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You Can Trust Me quotes by Philippa Gregory
#1. Say yes,' he whispers. 'Marry me.'

I hesitate. I open my eyes. 'You will get my fortune,' I remark. 'When I marry you, everything I have becomes yours. Just as George has everything that belongs to Isabel.'

'That's why you can trust me to win it for you,' he says simply. 'When your interests and mine are the same, you can be certain that I will care for you as for myself. You will be my own. You will find that I care for my own.'

'You will be true to me?'

'Loyalty is my motto. When I give my word, you can trust me. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
You Can Trust Me quotes by J.B. Salsbury
#2. You can trust me with your heart, Jade. From now until I breathe my last breath. #Quote by J.B. Salsbury
You Can Trust Me quotes by Garth Ennis
#3. Jesse: But - but are you okay?

Tulip: Yeah, fine. I checked out the bad guy's place and shot them up a little bit, you know. There were quite a lot of them, and one guy nearly got me with a throwing knife - But I know you'll be cool with that, because you can trust me to handle myself. Let's go. #Quote by Garth Ennis
You Can Trust Me quotes by Rick Riordan
#4. Piper, you're the strongest, most powerful beauty queen I've ever met. You can trust yourself. For what it's worth, you can trust me too. #Quote by Rick Riordan
You Can Trust Me quotes by Kami Garcia
#5. Look at me Ethan. Am I Dark, or am I Light?'
I looked at her, and I knew what she was. The girl I loved. The girl I would always love.
Instinctively, I grabbed the gold book in my pocket. It was warm, as if some part of my mother was alive within it. I pressed the book into Lena's hand, feeling the warmth spread into her body, I willed her to feel it- the kind of love within the book, the kind of love that never died.
'I know what you are, Lena. I know your heart. You can trust me. You can trust yourself. #Quote by Kami Garcia
You Can Trust Me quotes by Steven Erikson
#6. All things considered, science is the best means of understanding almost everything around us. It works well on the human scale and stands as a stark counter-point to beliefs that by their very nature refute the notion of evidence. And I would be the last person to attack people encouraging the rest of us to use our ability to be rational, thereby defending the value and the necessity of science. But I will lift a querying hand when the notion of 'science' is held to be immutable, because 'science' as such does not exist. Science is a process to be sure, a way of thinking, but what science is above all is that which scientists do, and alas, scientists are people, too. As potentially fallible, irrational, biased, greedy, in short, as flawed, as the rest of us. So, by all means defend science as a process. But don't confuse it with the very human endeavor of science as a profession. Because they're not the same thing. And this is why when some guy in a white lab-coat says 'you can trust me, I'm a scientist,' best take it with a big bucket of salt, and then say 'Fine, now show me the evidence and more to the point, show me how you got to it. #Quote by Steven Erikson
You Can Trust Me quotes by Andrea Cremer
#7. Well, hello, Charlotte... Today I play the part of your dearest friend, a kindred spirit and sole confidante. Feel free to whisper your darkest secrets to me - it's all part of the guise, of course. You can trust me not to share. - Linnet #Quote by Andrea Cremer
You Can Trust Me quotes by Marissa Meyer
#8. Really?" she drawled. "You'd rather take your chances with her?"
"At least I know when she's manipulating me."
"News flash: I have never manipulated you. And I hope I never have to. But you aren't the only one with responsibilities and an entire country of people who are relying on you. So I'm sorry, your majesty, but you are coming with me, and you're just going to have to figure out whether or not you can trust me when we're not so pressed for time."
Then she raised her hand and shot him. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
You Can Trust Me quotes by H.M. Ward
