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Woman Falling In Love quotes by Melanie Griffith
#1. People are not used to seeing an older woman on screen, unless she's playing a character role. Why can't they make a movie about a woman who's forty-five who's falling in love or getting divorced? Why does the leading role always have to be a woman who's twenty-three or twenty-eight? #Quote by Melanie Griffith
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Kristin Hannah
#2. A romance novel focuses exclusively on two people falling in love. It can't be about a woman caring for her aging mother or something like that. It can have that element, but it has to be primarily about the male-female relationship. #Quote by Kristin Hannah
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Julian Tuwim
#3. Tragedy
to fall in love with a face, and marry the whole woman. #Quote by Julian Tuwim
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Caitlin Stasey
#4. Falling in love is not the only adventure worthy of a young woman. #Quote by Caitlin Stasey
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Trevor Corson
#5. If you've ever wondered what we're missing by sitting at computers in cubicles all day, follow Jessica DuLong when she loses her desk job and embarks on this unlikely but fantastic voyage. Deeply original, riveting to read, and soul-bearingly honest, "My River Chronicles" is a surprisingly infectious romance about a young woman falling in love with a muscle-y old boat. As DuLong learns to navigate her way through a man's world of tools and engines, and across the swirling currents of a temperamental river, her book also becomes a love letter to a nation. In tune with the challenges of our times, DuLong reminds us of the skills and dedication that built America, and inspires us to renew ourselves once again. #Quote by Trevor Corson
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Philippa Gregory
#6. Plainly, she is quite besotted by him, ... a girl, a young girl, and she is falling in love for the first time in her life ... little Kitty Howard at a loss, stumbling in her speech, blushing like a rose, thinking of someone else and not herself is to see a girl become a woman. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Jennifer Love Hewitt
#7. I want to be an independent woman who falls in love, finds a great partner for her lifetime, has kids and kind of does it all. I'd like to have it all. #Quote by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Hanif Kureishi
#8. 'Anna Karenina' is just a story about a woman falling in love with a bloke who is not her husband. It's gossip, rubbish - on the other hand, it's the deepest story there could be about social transgression, about love, betrayal, duty, children. #Quote by Hanif Kureishi
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Jenn Waterman
#9. Mistaken

Memories are all that I have to anchor me,
Yet they're often what leaves me unhinged,
Falling from that could I thought was so safe.
You came to a place, where – besides me –
You were uninvited.
Leaving, you promised me I could always
Count on you.

I especially miss that.

My kindred spirit,
The one who promised to love me,
Only to prove yourself a liar –
Going from Prince Charming
To the Big Bad Wolf,
Truly thinking only of yourself

Leaving me
With empty promises, alone in the dark,
Burnt from the initial spark
Of what I mistook for love,
Making my memories a false refuge.

(full poem) #Quote by Jenn Waterman
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Cote De Pablo
#10. I still get very excited when people say they fall in love. It doesn't matter how old you are, falling in love is a beautiful thing. And I still act like I did when I was a teenager. I get fluttery and tap dance around. I'm never afraid of making funny faces or being completely goofy. #Quote by Cote De Pablo
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Kristin Scott Thomas
#11. Most films seem to be about a man and a women falling in love at some point and once you pass forty-five, it's almost disgusting to fall in love. #Quote by Kristin Scott Thomas
Woman Falling In Love quotes by C.S. Harris
#12. Love. I think an angel would fear falling in love with a mortal - someone who could be theirs for only a short time and then would slip away forever. He #Quote by C.S. Harris
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Linda Yellin
#13. If only falling in real life love were this easy. Take a big breath and open your eyes #Quote by Linda Yellin
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Isabel Allende
#14. People are afraid of falling in love because they don't want to suffer. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Prabhukrishna M
#15. Love. It felt like a falling raindrop scatter on a trembling leaf then roll of its tip in a cascade of pearls #Quote by Prabhukrishna M
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Gabriel Marcel
#16. A mystery is a problem that encroaches upon itself because the questioner becomes the object of the question. Getting to Mars is a problem. Falling in love is a mystery. #Quote by Gabriel Marcel
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Charlotte Eriksson
#17. Art is supposed to reflect your journey through real life. Your discovery of your character in solitude and around other people, the moments of clarity when you feel loved and the moment when your heart breaks so much that you can hear it crack. When you run careless and free on open fields and when you're struggling on your way home on the bus. This is what makes you a real artist. Experiences, moments, stories. Falling recklessly in love, losing someone you love and then learning to belong to yourself again. Going to new places, meeting new people, driving in the middle of the night on empty streets. Going to the ocean and staying there until 6 a.m, smoking cigarettes and talking about roses and butterflies. These are the things that will give you something worth writing about, worth singing about, worth creating art around. #Quote by Charlotte Eriksson
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Mark Oliver Everett
#18. Maybe I don't like people as much as the rest of the world seems to ... But occasionally, people will pleasantly surprise me and I'll fall in love with them, so go figure. #Quote by Mark Oliver Everett
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Riccardo Bruni
#19. But that day it was raining, and since they couldn't very well sit on the rooftop in the rain to watch the flotilla parade, they stayed in the little room that led to the roof. It had just one tiny window through which the gray light of day filtered in. They sat on the floor, and Lorenzo's senses were aroused by the sound of the rain falling outside, the musky smell of his own body, and the fragrant scent of Caterina's hair. A single blonde strand wound down her slim neck.

