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Yaml Double quotes by Richard Francis Burton
#1. How melancholy a thing is success. Whilst failure inspirits a man, attainment reads the sad prosy lesson that all our glories "Are shadows, not substantial things." Truly said the sayer, "disappointment is the salt of life" a salutary bitter which strengthens the mind for fresh exertion, and gives a double value to the prize. #Quote by Richard Francis Burton
Yaml Double quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#2. Lymond said gently, Let us bathe in moral philosophy, as in a living river. Double-dealing is my business. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Yaml Double quotes by Caitlin Moran
#3. I'm going to lie this one right on the line, right here, right now: I'm pro big pants. Strident feminism NEEDS big pants. Really big. I'm currently wearing a pair that could have been used as a fire blanket to put out the Great Fire of London at any point during the first 48 hours or so. They extend from the top of my thigh to my belly button, and effectively double up as a second property that I can escape to at weekends. If I were going to run for parliament, it would be solely on a platform of 'Get Women In Massive Grundie's'. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Yaml Double quotes by Max Lucado
#4. Imagine considering every moment as a potential time of communion with God. By the time your life is over, you will have spent six months at stoplights, eight months opening junk mail, a year and a half looking for lost stuff (double that number in my case), and a whopping five years standing in various lines.7Why don't you give these moments to God? By giving God your whispering thoughts, the common becomes uncommon. Simple phrases such as "Thank you, Father," "Be sovereign in this hour, O Lord," "You are my resting place, Jesus" can turn a commute into a pilgrimage. You needn't leave your office or kneel in your kitchen. Just pray where you are. Let the kitchen become a cathedral or the classroom a chapel. Give God your whispering thoughts. #Quote by Max Lucado
Yaml Double quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#5. Shukhov ate his supper without bread
a double portion and bread on top of it would be too rich. So he'd save the bread. You get no thanks from your belly
it always forgets what you've just done for it and comes begging again the next day. #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Yaml Double quotes by Steve Truglia
#6. Yakima Canutt was famously John Wayne's stunt double, and in the Western movie 'Stagecoach,' there is a fantastic scene where there are some horses thundering along, pulling a carriage. He climbs out onto the horses and drops down underneath them, so he's being dragged along, and then he lets go. #Quote by Steve Truglia
Yaml Double quotes by Chuck Hogan
#7. In my formative years, I never missed the 'Creature Double Feature' on Saturday afternoon TV, even if it meant switching back and forth between 'Gamera' and the Red Sox. I did a book report on Stephen King's 'Night Shift' in seventh grade. Unrated Italian horror movies became a weekly rite of passage once I hit seventeen. #Quote by Chuck Hogan
Yaml Double quotes by W. H. Auden
#8. Caesar's double-bed is warm
As an unimportant clerk
Writes i do not like my work
On a pink official form. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Yaml Double quotes by Victoria Wood
#9. In my 20s I was going round seeing agents who were patronising because I was fat and a girl, which was a double whammy. I knew what it was to feel out-of-the-loop. #Quote by Victoria Wood
Yaml Double quotes by Anne Wilkes Tucker
#10. Society's double behavioral standard for women and for men is, in fact, a more effective deterrent than economic discrimination because it is more insidious, less tangible. Economic disadvantages involve ascertainable amounts, but the very nature of societal value judgments makes them harder to define, their effects harder to relate. #Quote by Anne Wilkes Tucker
Yaml Double quotes by A.H. Sayce
#11. The same double-headed eagle, supporting the figure of a man or a god, is met with at Boghaz Keui, and must be regarded as one of the peculiarities of Hittite symbolism and art. The symbol was adopted in later days by the Turkoman princes, who had perhaps first seen it on the Hittite monuments of Kappodokia; and the Crusaders brought it to Europe with them in the 14th century. Here it became the emblem of the German Emperors, who have passed it on to the modern kingdoms of Russia and Austria. It is not the only heirloom of Hittite art which has descended to us of to-day. #Quote by A.H. Sayce
Yaml Double quotes by Edward Carpenter
#12. Anyhow, with their extraordinary gift for, and experience in, affairs of the heart from the double point of view, both of the man and of the woman it is not difficult to see that these people have a special work to do as reconcilers and interpreters of the two sexes to each other. #Quote by Edward Carpenter
Yaml Double quotes by Lars Brownworth
#13. Crete was heavily fortified, but Nicephorus brushed aside the waiting Arab army by sending in his marines - terrifying Norse warriors whose terrible double-bladed axes could smash through armor and bone alike. #Quote by Lars Brownworth
Yaml Double quotes by Kenneth Anger
#14. The music rights at the time cost me $12,000 in 1964 money, which is about double now or whatever. But I cleared everything. I had a lawyer in New York. And it was cleared for use in a short subject, not a feature. #Quote by Kenneth Anger
Yaml Double quotes by Brandi Salazar
#15. He glanced at Dehstroy, covered from head to toe in leather, courtesy Behr's closet. He was still on the light side, his body still recovering from decades of torture and being held in a constant state of near starvation while being kept virtually immobile, chained to a dirty, rat feces-covered floor, but he was beginning to fill out now. His muscles were definitely more defined, he thought, catching a hint of pectoral outline through the black cotton T. But, Behr thought, he didn't compare to his own thick, robust frame.

