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Ziman Development quotes by Joel Osteen
#1. If you will keep being your best right where you are, you will come into more favor, promotion and opportunity than you ever imagined. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Ziman Development quotes by Ina Catrinescu
#2. I look forward to the day when business is less about being busy and more about being of service.

When Houses of Cards, become Houses of Hearts.

We can no longer afford to squander our passion on cold economics. It is time to reclaim our most valuable commodity and devote it to what's right. Devote it to concern & creation. To meaningful encounters & purpose-bound experiences.

May we no longer do business, but build places of thriving instead; ruled by one truth only ~ the wisdom of our hearts. #Quote by Ina Catrinescu
Ziman Development quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#3. Be a slave of your potential and not a slave of circumstances #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Ziman Development quotes by Mischaela Elkins
#4. Growth isn't a mindset, it's an ever changing set of heuristic experiments. Sometimes you soar, sometimes you stumble through. #Quote by Mischaela Elkins
Ziman Development quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#5. We'd still be living in caves if a few crazy individuals didn't push things forward - change is scary but it's necessary for the progress of a species. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Ziman Development quotes by Corliss Lamont
#6. Humanism believes that the individual attains the good life by harmoniously combining personal satisfactions and continuous self-development with significant work and other activities that contribute to the welfare of the community. #Quote by Corliss Lamont
Ziman Development quotes by John Francis Daley
#7. You have to have all these elements of a feature but with a third of the length. And also the development process - there are so many more steps in getting notes from the studio, getting notes from the network. #Quote by John Francis Daley
Ziman Development quotes by Hermann Hesse
#8. Intensity of life is only possible at the expense of self. But there is nothing members of the bourgeoisie value more highly than self, albeit only at a rudimentary stage of development. Thus, at the expense of intensity, they manage to preserve their selves and make them secure. Instead of possession by God, an easy conscience is the reward they reap; instead of desire, contentment; instead of liberty, cosiness; instead of life-threatening heat, an agreeable temperature. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Ziman Development quotes by Bob Proctor
#9. Your purpose is why you you're living, your vision is how you're going to execute it. #Quote by Bob Proctor
Ziman Development quotes by H.W. Charles
#10. Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah said, "Where there is no money, there is no learning." The rabbis explain that unless people's stomachs are full and satisfied, they cannot study, grow spiritually, and do good works. #Quote by H.W. Charles
Ziman Development quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#11. Pope Gelasius I (492-496) expressed his vision of the West in a famous letter to the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I, and, even more clearly in his fourth treatise, where, with reference to the Byzantine model of Melchizedek [who was king and priest at the same time (Genesis 14:18)], he affirmed that the unity of powers lies exclusively in Christ: "Because of human weakness (pride!), they have separated for the times that followed the two offices, so that neither shall become proud." On worldly matters, priests should follow the laws of the emperor installed by divine decree, while on divine matters the emperor should submit to the priest. This introduced a separation and distinction of powers that would be of vital importance to the later development of Europe, and laid the foundations for the distinguishing characteristics of the West. #Quote by Pope Benedict XVI
Ziman Development quotes by Talal Abu-Ghazaleh
#12. Intellectual capital is the main determining factor and the base for economic and social development to any country. #Quote by Talal Abu-Ghazaleh
Ziman Development quotes by Daoud Hari
#13. They are among the three hundred million Africans who earn less than a dollar a day, and who are often pushed out of the way or killed for such things as oil, water, metal ore, and diamonds. #Quote by Daoud Hari
Ziman Development quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#14. Never think success is for special breeds of humans. Truly success is for ordinary people, who keep wake while others are sleep! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Ziman Development quotes by Friedrich Engels
#15. All history has been a history of class struggles between dominated classes at various stages of social development. #Quote by Friedrich Engels
Ziman Development quotes by Sigmund Freud
#16. It could be ventured to understand obsessive compulsive neurosis as the pathological counterpart of religious development, to define neurosis as an individual religiosity; to define religion as a universal obsessive compulsive neurosis. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Ziman Development quotes by John Patrick Hickey
#17. Heroes show us courage, honor, integrity and strength. Now more than ever, we need heroes. #Quote by John Patrick Hickey
Ziman Development quotes by Adlai E. Stevenson II
#18. We can chart our future clearly and wisely only when we know the path which has led to the present. #Quote by Adlai E. Stevenson II
Ziman Development quotes by Torsten Wiesel
#19. In the early Sixties, having begun to describe the physiology of cells in the adult cat visual cortex, David Hubel and I decided to investigate how the highly specific response properties of cortical cells emerged during postnatal development. #Quote by Torsten Wiesel
Ziman Development quotes by Pawan Mishra
#20. It was definitely a rare situation where a career had started and ended simultaneously on a very high note. #Quote by Pawan Mishra
Ziman Development quotes by Steve Kamb
#21. A basic framework for happiness:

- Time spent daily, hopefully in a job that challenges us, but also in our after-hours hobbies.

