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Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Shilpa Shetty
#1. I adore gardening and plan to take it up properly when I have a bit more time on my hands. Until then, I love pottering in garden centres. I'm totally low maintenance. I don't ask for fancy plants, just basic, long-lasting shrubs that look nice. But I am particular about flowers. #Quote by Shilpa Shetty
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Rumi
#2. Pull the thorn of existence out of the heart! Fast!
For when you do, you will see thousands of rose gardens in yourself. #Quote by Rumi
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Frederick Lenz
#3. The Zen master walks in his garden, alone. There is no traffic there. There is no shopping there. There are only the flowers. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Samantha Towle
#4. The girl who, twenty-four years ago to the day, stepped into my life with her big brown eyes, her hair in pigtails, sucking on a lollipop as she stared across at me through the garden fence and said, "I'm Trudy, you want a lollipop?" I let out a laugh as tears fill my eyes, realizing today's date is August 31. The day Jake and I met. #Quote by Samantha Towle
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Anne-Marie Duff
#5. I remember I was unsure about doing 'Shameless.' I'd never acted in anything so commercial. I read the script in the garden with my mum, Mary. She said it's filthy dirty, but she said these people have love and sex and nothing else. That made me take the role. #Quote by Anne-Marie Duff
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by David McCullough
#6. Let us have gardens, then, and other public places where we may see our friends, and parade our vanities, if you will, before the eyes of the world. Did you ever know anyone who was not delighted with a garden? - John Sanderson #Quote by David McCullough
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#7. Wanting to be happy is not stupid. #Quote by Lauren DeStefano
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by David Mixner
#8. My family lived off the land and summer evening meals featured baked stuffed tomatoes, potato salad, corn on the cob, fresh shelled peas and homemade ice cream with strawberries from our garden. With no air conditioning in those days, the cool porch was the center of our universe after the scorching days. #Quote by David Mixner
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#9. If you have children, you know you're responsible for somebody. You realize you are being imitated; your belief systems and priorities have a direct influence on these children, who are like flowers in a garden. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Helen DeWitt
#10. On the day of the party I walked down to Covent Garden at lunchtime to buy a dress, and on my way to Boules I thought I would just stop off for a moment at Books etc. #Quote by Helen DeWitt
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by C.S. Lewis
#11. The real moon,if you could reach it and survive it, would in a deep and deadly sense be just like anywhere else ... no man would find an abiding strangness on the moon unless he were the sort of man who could find it in his own back garden. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by W.S. Merwin
#12. A visitor to a garden sees the successes, usually. The gardener remembers mistakes and losses, some for a long time, and imagines the garden in a year, and in an unimaginable future. #Quote by W.S. Merwin
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Oscar Wilde
#13. And the child smiled on the Giant, and said to him, 'You let me play once in your garden, to-day you shall come with me to my garden, which is Paradise. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Pat Conroy
#14. All April and May, the stock-pots exuded the fragrance of the crushed bones and marrow of cattle and fowl, seasoned with the crispate herbs and vegetables from her own luxuriant garden. The smells coalesced into a dark perfume that felt like a layer of silk on the tongue. My nose grew kingly at the approach of my home. There would be the redolent brown stocks the color of tanned leather, the light and chipper white stocks, and the fish stocks brimming with the poached heads of trout smelling like an edible serving of marsh. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#15. Jose Arcadio Buendia took his wife's words literally. He looked out the window and saw the barefoot children in the sunny garden and he had the impression that only at that instant had they begun to exist, conceived by Ursula's spell. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Heinrich Heine
#16. All I really want is enough to live on, a little house in the country ... and a tree in the garden with seven of my enemies hanging in it. #Quote by Heinrich Heine
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Susan Cooper
#17. The strange white world lay stroked by silence. No birds sang. The garden was no longer there, in this forested land. Nor were the out-buildings nor the old crumbling walls. There lay only a narrow clearing round the house now, hummocked with unbroken snowdrifts, before the trees began, with a narrow path leading away. #Quote by Susan Cooper
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Oscar Wilde
#18. The studio was filled with the rich odour of roses, and when the light summer wind stirred amidst the trees of the garden, there came through the open door the heavy scent of the lilac, or the more delicate perfume of the pink-flowering thorn. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Scott Reed
#19. Do you think that you shall enter the Garden of Bliss without such trials as came to those who passed before you? #Quote by Scott Reed
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#20. Too old to plant trees for my own gratification, I shall do it for my posterity. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Harriet Harman
#21. While the happy couple are enjoying the thrill of the rose garden, the in-laws are saying that they are just not right for each other. We keep telling them that they cannot pay couples to stay together, and it is clear that it will take more than a three-quid-a-week tax break to keep this marriage together. #Quote by Harriet Harman
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#22. The bar is in full swing, and floating rounds of cocktails permeate the garden outside, until the air is alivewith chatter and laughter, and casual innuendo and introductions forgotten on the spot, and enthusiastic meetings between women who never knew each other's names. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Geri Halliwell
#23. I've got an image of me at the bottom of my garden sitting under my silver birch tree reading, while everyone else had gone somewhere exotic. #Quote by Geri Halliwell
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Samuel Beckett
#24. I wandered in my mind, slowly, noting every detail of the labyrinth, its paths as familiar as those of my garden and yet ever new, as empty as the heart could wish or alive with strange encounters. #Quote by Samuel Beckett
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#25. The roses under my window make no reference to former roses or better ones; they are what they are; they exist with God today. There is no time to them. There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Karthikeyan V
#26. Working in garden is like digging knowledge from the earth. #Quote by Karthikeyan V
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Hooman Majd
#27. It is perhaps because of the Iranian concept of the home and garden (and not the city or town it is in) as the defining center of life that Iranians find living in a society with such stringent rules of public behavior somewhat tolerable. Iranian society by and large cares very little about what goes on in the homes and gardens of private citizens, but the Islamic government cares very much how its citizens behave once they venture outside their walls. #Quote by Hooman Majd
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Janice Y.K. Lee
#28. Do you know my best quality?" she asks.