"What are you grinning about over there?" Dehstroy asked, and Behr wiped his expression clear. "Were you just checking me out?"

"What are you babbling about?" Flipping back his duster, Behr double checked his-hip holster, counting his blades, making sure everything was in its place. Definitely not trying to avoid the question.

"Something you need to tell me?"

Arching a thick brow, Dehstroy flashed a toothy, mocking smile his way.

"Yeah, I was just wondering if you were an A cup or a B." He shrugged.

Looking down at his chest, Dehstroy adopted a thoughtful expression, then lifted his hands and cupped his pecs. "Nah, you're way off. Definitely a C cup. #Quote by Brandi Salazar
Yaml Double quotes by Travis Thrasher
#16. Writing a novel is like taking a long cross-country journey. The hardest part is getting going, making sure you have all the items you need to take with you, double- and triple-checking that the route you're taking is the best way. So often you leave your driveway and start north when you realize you actually needed to head southwest. I've never written a novel without a certain number of false starts. And it never seems to get easier. Part of me thinks it only gets harder. #Quote by Travis Thrasher
Yaml Double quotes by Michael Korda
#17. Ask a book publisher how many copies a book has sold, and he or she, presuming you're not the author, will probably try to remember the size of the first printing, then double it. If you're the author, the publisher will try to remember the number of copies that were shipped and cut that in half in order to avoid encouraging you to expect a big royalty check. #Quote by Michael Korda
Yaml Double quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#18. He's right, you know. Kaz shouldn't send you to do his dirty work."
"It's all dirty work."
"But we do it just the same," he said with a sigh.
"You look exhausted. Will you sleep at all tonight?"
Jesper just winked. "Not while the cards are hot. Stay and play a bit. Kaz will stake you."
"Really, Jesper?" she'd said, pulling up her hood. "If I want to watch men dig holes to fall into, I'll find myself a cemetery."
"Come on, Inej," he'd called after her as she passed through the big double doors onto the street. "You're good luck!"
Saints, she'd thought, if he believes that, he really must be desperate. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Yaml Double quotes by John C. Wright
#19. No morally imperfect human being(s), born into "the double darkness of sin and ignorance" could ever qualify for the position of Master Utilitarian Manipulator that Consequentialism needs to be put into practice. #Quote by John C. Wright
Yaml Double quotes by Tana French
#20. Places are supposed to look smaller when you go back to them, but my road just looked schizoid. A couple of the houses had had nifty little makeovers involving double glazing and amusing faux-antique pastel paint; most of them hadn't. Number 16 looked like it was on its last legs: the roof was in tatters, there was a pile of bricks and a dead wheelbarrow by the front steps, and at some point in the last twenty years someone had set the door on fire. In Number 8, a window on the first floor was lit up, gold and cozy and dangerous as hell. #Quote by Tana French
Yaml Double quotes by Paolo Bacigalupi
#21. It's still a load. If there was balance, the soldier boys would all be dead, and we'd be sitting pretty in the middle of the Drowned Cities, shipping marble and steel and copper and getting paid Red Chinese for every kilo. We'd be rich and they'd be dead, if there was such a thing as the Scavenge God, or his scales. And that goes double for the Deepwater priests. They're all full of it. Nothing balances out. #Quote by Paolo Bacigalupi
Yaml Double quotes by Nigella Lawson
#22. I am always surprised when people read double entendres into my innocuous babble. #Quote by Nigella Lawson
Yaml Double quotes by Matthew Henry
#23. If old people be found in the way of righteousness, their age will be their honour. Old age, as such, is honourable, and commands respect (Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, Lev. 19:32); but, if it be found in the way of wickedness, its honour is forfeited, its crown profaned and laid in the dust, Isa. 65:20. Old people therefore, if they would preserve their honour, must still hold fast their integrity, and then their gray hairs are indeed a crown to them; they are worthy of double honour. Grace is the glory of old age. #Quote by Matthew Henry
Yaml Double quotes by Kathy Reichs
