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With My Friends quotes by Hanshan
#1. As for me, I delight in the every day Way Among mist-wrapped vines and rocky caves Here in the wilderness I am completely free With my friends, the white clouds, idling forever There are roads, but they do not reach the world Since I am mindless, who can rouse my thoughts On a bed of stone I sit, alone in the night While a round moon climbs up Cold Mountain #Quote by Hanshan
With My Friends quotes by David Gallagher
#2. I'm more into beats than rhymes. I'm a huge fan of anything touched by the Neptunes. Dancing is kind of my thing. I go out with my friends as often as I can on the weekends, and I'm always drawn to girls with rhythm. #Quote by David Gallagher
With My Friends quotes by Emily Browning
#3. The thing is, I actually feel a lot more comfortable at school just bumming around with my friends than I do at Hollywood parties. But then, I guess you're just never happy with what you have. #Quote by Emily Browning
With My Friends quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
#4. I just developed my act way back in the late '80s. I went to college in Georgia, so I picked up the Southern accent. I talked like that with my friends all the time, because it was fun. It was funny ... All my friends were real Southern. We're buddies, so I'd say stuff to make them laugh. So that was pretty much it. #Quote by Larry The Cable Guy
With My Friends quotes by Selena Gomez
#5. You're growing and changing, and eventually, you can go from having all these friends to feeling like you have no one, because you've been betrayed, or you've gone through things. But in this moment, I'm in such a good place with my friends. I feel confident and I'm happy there are people who I can truly trust in my life. #Quote by Selena Gomez
With My Friends quotes by Catherine Deneuve
#6. I live very normally, I go out with my friends, we go to the movies, I queue, we go to restaurants. #Quote by Catherine Deneuve
With My Friends quotes by Joel Kinnaman
#7. I feel like I've got the best job in the world. I just feel so fortunate to get paid to be a kid and play with my friends. So if it's rough or a little bit hot, you just have to deal with that. #Quote by Joel Kinnaman
With My Friends quotes by Tavi Gevinson
#8. I think it'd be great to own a fun concept store with my friends and just sell books and records. #Quote by Tavi Gevinson
With My Friends quotes by Roger Bart
#9. In high school, I had a wonderful teacher who, coincidentally also taught Meryl Streep before me. At the same time I had my own rock band, I played bass and sang. I was one of those kids who really enjoyed being with my friends and doing rather insane, but fun, creative things. #Quote by Roger Bart
With My Friends quotes by Andrew Solomon
#10. A large proportion of my best friends are a little bit crazy ... I try to be cautious with my friends who are too sane. Depression is itself destructive, and it breeds destructive impulses: I am easily disappointed in people who don't get it ... #Quote by Andrew Solomon
With My Friends quotes by Michelle Ryan
#11. I like to hang out with my friends, go to the theatre, watch DVDs, read, play with my niece. #Quote by Michelle Ryan
With My Friends quotes by Courtney Thorne-Smith
#12. I understand that it would be smart, career-wise, to line up something, but it wouldn't be smart for my personal life or my sanity. Some people thrive when they're working. I thrive when I'm hanging out with my friends and doing yoga. #Quote by Courtney Thorne-Smith
With My Friends quotes by Zengzi
#13. Daily, I examine myself in three areas. Have I done my best when doing things for others? Have I been trustworthy in my dealings with my friends? Have I revised the lessons I have been taught? #Quote by Zengzi
With My Friends quotes by Taylor Lautner
#14. I've always been really active. I grew up playing sports, so I'm always shooting hoops or throwing the football with my friends. I'm super-active in that sense. #Quote by Taylor Lautner
With My Friends quotes by Queen Latifah
#15. A lot of people are crazy, cruel and negative. They got a little too much time on their hands to discuss everybody else. I have a limited amount of energy to blow in a day. I'd rather read something that I like or watch a program I enjoy or ride my damn motorcycle or throw back a couple of shots of tequila with my friends. #Quote by Queen Latifah
With My Friends quotes by Shirley Manson
#16. I want to hang out in Edinburgh with my friends and eat fish and chips wrapped in newspaper. #Quote by Shirley Manson
With My Friends quotes by Izabel Goulart
#17. I always had the most fun going to the beach on the weekends with my friends. In a way, we treated our beach style the way New Yorkers treat their street style, so I was always conscious of how I looked. #Quote by Izabel Goulart
With My Friends quotes by Josh Peck
#18. I do hang out with girls, I do relax. But I am a hermit sometimes and get a bit too introverted, too 'Jean-Paul Sartre' and intellectual in my head. And it's like a Kafka novel in there, things get nuts. Then I have to remind myself to get out and I will go and play ice hockey with my friends. #Quote by Josh Peck
With My Friends quotes by Eric Rudolph
#19. The profilers' plan to coax me out of the woods resembled a comedy skit. During their search of my Cane Creek trailer, the feds had found dozens of books on the Civil War. And interviews with my friends confirmed that I was a bona fide Civil War buff. The profilers looked at all this Civil War "stimuli" and concluded that my hiding in the mountains was a form of role-playing. Starring in my own Civil War fantasy, I was a lone rebel fighting for the Lost Cause, and the task force was a Yankee army out to capture me. To talk On August 16, the task force pulled out of the woods while Bo and his rebels went in. They had to look the part, so the FBI profilers dressed them in white hats with the word "REBEL" stenciled in red letters across the front; and around their neck each rebel wore a Confederate flag bandanna.me into surrendering, they needed some of my rebel comrades to convince me that
the war was over and it was time to lay down my arms. Colonel Gritz and his crew were assigned the role of my rebel comrades. They were there to "rescue" me from the Yankee horde.

Bo's band of rebels pitched camp down in Tusquitee, north of the town of Hayesville. Beginning at Bob Allison Campground – the place where I'd abandoned Nordmann's truck – they worked their way west into the Tusquitee Mountains. They walked the trails, blowing whistles and yelling "Eric, we're here with Bo Gritz to save you." They searched for a week.

