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Wrestling quotes by John Irving
#1. I believe in rules of behavior, and I'm quite interested in stories about the consequences of breaking those rules. #Quote by John Irving
Wrestling quotes by Adam Cole
#2. I'm so glad you brought that up Jay Lethal as a performer has grown into, I'll say this even though I'm wrestling him this Friday, he's one of my favorite wrestlers in the game right now. He's unreal. He's amazing in the ring. It doesn't matter who he's wresting. He's unreal on the microphone. #Quote by Adam Cole
Wrestling quotes by Charlie Brenneman
#3. I was done with wrestling and I was teaching with competition behind me. It was that experience that gave me confidence and propelled me to fight. #Quote by Charlie Brenneman
Wrestling quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#4. It's only because I've lived with brothers that I realize, after a moment, that he's not looking outside but rather inside, wrestling with something inside himself. And there's nothing for it but to wait. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Wrestling quotes by John Darnielle
#5. Wrestling's a form of expression, and it expresses vastness. #Quote by John Darnielle
Wrestling quotes by Mike Cosper
#6. All human creativity is an echo of God's creativity. When God makes man, he forms him in the dirt, breathes life into him, and sends him out in the world. We've been playing in the dirt ever since. Just as God took something he'd made, shaped it, breathed life and meaning into it, and transformed it into something new, so we set about our own business, taking creation, shaping it, and giving it new meaning and purpose. Clay becomes sculpture. Trees become houses. Sounds are arranged in time to become music. Oils, pigments, and canvas are arranged to become paintings. Various metals, glass, and petroleum products become iPhones. The same is true of stories. There is nothing new under the sun, and our stories - no matter how fresh and new they might feel - are all a way of "playing in the dirt," wrestling with creation, reimagining it, working with it, and making it new. Our stories have a way of fitting into the bigger story of redemption that overshadows all of life and all of history. Because that bigger story is the dirt box in which all the other stories play. #Quote by Mike Cosper
Wrestling quotes by John Haggai
#7. The leader demonstrates confidence that the challenge can be met, the need resolved, the crisis overcome. #Quote by John Haggai
Wrestling quotes by Alexander Nderitu
#8. "Exciting" is a dull world to describe the wrestling business. #Quote by Alexander Nderitu
Wrestling quotes by Dan Gable
#9. Wrestlers are a little more dedicated than, and are different from, the other people, which may be strange. #Quote by Dan Gable
Wrestling quotes by Dan Gable
#10. Wrestling ... what men do during boys basketball season. #Quote by Dan Gable
Wrestling quotes by Kobe Bryant
#11. Difficulty is a nurse of greatness-a harsh nurse, who rocks her foster children roughly, but rocks them in strength and athletic proportion. The mind, grappling with great aims and wrestling with mighty impediments, grows by a certain necessity to the stature of greatness. #Quote by Kobe Bryant
Wrestling quotes by Mickie James
#12. My New Obsession ... is YOUR DESTRUCTION!! #Quote by Mickie James
Wrestling quotes by Paul Bryant
#13. If you whoop and holler all the time, the players just get used to it. #Quote by Paul Bryant
Wrestling quotes by Gilbert Melendez
#14. U.S. wrestling is more of a scrambling style where guys take a lot of risks. You could watch a match in the states and see a score of 18-12. There is going to be a lot of action, transitions and guys going back and forth and trading points. #Quote by Gilbert Melendez
Wrestling quotes by Stacy Keibler
#15. I wasn't a wrestling fan growing up; I knew who Hulk Hogan was and stuff but I didn't watch it. I started watching wrestling about three years before I got involved with WCW. #Quote by Stacy Keibler
Wrestling quotes by Tom Petty
#16. Rock n' roll was one thing, and then they chopped off the 'roll' and called it 'rock,' which became a sort of umbrella term for anything with a guitar in it. Like hair bands. How could we possibly believe that? It's just gotten downright silly, to the point where now it's sort of become like professional wrestling. #Quote by Tom Petty
Wrestling quotes by Chino XL
#17. I show more blind rage than Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles wrestling in a steel cage. #Quote by Chino XL
Wrestling quotes by Julius Erving
#18. The biggest thing that I felt basketball could do for me was help me get a good education. #Quote by Julius Erving
Wrestling quotes by Douglas Adams
#19. Computers are still technology because we are still wrestling with it: it's still being invented; we're still trying to work out how it works. There's a world of game interaction to come that you or I wouldn't recognise. It's time for the machines to disappear. The computer's got to disappear into all of the things we use. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Wrestling quotes by Dan Gable
#20. My wrestling and family go together. It's always been that way, from day one with my mom and dad, my sister, my wife, four daughters, grandsons, son-in-laws. #Quote by Dan Gable
Wrestling quotes by Tina Fey
#21. It can't be said enough. Don't concern yourself with fashion; stick to simple pieces that flatter your body type. By nineteen, I had found my look. Oversize T-shirts, bike shorts, and wrestling shoes. To prevent the silhouette from being too baggy, I would cinch it at the waist with my fanny pack. I was pretty sure I would wear this look forever. The shirts allowed me to express myself with cool sayings like "There's No Crying in Baseball" and "Universität Heidelberg," the bike shorts showed off my muscular legs, and the fanny pack held all my trolley tokens. I was nailing it on a daily basis. Find something like this for yourself as soon as possible. #Quote by Tina Fey
Wrestling quotes by Neal Stephenson
#22. When you are wrestling for possession of a sword, the man with the handle always wins. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Wrestling quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#23. It doesn't matter what you think! #Quote by Dwayne Johnson
Wrestling quotes by John Wooden
#24. You must be interested in finding the best way, not in having your own way. #Quote by John Wooden
Wrestling quotes by Walt Whitman
#25. Blind loving wrestling touch, sheath'd hooded sharp-tooth'd touch!
Did it make you ache so, leaving me? #Quote by Walt Whitman
Wrestling quotes by Shawn Michaels
#26. The showstopper! The icon! The main event! #Quote by Shawn Michaels
Wrestling quotes by Laila Ali
#27. The wrestling, even though I would only wrestle for 15 or 20 or 30 minutes at a time, and it would look like that was the only time I was in it, was really a 24-hour job. Keeping yourself alive, reinventing yourself, staying physically in shape, the traveling, all the other commitments with being a wrestler, it was a crossover situation where it became sports entertainment and you actually became a media star, so it was very demanding. #Quote by Laila Ali
Wrestling quotes by Dick Murdoch
#28. Who dat dere's gunna beat dat team? Who Dat? Who dat? #Quote by Dick Murdoch
Wrestling quotes by Jarett Kobek
#29. The thing is," said J. Karacehennem, whose last name was Turkish for Black Hell, "that we've spent like, what, two or three hundred years wrestling with existentialism, which really is just a way of asking, Why are we on this planet? Why are people here? Why do we lead our pointless lives? All the best philosophical and novelistic minds have tried to answer these questions and all the best philosophical and novelistic minds have failed to produce a working answer. Facebook is amazing because finally we understand why we have hometowns and why we get into relationships and why we eat our stupid dinners and why we have names and why we own idiotic cars and why we try to impress our friends. Why are we here, why do we do all of these things? At last we can offer a solution. We are on Earth to make Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg richer. There is an actual, measurable point to our striving. I guess what I'm saying, really, is that there's always hope. #Quote by Jarett Kobek
Wrestling quotes by John Irving
#30. I feel more a part of the wrestling community than I feel I belong to the community of arts and letters. Why? Because wrestling requires even more dedication than writing because wrestling represents the most difficult and rewarding objective that I have ever dedicated myself to; because wrestling and wrestling coaches are among the most disciplined and self-sacrificing people I have ever known. #Quote by John Irving
Wrestling quotes by John Darnielle
#31. It's like fiction - the fact that somebody's telling you a story about people who didn't exist doesn't make the experience of the story any less real in your heart and mind. You go through heavy emotional responses to these stories, and wrestling is a similar thing - but it's happening in real space. #Quote by John Darnielle
Wrestling quotes by Euripides
#32. The daughters of Sparta are never at home! They mingle with the young men in wrestling matches ... #Quote by Euripides
Wrestling quotes by Loretta Chase
#33. We have been wed scarcely three days," she said. "You do not desert your new bride for your sapskull friends. You will not make a laughingstock of me. If you are unhappy with me, you say so, and we discuss it - or quarrel, if you prefer. But you do not - "
"You do not dictate to me," he said levelly. "You do not tell me where I may and may not go - or when - or with whom. I do not explain to you and you do not question. And you do not come into my room and throw temper fits."