#9. You can. Trust me, baby. I'll take care of you. Let go, let everything else fade away. As Sean speaks, his voice becomes deeper and more unguarded. #Quote by H.M. Ward
You Can Trust Me quotes by Jennifer Van Wyk
#10. It's okay. I understand trust isn't something you easily give. Not anymore. But you need to know that you can trust me. When you're ready to give it, I mean. #Quote by Jennifer Van Wyk
You Can Trust Me quotes by Lara Adrian
#11. You can trust me."
"Trust you? I hardly know you." The protect sounded weak, despite the force with which she pushed it past her lips.
"You really want me to believe you feel that way? Because I've been trying to convince myself that's how I feel about you, and it's not working. Not one damned bit. #Quote by Lara Adrian
You Can Trust Me quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
#12. I am not sure I trust you."
"You can trust me with your life, My King."
"But not with my wine, obviously. Give it back. #Quote by Megan Whalen Turner
You Can Trust Me quotes by Marissa Meyer
#13. He was always around at the most inconvenient times, striking his ridiculous comic-book poses and spouting absurd catchphrases like "I'm not your enemy" and "You can trust me. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
You Can Trust Me quotes by J.R. Ward
#14. I want you to know ... that you can trust me.
John locked eyes with her and was instantly transported to a different plane of existence. Mighta been heaven again. Who the fuck knew or cared. All he knew was that there was only her and him together, the rest of the world drifting away into fog.
Was it possible to fall in love with someone twice, he wondered dimly. #Quote by J.R. Ward
You Can Trust Me quotes by Nina Jacobson
#15. Suzanne Collins, it was such a big thing for me to make the handshake with her and to say, 'You can trust me. I will not screw up your books. And I won't let them be diluted and softened. And I won't let them be exploited and made guilty of the sins that are being commented on in the books.' I take that really seriously. #Quote by Nina Jacobson
You Can Trust Me quotes by Kate  McCarthy
#16. You're the strongest person I've ever known, but someone smart and brave once told me that it's always the strongest that fall the hardest. You can trust me, Ryan. Let go. I'll be here to catch you. I'll always be here. #Quote by Kate McCarthy
You Can Trust Me quotes by Stephen Colbert
#17. We are thrilled that Jon Batiste is joining 'The Late Show' family of products. For my money, nobody plays like Jon Batiste. And you can trust me, because it is my money. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
You Can Trust Me quotes by Margaret Stohl
#18. But I knew no one. I was alone. No one cared. You might as well have left me to die."
"You didn't, did you?"
"Die? No, I didn't. No thanks to you. Now I know I can only depend on myself."
"Exactly." Natasha shrugged. "You're welcome."
Ava didn't respond.
Natasha sat down next to her. "Such Russian problems." She settled her back against the wall. "I know you're angry. Be as angry as you want. But no matter how you feel, we need to get out of here. Fair enough?"
"Why should I do anything you say?"
"Because you can trust me."
"Are you crazy? You're the one person I can't trust. You taught me not to trust you."
"No. I taught you not to trust anyone," Natasha said. "And that's something everyone has to learn. Especially every girl." She sounded as stubborn as Ava felt. #Quote by Margaret Stohl
You Can Trust Me quotes by Roseanne Barr
#19. This producer was a woman, a type I became acquainted with at the beginning of my stand-up career in Denver. I cared little for them: blondes in high heels who were so anxious to reach the professional level of the men they worshipped, fawned over, served, built up, and flattered that they would stab other women in the back. They are the ultimate weapon used by men against actual feminists who try to work in media, and they are never friends to other women, you can trust me on that. #Quote by Roseanne Barr
You Can Trust Me quotes by Gregg Sulkin
#20. Think positive, and don't listen to anyone telling you 'you can't.' You can. Trust me. #Quote by Gregg Sulkin
