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You Never Know People quotes by Julian Fellowes
#1. You never know people, do you? You can work with 'em for twenty years; you don't know 'em at all. #Quote by Julian Fellowes
You Never Know People quotes by Astra Taylor
#2. Again, it does seem like frustration is mounting in interesting ways, but I'm not sure there will be some dramatic tipping point. Then again, looking back on the history of television, you never know. People had to fight and articulate the politics and the rationale for different funding mechanisms. That was a long and drawn-out battle fought in different countries; it's not like BBC and the CBC in Canada just magically appeared out of the ether. People had to organize for it. I'm always willing to be surprised. #Quote by Astra Taylor
You Never Know People quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#3. I have a proposition for you," she said, trying for a businesslike tone. "A very sensible one. You see - " She paused to clear her throat. "I've been thinking about your problem."
"What problem?" Cam played lightly with the folds of her skirts, watching her face alertly.
"Your good-luck curse. I know how to get rid of it. You should marry into a family with very, very bad luck. A family with expensive problems. And then you won't have to be embarrassed about having so much money, because it will flow out nearly as fast as it comes in."
"Very sensible." Cam took her shaking hand in his, pressed it between his warm palms. And touched his foot to her rapidly tapping one. "Hummingbird," he whispered, "you don't have to be nervous with me."
Gathering her courage, Amelia blurted out, "I want your ring. I want never to take it off again. I want to be your romni forever" - she paused with a quick, abashed smile - " whatever that is."
"My bride. My wife."
Amelia froze in a moment of throat-clenching delight as she felt him slide the gold ring onto her finger, easing it to the base. "When we were with Leo, tonight," she said scratchily, "I knew exactly how he felt about losing Laura. He told me once that I couldn't understand unless I had loved someone that way. He was right. And tonight, as I watched you with him … I knew what I would think at the very last moment of my life."
His thumb smoothed over the tender surface of her knuckle. "Yes, l #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
You Never Know People quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#4. Brown eyes, blond hair, I can't help but stare. She's got me hypnotized. I need her, like oxygen, I can't explain the way she makes me feel inside. Like rain, washing my fears away, she makes me feel like I can say all those things I'm too scared to say.
Breathe in, breathe out, sometimes you just gotta shout your love. Shout your love. Inhale, exhale, the beauty of your love will always be enough. Enough.
Lost, the feeling I have without you. Like I can't function and don't know what to do. It's like I'm dreaming while I'm waking. Like I'm suffocating. Being with her is my addiction, and I don't want to have to stop. No, I never want to stop. Like rain, washing my fears away, she makes me feel like I can say all those things I'm too scared to say.
Come back to me. Come back to me. I swear I won't ever leave. I don't think I have it in me. I can't fight, I can't fight. If I did, I would lose, if only it meant I could have you. Cause I need you.
Like rain.
Like rain.
Like rain, washing my fears away. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
You Never Know People quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#5. There was nothing to cool or banish love in these circumstances, though much to create despair. Much, too, you will think, reader, to engender jealousy: if a woman, in my position, could presume to be jealous of a woman in Miss Ingram's. But I was not jealous...Miss Ingram was a mark beneath jealousy: she was too inferior to excite the feeling. Pardon the seeming paradox; I mean what I say. She was very showy, but she was not genuine; she had a fine person, many brilliant attainments; but her mind was poor, her heart barren by nature: nothing bloomed spontaneously on that soil; no unforced natural fruit delighted by its freshness. She was not good; she was not original: she used repeat sounding phrases from books: she never offered, nor had, any opinion of her own. She advocated a high tone of sentiment; but she did not know the sensations of sympathy and pity; tenderness and truth were not in her. Too often she betrayed this...Other eyes besides mine watched these manifestations of character--watched them closely, keenly shrewdly. Yes; the future bridegroom, Mr. Rochester himself, exercised over his intended a ceaseless surveillance; and it was from this sagacity--this guardedness of his--this perfect, clear conciousness of his fair one's defects--this obvious absence of passion in his sentiments towards her, that ever-toturing pain arose.
I saw he was going to marry her, for family, perhaps political reasons, because her rank and connecions suited him; I felt he had no #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
You Never Know People quotes by Chelsea Handler
#6. My feeling is, if a dog is that hard up to break free, let it go. It's like a boyfriend who wants to break up. We all know the old adage "If you set someone free, and he never comes back, then he was never yours." I understand the main fear with setting dogs loose is they could get hit by a car, but so could an ex boyfriend. That's just a chance you have to take. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
You Never Know People quotes by Susan Boles
#7. I will not live to see you grow to womanhood, so I have written my story for you, my beloved grandchild, so that you can know the truth of what happened here so many years ago. I'm sure that in the course of your life you have wonderd about whispered conversations that stop when you are near. Wondered too about the knowing looks cast at you and your family. I am equally sure that your father has never found it in his heart to tell you the truth you are about to read. I beg you not to be angry with hime for withholding the truth from you. He has suffered greatly for my sins. #Quote by Susan Boles
