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Yares Gallery quotes by Charles De Lint
#1. Beauty isn't what you see on TV or in magazine ads or even necessarily in art galleries. It's a lot deeper and a lot simpler than that. It's realizing the goodness of things, it's leaving the world a little better than it was before you got here. It's appreciating the inspiration of the world around you and trying to inspire others. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Yares Gallery quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#2. 'London' is a gallery of sensation of impressions. It is a history of London in a thematic rather than a chronological sense with chapters of the history of smells, the history of silence, and the history of light. I have described the book as a labyrinth, and in that sense in complements my description of London itself. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Yares Gallery quotes by Martha Rosler
#3. So much of my work involved the Vietnam War that it would have been obscene to show it in a gallery. But now, it's different; it's important to remember and to enable the young to discover what to some of us is still so present. #Quote by Martha Rosler
Yares Gallery quotes by Mark Avery
#4. If we continue laying waste to the diversity of life and the natural beauty on the planet then we are like vandals going through an art gallery with spray-paint and Stanley knives. When we come out the other side, or when we grow up, we look back and wonder why we didn't behave with more restraint, and we realize that the excitement and enjoyment that we had was rather twisted and in no way was worth the damage we did. Nobody gains from our vandalism and we are ourselves diminished. #Quote by Mark Avery
Yares Gallery quotes by Scott Kahn
#5. The art business is a rarified business and appeals to an audience capable of spending money on a luxury. Too often the atmosphere in a gallery borders on snobbishness. #Quote by Scott Kahn
Yares Gallery quotes by Paula Hawkins
#6. We don't talk about anything substantial, it's just the introductory session, the getting-to-know-you stuff; he asks me what the trouble is and I tell him about the panic attacks, the insomnia, the fact that I lie awake at night too frightened to fall asleep. He wants me to talk a bit more about that, but I'm not ready yet. He asks me whether I take drugs, drink alcohol. I tell him I have other vices these days, and I catch his eye and I think he knows what I mean. Then I feel as if I ought to be taking this a bit more seriously, so I tell him about the gallery closing and that I feel at a loose end all the time, my lack of direction, the fact that I spend too much time in my head. #Quote by Paula Hawkins
Yares Gallery quotes by Karl Wiggins
#7. It's a difficult path that we tread, us Indie self-publishers, but we're not alone. How many bands practicing in their dad's garage have heard of a group from the neighbourhood who got signed by a recording company? Or how many artists who love to paint, but are not really getting anywhere with it hear of someone they went to art school with being offered an exhibition in a gallery? How many chefs who love to get creative around food hear of someone else who's just landed a job with Marco Pierre White?
There's no difference between us and them. There is, however, a huge difference in how everyone else perceives the writer. And there's a huge difference between all of us – the writers, the musicians, the composers, the chefs, the dance choreographers and to a certain extent the tradesmen - and the rest of society in that no one understands us. It's a wretched dream to hope that our creativity gets recognised while our family thinks we're wasting our time when the lawn needs mowing, the deck needs painting and the bedroom needs decorating.
It's acceptable to go into the garage to tinker about with a motorbike, but it's a waste of a good Sunday afternoon if you go into the garage and practice your guitar, or sit in your study attempting to capture words that have been floating around your brain forever. #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Yares Gallery quotes by Amy Webb
#8. Use between three and five photos in your gallery. Galleries with more photos are more competitive, but after five they seem to pass a point of saturation and diminishing return. #Quote by Amy Webb
Yares Gallery quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#9. Loyal unto death and beyond.
