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Young Adult quotes by E.J. Squires
#1. Mai whispers, "Why did she have to leave? When she was there, I knew where I had her; she was safe."
"You of all people," Nicholas says, "should know that freedom is more important than being safe. #Quote by E.J. Squires
Young Adult quotes by Lauren Hammond
#2. For a moment, I'm captivated. He's seducing me with his eyes. A nervous flutter swims through my stomach. I can feel my heartbeat in my throat. Pounding. Constricting. I swallow hard. #Quote by Lauren Hammond
Young Adult quotes by Susane Colasanti
#3. Too bad guys aren't like Mr. Potato Head Where you can pick and choose which parts you want. Then we might come up with a guy who meets your standards. #Quote by Susane Colasanti
Young Adult quotes by Eli Hinze
#4. There are simply some laws we must transgress, no matter the penalty. #Quote by Eli Hinze
Young Adult quotes by A.Y. Greyson
#5. To him,
she was like a flower
that bloomed in the snow.
Thriving under conditions
in which nothing could grow.
To some,
she was a weed
born benighted.
But in his eyes,
she was a wildflower
with a soul ignited. #Quote by A.Y. Greyson
Young Adult quotes by Hailey Abbott
#6. David,you're my true love, why did we wait so long to get together? I don't care what the world says. Let's defy them all, my darling.
- Maddy #Quote by Hailey Abbott
Young Adult quotes by Shawn Kirsten Maravel
#7. I knew that she couldn't hear me if she was there. But the sound was enough to grab me, to hold me to hope, and with desperation that I'd never known before I knew that I must find my way back to her. #Quote by Shawn Kirsten Maravel
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#8. Keep that in mind, and always remember that you have a choice to listen or to walk away because you are somebody special. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Natalie Crown
#9. Kammy jerked upright. It was as though the trees had parted beneath the pressure of the storm and a bolt of lightning had struck her. She had never entered the mouth for it had always been much too small. Yet, she had never seen anything else enter it either. The thought alone made her feel sick with excitement and fear. A small voice told Kammy that such a reaction was ridiculous, it was just a squirrel. But warmth spread to the tips of Kammy's fingers as they stretched forward. She could see now that it was not a burrow at all, but a tunnel large enough for her to fit through. She was quite sure that she would not even have to bend her head. The same small voice tried to speak again but Kammy could not hear it through the rush of blood in her ears.
Kammy stepped inside the mouth of the forest and felt herself flipped upside down. #Quote by Natalie Crown
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#10. Love was a losing game. We never found love in our relationship because our so-called love was never built. We couldn't build love in our relationship because it was all a lie. Our relationship was toxic, and our troubles multiplied. We never got anywhere. The only thing we did was dig a bigger hole than there was before. Without words, we distracted each other's peace."
~Love is respect ♥~ #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Lydhia Marie
#11. Or when you're drunk, your brain doesn't have the ability to differentiate your feelings from your selves', which leads you to act impulsively when influenced by your Red-self; like a child, when influenced by your Yellow-self; or to do everything slowly and act like Einstein, when influenced by your Blue-self. Same thing applies for other types of drugs." -Samera #Quote by Lydhia Marie
Young Adult quotes by Garth Nix
#12. There is a very big difference between writing for children and writing for young adults. The first thing I would say is that 'Young Adult' does not mean 'Older Children', it really does mean young but adult, and the category should be seen as a subset of adult literature, not of children's books. #Quote by Garth Nix
Young Adult quotes by Sherman Alexie
#13. As a child, I read because books–violent and not, blasphemous and not, terrifying and not–were the most loving and trustworthy things in my life. I read widely, and loved plenty of the classics so, yes, I recognized the domestic terrors faced by Louisa May Alcott's March sisters. But I became the kid chased by werewolves, vampires, and evil clowns in Stephen King's books. I read books about monsters and monstrous things, often written with monstrous language, because they taught me how to battle the real monsters in my life.

And now I write books for teenagers because I vividly remember what it felt like to be a teen facing everyday and epic dangers. I don't write to protect them. It's far too late for that. I write to give them weapons–in the form of words and ideas-that will help them fight their monsters. I write in blood because I remember what it felt like to bleed. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Young Adult quotes by Eve Masters
#14. Oh get over it Cecilia! You are no longer human. Such decorum doesn't exist amongst our kind #Quote by Eve Masters
Young Adult quotes by J.D. Netto
#15. Pain comes with the decision of choosing what I have to offer now, but this same pain is needed to shape you for the greater destiny ahead. #Quote by J.D. Netto
Young Adult quotes by Tim Tharp
#16. When you're with a girl, it's always best to act like you're an old hand at everything - not to impress her, but just to make sure she feels safe. #Quote by Tim Tharp
Young Adult quotes by Tom Upton
#17. Other than the voices in my head, I think I'm pretty normal. #Quote by Tom Upton
Young Adult quotes by J.L. Bond
#18. My words shall open the portal to thee.
My words shall reveal for thy eyes to see.
My words shall forewarn what is yet to be.
To find the way you must follow your heart,
Any other path shall tear us apart.
From Eleventh Elementum #Quote by J.L. Bond
Young Adult quotes by Kirby Howell
#19. Given the chance, would I go back? Back to the time when my parents were alive? When my biggest problem was a past-due paper? When I didn't need to know how to take care of myself, ride a horse, or defend someone I loved? Back to the time when I didn't know Grey? #Quote by Kirby Howell
Young Adult quotes by Jodie B. Cooper
#20. She touched something deep in his soul. He didn't believe in love at first sight, but the thought of hurting her made his chest ache. #Quote by Jodie B. Cooper
Young Adult quotes by Kailin Gow
#21. I guess it depends on whether you want perfect. I hear some girls prefer their boyfriends a little more flawed and troubled.", Loving Summer by Kailin Gow #Quote by Kailin Gow
Young Adult quotes by Sherry J. Soule
#22. Quote from MOONLIGHT MAYHEM – pg 224 "Hero Intercedes":

His hands flickered upward, and before I knew it, they were cupping my face. So, damnably fast now. Demonic-like fast. Trent reeled me closer. Our foreheads joined. He held me, while I trembled in his arms. I was vaguely aware of Evans and Maxwell watching, although it didn't seem important. Nothing seemed important whenever he did this. It felt like we were enclosed in our own personal bubble made only for the two of us. Trent murmured something in my ear.

We stood like that until my shaky legs gradually regained strength. I shut my eyes and pretended my body wasn't sizzling with heat-lightning because Trent stood so close. My hormones always decided to rebel whenever he put his arms around me. And it wasn't totally awkward and uncomfortable.