"Yes, I do," she said. "If you leave this house, I will shoot your horse out from under you."
"Shoot my - "
"I will not permit you to desert me," she said. "You will not take me for granted as Sherburne does his wife, and you will not make all the world laugh at me - or pity me - as they do her. If you cannot bear to miss your precious wrestling match, you can jolly well take me with you."
"Take you?" His voice climbed. "I'll bloody well take you, madam - straight to your room. And lock you in, if you can't behave yourself. #Quote by Loretta Chase
Wrestling quotes by Brian Doyle
#35. Our hearts are not pure:
our hearts are filled with need
and greed as much as with love and grace,
and we wrestle with our hearts all the time.
The wrestling is who we are.
How we wrestle is who we are.
What we want to be is never what we are.
Not yet. Maybe that's why we have these
relentless engines in our chests, driving us forward
toward what we might be.
Orion (Jan/Feb 2005) #Quote by Brian Doyle
Wrestling quotes by Triple H
#36. Hardcore wrestling like CZW is just nonsense. There's no story there. You've got guys jumping off of houses onto barb wired tables, and that's it. They don't know how to work. CZW is trash. #Quote by Triple H
Wrestling quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#37. We tottered together upon the brink of the fall. I have some knowledge, however, of baritsu, or the Japanese system of wrestling, which has more than once been very useful to me. I slipped through his grip, and he with a horrible scream kicked madly for a few seconds and clawed the air with both his hands. #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Wrestling quotes by Melody Anne
#38. Just remember that you're wrestling the next day, so if you eat too much junk food, you'll get sick at your meet and throw up all over your opponents.'
"That would be so cool!" he exclaimed.
Jasmine shook her head - sometimes boys just made no sense at all. Speaking to them was like talking in another language entirely. #Quote by Melody Anne
Wrestling quotes by Owen Hart
#39. It's good to go out and entertain these people, and you've got them on the edge of their seat, they're standing up. Then you know that you've done your job, you've entertained them. My way of entertaining them is going out and wrestling. Everyone's got their different ways. #Quote by Owen Hart
Wrestling quotes by Dennis R. Miller
#40. What fascinates me about writing is wrestling thought into reality and creating a new world that is forever. #Quote by Dennis R. Miller
Wrestling quotes by Cain Velasquez
#41. While wrestling in college as a junior it came to a point where wrestling just wasn't enough for me anymore. I love wrestling, but I felt like I was missing something, and so the striking part about MMA, the boxing and kickboxing, was what got me really interested in MMA. I saw it on TV and I just knew that I wanted to do it. #Quote by Cain Velasquez
Wrestling quotes by Bill Apter
#42. Years later I saw McMahon in a St. Louis hotel lobby and explained the situation to him, but he shrugged it off as "No big thing, Bill." He was already a multi-millionaire and at this point, that show meant little him, if anything at all. #Quote by Bill Apter
Wrestling quotes by Brian Greene
#43. Assessing existence while failing to embrace the insights of modern physics would be like wrestling in the dark with an unknown opponent. #Quote by Brian Greene
Wrestling quotes by JohnA Passaro
#44. Yesterday while I was on the side of the mat next to some wrestlers who were warming up for their next match, I found myself standing side by side next to an extraordinary wrestler.
He was warming up and he had that look of desperation on his face that wrestlers get when their match is about to start and their coach is across the gym coaching on another mat in a match that is already in progress.
"Hey do you have a coach." I asked him.

"He's not here right now." He quietly answered me ready to take on the task of wrestling his opponent alone.

"Would you mind if I coached you?"

His face tilted up at me with a slight smile and said. "That would be great."
Through the sounds of whistles and yelling fans I heard him ask me what my name was.

"My name is John." I replied.

"Hi John, I am Nishan" he said while extending his hand for a handshake.
He paused for a second and then he said to me: "John I am going to lose this match".

He said that as if he was preparing me so I wouldn't get hurt when my coaching skills didn't work magic with him today.

I just said, "Nishan - No score of a match will ever make you a winner. You are already a winner by stepping onto that mat."
With that he just smiled and slowly ran on to the mat, ready for battle, but half knowing what the probable outcome would be.
When you first see Nishan you will notice that his legs are frail - very frail. So f #Quote by JohnA Passaro
Wrestling quotes by Jerry Tarkanian
#45. Yelling doesn't win ball games. It doesn't put any points on the scoreboard. And I don't think words win ball games all the time. Players do. Preparation does. #Quote by Jerry Tarkanian
Wrestling quotes by Tommy Dreamer
#46. That was my heart and that was my passion. All I ever wanted to do is wrestle. I never wanted to pitch in Game Seven of the World Series, I never wanted to throw the touchdown in the Superbowl, I wanted to wrestle ... Be a professional wrestler. #Quote by Tommy Dreamer
Wrestling quotes by Jennifer Rothschild
#47. If God allows you to wrestle with him, it is not so there will be a winner and a loser. He doesn't need to prove he is stronger and you are weaker. No. The point of wrestling with God is to give you an opportunity to cling to him. God wants you to hang on to him no matter what - and the result will be blessing. You are blessed when you bring your hurts and questions to God and struggle with them in his presence. In that divine wrestling match, you may feel wounded, but you will also receive a blessing you couldn't have received any other way. #Quote by Jennifer Rothschild
Wrestling quotes by Darynda Jones
#48. I was more than willing to put aside the Charley Davidson Book of Etiquette and Mud Wrestling if it resulted in earth-shattering orgasms. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Wrestling quotes by Josh Radnor
#49. When I write a film, there's a particular thing I am wrestling with and the question or concern I'm dealing with has to be big enough for me to dedicate a year or two of my life. If the question isn't big enough, or rich enough, I'll lose interest. #Quote by Josh Radnor
Wrestling quotes by Bear Bryant
#50. Little things make the difference. Everyone is well prepared in the big things, but only the winners perfect the little things. #Quote by Bear Bryant
Wrestling quotes by Jon Foreman
#51. I'm continually wrestling with the idea that there are certain things in this world that simply don't fit. The idea that I have this longing for beauty and truth, and yet I'm also attracted to things that are very dark the lies that exist within me and outside of me. #Quote by Jon Foreman
Wrestling quotes by Rick Riordan
#52. Laurel: Hello, ever hear of the Olympics?
