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Zend Form quotes by Martin Schoeller
#1. A photographic close-up is perhaps the purest form of portraiture, creating a confrontation between the viewer and the subject that daily interaction makes impossible, or at least impolite. #Quote by Martin Schoeller
Zend Form quotes by Kristen Ciccarelli
#2. You think love is as fragile as that? Like a stalk of wheat, easily broken in a storm? That's not what love is. Real love is the strongest kind of steel. It's blade that can be melted down, its form changed with every bang of the hammer, but to break it is a task no one is capable of. Not even Death. #Quote by Kristen Ciccarelli
Zend Form quotes by Tori Amos
#3. I think that other people covering my work is really exciting ... Im really open to that kind of thing because I think interpretation is an art form ... #Quote by Tori Amos
Zend Form quotes by Fei Xiaotong
#4. American children hear no stories about ghosts. They spend a dime at the drugstore to buy a Superman comic book...Superman represents actual capabilities or future potential, while ghosts symbolize belief in and reverence for the accumulated past...How could ghosts gain a foothold in American cities? People move about like the tide, unable to form permanent ties with places, still less with other people...In a world without ghosts, life is free and easy. American eyes can gaze straight ahead. But still I think they lack something and I do not envy their life. #Quote by Fei Xiaotong
Zend Form quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#5. Every moment instructs, and every object; for wisdom is infused into every form. It has been poured into us as blood; it convulsed us as pain; it slid into us as pleasure; it enveloped us in dull, melancholy days, or in days of cheerful labor; we did not guess its essence until after long time. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Zend Form quotes by Sir Fulke Greville
#6. It is not enough that you can form nay, and follow, the most excellent rules for conducting yourself in the world. You must also know when to deviate from them, and where lies the exception. #Quote by Sir Fulke Greville
Zend Form quotes by Phil Wohl
#7. After over a century of one of the deepest blood feuds in the history of inhuman warfare, peace had finally descended on the sleepy coastal town of Beach Haven, New York. The unstable element of calm, however, is that it can retain its current form only when the variables remain relatively constant. #Quote by Phil Wohl
Zend Form quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#8. Music is the purest form of art, and therefore the most direct expression of beauty, with a form and spirit which is one and simple, and least encumbered with anything extraneous. We seem to feel that the manifestation of the infinite in the finite forms of creation is music itself, silent and visible. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Zend Form quotes by Bridget Riley
#9. I couldn't get near what I wanted through seeing, recognizing and recreating, so I stood the problem on its head. I started studying squares, rectangles, triangles and the sensations they give rise to It is untrue that my work depends on any literary impulse or has any illustrative intention. The marks on the canvas are sole and essential agents in a series of relationships which form the structure of the painting. #Quote by Bridget Riley
Zend Form quotes by Mandi Lynn
#10. Dreams are not lands of happiness. It is miscomprehended that bad dreams are nightmares. In truth, the only dreams we have are nightmares. When you are asleep, your brain wanders, bringing up thoughts of hopes and fears. During the night, thoughts of fear are what haunt you. Dreams are nightmares. Hopeful dreams are your wishes that will most likely never come true, which are their own form of nightmares. #Quote by Mandi Lynn
Zend Form quotes by Viola Shipman
#11. I'm making a galette instead of a tart," Sam said.
"Fancy," Deana said.
"Actually, it's not," Sam said. "It's more rustic. More fitting of Michigan, I thought."
Willo pulled three mugs- all mismatched- from her cupboard and poured three cups of coffee.
