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Working With Others quotes by Frances Hesselbein
#1. Few leaders are born. We learn to be leaders. We learn by working with other people and working through our philosophy. #Quote by Frances Hesselbein
Working With Others quotes by William H. Whyte
#2. Their attitude toward another aspect of organization shows the same bias. What of the "group life", the loss of individualism? Once upon a time it was conventional for young men to view the group life of the big corporations as one of its principal disadvantages. Today, they see it as a positive boon. Working with others, they believe, will reduce the frustration of work, and they often endow the accompanying suppression of ego with strong spiritual overtones. They will concede that there is often a good bit of wasted time in the committee way of life and that the handling of human relations involves much suffering of fools gladly. But this sort of thing, they say, is the heart of the organization man's job, not merely the disadvantages of it. "Any man who feels frustrated by these things," one young trainee with face unlined said to me, "can never be an executive". #Quote by William H. Whyte
Working With Others quotes by Allan Fromme
#3. People have been known to achieve more as a result of working with others than against them. #Quote by Allan Fromme
Working With Others quotes by Pema Chodron
#4. Compassionate action involves working with ourselves as much as working with others. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Working With Others quotes by Glenn Tipton
#5. It was about working with other musicians, but more than that it's about exploring musical areas that you could never do with the band you're in, in my case Judas Priest. You could tackle musical areas and lyrical areas that wouldn't be appropriate for Priest. #Quote by Glenn Tipton
Working With Others quotes by Steven Soderbergh
#6. Surprisingly, I don't throw away that much. I don't move forward with a lot of things unless they're going somewhere. You also have to remember that when you're working with other artists, you have to be really careful about how you deal with that stuff. #Quote by Steven Soderbergh
Working With Others quotes by David Cottrell
#7. Leadership can't be claimed like luggage at the airport. Leadership can't be inherited, even though you may inherit a leadership position. And leadership can't be given as a gift - even if you've been blessed with an abundance of leadership skills to share with someone else. Leadership must be earned by mastering a defined set of skills and by working with others to achieve common goals. #Quote by David Cottrell
Working With Others quotes by Lauren Beukes
#8. What I love about collaborating is that you're working with other minds that work differently to yours. #Quote by Lauren Beukes
Working With Others quotes by Mark Parker
#9. I just really enjoy the process of working with other talented, creative people. There's great power in bringing diverse points of view together. It can be incredibly stimulating. #Quote by Mark Parker
Working With Others quotes by Pema Chodron
#10. When we hear about compassion, it naturally brings up working with others, caring for others. The reason we're often not there for others - whether for our child or our mother or someone who is insulting us or someone who frightens us - is that we're not there for ourselves. There are whole parts of ourselves that are so unwanted that whenever they begin to come up we run away. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Working With Others quotes by Alex Borstein
#11. Television and film acting is really fun because you are working with other people and you are not completely responsible for the outcome of the project. #Quote by Alex Borstein
Working With Others quotes by Damon Albarn
#12. What you learn from working with other performers and musicians is invaluable, really, and can only help you grow. I mean, if you spend your whole life focusing on yourself, you're not really learning much. #Quote by Damon Albarn
Working With Others quotes by Ed Askew
#13. I have enjoyed teaching most of the times that I have done it. I also like being by myself and making things and performing, so much that if I hadn't needed an income I probably wouldn't have done much teaching. Having said that, I think working with others, having to come up with art projects, and learning how to present your ideas in a clear way, to adults and/or kids is always interesting and rewarding. #Quote by Ed Askew
Working With Others quotes by Ray Stevenson
#14. As an actor, I love working with directors. As much as I love working with other actors. #Quote by Ray Stevenson
Working With Others quotes by Nina Nesbitt
#15. Working with other people, it's hard to get them to make it sound like what you have in mind. Also, it's really expensive to get your tracks produced, so I thought if I could learn how to do it myself, I could make five albums in a month and it would be free, it would be me, and it would be everything that I'm doing. #Quote by Nina Nesbitt
Working With Others quotes by Bill Walsh
#16. There is another side [to ego] that can wreck a team or an organization. That is being distracted by your own importance. It can come from your insecurity in working with others. It can be the need to draw attention to yourself in the public arena. It can be a feeling that others are a threat to your own territory. These are all negative manifestations of ego, and if you are not alert to them, you get diverted and your work becomes diffused. Ego in these cases makes people insensitive to how they work with others and it ends up interfering with the real goal of any group efforts. #Quote by Bill Walsh