Holly: Or the Panathenaia?
Laurel: Sand courts were everywhere back then. Ancient Greeks wrestled and boxed in them.
Holly: Called them palaestrae. Singular: palaestra
Laurel: After Palaestra, the goddess who invented wrestling.
Holly: Hear that, boys? The goddess of wrestling.
Laurel: Girl power!
Holly: They wrestled naked.
Laurel: So no place to hide weapons.
Holly: Palaestra ruled the ring
Laurel: Like we ruled the court. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Wrestling quotes by Ric Flair
#53. It's the greatest show on earth. It's unbelievable. #Quote by Ric Flair
Wrestling quotes by Hulk Hogan
#54. After watching wrestling for 20 years, I thought I had enough confidence to do it. There were no wrestling schools at the time. #Quote by Hulk Hogan
Wrestling quotes by Ric Savage
#55. The best thing wrestling ever taught me was how to network with people, how to talk to people, how to deal with a lot of different kinds of people in different situations and being a good guy and a bad guy teaches you how to be able to have a thick skin. #Quote by Ric Savage
Wrestling quotes by Bill Apter
#56. The 5,500-squarefoot house was custom built with a Mediterranean decor. It was the exact opposite of the dingy hotel rooms he stayed in when he was on the road. This house was very open with high ceilings, so even giant-like friends like Kevin Nash could hang out with no issue...
Shawn conducted a class as I photographed away. Students Lance Cade, Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Brian Kendrick, Paul London and others did calisthenics and other exercises. After an hour or so they got into the ring to do some falls and learn a few holds....
Here I was face-to-face with Shawn Michaels, and he asked me, "What do you want to do?" My mouth spewed words faster than I could think, as I whispered so the students wouldn't hear, "Shoot me into the ropes. When I come back on the rebound I will give you a flying dropkick and then put you in the figure-four leglock for the win. #Quote by Bill Apter
Wrestling quotes by Mr. T
#57. WWE asked me to be in the Hall of Fame, and I turned it down. You know why? They put Pete Rose in the wrestling Hall of Fame. This guy can't even get into his own Hall of Fame. #Quote by Mr. T
Wrestling quotes by A.A. Gill
#58. Television in the 1960s & 70s had just as much dross and the programmes were a lot more tediously patronising than they are now. Memory truncates occasional gems into a glittering skein of brilliance. More television, more channels means more good television and, of course, more bad. The same equation applies to publishing, film and, I expect, sumo wrestling. #Quote by A.A. Gill
Wrestling quotes by Salman Rushdie
#59. All over the world great writers were dying young: Italo Calvino, Raymond Carver, and now here was Angela wrestling with the Reaper. A fatwa was not the only way to die. There were older types of death sentence that still worked very well. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Wrestling quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#60. We fell to wrestling again. We rolled all over the floor, in each other's arms, like two huge helpless children. He was naked and goatish under his robe, and I felt suffocated as he rolled over me. I rolled over him. We rolled over me. They rolled over him. We rolled over us. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Wrestling quotes by Harold Lederman
#61. If you're working a fight with let's say John Ruiz and ... anyone and Ruiz goes jab, jab and grab, you better see whose landing the punches before it becomes a wrestling match. #Quote by Harold Lederman
Wrestling quotes by Jack Barakat
#62. Wrestling is very similar to gay sex, but you don't have to wear condoms. #Quote by Jack Barakat
Wrestling quotes by Rollo May
#63. Artists do not run away from non-being, but by encountering and wrestling with it, force it to produce being. #Quote by Rollo May
Wrestling quotes by Bill Goldberg
#64. Luckily I stayed in shape due to wrestling. #Quote by Bill Goldberg
Wrestling quotes by Molly Harper
#65. Given my history with my sister, it was inevitable, really, that we would end up wrestling in the mud, beating each other senseless with pieces of foam rubber. #Quote by Molly Harper
Wrestling quotes by Joseph Bathanti
#66. The clock sweats out each minute
of what meat is left to us. #Quote by Joseph Bathanti
Wrestling quotes by Chris Jericho
#67. I would have to say that Canada definitely produces the best wrestlers; I don't know why. I think Canada is a big wrestling country, and there are a lot of guys who are interested in wrestling in Canada. #Quote by Chris Jericho
Wrestling quotes by Frederick Douglass
#68. It was necessary to keep our religious masters at St. Michael's unacquainted with the fact, that, instead of spending the Sabbath in wrestling, boxing, and drinking whisky, we were trying to learn how to read the will of God; for they had much rather see us engaged in those degrading sports, than to see us behaving like intellectual, moral, and accountable beings. #Quote by Frederick Douglass
Wrestling quotes by Blair Holden
#69. We're going to kick butt at the competition, Tessie, and when we win I promise I'll let you bash my brother's head in with the trophy." I chuckle at his enthusiasm and shake my head. "It's not a wrestling match, Stone, it's a beauty pageant, and my trophy will most likely be a plastic tiara." "Well don't those things have sharp pointy combs? You can dig them into his eye or something." "You have a really twisted mind, you know that?" "Thank you, shortcake. #Quote by Blair Holden
Wrestling quotes by Florence Nightingale
#70. Life is a hard fight, a struggle, a wrestling with the principle of evil, hand to hand, foot to foot. Every inch of the way is disputed. The night is given us to take breath, to pray, to drink deep at the fountain of power. The day, to use the strength which has been given us, to go forth to work with it till the evening. #Quote by Florence Nightingale
Wrestling quotes by John Irving
#71. Wrestling was my first success, the first thing that confirmed that I could be good at anything. Devoting yourself to wrestling, or tennis, or skiing, or dance, or to a musical instrument is a longing to be disciplined for a purpose. #Quote by John Irving
Wrestling quotes by Kiran Joshi
#72. Getting married early is like wrestling with calculus on a merry trip to Las Vegas! #Quote by Kiran Joshi
Wrestling quotes by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
#73. Darkness is a lot of what art is and certainly in our community a lot of it is people sort of wrestling with their demons. #Quote by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Wrestling quotes by Cinda Williams Chima
#74. Ellen drank long and deep from her water bottle and wiped her mouth with her gauntleted arm. "Are you feeling all right, Jack? Your play's flat, all in all. I was hoping to give Seph more of a show."
Jack tested the edge of his blade with his thumb. "Actually, Ellen, I wondered if you were coming down with something. You were downright lethargic. I nearly dozed off once or twice."
"Well, that explains it. You looked like you were asleep."
With that, they threw down their weapons and it dissolved into a wrestling match. In the end they were kissing each other.
