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Word Up Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
#1. Truth had run through my fingers. Every drop had escaped. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Word Up Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
#2. A very elementary exercise in psychology, not to be dignified by the name of psycho-analysis, showed me, on looking at my notebook, that the sketch of the angry professor had been made in anger. Anger had snatched my pencil while I dreamt. But what was anger doing there? Interest, confusion, amusement, boredom
all these emotions I could trace and name as they succeeded each other throughout the morning. Had anger, the black snake, been lurking among them? Yes, said the sketch, anger had. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Word Up Virginia quotes by Charles Dickens
#3. Thus, a strain of gentle music, or the rippling of water in a silent place, or the odour of a flower, or the mention of a familiar word, will sometimes call up sudden dim remembrances of scenes that never were, in this life; which vanish like a breath; which some brief memory of a happier existence, long gone by, would seem to have awakened; which no voluntary exertion of the mind can ever recall. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Word Up Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
#4. For the whole world seemed to have dissolved in this early morning hour into a pool of thought, a deep basin of reality, and one could almost fancy that had Mr. Carmichael spoken, for instance, a little tear would have rent the surface pool. And then? Something would emerge. A hand would be shoved up, a blade would be flashed. It was nonsense of course. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Word Up Virginia quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#5. Young Castle called me "Scoop." "Good Morning, Scoop. What's new in the word game?"

"I might ask the same of you," I replied.

"I'm thinking of calling a general strike of all writers until mankind finally comes to its senses. Would you support it?"

"Do writers have a right to strike? That would be like the police or the firemen walking out."

"Or the college professors."

"Or the college professors," I agreed. I shook my head. "No, I don't think my conscience would let me support a strike like that. When a man becomes a writer, I think he takes a sacred obligation to produce beauty and enlightenment and comfort at top speed."

"I just can't help thinking what a real shake up it would give people if, all of a sudden, there were no new books, new plays, new histories, new poems..."

"And how proud would you be when people started dying like flies?" I demanded.

"They'd die more like mad dogs, I think--snarling & snapping at each other & biting their own tails."

I turned to Castle the elder. "Sir, how does a man die when he's deprived of the consolation of literature?"

"In one of two ways," he said, "petrescence of the heart or atrophy of the nervous system."

"Neither one very pleasant, I expect," I suggested.