I lost it when I heard on the radio th #Quote by Eric Rudolph
With My Friends quotes by Dakota Johnson
#20. I want to hang out with my friends. I want to hang out with my family - well, I sometimes want to hang out with my family! #Quote by Dakota Johnson
With My Friends quotes by Martin Luther
#21. In short, I will preach it [the Word], teach it, write it, but I will constrain no man by force, for faith must come freely without compulsion. Take myself as an example. I opposed indulgences and all the papists, but never with force. I simply taught, preached, and wrote God's Word; otherwise I did nothing. And while I slept, or drank Wittenberg beer with my friends Philip and Amsdorf, the Word so greatly weakened the papacy that no prince or emperor ever inflicted such losses upon it. I did nothing; the Word did everything. #Quote by Martin Luther
With My Friends quotes by Daniel L. Doctoroff
#22. My time is focused on family and work. I need to find a way to spend more time with my friends - and cycling. #Quote by Daniel L. Doctoroff
With My Friends quotes by Holly Madison
#23. I don't need a man. I'm really happy with myself and being with my friends. #Quote by Holly Madison
With My Friends quotes by Devon Bostick
#24. I took a film course in grade ten that made me want to direct, and I've always been making short films and home videos with my friends, so it's definitely something I wanna pursue as well. #Quote by Devon Bostick
With My Friends quotes by Haylie Duff
#25. I was 12 when I got a small part in a movie in Texas. And in my spare time, I play with my dogs and write music and go out with my friends. #Quote by Haylie Duff
With My Friends quotes by Drew Carey
#26. Things don't make me nearly as happy as talking and having a beer with my friends. And that's something everyone can do. #Quote by Drew Carey
With My Friends quotes by Kunal Nayyar
#27. Sometimes I'll be sitting with my friends; I'll say something Koothrappali-esque and make a face. There is a lot of Koothrappali in me as a human being. A lot of mannerism, humor, mischievousness, my innocence. So I don't know if I bring him home so much as I bring myself to him at work. #Quote by Kunal Nayyar
With My Friends quotes by Alanis Morissette
#28. My brother says that I was writing songs about fate while he was off playing soccer. Now I tell him he's 33 and being a professional while I'm playing soccer with my friends. Ha! #Quote by Alanis Morissette
With My Friends quotes by Ed Greenwood
#29. I want to work with my friends because Canadian genre publishing is a really small pool. #Quote by Ed Greenwood
With My Friends quotes by Bill O'Reilly
#30. I am rejoiced at my fate. I would rather be in my present situation than be elected to a seat in Congress for life. Do not be uneasy about me, I am with my friends ... Farewell, David Crockett. His #Quote by Bill O'Reilly
With My Friends quotes by Edward Beauclerk Maurice
#31. ...Nyla was right in predicting that, for me, life would go on into old age and my promise has been kept too, for every now and then over the years, the ghosts have slipped out from the past and I have kept brief company with my friends of long ago. #Quote by Edward Beauclerk Maurice
With My Friends quotes by Emily VanCamp
#32. I don't dig parties. I rather sit at home with my friends and a good movie. #Quote by Emily VanCamp
With My Friends quotes by Milo Ventimiglia
#33. I just try not to subscribe to the ways of celebrity. I'm not a celebrity, I'm a working actor. A lot of the events - the parties and the premieres that people go to to get noticed - I'm just not into. I'll hang out with my friends, go see punk shows, read at home. At the same time, I have a production company, which is a lot of work. #Quote by Milo Ventimiglia
With My Friends quotes by Jim Carrey
#34. My social life goes in bursts, where I get like, "Oh, I gotta get out and do something, man, I gotta do something." And I'll plan a trip and go on a motorcycle trip down the Baja [Peninsula] for 900 miles and I'll hang out with my friends for like a month, and then they'll never see me for two months or three months or whatever, and I won't answer any calls. #Quote by Jim Carrey
With My Friends quotes by Nicole Richie
#35. I also feel that I have been very honest with my friends, my family and also with the public about the mistakes that I've made and the challenges that I've gone through. #Quote by Nicole Richie
With My Friends quotes by Summer Sanders
#36. 'I Got a Feeling' by the Black Eyed Peas - Reminds me of happy, fun times with my friends and makes me want to jump around. #Quote by Summer Sanders
With My Friends quotes by Dakota Johnson
#37. I avoid social networks and I try to live a very normal, simple life. I love spending time and hang out with my friends any time I can. I like a very simple life. #Quote by Dakota Johnson
With My Friends quotes by Kate Nash
#38. I'm sitting with my friends getting drunk again on wine, and I think about you #Quote by Kate Nash
With My Friends quotes by Jimmie Johnson
#39. I suck at golf and a variety of other things I go out and do with my friends. #Quote by Jimmie Johnson
With My Friends quotes by Brendan Leonard
#40. The mountains are where I remember being with my friends. The timeline of any friendship is a series of scenes or memories, times where you were together over the course of the relationship. I've spent plenty of time with my friends drinking coffee and sharing dinner at restaurants; but those scenes always fade in to the background, overshadowed by adventures like this. #Quote by Brendan Leonard
With My Friends quotes by Virginia Woolf
#41. There is no stability in this world. Who is to say what meaning there is in anything? Who is to foretell the flight of a word? It is a balloon that sails over tree-tops. To speak of knowledge is futile. All is experiment and adventure. We are forever mixing ourselves with unknown quantities. What is to come? I know not. But, as I put down my glass I remember; I am engaged to be married. I am to dine with my friends tonight. I am Bernard. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
With My Friends quotes by Blair Redford
#42. I definitely don't like anyone messing with my friends or loved ones. I'm quick to step up to the plate if there's a problem. #Quote by Blair Redford
With My Friends quotes by Ethan Hawke
#43. The girls who like me aren't the ones I like. Or, if I do and they want to commit, I suddenly need tons of time with my friends. #Quote by Ethan Hawke
With My Friends quotes by Margaret Peterson Haddix
#44. Baby smuggling is a serious crime,' he said. 'There were thirty-six babies on that plane. We could charge you with thirty-six counts of kidnapping.'
That, at least, got Second to look back at Mr. Reardon.
'Does FBI mean Federal Bureau of Idiots?' he asked. 'If any of you were any good at analyzing footprints, you would know that I fell when I was trying to sneak into the airport grounds, not out.'
'And why would you do that?' Mr. Reardon asked, hunching forward over a notepad.
'It was a dare, all right?' Second snarled. 'I was with my friends and we were talking about what it would be like to stand on a runway when a plane was landing and ... we decided to try it out.'
'That's a crime too,' Mr. Reardon said.
Second shrugged. 'It ain't thirty-six counts of kidnapping,' he said. #Quote by Margaret Peterson Haddix
With My Friends quotes by Victoria Justice
#45. At a young age, I had to give up a lot of things, like being able to hang out with my friends. #Quote by Victoria Justice
With My Friends quotes by Noah Galloway
#46. I joked with my friends that I was doing so much with the kids my estrogen levels had risen. I was starting to get emotional during commercials. #Quote by Noah Galloway
With My Friends quotes by Rashida Jones
#47. My activities tend to revolve around crossword puzzles, reading and playing piano and games with my friends. #Quote by Rashida Jones
With My Friends quotes by Trevor Noah
#48. My ideal setting is I walk from the streets, backstage, and straight onto the stage. Two minutes, and I am on the stage. That way, in my head I have gone from my world and then into a social setting with my friends. #Quote by Trevor Noah
With My Friends quotes by Chloe Grace Moretz
#49. I don't let [my friends] visit me filming and I don't bring them to premieres. It's a different head zone - when I'm on set, I'm working. When I'm just with my friends, I can just hang out, do normal stuff and generally be a complete idiot. It's the same with everyone. #Quote by Chloe Grace Moretz
With My Friends quotes by Peter Andre
#50. I was excellent at English and Drama. Maths and Science I was terrible at. I didn't have any interest in them. I was happiest at lunchtime, playing with my friends. But I love science now, that's the funny thing. And I'd be so good at geography, as I've been fortunate enough to travel the world. #Quote by Peter Andre
With My Friends quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#51. I'm only confrontational with my friends. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
With My Friends quotes by Anton Yelchin
#52. My playing music is strictly for fun. When I was in a band, I was really excited to talk about it since I had never really played music to that extent. It was never meant as something I would consider as anything more than having fun with my friends. But I think I would enjoy writing music for the movies that I'm working on. #Quote by Anton Yelchin
With My Friends quotes by Kirsten Dunst
#53. I'm happiest when I'm just hanging out with my friends ... it really doesn't matter what we do. #Quote by Kirsten Dunst
With My Friends quotes by Naya Rivera
#54. Going to regular public high school and working and auditioning was really, really tough. I never really fit in and hit the stride that all the other kids were on. Instead of going out and hanging out with my friends at that age, I remember being in my bedroom and putting on like a Christina Aguilera tape and just like belting. And seeing if I could hit every single note just like her. #Quote by Naya Rivera
With My Friends quotes by Andy Roddick
#55. It's not so much that I don't like traveling, it's just that I love being home. I love being able to spend time with my friends. #Quote by Andy Roddick
With My Friends quotes by S.L. Morgan
#56. Don't forget, I didn't choose to come to here. I was kidnapped and forced to live here by your marvelous Pemdas warriors, who are interested in Earth only as it serves to keep 'your beautiful Pemdas' safe. Believe me when I say I would far rather be home with my friends." -Reece Bryant, The Legacy of The Key. #Quote by S.L. Morgan
With My Friends quotes by Kim Yuna
#57. What I miss the most is chatting with my friends and family and having a good laugh over a simple meal. #Quote by Kim Yuna
With My Friends quotes by Kelsey Chow
#58. I'm very lucky to have a strong support system with my friends and my family. They have kept me grounded. #Quote by Kelsey Chow
With My Friends quotes by Jackson Brundage
#59. Here in California, it's living the life, going to school, playing sports and hanging out with my friends. But, when I'm in North Carolina, its all work, work, work. #Quote by Jackson Brundage
With My Friends quotes by Milla Jovovich
#60. I don't at all want to resemble some of these young designers who ask hallucinating prices for rags that are so in fashion now, that six months later, they are old-fashioned! I love vintage boutiques, I love to customize my clothes. And then, with my friends, we regularly exchange togs. #Quote by Milla Jovovich
With My Friends quotes by Kimiko Glenn
#61. When I think back on high school, I always tried to make silly videos with my friends. #Quote by Kimiko Glenn
With My Friends quotes by Lilly Singh
#62. Sometimes I'm having conversations with my friends, and I feel like they can't relate to me anymore. I'm like, 'Oh, my God, let me tell you about my experience on 'Fallon'!' And they'll be like, 'Oh, my God, let me tell you about my trip to the mall!' It sometimes feels lonely. #Quote by Lilly Singh
With My Friends quotes by Demi Lovato
#63. There will be times when something good comes to an end. Instead of thinking about the fact that it's over - stay positive that it happened in the first place. I was so sad to return home after spending time in Africa with my friends and family. We were all crying when it was time to go - no one wanted to leave such an amazing place. I can look back now, though, without crying. I'm so thankful for my time spent there with people I love, and I can't wait to go back. Goal: Think about a happy moment in your life and be grateful for the joy it gave you. Reflect on happy moments, even if they've passed. #Quote by Demi Lovato
With My Friends quotes by Ansel Elgort
#64. I'm a total goof. When I'm being really comfortable with my friends, I can be very goofy. #Quote by Ansel Elgort
With My Friends quotes by Katy B
#65. I love clubbing - the abandon of it, the release of dancing, and being with my friends and the people I love. For me, it's never been about going out to meet guys or to show off my latest dress - it's the music. #Quote by Katy B
With My Friends quotes by Carey Mulligan
#66. I'm not great at having my picture taken and I don't enjoy that side of it very much but I enjoy being with my friends and it's nice to have a reunion. #Quote by Carey Mulligan
With My Friends quotes by Elijah Parish Lovejoy
#67. I have concluded, after consultation with my friends and earnestly seeking counsel of God, to remain at Alton, and here to insist on protection in the exercise of my rights. #Quote by Elijah Parish Lovejoy
With My Friends quotes by Douglas Booth
#68. I like to travel, but honestly I really like to just be at home in London and spend time with my friends. #Quote by Douglas Booth
With My Friends quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#69. I think I've always been drawn to the second person. When I was growing up and playing with my friends, the usual way we interacted with imaginary worlds was as characters: a bench was 'your' boat, leaves on a lawn were the fins of sharks out to get 'you.' #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
With My Friends quotes by Adam Scott
#70. If I'm going to be away from my family, I'd rather it be working with my friends. #Quote by Adam Scott
With My Friends quotes by Diana Vreeland
#71. All people are meant to be creative in a certain way. What way? Perhaps I was cut out to be a wonderful housewife, with a marvelous sense of cooking, being with my friends, running a perfect house. But I am not ambitious towards anything. #Quote by Diana Vreeland
With My Friends quotes by Harry Connick, Jr.
#72. I had tons of friends, played ball with my friends on the street, and did the normal things. #Quote by Harry Connick, Jr.
With My Friends quotes by Amy Grant
#73. I was in Sarasota, Florida, on a spring-break trip with my friends Bruce and Karen Moore. Bruce and I were waiting on the beach for the rest of our crew when and a man and his grown kids came strolling up the sand. They looked at me for a minute, sort of hesitating, and then asked, "Would you mind taking a picture?" "Sure," I said, and quickly arranged all of us in a line, putting myself in the middle and motioning to Bruce to come snap the photo. Right about that time, the father said, "Actually, we were wondering if you could take a picture just of us." An understandable mistake on my part, but really embarrassing. Bruce has had a field day reminding me of that one ever since.

