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Yocheved Moses quotes by Washington Irving
#1. It was his belief, furthermore, that this religion, so elevated and simple, had repeatedly been corrupted and debased by man, and especially outraged by idolatry; wherefore a succession of prophets, each inspired by a revelation from the Most High, had been sent from time to time, and at distant periods, to restore it to its original purity. Such was Noah, such was Abraham, such was Moses, and such was Jesus Christ. By each of these, the true religion had been reinstated upon earth, but had again been vitiated by their followers. The faith, as taught and practiced by Abraham when he came out of the land of Chaldea, seems especially to have formed a religious standard in his mind, from his veneration for the patriarch as the father of Ishmael, the progenitor of his race. #Quote by Washington Irving
Yocheved Moses quotes by Christopher Moore
#2. Moses should have said Let my people go. Please. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Yocheved Moses quotes by Edwin Moses
#3. My father was also a principal of a school and mother was a curriculum advisor. Both were educators. #Quote by Edwin Moses
Yocheved Moses quotes by Arthur Koestler
#4. What had he said to them? "I bow my knees before the country, before the masses, before the whole people ... " And what then? What happened to these masses, to this people? For forty years it had been driven through the desert, with threats and promises, with imaginary terrors and imaginary rewards. But where was the Promised Land? Did there really exist any such goal for this wandering mankind? That was a question to which he would have liked an answer before it was too late. Moses had not been allowed to enter the land of promise either, But he had been allowed to see it, from the top of the mountain, spread at his feet. Thus, it was easy to die, with the visible certainty of one's goal before one's eyes. He, Nicolas Salmanovitch Rubashov, had not been taken to the top of a mountain; and wherever his eye looked, he saw nothing but desert and the darkness of night. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Yocheved Moses quotes by O. Palmer Robertson
#5. Because the various strands of hope for redemption converge on this single person, He becomes the unifying focus of all Scripture. Both "kingdom" and "covenant" unite under "Immanuel."
It is not "the" blood of the covenant that he administers, as does Moses. Instead, he solemnly declares "this is my blood of the covenant…" (Matt 26:28). As kingly covenant mediator, he does not administer merely the laws of the kingdom. It is Himself that he administers to the people. #Quote by O. Palmer Robertson
Yocheved Moses quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#6. If you will devote a little time to studying the staggering photographs taken by the Hubble telescope, you will be scrutinizing things that are far more awesome and mysterious and beautiful - and more chaotic and overwhelming and forbidding - than any creation or "end of days" story. If you read Hawking on the "event horizon," that theoretical lip of the "black hole" over which one could in theory plunge and see the past and the future (except that one would, regrettably and by definition, not have enough "time"), I shall be surprised if you can still go on gaping at Moses and his unimpressive "burning bush. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Yocheved Moses quotes by Moses Harvey
#7. The human intellect is the great truth-organ; realities, as they exist, are the subjects of its study; and knowledge is the result of its acquaintance with the things which it investigates. #Quote by Moses Harvey
Yocheved Moses quotes by Bob Hartley
#8. I was taken in the Spirit to the burning bush on Mount Horeb, Moses' "first ascension," and allowed to witness the encounter he had with the Lord there. Throughout the visitation, I was enabled to know and feel the thoughts and emotions of Moses' inner being ... There was a Holy Narrator beside me who helped me understand what I saw and heard, and he made references to relevant passages of Scripture. There were other Biblical figures also present - Joshua, Samuel, David, and even the Lord Jesus were there. #Quote by Bob Hartley
Yocheved Moses quotes by Anonymous
#9. The LORD spoke to Moses, saying, 14 n Bring out of the camp #Quote by Anonymous
Yocheved Moses quotes by Moses Ibn Ezra
#10. Lust should be stifled, for it cannot lead to truth. #Quote by Moses Ibn Ezra
Yocheved Moses quotes by Thomas Paine
#11. The most horrible wickedness and cruelties, and the greatest miseries that have troubled the human race began with this thing called revelation, or revealed religion ... It would be far, far better for us to let a thousand devils roam the world, and publicly preach the doctrine of devils (if there were such a thing, which there isn't), than to let one impostor and monster such a Moses, Joshua, Samuel or the Bible prophets come speaking the so-called word of God, and causing men to believe it. #Quote by Thomas Paine