No, it felt like the best thing I'd experienced since before Dad's death. And that's saying a lot. #Quote by Sherry J. Soule
Young Adult quotes by Melissa Eskue Ousley
#23. You used to scream so well when you were scared, back when I lived under your bed. #Quote by Melissa Eskue Ousley
Young Adult quotes by Rachel E. Carter
#24. Someday, Ry, you are going to realize who Darren really is. He's a prince, and he's only going to break your heart. #Quote by Rachel E. Carter
Young Adult quotes by Laura Goode
#25. This one is for our crew, but it's also for all the weird girls and word nerds, for all the in-the-middle wickeds and queers and misfits and hell-raisers. #Quote by Laura Goode
Young Adult quotes by Ava Bloomfield
#26. I took a deep, deep breath and held it in my core; kept it close behind my protruding, fleshless ribs. I swallowed it whole. I was home. #Quote by Ava Bloomfield
Young Adult quotes by Kiera Cass
#27. Love is the best and worst thing you can ever experience #Quote by Kiera Cass
Young Adult quotes by Jill Criswell
#28. I brushed my fingers over the black flames of his warrior-mark. There were secrets behind these markings. This man was full of secrets, and I wanted to unravel them. #Quote by Jill Criswell
Young Adult quotes by Shelly Crane
#29. His smile was small and immediate, crooked, like I'd put his whole world off its axis, but he was somehow okay with that. #Quote by Shelly Crane
Young Adult quotes by Dannielle Wicks
#30. Clouds buzz by, unaware of the scary world below them. I envy them. I envy the easy way that they live and die. They never have to worry about tomorrow and what horrors or death it might bring. #Quote by Dannielle Wicks
Young Adult quotes by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
#31. It figured
the almost invincible girl gets hurt, and they call a vet. #Quote by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Young Adult quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#32. I thought it was just him," she says, ignoring him. "But then I found out I had the same effect, which means the Society did something to my head too."
Gage's eyes close, horror washing over him. "You really do love him."
"Yes. No. I don't know." Her cries start up again, piercing his heart. "Gage, help me."
"I love you," he says, holding her closer. "That's real. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Young Adult quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#33. She's got a big belt around her hips. It has a shiny buckle with PRADA on it, which is Italian for insecure. #Quote by Jennifer Donnelly
Young Adult quotes by P.J. Parker
#34. The Sleepin' Fox Catches No Poultry. #Quote by P.J. Parker
Young Adult quotes by Gwenn Wright
#35. For a moment she believed he had left, but as she shifted away from the wall she sensed him there beside the bed. He was very close.
Wretched curiosity!
But she would fight it and not look.
"Katherine," he whispered, his breath rolling in a warm wave across her cheek. A traitor tear spilled out, the humiliation was too much to contain. Gently, a finger dabbed the wetness from her skin. He said it again, softly, as though it pleased him just to say it, "Katherine."
"Viktor!" the accented voice bellowed from below. And then the shadow was gone.
Darkness overwhelmed her then and carried her away to a land of crows and mocking strangers. #Quote by Gwenn Wright
Young Adult quotes by L.L. McKinney
#36. He was going to find this kitten had claws. #Quote by L.L. McKinney
Young Adult quotes by J.A. Rogers
#37. His eyes met mine. Brown eyes. I couldn't read anything and as he turned away I realised he didn't intend to tell me anything either. #Quote by J.A. Rogers
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#38. I am trying my best to build a solid foundation. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Terri Clark
#39. Are we talking hell hounds and flames here?" Des asked, pacing at the end of our beds.
I repeated the question and gave a heaving sigh of relief when Jameson said I had the wrong idea.
"He's going to 'lead us into temptation.'"
"That doesn't sound so bad," Des said with a cheeky grin. #Quote by Terri Clark
Young Adult quotes by Jamie Scallion
#40. I'm not sure what's more worrying. The list of demands or the fact he seems unaware the French stopped using francs in the last century and that Africa is a continent?" - Jerome #Quote by Jamie Scallion
Young Adult quotes by Kellie Thacker
#41. Often I've wondered what it would feel like to be him," he whispered softly. "To feel the warmth of your skin under my cold hand or your hot breath on my lips. These last few days have been torment on my curiosity. #Quote by Kellie Thacker
Young Adult quotes by Kahoko Yamada
#42. Love is blind; people aren't.

Chubby Chaser, 11/21/14 #Quote by Kahoko Yamada
Young Adult quotes by G.M.T. Schuilling
#43. And so, Anaya's story begins with her last thought. Would I have done this if I had any option but the grave? #Quote by G.M.T. Schuilling
Young Adult quotes by Shey Stahl
#44. I knew the promise I was about to break.the one that started with a question. Words would be spoken. A vow would be made. A ring would be exchanged and a kiss would be placed #Quote by Shey Stahl
Young Adult quotes by Shelly Crane
#45. We have to be bigger than the things we suffer. #Quote by Shelly Crane
Young Adult quotes by J.M. Northup
#46. The old fire pit was ancient. I couldn't say how many of my ancestors warmed themselves at this outdoor hearth. Sitting around it was rather affecting, especially when you thought about the countless people who had occupied your very spot in some distant past. It was kind of surreal. #Quote by J.M. Northup
Young Adult quotes by Marcha A. Fox
#47. More likely they'd already been identified by the transponder code required on all privately owned vehicles. They were as good as dead.
"Hold on," Win said. "I know how to lose these guys."
With that he set him mouth in a grim line and banked sharply toward the canyon. #Quote by Marcha A. Fox
Young Adult quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
#48. On the best nights, he'd appear outside the bookstore window and wait for me to unlock the door. He usually hadn't had time to shower between doing things with cattle and horses and coming to find me, and he looked older than us and stronger than us. #Quote by Laura Anderson Kurk
Young Adult quotes by Louise G. White
#49. Having answered the call, the relief far outweighed the discomfort as the heat and the thin dry air of the new word enveloped her...The demon before her - and she hadn't been told for sure that's what they were, she was taking an educated guess- had a figure pressed against him, one scaly limb securing its prey. #Quote by Louise G. White
Young Adult quotes by Libba Bray
#50. I do have to wonder what sort of childhood the Grimm brothers endured. They are not a merry bunch of storytellers, what with their children roasted by witches, maidens poisoned by old crones, and whatnot. #Quote by Libba Bray
Young Adult quotes by Ally Condie
#51. All of the things that were shown in early studies to be good for longevity - happy marriages, healthy bodies - are ours to have. We live long,
good lives. We die on our eightieth birthdays, surrounded by our families, before dementia sets in. Cancer, heart disease, and most debilitating
illnesses are almost entirely eradicated. This is as close to perfect as any society has ever managed to get. #Quote by Ally Condie
Young Adult quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
#52. With a damp palm, I turned the knob and cracked open the door. She was asleep in her freshly made bed. I can't explain how relieved I felt for this simple mercy. She was here and safe on clean sheets. #Quote by Laura Anderson Kurk
Young Adult quotes by Barbara Casey
#53. Carolina removed an old and creased single sheet of paper, yellowed with age, that was now carefully protected in clear, acid-free paper. She handed it to Dara. "This was folded up in a parik-til, in the box with my birth certificate."

"A parik-til?" asked Jennifer.

"It is a small pouch that is filled with things to bring good luck or blessings." She held up the cloth bag and opened it for the girls to see. "Gypsies use them, but so do Native Americans as well as people from Central and South America and other parts of the world. When I got it, I had no idea what it was or what it meant. I knew the folded piece of paper was old and somehow had to be important to me since my birth parents had included it with the other things they wanted me to have." Carolina stood up and walked over to the window. How well she remembered the overwhelming emotions she felt when she first saw those pages of the Voynich Manuscript in the book she was reading, and then realizing that the ancient script was the same as what was on the piece of paper that had been preserved in the parik-til--her parik-til. "Anyway, as soon as I saw the photographs of some of the manuscript pages in the book I was reading, I made the connection immediately. It was the same script as what was on this sheet of paper that I had been given."