You Can Trust Me quotes by Laura Wright
#21. Sara lay back on the cold rock floor and beckoned for him."I'll stay in here until you're starving," she said passionately,"until you understand you can trust me,that I give to you unconditionally,out of the purest love.I'll stay here until this cage becomes a place of peace,of pleasure-not torment."Her eyebrow lifted."I will stay in here until you can't resist me. #Quote by Laura Wright
You Can Trust Me quotes by Alexander Ferrick
#22. Richard looked up to find a thirty-ish, tall, black haired man sauntering towards him with a smile that said "You can trust me", but really meant "Don't believe a word I say". This was Jack, and he hadn't changed a bit. #Quote by Alexander Ferrick
You Can Trust Me quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#23. Such threats and promises often succeed in creating stable human hierarchies and mass-cooperation networks, as long as people believe that they reflect the inevitable laws of nature or the divine commands of God, rather than just human whims. All large-scale human cooperation is ultimately based on our belief in imagined orders. These are sets of rules that, despite existing only in our imagination, we believe to be as real and inviolable as gravity. 'If you sacrifice ten bulls to the sky god, the rain will come; if you honour your parents, you will go to heaven; and if you don't believe what I am telling you – you'll go to hell.' As long as all Sapiens living in a particular locality believe in the same stories, they all follow the same rules, making it easy to predict the behaviour of strangers and to organise mass-cooperation networks. Sapiens often use visual marks such as a turban, a beard or a business suit to signal 'you can trust me, I believe in the same story as you'. Our chimpanzee cousins cannot invent and spread such stories, which is why they cannot cooperate in large numbers. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
You Can Trust Me quotes by Lemony Snicket
#24. Of course you can trust me," Jake Hix said. "We read the same books. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
You Can Trust Me quotes by Richelle Mead
#25. Fei, you know you can trust me. I'm here for you. I always have been and
always will be. Tell me what's wrong.
You can't keep rescuing me, I say.
Of course not, he agrees. You can rescue yourself - but perhaps I can give
you a hand now and then.
I smile faintly, but there is an ache in my chest as I think back to that longago
day, trapped in the rubble when a beautiful, glittering boy held out his hand
to pull me out. #Quote by Richelle Mead
You Can Trust Me quotes by Sarah-Kate Lynch
#26. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Manners aren't anything but a polite person being nice, no matter what everyone else is doing. But they make the world a better place, Sugar Honey, you can trust me on that. #Quote by Sarah-Kate Lynch
You Can Trust Me quotes by Georg Feuerstein
#27. Ultimately, there can be no complete healing until we have restored our primal trust in life. #Quote by Georg Feuerstein
You Can Trust Me quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#28. I have decided the two choices open to me are (1) to torment myself or (2) to trust the Lord. There is no earthly solution to the problems that confront me. But I can add to my problems, as I believe I have done, by dwelling on them. So, no more of that. #Quote by Marilynne Robinson
You Can Trust Me quotes by Richie Norton
#29. During the inevitable times when you feel like your work has no meaning, find meaning at home. If you need something more to feel creative or need extra cash, then moonlight: start dream projects after work hours. At some point in time, a successful side project can become your main project and you'll be fortunate enough to make your work and your dreams become one. || You should always have meaning outside the workplace. Work to support your lifestyle - don't live to support your work. #Quote by Richie Norton
You Can Trust Me quotes by Preeti Shenoy
#30. Sometimes all one needs is a strong anchor, a person you can trust blindly. Someone who will lead you on, be there for you and never let you down. #Quote by Preeti Shenoy