It was certainly a different kind of courtship, but there was a chemistry, an understanding, a kinship between Jack and Ellen that Seph envied. #Quote by Cinda Williams Chima
Wrestling quotes by Jesse Ventura
#75. Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat. #Quote by Jesse Ventura
Wrestling quotes by James Toney
#76. I don't know Jiu-Jitsu, I don't know wrestling, all I know is how to fight. Period. #Quote by James Toney
Wrestling quotes by Stephen Jenkinson
#77. If you wrestle an angel, you will grow muscle. There's no doubt of that. You will also hurt in places that you didn't know you had. There's no doubt of that either. And you will lose, by the normal calculus of trying to engineer the life that you're sure you deserve. It will not come out as you planned, wrestling angels. Your plans our usually the first casualty of the match. But here is that great secret of it: you will be able to boast of your defeat. You will be able to stand in the wreckage of what used to be your certainty, your creed, your way of doing life's business, and you can tell wild, true stories about how it all came to ruin. Whatever is left standing - and there is always something left standing when you wrestle angels - is the thing that was true about you and your life all along, as faithful a companion as the Earth that will one day cradle you again. #Quote by Stephen Jenkinson
Wrestling quotes by Hulk Hogan
#78. I quit doing the movies because the wrestling was going so good and was so on fire during the '80s and '90s, but I was getting all these movie scripts. #Quote by Hulk Hogan
Wrestling quotes by Georges St-Pierre
#79. I will never take the fact that I am Welterweight Champion for granted. I learnt my mistake in the past. No matter how great, no matter how people tell me how great I am, I'm always one mistake away from losing everything. #Quote by Georges St-Pierre
Wrestling quotes by Karyn Kusama
#80. I want people to leave the theater wrestling with the idea that our pain - physical, emotional, and spiritual pain - is more than just a condition that needs to be silenced, numbed, or "fixed." #Quote by Karyn Kusama
Wrestling quotes by Robert P. McCulloch
#81. Several witnesses describe seeing an altercation in the car between Mr. Brown and Officer Wilson. It was described as wrestling, tug-of-war. Several other witnesses described Mr. Brown as punching Officer Wilson while Mr. Brown was partially inside the vehicle. #Quote by Robert P. McCulloch
Wrestling quotes by Okakura Kakuzo
#82. These Taoists' ideas have greatly influenced all our theories of action, even to those of fencing and wrestling. Jiu-jitsu, the Japanese art of self-defence, owes its name to a passage in the Tao-teking. In jiu-jitsu one seeks to draw out and exhaust the enemy's strength by non-resistance, vacuum, while conserving one's own strength for victory in the final struggle.
In art the importance of the same principle is illustrated by the value of suggestion. In leaving something unsaid the beholder is given a chance to complete the idea and thus a great masterpiece irresistibly rivets your attention until you seem to become actually a part of it. A vacuum is there for you to enter and fill up the full measure of your aesthetic emotion. #Quote by Okakura Kakuzo
Wrestling quotes by Bobby Heenan
#83. Tito Santana is like a cue-ball. The more you strike him, the more english you get out of him. #Quote by Bobby Heenan
Wrestling quotes by Bobby Heenan
#84. I think women's wrestling has had a hard time because of GLOW. When GLOW came out, it looked like somebody was ripping off the male industry. Everybody made fun of it. WOW is a great product. It's produced right. It's got a little story line, and it's got good-looking girls who can work and can talk. #Quote by Bobby Heenan
Wrestling quotes by Mickie James
#85. I dont know how to say this but ... I LOVE YOU #Quote by Mickie James
Wrestling quotes by George R R Martin
#86. Inside the room, a man and a woman were wrestling. They were both naked. #Quote by George R R Martin
Wrestling quotes by George Steele
#87. There's only 10 guys making big bucks in wrestling, and the rest of them they're making good money, but they're not blowing it away. #Quote by George Steele
Wrestling quotes by Carrie Jones
#88. I told them he hit on me and that I was showing him my wrestling moves. I think they maybe believed it." I pull on my seat belt and roll down the window even though it's cold. I need to be able to smell for pixies. "We can't leave until everyone's out. I want to be sure nothing happens." "Did they really believe you Devyn asks.
My breath whooshes out with the reality of it and I adjust my previous statement. "I don't think so."
"Well there's another lovely complication." Devyn groans. #Quote by Carrie Jones
Wrestling quotes by N. T. Wright
#89. I am also very excited by the way in which we can see Paul wrestling not only with his Jewish world and its scriptures but also, by clear implication, with philosophical and political issues that were 'out there' at the time. The thing is that for Paul this is all part of the same larger, whole vision of God and God's purposes. Watching how everything comes together is an intellectual treat of the first order - as well as a spiritual and practical challenge to me personally and to the church ... #Quote by N. T. Wright
Wrestling quotes by John Wooden
#90. Never did I want to call the first time-out during a game. Never. I wanted UCLA to come out and run our opponents so hard that they would be forced to call the first time-out just to catch their breath. At that first time-out the opponents would know, and we would know that they knew, who was in better condition. This has a psychological impact. #Quote by John Wooden
Wrestling quotes by Mick Foley
#91. Yeah, that's a good point. #Quote by Mick Foley
Wrestling quotes by Muammar Al-Gaddafi
#92. Boxing and wrestling are evidence that mankind has not rid itself of all savage behavior. #Quote by Muammar Al-Gaddafi
Wrestling quotes by Vince McMahon
#93. I have balls the size of grapefruits and come this Sunday, you'll be spitting out the seeds. #Quote by Vince McMahon
Wrestling quotes by Rick Riordan
#94. Back when I was a regular mortal kid, I didn't know much about combat.
I had some murky ideas that armies would line up, blow trumpets, and then march forward to kill one another in an orderly fashion. If I thought about Viking combat at all, I would envision some dude yelling SHIELD WALL! and a bunch of hairy blond guys calmly forming ranks and merging their shields into some cool geometric pattern like a polyhedron or a Power Ranger Megazord.
Actual battle was nothing like that. At least, not any version I'd ever been in.
It was more like a cross between interpretive dance, lucha libre wrestling, and a daytime talk show fight. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Wrestling quotes by Frigyes Karinthy
#95. You cannot imagine, to give you another example, that you may have, one day, a prime minister (it would go against my modesty to breathe his name) who, one day, after announcing in Parliament, in a cool, impassive voice, that, as the result of a number of carefully thought out diplomatic manoeuvres he has refrained from discussing before (for he is not a man of many words), he has succeeded in annexing Britain as an ordinary colony of Hungary, and that he is taking this opportunity to apprise the House of the fact; - Well, as I say, after explaining this in a cool and impassive tone, ignoring the shouting, jubilant Members who want to carry him round on their shoulders, suddenly he takes up a fencing posture and, right there, on the premier's rostrum, employing a formidable, hitherto unknown jujitsu hold, floors the Australian world wrestling champion whom the British opposition treacherously hid under the rostrum in order to assassinate the greatest European. #Quote by Frigyes Karinthy
Wrestling quotes by John Carpenter
#96. First of all, I was a wrestling fan when I was young. Even when I figured out what wrestling was, I was still a fan. #Quote by John Carpenter
Wrestling quotes by Roddy Piper
#97. He mighta spent a couple years under the arena training young wrestlers ... #Quote by Roddy Piper
Wrestling quotes by Karl R. Popper
#98. Although I have known sorrow and great sadness, as is everybody's lot, I don't think that I have had an unhappy hour as a philosopher since we returned to England. I have worked hard, and I have often got deep into insoluble difficulties. But I have been most happy in finding new problems, in wrestling with them, and in making some progress. This, or so I feel, is the best life. It seems to me infinitely better than the life of mere contemplation (to say nothing of divine self-contemplation) which Aristotle recommends as the best. It is a completely restless life, but it is highly self-contained/autark in Plato's sense, although no life, of course, can be fully autark. #Quote by Karl R. Popper