Lesson learned: Never assume anything about your own importance. It's a great big world, and all of us are busy living our lives. None of us knows all the time and effort that another person puts into his or her passion. #Quote by Amy Grant
With My Friends quotes by Terence Lewis
#74. I love watching foreign films on my projector at home along with my closely knit group of friends and family. I also love to dissect movies and discuss them with my friends who are movie buffs. #Quote by Terence Lewis
With My Friends quotes by Rebecca Ferguson
#75. I want to go out with my friends and have a laugh. It's funny: you always attract men when you don't want them - you'll go out, and they'll want your number, while you're left thinking, 'Where were you when I wanted a boyfriend?' #Quote by Rebecca Ferguson
With My Friends quotes by Emiliano Salinas
#76. I was born in 1976. I grew up in a traditional Mexican family. As a child, I had a pretty normal life: I would go to school, play with my friends and cousins. But then my father became President of Mexico, and my life changed. #Quote by Emiliano Salinas
With My Friends quotes by Bella Hadid
#77. In L.A., I love being with my friends and being able to eat out and wear tank tops at night. #Quote by Bella Hadid
With My Friends quotes by Ryan Sheckler
#78. When I was 5 years old, hanging out with my friends who were all older than me, like 8 or 9, I was joking around like, 'Yeah, when I'm 20 that's a perfect age to go pro.' That's what I had in my head. Then I turn pro at 13. It's all been a mystery and its all been awesome. #Quote by Ryan Sheckler
With My Friends quotes by Emma Bunton
#79. If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends #Quote by Emma Bunton
With My Friends quotes by Kathy Ireland
#80. Twelve million children in the United States face hunger every day. Bringing an end to this terrible situation is a passion I share with my friends in the entertainment industry. Together we can end hunger. #Quote by Kathy Ireland
With My Friends quotes by Pierce Brown
#81. I howl for my wife, for my father. For Ragnar and Quinn and Pax and Narol. For all the people I've lost. For all they would take. I howl because I am a Helldiver of Lykos. I am the Reaper of Mars. And I have paid for access to this bunker with my flesh, all so that I might either die with my friends or see our enemies brought to justice. #Quote by Pierce Brown
With My Friends quotes by Laura Pausini
#82. I was not ambitious as a child. My father encouraged me to enter competitions and contests, which became very much part of my life. I was not the typical teenager. I was very closed, shy and didn't hangout with my friends at disco's. My parents wanted me at home. Singing became my life, I traveled a lot on the job, and my job became my dream. #Quote by Laura Pausini
With My Friends quotes by Johnny Otis
#83. When I got near teen age, I was so happy with my friends and the African-American culture that I couldn't imagine not being part of it. #Quote by Johnny Otis
With My Friends quotes by Tom Hiddleston
#84. As a child, I had a deck of Marvel top trumps. You can get top trumps with racing cars, or fighter planes, or football players ... I had all of the Marvel superheroes and super-villains you could get, and I used to play them with my friends. They were all listed according to their height and weight and agility and their super-powers. #Quote by Tom Hiddleston
With My Friends quotes by David Levithan
#85. I could have been hanging out with my friends, but most of them were hanging out with their families or their Wiis. (Wiis? Wiii? What is the plural?) #Quote by David Levithan
With My Friends quotes by Ella Henderson
#86. I think a lot of people assume from my music and stuff I'm constantly talking about deep and meaningful things, but then with my friends I'm just a class clown. #Quote by Ella Henderson
With My Friends quotes by Zac Efron
#87. I usually spend Valentines Day with my friends. But if I did have a girlfriend, I'd bring her flowers and candy. #Quote by Zac Efron
With My Friends quotes by Mary-Kate Olsen
#88. It's weird to be called a celebrity or talk about it. I don't talk about being a celebrity in my business meetings. I don't talk about it with my friends. It's not a part of my life. It's a media perception of who I am. #Quote by Mary-Kate Olsen
With My Friends quotes by Kent Nerburn
#89. Love has its own time, its own season, and its own reasons
from coming and going. You cannot bribe it or coerce it or
reason it into staying. You can only embrace it when it
arrives and give it away when it comes to you #Quote by Kent Nerburn
With My Friends quotes by Nora Dunn
#90. When I'm with my friends I'm funny, but I don't feel like I'm a funny clown. #Quote by Nora Dunn
With My Friends quotes by Rian Johnson
#91. My filmmaking background has really just been making movies with my friends since I was 12 years old. That's how I feel I learned how to tell a story visually, by just going out with a video camera and making movies with my friends and family. #Quote by Rian Johnson
With My Friends quotes by Stella Young
#92. I grew up in a very small country town in Victoria. I had a very normal, low-key kind of upbringing. I went to school, I hung out with my friends, I fought with my younger sisters. It was all very normal. #Quote by Stella Young
With My Friends quotes by Jason Schwartzman
#93. I just have some restaurants to just go and eat there. Do mean places to watch people? I like to go shopping look for guitars and stuff with my friends. Look at Meyer, great old instruments, talk about pedals and stuff. #Quote by Jason Schwartzman
With My Friends quotes by Alena Shubina Lis
#94. You know I'm a coffee-lover. Having coffee it's a kind of daily ritual that is done with my friends, my family and more often - with myself, when I'm alone at home with books and music.
Coffee it is a way to celebrate my friendships, to show feelings.
When somebody comes into my house, the first question is:
"Do you want to drink coffee with me? #Quote by Alena Shubina Lis
With My Friends quotes by Steve Bivans
#95. Have you ever been in a great mood, or at least a good one, then decided, "You know what, I'm going to troll through Facebook and see what's happening with my friends."? I have.

