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Writing Is Work quotes by Andy Kindler
#1. I don't enjoy writing newspaper articles any more than people like reading them. I'm a standup comic, not a journalist, although sometimes onstage I will say: 'What else is in the news?' Writing is work, which I'm not comfortable with. #Quote by Andy Kindler
Writing Is Work quotes by Margaret Atwood
#2. Writing is work. It's also gambling. You don't get a pension plan. Other people can help you a bit, but ­essentially you're on your own. ­Nobody is making you do this: you chose it, so don't whine. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Writing Is Work quotes by Chila Woychik
#3. Split your skull - a hatchet works well enough. Take a more delicate instrument - a scalpel, perhaps - and make a hand-sized slit; it doesn't matter where. Reach in (no glove needed), plunge down to the very bottom, pinch the inside layer of membrane and yank, hard.
If it feels like you've just turned your brain inside out, you have. Writing is brain surgery, pure and simple. #Quote by Chila Woychik
Writing Is Work quotes by Michel Foucault
#4. As a result, we must entirely reverse the traditional idea of the author. We are accustomed, as we have seen earlier, to saying that the author is the genial creator of a work in which he deposits, with infinite wealth and generosity, an inexhaustible world of significations. We are used to thinking that the author is so different from all other men, and so transcendent with regard to all languages that, as soon as he speaks, meaning begins to proliferate, to proliferate indefinitely. #Quote by Michel Foucault
Writing Is Work quotes by Susanna Clarke
#5. I can write most places. I particularly like writing on trains. Being between places is quite liberating, and looking out of the window, watching a procession of landscapes and random-ish objects, is very good for stories. #Quote by Susanna Clarke
Writing Is Work quotes by Seth Holmes
#6. the reality of survival for my Triqui companions shows that it would be riskier to stay in San Miguel without work, money, food, or education. In this original context, crossing the border is not a choice to engage in a risk behavior but rather a process necessary to survive, to make life less risky. #Quote by Seth Holmes
Writing Is Work quotes by Candy Atkins
#7. The only control you have is the amount of work you put into something. Never lose because someone else worked harder than you. #Quote by Candy Atkins
Writing Is Work quotes by Gavin Lyall
#8. Opinionated writing is always the most difficult ... simply because it involves retaining in the cold morning-after crystal of the printed word the burning flow of molten feeling. #Quote by Gavin Lyall
Writing Is Work quotes by Shane Claiborne
#9. Lord, you have conquered death and triumphed over evil. There is nothing left for us to fear. Put us to work on this earth, striving for the kingdom in everything we do. Let us die to ourselves each day that we might find ourselves made new in you. Amen. #Quote by Shane Claiborne
Writing Is Work quotes by Seth Godin
#10. Artists don't think outside the box, because outside the box there's a vacumm. Outside the box there are no rules, there is no reality. You have nothing to interact with, nothing to work against. If you set out to do something way outside the box (designing a time machine, or using liquid nitrogen to freeze Niagara Falls), then you'll never be able to do the real work of art. You can't ship if you're far outside the box.
Artists think along the edges of the box, because that's where things get done. That's where the audience is, that's where the means of production are available, and that's where you can make impact. #Quote by Seth Godin
Writing Is Work quotes by Tao Lin
#11. If I wrote about "being [abstraction]" I would be ignoring existential issues (such as death, limited-time, the arbitrary nature of the universe, the mystery of consciousness) that I feel affect me most in my life and think about most of the time. Another reason is that it doesn't seem specific or accurate, to me, to write about "being [abstraction]." I think there are some other reasons. #Quote by Tao Lin
Writing Is Work quotes by E.L. Doctorow
#12. Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. #Quote by E.L. Doctorow
Writing Is Work quotes by Ruiyan Xu
#13. Two months in Shanghai, and what does she have to show for herself? She had been full of plans on the plane ride over, had studied her phrase book as if cramming for an exam, had been determined to refine her computational model with a new set of data, expecting insights and breakthroughs, plotting notes for a new article. Only the time has trickled away so quickly. She has meandered through the days chatting with James instead of gathering data. At night, she has gone out to dinners and bars. [James'] Chinese has not improved; her computational model has barely been touched. She does not know what she has been doing with herself, and now an airplane six days away is waiting for her. #Quote by Ruiyan Xu
Writing Is Work quotes by Adrian Edmondson
#14. The most fun I ever have is sitting in with Rick writing, and we laugh at our own jokes. #Quote by Adrian Edmondson
Writing Is Work quotes by Dennis Ritchie
#15. The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it. #Quote by Dennis Ritchie
Writing Is Work quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#16. Work without vision is drudgery. Vision without work is dreaming. Work plus vision-this is destiny. #Quote by Gordon B. Hinckley
Writing Is Work quotes by Henry Rollins
#17. When I write lyrics, it's only when I'm angry or hurt or sad. So lyrically it's never really easy going. And the music is always really intense. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Writing Is Work quotes by Bryant A. Loney
#18. You do not need to be temperamental or upset to be a novelist. Don't embrace the tortured artist rhetoric that any life difficulties might serve to benefit and enhance your writing. That's damaging. Counterintuitive. Writing can be so incredibly lonely, and when you're alone with your thoughts for long enough to produce a hundred thousand words of your own headspace, it can be scary. Suffering is not good for your art. Mental health care is. So talk to someone other than your future readers about the problems you are facing. Someone you know and trust. There is no shame in asking for help. #Quote by Bryant A. Loney
