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Famous Quotes About Yashiro Aki

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Yashiro Aki quotes by Aki Kaurismaki
#1. The shot [in the 1956 film Written on the Wind] with Dorothy Malone walking down the stairs makes all rock videos ever after resemble forgotten, anemic nuns. #Quote by Aki Kaurismaki
Yashiro Aki quotes by Ian Isaro
#2. Without warning, Aki was between them, arms around their shoulders. "Is this banter I hear?"

Blake rolled his eyes. "Oh no, I could never put up with-"

"Too late, we're all friends now!"

Keisha shook her fist in mock rage. "We've been playing into her hands all along. #Quote by Ian Isaro
Yashiro Aki quotes by Aki
#3. The world is constructed of pairs. The sky overhead and the depths of the earth. Light and dark. It originates from either end, and then wanders the gap between ... The land belongs to the sky, starting at the horizon. The sea would appear to be in between, but there is no sea without a bottom. As it is above the earth, it is within the sky's domain. Those which have life all arrive beneath the earth upon dying. Those which cannot be in the light all descend beneath the earth, all equal. Evil avoids light. Below the earth is darkness. Am I am its god. #Quote by Aki
Yashiro Aki quotes by Aki Shimizu
#4. Every lie contains truth, and every truth contains a lie #Quote by Aki Shimizu
Yashiro Aki quotes by Kou Yoneda
#5. The moment he laid eyes on Kuga, I knew. There's a reason I'm doing this to him. I want to see it; how he's fallen in love with a guy, and how he makes him his own. And then what I've done will become a sharp knife, thrown right back at me.
That's right. I just wanted to see.
And the meaning behind the sharp knife flying towards me: Why not me? Why can't it be me? All this time, I would be lying if I said I've never wished for it, but by being merely an observer, I've somehow managed to distance myself.
Kuga is a bright light, like the sun. I, on the other hand ...
(Yashiro) #Quote by Kou Yoneda
Yashiro Aki quotes by Ian Isaro
#6. Keisha: They said there wasn't any resistance - how did you beat Risa?
Aki: Friendship, the heart of the cards, teamwork, and lots and lots of fire. #Quote by Ian Isaro
Yashiro Aki quotes by Ian Isaro
#7. Horrible abominations might be unpleasant, but at least they didn't have fanboys.
- Aki #Quote by Ian Isaro
Yashiro Aki quotes by Aki Kaurismaki
#8. When I was young, I would sit in the bath and ideas would come to me. But I'm not young any more, so now I just sit in the bath. #Quote by Aki Kaurismaki
Yashiro Aki quotes by Aki
#9. God does not lie. #Quote by Aki
Yashiro Aki quotes by Aki
#10. I love you..easy to say but why it takes my whole lifetime to find the strength to say it? #Quote by Aki
Yashiro Aki quotes by Kouji Ouji
#11. Majority rule cannot always be called fairness. Regardless of their depth of feeling, each person is impartially given the right to a vote. Even so, if he could have expressed the depth of his feelings like Makoto and Aki had, and tried to reach an understanding with them, it might have been all right, but Haruka couldn't do that. Haruka was terrible at things like pressing his feelings onto others. #Quote by Kouji Ouji
Yashiro Aki quotes by Ian Isaro
#12. Aki: Oh, crap, he's actually out this time. If he asks, say he hit his head falling down.
Keisha: He'll forgive you. Right now I think I'm willing to forgive anything. #Quote by Ian Isaro
Yashiro Aki quotes by Aki Kaurismaki
#13. Real film is light; digital is electricity. #Quote by Aki Kaurismaki

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