"No," said Castle the elder. "For the love of God, both of you, please keep writing! #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Word Up Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
#6. But what answer? Well that the soul - for she was conscious of a movement in her of some creature beating its way about her and trying to escape which momentarily she called the soul - is by nature unmated, a widow bird; a bird perched aloof on that tree.
But then Bertram, putting his arm through hers in his familiar way, for he had known her all her life, remarked that they were not doing their duty and must go in.
At that moment, in some back street or public house, the usual terrible sexless, inarticulate voice rang out; a shriek, a cry. And the widow bird, startled, flew away, describing wider and wider circles until it became (what she called her soul) remote as a crow which has been startled up into the air by a stone thrown at it. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Word Up Virginia quotes by Karen Traviss
#7. BB didn't say a word. Maybe integrating into Naomi's systems had shut him up for once. Mal decided to keep a watchful eye on the relationship. Everyone was getting on fine: better than fine, in fact, a really close-knit and easy-going team. The last thing they needed was a Spartan saddled with an AI she didn't want. But that wasn't a problem he could solve, given that they were the two most advanced and expensive pieces of defense technology the UNSC had ever produced. They were stuck with each other. #Quote by Karen Traviss
Word Up Virginia quotes by Tupelo Hassman
#8. 6. Sleep with a bra on every night in fear of your boobs dropping should you forget. Intermediate: Don't wear a bra in the daytime. Advanced: Forget bras and wear the Hear Comes Trouble T-shirt you got for your eighth birthday. Act offended if anyone stares at the new shape of the word Trouble. Wear the shirt until your mother asks what smells. #Quote by Tupelo Hassman
Word Up Virginia quotes by C.R. Beck
#9. Aren't you scared?" I asked. She had a way about her that made you question existence.
"I am strong," she answered. Her voice grew with every word. "I am fiercely beautiful," she continued. Her face lit up with every utterance. "And I am not afraid," she whispered. I swear she rose a thousand feet with every note.
To this day I've never seen anything like the girl. She made breathing hurt. She swore she'd change it all. And now? Look at her. She's defying gravity. #Quote by C.R. Beck
Word Up Virginia quotes by Hilary Duff
#10. If there was any doubt about the authenticity of his fake ID, it would now be put to the test. As Sage waited for the Secret Service to do their due diligence, I wondered how much our mission to find Dad would be set back by Sage taking a quick detour to federal prison.
"He's clear," the lead agent finally said.
Great, we could go in. Sage politely insisted that Rayna and I enter before him.
"Not sure that's such a good idea," I said, but he wouldn't hear it. Rayna, Ben, and I shared a knowing smile. Then I shrugged and stepped over the threshold…immediately triggering the Piri alarm. I don't know how she knew; she was all the way in the kitchen. But the minute I stepped into the foyer she raced in, arms waving in the air, a high-pitched scream keening from her lungs.
"He made me do it, Piri," I said, happily tossing Sage under the bus. "I tried to tell him-"
Piri strode right up to Sage, her head barely reaching his sternum, and jabbed her finger into his chest to emphasize each scolding word. "You never let a woman enter this house before a man! Very bad luck! And when the senator's doing business! Jaj!"
She pushed us back outside, closed the door, and spit three times on the porch (barely missing the shoes of one of the Secret Service agents), then turned her baleful eyes to Sage, asking him to do the same.
"I don't think I really need to spit on Clea's porch," Sage said uncomfortably, but Piri's glare only grew m #Quote by Hilary Duff
Word Up Virginia quotes by James Hilton ( Cowboy)
#11. I love you. "Is not enough to make up for the pain that never heals and starts again at the slightest word. #Quote by James Hilton ( Cowboy)
Word Up Virginia quotes by Jeanne Marie Laskas
#12. Now, brooder is an interesting word. People who worry a lot in silence are known as brooders. But then again so is a hen sitting on her eggs. The more I get to know chickens, the more I realize half our language comes from chickens. Well, not half. But an awful lot considering this isn't Latin or anything. Cooped up. Egghead. Hatch a plan. Henpecked. Pecker. Cock. Chickenshit. Chicken-scratch. A lot of chicken words are meant to deliver attitude, which isn't surprising to me now that I have chickens. Chickens aren't background animals like fish or sheep or horses. Chickens are in-your-face animals. Chickens if you have them, come to bracket your days. The rooster hollers all morning, and then in the evening the hens have left you their mysterious gift of eggs.
Silkies are said to be excellent brooders, to have a tendency toward "broodiness." This, too, is usually meant as a compliment. #Quote by Jeanne Marie Laskas
Word Up Virginia quotes by James MacDonald
#13. All I can say is Bishop Jakes would not currently accept the designation of Prosperity Preacher or Word of Faith Preacher as an accurate description of what he believes currently. Now his ministry will have to bear that out. I'm not here to defend him or stick up for his various errors. And I don't want to minimize error that is significant. All I'm saying is that he, as of two weeks ago, would not accept those terms, in private conversation, as accurate descriptors of what he believes. #Quote by James MacDonald
Word Up Virginia quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
#14. All the time God ever spent on you was wasted, an' your mother's had the same luck. I s'pose God's used to having creatures 'at He's made go wrong, but I pity your mother. Goodness knows a woman suffers an' works enough over her children, an' then to fetch a boy to man's estate an' have him, of his own free will an' accord, be a liar! Young man, truth is the cornerstone o' the temple o' character. Nobody can put up a good buildin' without a solid foundation; an' you can't do solid character buildin' with a lie at the base. Man 'at's a liar ain't fit for anything! Can't trust him in no sphere or relation o' life; or in any way, shape, or manner. You passed out your word like a man, an' like a man I took it an' went off trustin' you, an' you failed me. #Quote by Gene Stratton-Porter
Word Up Virginia quotes by John F. MacArthur Jr.
#15. 1:8 The apostles' mission of spreading the gospel was the major reason the Holy Spirit empowered them. This event dramatically altered world history, and the gospel message eventually reached all parts of the earth (Matt. 28:19, 20). receive power. The apostles had already experienced the Holy Spirit's saving, guiding, teaching, and miracle-working power. Soon they would receive His indwelling presence and a new dimension of power for witness (2:4; 1 Cor. 6:19, 20; Eph. 3:16, 20). witnesses. People who tell the truth about Jesus Christ (John 14:26; 1 Pet. 3:15). The Greek word means "one who dies for his faith" because that was commonly the price of witnessing. Judea. The region in which Jerusalem was located. Samaria. The region immediately to the north of Judea. Jesus Ascends to Heaven 9Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. #Quote by John F. MacArthur Jr.
Word Up Virginia quotes by Jarod Kintz
#16. Did I spell the word "did" right? Of course not! I got my D's mixed up. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Word Up Virginia quotes by Iain S. Thomas
#17. Let's talk about it another time.*