You Never Know People quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#8. His father shook him roughly to get his attention. "Listen to me, boy. I need you to take care of your sisters. You hear me?" Even though he was the youngest of the Dagan children and only eight years old, it was something his dad always said to him. "Yeah, I know." "No, Cai, you don't. You're too young to comprehend what I'm trying to tell you, but you have to try." There was a sadness in his father's eyes that scared him. A resignation that had never been there before and it made him want to cry. But Dagans didn't cry and he wasn't about to let his dad see him act like one of his sisters. His father cupped his face in his calloused palm. "It'll be years before you understand what's happening - if even then. But I need you to listen to me and trust me. I won't be here to protect you anymore." Caillen #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
You Never Know People quotes by Richard Siken
#9. There's smashed glass glittering everywhere like stars. It's a Western,
Henry. It's a downright shoot-em-up. We've made a graveyard
out of the bone white afternoon.
It's another wrong-man-dies scenario, and we keep doing it Henry,
keep saying until we get it right … but we always win and we never quit.
See, we've won again,
here we are at the place where I get to beg for it, where I get to say Please,
for just one night, will you lie down next to me, we can leave our clothes on,
we can stay all buttoned up …
But we both know how it goes - I say I want you inside me and you hold
my head underwater. I say I want you inside me and you split me open
with a knife. #Quote by Richard Siken
You Never Know People quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#10. I even read aloud the part of the novel I had rewritten, which is about as low as a writer can get and much more dangerous for him than glacier skiing unroped before the full winter snowfall has set over the crevices.
When they said, 'It's great, Ernest. Truly, it's great. You cannot know the thing it has, I wagged my tail in pleasure and plunged into the fiesta concept of life to see if I could not bring some attractive stick back, instead of thinking, 'If these bastards like it what is wrong with it?' That was what I would think if I had been functioning as a professional although, if I had been functioning as a professional, I would never have read it to them. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
You Never Know People quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#11. I open my mouth to, I don't know, apologize again maybe. But he takes my face in his hands and presses his forehead to mine. And he's so close that I can feel his little warm breaths, and all I know is that when he draws his next breath, I want to get sucked in.
Our lips touched, almost as soft as not touching at all. Then they press closer to each other, draw back uncertainly, touch again. There is warmth shooting through my broken body where there should be pain, and I put my arms around the back of his neck and I hold on to him. I hold on because you never know in this place when something good will be taken away. #Quote by Lauren DeStefano
You Never Know People quotes by Demi Vice
#12. I want a wife that loves me as much as I fucking love her. The kind of love that drives you mad when you're away from each other. The kind of love that makes you wonder, how the hell did you live without them for so long. The kind of love that'll never die or fade because you know you were put on this world just to find your other crazy half. #Quote by Demi Vice
You Never Know People quotes by Sonali Dev
#13. I want you, exactly the way you are today, the way you'll be tomorrow, and fifty years from now. And I want you to want me enough to deal with whatever happens. I can't promise you'll be okay. But without you I will never be okay. And I know that without me you will never be okay either. #Quote by Sonali Dev
You Never Know People quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#14. I have to second Gran's thanks for not giving up on me."
"I did consider it a few times," she teased. "But you can be such an engaging fellow that I never considered it for long."
"And there was all that encouragement from my siblings," he said. "All their little machinations to help our romance along."
He had the satisfaction of watching his wife blush very prettily. "I didn't have anything to do with that. I had no idea they were trying to 'push you' anywhere."
"Of course you didn't. You don't have an ounce of guile in your entire body. But I knew what they were doing."
She blinked at him. "You did?"
"My siblings are as transparent as that fetching night rail you put on every evening."
"If you knew, why didn't you fight them?"
"Because they were pushing me in a direction I wanted to go."
"That's very sweet, but I'm sure you had no desire to marry until-"
"From the moment I met you, sweetheart, I could tell I was in trouble. I didn't acknowledge it, but on some level I sensed it. When a man first sees the thing he never realized he wanted, he knows it instantly. He just doesn't always know how to get it."
She laughed. "Oh, I think you figured out very quickly how to get it. You just kissed me until I stopped kneeing you in the privates, and after that I was putty in your hands."
"So that's the secret, is it?" Reaching over, he hauled her onto his lap. "Now I know how I'll be spending my afternoon."
Her eyes gle #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
You Never Know People quotes by Meg Cabot
#15. I don't really know. I've never rescued a girl I love from the Furies before." He looked alarmed as he noticed my eyes were filling with tears. "Don't cry."
"How can I not?" I asked him. "You just said you love me."
"Why else did you think all of this was happening?" He set the book aside to wrap his arms around me. "The Furies wouldn't be trying to kill you if I didn't love you. #Quote by Meg Cabot
You Never Know People quotes by Iain S. Thomas
#16. Let's talk about it another time.*