All three FIGS crowded closely together to look at Carolina's treasure. #Quote by Barbara Casey
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#54. I want to be myself, but how can I be myself when I do not know who to be? #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Christopher Paolini
#55. If you could have stopped it, or if you could have escaped but you didn't, then you would have lost my respect. But you did everything you could, and when you could do no more, you made peace with your fate, and you didn't rail needlessly against it. That is wisdom, not weakness. #Quote by Christopher Paolini
Young Adult quotes by Lesley Livingston
#56. I'm so sorry, bright little thing."

"For what, my lord?:" I asked, my voice small and lost in the dim air.

His words caught in his throat as he answered. "For not making the world a place where you could choose to fight for yourself. #Quote by Lesley Livingston
Young Adult quotes by Becky Wicks
#57. A guy and a girl can just be friends, but at one point or another they will fall for each other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever. #Quote by Becky Wicks
Young Adult quotes by William D. Burt
#58. The greatest help oft comes in harm's disguise, to those with trusting hearts and open eyes. #Quote by William D. Burt
Young Adult quotes by Brian Joyce
#59. Eventually, that feeling fades, but there is always the memory of those days. When you're young, everything is butterflies. What I mean is - it's all new. I guess he was telling you to still believe, to hold on to your butterflies. #Quote by Brian Joyce
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#60. Never say never. It is possible. I know it is because I didn't think I would have gotten this far. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Jamie Scallion
#61. Colours started to seep into his black and white life #Quote by Jamie Scallion
Young Adult quotes by Timothee De Fombelle
#62. All dreams have to come to an end. #Quote by Timothee De Fombelle
Young Adult quotes by John Green
#63. The marks we leave are too often scars. #Quote by John Green
Young Adult quotes by Kerem Mermutlu
#64. I don't know if it was just me making things up in my head but after the fear in their eyes had gone what replaced it was like a sad kind of wondering. A wondering of where the old me was hiding. A wondering about where the old me had gone to. It was like I had suddenly been taken over by someone else and they could see the old me had fallen away for good. #Quote by Kerem Mermutlu
Young Adult quotes by Kiera Cass
#65. I've heard a collective gasp. I ran over the sentence in my head. It took me a minute to catch my mistake; I'd called him Maxon. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Young Adult quotes by Bonnie Ferrante
#66. Although the villagers rose with the sun to work the fields, attend to the animals, bake their bread, and begin their long list of chores, for me, Leya Truelong, this was a day like no other. Today, Wren River was touched by the fantastic.

Desiccate by Bonnie Ferrante #Quote by Bonnie Ferrante
Young Adult quotes by Kwame Alexander
#67. Because Dad told you he'd be here forever.
Because I thought forever was like Mars -- far away. #Quote by Kwame Alexander
Young Adult quotes by Mara Dabrishus
#68. No matter what, my chest always tightens up before a race. A rush of adrenaline spikes all the way down my spine, and it's like I'm right there. Right on top of Kali, squeezed in that metal stall, looking out at the dirt with my heart in my throat. The starter opens the gates, and the bell rings. #Quote by Mara Dabrishus
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#69. My soul ties with you had me stuck mentally. As I think about it, after our souls were mentally intertwined is when my happiness and freedom were snatched away from me."
~Love is respect ♥~ #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Shey Stahl
#70. What would yo do for a piece of forever? What would you do to love more,feel more, and live more? #Quote by Shey Stahl
Young Adult quotes by Sarah Cross
#71. Birthdays were wretched, delicious things when you lived in Beau Rivage. The clock stuck midnight, and presents gave way to magic.
Curses bloomed.
Girls bit into sharp apples instead of birthday cake, chocked on the ruby-and-white slivers, and collapsed into enchanted sleep. Unconscious beneath cobweb canopies, frozen in coffins of glass, they waited for their princes to come. Or they tricked ogres, traded their voices for love, danced until their glass slippers cracked.
A prince would awaken, roused by the promise of true love, and find he had a witch to destroy. A heart to steal. To tear from the rib cage, where it was cushioned by bloody velvet, and deliver it to the queen who demanded the princess's death.
Girls became victims and heroines.
Boys became lovers and murderers.
And sometimes ... they became both. #Quote by Sarah Cross
Young Adult quotes by Margaret Mahy
#72. At this stage I am not involved with young adults as closely as many other writers. My children are grown up and my grandchildren are still quite young. #Quote by Margaret Mahy
Young Adult quotes by Maurene Goo
#73. What is a quality life? #Quote by Maurene Goo
Young Adult quotes by Alexandra Engellmann
#74. If he just had the decency to die silently yesterday, not squeal like a girl, I'd be free right now. Probably even doing some real job," she sneered. #Quote by Alexandra Engellmann
Young Adult quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#75. You didn't tell Summer about it, did you?"
"What?" Gage scoffs. "Yeah, telling your girlfriend the Angel of Death might visit her if some switch is flipped is normal pillow talk. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Young Adult quotes by Alexandra Engellmann
#76. He had a semicircle tattoo with an indecent word on the back of his head, suggesting all people around him to leave him alone – in a much more impolite manner. #Quote by Alexandra Engellmann
Young Adult quotes by A.J. Flowers
#77. A flock of angels are coming to see me...or a gaggle? A herd? No, they aren't animals. A legion... That's the word. #Quote by A.J. Flowers
Young Adult quotes by Faith Dismuke
#78. You used me. You made me feel special then threw me away when you were bored. You took my trust. You broke my trust. You turned people against me. You turned me against myself. #Quote by Faith Dismuke
Young Adult quotes by Simone Elkeles
#79. She ignores me, so I cup my hands over my mouth and do something I haven't done in years - barnyard sounds. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Young Adult quotes by Herbie Brennan
#80. His eyes were closing again, all of their own accord, so that he lay in red, pain-filled darkness. It occured to him that he was dying and he didn't care.
'He's alive!' Blue said again 'He's breathing!'
'I can't see him breathing. #Quote by Herbie Brennan
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#81. How much better is it going to get than this?" I do not know - but I cannot wait to find out! #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Pittacus Lore
#82. Even when the world throws it worst and then turns in its back, there is still always hope #Quote by Pittacus Lore
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#83. I had to fake it until I made it, but sadly, I never made it until today. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Christopher Stocking
#84. Gina was beautiful like a sunset. You see it and you think of how beautiful it is, and then it's over and you move on. But Trista was beautiful like a song. The kind of song you play over and over and never get sick of hearing. The kind of song he wanted to write for her, but he knew he would never be able to string together the right combination of notes to show her how he really felt. #Quote by Christopher Stocking
Young Adult quotes by Kellie Thacker
#85. He kissed my palm, lingering his lips on my skin. Then he inhaled.
"Mmmm," he moaned. " Like gin to an alcoholic. Sweet as fresh molasses and deadly as snake venom. #Quote by Kellie Thacker
Young Adult quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#86. Adam mused, "Incorruptus. I never thought anyone would use that word to describe Lynch." Ronan looked as pleased as a pit viper ever could. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Young Adult quotes by Linda    Armstrong
#87. All it takes for evil to be defeated is for good to find another way out of the confrontation. #Quote by Linda Armstrong
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#88. I have people who love me and who wouldn't give up on me - and that is a wonderful feeling. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Lisa M. Basso
#89. What would angel lips taste like? Sunshine? Marshmallows? Or something altogether different? Maybe buttered-popcorn jelly beans. #Quote by Lisa M. Basso
Young Adult quotes by Sue Wyshynski
#90. I gulped. But, I mean, everyone bends the truth sometimes to be friendly. What's really weird is that I'm the only one who seems to get in trouble for it. Anyway, what could possibly go wrong this time? #Quote by Sue Wyshynski
Young Adult quotes by Frances Trilone
#91. You're supposed to be afraid of the 'Big Bad Wolf'. Didn't they tell you? #Quote by Frances Trilone
Young Adult quotes by Evan Meekins
#92. The bleakest situations bring out the hospitality in all of us, but it's during the harshest we find out how strong we really are. #Quote by Evan Meekins
Young Adult quotes by Susan Froderberg
#93. A scratching of melody comes from the radio, chords rising open as the land that carries us, rhythm mimicking our passage down the road, harmony making this life seem it should be only that. We sing along to what songs have always been about- beginning, going on, breaking up, forgiving, We sing in missed words and broken phrases as glints of tiger moths fly at us like snow, streaking the windshield over. #Quote by Susan Froderberg
Young Adult quotes by G.M.T. Schuilling
#94. She watched him from afar and gave him the time and space to travel the emotional rollercoaster, commencing at stunned, progressing to upset and lurking at angry. Then he brooded and grieved for the end of his life as he knew it. #Quote by G.M.T. Schuilling
Young Adult quotes by Jenny Lynne
#95. I take small, shallow breaths, even though my lungs are begging for more air. I feel the heat of Ten's controlled breaths against my face. As we stand there, it feels as if an electric charge is growing between us, so powerful that it would shock us if we moved even a millimeter closer together. And yet I feel like I want to. #Quote by Jenny Lynne
Young Adult quotes by Eli Hinze
#96. Tonight she was just plain Liz, nobody extraordinary, paranormal, or otherwise.
Tomorrow, that would change. #Quote by Eli Hinze
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#97. I paid for your love, and in reality, love doesn't cost a thing. The 'love' we had was dead before it started. I am not willing to revive something that isn't worth saving."
~Love is respect ♥~ #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Rehan Khan
#98. The one you love, often times can never love you back - Gurkan #Quote by Rehan Khan
Young Adult quotes by Rachel E. Carter
#99. I'm not like you. I've never cared about keeping relationships or sparing people's feelings. All I've ever cared about is power: how to get it, and how to keep it. I told you as much when we met. #Quote by Rachel E. Carter
Young Adult quotes by Elana Johnson
#100. The lights disappear,
The elevator shudders,
All in the same nanosecond.