Wrestling quotes by Kurt Angle
#99. You do not boo an Olympic Gold Medalist. I'm the best in the world. I came here for you. You don't boo me. #Quote by Kurt Angle
Wrestling quotes by G. Willow Wilson
#100. Out-marriage is an issue religious groups have been wrestling with for some time. Of course men and women fall in love. Of course it's not always convenient to their respective cultural and spiritual norms. #Quote by G. Willow Wilson
Wrestling quotes by Jane Yolen
#101. Fiction is like wrestling with angels-you do not expect to win, but you do expect to come away from the experience changed. #Quote by Jane Yolen
Wrestling quotes by Charles Le Gai Eaton
#102. The Muslim is inclined to believe that man has something more important to do than engage in a wrestling match with temptation, which he sees as a distraction from his principle business, the constant awareness of God. #Quote by Charles Le Gai Eaton
Wrestling quotes by Dan Gable
#103. When my wrestlers got their hands raised, I jumped for joy. #Quote by Dan Gable
Wrestling quotes by Ben Orlin
#104. If you ditch the rulebook, you lose the grace. Even the wacky, avant-garde, convention-defying arts - experimental film, expressionist painting, professional wrestling - draw their power from playing against the limitations of the chosen medium. #Quote by Ben Orlin
Wrestling quotes by Pittacus Lore
#105. You're a good dude, Sam Goode. Don't get down on yourself." "I'm not down on myself." "Well then, don't worry about Emily's past. We don't have to be defined by the things we did or didn't do in our past. Some people allow themselves to be controlled by regret. Maybe it's a regret, maybe it's not. It's merely something that happened. Get over it." Sam sighs. He's still wrestling with it. #Quote by Pittacus Lore
Wrestling quotes by Osho
#106. Ignoring simply means not paying attention to it. Something is there; let it be there. You are unconcerned this way or that, whether it should remain or go. You have no judgment. You have simply accepted that it is there, and it is none of your business whether it should be there or not. In suppressing you are taking an active part. You are wrestling with that energy, you are forcing it into the unconscious. You are trying not to be able to see it anywhere. You want to know that it is no longer there. For #Quote by Osho
Wrestling quotes by CM Punk
#107. I did try out for football and wrestling but they wouldn't let me on the teams because I had blue hair. #Quote by CM Punk
Wrestling quotes by Mike Birbiglia
#108. The people who are the worst at news, who kind of engage in what I call the World Wrestling of news, have kind of set the bar for where news is. #Quote by Mike Birbiglia
Wrestling quotes by Roddy Piper
#109. Nature Boy, whats that? Do you run around the forest like Euell Gibbons, eating bark or something? #Quote by Roddy Piper
Wrestling quotes by Judah Friedlander
#110. I became a wrestling fan in college. So, I was more of a wrestling fan as an adult than when I was a little kid. #Quote by Judah Friedlander
Wrestling quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#111. His education was conducted with all care. The ablest teachers were engaged for him, and he was trained in the strict doctrine of the Stoic philosophy, which was his great delight. He was taught to dress plainly and to live simply, to avoid all softness and luxury. His body was trained to hardihood by wrestling, hunting, and outdoor games; and though his constitution was weak, he showed great personal courage to encounter the fiercest boars. At the same time he was kept from the extravagancies of his day. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Wrestling quotes by Walt Whitman
#112. I HAVE said somewhere that the three Presidentiads preceding 1861 show'd how the weakness and wickedness of rulers are just as eligible here in America under republican, as in Europe under dynastic influences. But what can I say of that prompt and splendid wrestling with secession slavery, the arch-enemy personified, the instant he unmistakably show'd his face? The volcanic upheaval of the nation, after that firing on the flag at Charleston, proved for certain something which had been previously in great doubt, and at once substantially settled the question of disunion. In my judgment it will remain as the grandest and most encouraging spectacle yet vouchsafed in any age, old or new, to political progress and democracy. It was not for what came to the surface merely - though that was important - but what it indicated below, which was of eternal importance. Down in the abysms of New World humanity there had form'd and harden'd a primal hard-pan of national Union will, determin'd and in the majority, refusing to be tamper'd with or argued against, confronting all emergencies, and capable at any time of bursting all surface bonds, and breaking out like an earthquake. #Quote by Walt Whitman
Wrestling quotes by John Dewey
#113. No thought, no idea, can possibly be conveyed as an idea from one person to another. When it is told it is to the one to whom it is told another fact, not an idea. The communication may stimulate the other person to realize the question for himself and to think out a like idea, or it may smother his intellectual interest and suppress his dawning effort at thought. But what he directly gets cannot be an idea. Only by wrestling with the conditions of the problem at first hand, seeking and finding his own way out, does he think. #Quote by John Dewey
Wrestling quotes by John Darnielle
#114. The best ones - Hulk Hogan believes in Hulkamania. It's not a thing he's selling here. It's real. He knows it's real because he goes to the Mall Of America and everybody goes insane, right? Wrestling is real. Those characters are real. #Quote by John Darnielle
Wrestling quotes by Teresa Of Avila
#115. I wanted to live, but saw clearly that I was not living - but rather wrestling with the shadow of death. There was no one to give me life, and I was not able to take it. #Quote by Teresa Of Avila
Wrestling quotes by Jonathan Gottschall
#116. For example, the ancient Japanese had onna-zumo (women's wrestling), but as the sports historian Allen Guttmann writes, "The debased motivation for this activity is suggested by the names of the wrestlers: 'Big Boobs,' 'Deep Crevice,' and 'Holder of the Balls. #Quote by Jonathan Gottschall
Wrestling quotes by Shawn Michaels
#117. I am simply the very best sports entertainer #Quote by Shawn Michaels
Wrestling quotes by Jacqueline Carey
#118. super-size emotions had saved me. God knows, I'd spent enough time wrestling with them, but I'd never thought before about how much of what animates us as human beings - or semi-human beings - depends on our feelings. Without #Quote by Jacqueline Carey
Wrestling quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#119. On top of all that, look at this guy? I mean he's a idiot, he's 7 feet of pure idiot. You put his brain in a parakeet ... zing! It'll fly backwards. #Quote by Dwayne Johnson
Wrestling quotes by Sgt. Slaughter
#120. I love the scent of burnt flesh in the morning. #Quote by Sgt. Slaughter
Wrestling quotes by Clay Guida
#121. You're speechless sometimes when you think of the support you've had from the first day I've started wrestling to now. #Quote by Clay Guida
Wrestling quotes by Mark Smith
#122. I turn and kick with the first one and feel myself being lifted and thrown towards the beach. It's like wrestling with an old friend, tumbling underneath then coming up for air. #Quote by Mark Smith
Wrestling quotes by James Patterson
#123. Why is this happening? Who knows, really? Life and existence can never be fully understood. Stars are born only to explode. Creatures hunt other creatures, and then they die. The universe is a chaos of irrational forces wrestling with one another in a war without end. The human race is on the receiving end now. #Quote by James Patterson
Wrestling quotes by Jeff Thull
#124. Customers are wrestling with mission-critical decisions, evaluating solutions that all sound the same, and struggling to achieve the value they expect, when experience has shown them that far too many solutions come packaged with a high degree of risk and a low probability of success. #Quote by Jeff Thull
Wrestling quotes by Matt Hardy
#125. MATT HARDY WILL NOT DIE #Quote by Matt Hardy
Wrestling quotes by Mitch Albom
#126. Have I told you about the tension of opposites? he says. The tension of opposites? Life is a series of pulls back and forth. You want to do one thing, but you are bound to do something else. Something hurts you, yet you know it shouldn't.
You take certain things for granted, even when you know you should never take anything for granted.
A tension of opposites, like a pull on a rubber band. And most of us live somewhere in the middle.Sounds like a wrestling match, I say.
A wrestling match. He laughs. Yes, you could describe life that way.
So which side wins, I ask?