Working With Others quotes by Gretchen Rubin
#17. Challenge: we find personal meaning in pursuing a goal that's difficult but not impossible. Curiosity: we're intrigued and find pleasure in learning more. Control: we like the feeling of mastery. Fantasy: we play a game; we use our imagination to make an activity more stimulating. Cooperation: we enjoy the satisfaction of working with others. Competition: we feel gratified when we can compare ourselves favorably to others. Recognition: we're pleased when others recognize our accomplishments and contributions. #Quote by Gretchen Rubin
Working With Others quotes by John C. Maxwell
#18. Faith in people is an essential quality of an influencer when working with others, yet it is a scarce commodity today. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Working With Others quotes by Kelly McGonigal
#19. When you choose to connect with others under stress, you can create resilience, #Quote by Kelly McGonigal
Working With Others quotes by John Wooden
#20. If you spend too much time learning the 'tricks' of the trade, you may not learn the trade. There are no shortcuts. If you're working on finding a short cut, the easy way, you're not working hard enough on the fundamentals. You may get away with it for a spell, but there is no substitute for the basics. And the first basic is good, old fashioned hard work. #Quote by John Wooden
Working With Others quotes by Lee Labrada
#21. If you look good, are in good health, and feel good about yourself, then you'll be more productive at work, you will be happier in your relationships with your friends and your family, and consequently, you will be a more productive, contributing member of society, making the world a better place for all. And, it all starts by working on yourself. #Quote by Lee Labrada
Working With Others quotes by Chris Hemsworth
#22. You have a visceral, physical response to being in [the real] places, and the sights and sounds and the smells just bring something else out in you. You're not having to fake that or imagine that. It's there. It becomes as much an act of something you bounce off as the other people you're working with. #Quote by Chris Hemsworth
Working With Others quotes by Elle Macpherson
#23. I just happen to like the work. I like preparing for a role. I like reading. I like analyzing. I like literature. I like emotions. I like working with other actors. #Quote by Elle Macpherson
Working With Others quotes by Chuck Close
#24. Once I started working with the Polaroid, I would take a shot and if that shot was good, then I'd move the model and change the lighting or whatever ... slowly sneaking up on what I wanted rather than having to predetermine what it was. #Quote by Chuck Close
Working With Others quotes by Rainn Wilson
#25. You have total control of it, and when you're an actor, you're subject to production design and costumes and directors and studio choices and producer choices, but when you're writing it, you're creating your own little world in your head, peopled with your little characters. No one is in there monkeying with it, at least not at first - though they will. With this and the other projects I'm working on, it'll have to be given away, and it'll have to be someone else's property. #Quote by Rainn Wilson
Working With Others quotes by Bernard Baruch
#26. Recipe for success: Be polite, prepare yourself for whatever you are asked to do, keep yourself tidy, be cheerful, don't be envious, be honest with yourself so you will be honest with others, be helpful, interest yourself in your job, don't pity yourself, be quick to praise, be loyal to your friends, avoid prejudices, be independent, interest yourself in politics, and read the newspapers. #Quote by Bernard Baruch
Working With Others quotes by Paul Hoffman
#27. Solitude is a wonderful thing in two ways. First, it allows a man to be with himself, and second, it prevents him being with others. #Quote by Paul Hoffman
Working With Others quotes by Margaret Feinberg
#28. Create your own permission slip for joy. Write three words: Accept. Adapt. Depend. Carry this permission slip with you. Tell your friends you're working on becoming more content, more joyful. Take a nap. Live with a messy house for a time. Order takeout. File an extension on your taxes. Stare out the window. Linger in the company of a friend. Breathe in the fullness of life. Use those words to fight back with joy. #Quote by Margaret Feinberg
Working With Others quotes by Nick Park
#29. I love doing features, but it's a very different ballgame. Sometimes I yearn for short films again, working with a small team, getting my hands on the clay. #Quote by Nick Park
Working With Others quotes by David Levithan
#30. Coming out is a lifelong process," Ms. MacTraugh continued. "Each time we meet someone new or move to a different setting, we're challenged to reveal who we are. It's not always easy. But no matter how difficult, it's something I've never regretted. So few things in life truly matter. Chief among them are being true to yourself, and being honest with others ... As I said, only you can determine what's the right decision. #Quote by David Levithan