All that exists is darkness so thick I can't think,
And Travis so close I can't breathe. #Quote by Elana Johnson
Young Adult quotes by Sara Barnard
#101. She was crazy, and she was unpredictable, but she was also generous and open-hearted and like no friend I'd ever had before. #Quote by Sara Barnard
Young Adult quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#102. His eyes were frighteningly alive, the curve of his mouth savage and pleased. It suddenly didn't seem at all surprising that he should be able to pull things from his dreams.
In that moment, Blue was a little in love with all of them. Their magic. Their quest. Their awfulness and strangeness. Her raven boys. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Young Adult quotes by Amanda Hocking
#103. Darkness engulfed me...There was no ground below me, no sky above. Only the black, and the cold. #Quote by Amanda Hocking
Young Adult quotes by Beth Moore
#104. What I thought as a young adult is you act like you have it together whether or not you do because that is what church people do. That is not what God has called us to do. #Quote by Beth Moore
Young Adult quotes by Kailin Gow
#105. Leaders can't afford to let their hearts get in the way. They must always do what needs to be done.", FADE by Kailin Gow #Quote by Kailin Gow
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#106. Nothing in life is easy. If it is, I don't think it is worth having. But if you work hard at it and never give in, once the doors open, it is rightfully yours because you've worked for it. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Trinity Lemm
#107. Love was consideration and kindness. Love was soft and wholesome. Love was what was standing in front of me. #Quote by Trinity Lemm
Young Adult quotes by Chess Desalls
#108. No doubt you've experienced something similar in books, movies, novels–whatever you use as an excuse to get away, to suspend reality. Literary characters, like these projections, draw you in and cultivate feelings of friendship on your part. Although, no matter how much you learn about them, how much time you spend with them–how far you can see into their thoughts and words, how they interact with others, their looks, what they wear–they will never, ever know you. #Quote by Chess Desalls
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#109. The process of healing is draining, but it has to be done because this time around I am not half-stepping - I am going all the way. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Margaret Mahy
#110. I don't think I prefer writing for one age group above another. I am just as pleased with a story which I feel works well for very small children as I do with a story for young adults. #Quote by Margaret Mahy
Young Adult quotes by Taisha DeAza
#111. I answered his question with a kiss that sealed off any hesitations. He was always going to have my heart and everything else inside. #Quote by Taisha DeAza
Young Adult quotes by Kiersten White
#112. I sighed. I hate the vamp jobs. They think they're so suave. It's not enough for them to slaughter and eat you like a zombie would. No, they want it to be all sexy, too. And, trust me: vampires? Not. Sexy. I mean, sure, their glamours can be pretty hot, but the dry-as-bone corpse bodies shimmering underneath? Nothing attractive there. #Quote by Kiersten White
Young Adult quotes by Rehan Khan
#113. He never felt ready. Just, almost. Yet, almost would have to do - Will #Quote by Rehan Khan
Young Adult quotes by Kiera Cass
#114. I want you to be mine alone and I want to give you everything. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Young Adult quotes by Amie Kaufman
#116. But when there's no hope to be found anywhere, even the tiniest chance is worth taking. #Quote by Amie Kaufman
Young Adult quotes by Alane Ferguson
#117. One of the biggest challenges of writing for middle-grade or even young-adult readers is that I don't want to have too much violence in it - which really limits what you can do. It's important that they're not just bloodbaths or glorifying violence. I always try to show that a person who dies leaves a hole. There's grief in my books. #Quote by Alane Ferguson
Young Adult quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#118. The thing is that my first novel, which was basically a mystery adventure story, won quite an important award in Spain for young adult fiction, and because of this it became a very successful book, and right now it's some sort of a standard title, it's read widely in many high schools in Spain, so I think, in a way, I was a victim of my own success in the field of young adult fiction, because it was never my own natural register. I never intended to write that kind of fiction, but I became very successful at it. #Quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Young Adult quotes by Marjane Satrapi
#119. In life you'll meet a lot of jerks. If they hurt you, tell yourself that it's because they're stupid. That will help keep you from reacting to their cruelty. Because there is nothing worse than bitterness and vengeance ... Always keep your dignity and be true to yourself. #Quote by Marjane Satrapi
Young Adult quotes by Caroline George
#120. When you find a truth that surpasses your desire to fit trends and meet approval, you can be certain it's worth fighting to spread. #Quote by Caroline George
Young Adult quotes by Magenta Periwinkle
#121. Could a scar be like the rings of a tree, reopened with each emotional season? #Quote by Magenta Periwinkle
Young Adult quotes by T.S. Pettibone
#122. Let the deal be spoken first and then manipulate it to your advantage. #Quote by T.S. Pettibone
Young Adult quotes by Christina L. Barr
#123. I liked to count my blessings in a world where they were so few, and he was one of mine. #Quote by Christina L. Barr
Young Adult quotes by Alyson Noel
#124. Best friends make the worst enemies, they know all your secrets and how to hurt you the most. #Quote by Alyson Noel
Young Adult quotes by Amanda Giasson
#125. I refused to believe that someone who had a voice that angelic could be bad. I knew it was illogical to think that way, but I had to believe in something good. #Quote by Amanda Giasson
Young Adult quotes by Lee Davidson
#126. I heard our kid here is quite the scrapper. #Quote by Lee Davidson
Young Adult quotes by Elana Johnson
#127. LAST YEAR,
Honesty and I still talked,
Planned weekend activities together.