I shouldn't though. It's a disco strangler of good days. It's the Ted Bundy of good moods. One minute you're cruising along and the next you're chained in a moldy hole in someone's basement, waiting to be transformed into some psycho's personal Halloween mask, metaphorically speaking, mind you. #Quote by Steve Bivans
With My Friends quotes by Christina Applegate
#96. I think maintaining relationships with my friends, my mother, my manager, they're all important. #Quote by Christina Applegate
With My Friends quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#97. This is the Malachai? (Jericho)
In all his pain in the ass glory. (Acheron)
Are we through now, Dad? Can I go play with my friends if I promise to be a good boy? I'll even try and make it home by curfew. (Nick) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
With My Friends quotes by Robyn Peterman
#98. Do not mess with my friends, myself or my Prada. #Quote by Robyn Peterman
With My Friends quotes by Jann Wenner
#99. I have more fun hanging out with my friends who are musicians and rock stars. You know politicians by and large are pretty stiff, pretty rehearsed. #Quote by Jann Wenner
With My Friends quotes by Shay Mitchell
#100. I was dating my first boyfriend in high school for a long time, and we broke up before prom. I hadn't met anyone else that I really wanted to go with, and my friends have always been amazing. So I went with my friends and got a million photos with them! #Quote by Shay Mitchell
With My Friends quotes by Miley Cyrus
#101. I'll be out with my friends and be recognized, and little girls will ask me for my autograph. It is so much fun living out your dream. It, like, totally reflects me 100%. #Quote by Miley Cyrus
With My Friends quotes by Michael Phelps
#102. If I didn't swim my best, I'd think about it at school, at dinner, with my friends. It would drive me crazy. #Quote by Michael Phelps
With My Friends quotes by James Frey
#103. I close my eyes and I let my body shut itself down and I let my mind wander. It wanders to a familiar place. A place I don't talk about or acknowledge exists. A place where there is only me. A place that I hate. I am alone. Alone here and alone in the world. Alone in my heart and alone in my mind. Alone everywhere, all the time, for as long as I can remember. Alone with my Family, alone with my friends, alone in a Room full of People. Alone when I wake, alone through each awful day, alone when I finally meet the blackness. I am alone in my horror. Alone in my horror. I don't want to be alone. I have never wanted to be alone. I fucking hate it. I hate that I have no one to talk to, I hate that I have no one to call, I hate that I have no one to hold my hand, hug me, tell me everything is going to be all right. I hate that I have no one to share my hopes and dreams with, I hate that I no longer have any hopes or dreams, I hate that I have no one to tell me to hold on, that I can find them again. I hate that when I scream, and I scream bloody murder, that I am screaming into emptiness. I hate that there is no one to hear my scream and that there is no one to help me learn how to stop screaming. . . More than anything, all I have ever wanted is to be close to someone. More than anything, all I have ever wanted is to feel as if I wasn't alone. #Quote by James Frey
With My Friends quotes by Paul Auster
#104. I was born just after the end of World War II, and with my friends in our little suburban backyards in New Jersey, we used to play war a lot. I don't know if boys still play war, they probably do, but we were thrusting ourselves into recent history and we were always fighting either the Nazis or the Japanese. #Quote by Paul Auster
With My Friends quotes by Donatella Versace
#105. I like to eat. Definitely. I love sitting around a table with my friends. But I don't know how to cook anything. #Quote by Donatella Versace
With My Friends quotes by Keith Emerson
#106. I remember that I used to mix with my friends who had brothers and sisters. I was an only child. #Quote by Keith Emerson
With My Friends quotes by Hailee Steinfeld
#107. I love to hang out with my friends and go to the movies. My mom and I are involved in the Mother/Daughter Organization - national charity work. Whenever I get free time, we volunteer. It's an organization so mothers and daughters can spend time together while volunteering. #Quote by Hailee Steinfeld
With My Friends quotes by Demi Lovato
#108. I still had a normal childhood with my friends from school. #Quote by Demi Lovato
With My Friends quotes by Sharlto Copley
#109. I did a lot of acting, funnily enough, unprofessionally, as a kid. From when I was 10 years old until I was about 19, I was always doing little sketches with my friends, and doing different accents and voices. #Quote by Sharlto Copley
With My Friends quotes by Jenny Han
#110. I like to watch Peter when he doesn't know I'm looking. I like to admire the straight line of his jaw, the curve of his cheekbone. There's an openness to his face, an innocence--a certain kind of niceness. It's the niceness that touches my heart the most.
It's Friday night at Gabe Rivera's house after the lacrosse game. Our school won, so everyone is in very fine spirits, Peter most of all, because he scored the winning shot. He's across the room playing poker with some of the guys from his team; he is sitting with his chair tipped back, his back against the wall. His hair is still wet from showering after the game. I'm on the couch with my friends Lucas Krapf and Pammy Subkoff, and they're flipping through the latest issue of Teen Vogue, debating whether or not Pammy should get bangs.
"What do you think, Lara Jean?" Pammy asks, running her fingers through her carrot-colored hair. Pammy is a new friend--I've gotten to know her because she dates Peter's good friend Darrell. She has a face like a doll, round as a cake pan, and freckles dust her face and shoulders like sprinkles.
"Um, I think bangs are a very big commitment and not to be decided on a whim. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you could be growing them out for a year or more. But if you're serious, I think you should wait till fall, because it'll be summer before you know it, and bangs in the summer can be sort of sticky and sweaty and annoying…" My eyes drift back to Peter, and he looks up and #Quote by Jenny Han
With My Friends quotes by Christina Marie Morales
#111. Easily he had turned studying my least favorite subject in history into my now most memorable one. Then there was his want to make our relationship more real than superficial, something very new to me. Though I was one relationship more knowledgeable than he was, it always felt like he knew more than I did of how relationships where built for the long run. Then again, he could have just learned that from watching his parents or maybe the innocence of our relationship just made him want to keep it pure and real. Like digging deep and wanting to get to know me, not just make out sessions every time we were together. Augusto knew more of the real me, the girl who wants to be a history teacher, enjoys her fries with garlic and cheese, and appreciates when a boy doesn't complain when plans are made with my friends and he isn't a part of them. #Quote by Christina Marie Morales
With My Friends quotes by Bipasha Basu
#112. For me chilling out is when I can stay at home, order food from outside and watch a film with my friends. Listening to music and watching films are my idea of perfect relaxation. #Quote by Bipasha Basu
With My Friends quotes by Sandra Bernhard
#113. Barbara Bush has her finger on the pulse of America. Im so glad shes back and more compassionate than ever, ... Thats right, of course people just sat around New Orleans, boring, uninspired, soulless New Orleans, and dreamed of someday relocating to the Astrodome. Oh, dear Lord, if only I could leave my unhappy existence and head on up to wonderful Houston and live with my friends side by side in a spacious football stadium, my life would be so much richer and complete. #Quote by Sandra Bernhard
With My Friends quotes by Woody Harrelson
#114. But I just felt at one point that I was on a hamster wheel, you know? Just doing movie after movie and thinking so much about career related things and I think missing out on hanging with my friends and family as much I needed to. #Quote by Woody Harrelson
With My Friends quotes by Nick Kroll
#115. I know it's going to sound cheesy, but I love show business. I love doing comedy, I love that I get to do all this with my friends. #Quote by Nick Kroll
With My Friends quotes by Anders Holm
#116. Back in college, I remember shooting stupid videos with my friends. It would be us going around town in capes pretending we were superheroes. #Quote by Anders Holm
With My Friends quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#117. Tired from my all-nighter with my friends, I just kept walking, my head bursting with their conversations, the things I had learned-Laura had had to take the morning-after pill-but none were as loud as the conversations I was having with myself in my head. That, I could never switch off. I don't think I'd ever thought so much, and talked so little, in my life. #Quote by Cecelia Ahern
With My Friends quotes by Elliott Bisnow
#118. That's what my life has come down to - how can I have fun for me, be with my friends and my family, and how can I help other people. #Quote by Elliott Bisnow
With My Friends quotes by Tucker Max
#119. You can't fill your emails with crap, at least not with my friends, because they're brutal. If something sucks, they'll tell you. #Quote by Tucker Max
With My Friends quotes by Dennis Miller
#120. I'm sorry, those pictures from the Abu Ghraib. At first, they, like infuriated me, I was sad. Then like, a couple days later, after they cut the guy's head off, they didn't seem like much. And now, I like to trade them with my friends. #Quote by Dennis Miller
With My Friends quotes by Robyn Davidson
#121. And here I was at the end of my trip, with everything just as fuzzy and unreal as the beginning. It was easier for me to see myself in Rick's lens, riding down to the beach in that cliched sunset, just as it was easier for me to stand with my friends and wave goodbye to the loopy woman with the camels, the itching smell of the dust around us, and in our eyes the feat that we had left so much unsaid. There was an unpronounceable joy and an aching sadness to it. It had all happened too suddenly. I didn't believe this was the end at all. There must be some mistake. Someone had just robbed me of a couple of month in there somewhere. There was not so much an anticlimactic quality about the arrival at the ocean, as the overwhelming feeling that I had somehow misplaced the penultimate scene. #Quote by Robyn Davidson