"Of your many, I could not say, my darling."
"I see the best in people. I fall in love with people when I see a window into their beings, their shining moments. I've fallen in love with so many people but the trouble is I fall out of love so quickly too. I see the worst in them just as easily.
"Do you know I fell in love with you right away? That day at the Trotters' I had noted you because you were new, of course, and then you sat down at the piano, and you played a few notes, but you played them so well, with no self consciousness, and no idea that anyone might be listening. It was in that room off the garden and you were the only one there. I was passing through on the way to the ladies' room and saw you there. I fell in love with you right then, and so I slipped my drink all over myself so I could meet you." #Quote by Janice Y.K. Lee
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Henry Mitchell
#29. There is nothing like the first hot days of spring when the gardener stops wondering if it's too soon to plant the dahlias and starts wondering if it's too late. Even the most beautiful weather will not allay the gardener's notion (well-founded actually) that he is somehow too late, too soon, or that he has too much stuff going on or not enough. For the garden is the stage on which the gardener exults and agonizes out every crest and chasm of the heart. #Quote by Henry Mitchell
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Jens Peter Jacobsen
#30. Whatever stamped itself on Niels's mind, what he saw, what he understood and what he misunderstood, what he admired and what he knew he ought to admire--all was woven into the story. As running water is colored by every passing picture, sometimes holding the image with perfect clearness, sometimes distorting it or throwing it back in wavering, uncertain lines, then again drowning it completely in the color and play of its own ripples, so the lad's story reflected feeling and thoughts, his own and those of other people, mirrored human beings and events, life and books, as well as it could. It was a play life, running side by side with real life. It was a snug retreat, where you could abandon yourself to dreams of the wildest adventures. It was a fairy garden that opened at your slightest nod, and received you in all its glory, shutting out everybody else. #Quote by Jens Peter Jacobsen
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Ellen G. White
#31. God gave our first parents the food He designed that the race should eat. It was contrary to His plan to have the life of any creature taken. There was to be no death in Eden. The fruit of the trees in the garden was the food man's wants required. #Quote by Ellen G. White
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by William Joyce
#32. The garden is a miraculous place, and anything can happen on a beautiful moonlit night. #Quote by William Joyce
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Howard Zinn
#33. Furthermore, some of the best people in the country were connected with the Communist movement in some way, heroes and heroines one could admire. There was Paul Robeson, the fabulous singer-actor-athlete whose magnificent voice could fill Madison Square Garden, crying out against racial injustice, against fascism. And literary figures (weren't Theodore Dreiser and W. E. B. DuBois Communists?), #Quote by Howard Zinn
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Wendy Alec
#34. Daddy." I looked up towards my Heavenly Father in His garden. "Daddy, what is happening?" "Your wounds are the wounds of a great battle, beloved. "The glass that falls from your head is trauma. "The more you play, the more you rest as a little child in My presence, and the more healing of your body and your mind takes place on Earth. "Every time shards of jagged glass fall from your head it means that the trauma is falling from your mind. "Beloved, many in My Church do not yet understand how to heal those that have been wounded in battle. "That is why it is so important that every wounded warrior runs directly to Me. "For in this present Church age it is sometimes I, and I alone, who can bring the healing balm that is essential to heal the wounds of this present age. #Quote by Wendy Alec
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Rupert Thomson
#35. Vasco lived in Mangrove Heights, on a bluff overlooking the river. The first time Jed saw the house, he couldn't help thinking of the Empire of Junk. Towers jostled with gables, beams with columns. Gargoyles leered from the eaves, tongues sharp as the heads of arrows, eyes like shelled eggs. The front garden had been planted with all kinds of trees, so the house seemed to skulk. The path to the front door crackled with dead leaves. He could smell plaster, the inside of birds' nests, river sewage.