*If I'm honest, sometimes I feel like we've been trying to find each other in every life before this one, and this is as close as we've ever gotten. And I know now that we have to try again because we fucked this up. Maybe we won't even be born on the same continent next time, or the time after that, and we'll just spend those lives searching for something we can't find, miserable for reasons we will never understand. Until we get to try again. Until we somehow find each other in another life. #Quote by Iain S. Thomas
Word Up Virginia quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#18. Tell me what I must do to atone; tell me to crawl over hot coals, to sleep on a bed of nails, to carve up my flesh. Say the word, and it is done. But let me care for you as I once did, before ... before that madness poisoned my heart. Punish me, torture me, wreck me, but let me help you. Do this small thing for me - and let me lay the world at your feet. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Word Up Virginia quotes by Robbie Williams
#19. I've been asked many times if I considered myself a narcissist, so I looked up the real meaning of the word, and I came to the conclusion that indeed I am one. I think of myself as better than other people, not every person, but many, unique and talented, and I aim to success. #Quote by Robbie Williams
Word Up Virginia quotes by John Piper
#20. The entire life and work of Jesus is one great argument why we should listen to his word. Page after page of the New Testament Gospels pile up reasons to turn off the television and listen to Jesus. #Quote by John Piper
Word Up Virginia quotes by Hilary Duff
#21. I missed you," I said.
"Missed you, too. Welcome home."
We moved in to hug each other, then I sprang back seconds before getting smushed against his still-sopping-wet sweater.
"Ooh, poor form on my part," he said, and peeled off his sodden sweater. He wore a thin white T-shirt underneath. The coffee spill had left the shirt a bit damp, and it clung slightly to his chest in a way that made me stare and caught my voice in my throat.
That was ridiculous, of course. Ben and I had the kind of friendship where we talked about things like that. I could tease him about his suddenly well-toned body; he'd make some kind of self-effacing joke and parry by bringing up something absurd he'd seen about me in a magazine...
But I didn't say a word. And I didn't stop looking. Clearly I was in a sleep-deprived haze.
"You could still try the coffee," he offered. "There's plenty in the sweater. I can just wring it right into the mug."
I shook off my reverie. "Tempting offer, but no thanks. You really need to give up on the coffee thing. I'm never converting from tea."
"We'll see," he said. He set the wet sweater on the hand towel, then turned to me with his arms out. "Better?"
"Much," I said, and closed the distance between us so he could fold me into his arms.
"Hel-lo! Please tell me I'm interrupting something!" It was Rayna, and at the sound of her voice, Ben and I sheepishly pulled apart. Again, ridiculous. Hugging was nothing unus #Quote by Hilary Duff
Word Up Virginia quotes by Jackson Galaxy
#22. Let me explain before another word is written: I have never once asked a cat, "So tell me what's up, Charlie?" and Charlie says, "Jeez Jackson, thanks for asking. A little annoyed by the fluorescent lights, and will you please check out this tiny piece-of-junk pan I have to crap in but, hey, I still got my legs, you know? Can't complain, pal. #Quote by Jackson Galaxy
Word Up Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
#23. Far rather would she that he were dead! She could not sit beside him when he stared so and did not see her and made everything terrible; sky and tree, children playing, dragging carts, blowing whistles, falling down; all were terrible. And he would not kill himself; and she could tell no one. "Septimus has been working too hard"––that was all she could say to her own mother. To love makes one solitary, she thought. She could tell nobody, not even Septimus now, and looking back, she saw him sitting in his shabby overcoat alone, on the seat, hunched up, staring. And it was cowardly for a man to say he would kill himself, but Septimus had fought; he was brave; he was not Septimus now. She put on her lace collar. She put on her new hat and he never noticed; and he was happy without her. Nothing could make her happy without him! Nothing! He was selfish. So men are. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Word Up Virginia quotes by Jessica Lynch
#24. I grew up in Palestine, West Virginia, which is mostly a farming community; there aren't a lot of jobs. #Quote by Jessica Lynch
Word Up Virginia quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#25. There are objects made up of two sense elements, one visual, the other auditory - the colour of a sunrise and the distant call of a bird. Other objects are made up of many elements - the sun, the water against the swimmer's chest, the vague quivering pink which one sees when the eyes are closed, the feeling of being swept away by a river or by sleep. These second degree objects can be combined with others; using certain abbreviations, the process is practically an infinite one. There are famous poems made up of one enormous word, a word which in truth forms a poetic object, the creation of the writer. The fact that no one believes that nouns refer to an actual reality means, paradoxically enough, that there is no limit to the numbers of them. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Word Up Virginia quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#26. Suddenly, this word fills me with a sense of sadness I haven't felt since childhood. The kind of sadness you feel at the end of summer. When the fireflies are gone, the ponds are all dried up and the plants are wilted. It's no longer really summer but the air is still too warm and heavy to be fall. It's the season between seasons. It's the feeling of something dying. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Word Up Virginia quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#27. Luther had said that grace alone can save; his followers took up his doctrine and repeated it word for word. But they left out its invariable corollary, the obligation to discipleship ... The justification of the sinner in the world degenerated into the justification of sin and the world. Costly grace was turned into cheap grace without discipleship. #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Word Up Virginia quotes by Kate O'Grady
