Roberts
#33. The bride's father watched that effort with a critical eye. After satisfying himself that the weapon was suitably lethal, he gravely accepted it as a gift from the younger man. 'The groom has just sharpened the knife that the bride's father will use on him, if he ever mistreats the girl, #Quote by Gregory David Roberts
Zinker Knife quotes by Marie Lu
#34. Where I come from, we're more about efficiency,' he replies. 'A knife like this'll skewer food, smear butter, and slit throats all at the same time. #Quote by Marie Lu
Zinker Knife quotes by Veronica Roth
#35. I can't imagine living the way he does - always keeping track of who gave me what and what I should give them in return, incapable of love or loyalty or forgiveness, a one-eyed man with a knife in hand, looking for someone else's eye to poke out. That isn't life. It's some paler version of life. I wonder where he learned it from. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Zinker Knife quotes by Gautama Buddha
#36. Having abandoned the taking of life, refraining from killing, we dwell without violence, with the knife laid down, scrupulous, full of mercy, trembling with compassion for all sentient beings. #Quote by Gautama Buddha
Zinker Knife quotes by Emily Bronte
#37. I surveyed the weapon inquisitively. A hideous notion struck me: how powerful I should be possessing such an instrument! I took it from his hand, and touched the blade. He looked astonished at the expression my face assumed during a brief second: it was not horror, it was covetousness. He snatched the pistol back, jealously; shut the knife, and returned it to its concealment. #Quote by Emily Bronte
Zinker Knife quotes by Jane Taylor Starwood
#38. Jordan loomed over her and a flash of light blinded her momentarily. The knife. Shane felt her newfound courage faltering, felt herself falling back through the years, into the body of that little girl.
She closed her eyes, pictured Matt's face, Gram's face, and felt her strength returning. She would not let Jordan terrify her again. She might fail tonight, she might die, but she would not be his whimpering victim.
Opening her eyes, she braved the flashing glare of the hunting knife he held above her face. She willed her body to lie still as she stared straight into his eyes. With a thrill of triumph, she saw the surprise in the gray eyes that stared back at her.
Neither of them spoke a word, but they both knew the final moves in the game were at hand, and that Shane had just altered the rules. She could see the dawn of awareness in his eyes: She was no longer a mere pawn to toy with as he pleased.
On the other hand, he still had the knife. #Quote by Jane Taylor Starwood
Zinker Knife quotes by Gregory Maguire
#39. Are you the dart?" he said. "Are you the knife? The fuse?" She said (though he wasn't convinced): "My deane, my poppet, I am too green to walk into a public place and do something bad ... #Quote by Gregory Maguire
Zinker Knife quotes by Jayne Castle
#40. Where I come from you don't get to call a scene a scene until someone pulls out a knife or starts throwing broken beer bottles. #Quote by Jayne Castle
Zinker Knife quotes by Darin Gibby
#41. The detective had a kidnapping, he had a knife and he had blood. He had an insane old man. He was going in. #Quote by Darin Gibby
Zinker Knife quotes by Joseph C Zinker
#42. Excellent anthology ... a celebration of our goodness and our potential for growth. The sense of celebration is stretched by the beautiful photographs ... #Quote by Joseph C Zinker
Zinker Knife quotes by Kristen Stewart
#43. There are days when I definitely look in the mirror and go, "All right, I need to find a cream." I can't foresee myself ever going under the knife, but then again, I'm only in my mid-thirties. Maybe it's different when you're in your mid-sixties. #Quote by Kristen Stewart
Zinker Knife quotes by James Villas
#44. In no time, I'd beaten cream cheese and butter and confectioners' sugar and more vanilla with my electric hand mixer till the icing was real light and fluffy, and when the cakes were cooled a little, I handed Billy Po a serrated knife, showed him how to level the tops, and we both tasted the rich leftover pieces of cake.
"Boy, that's delicious," he exclaimed as he nibbled real slow and his eyes got big.
"Know what I love?" I said. "All those different textures. The smooth bananas, the stringy pineapple, and crunchy pecans. Nothing like it. #Quote by James Villas
Zinker Knife quotes by Hassan Nasrallah
#45. Put a knife in your shirt, get close to an Israeli occupier and stab him. #Quote by Hassan Nasrallah

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