Last year,
I used to have friends,

Last year,
Honesty lived,

But now -
Now I live with the knowledge that
Some things
Kill others #Quote by Elana Johnson
Young Adult quotes by Simone Elkeles
#128. Thoughts of being a pirate and stealing her away to my ship race across my mind. Although I'm not a pirate, and she's not my captured princess. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Young Adult quotes by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
#129. I wasn't built for running away from monsters. I wanted desperately to run toward them
track them down, kill them. Luckily, I was used to restraining myself, used to acting human even when I wasn't, and the human part of my brain reminded me that right now, preternatural beasties weren't exactly my primary concern. Someone had made a strong attempt at killing me this morning ... #Quote by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#130. I know mentally, I'm able to do whatever I put my mind to. It just takes time, love, dedication, strength, and the will to keep pushing forward. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Julie Kagawa
#131. Time has no meaning in the wyldwood. Day and night don't really exist here, just light and darkness, and they can be as fickle and moody as everything else. A "night" can pass in the space of a blink, or go on forever. Light and darkness will chase each other through the sky, play hide-and-seek or tag or catch-me-if-you-can. Sometimes, one or the other will become offended ... and refuse to come out for an indefinite amount of time. Once, light became so angry, a hundred years passed in the mortal realm before it deigned to come out again. And though the sun continued to rise and set in the human world, it was a rather turbulent period for the world of men, as all the creatures who lurked in darkness and shadow got to roam freely under the lightless Nevernever skies. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Young Adult quotes by Deborah Leblanc
#132. When Shaundelle turned and looked back at Nonie she had her lips pursed. "The man say wear whatever you want. Wear black, girl. It's slimmin', not that you need any slimmin' with your skinny self, but it makes me look like I've been dietin' for a week. I don't want to be the only one wearin' black, so wear black, okay? #Quote by Deborah Leblanc
Young Adult quotes by Serra Elinsen
#133. How can this be real?" I whispered. "I mean you ... you ... where you come from. Your world. It is so beyond everything I've ever known. And you would ... you would take me to the Pumpkin Ball?"
"Try and stop me. #Quote by Serra Elinsen
Young Adult quotes by Juliana Mae
#134. All I knew was that in a way I couldn't explain, his hug matched his stare. #Quote by Juliana Mae
Young Adult quotes by D.R. Graham
#135. Every single minute of the day I want to kiss you. The fact that I've been able to mostly hold myself back is a miracle. You have no idea how hard I've had to work to resist you. And yeah, I've been making up excuses, but it's not because I'm scared to be with you. It's because I'm scared to fall for you and then lose you. #Quote by D.R. Graham
Young Adult quotes by Michael Selden
#136. But just being whatever it is that I am . . . I don't think that makes me a monster. Believe me, I know. ere are plenty of real monsters walking around out there in the world. ey look respectable, but can't hide who they are from me. Real monsters hurt people for pleasure, or for no reason at all - they're just not as well armed as I am. #Quote by Michael Selden
Young Adult quotes by Kate Evangelista
#137. We do things we're not proud of. Nikolas more than most. #Quote by Kate Evangelista
Young Adult quotes by Rachel Lynn Solomon
#138. Maybe that's the definition of nostalgia: getting sappy about things that are supposed to be insignificant. #Quote by Rachel Lynn Solomon
Young Adult quotes by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
#139. She'd let me in, and for the first time, I actually wanted to do the same, to tell someone the truth. That I wasn't normal. That I wasn't human. #Quote by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Young Adult quotes by Jasinda Wilder
#140. If you feel yourself falling, let it happen. I swear to you I'll catch you. #Quote by Jasinda Wilder
Young Adult quotes by Renee Ahdieh
#141. Khalid would break every bone in your body for what you've done. #Quote by Renee Ahdieh
Young Adult quotes by Airicka Phoenix
#142. His eyes were twin flakes of ember floating into the night from a roaring inferno. I won't let anything happen to you. No matter what I have to do, I will keep you safe. #Quote by Airicka Phoenix
Young Adult quotes by Deborah Leblanc
#143. Two gasps rang out. The first one came from Clara, the second from Fezzo. One moment they'd been looking at a mound of concrete, and now they were staring at two human feet. They were crossed at the ankle so that tops of the feet faced each other and rested toe to toe. #Quote by Deborah Leblanc
Young Adult quotes by Sharman Apt Russell
#144. Cabeza de Vaca had wrapped her in his arms and in his language, whispering about a life she did not understand although understanding seemed to form just beyond the sea and sand, waiting there for her to grow older. Even when the story confused her, she had caught words or phrases, ideas like fish, bold and surprising, tasting of her father's mind. She had learned quickly to nod and speak because he needed her to do this, because his need surrounded her like the blue sky. She was his bastard, and he had loved her. Yes, he had loved her. That was the memory she couldn't bear. #Quote by Sharman Apt Russell
Young Adult quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#145. Dammit, Gage. What the hell were you thinking?"
"I wasn't," he shouts. "I was upset she wanted to stay, and I lost it."
Ethan scoffs. "Yeah, you did."
"I'm an idiot."
"Yeah, you are."
"Shut up. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Young Adult quotes by Christina Lauren
#146. To think that God loves the trees, but condemns that blossoming thing they do in the spring. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Young Adult quotes by Abbi Glines
#147. We Were young. He didn't love me. He just thought he did. Simple as that.- Blaire Lynn #Quote by Abbi Glines
Young Adult quotes by Elana Johnson
#148. I have to get off this elevator.
I can't ride with him,
Can't look at him,
Can't be this close to him.
can't. #Quote by Elana Johnson
Young Adult quotes by Alyson Larrabee
#149. A high-pitched sound, like steam escaping from a kettle whistles through the dark room. But nobody's making tea. We both turn toward the source of the eerie noise.
A weak stream of unearthly light seeps through the window near the corner of the room and pours onto the floor. Its consistency seems to lie somewhere between a liquid and a solid, like mercury, only blue. Out of the gleaming, wobbly puddle, a phosphorescent vapor rises up. The ghost we thought was Daniel materializes and looms over us for two seconds before he lunges and wraps his hands around Wyatt's neck. #Quote by Alyson Larrabee
Young Adult quotes by David Levithan
#150. I tell him goodbye instead - a kind of goodbye that's never, ever final. #Quote by David Levithan
Young Adult quotes by S. Elle Cameron
#151. His smile is beautiful. It's the kind of smile that can take away all nervousness and tension in a room, no matter how big. I have no choice but to smile back. #Quote by S. Elle Cameron
Young Adult quotes by Taylor Longford
#152. We're more than common rock," he murmured. "We're pretty nigh indestructible when we're in our stone forms."
I thought this over. "Then why didn't they pick you up and throw you into the sea?"
He sent me a dark look. "You're a bloodthirsty lass, aren't you? #Quote by Taylor Longford
Young Adult quotes by Pet Torres
#153. I do not want to discourage you, but if you really feel something for Larsson TIGER, try to forget him! He is not the right man for you. In fact, he is not a right man for any woman in this world."
She stands and walks to the bathroom saying, "Larsson TIGER only thinks about tigers, money and fun. #Quote by Pet Torres
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#154. Mentally, I am in prison. The only thing I am allowed to do is think...think...think...of the 'what if's' and the consequences I have to endure."
~Love is respect ♥~ #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by John Green
#155. Margo always loved mysteries. And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one. #Quote by John Green
Young Adult quotes by J.F. Rogers
#156. No matter where you are, no matter what has happened, there is a greater purpose for everything. #Quote by J.F. Rogers