Writing Is Work quotes by Debasish Mridha
#19. Work like it is your passion, vision, and mission. Love like you are drunk with love without intermission. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Writing Is Work quotes by Lois Lowry
#20. I write books because I have always been fascinated by stories and language, and because I love thinking about what makes people tick. Writing a story ... 'The Giver' or any other ... is simply an exploration of the nature of behavior: why people do what they do, how it affects others, how we change and grow, and what decisions we make along the way. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Writing Is Work quotes by Werner Erhard
#21. What we create together is a relationship in which our work can show up as making a difference in people's lives. I welcome the unprecedented opportunity for us to work globally on that which concerns us all as human beings. #Quote by Werner Erhard
Writing Is Work quotes by Pico Iyer
#22. I think writing is really about a journey of understanding. So you take something that seems very far away, and the more you write about it, the more you travel into it, and you see it from within. #Quote by Pico Iyer
Writing Is Work quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#23. I am a broken person. And I know exactly where my cracks are and how deep they run. I don't pretend to not be a broken person and therein lies the big difference. Because the truth is, we are all broken in places, but it is those who know exactly where and how they are broken, who also know exactly where and how they are whole! And we may not be whole in all places and in all ways, but we take whatever wholeness that we do have, and we make good of it. And we try hard to work on the broken parts, and we ask for help when we need it. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Writing Is Work quotes by Heraclitus
#24. It is weariness to keep toiling at the same things so that one becomes ruled by them. #Quote by Heraclitus
Writing Is Work quotes by Jane Austen
#25. My style of writing is very diffrent from yours. #Quote by Jane Austen
Writing Is Work quotes by Emeril Lagasse
#26. I've always done food that can work in a set time frame. The message I'm trying to get across is, it doesn't have to take three days to do this. With planning, you can do a lot and really have quality food every day. #Quote by Emeril Lagasse
Writing Is Work quotes by Shomprakash Sinha Roy
#27. Writing a book with completely fictitious characters is like running a democracy, centered around a capital state. You constantly live with the fear & suspicion that one of the characters will start an uncontrollable rebellion. #Quote by Shomprakash Sinha Roy
Writing Is Work quotes by Jon Scieszka
#28. If the day gets really bad, I can always pull out fan mail. Who else gets mail where kids write to you and say, 'Dear Mr. Scieszka, we were supposed to write to our favorite author, but Roald Dahl is dead. So I'm writing to you.' #Quote by Jon Scieszka
Writing Is Work quotes by Theophan The Recluse
#29. But your job is to work upon yourself: for this you are chosen; the rest is in the hands of God. He who humbles himself shall be exalted. #Quote by Theophan The Recluse
Writing Is Work quotes by Scott Edelstein
#30. Indeed, when you write, the point isn't to make your reader understand. The point is to make him or her feel. #Quote by Scott Edelstein
Writing Is Work quotes by Stephen R. Covey
#31. I have seen the consequences of attempting to shortcut this natural process of growth often in the business world, where executives attempt to "buy" a new culture of improved productivity, quality, morale, and customer service with strong speeches, smile training, and external interventions, or through mergers, acquisitions, and friendly or unfriendly takeovers. But they ignore the low-trust climate produced by such manipulations. When these methods don't work, they look for other Personality Ethic techniques that will - all the time ignoring and violating the natural principles and processes on which a high-trust culture is based. #Quote by Stephen R. Covey
Writing Is Work quotes by Julianne Moore
#32. My family life is incredibly important to me. I want to be with them as much as I can. I try to work in New York, or I work in the summer time when my family can come with me. #Quote by Julianne Moore
Writing Is Work quotes by Christopher Bollen
#33. I smoke cigarettes when I write, which is disgusting, but it really helps me. #Quote by Christopher Bollen
Writing Is Work quotes by May Sarton
#34. It was a painful week, swung between doubt and hope. I knew that tension well. It is just the same before I begin to write a book or a poem. It is the tension of being on the brink of a major commitment, and not being quite sure whether one has it in one to carry it through - the stage where the impossible almost exactly balances the possible, and a thistledown may shift the scales one way or another. #Quote by May Sarton
Writing Is Work quotes by Timothy Findley
#35. And what you do is you go into where your anger is, if you're writing anger, you go into where your hatred is, if you're writing hatred. Your joy is, if you're writing joy. You find the source of the energy that draws hatred, anger, joy, etc., etc., etc. That's what you have to find. That's what you do as an actor and that's what you do as a writer. And you bring people to the page. #Quote by Timothy Findley
Writing Is Work quotes by Aleksandar Hemon
#36. I want to make money, and I would like to have a lot of money, but I still believe that the only reason to write is that somehow it will make something or somebody better. #Quote by Aleksandar Hemon
Writing Is Work quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#37. Spearing a quail egg with her fork, Evie popped it into her mouth. "What is to be done about Mr. Egan?"