You Can Trust Me quotes by Lord Chesterfield
#31. In short, let it be your maxim through life, to know all you can know, yourself; and never to trust implicitly to the informationsof others. #Quote by Lord Chesterfield
You Can Trust Me quotes by Ingrid  Paulson
#32. It can be hard to find people you can trust, and when you do, you hold on to them, imperfections and all. #Quote by Ingrid Paulson
You Can Trust Me quotes by Taimoor Madni
#33. Love isn't about to show off or to go on dates. Its about being with a person who makes you feel special, who gives you a feeling that no one else does. The one who can completely understand you and can laugh on your lame jokes. The one to whom you trust the most and can share your problems. The one who can make wrong things right. Person with whom you can spend your whole life. #Quote by Taimoor Madni
You Can Trust Me quotes by Jessica N. Watkins
#34. Trust is like a mirror; once its broken, you can glue it back together, but you can still see the cracks in that motherfucker's reflection. #Quote by Jessica N. Watkins
You Can Trust Me quotes by Jack Canfield
#35. You, too, can get from where you are to where you want to be if you'll just trust that if you lean into it, the path will appear. Sometimes it will be like driving through the fog, where you can only see the road 10 yards ahead of you. But if you keep moving forward, more of the road will be revealed, and eventually, you will arrive at the goal. #Quote by Jack Canfield
You Can Trust Me quotes by Roger Federer
#36. It's not so simple to just stay in the moment and trust your game and your strength that you can turn it around. #Quote by Roger Federer
You Can Trust Me quotes by L.R. Knost
#37. Forgiveness isn't telling someone
it was okay to hurt you.
It's telling yourself
it's okay to stop hurting.
It doesn't mean you have
to trust them again.
It means you can learn
to trust yourself again.
It doesn't mean you have to give
them a free pass back into your life.
It means you are free to
take your life back again.
Forgiveness is simply
emptying your past of its power
to empty your present of its peace. #Quote by L.R. Knost
You Can Trust Me quotes by Matthew Keefer
#38. How can you trust a place if you can't trust the sky? #Quote by Matthew Keefer
You Can Trust Me quotes by Pepper Winters
#39. Love transcends time, space, distance, universes.
"Love can't be confined to pages or photos or memories - it's forever alive and wild and free. Romance comes and goes, lust flickers and smoulders, trials appear and test, life gets in the way and educates, pain can derail happiness, joy can delete sadness, togetherness is more than just a's a choice.
"A choice to love and cherish and honour and trust and adore.
"A choice to choose love, all the while knowing it has the power to break you.
"A choice, dear friends, to give someone your entire heart.
"But in the end, love is what life is about.
"And love is the purpose of everything. #Quote by Pepper Winters
You Can Trust Me quotes by Errollyn Wallen
#40. In a lifetime there are only a few people you can work with ... where you can trust each other and push each other in different directions. #Quote by Errollyn Wallen
You Can Trust Me quotes by Joyce Meyer
#41. I have learned from personal experience that putting trust in God means there will be some unanswered questions. That was a hard lesson for me because I naturally want to understand everything ... to know what's going on so I can feel like I'm in control. #Quote by Joyce Meyer
You Can Trust Me quotes by Robin Sacredfire
#42. God operates in levels. First He changes your life to help you see opportunities, and you can't appreciate it. Then He sends you people that can help you, and you refuse to trust them. Then, He boosts your vitality, so that you might still be able to do something for yourself, but you conform to your lifestyle and habits. Then, He ignores you, until you realize, through your own suffering, that you've offended Him in all these ways. #Quote by Robin Sacredfire
You Can Trust Me quotes by Sarah Pekkanen
#43. How do you know if you can really trust someone?" I finally ask.