*If I'm honest, sometimes I feel like we've been trying to find each other in every life before this one, and this is as close as we've ever gotten. And I know now that we have to try again because we fucked this up. Maybe we won't even be born on the same continent next time, or the time after that, and we'll just spend those lives searching for something we can't find, miserable for reasons we will never understand. Until we get to try again. Until we somehow find each other in another life. #Quote by Iain S. Thomas
You Never Know People quotes by Stacia Kane
#17. Yeah, I lied and I shouldn't have and it was lousy of me and I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you, I never wanted that, and I wish so bad I could take it all back, okay? But we both know which one of us is lying now and it's not me. So you call me when you want to actually talk to me and not just yell at me or tell me what a shitty person I am. I already ... yeah, I already know that, okay? #Quote by Stacia Kane
You Never Know People quotes by Neal Shusterman
#18. They say you never know who's the real hero and who's the real coward until you're looking death in the face. I've always been afraid of plenty of things, but fear isn't what makes you a coward. It's how depraved your heart becomes when fear gets pumped through it. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
You Never Know People quotes by Doreen Pendgracs
#19. I live every day to the fullest -- as if it might be last, as you never know when your number's up! #Quote by Doreen Pendgracs
You Never Know People quotes by Cassandra Clare
#20. I desire you and love you, Cristina, and so does Mark. Stay with us."