#28. We all have a trigger build into our head... Not aware of its existence whatsoever. But a single word can pull the trigger. Forcing us to feel numb, allowing the shadows to sip through the cracks in our build up shell. #Quote by Kate O'Grady
Word Up Virginia quotes by Virginia Woolf
#29. But how entirely I live in my imagination; how completely depend upon spurts of thought, coming as I walk, as I sit; things churning up in my mind and so making a perpetual pageant, which is to be my happiness. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Word Up Virginia quotes by Michael Grant
#30. The gaiaphage. That's the other word they use. 'Gaia,' as in world. 'Phage,' as in a worm or something that eats something up. I'm going to go way out on a limb here and say I don't think something that calls itself a 'world eater' is a good thing. #Quote by Michael Grant
Word Up Virginia quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#31. I want to stay," and then, more weakly, "Need some more sun."
A fly from a batch of seaweed lands on a white, bony thigh. She doesn't slap at it. It doesn't go away.
"But there's no sun, dude." I tell her.
I start to walk away. So what, I mutter under my breath. When she wants to come in, she will. Imagine a blind person dreaming. I head back up toward the house. Wonder if Griffin will stick around, if Mona made reservations for dinner, if Spin will call back. "I know what the word dead means," I whisper to myself as softly as I can because it sounds like an omen. #Quote by Bret Easton Ellis
Word Up Virginia quotes by Harry Brandt
#32. Hey," Pavlicek held on, "what's the most bullshit word in the English language." "Closure." "Give that man a cigar," Pavlicek said, then hung up. #Quote by Harry Brandt
Word Up Virginia quotes by Jonathan Anthony Burkett
#33. In life I will fall, I will backslide, but mark my word I will never give up. #Quote by Jonathan Anthony Burkett
Word Up Virginia quotes by Billy Baldwin
#34. The word that almost makes me throw up is satin; damask makes me throw up. #Quote by Billy Baldwin
Word Up Virginia quotes by Katie McGarry
#35. He tipped my chin, forcing me to look at him. "We have forever to work up to that, Echo. Let's enjoy every step of the way."
My mind drifted this way and that. Mostly between focusing on his heart, his touch and the sweetest word i had ever heard: forever. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Word Up Virginia quotes by Jocelyn Green
#36. Connect with positive people who will stand in faith with you and lift you up in prayer. Study the Word of God and put your faith in action, for the Bible declares, "Faith without deeds is dead" (James 2:26) #Quote by Jocelyn Green
Word Up Virginia quotes by Eloisa James
#37. Undoubtedly I will receive letters asking about the coney's kiss. The truth is that I made it up. There are many Renaissance jokes about coneys, or rabbits. The word was associated with women, particularly with their sexual parts, and young men in plays tend to boast of their coney-catching ways. I've never read a joke about a coney's kiss: One has to hope that that doesn't reflect a lack of imagination of [sic] the part of sixteenth-century men. #Quote by Eloisa James
Word Up Virginia quotes by R.C. Ryan
#38. If you wouldn't mind driving my truck across the tarmac,I'd like to unload the medical supplies and deliver them to the clinic on the way to Delia's."
"Good idea.Let's kill two birds."
Marilee shook her head. "Please.I'd rather not talk about killing any birds."
Wyatt paused and touched a hand to her cheek.
She felt the heat all the way to her toes.
He stared down into her eyes,and his lips curved into a killer smile that had those same toes curling with pleasure.
"My fearless,independent adventurer. You handle a plane like you were born with wings.I've watched you patch up battered, bloody cowboys without flinching. But you can't even think about harming a bird."
She couldn't say a word.Her throat was dry as dust.
With a thoughtful look he rubbed a thumb over her lower lip,then turned away and headed toward her truck.
Marilee remained where she was, absorbing the aftershock of his touch. She'd thought he would kiss her.Had wanted him to.Desperately. Instead, all he'd done was touch her.And that had been enough to reduce her to a weak, trembling mass of jelly.
She was going to have to do something about these jumbled hormones.
She sucked in a deep breath and got to work hauling the cases of medical supplies.
By the time Wyatt drove the truck close to the plane,she was in control and able to work alongside him without sighing like a girl with her first crutch.
But just barely. #Quote by R.C. Ryan
Word Up Virginia quotes by Valerie Jarrett
#39. But if I were to sum up who Barack Obama is and how he plans to meet this moment with one word, that word would be 'responsibility.' Responsibility to each other, our families, our communities, our country, and our world. #Quote by Valerie Jarrett
Word Up Virginia quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#40. What I have defined as a destination is most often the place I just happened to end up at. And where I just happen to end up at is not a destination in any sense of any word that I know. Rather, it is a life never lived because it was a life never planned. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough

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