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Famous Quotes About Woyzeck Zusammenfassung

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Woyzeck Zusammenfassung quotes by Georg Buchner
#1. Woyzeck
Yes, Captain, virtue! That I haven't figured out yet. I'm just a poor guy. The likes of us are wretched in this world and the next. If we ever got to heaven, we'd have to help make the thunder. #Quote by Georg Buchner
Woyzeck Zusammenfassung quotes by Georg Buchner
#2. Woyzeck
Us poor people. Yes, money, money. You see, Captain, if you have no money. Try raising someone like me in this world on morals alone. Man is also flesh and blood. #Quote by Georg Buchner
Woyzeck Zusammenfassung quotes by Cintra Wilson
#3. It was, just as Kinski had predicted, suicide. He should never have done it. It is widely held by those who knew him, and Kinski himself, that he never recovered from Woyzeck. But what was the ultimate result? If you are the viewer of this film, Kinski's portrayal shocks your feelings out of the vault of intellectualizing or passive observing. He forces you to feel with him, to align yourself with your buried emotions. He outs your sensitivity. Is this not something Christ-like? It is, for my money. Kinski is the pure cure for the 21st-century disease - the numbness unto droning. #Quote by Cintra Wilson
Woyzeck Zusammenfassung quotes by Georg Buchner
As the day is long and the world is old, lots of people can stand on one spot, one after another.
I saw him.
You can see all sorts of things if you've got two cyes and aren't blind, and the sun is shining. #Quote by Georg Buchner

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