With My Friends quotes by Martin Starr
#122. I love working with my friends. #Quote by Martin Starr
With My Friends quotes by Saket Assertive
#123. The worse thing I have done in my life is Diary writing ... a wastage of time, wastage of papers filled with some imaginary feelings and bunch of silly activities done each day ... I cant feel any glimpse of appreciable work done by me, as whatever right I did, my Diary says " you were suppose to do it, so it was not a big deal ... huhhh ... "
I passed my last few nights in reading most of its pages ... "I laughed on the lines telling about my saddest moments and nights when I cried ... .. but I felt woeful and downhearted on the lines telling about the moments when I shared my smile with someone, when I enjoyed the moments with my friends and near and dear ones, who r far and far now, and we can't get those moments back in this busy selfish life"
So now its better in busy life to live evry day and forget it in night ... enjoy life ... save papers ... no diary writing from today ... Sorry Diary, You will Miss Me ... #Quote by Saket Assertive
With My Friends quotes by Indra Nooyi
#124. When I talk football with my friends, I don't talk about Tom Brady's hair. I talk about how he handles the blitz, or how he runs his offense. I talk as a fan. I don't want pink jerseys, and I don't want dumbed-down content. I want to be treated as a real fan - because I am proud to be one. #Quote by Indra Nooyi
With My Friends quotes by Caroline Winberg
#125. I don't get time to hang out with my friends because every time I make a plan, my agent tells me I can't go. I'm used to it. #Quote by Caroline Winberg
With My Friends quotes by Kelly Clark
#126. I think I've done a pretty good job of not compartmentalizing my life. I take my core values and I live them out at home like I would in my snowboarding like I would at church with my friends. #Quote by Kelly Clark
With My Friends quotes by Austin O'Brien
#127. I do get to have my normal childhood. I just love to get together with my friends and family and have a good time. #Quote by Austin O'Brien
With My Friends quotes by Mindy Kaling
#128. With my friends, the sad truth is that our best "best friend" days are behind us. In college, we used to be able to meet each other in the common area of our off-campus housing, excited about our evening ahead, which consisted of someone making an enormous tureen of pasta and drinking wine from a box while we took turns regaling each other with details of our terrible love lives. #Quote by Mindy Kaling
With My Friends quotes by Kevin Nealon
#129. I never really got into marketing. I went to school for it, but never pursued it once I got out. Instead, I went to Europe for about two months, just traveling around in youth hostels and Eurail trains with my friends. #Quote by Kevin Nealon
With My Friends quotes by Steve-O
#130. When I was fifteen years old, my dad won a video camera in a corporate golf tournament. I snatched it from his closet and began filming skateboard videos with my friends. #Quote by Steve-O
With My Friends quotes by Adam Sandler
#131. I don't want to run around with new people. I feel safer with my friends. #Quote by Adam Sandler
With My Friends quotes by Joss Whedon
#132. I've been doing Shakespeare readings with my friends for years. #Quote by Joss Whedon
With My Friends quotes by Joe Bastianich
#133. I prioritize in life. I like to work, I do TV shows, I do a lot of Iron Man training. I enjoy kicking back on a good night and drinking wine until I go to bed, and having fun with my friends. You just have to make time for it and keep it balanced. #Quote by Joe Bastianich
With My Friends quotes by Lana Del Rey
#134. I wanted a name I could shape the music towards. I was going to Miami quite a lot at the time, speaking a lot of Spanish with my friends from Cuba - 'Lana Del Rey' reminded us of the glamour of the seaside. It sounded gorgeous coming off the tip of the tongue. #Quote by Lana Del Rey
With My Friends quotes by Anonymous
#135. I just want to get drunk and smoke pot and do some blow with my friends and have it not be like this HUGE deal. #Quote by Anonymous
With My Friends quotes by Gwen Stefani
#136. I'm just an Orange County girl from a loving family making music with my friends. It's not really that big of a deal. #Quote by Gwen Stefani
With My Friends quotes by Paulo Coelho
#137. When I came here, I was deeply depressed. Now I'm proud to say I'm insane. Outside I'll behave exactly like everyone else. I'll go shopping at the supermarket, I'll exchange trivialities with my friends, I'll waste precious time watching television. But I know that my soul is free and that I can dream and talk with other worlds that, before I came here, I didn't even imagine existed. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
With My Friends quotes by Tyra Banks
#138. I tend to hang out with my friends in Los Angeles from high school. We know each other from back in the day. They still see me as just dumb Tyra. We have a strong bond. #Quote by Tyra Banks
With My Friends quotes by Georges Bataille
#139. My conduct with my friends is motivated: each being is, I believe, incapable on his own, of going to the end of being. If he tries, he is submerged within a "private being" which has meaning only for himself. Now there is no meaning for a lone individual: bing alone would of itself reject the "private being" if it saw it as such (if I wish my life to have meaning for me, it is necessary that it have meaning for others: no one would dare give to life a meaning which he alone would perceive, from which life in its entirety would escape, except within himself). At the extreme limit of the "possible", it is true, there is nonsense . . . but only of that which had a prior sense: this is fulguration, even "apotheosis" of nonsense. But I don't attain the extreme limit on my own and, in actual fact, I can't believe the extreme limit attained, for I never remain there. If I had to be the only one having attained it (assuming that I had . . .), it would be as thought it had not occurred. For if there subsisted a satisfaction, as small as I can imagine it to be, it would distance me as much from the extreme limit. I cannot for a moment cease to incite myself to attain the extreme limit, and cannot make a distinction between myself and those with whom I desire to communicate.
~George Bataille, "Inner Experience" pg. 42 #Quote by Georges Bataille
With My Friends quotes by Caroline Myss
#140. I love hanging out with my friends and family. I really, really, really love articulating original thought. That's probably my core, my biggest buzz. Because then it makes me feel like I know why I was born. Reaching original thought, where I know that I'm perceiving something that only I have seen, and I need to incarnate that. That's it right there. #Quote by Caroline Myss
With My Friends quotes by Mahendra Singh Dhoni
#141. Getting up quite late in the morning, going and trying to clean my bikes - I have quite a few of them in Ranchi - spending some time with my family, my parents and friends. Going out for rides with my friends and having lunch or dinner at a roadside hotel - that's my favourite time-pass. These are the sort of things that really excite me. #Quote by Mahendra Singh Dhoni
With My Friends quotes by Ashley Qualls
#142. You know, when I'm with my friends, I'm still 17. #Quote by Ashley Qualls
With My Friends quotes by Ajay Mehta
#143. I've always had strong ties with Delhi, and I do stay in touch with my friends and periodically visit the capital. I started my schooling at St. Columbus High School before I went to Mayo College. Delhi, for me, is a historical city with all its beautiful monuments. #Quote by Ajay Mehta
With My Friends quotes by Julia Glass
#144. I love to eat, I love to feed people, and I'm a great cook. I joked with my friends that I wanted to write a book where desserts had to be extensively researched, since I have a terrible sweet tooth. My particular downfall is cake. #Quote by Julia Glass
With My Friends quotes by Cindy Morgan
#145. I love spending time with my friends and family. The simplest things in life give me the most pleasure: cooking a good meal, enjoying my friends. #Quote by Cindy Morgan
With My Friends quotes by Zachary Quinto
#146. My desire to be valued is manifested in cultivating relationships with my friends and family. #Quote by Zachary Quinto
With My Friends quotes by Matthew Lewis
#147. I live in Leeds, which is about 200 miles north of London, and I get to go and do all the 'Harry Potter' stuff and make great films and be part of this wonderful thing all around the world, and then I get to go home and chill out with my friends in Leeds and go watch the football and go to the pub. #Quote by Matthew Lewis
With My Friends quotes by Austin Mahone
#148. To be honest, I know this probably sounds corny or whatever because I'm a musician, but listening to music really helps me relax and calm down - listening to my favorite songs. Also, laughing and hanging out with my friends. #Quote by Austin Mahone
With My Friends quotes by Samuel L. Jackson
#149. I kind of realize that I have a tendency to choose the kind of films I watched when I was a kid and would go home and pretend with my friends that we were in those movies after we saw them. #Quote by Samuel L. Jackson
With My Friends quotes by Michael Rosenbaum
#150. I like girls who don't mind that I hang out with my friends. #Quote by Michael Rosenbaum
With My Friends quotes by Randy Johnson
#151. It's hard to mix with a crowd when you're walking down the hallway and everybody else is a foot shorter. I remember hanging out with my friends, like at the mall, and thinking people were staring at me and talking about me. It made me turn inside myself. I became more shy and quiet. #Quote by Randy Johnson
With My Friends quotes by Rafael Nadal
#152. The family is very important. They make me feel good always because if I won, when I started to be famous, the relationship never changed with my friends and family. #Quote by Rafael Nadal
With My Friends quotes by Rick Riordan