They kissed, taking off their rain-washed summer clothes so that their bodies pressed, naked, against one another. Long, delicate lovemaking. Caresses, kisses, shivers, and sighs of delight.

Lorenzo would have gladly spend the rest of his life preserved in that single moment, as if in amber, abandoning reality to live in the memory of that one single day. #Quote by Riccardo Bruni
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Leah Raeder
#20. I am falling in love with you, Laney Keating."
"Don't say that."
"It's true."
"Don't say it," I said miserably, looking away.
Falling for someone is like pulling a loose thread. It happens stitch by stitch. You feel whole most of the time even while the seams pop, the knots loosen, everything that holds you together coming undone. It feels incredible, this opening of yourself to the world. Not like the unraveling it is. Only afterward do you glance down at the tangle of string around your feet that used to be a person who was whole and self-contained and realize that love is not a thing that we create. It's an undoing.
"Because you deserve better," I whispered. #Quote by Leah Raeder
Woman Falling In Love quotes by John Green
#21. I know what happens a the end of falling-landing #Quote by John Green
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Osho
#22. Immature people falling in love destroy each other's freedom, create a bondage, make a prison. Mature persons in love help each other to be free; they help each other to destroy all sorts of bondages. And when love flows with freedom there is beauty. When love flows with dependence there is ugliness.

A mature person does not fall in love, he or she rises in love. Only immature people fall; they stumble and fall down in love. Somehow they were managing and standing. Now they cannot manage and they cannot stand. They were always ready to fall on the ground and to creep. They don't have the backbone, the spine; they don't have the integrity to stand alone.