Hunt's phone rang, Isiah's name popping up again, but Hunt didn't immediately answer. Not as he glanced at the gallery roof beneath his boots and wondered what it was like - to have a friend like that. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Yares Gallery quotes by Katy Regnery
#10. Savannah," he started in a softer voice, "Wait. Please. I - I didn't mean ... I just didn't want you to ... " "I'm going home," she said, rushing from the room before he could say another word. "Savannah!" He shot out of bed, following her through his bedroom door and running down the gallery as fast as his bum leg would allow. While walking or jogging were good for him, he wasn't supposed to sprint on it, and it ached and burned as he got to the top of stairs only to hear the front door slam in her wake. "GOD DAMN IT!" he bellowed, lowering himself to sit on the landing as his leg throbbed with pain. Miss Potts appeared out of nowhere to stand at the base of the stairs with her hands on her hips. She pursed her lips and tsked. "Somehow I don't think peach cobbler is going to fix this one. #Quote by Katy Regnery
Yares Gallery quotes by Neil MacGregor
#11. The distinction between a gallery and a museum is enormous. The gallery is about looking at a thing of beauty; the purpose of the activity is an aesthetic response. The museum is actually about the object that lets you get into somebody else's life. #Quote by Neil MacGregor
Yares Gallery quotes by Francisco Costa
#12. Milan, for me, is a city of discovery. You can find some amazing gardens behind some great houses; I also love finding beautiful galleries and incredible shops, but you have to explore. And the food is amazing. #Quote by Francisco Costa
Yares Gallery quotes by Guy Oseary
#13. I've been collecting photos for a long time, I mean since I started making money. But what you have had to go through to find a good photo is like a needle in the haystack sometimes. You'll drive from one gallery to the next gallery to the next gallery. It's not an easy process. It's a very ancient model that just hasn't caught up with the times. #Quote by Guy Oseary
Yares Gallery quotes by The Doors
#14. The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on.
He took a face from the ancient gallery
And he walked on down the hall
He went into the room where his sister lived, and ... then he
Paid a visit to his brother, and then he
He walked on down the hall, and
And he came to a door ... and he looked inside
Father, yes son, I want to kill you
Mother ... I want to ... fuck you #Quote by The Doors
Yares Gallery quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#15. Scott, deaf and enchanted in the gallery, and the whole row of pretty heads at his side saw the concerted rush on Lymond: his assailants downed him without malice and eighteen stones of Molly planted themselves on his chest. "A throw!" said Molly, and Lymond, half buried, gave a choked whoop of laughter and raised a defeated hand in signal to Tammas. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Yares Gallery quotes by David Nicholls
#16. There may well be a scientific paper to be written on why walking in an art gallery is so much more exhausting than, say, climbing Helvellyn. My guess is that it is something to do with the energy required to hold muscles in tension, combined with the mental exertion of wondering what to say. #Quote by David Nicholls
Yares Gallery quotes by Kim Gordon
#17. . . . for me the page, the gallery, the stage became the only places my emotions could be expressed and acted out comfortably. #Quote by Kim Gordon
Yares Gallery quotes by B.J. Ward
#18. The words I speak to these chairs
must be silencing.
It has stunned them
into a profound emptiness.
No creaking from the gallery
no James Joyce here, nor Malory
An unknown author
in a very large chain
can't you hear me rattling? #Quote by B.J. Ward
Yares Gallery quotes by Thomas Kinkade
#19. I think the art world ... is a very small pond, and it's a very inbred pond. They rely on information from an elect elite sect of galleries, primarily in New York. #Quote by Thomas Kinkade
Yares Gallery quotes by Tim Winton
#20. And you can't help but worry for them, love them, want for them - those who go on down the close, foetid galleries of time and space without you. #Quote by Tim Winton
Yares Gallery quotes by Dan Graham
#21. A [spatial, temporal] work had only to be exhibited in a gallery and then written about and reproduced as a photograph in an art magazine. Then this record of the no longer extant installation, along with accretions of information after the fact, became the basis for its fame, and to a large extent its economic value. #Quote by Dan Graham
Yares Gallery quotes by John Keegan
#22. Visually Agincourt is a pre-Raphaelite, perhaps better a Medici Gallery print battle - a composition of strong verticals and horizontals and a conflict of rich dark reds and Lincoln greens against fishscale greys and arctic blues. #Quote by John Keegan