Working With Others quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#31. What is it, fundamentally, that allows us to recognize who has turned out well? That a well-turned out person pleases our senses, that he is carved from wood that is hard, delicate, and at the same time smells good. He has a taste only for what is good for him; his pleasure, his delight cease where the measure of what is good for him is transgressed. He guesses what remedies avail against what is harmful; he exploits bad accidents to his advantage; what does not kill him makes him stronger. Instinctively, he collects from everything he sees, hears, lives through, his sum: he is a principle of selection, he discards much. He is always in his own company, whether he associates with books, human beings, or landscapes: he honors by choosing, by admitting, by trusting. He reacts slowly to all kinds of stimuli, with that slowness which long caution and deliberate pride have bred in him: he examines the stimulus that approaches him, he is far from meeting it halfway. He believes neither in 'misfortune' nor in 'guilt': he comes to terms with himself, with others: he knows how to forget - he is strong enough; hence everything must turn out for his best. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Working With Others quotes by Emma Thompson
#32. There is that thing about not working with animals and children - I don't think that's true. Although you should never work with donkeys. #Quote by Emma Thompson
Working With Others quotes by Ivan Illich
#33. Creative, exploratory learning requires peers currently puzzled about the same terms or problems. Large universities make the futile attempt to match them by multiplying their courses, and they generally fail since they are bound to curriculum, course structure, and bureaucratic administration. In schools, including universities, most resources are spent to purchase the time and motivation of a limited number of people to take up predetermined problems in a ritually defined setting. The most radical alternative to school would be a network or service which gave each man the same opportunity to share his current concern with others motivated by the same concern. #Quote by Ivan Illich
Working With Others quotes by Matt Mullenweg
#34. If you're building a startup or any sort of organization, take a few moments to reflect on the qualities that the people you most enjoy working with embody and the user experience of new people joining your organization, from the offer letter to their first day. #Quote by Matt Mullenweg
Working With Others quotes by Alberto Gonzales
#35. I think what we ought to be focusing on is that we are on path for the release of 75,000 pages of documents in connection with John Roberts' work in the White House, as in the counselor's office and as his time working as an assistant in the office of the attorney general. #Quote by Alberto Gonzales
Working With Others quotes by Jeff Kinney
#36. Working with Dav Pilkey was a dream come true. Dav is incredibly funny, and he's been a hero of mine for a long time. It was great bringing the 'Wimpy Kid' and 'Captain Underpants' worlds together! #Quote by Jeff Kinney
Working With Others quotes by Thomas Merton
#37. That year I had signed up for a course in French Medieval Literature. My mind was turning back, in a way, to the things I remembered from the old days in Saint Antonin. The deep, naive, rich simplicity of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries was beginning to speak to me again. I had written a paper on a legend of a 'Jongleur de Notre Dame,' compared with a story from the Fathers of the Desert, in Migne's Latin Patrology. I was being drawn back into the Catholic atmosphere, and I could feel the health of it, even in the merely natural order, working already within me. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Working With Others quotes by Colin Wilson
#38. The exploration of oneself is usually also an exploration of the world at large, of other writers, a process of comparison with oneself with others, discoveries of kinships, gradual illumination of one's own potentialities. #Quote by Colin Wilson
Working With Others quotes by Eugene V. Debs
#39. I am not a capitalist soldier; I am a proletarian revolutionist. I do not belong to the regular army of the plutocracy, but to the irregular army of the people. I refuse to obey any command to fight from the ruling class, but I will not wait to be commanded to fight for the working class. I am opposed to every war but one; I am for that war with heart and soul, and that is the world-wide war of social revolution. In that war I am prepared to fight in any way the ruling class may make necessary, even to the barricades. #Quote by Eugene V. Debs
Working With Others quotes by Jase Robertson
#40. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of something moving behind me. When I turned, I saw two coyotes standing in an ambush positon. They were watching my brother Jep, who was working as our cameraman and was positioned to the right of us. The coyotes saw Jep moving, but because he was so camouflaged, they apparently didn't realize he was a human. Our guide in Nebraska had warned us that he'd seen several coyotes jump from the top of the bluffs to the ducks below for a quick meal. The landowner was having a lot of problems with the coyotes, which were suspected of killing some of his farm animals. He even feared a few of them might have rabies. Evidently, the coyotes heard us blowing our duck calls and believed we were actual ducks. Now they were ready for their next meal. We had accidentally called in two predators using our duck calls and in essence became the hunted instead of the hunters!
