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Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#1. Work is a vehicle with which man chases some fleeting destination called a full tummy. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Fred Richmond
#2. Other countries are way ahead of ours in nutrition. #Quote by Fred Richmond
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#3. If poor [African] families spent only as much on educating their children as they do on beer and prostitutes, there would be a breakthrough in the prospects of poor countries...What matters to the children's well-being isn't so much the level of the family's wealth as whether it is controlled by the mother or by the father...One early pair of studies found that when women hold assets or gain incomes, family money is more likely to be spent on nutrition, medicine, and housing, and consequently children are healthier. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Sahara Sanders
#4. Proper nutrition is one of the most fundamental things on which anyone's healthy and happy life can be based.
If you want to radically change your being for the better, to feel satisfied about who you are, or to look slim and attractive no matter what age is stated in your passport, start with changing unhealthy eating habits to healthy ones - and make them your favorites. #Quote by Sahara Sanders
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by David Bowie
#5. He says he's a beautician and sells you nutrition, and keeps all your dead hair for making underwear. #Quote by David Bowie
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Darell Hammond
#6. By providing our young children with opportunities for free, child-directed play, along with proper nutrition, we are setting them up for a lifetime of healthy habits, versus interventions needed later in life. #Quote by Darell Hammond
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Miranda Kerr
#7. Becoming a mother has made me even more aware and more passionate about nutrition and wellness. So much so that I am now a certified health coach practitioner. #Quote by Miranda Kerr
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Jason Statham
#8. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you're working out, you're going to feel good. #Quote by Jason Statham
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Cintia Dicker
#9. I always have to pay attention to exercise and nutrition. #Quote by Cintia Dicker
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Erika M. Szabo
#10. Just imagine, how much easier our lives would be if we were born with a 'user guide or owner's manual' which could tell us what to eat and how to live healthy. #Quote by Erika M. Szabo
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Mark Sisson
#11. Our ancestors went for days without anything to eat, and carbohydrates were extremely scarce for two million years. The truth is, fat is the preferred fuel for human metabolism. #Quote by Mark Sisson
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Sir Robert Hutchison, 1st Baronet
#12. The scientific truth may be put quite briefly; eat moderately, having an ordinary mixed diet, and don't worry. #Quote by Sir Robert Hutchison, 1st Baronet
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Bryant McGill
#13. Eat beautiful foods, which are nutritionally dense, wholesome and natural. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Matt Fitzgerald
#14. There's a difference between nutrition knowledge and food knowledge. #Quote by Matt Fitzgerald
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Joseph Fink
#15. I took a walk on the cool sand dunes, brittle grass overgrown, and above me, in the night sky, above me, I saw. Bitter taste of unripe peaches and a smell I could not place, nor could I escape. I remembered other times that I could not escape. I remembered other smells. The moon slunk like a wounded animal. The world spun like it had lost control. Concentrate only on breathing and let go of ideas you had about nutrition and alarm clocks. I took a walk on the cool sand dunes, brittle grass overgrown, and above me, in the night sky, above me, I saw.
This message brought to you by Coca-Cola. #Quote by Joseph Fink
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Idries Shah
#16. They have fixed our nutrition and arranged our life-span. More than this, and ahead of this, efforts will not be productive. #Quote by Idries Shah
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Nancy S. Mure
#17. Mother Nature is relentless and forward. When we do not live according to her laws she rewards us with disease. #Quote by Nancy S. Mure
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Charlotte Campbell
#18. As your training moves from base training to more intense work, to tapering, your nutrition needs to change. #Quote by Charlotte Campbell
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by David Ogilvy
#19. Consumers still buy products whose advertising promises them value for money, beauty, nutrition, relief from suffering, social status and so on. #Quote by David Ogilvy
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by David Wolfe
#20. One of the most important distinctions found within these pages is the fact that all foods are not created equal. Some foods are deficient in minerals and key nutrients, while other foods are packed with a powerhouse of valuable nutrients that can change your life, your health, and your body in a truly incredible way. #Quote by David Wolfe
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Pierre Dukan
#21. To be a nutritionist in France, you must be a doctor, seven years studies, and then three more years in nutrition. #Quote by Pierre Dukan
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Italo Calvino
#22. Memory, or rather experience
which is the memory of the event plus the wound it has inflicted on you, plus the change which it has wrought in you and which has made you different
