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Woodwell Gaming quotes by Joe Dunthorne
#1. After that, we had a short conversation about how your body can sometimes seem totally separate. She said her body can feel like a distant bureaucracy controlled by telegrams from her brain, and I said my body is sometimes like that of Mario Mario, being controlled with a Nintendo joypad. Mario's surname is Mario. #Quote by Joe Dunthorne
Woodwell Gaming quotes by William Blackstone
#2. Gaming is a kind of tacit confession that the company engaged therein do in general exceed the bounds of their respective fortunes, and therefore they cast lots to determine upon whom the ruin shall at present fall, that the rest may be saved a little longer. #Quote by William Blackstone
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Bernard De Koven
#3. On the one hand we have the playing mind - innovative, magical, boundless. On the other is the gaming mind - concentrated, determined, intelligent. And on the hand that holds them both together we have the notion of playing well. #Quote by Bernard De Koven
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Anita Sarkeesian
#4. Online harassment, especially gendered online harassment, is an epidemic. Women are being driven out; they're being driven offline. This isn't just in gaming. This is happening across the board online, especially with women who participate in or work in male-dominated industries. #Quote by Anita Sarkeesian
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Hilary Mantel
#5. In his student days he was known for a sharp slanderous tongue, for irreverance to his seniors, for drinking and gaming for high stakes. But who would hold up his head, if people judged us by what we were like at twenty? #Quote by Hilary Mantel
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Felicia Day
#6. I'm super excited about gaming always. That's the thing that I geek out over; those are the vlogs that I'm surfing if I'm not already playing a game at night. #Quote by Felicia Day
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Zachary Levi
#7. Being nerdy just means being passionate about something, including everyone - the coolest people on Earth are passionate and therefore nerdy about something whatever it is, whether it's sports, or gaming, or technology, or fashion, or beauty, or food, or whatever. #Quote by Zachary Levi
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Sarah MacLean
#8. Answer me, Penelope. Why are you here?"
She met his gaze, her blue eyes firm. "I told you. I'm here to play billiards."
"With Cross."
"Well, to be fair, I thought it might be with you."
"Why would you think that?" He would never have invited her to his gaming hell.
"The invitation was delivered by Mrs. Worth. I thought you sent it."
"Why would I send you an invitation?"
"I don't know. Perhaps you'd realized you were wrong and did not want to admit it aloud? #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Wayne Brady
#9. My mom didn't let me play video games growing up, so now I do. Gaming gives me a chance to just let go, blow somebody up and fight somebody from another dimension. It's all escapism. #Quote by Wayne Brady
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Mary Beard
#10. Hunting, bathing, gaming, laughing: that's living (venari lavare ludere ridere occest vivere). #Quote by Mary Beard
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#11. Gabriel's family owned a private gaming house, ostensibly a gentlemen's club, patronized by royalty, aristocracy, and men of influence. Before inheriting the dukedom, his father, Sebastian, had personally run and managed the club, turning it into one of London's most fashionable gaming establishments. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
#12. There are as many approaches to unschooling as there are people, by design. A child is supported to read when ready and interested, not on another's timetable, for example. He can and will be encouraged to pursue a wide range of interests, based on his interests, such as free play, inventing, experimenting scientifically, video gaming, role modeling through friendship, spiritual development through inquiry of self and others, athletics, learning to trust himself and others. #Quote by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
Woodwell Gaming quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#13. There is no magical formula to beat the casino. None. Save your money. Save yourself from the cons of an author and the cons of the casino. #Quote by John-Talmage Mathis
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Jo Marchant
#14. It also makes me wonder whether we might soon see pain relief trials funded not by drug companies, but by the gaming industry. #Quote by Jo Marchant
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Joseph Laycock
#15. An example of this is an urban legend told in some gaming circles about a gazebo. #Quote by Joseph Laycock
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Donald Miller
#16. I will love you like God, because of God, mighted by the power of God. I will stop expecting your love, demanding your love, trading for your love, gaming for your love. I will simply love. #Quote by Donald Miller
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Sean A. Culey
#17. It's the mother of all technological babysitters, and its ability to entertain will be welcomed if both parents are lucky enough to have jobs. These children are not going to be concerned about the issues of the physical world when they have a whole virtual universe to explore and an on-demand genius as a best friend. Like Pinocchio and the other boys being tempted by the lights and promise of instant gratification on Pleasure Island, so the world of online gaming, AI friends and virtual reality will attract children away from real-world activities – and, like Pleasure Island, it has the potential to turn them into dumb and docile asses, easy to manipulate and control. #Quote by Sean A. Culey
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#18. Dear dad,
in consequence of a trivial altercation with a Captain Tapper, of Wild Violet Lodge, whom I happened to step upon in the corridor of a train, I had a pistol duel this morning in the woods near Kalugano and am now no more. Though the manner of my end can be regarded as a kind of easy suicide, the encounter and the ineffable Captain are in no way connected with the Sorrows of Young Veen. In 1884, during my first summer in Ardis, I seduced your daughter, who was then twelve. Our torrid affair lasted till my return to Riverlane; it was resumed last June, four years later. That happiness has been the greatest event in my life, and I have no regrets. Yesterday, though, I discovered she had been unfaithful to me, so we parted. Tapper, I think, may be the chap who was thrown out of one of your gaming clubs for attempting oral intercourse with the washroom attendant, a toothless old cripple, veteran of the first Crimean War. Lots of flowers, please!
Your loving son, Van