"In school, I learned that a galette is sort of the offspring of a pie and a tart- halfway between homespun and fancy- but easier to make than its parents. The biggest difference is that a galette is a free-form pastry, baked without a pie pan or tart ring. It's rustic. And it's forgiving. You just roll it out flat and then fold it in roughly around the filling." Sam stopped and sipped her coffee. "The wonderful thing is that you can't mess it up; the crust will tear and be a little more done in places, the juices will leak, but as long as you use really fresh ingredients, like the fruit we have here, and real butter for the dough, it bakes into something magical. Making a galette really gave me confidence to try trickier desserts. But it's still one of my favorites. And you can make sweet or savory galettes. I made two crusts today. I thought I'd turn one into a savory galette for dinner. I have a recipe for an asparagus, mushroom, goat cheese, and bacon galette I think I'll make."
Sam looked at her mom and grandma, who were staring at her openmouthed. "I never realized how accomplished you were," Deana said. "But I knew you had- what did we call it, Mom?"
"The gift," Willo said. "You've always ha #Quote by Viola Shipman
Zend Form quotes by Jack O'Connell
#12. I quite like to sing, actually - just belting out numbers with my guitar. I find that it's a form of tranquility. #Quote by Jack O'Connell
Zend Form quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#13. A painter told me that nobody could draw a tree without in some sort becoming a tree; or draw a child by studying the outlines of its form merely but by watching for a time his motions and plays, the painter enters into his nature and can then draw him at every attitude ... #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Zend Form quotes by Rem Koolhaas
#14. Architecture is a fuzzy amalgamation of ancient knowledge and contemporary practice, an awkward way to look at the world and an inadequate medium to operate on it. Any architectural project takes five years; no single enterprise - ambition, intention, need - remains unchanged in the contemporary maelstrom. Architecture is too slow. Yes, the word "architecture" is still pronounced with certain reverence (outside the profession). It embodies the lingering hope - or the vague memory of a hope - that shape, form, coherence could be imposed on the violent surf of information that washes over us daily. Maybe, architecture doesn't have to be stupid after all. Liberated from the obligation to construct, it can become a way of thinking about anything - a discipline that represents relationships, proportions, connections, effects, the diagram of everything. #Quote by Rem Koolhaas
Zend Form quotes by An Wang
#15. No matter how complicated a problem is, it usually can be reduced to a simple, comprehensible form which is often the best solution. #Quote by An Wang
Zend Form quotes by Michel Foucault
#16. The examination combines the techniques of an observing hierarchy and those of a normalizing judgement. It is a normalizing gaze, a surveillance that makes it possible to qualify, to classify and to punish. It establishes over individuals a visibility through which one differentiates them and judges them. That is why, in all the mechanisms of discipline, the examination is highly ritualized. In it are combined the ceremony of power and the form of the experiment, the deployment of force and the establishment of truth. At the heart of the procedures of discipline, it manifests the subjection of those who are perceived as objects and the objectification of those who are subjected. The superimposition of the power relations and knowledge relations assumes in the examination all its visible brilliance. #Quote by Michel Foucault
Zend Form quotes by Seth Lloyd
#17. The primary consequence of the computational nature of the universe is that the universe naturally generates complex systems, such as life. Although the basic laws of physics are comparatively simple in form, they give rise, because they are computationally universal, to systems of enormous complexity. #Quote by Seth Lloyd
Zend Form quotes by Peter Schjeldahl
#18. In Los Angeles, one laughs to survive, enjoys oneself not to enhance life but in order to live at all. That society is so vaporous and tenuous that the only alternative to a spiral of loneliness and fear is a self-contained, steady, pleasurably focused attitude. The L.A. cogito: I laugh, therefore I am. The laughter is ramified and refined. Only with time and effort does a visitor learn its language. It is the absolute form of civility in a civilization that enables nobody to mature beyond adolescence. It can be erotic and quite beautiful, when one hears its undertone of sadness. It can be disturbing, when one catches its overtone of hostility. It is the sound of grown-up children determined not to be afraid. #Quote by Peter Schjeldahl
Zend Form quotes by Patti Smith
#19. I have smoothed the hem of the robe of Parsifal.
Watched Giotto's sheep wander from a fresco.
Prayed before holy icons unveiled, surviving time.
Held shavings swept from the hut of Geppetto.