Which side wins? He smiles at me, the crinkled eyes, the crooked teeth.
Love wins. Love always wins. #Quote by Mitch Albom
Wrestling quotes by Ernest Lawrence
#127. We have reached the age, those of us to whom fortune has assigned a post in life's struggle, when beaten and smashed and biffed by the lashing of the dragon's tail, we begin to appreciate that the old man was not such a fool after all. We saw our parents wrestling with the same dragon, and we thought, though we never spoke a thought aloud, 'Why doesn't he hit him on the head?' Alas, comrads, we know now. We have hit the dragon on the head and we have seen the dragon smile. #Quote by Ernest Lawrence
Wrestling quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#128. He reaches for a few strands of my hair, twining them around his finger. "You busy later?"
"I was supposed to go to a meet-and-greet in Fairport with Mom, but I told her I needed to study for SATs."
"She believed this? It's summer, Sam."
"Nan's got me signed up for this crazy prep simulation. And . . . I might have told Mom when she was a little distracted."
"But not intentionally, of course."
"Of course not," I say.
"So if I were to come see you after eight, you'd be studying."
"Absolutely. But I might want a . . . study buddy. Because I might be grappling with some really tough problems."
"Grappling, huh?"
"Tussling with," I say. "Wrestling. Handling."
"Gotcha. Sounds like I should bring protective gear to study with you." Jase grins at me.
"You're pretty tough. You'll be fine. #Quote by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Wrestling quotes by Dave Bautista
#129. I never excelled at one sport or had a very strong passion for anything other than wrestling and bodybuilding. #Quote by Dave Bautista
Wrestling quotes by Ludwig Van Beethoven
#130. Richard Wagner commenting on the music of Ludvig Van Beethoven: He was a Titan, wrestling with the Gods. #Quote by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Wrestling quotes by Robert Strauss
#131. Success is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you're tired. You quit when the gorilla is tired. #Quote by Robert Strauss
Wrestling quotes by Red McCombs
#132. Instead of wanting to win, we expected to win. There's a lifetime between wanting something and expecting something. When you expect something, it means you've prepared, done the work, and EXPECT TO WIN!! #Quote by Red McCombs
Wrestling quotes by Kane
#133. I don't do what you people want. I Do What I Want! #Quote by Kane
Wrestling quotes by Randy Savage
#134. Yeah what were you doing at Wrestlemania? Ohhhh yeeeeah I'd like to know. You weren't there to gloat were you? No I guess you weren't. #Quote by Randy Savage
Wrestling quotes by Kazushi Sakuraba
#135. In fact, pro wrestling is strong. #Quote by Kazushi Sakuraba
Wrestling quotes by Tina Fey
#136. By nineteen, I had found my look. Oversize T-shirts, bike shorts, and wrestling shoes. To prevent the silhouette from being too baggy, I would cinch it at the waist with my fanny pack. #Quote by Tina Fey
Wrestling quotes by Camille Paglia
#137. At some level, all love is combat, a wrestling with ghosts. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Wrestling quotes by Billy Graham
#138. I'm the man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour. #Quote by Billy Graham
Wrestling quotes by Adam Cole
#139. The ROH guys looking at the New Japan guys coming over, we're just psyched. We think, "oh great this is just going to make our show even better." The respect level with New Japan and ROH is at an all-time high. And anytime we get a company like New Japan Pro Wrestling on a ROH show, it just benefits our show. It has everybody all jacked up, ready to do the best we can like we always do. #Quote by Adam Cole
Wrestling quotes by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
#140. Here was the shattering of the second wall: I had read the Bible many times through, and I saw for myself that it had a holy Author; I saw for myself that it was a canonized collection of sixty-six books with a unified biblical revelation. I heard for myself that when the words "this is mine" came out of my mouth in congregational singing, I was attesting to this one, simple truth: that the line of communication that God ordained for his people required this wrestling with Scripture, and that I truly wanted both to hear God's voice breathed in my life, and I wanted God to hear my pleas. The fog burned away. The whole Bible, each jot and tittle, was my open highway to a holy God. #Quote by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Wrestling quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#141. You will go one on one with the Great One! #Quote by Dwayne Johnson
Wrestling quotes by Michelle Monaghan
#142. I have nice muscle tone in my arms. I can't really take credit for it, though - all the members of my family do. A lot of arm wrestling happened in our family growing up! #Quote by Michelle Monaghan
Wrestling quotes by Mickey Rourke
#143. In boxing, you don't know what's going to happen. In wrestling, it's already prearranged. #Quote by Mickey Rourke
Wrestling quotes by Bret Hart
#144. I was recognized as being an artist and a storyteller. If Hulk Hogan was the Elvis of wrestling, I was the Robert De Niro. #Quote by Bret Hart
Wrestling quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#145. Like most people I lived for a long time with my mother and father. My father liked to watch the wrestling, my mother liked to wrestle; it didn't matter what. She was in the white corner and that was that.
She hung out the largest sheets on the windiest days. She wanted the Mormons to knock on the door. At election time in a Labour mill town she put a picture of the Conservative candidate in the window.
She had never heard of mixed feelings. There were friends and there were enemies.

Enemies were:
The Devil (in his many forms)
Next Door
Sex (in its many forms)

Friends were:
Our dog
Auntie Madge
The Novels of Charlotte Bronte
Slug pellets
and me, at first. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Wrestling quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#146. Who can break the law? If I break this glass, it will fall down. If anyone succeeds in throwing one atom out of place, every other atom will go out of balance ... The law can never be broken. Each atom is kept in its place. Each is weighed and measured and fulfils its [purpose] and place. Through His command the winds blow, the sun shines. Through His rule the worlds are kept in place. Through His orders death is sporting upon the earth. Just think of two or three Gods having a wrestling match in this world! It cannot be. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Wrestling quotes by Shawn Michaels
#147. Don't hunt what you can't kill #Quote by Shawn Michaels
Wrestling quotes by Henry Paulson
#148. As a child, I could beat most kids in sprints, but overall, wrestling was the most natural sport for me. In fact, I was a pretty good high school wrestler. I was unusually quick and strong. #Quote by Henry Paulson
Wrestling quotes by Gorilla Monsoon
#149. He has a lower occipital proturbance! #Quote by Gorilla Monsoon
Wrestling quotes by Rick Riordan
#150. On the stern quarterdeck, Leo rushed around like a madman, checking his gauges and wrestling levers. Most helmsmen would've been satisfied with a pilot's wheel of a tiller. Leo had also installed a keyboard, monitor, aviation controls from a Learjet, a dubstep soundboard, and motion-control sensors from a Nintendo Wii. He could turn the ship by pulling the throttle, fire weapons by sampling an album, or raise sails by shaking his Wii controllers really fast. Even by demigod standards, Leo was seriously ADHD. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Wrestling quotes by Road Warrior Hawk
#151. Broken necks, splattered patellas, severed arteries: These are the things from which dreams are made of. #Quote by Road Warrior Hawk
Wrestling quotes by Box Brown
#152. When I first got into wrestling as a kid, I would read all of the wrestling magazines I could get my hands on. There was a satisfaction discovering that there was a whole wrestling world that existed that you didn't see on TV on Saturday morning. There was this idea that there was this stuff going on there that they didn't want us to see. #Quote by Box Brown
Wrestling quotes by Dave Van Ronk
#153. You can be a mighty sailor, wrestling with an alligator. Romping through the swamp. #Quote by Dave Van Ronk
Wrestling quotes by Daniel Bryan
#154. I don't have a passion for TV or movies or acting. I have a passion for wrestling and I find it hard to leave that for TV and movies. But if it is a thing that is a short amount of time I would consider it, but wrestling is what I love to do! #Quote by Daniel Bryan
Wrestling quotes by Stacy Keibler
#155. Wrestling hurts. Your body's not meant to take that abuse. I've closed that door, but I don't know that I've locked it for good. #Quote by Stacy Keibler
Wrestling quotes by Santino Marella
#156. I'm Jerry Lawler, I make fun of women because I have no self-esteem. #Quote by Santino Marella
Wrestling quotes by Rocky Marciano
#157. There is no doubt that man is a competitive animal and there is no place where this fact is more obvious than in the ring. There is no second place. Either you win or you lose. When they call you a champion, it's because you don't lose. To win takes a complete commitment of mind and body. #Quote by Rocky Marciano
Wrestling quotes by Bobby H. Barbee, Sr.