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#157. I am light. I am not invisible when I look in the mirror - I am my own light that will shine, shine, and shine. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Shannon A. Thompson
#158. I wanted to survive - not for my kind, but for trust, for friendship, for another being. (Eric) #Quote by Shannon A. Thompson
Young Adult quotes by A. Lee Dright
#159. I think we're moving at the pace we were set to move in. That, not everyone lives to the same expectations in life and love. And we can only hope that the love we feel is the love we were meant to share. -Angelic Pierce #Quote by A. Lee Dright
Young Adult quotes by Bamigboye Olurotimi
#160. Some human beings in their craftiness thought they can pretend to be good when they are actually bad. #Quote by Bamigboye Olurotimi
Young Adult quotes by E.J. Stevens
#161. Not so long ago we were all a tightly knit group of friends. Too bad someone had ripped apart the stitches that held us together, unraveling the cozy blanket of our friendship and leaving just enough strands to hang ourselves with. #Quote by E.J. Stevens
Young Adult quotes by Gwenn Wright
#162. Tragic tales rarely do make sense. #Quote by Gwenn Wright
Young Adult quotes by Alicia G. Ruggieri
#163. She thought of the Good Shepherd with His sheep. Of the Man hanging upon the cross. And the understanding bubbled up within her soul: He makes all things new. #Quote by Alicia G. Ruggieri
Young Adult quotes by Kailin Gow
#164. I'm going to go after what I want.", Summer Jones in Loving Summer by Kailin Gow #Quote by Kailin Gow
Young Adult quotes by P.C. Cast
#165. Zo, I'm not a damn pussy!'
Erik, looking very tall and full-grown, kick-your-butt vampyre-like, snorted sarcastically and then said, 'No, you're a damn human. Wait, that does make you a pussy! #Quote by P.C. Cast
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#166. Life is short, but I never thought my life would end this way. I have myself to blame for that. I saw all of the red flags, but I ignored them one at a time. Every time I ignored them, I was buying more time, I received more time, and I gambled with the time that I was given. It shows you that buying time is temporary because sooner or later time runs out."
~Love is respect ♥~ #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Shannon A. Thompson
#167. I found him between a reality and a nightmare. #Quote by Shannon A. Thompson
Young Adult quotes by Megan Rivers
#168. That small exposure to a few measures of song threw my world of its axis. It punctured a tiny window that gave me a peek at feelings, emotions, and thoughts I never knew existed. Knowing there was more to my life I wasn't getting at this moment made me feel like a drug addict forced into rehab. #Quote by Megan Rivers
Young Adult quotes by Beverly K. Bachel
#169. The biggest regrets people have aren't about what they did, but what they didn't do. #Quote by Beverly K. Bachel
Young Adult quotes by Eric M. Watterson
#170. As we examine the youth of today, we must realize that the negative behavior we see on the outside, is a result of a deeper need on the inside. #Quote by Eric M. Watterson
Young Adult quotes by Andrea Simon
#171. Proud to announce that Esfir Is Alive has been selected as a 2016 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Finalist in Young Adult Fiction. #Quote by Andrea Simon
Young Adult quotes by Sara Barnard
#172. Someone like you is brilliant and amazing.' I said. 'Why can't you see that in yourself?' The unfairness of it was starting to sink in. If she could only see herself like I did, there wouldn't be a problem. But she didn't, and she never would, and that was so many levels of wrong and unfair I almost couldn't comprehend it. #Quote by Sara Barnard
Young Adult quotes by Shayna Varadeaux
#173. He would lay here holding her as long as it took and he didn't really care how long that might be. She was his world now, his priority, the rest of his life could wait as far as he was concerned. As long as he knew she was safe, it would all be okay. #Quote by Shayna Varadeaux
Young Adult quotes by C.J. Duggan
#174. Just be careful, hon," Rosanna said.
"Oh, are the plates hot?" I flinched back just before my hands made contact.
Rosanna laughed. "No, but hot boys can burn you just as easily. #Quote by C.J. Duggan
Young Adult quotes by Iva Kenaz
#175. You are the author of your life. So please don't let anyone including yourself make you think otherwise. If you feel like you don't like how your story goes, just write it differently. You have the tools, the courage, the power…you have it all! #Quote by Iva Kenaz
Young Adult quotes by Amy Mah
#176. If people don't wish to be eaten then they shouldn't taste so nice #Quote by Amy Mah
Young Adult quotes by Kristen Stewart
#177. You can make a movie that's more focused on the jokes, but Young Adult was not that kind of movie. #Quote by Kristen Stewart
Young Adult quotes by Elaine Del Valle
#178. I wish I had this book when I was a kid--a book on a shelf that came from someone of this background and made me feel that my voice was relevant. #Quote by Elaine Del Valle
Young Adult quotes by Heidi Peltier
#179. He was about to kiss me. I was sure of it. I had never been kissed before and had no idea what to do! - Delphine Delmar #Quote by Heidi Peltier
Young Adult quotes by Natalie Corbett Sampson
#180. We could adopt. there are lots of kids out there who could grow up to hate us as much as any kid we could make #Quote by Natalie Corbett Sampson
Young Adult quotes by Jamie McGuire
#181. Because even if we were struggling, we had goals. It didn't matter that we weren't there yet. What mattered is that we both experienced setbacks, and full-blown failures, but we got up, brushed ourselves off, and kept going-and were making the best of it. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Young Adult quotes by Marissa Meyer
#182. I think that when every person in this room looks at Ze'ev and Scarlet, they don't see a Lunar and an Earthen. We don't see an agenda, or two people trying to make a statement. I think we see two people who were lucky enough to find each other in this vast universe, and they weren't going to let any boundaries of distance or race or even physiological tampering get in the way of a happy life together. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Young Adult quotes by Kirby Howell
#183. Our group pressed west on what was left of Highway 93, toward the pass leading to Las Vegas. Sand covered the road in loose drifts so deep the horses' hooves sank into them. The metal highway signs were bent low by the strong wind, and above us, billboards that once screamed ads for the casinos were now stripped of their promises of penny slots and large jackpots. The raw boards underneath were exposed, like showgirls without their makeup. Some signs had been blown over completely and lay half-buried under mounds of sand, like sleeping animals.
Cars dotted the highway, their paint scoured off and dead tumbleweeds caught underneath them. Their windows were fogged with death, and despite my effort not to look, my eyes were drawn to the blurred images of the still forms inside. I tried to concentrate on the dark road ahead of us instead. #Quote by Kirby Howell
Young Adult quotes by Kate Avelynn
#184. Two babies in little more than a year and a half. Knockout Jimmy was forced to give up boxing and take a job in the paper mill.
It broke him, and in turn, he broke us all. #Quote by Kate Avelynn
Young Adult quotes by Jessica Shirvington
#185. Dead yet?" Gus answered.
I smirked. "Not yet, but the night's still young."
"Here's hoping. #Quote by Jessica Shirvington
Young Adult quotes by Kellie Thacker
#186. The dark held new meaning for me now. There was a whole other world out there that I was just beginning to discover ... A world that had once been only farce was now very real. -Abby Sullivan; Redemption #Quote by Kellie Thacker
Young Adult quotes by Shannon Hale
#187. Personally, I believe "Young Adult" to be an arbitrary title that means the book "Can be enjoyed by anyone/Has a main character who's not quite an adult/Isn't really boring. #Quote by Shannon Hale
Young Adult quotes by Jacquel Chrissy May
#188. What if I can't be their hero? What if I'm destined to be the villain?~attributed to Harry Potter #Quote by Jacquel Chrissy May
Young Adult quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
Young Adult quotes by Deborah Leblanc
#190. Although this scouting gig sounded like a financial hit, it made Nonie extremely nervous. She feared someone slip--that someone being Buggy--and others would find out Nonie's secret. And if the wrong person caught wind that she could see and speak to the dead, word would spread through Clay Point like ants at a picnic. #Quote by Deborah Leblanc
Young Adult quotes by Sarah Crossan
#191. I don't believe in God today.