Unzipped a body bag and beheld the face of my brother.
Witnessed the acolyte scatter petals over a dying poet.
I saw the smoke of incense form the shape of my days.
I saw my love return to God.
I saw things as they are. #Quote by Patti Smith
Zend Form quotes by Freeman Dyson
#20. Science is a human activity, and the best way to understand it is to understand the individual human beings who practise it. Science is an art form and not a philosophical method. The great advances in science usually result from new tools rather than from new doctrines ... Every time we introduce a new tool, it always leads to new and unexpected discoveries, because Nature's imagination is richer than ours. #Quote by Freeman Dyson
Zend Form quotes by Nicolas Cage
#21. I'm not an anarchist any more. I still love the Sex Pistols, but I don't want to be a punk rocker all the time, but I do want to carry on exploring new forms of acting. #Quote by Nicolas Cage
Zend Form quotes by Zack Argyle
#22. Self-betterment is the rarest form of ambition. #Quote by Zack Argyle
Zend Form quotes by C.S. Lewis
#23. They are given wings at all in order to suggest the swiftness of unimpeded intellectual energy. They are given human form because man is the only rational creature we know. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Zend Form quotes by Craig Detweiler
#24. The bigger-is-better form of evangelism may have passed, .. The emerging generation has been so advertised, media-tised and oversold that the smaller, quieter and more authentic is the growing edge of their experience. #Quote by Craig Detweiler
Zend Form quotes by Angela Davis
#25. I think the lack of critical engagement with the food that we eat demonstrates the extent to which the commodity form has become the primary way in which we perceive the world, #Quote by Angela Davis
Zend Form quotes by Theo Van Doesburg
#26. The complete and definitive work of art is created beyond one's individuality ... The universal transcends such a level. Mere spontaneity has never created a work of art which possesses a lasting cultural value. The method leading to universal form is based upon calculations of measure and number. #Quote by Theo Van Doesburg
Zend Form quotes by Leon Krier
#27. A city can only be reconstructed in the form of urban quarters. A large or a small city can only be reorganized as a large or a small number of urban quarters; as a federation of autonomous quarters. Each quarter must have its own center, periphery and limit. Each quarter must be a city within a city. #Quote by Leon Krier
Zend Form quotes by Chris Anderson
#28. Every field of knowledge is different, but they are all connected. And they often rhyme. This means that something in the way you describe your process may give me a crucial insight or catalyze a new thought in me. This is how ideas form when we spark off each other. #Quote by Chris Anderson
Zend Form quotes by Antonio Gramsci
#29. We need to free ourselves from the habit of seeing culture as encyclopedia knowledge, and men as mere receptacles to be stuffed full of empirical data and a mass of unconnected raw facts, which have to be filed in the brain as in the columns of a dictionary, enabling their owner to respond to the various stimuli from the outside world. This form of culture really is harmful, particularly for the proletariat. It serves only to create maladjusted people, people who believe they are superior to the rest of humanity because they have memorized a certain number of facts and dates and who rattle them off at every opportunity, so turning them almost into a barrier between themselves and others. #Quote by Antonio Gramsci
Zend Form quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#30. Of course, there is some truth in advertising. There's yeast in bread, but you can't make bread with yeast alone. Truth in advertising," announced Lord Peter sententiously, "is like leaven, which a woman hid in three measures of meal. It provides a suitable quantity of gas, with which to blow out a mass of crude misrepresentation into a form that the public can swallow. #Quote by Dorothy L. Sayers
Zend Form quotes by Alanis Morissette
#31. I notice that when I feel the most disconnected, once I'm done blaming the moon and everything else, I can see that I am so mired in identification with form and ego and story and identity, and that if I want to, I can read some scripture or read some spiritual book or pray or meditate or sit in the sun or hang around the birds and the dogs, and get a real objective sense of what's really going on here. That usually softens things. #Quote by Alanis Morissette

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