#153. Hey, Dad, can I borrow the severed head of Medusa tonight? I'm going out with my friends. Okay, honey, just bring it back by midnight, and don't petrify anyone. #Quote by Rick Riordan
With My Friends quotes by Miley Cyrus
#154. It's lame when I'm hanging out with my friends and they're so busy taking pictures to put on Facebook, instead of enjoying what they're doing. You're gonna look back and have 10 million pictures, but you're not in one of them because you were too busy clicking away. I think it's best to stop telling people about it and enjoy the moment you're in yourself. #Quote by Miley Cyrus
With My Friends quotes by Joshua Rush
#155. My parents are the ones who really help me be grounded. I still go to school, I still do fun stuff with my friends; for the most part, I am a normal kid. It just so happens that I do some acting too! #Quote by Joshua Rush
With My Friends quotes by Roxane Gay
#156. I love how I can see [on Twitter] some of the thoughts and ideas of my favorite cultural figures and still also chatter with my friends and family. It's a cocktail party with a fraction of the awkwardness of an actual cocktail party. #Quote by Roxane Gay
With My Friends quotes by Ryan Lochte
#157. There's so much more to me than swimming. I like to go and have fun, like to go dancing, hang out with my friends. #Quote by Ryan Lochte
With My Friends quotes by Jerry Tarkanian
#158. I'll watch the kids play, have a big steak with my friends, stay in a nice hotel, sign a lot of autographs, then go back to Vegas and tell my alumni how tough recruiting is. #Quote by Jerry Tarkanian
With My Friends quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#159. I didn't get to grow up and pull away from her and bitch about her with my friends and confront her about the things I'd wished she'd done differently and then get older and understand that she had done the best she could and realize that what she had done was pretty damn good and take her fully back into my arms again. Her death had obliterated that. It had obliterated me. It had cut me short at the very heigh of my youthful arrogance. It had forced me to instantly grow up and forgive her every motherly fault at the same time that it kept me forever a child, my life both ended and begun in that premature place where we'd left off. She was my mother, but I was motherless. I was trapped by her, but utterly alone. She would always be the empty bowl that no one could full. I'd have to fill it myself again and again and again. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
With My Friends quotes by Julius And Ethel Rosenberg
#160. First of all, I am not an expert on matters on different economic systems, but in my normal social intercourse with my friends we discussed matters like that. #Quote by Julius And Ethel Rosenberg
With My Friends quotes by Ren Ng
#161. On the personal side, I was rock climbing and taking pictures with my friends. We took all sorts of portrait and action pictures, and I was thinking at the time that these are inherently difficult to focus correctly. #Quote by Ren Ng
With My Friends quotes by Kevin Rahm
#162. I love comedy and did a lot of comedy in college. I was in an improv comedy group with my friends. #Quote by Kevin Rahm
With My Friends quotes by Michael Dorn
#163. I miss working with my friends and the fun we had. Working on the series was the best time I ever had on a set. I am disappointed that they cancelled the series when they did, because I felt that by the seventh season, we were really hitting our stride, and that episodes were getting better and better. Some people say that the show had run its course and that it was time to quit, but I disagree. #Quote by Michael Dorn
With My Friends quotes by Cathleen Schine
#164. I do not go out to dinner or to the movies with the neighbors, as I do with my friends. I don't make dates with them. I don't have to. #Quote by Cathleen Schine
With My Friends quotes by Jill Clayburgh
#165. I came from dinner, went downtown with my friends, the elevator was down, I ran down the hall toward my room at 10 at night, having had two glasses of wine. #Quote by Jill Clayburgh
With My Friends quotes by Terry Pratchett
#166. Leave me in peace to converse with my friends? Whom I promise not to kill and dissect. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
With My Friends quotes by Denise Duhamel
#167. As a teenager, I loved acting, painting, photography, and making films with my friend's Super 8 camera. But I always loved writing the best. I chose writing even before I knew poetry was available to me. #Quote by Denise Duhamel
With My Friends quotes by Chris Lowell
#168. I had managers approaching me in high school asking me if I wanted to act professionally, but to me, having to miss school to do that meant missing time with my friends, which was completely unacceptable. #Quote by Chris Lowell
With My Friends quotes by Joss Whedon
#169. [My mother] really was an extraordinary, inspirational, tough, cool, sexy, funny woman. And that's the kind of woman I've always surrounded myself with, my friends and particularly my wife, who is not only smarter than and stronger than I am, but occasionally taller, too. I think it also goes back to my father and my stepfather, because they prized wit and resolve in the women they were with above all things and they were among the rare men who understood that recognising someone else's power doesn't diminish your own. #Quote by Joss Whedon
With My Friends quotes by Adam Sandler
#170. I'm not looking to get away from anything. I like what I've done. I like what I get to do and I enjoy working with my friends. I loved those movies, but this is incredible. #Quote by Adam Sandler
With My Friends quotes by Sarah Dessen
#171. In high school, I was lucky enough to have a big group of girlfriends that have really inspired a lot of the stories in my books. I'm still close with my friends from that time, so it's never very hard to put myself back into that place, that voice. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
With My Friends quotes by Connor Franta
#172. The best part about best friends is that you can maintain a relationship at any distance. In this day and age, we have Skype, FaceTime, text messages, audio messages, photo messages, and every social media site you can think of. With my friends, I send little photo updates almost daily and do a video call every week. It's really not that difficult. We talk about anything and everything. I can confide my deepest, darkest secrets with my best friends and fear no judgment. It's actually the best. And when we have the luxury of being in the same location, we pick things up like we were never separated. It really doesn't matter where we go or what we do; it's honestly just so nice to be in each other's presence that the rest doesn't matter. #Quote by Connor Franta
With My Friends quotes by John Mulaney
#173. As I got into high school and after puberty, I was a little more inward. I was a real extrovert when I was little, but I don't know, I just got quieter ... With my friends, I was still an extrovert. #Quote by John Mulaney
With My Friends quotes by Tom Brady
#174. As for hobbies, I don't really read or watch TV. I'm very active. I like surfing, skiing, riding bikes with my kids, and working out with my friends. #Quote by Tom Brady
With My Friends quotes by Jennifer Love Hewitt
#175. I'm not a person who naturally loves to wake up in the morning and go 'Yeah, I'm going to work out for five hours - wooh!' Like, that's not my thing. I'm from Texas. I like to eat carbs. I like to chill out with my friends and do anything but 150 push-ups and sit-ups. #Quote by Jennifer Love Hewitt
With My Friends quotes by Andie MacDowell
#176. I feel like I've had so many successes on so many levels, even if it is just my relationships with my friends. #Quote by Andie MacDowell
With My Friends quotes by Johnny Marr
#177. Don't get me wrong, I think "Portlandia" is really funny, and quite brilliant, but I like to be in a city where I can hang out in Powell's Bookstore most nights and go out with my friends in a liberal, relaxed atmosphere. I wish more cities were like that. #Quote by Johnny Marr
With My Friends quotes by Arianne Cohen
#178. And I'd certainly never explored being tall before. It had always just been a fact. I am tall. I buy tall clothing. I date tall men. I can reach high things. The end. But when towering over the grocery store checkout line or out with my friends, I still felt like I didn't quite fit into the group. #Quote by Arianne Cohen
With My Friends quotes by David Hume
#179. Where am I, or what? From what causes do I derive my existence, and to what condition shall I return? ... I am confounded with all these questions, and begin to fancy myself in the most deplorable condition imaginable, environed with the deepest darkness, and utterly deprived of the use of every member and faculty.
Most fortunately it happens, that since Reason is incapable of dispelling these clouds, Nature herself suffices to that purpose, and cures me of this philosophical melancholy and delirium, either by relaxing this bent of mind, or by some avocation, and lively impression of my senses, which obliterate all these chimeras. I dine, I play a game of backgammon, I converse, and am merry with my friends. And when, after three or four hours' amusement, I would return to these speculations, they appear so cold, and strained, and ridiculous, that I cannot find in my heart to enter into them any farther. #Quote by David Hume
With My Friends quotes by Derek Waters
#180. I don't want to be labeled one thing. My main thing I care about is being able to create the things I want to do with my friends, whatever platform that is. #Quote by Derek Waters
With My Friends quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#181. I write to make peace with the things I cannot control. I write to create red in a world that often appears black and white. I write to discover. I write to uncover. I write to meet my ghosts. I write to begin a dialogue. I write to imagine things differently and in imagining things differently perhaps the world will change. I write to honor beauty. I write to correspond with my friends. I write as a daily act of improvisation. I write because it creates my composure. I write against power and for democracy. I write myself out of my nightmares and into my dreams. I write in a solitude born out of community. I write to the questions that shatter my sleep. I write to the answers that keep me complacent. I write to remember. I write to forget….