He carefully reread his letter – and carefully tore it up. The note he finally placed in his coat pocket was much briefer.

I had a trivial quarrel with a stranger whose face I slapped and who killed me in a duel near Kalugano. Sorry!
Van #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Ed Greenwood
#19. Over the years, Forgotten Realms and gaming have taken me all over the world and made me all sorts of new friends. #Quote by Ed Greenwood
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Andy Serkis
#20. I'm not a big gamer myself. I've (become) increasingly interested in games. And I certainly am passionate about, about storytelling in gaming. And, and the marriage of, you know, immersive characters, with gaming. #Quote by Andy Serkis
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#21. Women in the online gaming community have been harassed, threatened, and driven out. Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist media critic who documented such incidents, received support for her work, but also, in the words of a journalist, 'another wave of really aggressive, you know, violent personal threats, her accounts attempted to be hacked. And one man in Ontario took the step of making an online video game where you could punch Anita's image on the screen. And if you punched it multiple times, bruises and cuts would appear on her image.' The difference between these online gamers and the Taliban men who, last October, tried to murder fourteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai for speaking out about the right of Pakistani women to education is one of degree. Both are trying to silence and punish women for claiming voice, power, and the right to participate. Welcome to Manistan. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Ted Kosmatka
#22. The enrichment center would like to announce a new employee initiative of forced voluntary participation.

If any Aperture Science employee would like to opt out of this new voluntary testing program, please remember; science rhymes with compliance.

Do you know what doesn't rhyme with compliance?


Due to high mortality rates, you may be reluctant to participate in the new initiative.

The enrichtment center assures you this is a strictly selfish impulse on your part, and why can't you love science like [insert co-worker's name here]? #Quote by Ted Kosmatka
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Jeremy Stoppelman
#23. Maintaining the trust of the consumer is critical to our business. We live and breathe only one thing, which is wanting to connect consumers with great local businesses, and I don't feel we can do that if we don't have effective ways to prevent gaming of the system. #Quote by Jeremy Stoppelman
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Marc Andreessen
#24. An awful lot of successful technology companies ended up being in a slightly different market than they started out in. Microsoft started with programming tools, but came out with an operating system. Oracle started doing contracts for the CIA. AOL started out as an online video gaming network. #Quote by Marc Andreessen
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Zoltan Andrejkovics
#25. The only boundaries for you are those, you place in yourself. #Quote by Zoltan Andrejkovics
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#26. Good evening," Evie murmured, taking a place at the table beside Sebastian. She smiled as she glanced up at him. "Are you clever with numbers, my lord?"
"I've always thought so," Sebastian replied ruefully, "until now. Rohan ... are the other croupiers adept with probability calculations?"
"Adept enough, my lord. They are well-trained. They all know how to tempt a player to make wagers to the house's advantage, how to identify a good player from a bad one ... "
"Trained by whom?" Evie asked.
Cam's grin was a flash of startling white in his honey-skinned face. "By me, of course. No one understands gaming as well as I."
Smiling, Evie glanced up at her husband. "All he lacks is confidence," she remarked dryly. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Mike Powell
#27. I love gaming, I'm actually more of a nerd than a metal head and if you see me at shows chances are I'm by our merch table playing league of legends on my laptop or playing super Nintendo or Playstation through an emulator. My Nintendo pretty much raised me. #Quote by Mike Powell
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Emmett Shear
#28. There's no bigger gaming franchise on the console than 'Call of Duty', and we can't wait to see what the community can create with this new tool. #Quote by Emmett Shear
Woodwell Gaming quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#29. It felt wrong for me to push Lady Luck to the side and for me to choose who ought to be 'lucky'. It didn't seem right. It wasn't fair. #Quote by John-Talmage Mathis
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#30. They were freer than their forefathers in dress and living, and spent more in other kinds of excesses, consuming their time and money in idleness, gaming, and women; their chief aim was to appear well dressed and to speak with wit and acuteness, whilst he who could wound others the most cleverly was thought the wisest." In #Quote by Niccolo Machiavelli
Woodwell Gaming quotes by Charles Lamb
#31. Man is a gaming animal. #Quote by Charles Lamb

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