- An ability to show ourselves that we are making consistent progress and improvements toward a specified goal.

- Energy and attention dedicated each day to an activity that puts us in the zone. #Quote by Steve Kamb
Ziman Development quotes by Minor White
#22. The development of a love of medium and a responsibility for one's own pictures is an overall goal. #Quote by Minor White
Ziman Development quotes by Deepak Burfiwala
#23. Go for continuous self development if you aim at reaching mountaintop of your self-mastery. #Quote by Deepak Burfiwala
Ziman Development quotes by John Stuart Mill
#24. Protection, therefore, against the tyranny of the magistrate is not enough: there needs protection also against the tyranny of the prevailing opinion and feeling; against the tendency of society to impose, by other means than civil penalties, its own ideas and practices as rules of conduct on those who dissent from them; to fetter the development, and, if possible, prevent the formation, of any individuality not in harmony with its ways, and compel all characters to fashion themselves upon the model of its own. There is a limit to the legitimate interference of #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Ziman Development quotes by Stanley McChrystal
#25. Although we intuitively know the world has changed, most leaders reflect a model and leader development process that are sorely out of date. We often demand unrealistic levels of knowledge in leaders and force them into ineffective attempts to micromanage. #Quote by Stanley McChrystal
Ziman Development quotes by Milan Kundera
#26. Let us define our terms. A woman who writes her lover four letters a day is not a graphomaniac, she is simply a woman in love. But my friend who xeroxes his love letters so he can publish them someday--my friend is a graphomaniac. Graphomania is not a desire to write letters, diaries, or family chronicles (to write for oneself or one's immediate family); it is a desire to write books (to have a public of unknown readers). In this sense the taxi driver and Goethe share the same passion. What distinguishes Goethe from the taxi driver is the result of the passion, not the passion itself.

"Graphomania (an obsession with writing books) takes on the proportions of a mass epidemic whenever a society develops to the point where it can provide three basic conditions:

1. a high degree of general well-being to enable people to devote their energies to useless activities;
2. an advanced state of social atomization and the resultant general feeling of the isolation of the individual;
3. a radical absence of significant social change in the internal development of the nation. (In this connection I find it symptomatic that in France, a country where nothing really happens, the percentage of writers is twenty-one times higher than in Israel. Bibi [character from the book] was absolutely right when she claimed never to have experienced anything from the outside. It is this absence of content, this void, that powers the moter driving her to write).

#Quote by Milan Kundera
Ziman Development quotes by Amit Ray
#27. Leadership is turning crisis into opportunity, darkness into light, and hatred into love. #Quote by Amit Ray
Ziman Development quotes by Don A. Holbrook
#28. Tomorrow's outcome for our nation is dependent upon how we act today to create the outcomes we desire for our country. Individual accountability is each of our responsibilities if we want to rebuild, renew and restore the great values that made America a global super power and light of hope to the rest of the world. Each of us is either part of the problem or the solution. #Quote by Don A. Holbrook
Ziman Development quotes by Eileen Kennedy-Moore
#29. The path of development is a journey of discovery that is clear only in retrospect, and it's rarely a straight line. #Quote by Eileen Kennedy-Moore
Ziman Development quotes by Whitney Johnson
#30. We frequently applaud failure in theory, but the dirty little secret is that it makes all of us feel at least a little ashamed. #Quote by Whitney Johnson
Ziman Development quotes by Kevin Sorenson
#31. Through Economic Action Plan 2015, our Government will continue to help create jobs, encourage skills development and balance the budget in 2015. I look forward to hearing Canadians' ideas on what we can do to further support and grow the economy for the benefit of all Canadians. #Quote by Kevin Sorenson
Ziman Development quotes by John Patrick Hickey
#32. Keep the personal, personal and do not be guilty of spreading bad feelings. #Quote by John Patrick Hickey
Ziman Development quotes by Charles E. Wilson
#33. In my fifty years of experience and memory, I have seen the most amazing increase in the standard of living of a people ever achieved anywhere in the world. This is why I am so sure that our system of free competition and industrial development is sound and must be preserved. #Quote by Charles E. Wilson
Ziman Development quotes by Pope Francis
#34. Our faith in Christ, who became poor, and was always close to the poor and the outcast, is the basis of our concern for the integral development of society's most neglected members. #Quote by Pope Francis
Ziman Development quotes by Henry Makow
#35. [ ... ] homosexuality should be seen in broader terms: as arrested development caused by confusion over sexual identity, resulting in inability to bond permanently with a member of the opposite sex and (usually) establish a family. The main symptom of this disorder is the pursuit of impersonal sex for its own sake (i.e. promiscuity). #Quote by Henry Makow
Ziman Development quotes by Theodore Dreiser
#36. In short, he was one of those early, daring manipulators who later were to seize upon other and even larger phases of American natural development for their own aggrandizement. #Quote by Theodore Dreiser
Ziman Development quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#37. Don't pack out!