I write because I believe in words. I write because I do not believe in words. I write because it is a dance with paradox. I write because you can play on the page like a child left alone in sand. I write because it belongs to the force of the moon: high tide, low tide. I write because it is the way I take long walks. I write as a bow to wilderness. I write because I believe it can create a path in darkness….

write as ritual. I write because I am not employable. I write out of my inconsistencies. I write because then I do not have to speak. I write with the colors of memory. I write as a witness to what I have seen. I write as a witness to what I imagine….

I write because it is dangerous, a bloody risk, li #Quote by Terry Tempest Williams
With My Friends quotes by Katie McGarry
#182. After a half hour, Antonio lured her away by throwing around words like technique and shading. I planned on joining her in the kitchen when the game ended, but decided against it when she grabbed a pencil and spoke rapidly as she sketched. I'd wanted her to be comfortable and I'd wanted to hang with my friends. Somehow, I got both my wishes. #Quote by Katie McGarry
With My Friends quotes by James Maslow
#183. Besides writing music and surfing, I like to simply chill with my friends. Watching movies and going out to eat are often my prime choices for a day off. #Quote by James Maslow
With My Friends quotes by Len Wiseman
#184. With Die Hard it was just something that I, you know, I grew up with those movies. I made a Die Hard movie with my friends in my backyard during high school. It was terrible. #Quote by Len Wiseman
With My Friends quotes by Chris Kaman
#185. I think someone who would watch this would think there is something wrong with me and something wrong with my friends. #Quote by Chris Kaman
With My Friends quotes by Emily Witt
#186. It was as if we had made something very simple incredibly complicated. Here were these bodies, ready to reproduce, controlled against reproduction, then stimulated for an eventual reproduction that was put on ice. My friends who wanted to prolong their fertility did so, now that they were in their thirties and professionally successful, because circumstances in their lives had not lined up as planned. They had excelled at their jobs. They had nice apartments and enough money to comfortably start a family, but they lacked a domestic companion who would provide the necessary genetic material, lifelong support, and love. They wanted to be the parents they had grown up under, but love couldn't be engineered, and ovaries could.