#158. Hey, he speaks pretty well for a guy who just ate 2 lbs of crackers. #Quote by Bobby H. Barbee, Sr.
Wrestling quotes by Helen Fielding
#159. As women glide from their twenties to thirties, Shazzer argues, the balance of power subtly shifts. Even the most outrageous minxes lose their nerve, wrestling with the first twinges of existential angst: fears of dying alone and being found three weeks later half-eaten by an Alsatian. #Quote by Helen Fielding
Wrestling quotes by Ian McEwan
#160. They were beyond the present, outside time, with no memories and no future. There was nothing but obliterating sensation, thrilling and swelling, and the sound of fabric on fabric and skin on fabric as their limbs slid across each other in this restless, sensuous wrestling ... They moved closer, deeper and then, for seconds on end, everything stopped. Instead of an ecstatic frenzy, there was stillness. They were stilled not by the astonishing fact of arrival, but by an awed sense of return - they were face to face in the gloom, staring into what little they could see of each other's eyes, and now it was the impersonal that dropped away. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Wrestling quotes by Tiffanie DeBartolo
#161. The housekeeper had been there that afternoon. I could always tell because the sheets on the bed would be tucked in so tight, trying to get them out was like wrestling an alligator. #Quote by Tiffanie DeBartolo
Wrestling quotes by Michael Jordan
#162. If I had stood at the free-throw line and thought about 10 million people watching me on the other side of the camera lens, I couldn't have made anything. So I mentally tried to put myself in a familiar place. I thought about all those times I shot free throws in practice and went through the same motion, the same technique that I had used thousands of times. You forget about the outcome. You know you are doing the right things. So you relax and perform. #Quote by Michael Jordan
Wrestling quotes by Nescio
#163. The larks were singing everywhere, a heron flew past, the sky was so high in the trees were wrestling all around the house and the light-- could you catch the light and hug it tight and take it inside you? #Quote by Nescio
Wrestling quotes by Michael Jordan
#164. Never think of the consequences of failing for you will always think of a negative result. Think only positive thoughts and your mind will gravitate towards those thoughts! #Quote by Michael Jordan
Wrestling quotes by Talon P.S.
#165. The echo of two boys playing in a pool testing each other to see who could hold their breath the longest.
... Whadda ya wanna do now? - I know, we could wrestle like the Roman gladiators - Okay - What do we fight for? - Loser has to do the victor's homework for a week - Nah, raise the stakes. Loser has to suck the victor's johnny - Trenton recalled the long ago memory of two boys wrestling, butt naked in the back yard and the battle went on forever locked in each other's grip. A stalemate tangle in each other's arm. And they kissed finding each other's tongue. The taste of it so good and frightening at the same time and they pulled apart fearfully - Deez - Yeah Trent - I don't think we should tell anyone about this, okay? - Yeah okay - #Quote by Talon P.S.
Wrestling quotes by Sara Maitland
#166. Of course we also live in a world of great beauty, sacrificial and passionate love, tenderness, prosperity, courage and joy. But quite a lot of all that seems to happen regardless of the paradigm and the high thoughts of philosophy. It has always happened. It is precisely because it has always happened that we go on wrestling with these issues in the hope that it can happen more often and for more people. #Quote by Sara Maitland
Wrestling quotes by Olivia Sudjic
#167. Man had such impenetrable means to stop the outside world from coming in, and so little to stop our inside world from surging out, wrestling any foreign object into submission. #Quote by Olivia Sudjic
Wrestling quotes by Harry Sidebottom
#168. I take it you do not agree with your countrymen's religious practices.'

'Oh no,' said Hippothous. 'I am not Cilician by birth. Mine has been a long and tragic path. I was born in Perinthus, the noble city close by Byzantium. My father was on the Boule. When I was young, I fell desperately in love. Hyperanthes was nearly my age. Stripped for wrestling in the gymnasium, he was like a god. And his eyes – no sidelong glances or fearsome looks, no trace of villainy or dissembling.'

As they ate, Hippothous told them a tale of love, lust, subterfuge, murder, flight, shipwreck, loss and exile – a tale worthy of a Greek romance.

'Probably from a fucking Greek romance,' muttered Calgacus. #Quote by Harry Sidebottom
Wrestling quotes by Jerry Lawler
#169. You know, Alundra Blayze, with her looks could star in TV westerns ... if she had two more legs. #Quote by Jerry Lawler
Wrestling quotes by Bobby Heenan
#170. The two things that scare me most about wrestling fans is that they're allowed to vote and allowed to reproduce. #Quote by Bobby Heenan
Wrestling quotes by Jack Irons
#171. After wrestling with myself for six months, I began medical treatment. During that time I started a band with some friends of mine called Jack's Car, but that didn't last. #Quote by Jack Irons
Wrestling quotes by Dean Ambrose
#172. I don't like my wrestling or entertainment in general to be too clean or predictable for me as a fan. When I say clean, I'm not talking about dirty jokes, middle fingers and stuff like that. I'm actually not even a big fan of that. A lot of people talk about the attitude era being so great but a lot of it was terrible crap, sex jokes and over-the-top terrible bad comedy. It was Jerry Springer-like. They made a joke about a woman's breasts. Hilarious, but where's the wrestling? I look back on a lot of stuff now, and I'm like where's the wrestling? It's just a lot of crappy jokes. #Quote by Dean Ambrose
Wrestling quotes by Dan Gable
#173. There's nothing like success. #Quote by Dan Gable
Wrestling quotes by Jarod Kintz
#174. If you're wrestling someone underwater, don't try to choke them, because it's redundant since they already can't breathe. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Wrestling quotes by Kurt Angle
#175. Amateur wrestling, you can go by instinct. Pro wrestling, you have to memorize, and you have to go by what moves you said you were going to do. Sometimes you have to feel the crowd and do the moves at the right time and know the timing and tell a good story. #Quote by Kurt Angle
Wrestling quotes by Bear Bryant
#176. You have to learn what makes this or that Sammy run. For one it's a pat on the back, for another it's eating him out, for still another it's a fatherly talk, or something else. You're a fool if you think as I did as a young coach, that you can treat them all alike. #Quote by Bear Bryant
Wrestling quotes by Jim Zalesky
#177. Anybody can win the matches you can dominate, but it's the tough matches that are going to make the difference. #Quote by Jim Zalesky
Wrestling quotes by James Baldwin
