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Without Communication quotes by Antonio Logan
#1. Relationships fail because of trust issues, commitment issues and communication issues. Without communication there is no relationship. Without respect there is no LOVE. Without trust there is no reason to continue. Stay grounded to the one you love. Respect him or her to the utmost. Respect the relationship. If the relationship is healthy, then keep on keeping on and never let a Hurricane, Tornado, or Tsunami tear your house down. Life's to short for broken hearts. Life's to short for betrayal or back stabbing. Life's to short to live with the thoughts of "What if's". Life's to short to waste a perfectly good heart. Adhere to the truth, if not Karma has no deadline. She could strike whenever you're in a relationship or married, then you look back on years ago wondering "What if... #Quote by Antonio Logan
Without Communication quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#2. A world without radio is a deaf world.A world without television is a blind world. A a world without telephone is a dumb world. A world without communication is indeed a crippled world. #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Without Communication quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#3. When we miss the meaning of a language, we miss the real essence and impact of communication. If we lose the real meaning of a language, we lose the real understanding of a language. Friendship is developed and nurtured through effective communication and that is the great tool that shapes friendship. A good communication, regardless of how short it might be is a great litmus paper that proves who a true friend or false friend is. A good communication does not only trigger the best bond but it also uncovers things in the heart that are hidden from the eyes. Without an effective communication, real friendship and real love between two great people is just like two great mountains with a valley between them. Without communication, we lose what we could have heard from real people. When we miss the meaning of a language, we miss the real essence and impact of communication!!! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Without Communication quotes by Seth Godin
#4. Two different things: A crowd is a tribe without a leader. A crowd is a tribe without communication. Most organizations spend their time marketing to the crowd. Smart organizations assemble the tribe. #Quote by Seth Godin
Without Communication quotes by Marni Jackson
#5. These doctors, who had long experience with people in pain in addition to their traditional training and schooling, had discovered that nothing happens without communication, treatment based on evidence of outcome, and what used to be called a good bedside manner. #Quote by Marni Jackson
Without Communication quotes by Germaine Greer
#6. We live in a true chaos of contradicting authorities, an age of conformism without community, of proximity without communication. #Quote by Germaine Greer
Without Communication quotes by Italo Calvino
#7. Sometimes different cities follow one another on the same site and under the same name, born and dying without knowing one another, without communication among themselves. At times even the names of the inhabitants remain the same, and their voices' accent, and also the features of the faces; but the gods who live beneath names and above places have gone off without a word and outsiders have settled in their place. It is pointless to ask whether the new ones are better or worse than the old, since there is no connection between them, just as the old postcards do not depict Maurilia as it was, but a different city which, by chance, was called Maurilia, like this one. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Without Communication quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#8. There is no pleasure to me without communication: there is not so much as a sprightly thought comes into my mind that it does not grieve me to have produced alone, and that I have no one to tell it to. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Without Communication quotes by Germaine Greer
#9. The fear of freedom is strong in us. We call it chaos or anarchy, and the words are threatening. We live in a true chaos of contradicting authorities, an age of conformism without community, of proximity without communication. We could only fear chaos if we imagined that it was unknown to us, but in fact we know it very well. #Quote by Germaine Greer
Without Communication quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#10. No pleasure has any savor for me without communication. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Without Communication quotes by Philippos Syrigos
#11. Good friends are those who care without hesitation, who remember without limitation and who love even without communication #Quote by Philippos Syrigos
Without Communication quotes by Roxanne Snopek
#12. The great conundrum: sex makes men feel loved; communication makes women feel loved. #Quote by Roxanne Snopek
Without Communication quotes by Turcois Ominek
#13. I like people who can keep the conversation going no matter how random the topic gets. #Quote by Turcois Ominek
Without Communication quotes by Scribendi
#14. Do you know what every instructor in the world wants from you? He or she really, really wants you to do two things: Demonstrate that you have understood the course material and write intelligently about your subject. #Quote by Scribendi
Without Communication quotes by Tony Buon
#15. At the heart of good communication, is not the process of talking, but that of listening. The first step to improve your listening skills is to stop talking. It is very difficult to talk and listen at the same time. #Quote by Tony Buon
Without Communication quotes by Louis MacNeice
#16. I would admit that poetry is something more than mere communication and that if that 'something more' could be abstracted from the whole, it might well prove to be that which makes the whole a poem. #Quote by Louis MacNeice
Without Communication quotes by Debasish Mridha
#17. Talking doesn't get your point across but listening does. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Without Communication quotes by Carl R. Rogers
#18. I am well aware that certain exercises, tasks setup by the facilitator, can practically force the group to more of a here-and-now communication or more of a feeling level. There are leaders who do these very skillfully, and with good effect at the time. However, I am enough of a scientist-clinician to make many casual follow-up inquiries, and I know that frequently the lasting result of such procedures is not nearly as satisfying as the immediate effect. At it's best it may lead to discipleship (which I happen not to like): "What a marvelous leader he is to have made me open up when I had no intention of doing it!" It can also lead to a rejection of the whole experience. "Why did I do those silly things he asked me to?" At worst, it can make the person feel that his private self has been in some way violated, and he will be careful never to expose himself to a group again. From my experience I know that if I attempt to push a group to a deeper level it is not, in the long run, going to work. #Quote by Carl R. Rogers
Without Communication quotes by George Lois
#19. The 1960s was a heroic age in the history of the art of communication - the audacious movers and shakers of those times bear no resemblance to the cast of characters in 'Mad Men.' #Quote by George Lois
Without Communication quotes by Stephen Covey
#20. Very few people have ever experienced the feeling of being completely understood. When they experience it, it can become one of the richest feelings they have ever had. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Without Communication quotes by David Carson
#21. Never mistake legibility for communication. #Quote by David Carson
Without Communication quotes by Cliff Goldmacher
#22. In order to become a better innovator, you're going to learn how to write songs. #Quote by Cliff Goldmacher
Without Communication quotes by Stacy Kaiser
#23. Face life's challenges head-on.
Make peace with your body.
Take responsibility for your heart.
Build a meaningful career.
Learn how to handle the tough times.
Face your anxieties.
Take ownership of your finances.
Master the use of your time.
Practice dynamic communication.
Find the right level of flexibility.