To some people, you make life bright
When you decide to dim your light
Their lives will be full of darkness
Do shine your light in kindness

To some people, you bring out a joy
With their emotions, never ever toy
With your smiles, grease them with oil
And make them glad when their lives boil

To other people, you are the warmth
That kills coldness and brings strength
Don't do it; don't pack out
Else, they will have blackout

You're on earth to do two things here
Wake up and do them now; this year
First, dare to grow and become better
Second, help others to also become greater

Never in any of the four seasons
Should you neglect your gifts for any reasons
The world needs you to make it a better place
Don't pack out; run your race. #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Ziman Development quotes by Sameh Elsayed
#38. The pain is not about having cheap people around ... . real pain is the fact that there are some people with a price to start with. #Quote by Sameh Elsayed
Ziman Development quotes by Jeffrey Sachs
#39. In my view, there is an urgent need to communicate with the public and help to explain where there is consensus, and where are there doubts about the issues of sustainable development. #Quote by Jeffrey Sachs
Ziman Development quotes by King Krule
#40. I've got rid of a lot of cynicism and anger. I feel positive about my development, and I just want to carry on making music and building myself as a person. #Quote by King Krule
Ziman Development quotes by Dinesh D'Souza
#41. So what if people disagree about values? People also disagree about facts. . . .

In my view, the great intellectual challenge facing conservatives is to make the case for morality at a time when many in the West have ceased to believe in an external moral order. The decline of belief in such an order is the most important political development of the past two centuries. Indeed, this decline has created the "crisis of the West. #Quote by Dinesh D'Souza
Ziman Development quotes by Stephen R. Covey
#42. Becomes obvious that if we want to make relatively minor changes in our lives, we can perhaps appropriately focus on our attitudes and behaviors. But if we want to make significant, quantum change, we need to work on our basic paradigms. #Quote by Stephen R. Covey
Ziman Development quotes by Karl Marx
#43. The realm of freedom actually begins only where labour which is determined by necessity and mundane considerations ceases; thus in the very nature of things it lies beyond the sphere of actual material production. Just as the savage must wrestle with Nature to satisfy his wants, to maintain and reproduce life, so must civilised man, and he must do so in all social formations and under all possible modes of production. With his development this realm of physical necessity expands as a result of his wants; but, at the same time, the forces of production which satisfy these wants also increase. Freedom in this field can only consist in socialised man, the associated producers, rationally regulating their interchange with Nature, bringing it under their common control, instead of being ruled by it as by the blind forces of Nature; and achieving this with the least expenditure of energy and under conditions most favourable to, and worthy of, their human nature. But it nonetheless still remains a realm of necessity. Beyond it begins that development of human energy which is an end in itself, the true realm of freedom, which, however, can blossom forth only with this realm of necessity as its basis. The shortening of the working-day is its basic prerequisite. #Quote by Karl Marx
Ziman Development quotes by Jim Himes
#44. I remain as committed as ever to working across party lines with anyone who believes we must invest in the future of our economy by revitalizing our transportation infrastructure, ensuring every child is getting a world class education, and spurring research and development of new technologies. #Quote by Jim Himes
Ziman Development quotes by Zaha Hadid
#45. I think that in life you don't need too much; you need friends, you need to do what you like doing. #Quote by Zaha Hadid
Ziman Development quotes by Katherine Ramsland
#46. Philosophers and many proponents of cognitive psychology hold that moral judgments are within our control, and thus people who choose to commit crimes, barring delusions, know what they are doing and that it is wrong. The legal system depends on this notion. However, recent research suggests that damage to an area of the brain just behind the eyes can transform the way people make moral decisions. The results indicate that the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, implicated in the feeling of compassion, may be the foundation for moral regulations, assisting us in inhibiting (or not) harmful treatment of others. Failure in its development, or damage to it, might alter the way a person perceives the moral landscape, which will thus affect his or her actions. If juries include information of this kind in their deliberations, it could mitigate the harshness of the sentences they impose on convicted criminals. While more research must be done, other types of brain scans are being entered as evidence in the trials of some heinous crimes to show that the perpetrator could not help what he did. #Quote by Katherine Ramsland
Ziman Development quotes by Sameh Elsayed
#47. It is a wonderful gift for the man to be welcomed by the woman. #Quote by Sameh Elsayed

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