Cristina couldn't move. She thought again of the first time she'd seen Mark and Kieran together. The desire she'd felt. She'd thought at the time she wanted something like what they had: that she wanted that passion for herself and some unnamed boy whose face she didn't know.

But it had been a long time since any face in her dreams had not been either Mark's or Kieran's. Since she had imagined any eyes looking into hers that were both the same color. She had not wanted some vague approximation of what they had: She had wanted them.

She looked at Mark, who seemed pinned between hope and terror. "Kieran," he said. His voice shook. "How can you ask her that? She's not a faerie, she'll never talk to us again - "

"But you will leave me," she said, hearing her own voice as if it were a stranger's. "You love each other and belong together. You will leave me and go back to Faerie."

They looked at her with expressions of identical shock. "We will never leave you," said Mark.

"We will stay as close to you as the tide to the shore," said Kieran. "Neither of us wishes for anything else." He reached out a hand. "Please believe us, Lady of Roses. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
You Never Know People quotes by Charles Willeford
#21. You've seen him, I know. He's the guy who stands there, or sits in a scene, and never says anything. If you need five tough guys to sit in a car waiting to blast somebody coming out of a building, he's one of the five guys in the car. If some criminals are waiting to be tried by a judge in a courtroom scene, he's waiting to be tried and he always looks guilty. He stands by elevators, he eats lunch in restaurants. In westerns, he is the guy at the end of the bar drinking rye. Once in a while he carries the rope at a lynching. #Quote by Charles Willeford
You Never Know People quotes by Buddy Rich
#22. And, you know, I think the original recording of Ravel's Bolero, probably whoever played percussion on that, will never have It played better than that. #Quote by Buddy Rich
You Never Know People quotes by Dean Koontz
#23. Dogs, lives are short, too short, but you know that going in. You know the pain is coming, you're going to lose a dog, and there's going to be great anguish, so you live fully in the moment with her, never fail to share her joy or delight in her innocence, because you can't support the illusion that a dog can be your lifelong companion. There's such beauty in the hard honesty of that, in accepting and giving love while always aware that it comes with an unbearable price. Maybe loving dogs is a way we do penance for all the other illusions we allow ourselves and the mistakes we make because of those illusions. #Quote by Dean Koontz
You Never Know People quotes by Daniel Wallace
#24. How do you know when it's me?"
"Your footsteps are apologetic?"
"What does that mean?"
She turned, smiling wiping her hands on her long, black skirt. "It doesn't mean anything," she said. "Everybody else here just does what they want to do and doesn't think twice about it. But you're never sure. #Quote by Daniel Wallace
You Never Know People quotes by Jamie Larbi
#25. You never know how the little things you do can make a big difference in someone's life. #Quote by Jamie Larbi
You Never Know People quotes by Junot Diaz
#26. We know story collections end when they end, as well - the pages serving as a countdown - but nevertheless the standard story anthology hews closer to what makes being human so hard: it reminds you with each story how quickly everything we are, everything we call our lives can change, can be upended, can disappear. Never to return. #Quote by Junot Diaz
You Never Know People quotes by Tahj Mowry
#27. I always walk around with a few moves in my pocket. You never know when you may need to bust one out. #Quote by Tahj Mowry
You Never Know People quotes by Kim Clijsters
#28. I know that I'm going to have to work hard, keep working hard, and not because of this victory think, 'I'm back.' I don't think like that. I'll definitely work hard. Things are not going to be easy. I might lose first round next week. You never know. #Quote by Kim Clijsters
You Never Know People quotes by J. Sterling
#29. Without you, I'd be a shell of a man. A hollowed-out, empty, lifeless carcass. And I know that because I've been there. I lived through it. I lived through losing you due to my own stupidity, and I can never explain to you what that felt like #Quote by J. Sterling
You Never Know People quotes by Geraldo Rivera
#30. I've never quite been a peer of Donald [Trump]. When I knew him it was more in a social way. We were single at kind of the same time. You know having fun in that sense, but I've watched his career with great admiration, and now to really see him as an employee sees him as an aspirant within the corporate structure of the Trump enterprises is really fascinating. #Quote by Geraldo Rivera
You Never Know People quotes by Aliza Bell
#31. It wasn't an awe striking moment; I didn't lose my breath or stumble over my words. It was gradual, like going to sleep. It happens slowly, at first, you're restless, and you think it will never happen, and then the spell of seductive sleep falls upon you. And you're in that wonderful stage of ease and peacefulness where you're still awake but know your being slowly consumed by this wonderful sweet sensation. Then it devours you, and you forget everything else around you, and you just focus on what is going on in the here and now. And there is never one moment during this-this dream that you know with your entire mind that it's true. Your body knows, your heart knows but not your mind. Your mind is the only thing unaware of this action, it's helpless, and so it relies on every other part of the body to make the right decisions. The sad part? The mind doesn't even know it's helpless, but it doesn't matter, because in those moments when you're under that spell, the brain couldn't be happier. #Quote by Aliza Bell
You Never Know People quotes by Jacqueline Carey
#32. It is a fine line, in all of us, between civilization and savagery. To any who think they would never cross it, I can only say, if you have never known what it is to be utterly betrayed and abandoned, you cannot know how close it is. #Quote by Jacqueline Carey

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