Yares Gallery quotes by Jerry Saltz
#23. The last time money left the art world, intrepid types maxed out their credit cards and opened galleries, and a few of them have become the best in the world. #Quote by Jerry Saltz
Yares Gallery quotes by Carla Bley
#24. I just got to hear every note. After I left Birdland, I started working at the Jazz Gallery. In the end, I still couldn't play, but I knew how to listen. I was probably the world's best listener. #Quote by Carla Bley
Yares Gallery quotes by Steve Cosson
#25. I love wandering. It's liberating to throw away the map and explore uncharted galleries. You'll nearly always stumble into something immensely interesting that way. #Quote by Steve Cosson
Yares Gallery quotes by Mark Calcavecchia
#26. When I'm in a zone, I don't think about the shot or the wind or the distance or the gallery or anything; I just pull a club and swing. #Quote by Mark Calcavecchia
Yares Gallery quotes by Rene Daumal
#27. Out of a single man, they get a thousand: homo economicus, homo politicus, homo physico-chimicus, homo endocrinus, homo skeletonicus, homo emotions, homo percipiens, homo libidinosus, homo peregrinans, homo ridens, homo ratiocinans, homo artifex, homo aestbeticus, homo religiosus, homo sapiens, homo historicus, homo ethnographicus, and many, many more. But at the very end of the production line in this laboratory of mine sits a Scienter who is quite unique. Three thousand brains in one. His function is to collect all the data and clarifications written up by the specialist Scienters. When he has collated everything, he is convinced that he has clasped the red rabbit or the essential man entire to his understanding. There you are, you can see him from here,' he ended, with a sign to one of his assistants who brought me a pair of binoculars.

I put them to my eyes and, indeed, at the far end of the gallery, I saw the Omniscienter. There he was, an enormous cranial dome with a tiny, shapeless, crumpled face, which seemed to me to be hanging by the ears from the two ebony knobs on the back of a raised throne. Swinging to and fro beneath this head was a little cloth puppet which dangled its empty trouser legs over the crimson plush seat. His tiny right arm was kept aloft by means of a wire, and the index finger rested on his temple in the gesture of one who knows. Above the throne ran a banner bearing this inscription:

Yares Gallery quotes by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
#28. I am indebted to anyone who has ever written anything. I am indebted to the unknown carver of pictograms on a gallery of stone panels, which I encountered and stood in silence before on top of a distant odd-shaped hill in northern Kenya. For whatever reason the muses have most unexpectedly invited me to join this immense procession. I am humbled and delighted. #Quote by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
Yares Gallery quotes by Erro
#29. There was so much going on. I remember a very interesting dinner in the studio of [Robert] Rauschenberg. He had convinced Sidney Janis, Leo Castelli, and a third big gallery man to serve us, the artists, at the table. So they were dressed up as waiters, we were sitting at the table, and they were only allowed to sit down at the end of the table for the cognac. This is not possible now. #Quote by Erro
Yares Gallery quotes by J.R. Ward
#30. So out of the six major subcontractors who buy from us, there are two left? Man, that's a turf war, right there."
"And whoever's pulling this shit is probably going to try to work his way up the food chain." Trez spoke up. "Which is why iAm and I think you should have someone with you twenty-four/seven until this shit shakes out."
Rehv seemed annoyed but he didn't disagree. "We got any intel on who's leaving all those bodies around?"
"Well, duh," Trez said. "People think it's you."
"Not logical. Why would I kill off my own buyers?"
Now Rehv was the one getting the hairy eyeball from the peanut gallery.
"Oh, come on," he said. "I'm not that bad. Well, okay, but only if someone fucks with me."

-Rehv & Trez #Quote by J.R. Ward
Yares Gallery quotes by Michelle De Kretser
#31. George moved from one group of people he didn't know to another, trying to get out of the draught. The girls didn't seem to notice it. They were Sydney girls, with short skirts and long, bare arms. Recently, George had gone to an opening at a gallery in the company of a visiting lecturer from Berlin. The artist was fashionable, and the gallery's three rooms were packed. Over dinner, the German woman expressed mild astonishment at the number of sex workers who had attended the opening. 'Is this typical in Australia?' she asked. George had to explain that she had misunderstood the significance of shouty make-up, tiny, shiny dresses and jewels so large they looked fake. #Quote by Michelle De Kretser

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