'I should have been born in a place like this,' Jed said, but Vasco was opening the door and didn't hear. #Quote by Rupert Thomson
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Vanessa Garden
#36. Being honest with yourself starves the demon inside of you. #Quote by Vanessa Garden
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Bill Bryson
#37. There isn't a landscape in the world that is more artfully worked, more lovely to behold, more comfortable to be in, than the countryside of Great Britain. It is the world's largest park, its most perfect accidental garden. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Iris Murdoch
#38. I love you. I saw you that night in the garden, and I knew you were magic like in dreams. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Janie Chang
#39. Enjoyment comes from wandering through a series of vistas, from noticing how bamboo shadows cast against a whitewashed wall create a scene or how latticework openings in a wall play a role in the illusion of shadow and light. The visitor is unaware and uncaring of the garden's boundaries, barely glimpsed through pine and bamboo, obscured so that the garden appears endless… #Quote by Janie Chang
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Karel Capek
#40. I've found a place that would amaze you. People used to live there, but now it's all overgrown and no one goes there. Absolutely no one - only me ... Just a little house and a garden. And two dogs. #Quote by Karel Capek
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Michel Faber
#41. How strange it was to be inside a machine again! All his life he'd been inside machines, whether he realised it or not. Modern houses were machines. Shopping centres were machines. Schools. Cars. Trains. Cities. They were all sophisticated technological constructs, wired up with lights and motors. You switched them on, and didn't spare them a thought while they pampered you with unnatural services. #Quote by Michel Faber
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Pearl Zhu
#42. Metaphorically, organizations are like vegetable gardens, where each capability is a different type of vegetable growing in the garden. #Quote by Pearl Zhu
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Sarah Price
#43. Will plant! True to his word, on Friday, when she arrived, there were dozens of plants waiting by the garden plot that they had cleared earlier in the week. She stopped and stared at it, wondering at the quantity as well as where he had #Quote by Sarah Price
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Valery Bryusov
#44. The Old Woman asked, "Here you are, dear Youth, you are looking at the Garden and do not know that it is an evil Garden. Here you are waiting for the Beautiful Woman and do not know that her beauty is destructive. You have been living in my room for two years and never before have you become so engrossed as you have today. Apparently your turn has come too. Go away from the window before it is too late, do not breathe the evil fragrance of these deceitful flowers and do not wait for the Beautiful Woman to appear below your window and enchant you. She will come, she will enchant you, and you will follow her against your will.

Speaking thus, the Old Woman lit two candles on the table where some books were lying, banged the window shut and drew the curtain tightly across the window. The curtain rings scraped lightly along the bronze curtain rod, and the yellow linen of the curtain fluttered and once again lay motionless - and the room became cheerful, comfortable and peaceful. And it seemed that there was no longer any garden beyond the window, nor was there any sorcery in the world, and everything was simple, ordinary, and would remain so once and for all.

("The Poison Garden") #Quote by Valery Bryusov
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Nicole Trope
#45. Right now he needed to concentrate on keeping himself under control. Inside, his gut churned. There was a war going on. The joy of holding his son again clashed with the waves of anger that rose higher and higher with each passing moment. He thought he had known why Pete had arrived at the farm. He had pushed the fork into the soil and watched the earth turn over sure that the truth of their tragedy was about to be laid before them. He had watched the dry earth give up the rich brown soil and wanted to stay there forever in the cold garden just watching his fork move the earth. He had not wanted to hear what Pete had to say. And now this..this..What did you call this? A miracle? What else could it be? But this miracle was tainted. He was not holding the same boy he had taken to the Easter Show.
This thin child with shaved hair was not the Lockie he knew. Someone had taken that child. They had taken his child and he could feel by the weight of him they had starved him. Someone had done this to him. They had done this and god knew what else. Doug walked slowly into the house, trying to find the right way to break the news to Sarah.
She was lying down in the bedroom again. These days she spent more time there than anywhere else. Doug walked slowly through the house to the main bedroom at the back. It was the only room in the house whose curtains were permanently closed.
How damaged was his child? Would he ever be the same boy they had taken up to the Show ? Wha #Quote by Nicole Trope
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Dasha Raguimov
#46. If you stop and smell every single rose, you'll never get to the end of the garden.

But if you don't smell any roses, is the trip really worth it? #Quote by Dasha Raguimov
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Maryrose Wood
#47. Only a fool takes offense at the truth, Jessamine. They are awful, of that there is no question. But they are also very charming. Purveyors of unspeakable suffering and indescribable delights. Performers of murders and miracles! You might grow to like them, if you got to know them as I do. But why has your beloved Crabgrass ventured into this garden of horrors, I wonder? #Quote by Maryrose Wood
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#48. I shall have to go. But-" and here Frodo looked hard at Sam- "if you really care about me, you will have to keep that DEAD secret. See? If you don't, if you even breathe a word of what you've heard here, then I hope Gandalf will turn you into a spotted toad and fill the garden full of grass snakes."
Sam fell on his knees, trembling. "Get up, Sam!" Said Gandalf. "I have thought of something better than that. Something to keep you quiet, and punish you properly for listening. You shall go away with Mr. Frodo!"
"Me, sir!" cried Sam, springing up like a dog invited for a walk. "Me go and see Elves and all! Hooray!" he shouted, and then burst into tears. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Wyevale Garden Centres quotes by Imran Shaikh
#49. Oh, how wild a night and she's dressed in moonlight - in her secret garden #Quote by Imran Shaikh

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