Yocheved Moses quotes by Anonymous
#12. But Moses again pleaded, Lord, please! Send anyone else. #Quote by Anonymous
Yocheved Moses quotes by Eugene V. Debs
#13. I don't want you to follow me or anyone else. If you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of the capitalist wilderness, you will stay right where you are. I would not lead you into this promised land if I could because if I could lead you in, someone else could lead you out. #Quote by Eugene V. Debs
Yocheved Moses quotes by Robert M. Price
#14. The Koran was assembled from a variety of prior Hagarene texts (hence the contradictions re Jesus' death) in order to provide the Moses-like Muhammad with a Torah of his own ... #Quote by Robert M. Price
Yocheved Moses quotes by Barbara Moses
#15. When was the last time you were so completely engaged and absorbed by your work that all of a sudden you looked up and said, "I can't believe it-five hours couldn't have passed!" This is what psychologists are calling "flow." When you achieve a state of flow, you feel a sensation of confidence, of being in control, of being engaged and focused. Flow is achieved when your work is performed in sync with your aptitudes and values. #Quote by Barbara Moses
Yocheved Moses quotes by John Ortberg
#16. In the Bible, God never gives anyone an easy job. God never comes to Abraham, or Moses, or Esther and says, "I'd like you to do me a favor, but it really shouldn't take much time. I wouldn't want to inconvenience you." God does not recruit like someone from the PTA. He is always intrusive, demanding, exhausting. He says we should expect that the world will be hard, and that our assignments will be hard. #Quote by John Ortberg
Yocheved Moses quotes by Dwight L. Moody
#17. When the Spirit came to Moses, the plagues came upon Egypt, and he had power to destroy men's lives; when the Spirit came upon Elijah, fire came down from heaven; when the Spirit came upon Gideon, no man could stand before him; and when it came upon Joshua, he moved around the city of Jericho and the whole city fell into his hands; but when the Spirit came upon the Son of Man, He gave His life; He healed the broken-hearted. #Quote by Dwight L. Moody
Yocheved Moses quotes by Moses Mendelssohn
#18. We would be able neither to remember nor to reflect nor to compare nor to think, indeed, we would not even be the person who we were a moment ago, if our concepts were divided among many and were not to be encountered somewhere together in their most exact combination. #Quote by Moses Mendelssohn
Yocheved Moses quotes by Paul Copan
#19. On closer inspection, the hero status accorded to Abraham, Moses and David in the Old Testament (and echoed in the New Testament) is rooted not in their moral perfection but in their uncompromising dedication to the cause of Yahweh and their rugged trust in the promises of God rather than lapsing into the idolatry of many of their contemporaries. #Quote by Paul Copan
Yocheved Moses quotes by Rawi Hage
#20. We flew out of the city and we landed on the page where Moses split the sea and the Jews marched between those suspended mountains of water, hovering, humming on both sides, and the poor expelled merchants wondered if Moses knew what the fuck he was doing. What if his hand got tired and he accidentally dropped his magic cane, or got distracted by a wet desert ass, or lost his sandals, or what if that lush single malt of a God changed his mind again and the fucking Red Sea closed in on them with its menstrual red liquid? #Quote by Rawi Hage
Yocheved Moses quotes by Moses
#21. No lusting after your neighbor's house - or wife or servant or maid or ox or donkey. Don't set your heart on anything that is your neighbor's. #Quote by Moses
Yocheved Moses quotes by Edwin Moses
#22. In digital world, sport provides opportunity to bring people together. #Quote by Edwin Moses
Yocheved Moses quotes by Moses Malone
#23. I've always just wanted to play ball, that's all. I didn't want to do no interviews, because I didn't want to be bothered with reporters. #Quote by Moses Malone
Yocheved Moses quotes by Adolph Saphir
#24. What is meant by calling the writings of Moses and the Prophets #Quote by Adolph Saphir
Yocheved Moses quotes by Grandma Moses
#25. Even now / I am not old. / I never think of it, and yet / I am a grandmother to eleven grandchildren. #Quote by Grandma Moses
Yocheved Moses quotes by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
#26. Since Moses was in Egypt land, Gods people have been struggling for justice while singing freedom songs. Theology can be clarifying. A good sermon has its place. But nothing is more essential for the life of faith in a community than liturgy that invites us to sing the freedom songs that are sung around the throne of God. Brother Ken Sehested is a song leader in that great cloud of witnesses. Receive his words as gift-and keep singing. #Quote by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