I don't even believe in people. #Quote by Sarah Crossan
Young Adult quotes by Dannielle Wicks
#192. And for the first time since I woke in the alley--I don't want to die. I want to live. I want to see Miya again, and Matthew and Ashlee and Sammy and Kai. I want to live long enough to see my mom and dad again, and my sister, Lily. #Quote by Dannielle Wicks
Young Adult quotes by Lorraine Koh
#193. If the love is true, it will wait until the dream becomes a reality. True love also gives strength to a dream. #Quote by Lorraine Koh
Young Adult quotes by Leot Felton
#194. This is the legacy of a compassionate bunch. Our fate now rests on the whims of men. #Quote by Leot Felton
Young Adult quotes by Richard Due
#195. Just a cat! Just a cat! I am the stealer of breaths, the walker of shadows, the keeper of nine lives." - the Magnificent Lady Grayson of the Silky White Underbelly, or Just Grayson for Short #Quote by Richard Due
Young Adult quotes by T.S. Pettibone
#196. I am War. I am Death. I am the Unloved God. #Quote by T.S. Pettibone
Young Adult quotes by Kellie Thacker
#197. Secretly," he mumbled in a quieter tone, "I've always wanted to know what it would feel like to lust, to hunger for something different. But I've never been able to imagine ever experiencing that kind of desire. #Quote by Kellie Thacker
Young Adult quotes by Charlotte Munro
#198. You can wait as long as you like, pretty one, it won't make any difference. He will never see you as anything more than some victim he has to protect. Why he thinks it his duty to protect you from the inevitable, I do not know ... unless he knows something we do not ... #Quote by Charlotte Munro
Young Adult quotes by Chloe Grace Moretz
#199. Turning 16 is kind of scary because when you're 16, you go from being a kid and then you can drive and are more of a young adult in a way. #Quote by Chloe Grace Moretz
Young Adult quotes by Jamie Scallion
#200. Tomorrow I have to break Clipper's heart. Really bust it open. - Tea #Quote by Jamie Scallion
Young Adult quotes by Rashid Johnson
#201. My mother introduced me to more academic-minded writers, Cornel West and Skip Gates. In her library, I came across, when I was very young, Harold Cruse's 'The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual,' which is like a bible of Negro intellectuals from Frederick Douglass to Amiri Baraka. #Quote by Rashid Johnson
Young Adult quotes by Kathleen Rooney
#202. A lot of these love notes seem to be from well-read and lovesick young men with literary aspirations. That type doesn't interest me in the least. They say they only have eyes for gazing at you and then end up gazing right back at their navels. #Quote by Kathleen Rooney
Young Adult quotes by Bellamy Young
#203. There's a lot of life on the planet that needs love, wants love, deserves love, in whatever capacity we are able. #Quote by Bellamy Young
Young Adult quotes by Richard Dawkins
#204. With respect to those meanings of 'human' that are relevant to the morality of abortion, any fetus is less human than an adult pig, #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Young Adult quotes by Ron Barber
#205. In nominating young women and men to our service academies, it must only be about who you are, not who you know. #Quote by Ron Barber
Young Adult quotes by John Flanagan
#206. Young men!" he snorted to Erak. "They think a pretty face can cure every ill."
"Some of us can remember back that far. Halt," Erak told him with a grin. "I suppose that's all far behind an old hack like you. Svengal told me you were settling down. Some plump, motherly widow seizing her last chance with a broken-down old gray bear, is she?"
Erak, of course, had been told by Svengal that Halt had recently married a great beauty. But he enjoyed getting a reaction from the smaller man. Halt's one-eyed stare locked onto the Oberjarl.
"When we get back, I'd advise you not to refer to Pauline as a 'plump, motherly widow' in her hearing. She's very good with that dagger she carries and you need your ears to keep that ridiculous helmet of yours in place. #Quote by John Flanagan
Young Adult quotes by Charles Lamb
#207. The young man till thirty, never feels practically that he is mortal. He knows it indeed, and, if need were, he could preach a homily on the fragility of life; but he brings it not home to himself, any more than in a hot June we can appropriate to our imagination the freezing days of December. #Quote by Charles Lamb
Young Adult quotes by Meryl Streep
#208. When my children were very young and I was working I had someone cooking for me. I don't have a cook now, I haven't had one for a number of years and I do it myself. But when they were all little it was hard to pay attention to everyone's homework at the end of the day and make dinner. #Quote by Meryl Streep
Young Adult quotes by Sandra Lee
#209. When you're young, you think you can do anything, and that was really a gift. That's why I can never understand someone telling me 'no' today. 'No' just isn't an option. #Quote by Sandra Lee
Young Adult quotes by Neil Gaiman
#210. Liza Hempstock, who had been Bod's friend for the last six years, was different in another way; she was less likely to be there for him when Bod went down to the nettle patch to see her, and on the rare occasions when she was, she would be short-tempered, argumentative and often downright rude.
Bod talked to Mr Owens about this, and after a few moments' reflection, his father said, "It's just women, I reckon. She liked you as a boy, probably isn't sure who you are now you're a young man. I used to play with one little girl down by the duck pond every day until she turned about your age, and then she threw an apple at my head and did not say another word to me until I was seventeen."
Mrs Owens stiffened. "It was a pear I threw," she said, tartly, "and I was talking to you again soon enough, for we danced a measure at your cousin Ned's wedding, and that was but two days after your sixteenth birthday."
Mr Owens said, "Of course you are right, my dear." He winked at Bod, to tell him that it was none of it serious. And then mouthed "Seventeen" to show that, really, it was. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Young Adult quotes by James Lecesne
#211. Growing up in a New Jersey suburb, my Catholic faith was an important part of my young life, shaping the way I approached the world. #Quote by James Lecesne
Young Adult quotes by Samantha Young
#212. No man alive loves a woman as much as I love you. I never thought I would feel this way about anyone. I didn't think it existed. Not for me. #Quote by Samantha Young
Young Adult quotes by Leslea Tash
#213. Happier than a bird with a french fry. #Quote by Leslea Tash
Young Adult quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#214. Young citizens by the use of our institutions; our better acquaintance with #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Young Adult quotes by Mamie Van Doren
#215. Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and I were so different from each other. I was doing very young movies, and Marilyn, who was ahead of me, was doing a lot of homogenized movies that weren't quite as wild as the ones I was doing. Jayne was more of a character of herself. #Quote by Mamie Van Doren
Young Adult quotes by Sofia Coppola
#216. A lot of young filmmakers bring their movies to my dad because he always gives lots of good editing ideas and notes. He'd be a good film professor. #Quote by Sofia Coppola
Young Adult quotes by Jack Gilbert
#217. I had lived all of my youthful dreams, but I couldn't think of many adult ones. I finally realized that we don't have many dreams for adults because, historically, people have always died much younger than they do today. #Quote by Jack Gilbert
Young Adult quotes by Samantha Young
#218. He puffed up his chest. Me man, me need more food than tiny waif female. #Quote by Samantha Young
Young Adult quotes by Heidi Willard
#219. A strange conversation for young people. #Quote by Heidi Willard
Young Adult quotes by Claire Tomalin
#220. The young Dickens was so alive, so self-confident, so funny. #Quote by Claire Tomalin
Young Adult quotes by Eugene Ionesco
#221. That's how we stay young these days: murder and suicide. #Quote by Eugene Ionesco
Young Adult quotes by Helena Norberg-Hodge
#222. At a deep psychological level, convincing young people that they will get the respect, admiration, love that they are looking for through consumerism is a manipulation of a deep human instinct to want to belong. #Quote by Helena Norberg-Hodge
Young Adult quotes by Bohumil Hrabal
#223. Somehow I had reached an age when being in love with a beautiful woman was beyond my reach because I was now bald and my face was full of wrinkles, yet the cats loved me the way girls used to love me when I was young. #Quote by Bohumil Hrabal
Young Adult quotes by Erik Erikson
#224. The playing adult steps sideward into another reality; the playing child advances forward to new stages of mastery. #Quote by Erik Erikson
Young Adult quotes by Marissa Meyer
#225. Little Red was a tender young morsel, and the wolf knew she would be even tastier than the old woman. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Young Adult quotes by Margaret Atwood
#226. The young ones are often the most dangerous, the most fanatical, the jumpiest with their guns. They haven't yet learned about existence through time. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Young Adult quotes by Channing Tatum
#227. I lived crazy really young. So now I don't need to go out and get nuts. #Quote by Channing Tatum
Young Adult quotes by Doris Lessing
#228. I find myself increasingly shocked at the unthinking and automatic rubbishing of men which is now so part of our culture that it is hardly even noticed.