His shoulders lifted in a graceful shrug. "As soon as he is sober enough to walk, he'll be dismissed."
Evie brushed away a stray lock of hair that had fallen over her cheek. "There is no one to replace him."
"Yes, there is. Until a suitable manager can be found, I'll run the club."
The quail egg seemed to stick in her throat, and Evie choked a little. Hastily she reached for her wine, washed it down, and regarded him with bulging eyes. How could he say something so preposterous? "You can't."
"I can hardly do worse than Egan. He hasn't managed a damned thing in months… before long, this place will be falling down around our ears."
"You said you hated work!"
"So I did. But I feel that I should try it at least once, just to be certain."
She began to stammer in her anxiety. "You'll pl-play at this for a few days, and then you'll tire of it."
"I can't afford to tire of it, my love. Although the club is still profitable, its value is in decline. Your father has a load of outstanding debt that must be settled. If the people who owe him can't muster the cash, we'll have to take property, jewelry, artwork… whatever they can manage. Having a good idea of the value of things, I can negotiate some acceptable settlements. And there are other problems I haven't yet mentioned… Jenner has a string of failing Thoroughbreds that have lost #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Writing Is Work quotes by Jack LaLanne
#38. My goal has always been to help people help themselves. Your body is your most priceless possession; you've go to take care of it! #Quote by Jack LaLanne
Writing Is Work quotes by Leon Battista Alberti
#39. The greatest work of an artist is the history of a painting. #Quote by Leon Battista Alberti
Writing Is Work quotes by Joel Osteen
#40. Studies show that enthusiastic people get better breaks. They're promoted more often, have higher incomes, and live happier lives. That's not a coincidence. The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word entheos. Theos is a term for "God."
When you're enthusiastic, you are full of God. When you get up in the morning excited about life, recognizing that each day is a gift, you are motivated to pursue your goals. You will have a favor and blessing that will cause you to succeed.
The eight undeniable quality of a winner is that they stay passionate throughout their lives. Too many people have lost their enthusiasm. At one time they were excited about their futures and passionate about their dreams, but along the way they hit some setbacks. They didn't get the promotions they wanted, maybe a relationship didn't work out, or they had health issues. Something took the wind out of their sails. They're just going through the motions of life; getting up, going to work, and coming home.
God didn't breathe His life into us so we would drag through the day. He didn't create us in His image, crown us with His favor, and equip us with His power so that we would have no enthusiasm.
You may have had some setbacks. The wind may have been taken out of your sails, but this is a new day. God is breathing new life into you. If you shake off the blahs and get your passion back, then the winds will start blowing once again--not against you, but for you. When you get in agreement #Quote by Joel Osteen
Writing Is Work quotes by Iain Cameron Williams
#41. Writing is 90% struggle. The other 10% is up to you. #Quote by Iain Cameron Williams
Writing Is Work quotes by Juan Felipe Herrera
#42. A pen is different from the pad, the key, moving your fingers across a screen. I like both. I like to work on sketchbooks, big old white sketch paper. I like how that feels, and I like to put different media on it. Then there's the phone, smartphone, iPad: It's the new page, and it's not the same page anymore. #Quote by Juan Felipe Herrera
Writing Is Work quotes by Robert Stacy McCain
#43. One of the easiest things in the world to do is to tell other people how to raise their children. This is especially easy if you have no children of your own. #Quote by Robert Stacy McCain
Writing Is Work quotes by Carlos Santana
#44. My reality is that God speaks to you every day. There's an inner voice, and when you hear it, you get a little tingle in your medulla oblongata at the back of your neck, a little shiver, and at two o'clock in the morning, everything's really quiet and you meditate and you got the candles, you got the incense and you've been chanting, and all of a sudden you hear this voice: Write this down. It is just an inner voice, and you trust it. That voice will never take you to the desert. #Quote by Carlos Santana
Writing Is Work quotes by Carl Sagan
#45. The hole in the ozone layer is a kind of skywriting. At first it seemed to spell out our continuing complacency before a witch's brew of deadly perils. But perhaps it really tells of a newfound talent to work together to protect the global environment. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Writing Is Work quotes by Richard Hell
#46. I never thought I would write an autobiography, probably because my first novel, Go Now, is really all drawn from my life, even though it's more about the psychology going on. #Quote by Richard Hell

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