Yocheved Moses quotes by Jase Robertson
#27. In all my years in the wild, I've never met Mother Nature or Mr. Photosynthesis. Humans tend to try to make sense of things and are always searching for scientific reasons to explain the world's riddles. But if you do not believe in a Creator, your options are limited in trying to explain the functions of Earth, let alone the universe. Who built this place? Where did I come from? Where did you come from? As Hebrews 3:4 says, "For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything." The Hebrews writer was actually comparing Moses and Jesus, but he delivered principles that I have come to believe are fundamental to life's questions. To me it would be silly to claim someone's physical home might not have been built just because you didn't see it being built. We know someone built our homes, neighborhoods, and skyscrapers because of their design, even though they may have been constructed before we were even born. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Yocheved Moses quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#28. "Stand still" - keep the posture of an upright man, ready for action, expecting further orders, cheerfully and patiently awaiting the directing voice; and it will not be long ere God shall say to you, as distinctly as Moses said it to the people of Israel, "Go forward." #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Yocheved Moses quotes by Moses Aaron Richardson
#29. Mathematics is persistent intellectual honesty. #Quote by Moses Aaron Richardson
Yocheved Moses quotes by Rumi
#30. Magicians can be confusing, but
when Moses arrives and throws down the rod that becomes a dragon, how do the trick bowls
look then? When something that alive comes, illusory matters fade. They quit bragging!
A body's death, even, is beautiful to those who see with the soul's eye. #Quote by Rumi
Yocheved Moses quotes by Alejandro C. Estrada
#31. The irony of it, is how Freemasons have been trying to create and fulfill prophecy, and in their endeavor to hide behind secrecy they have been the catalyst for prophetic fulfillments. Moreover, I have taken the worst excrement ever defecated by mankind and have turned it into knowledge. Therefore, I have made the Thought a Thing and have aided the march of a TRUTH which I have bequeathed to mankind as a personal estate to hold in trust and I have dropped it into the world's wide treasury as an example of a human excellence of growth that shall make the spiritual glory of the human race greater because this endowment has been cultivated from Truth as raw as a diamond in the rough. For what man develops and creates will always be artificial and glorified fabrication that when dismantled, is nothing more than just a lie regardless of how sophisticated the deception. A con artist will never be more than just a thief, and a cubic zirconia will never be more perfect than a diamond. Thus I have written in the same line as Moses and he who died upon the cross, and I have achieved an intellectual sympathy with the Deity himself and since[according to Albert Pike] the best gift we can bestow on humanity, is manhood, then I shall call it:
Because I'm the Little Horn with the biggest horn on the field. They were not kidding when they said I would be more stout than my fellows. #Quote by Alejandro C. Estrada
Yocheved Moses quotes by Lawrence Kushner
#32. The "burning bush" was not a miracle. It was a test. God wanted to find out whether or not Moses could pay attention to something for more than a few minutes. When Moses did, God spoke. The trick is to pay attention to what is going on around you long enough to behold the miracle without falling asleep. There is another world, right here within this one, whenever we pay attention. #Quote by Lawrence Kushner
Yocheved Moses quotes by Rick Riordan
#33. Back in Khufu's day I knew a magician who parted the Nile just so he could climb to the bottom and retrieve a girl's necklace. Then there was that Israelite fellow, Mickey."
"Yeah, him. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Yocheved Moses quotes by Francis Chan
#34. Some people say I would love to take a selfie with Moses. Do you understand the gap between Moses and God? #Quote by Francis Chan
Yocheved Moses quotes by John Tillotson
#35. With the history of Moses no book in the world, in point of antiquity, can contend. #Quote by John Tillotson
Yocheved Moses quotes by Gerald Heaney
#36. If Moses is our lawgiver [Old Testament prophet given laws by God] at this time let us obey him, not in part only, but wholly, and put every Sabbath breaker, blasphemer, and adulterer to death. #Quote by Gerald Heaney

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