In short, own up. #Quote by Stacy Kaiser
Without Communication quotes by Stephen King
#24. Clear communication between selves - the surface self and the deep self - is the enemy of self-doubt. It slays confusion. #Quote by Stephen King
Without Communication quotes by Bernie Siegel
#25. To me, animal communication seemed an insane idea, years ago; but my experience altered my life and my beliefs. #Quote by Bernie Siegel
Without Communication quotes by Luke Harding
#26. Paradoxically, in its quest to make Americans more secure, the NSA has made American communications less secure; it has undermined the safety of the entire internet. #Quote by Luke Harding
Without Communication quotes by Jeff Bezos
#27. I've not seen an effective manager or leader who can't spend some fraction of time down in the trenches ... If they don't do that they get out of touch with reality, and their whole thought and management process becomes abstract and disconnected. #Quote by Jeff Bezos
Without Communication quotes by Iain Pears
#28. Do you wish to speak in Provençal, French, or Latin? They are all I can manage, I'm afraid."

"Any will do," the rabbi replied in Provençal.

"Splendid. Latin it is," said Pope Clement. #Quote by Iain Pears
Without Communication quotes by Daniel J. Levitin
#29. Music may be the activity that prepared our pre-human ancestors for speech communication and for the very cognitive, representational flexibility necessary to become humans. #Quote by Daniel J. Levitin
Without Communication quotes by Isaac Asimov
#30. After all, all devices have their dangers. The discovery of speech introduced communication - and lies. The discovery of fire introduced cooking - and arson. The discovery of the compass improved navigation - and destroyed civilizations in Mexico and Peru. The automobile is marvelously useful - and kills Americans by the tens of thousands each year. Medical advances have saved lives by the millions - and intensified the population explosion. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Without Communication quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#31. He often paused before he spoke. She thought this exquisite; it was as though he had such regard for his listener that he wanted his words strung together in the best possible way. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Without Communication quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#32. Paul Revere's ride is perhaps the most famous historical example of a word-of-mouth epidemic. A piece of extraordinary news traveled a long distance in a very short time, mobilizing an entire region to arms. Not all word-of-mouth epidemics are this sensational, of course. But it is safe to say that word of mouth is-even in this age of mass communications and multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns-still the most important form of human communication #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Without Communication quotes by Noah Weinberg
#33. Real love takes work. You have to be willing to make the effort. #Quote by Noah Weinberg
Without Communication quotes by Paul Watson
#34. We should not be living in human communities that enclose tiny preserved ecosystems within them. Human communities should be maintained in small population enclaves within linked wilderness ecosystems. No human community should be larger than 20,000 people and separated from other communities by wilderness areas. Communication systems can link the communities. #Quote by Paul Watson
Without Communication quotes by Charles Eisenstein
#35. The things we need most are the things we have become most afraid of, such as adventure, intimacy, and authentic communication. We avert our eyes and stick to comfortable topics. We hold it as a virtue to be private, to be discreet, so that no one sees our dirty laundry. We are uncomfortable with intimacy and connection, which are among the greatest of our unmet needs today. To be truly seen and heard, to be truly known, is a deep human need. Our hunger for it is so omnipresent, so much apart of our life experience, that we no more know what it is missing than a fish knows it is wet. We need more intimacy than nearly anyone considers normal. Always hungry for it, we seek solace and sustenance in the closest available substitutes: television, shopping, pornography, conspicuous consumption - anything to ease the hurt, to feel connected, or to project an image by which we might be seen or known, or at least see and know ourselves. #Quote by Charles Eisenstein
Without Communication quotes by Keith Grafman
#36. Reassurance is a good way to reinforce #Quote by Keith Grafman
Without Communication quotes by Katya Armock
#37. Chloe, wake up. I really, really, really need to pee."
I moan and sink deeper into Jorge's arms, pulling my hand back.
"Chloe, wake up. I'm dying here. I have to pee."
Ugh, why won't that voice go away? I crack my eyes open and see Ringo by the bed prancing around doing the doggy version of a potty dance.
Ringo starts prancing toward the bedroom door. "Thank goodness. I've got to go. #Quote by Katya Armock
Without Communication quotes by Jimenez Lai
#38. I see architecture as a form of communication over time. #Quote by Jimenez Lai
Without Communication quotes by Cherrie Moraga
#39. In 1984, I turned to theater in the hopes of finding a more direct form of communication between me and my people. #Quote by Cherrie Moraga
Without Communication quotes by Marianne Moore
#40. If technique is of no interest to a writer, I doubt that the writer is an artist. #Quote by Marianne Moore
Without Communication quotes by J.S.B. Morse
#41. Two things I've learned: 1) you simply cannot change someone's mind on certain issues and 2) some issues are so important you cannot stop trying to. #Quote by J.S.B. Morse
Without Communication quotes by John Howard Griffin
#42. Eventually, some black thinkers believe, this "separation" may be the shortest route to an authentic communication at some future date when blacks and whites can enter into encounters in which they truly speak as equals and in which the white man will no longer load every phrase with unconscious suggestions that he has something to "concede" to black men or that he wants to help black men "overcome" their blackness. #Quote by John Howard Griffin

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