Great things have been achieved through feminism. We now have pretty much equality at least on the pay and opportunities front, though almost nothing has been done on child care, the real liberation.

We have many wonderful, clever, powerful women everywhere, but what is happening to men? Why did this have to be at the cost of men?

I was in a class of nine- and ten-year-olds, girls and boys, and this young woman was telling these kids that the reason for wars was the innately violent nature of men.

You could see the little girls, fat with complacency and conceit while the little boys sat there crumpled, apologising for their existence, thinking this was going to be the pattern of their lives. The teacher tried to catch my eye, thinking I would approve of this rubbish. This kind of thing is happening in schools all over the place and no one says a thing.

It has become a kind of religion that you can't criticise because then you become a traitor to the great cause, which I am not.

It is time we began to ask who are these women who continually rubbish men. The most stupid, ill-educated and nasty woman can rubbish the nicest, kindest and most intelligent man and no one protests.

Men seem to be so cowed that they can't fight back, and it is time they did. #Quote by Doris Lessing
Young Adult quotes by John Hunter
#229. We had every kind of audience you could name. Young, old, not-so-old, some older than old, some younger than young: they were there, they were there! There was everything. #Quote by John Hunter
Young Adult quotes by Michael Cudlitz
#230. I learned construction and carpentry from my father at a young age, so I felt very comfortable and I felt very satisfied when I worked in that field. #Quote by Michael Cudlitz
Young Adult quotes by J.D. Salinger
#231. It was a very touch- and- go business, in 1955, to get a wholly plausible reading from Mrs. Glass's face, and especially from her enormous blue eyes. Where once, a few years earlier, her eyes alone could break the news (either to people or to bathmats) that two of her sons were dead, one by suicide (her favorite, her most intricately calibrated, her kindest son) and one killed in World Ward II (her only truly lighthearted son)- where once Bessie Glass's eyes alone could report these facts, with an eloquence and a seeming passion for detail that neither her husband nor any of her adult surviving children could bear to look at, let alone take in, now, in 1955, she was apt to use this same terrible Celtic equipment to break the news, usually at the front door, that the new delivery boy hadn't brought the leg of lamb in time for dinner or that some remote Hollywood starlet's marriage was on the rocks. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Young Adult quotes by Whitney M. Young
#232. Black Power simply means: Look at me, I'm here. I have dignity. I have pride. I have roots. I insist, I demand that I participate in those decisions that affect my life and the lives of my children. It means that I am somebody. #Quote by Whitney M. Young
Young Adult quotes by Debasish Mridha
#233. Let your heart be an infant of hope not an adult of despair. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Young Adult quotes by Edward Young
#234. Ah, how unjust to Nature and himself Is thoughtless, thankless, inconsistent man! #Quote by Edward Young
Young Adult quotes by Loretta Young
#235. A beguiling lady doesn't take after the swarm. She is herself. #Quote by Loretta Young
Young Adult quotes by John Dewey
#236. With respect to the development of powers devoted to coping with specific scientific and economic problems we may say that the child should be growing in manhood. With respect to sympathetic curiosity, unbiased responsiveness, and openness of mind, we may say that the adult should be growing in childlikeness. #Quote by John Dewey
Young Adult quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#237. The breeding we give young people is ordinarily but an additional self-love, by which we make them have a better opinion of themselves. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Young Adult quotes by Jez Morrow
#238. From the first moment I saw you in your gilded box the young tyrant who sent me to die you have ruled all my thoughts. I hated that you were so beautiful. I had no idea you were the incredible being you are. Give me all the beats of your heart and I will spend all my days trying to make up for what I've done to you and all my nights worshipping you. Xan #Quote by Jez Morrow
Young Adult quotes by S.C. Stephens
#239. It's okay ... it will be okay. You're just young. Your'e young and inexperienced, and Kellan is hotter than all fuck. #Quote by S.C. Stephens
Young Adult quotes by Erich Leinsdorf
#240. I was introduced to Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson. The young Congressman was very friendly. #Quote by Erich Leinsdorf
Young Adult quotes by Ed Brubaker
#241. It's because of my grandfather that I became a Young Avenger. But it's hard sometimes, to be a black kid carrying a name like "Patriot". I remember talking to Captain America about before he died, and he explained what Patriotism meant to him...
It wasn't about blindly supporting your government. It was about knowing what your country could be, what it should be... And trying to lead it there through your example. And holding it accountable when it failed. I remember he said: "There's noting patriotic about corruption or cover-ups... or defending them. But exposing them, well, that takes a hero. #Quote by Ed Brubaker

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