#24. Ideas come easily to me, enacting them comes harder. I usually let things go. Perhaps it's an escape hatch, my way of allowing myself to double back and ease out the side door on a lot of my schemes. Irresolute about my social life, obsessive in my work. #Quote by Kathy Reichs
Yaml Double quotes by Wayne Dyer
#25. I don't think goal setting is an important basis for a retail business - or for anyone. Most of the time goal setting puts too much energy and attention on being someplace else, instead of helping you appreciate where you are.If I ran a retail store, which I have done in my life, I would go into it from a place of "I am thrilled to be here, and I am honored to be able to serve other people." I would not be telling myself constantly that I have to double my sales in order for me to be happy. I would tell myself, "I am content to be here in this moment, and I love this work." #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Yaml Double quotes by Simon Pegg
#26. It happened in tiny increments as I remember. Mr Miller sat on the edge of the desk, which shifted slightly; the sudden exertion of the correction he had to make to regain his balance resulted in a double blow-off; two little rasping braps, accompanied by an expression of amused shame on his face, before the table suddenly lurched, cracked and then collapsed on to the floor with Mr Miller on top of it. There must have been a nanosecond of disbelief and amazement at the confluence of this combination of farcical ingredients before the class exploded into frenzied, screeching giggles, which Mr Miller simply had to allow, since his embarrassment and indignation would have only made it worse. #Quote by Simon Pegg
Yaml Double quotes by Robin Bielman
#27. I've got major skills and can definitely hold my own. #Quote by Robin Bielman
Yaml Double quotes by Steven Soderbergh
#28. Once I had a potentially heart attack-inducing eight double espressos in one day. I think my assistant secretly swaps my coffees for decaf as she doesn't want me to die of caffeine overdose. #Quote by Steven Soderbergh
Yaml Double quotes by Alexander Pope
#29. The bodkin, comb, and essence to prepare? For this your locks in paper durance bound, For this with tort'ring irons wreath'd around? 100 For this with fillets strain'd your tender head, And bravely bore the double loads of lead? #Quote by Alexander Pope
Yaml Double quotes by Leonard J. Vander Zee
#30. Torrance uses the analogy of an embrace. When we hug someone, there is a double movement. We open our arms and in so doing give ourselves to the beloved. But in the embrace we also draw that person close to us...One hand, Christ, opens the relationship, the other hand, the Holy Spirit draws us into that relationship with the Father. #Quote by Leonard J. Vander Zee
Yaml Double quotes by Dimebag Darrell
#31. To get my sound in the studio, I double guitar tracks, and when it gets to the lead parts, the rhythm drops out, just like it's live. I'm very conscious of that. #Quote by Dimebag Darrell
Yaml Double quotes by Albert Camus
#32. Moreover, competition for foreign markets and the necessity for
larger and larger investments in raw materials, produce phenomena of concentration and accumulation.
First, small capitalists are absorbed by big capitalists who can maintain, for example, unprofitable prices
for a longer period. A larger and larger part of the profits is finally invested in new machines and
accumulated in the fixed assets of capital. This double movement first of all hastens the ruin of the middle
classes, who are absorbed into the proletariat, and then proceeds to concentrate, in an increasingly small
number of hands, the riches produced uniquely by the proletariat. Thus the proletariat increases in size in
proportion to its increasing ruin. Capital is now concentrated in the hands of only a very few masters,
whose growing power is based on robbery. Moreover, these masters are shaken to their foundations by
successive crises, overwhelmed by the contradictions of the system, and can no longer assure even mere
subsistence to their slaves, who then come to depend on private or public charity. A day comes,
inevitably, when a huge army of oppressed slaves find themselves face to face with a handful of
despicable masters. That day is the day of revolution. "The ruin of the bourgeoisie and the victory of the
proletariat are equally inevitable. #Quote by Albert Camus
Yaml Double quotes by Sotirios Parashos
#33. In Parkinson disease, double vision arises from the inability of the eyes to keep pace with each other. #Quote by Sotirios Parashos

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