experience is the basic nutrition also for a work of literature (but not only for that), the true source of wealth for every writer (but not only for the writer), and yet the minute it gives shape to a work of literature it withers and dies. The writer, after writing, finds that he is the poorest of men. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Anonymous
#23. American Heart Association has reported that 75 per cent of heart involvements begin before ten years of age. My studies have shown that in about 95 per cent of these cases there is active tooth decay. The important change that I made in this boy's dietary program was the removal of the white flour products and in their stead the use of freshly cracked or ground wheat and oats used with whole milk to which was added a small amount of specially high vitamin butter produced by cows pasturing on green wheat. Small doses of a high-vitamin, natural cod liver oil were also added. At this time the boy was so badly crippled with arthritis, in his swollen knees, wrists, and rigid spine, that he was bedfast and cried by the hour. With the improvement in his nutrition which was the only change made in his care, his acute pain rapidly subsided, his appetite greatly improved, he slept soundly and gained rapidly in weight #Quote by Anonymous
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Herbert M. Shelton
#24. One will starve to death with just as much certainty and much more speedily, if one attempts to live upon foods containing only one or two elements of nutrition, as if one were totally abstaining from food. A diet of white flour and water, or white sugar and water, will result in death much sooner than a diet of water only. If no food is eaten the body feeds upon its own food reserves, but it has no provision for meeting the exigencies created by prolonged subsistence on one-sided diets. #Quote by Herbert M. Shelton
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by John H. Tobe
#25. The fact that salt is a powerful emetic as well as a potent laxative should convince the most skeptical that it is not meant to form an important part of the human diet. #Quote by John H. Tobe
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Wendell Berry
#26. The passive American consumer, sitting down to a meal of pre-prepared food, confronts inert, anonymous substances that have been processed, dyed, breaded, sauced, gravied, ground, pulped, strained, blended, prettified, and sanitized beyond resemblance to any part of any creature that ever lived. The products of nature and agriculture have been made, to all appearances, the products of industry. Both eater and eaten are thus in exile from biological reality. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Richard J. Codey
#27. School is where children spend most of their time, and it is where we lay the foundation for healthy habits. That's why New Jersey is the first state to adopt a comprehensive school nutrition policy that bans candy, soda, and other junk food. #Quote by Richard J. Codey
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Helen Clark
#28. When women are able to live in a safe and secure environment, they can participate effectively in the economy and society. This helps overcome poverty, reduces inequalities and is beneficial for children's nutrition, health and school attendance. Every woman and girl has the right to live in safety in her home and community. #Quote by Helen Clark
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Michael Pollan
#29. All the arguments about nutrition are really about what is the problem ingredient in the western diet. Is it the fat? Is it the lack of fiber? Is it the refined carbohydrates?But we don't have to worry about it. We just have to try to get off that diet to the extent we can. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Nancy S. Mure
#30. Eating a can be the weight that pulls you under or the life raft. It's your choice. #Quote by Nancy S. Mure
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Marie Sarantakis
#31. Life is too short not to eat raw and it's even shorter if you don't. #Quote by Marie Sarantakis
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Ben Bergeron
#32. As an elite athlete, there are only five things that you can truly control -- your training, nutrition, sleep, recovery, and mindset. If it doesn't fall into one of those categories, I tell my athletes, forget about it. Control the things you can control, and ignore everything else. #Quote by Ben Bergeron
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Glen Matten
#33. SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS When it comes to diet, nutrition and health, don't believe everything you read. Far too much reporting is partial and misleading, and it shouldn't form the basis for dramatic changes to your diet or lifestyle. #Quote by Glen Matten
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by T. Colin Campbell
#34. Americans love to hear good things about their bad habits. #Quote by T. Colin Campbell
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by David Wolfe
#35. Calcification is the hardening of body tissues by calcium salts or deposits. Although calcification itself is not considered a disease, it has been shown to be a significant contributing factor in nearly every known illness and aging condition, including heart disease, kidney stones, gallstones, chronic inflammation, arthritis, cancers, cataracts, eczema, psoriasis, and even wrinkles. #Quote by David Wolfe
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by John Kessel
#36. It's hard for these athletes to stay healthy. They are constantly being bombarded with unhealthy advertising. Peer pressure can override the body's demand for health. Being healthy goes beyond 'not being sick' (where all lab reports indicate health), to feeling optimistic, energetic, strong and happy with their bodies. Teaching them to take charge of their bodies is a job of coaching. Help them gain discipline in conditioning, nutrition and attitude/emotional control. #Quote by John Kessel
Yogurtland Nutrition quotes by Rick Warren
#37. The darker and richer the colors, the more unique and wonderful the fruits, the more power-packed nutrition they contain. #Quote by Rick Warren

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