The two coyotes were licking their chops and were about to attack the only unarmed member of our hunting party! It was like a scene out of a bad horror film called Killer Coyotes. I looked at Jep and realized he was oblivious to what was going on behind him. I jumped out of our makeshift blind and ran toward the coyotes. One of the coyotes took off running, but the other one ran about twenty feet and stopped. It turned around and started growling at me. It looked at me like, "Hey, you want some of me?" I raised my shotgun and shot it dead. I had planned on shooting only ducks, but it's a ba #Quote by Jase Robertson
Working With Others quotes by Benmont Tench
#41. I loved working with Bob Dylan. #Quote by Benmont Tench
Working With Others quotes by Henry Rosovsky
#42. Active scholars are uniquely attracted by a high-quality graduate school of arts and sciences. Faculty members consider the teaching and training of new generations of graduate students as their highest calling. They believe that working with graduate students maintains and develops their professional skills more effectively than any other activity. It may be the main reason for the great attraction of academic jobs. Laboratory scientists have told me that the opportunity to work with graduate students keeps them in the university. For them, other options would center on research in commercial laboratories, but there the principal investigator would be assisted by technicians, and that is considered a far less creative interaction. #Quote by Henry Rosovsky
Working With Others quotes by Vaneetha Rendall Risner
#43. I've often been devastated when he tells me no, but as I submit to his will in those situations - even with disappointment and tears - he assures me he's working for my good. I see only part of the picture. He has a purpose in his denials. The Father said no to the Son [in Gethsemane]. And that no brought about the greatest good in all of history. God is not capricious. If he says no to our requests, he has a reason - perhaps ten thousand. We may never know the reasons in this life, but one day we'll see them all. For now, we must trust that his refusals are always his mercies to us. #Quote by Vaneetha Rendall Risner
Working With Others quotes by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
#44. It is such a mistake to assume that practicing dharma will help us calm down and lead an untroubled life; nothing could be further from the truth. Dharma is not a therapy. Quite the opposite, in fact; dharma is tailored specifically to turn your life upside down - it's what you sign up for. So when your life goes pear-shaped, why do you complain? If you practice and your life fails to capsize, it is a sign that what you are doing is not working. This is what distinguishes the dharma from New Age methods involving auras, relationships, communication, well-being, the Inner Child, being one with the universe, and tree hugging. From the point of view of dharma, such interests are the toys of samsaric beings - toys that quickly bore us senseless. #Quote by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
Working With Others quotes by Ali Rezavand Zayeri
#45. Most of our tension with others are because they show the reality of us and we can't accept it. People are best mirror. #Quote by Ali Rezavand Zayeri
Working With Others quotes by Bill Nye
#46. We can be a lot smarter and more capable than a lot of the technology doubters and climate deniers assume. The people who dismiss concerns about global warming seem to be the pessimists who would rather give up than own up to the problems we have all created. The people who worry most about what we are doing to the planet are the optimists who believe we also have the intelligence - we, as a species, working together - to come up with powerful solutions to the problems we're working on that will change the world for the better. Which way of looking at the world is going to produce a Next Greatest Generation? Will it be the ones who give up, or the ones who get going? #Quote by Bill Nye
Working With Others quotes by Emma Watson
#47. Jodie Foster did it, Natalie Portman did it. I think it's entirely possible to juggle university with filming ... I actually think going to university will make me a better actress. The experience of living like that, working to deadlines, living with other students. It's all the things I want. There are actresses who don't know about things like doing their own laundry and getting a bus. I'm not going to be like that. For me, this is just the beginning. I've only shown a little bit of what I can do. There is so much more to come. #Quote by Emma Watson
Working With Others quotes by Alexander Ludwig
#48. I'm releasing a single. It's called 'Live it Up.' It was based on my Euro trip. I only write my own music. I don't let other people write it at all. So I've been working on that a lot. There's three singles coming out. The producer of The Fray who did their double-platinum album 'How to Save a Life,' I'm working with him. He's producing me. #Quote by Alexander Ludwig
Working With Others quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#49. On impulse, I go round the small clearing, picking up all the trash, working with a burst of energy. There isn't a rubbish bin, but I gather it together and put it next to a large rock. My life might be a mess, but I can clear a patch of land, at least. #Quote by Sophie Kinsella
Working With Others quotes by Teresa DeCicco
#50. By working with one's own dream images and learning how to interpret them, a dreamer is unlocking the treasure box of insight, guidance, and transformation. #Quote by Teresa DeCicco
Working With Others quotes by Mary Ellen Trainor
#51. Television gives you the opportunity to create more of an ongoing camaraderie with everyone you're working with. #Quote by Mary Ellen Trainor
Working With Others quotes by Alexander MacLaren
#52. The sum of the whole matter is this: He who is one in will and heart with God is a Christian. He who loves God is one in will and heart with Him. He who trusts Christ loves God. That is Christianity in its ultimate purpose and result. That is Christianity in its means and working forces. That is Christianity in its starting point and foundation. #Quote by Alexander MacLaren
Working With Others quotes by Mark-Paul Gosselaar
#53. I have always had good strength in my legs from working out with weights. I have also been riding a bike of some sort for most of my life and have good agility. #Quote by Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Working With Others quotes by Charles A. Beard
#54. The real aim of social and industrial organization ought to be the production of strong, healthy men and women, capable of playing and working with the least pain and the greatest joy. #Quote by Charles A. Beard
Working With Others quotes by Errol Morris
#55. There are endless anxieties in putting a film together, and it's an enormous relief when you know it's working with an audience. #Quote by Errol Morris
Working With Others quotes by Stuart Miller
#56. But we Americans scrap relationships that are not working as we would like -- whether they be with relatives, with spouses, or with friends. We dispose of them like Kleenex. When it is inconvenient, painful, difficult, I get rid of you. I hit the road. #Quote by Stuart Miller

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