A mature person has the integrity to stand alone. And when a mature person gives love, he or she gives without any strings attached to it. When two mature persons are in love, one of the great paradoxes of life happens, one of the most beautiful phenomena: they are together and yet tremendously alone. They are together so much that they are almost one. Two mature persons in love help each other to become more free. There is no politics involved, no diplomacy, no effort to dominate. Only freedom and love. #Quote by Osho
Woman Falling In Love quotes by David Levithan
#23. It's as if when you love someone, they become your reason. And maybe I've gotten it backward, maybe it's just because I need a reason that I find myself falling in love with her. But I don't think that's it. I think I would have continued along, oblivious, if I hadn't happened to meet her. #Quote by David Levithan
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Meryl Streep
#24. And it interferes with your ability to be a good actress if you're constantly aware of yourself as a person. To me, it isn't valuable to think about how I'm coming off all the time if I'm trying to create a character, because that's a process that I love. It's like falling in love and surrendering to another person or a character. #Quote by Meryl Streep
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Steve Nash
#25. When I think of my career, I can't help but think of the kid with his ball, falling in love. #Quote by Steve Nash
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#26. She dreams a lot. She dreams of Ondines and falling maidens and houses burning in the night. But search her dreams all you like and you'll never find Prince Charming. No knight on a white horse gallops into her dreams to carry her away. When she dreams of love, she dreams of smashed potatoes. #Quote by Jerry Spinelli
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Edwin McCain
#27. I could not ask for more than the love you give me ... Cause it's all I've waited for ... and I could not ask for more. #Quote by Edwin McCain
Woman Falling In Love quotes by James Schuyler
#28. Snow falling softly on lashes of eyes you love, and a cold cheek growing warm next to your own in hushed dark familial December. #Quote by James Schuyler
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#29. Never mind that. What's going on with you and Heath?"
Annabelle pulled a little wide-eyed innocence out of her rusty bag of college acting skills.
"What do you mean? Business."
"Don't give me that. We've been friends too long."
She switched to a furrowed brow. "He's my most important client. You know how much this means to me."
Molly wasn't buying it. "I've seen the way you look at him. Like he was a slot machine with triple sevens tattooed on his forehead. If you fall in love with him, I swear I'll never speak to
you again."
Annabelle nearly choked. She'd known Molly would be suspicious, but she hadn't expected an outright confrontation. "Are you nuts? Setting aside the fact that he treats me like a flunky, I'd never fall for a workaholic after what I've had to go through with my family." Falling in lust, however, was an entirely different matter.
"He has a calculator for a heart," Molly said.
"I thought you liked him. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Laura Story
#30. In times of hardship and pain, we may feel abandoned by our friends, by our families, and by our Creator. But if we believe that God has left us, even for a moment, we are mistaken. God never abandons us, not even when the raindrops are falling in buckets. Through every storm of life, He is ever-present, offering us His grace, His love, and His mercies. #Quote by Laura Story
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Albert Einstein
#31. It is intelligent to have a plan, but neurotic to fall in love with it. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Taylor Swift
#32. I don't think there's an option for me to fall in love slowly or at medium speed. I either do, or I don't. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#33. Her voice was so melancholy that Gansey was struck all at once by what he and Blue really lost by keeping their relationship a secret. Blue radiated psychic energy for others, but touch was where she gained hers back. She was always hugging her mother or holding Noah's hand or linking her elbow in Adam's or resting her boots on Ronan's legs as they sat on the sofa. Touching Gansey's neck just between his hair and his collar. This worry in her tone demanded fingers braided together, arms on shoulders, cheeks rested against chests.
But because Gansey was too cowardly to tell Adam about falling in love with her, she had to stand there with her sadness by herself.
Aurora took Blue's hand. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Beyonce Knowles
#34. I'm a human being and I fall in love and sometimes I don't have control of every situation. #Quote by Beyonce Knowles
Woman Falling In Love quotes by The Atlantic Monthly
#35. Much of the joy in falling in love with fictional characters comes from being able to envision new stories from them. #Quote by The Atlantic Monthly
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Azar Nafisi
#36. We must thank the Islamic Republic for making us rediscover and even covet all these things we took for granted: one could write a paper on the pleasure of eating a ham sandwich. And I said, Oh, the things we have to be thankful for! And that memorable day was the beginning of our detailing our long list of debts to the Islamic Republic: parties, eating ice cream in public, falling in love, holding hands, wearing lipstick, laughing in public and reading Lolita in Tehran. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Mia Sheridan
#37. I couldn't have known that Archer Hale existed somewhere in this crazy world, and that he had been made just for me.
And in that moment, I knew. I was falling in love with the beautiful, silent man staring down at me. If I hadn't already fallen. #Quote by Mia Sheridan
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Anne Jackson
#38. In times that are dark and God seems far [away], I look for him in small ways - the innocent laughter of a child on an airplane, the way the rain falls down through tree branches, the aroma of honeysuckle as I ride my bike down the Natchez Trace, and through the love of friends who have carried me through the darkest times of my life. #Quote by Anne Jackson
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Stieg Larsson
#39. Nobody can avoid falling in love. They might want to deny it, but friendship is probably the most common form of love. #Quote by Stieg Larsson
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Susan Cheever
#40. Falling in love as we know it is an addictive experience. #Quote by Susan Cheever
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Kristen Stewart
#41. You don't know who you will fall in love with. You just don't. You don't control it. Some people have certain things, like, 'That's what I'm going for,' and I have a subjective version of that. I don't pressure myself. If you fall in love with someone, you want to own them - but really, why would you want that? You want them to be what you love. I'm much too young to even have an answer for that question. #Quote by Kristen Stewart
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Shane L. Koyczan
#42. And as for romance? Well, I want that too.
I want to fall asleep next to you, 100 times a night,
so I can know you 100 times better before we hit the day light. And despite all of this,
I also want amnesia so I can relive each kiss with a perfect newness
that leaves me smashed in the arms of rapture. I want the sky to fracture under
the impossible weight of an apology because I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I want so much.
I'm sorry that I'm using "I'm sorry" as a crutch to lean on for so long
but if you sing me that song of sweet logic again then I promise to make the effort
to stand on my own. There is a reason that our hearts are more like a muscle
and less like a bone. I've known so many people who've have grown up flexing
in front of mirrors and falling for their own reflection as if that's adequate but that's bullshit.
Because we only get now until the time we go and if they've only got time to love themselves
then nobody is going to be around to hear the sound of their heartbeat echo.
So lady, don't expect an apology when I tell you I'm only held together
by a heart that pumps blue, it's the strongest muscle in my body and I'm flexing it for you #Quote by Shane L. Koyczan
Woman Falling In Love quotes by George Hodgman
#43. I am doing my best here. I will make it back to New York, but frankly, to spend some time in Paris, Missouri, is to come to question the city, where it is normal to work 24/7, tapping away on your BlackBerry for someone who will fire you in an instant, but crazy to pause to help someone you love when they are falling. #Quote by George Hodgman
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Cole Porter
#44. The world admits bears in pits do it, Even Pekingeses at the Ritz do it, Let's do it, let's fall in love. #Quote by Cole Porter
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Sarah Dessen
#45. Fall in love with someone who truly deserves your heart. Not with someone who plays with it. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Andy Stanley
#46. I can't make people fall in love with Jesus, but I can arrange dates. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Alvi Syahrin
#47. Fall in love, not fool in love. #Quote by Alvi Syahrin
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Jandy Nelson
#48. But the guilt didn't have much of a chance against the dawning realisation that I was falling in love. I had stared out the window at the early-morning fog, wondering for a moment if she had sent Joe to me so I would know that in the same world where she could die, this could happen. #Quote by Jandy Nelson
Woman Falling In Love quotes by Katie McGarry
#49. You're beautiful," I say, and the honesty of my words stings. "You're beautiful inside and out. I like how you challenge me. I like how I can never figure out what you're going to do or say. I like how we've thrown weird shit in your direction and you take it like a pro."
I cup her face with one hand and caress her soft skin. "I like how you smile and how you laugh. I like how you love and defend your family and I like how you're trying to love mine. I love how you trust. But mostly, Emily, I like how I feel when I'm around you."
Shit. My heart bursts as the words tumble out. "I'm falling for you. #Quote by Katie McGarry

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