Noah raises his eyebrows and takes a sip of his drink.

Then he looks into my eyes and the expression in his is so earnest I feel like he's answering from a deeply personal place.

"If you need to ask that question, then you probably already know the answer," he says. #Quote by Sarah Pekkanen
You Can Trust Me quotes by Ingrid Newkirk
#44. A burning building doesnt help melt peoples hearts, but times change and tactics, Im sure, have to change with them. If you choose to carry out ALF-style actions, I ask you to please not say more than you need to, to think carefully who you trust, to learn all you can about how to behave if arrested, and so to try to live to fight another day. #Quote by Ingrid Newkirk
You Can Trust Me quotes by Raphael Zernoff
#45. Any tiniest feeling, which fills you with peace and joy can grow to the size of a mountain, when you act on it with no expectation, where and how it must take you. Enjoy the moment of harmony and know that you can trust your Self. #Quote by Raphael Zernoff
You Can Trust Me quotes by Randeep Hooda
#46. Trust is not about what you can or cannot do in the name of love but who you are and what you choose to reveal as things progress and evolve. #Quote by Randeep Hooda
You Can Trust Me quotes by Cassandra  Barnes
#47. Touching her fingers, touching skin to skin. Her mouth, her breath, the shape of her flushed face. A tender hand on a naked waist, exploring the new feelings. The inner-soul scent of her hair, burying your mind in it. Inside of me, always inside of me. Memorizing the feelings and perfumes. Something one can keep. Carmen thought, Trust… Something growing. Something true. Something reaching out. #Quote by Cassandra Barnes
You Can Trust Me quotes by Charles F. Stanley
#48. Put your faith, hope, and trust in God. Do not look at your circumstances. Commit yourself to doing what He requires of you. Cling to the promises in His Word. Then when desperation pulls at your heart, you can cry out to Him, knowing that He hears your every word and will answer and provide the encouragement you need to hold out in the face of adversity. #Quote by Charles F. Stanley
You Can Trust Me quotes by Julian Rosado-Machain
#49. Hope is the one thing you must never lose," his dad said. "Love, trust, friendship - those are things we can share with others, but hope," he pointed at Thomas's heart, "hope also comes from within. When all those other things seem to wither and abandon you, you must rely on the hope inside your heart. Never lose hope, and always remember that hope fuels life. #Quote by Julian Rosado-Machain
You Can Trust Me quotes by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
#50. In the way that you need to clear the way to make a road, those who betray and abandon you expose things you need to remove from your life. They reveal the mistakes you made in trusting them and how you can avoid them in the future, and move on. #Quote by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
You Can Trust Me quotes by Darren Aronofsky
#51. You hear stories about directors using manipulation to get actors to do certain things, but I think when you're working with professional actors, it's all about trust. They can do anything you want, it's just a matter of them understanding what you're looking for, and the reason why. #Quote by Darren Aronofsky
You Can Trust Me quotes by Kenneth Lonergan
#52. I trust my judgment when I think it's boring, dull, tepid and not interesting. That's important to listen to. And the same on the set. That's a little easier because you can see it in front of you and you can just see how great they are and you know you have something wonderful when they do something wonderful. #Quote by Kenneth Lonergan
You Can Trust Me quotes by Linus Torvalds
#53. I think people can generally trust me, but they can trust me exactly because they know they don't have to. #Quote by Linus Torvalds
You Can Trust Me quotes by Pam Godwin
#54. Putting your trust in someone is the most vulnerable thing you can do #Quote by Pam Godwin
You Can Trust Me quotes by Vine Deloria Jr.
#55. Some years back Richard Nixon warned the American people
that Russia was bad because she had not kept any treaty or
agreement signed with her. You can trust the Communists, the
saying went, to be Communists.
Indian people laugh themselves sick when they hear these
statements. America has yet to keep one Indian treaty or agreement
despite the fact that the United States government signed
over four hundred such treaties and agreements with Indian
tribes. It would take Russia another century to make and break
as many treaties as the United States has already violated. #Quote by Vine Deloria Jr.
You Can Trust Me quotes by Matt Dillon
#56. It's important to air your concerns and fears with someone you trust. When you're honest about how you can change and grow, and where your weaknesses are, then you open the door for improvement and change. #Quote by Matt Dillon
You Can Trust Me quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#57. You have to be very specific when it comes to magic," A-Through-L said sheepishly. "You must say things as carefully as you can. Magic is like a machine that only does exactly what you tell it to do. So you have to speak to it in a way it can understand. And magic only understands you if you spell it out slowly. And use small words. You didn't tell the card which Prince or how quickly you wanted to go. For all we know this is the shortest path - or it thought you meant our fragrant friend here! Or perhaps the Alleyman is some sort of Prince, too. The word Prince is very open-ended. You can't really trust anything that far down in the alphabet. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
You Can Trust Me quotes by Stephen Colbert
#58. I must confess that I've never trusted the Web. I've always seen it as a coward's tool. Where does it live? How do you hold it personally responsible? Can you put a distributed network of fiber-optic cable "on notice"? And is it male or female? In other words, can I challenge it to a fight? #Quote by Stephen Colbert
You Can Trust Me quotes by Francis Chan
#59. Trust whatever He has for you. It will be better than anything you can plan for yourself. #Quote by Francis Chan
You Can Trust Me quotes by Ilchi Lee
#60. All brains are good brains. However, information can affect the brain in ways that can distort its functioning. When negative information has taken over the natural workings of the brain, you could say that a good brain has become a bad brain. The brain naturally distinguishes positive information from negative, but sometimes we simply lose trust in our brain, allowing outside information to run the show. #Quote by Ilchi Lee

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