#178. You do not,' cried Giovanni, sitting up, 'love anyone! You never have loved anyone, I am sure you never will! You love your purity, you love your mirror - you are just like a little virgin, you walk around with your hands in front of you as though you had some precious metal, gold, silver, rubies, maybe diamonds down there between your legs! You will never give it to anybody, you will never let anybody touch it - man or woman. You want to be clean. You think you came here covered with soap and you think you will go out covered with soap - and you do not want to stink, not even for five minutes, in the meantime.' He grasped me by the collar, wrestling and caressing at once, fluid and iron at once: saliva spraying from his lips and his eyes full of tears, but with the bones of his face showing and the muscles leaping in his arms and neck. 'You want to leave Giovanni because he makes you stink. You want to despise Giovanni because he is not afraid of the stink of love. You want to kill him in the name of all your lying little moralities. And you - you are immoral. You are, by far, the most immoral man I have met in all my life. Look, look what you have done to me. Do you think you could have done this if I did not love you? Is this what you should do to love? #Quote by James Baldwin
Wrestling quotes by Ric Flair
#179. If wrestling can be considered an art form, then [Ric Flair] is using oils, and the many others merely water colors. #Quote by Ric Flair
Wrestling quotes by Kevin Nash
#180. If you go to an ATM for a hundred dollars and it keeps spitting twenties, when would you walk away? When it wasn't spitting twenties no more. As long as you can take the money out, you'd stay there. That's what the wrestling business is like. #Quote by Kevin Nash
Wrestling quotes by Lou Albano
#181. He has a calsium deposit on the medulla oblongota of his brain, but he is a brilliant man. This man has a BA, an MA from Havard, and a PhD from Oxford. He's a brilliant man I tell you, Mean Gene. #Quote by Lou Albano
Wrestling quotes by John C. Maxwell
#182. Personnel determines the potential of the team. Vision determines the direction of the team. Work ethic determines the preparation of the team. Leadership determines the success of the team. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Wrestling quotes by Owen Hart
#183. I certainly would have regretted not getting into wrestling. It's been very lucrative for me and I've been fortunate to get into it and make money and not do anything stupid where I invested in something that collapsed. #Quote by Owen Hart
Wrestling quotes by David McCullough
#184. Recalling his childhood in later life, Adams wrote of the unparalleled bliss of roaming in the open fields and woodlands of the town, of exploring the creeks, hiking the beaches, "of making and sailing boats ... swimming, skating, flying kites and shooting marbles, bat and ball, football ... wrestling and sometimes boxing," shooting at crows and ducks, and "running about to quiltings and frolics and sances among the boys and girls." The first fifteen years o fhis life, he said, :went off like a fairytale". #Quote by David McCullough
Wrestling quotes by Tammy Blackwell
#185. No punching?" he asked.
"No kicking?"
"How about arm wrestling?"
"No. And before you ask, we've avoided Slug Bug, Slap Bets, and any and all Dance-Offs."
Fate Succumbs #Quote by Tammy Blackwell
Wrestling quotes by Mark  Lawrence
#186. There's a darkness in each of us, afraid to show itself, wrestling with such blunt tools as words and deeds to make itself known to the darkness in another person similarly hidden behind walls of camouflage, disguise, interpretation. Honesty is a knife that we can use to pare away those layers, but one slip, go too deep, and who knows what injuries might be inflicted … The wounds an honest tongue can open sometimes take a lifetime to heal. #Quote by Mark Lawrence
Wrestling quotes by Georges St-Pierre
#187. My mentality is like a Samurai: They used to every day work on their technique to make themselves almost perfect. Because perfection is impossible, but every day, you get closer to perfection. #Quote by Georges St-Pierre
Wrestling quotes by D.D. Barant
#188. I don't do romance, in the same way I don't do heroin Russian roulette, or nude alligator wrestling. I consider all of the above self-destructive, and demeaning and these are things up with which I will not put. #Quote by D.D. Barant
Wrestling quotes by Kurt Angle
#189. I'm in professional wrestling, which is what I do for a living. I coordinate stunts. I memorize them. #Quote by Kurt Angle
Wrestling quotes by K. Farrell St. Germain
#190. I spend my life wrestling my own mind over so many things. I chose to be noble even if it slips from my grasp at times #Quote by K. Farrell St. Germain
Wrestling quotes by Lou Thesz
#191. The reality, or substance, of professional wrestling is the ability to perpetuate a fantasy. I never distinguished between fantasy and reality. I made my fantasy reality for over 60 years. #Quote by Lou Thesz
Wrestling quotes by Amy Dumas
#192. I encourage you to find your punk-rock, your lucha-libre, your pro-wrestling #Quote by Amy Dumas
Wrestling quotes by Rico Rodriguez
#193. I just started watching wrestling in 2008, and I've loved it ever since. I told my mom I wanted to become a wrestler. #Quote by Rico Rodriguez
Wrestling quotes by Chris Jericho
#194. In Mexico, wrestling is part of the cultural fabric. The guys wear masks and they are real-life superheroes. #Quote by Chris Jericho
Wrestling quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#195. Brynne shuddered. 'You're my best friend, but I would never like you. One, because you're basically my brother. Two, I prefer boys who can beat me in a wrestling contest.' She thought about this and added, 'Or girls. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Wrestling quotes by Austin Grossman
#196. Could you make a computer imagine an entire world? How would you start? A generation of people would wrestle with this problem - they're still wrestling with it. #Quote by Austin Grossman
Wrestling quotes by Joel Salatin
#197. We should be rolling in the dirt, gardening, wrestling with some brambles and skinning animals for supper. These are important immune system builders. #Quote by Joel Salatin
Wrestling quotes by A.  Kirk
#198. The door opened. We all froze.
"Mom, this isn't what it looks like." Mom put her hand on her hip.
"It looks like a group of boys wrestling on the floor of your bedroom while you watch. Wearing a towel."
"Okay," I admitted, "it is what it looks like, but it's not - "
"Sexual?" She raised her eyebrows.
"Mom!" Luna stuck her head under Mom's arm and sucked in a breath. "She's gone from a love triangle to a kinky sex pentagon."
Blake lifted his head. "Vote for Team Blake!"
Mom rolled her eyes. "Boys, vacate. Now. Aurora get dressed. And everybody head downstairs. Breakfast is on. I made quiche. There's plenty for all."
"First edible breakfast in weeks," Luna said.
Blake smacked his lips. "Yum!" Mom checked behind the door.
"Ayden's not here, is he?" I shook my head. "Then there's no lust factor. Although, your father may not be as easy going as I am. So, gentlemen, get out."
As she left, Mom dragged Luna away with her. Blake shook off the other boys and stood. "That's offensive. I'm a very lustful guy."
"And a big blabbermouth." Logan whacked the back of Blake's head.
"But remember you can't tell - "
"Ayden!" Blake shouted.
"Right," Tristan said, "or - "
"No, it's…" Wide-eyed, Blake jerked his chin toward my door.

Our heads swiveled. Ayden filled the doorway, leaning against the frame, arms folded. "What can't you tell me?" He arched one eyebrow awaiting a reply. The sile #Quote by A. Kirk
Wrestling quotes by Kane
#199. I breath wrestling. It's in my blood. I have kind of a confidence when I walk ... #Quote by Kane
Wrestling quotes by Laurie Nadel
#200. Whether you job involves chasing criminals, crouching numbers, or wrestling with paperwork, learning how to recognize and rely on those hunches and gut feelings can dramatically improve your job performance. #Quote by Laurie Nadel

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