Hanging over all of this was an idea of choice, an arbitrary linking of goals and outcomes, which reduced structural, economic and technological change to individual decision. "The right to choose"―the right to birth control and abortion services―is different from the idea of choice I mean here. I mean that the baby question justified a fiction that one had to conform one's life to a uniform box by a certain deadline. If the choice were only to have a baby or not, then anybody who wanted a baby and was physically able would simply have one (as many people did), but what I saw with my friends was that it wasn't actually about the choice of having a baby but of setting up a nuclear family, which unfortunately could not, unlike making a baby, happen #Quote by Emily Witt
With My Friends quotes by Keke Palmer
#187. I'm totally normal. I love watching movies and hanging out with my friends at my house. I still go to the mall; I love to text and go on my computer. I'm totally normal - sounds kind of boring, right? #Quote by Keke Palmer
With My Friends quotes by Miranda Cosgrove
#188. It scared my mom to death when all my friends started driving. She always told me she wanted me to drive, but I think she kind of felt lucky that I didn't get my permit when all my friends did. I think that's been the hardest thing for her, watching me go out with my friends and literally drive away. #Quote by Miranda Cosgrove
With My Friends quotes by James Purefoy
#189. I really do want to just be able to sit in the corner of the pub with my friends ... to just be an actor and still go to the supermarket and not get bothered. #Quote by James Purefoy
With My Friends quotes by Patrick Carney
#190. I can totally identify with the younger kids. I'll never do what Jon Spencer did to me when I was 16, though. I made a tape with my friends and I put it onstage right near his mic stand by the pedal board and he pulled it out with his foot, kicked it to the center of the stage, looked me in the eye and stomped it to pieces. #Quote by Patrick Carney
With My Friends quotes by Mila Kunis
#191. I love swimming, tennis, and I am taking up golf. I am not serious about it, I just go to the range and practice. Other than that, I enjoy going to the movies and hanging out with my friends. #Quote by Mila Kunis
With My Friends quotes by Lucy Hale
#192. I have always known that I wanted to be a singer and I knew that meant sacrificing some things for my dream. When I am home I hang out with my friends and go to dances, so I try and partake in some of the activities that I miss out on. #Quote by Lucy Hale
With My Friends quotes by Heather Morris
#193. My dad passed away before my freshman year, and it altered how I thought. I was depressed - I didn't hang out with my friends. I worked through it by dancing. #Quote by Heather Morris
With My Friends quotes by Jeri Ryan
#194. I get to pretend I'm flying into space, and hang out with my friends. That's what I do for a living. #Quote by Jeri Ryan
With My Friends quotes by Donald Trump
#195. I played golf with my friends, and then I started to play with the hustlers. And I learned a lot. I learned about golf; I learned about gambling. I learned about everything. #Quote by Donald Trump
With My Friends quotes by Lolo Jones
#196. As a young girl, I just wanted to have fun and compete. There were no goals of becoming an Olympic athlete. I wanted to hang out with my friends. I wanted to do something fun, and that's what I did #Quote by Lolo Jones
With My Friends quotes by Sharon Stone
#197. When I'm with my friends' teenage children, I always say, 'Are your friends having sex yet?' #Quote by Sharon Stone
With My Friends quotes by Colbie Caillat
#198. Talking with my friends and family every day helps keep me grounded and connected to home. They are the most important things to me. #Quote by Colbie Caillat
With My Friends quotes by Jordin Sparks
#199. With my schedule being so crazy, I can't call every day or hang out with my friends like I used to and that's definitely sad. #Quote by Jordin Sparks
With My Friends quotes by Jordan Spieth
#200. To be able to have winning in your blood growing up, whether it was pounding my little brother or trying to beat my dad in something, or just competing on teams with my friends, it was nonstop. #Quote by Jordan Spieth
With My Friends quotes by Cynthia Hand
#201. One of my maids forgot the fruit with my breakfast. I became a skunk and sprayed her. #Quote by Cynthia Hand
With My Friends quotes by Adrianne Palicki
#202. I was the kid growing up who would play with G.I. Joes in a pink dress and then run off to play with my Barbies. It doesn't mean that I'm less girly, it just means that I have this other side of me. It's kinda cool to be a little bit of both, I think. #Quote by Adrianne Palicki
With My Friends quotes by James Maslow
#203. I like people in general, which is why it's fun for me to interact with my fans. #Quote by James Maslow
With My Friends quotes by Fae Sutherland
#204. 'Books had always been my best friends and all I wanted to do was lose myself in them, and better yet if the worlds and characters were of my own making.' #Quote by Fae Sutherland
With My Friends quotes by Elle Kennedy
#205. What is wrong with you?" I say in lieu of greeting. "You went to Morris's dorm and declared your intentions?"

He offers a faint smile. "Of course. It was the noble thing to do. I can't be chasing after another guy's girl without his knowledge."

"I'm not his girl," I snap. "We went on one date! And now I'm never going to be his girl, because he doesn't want to go out with me again."

"What the hell?" Logan looks startled. "I'm disappointed in him. I thought he had more of a competitive spirit than that."

"Seriously? You're going to pretend to be surprised? He won't see me again because your jackass self told him he couldn't."

Astonishment fills his eyes. "No, I didn't."

"Yes, you did."

"Is that what he told you?" Logan demands.

"Not in so many words."

"I see. Well, what words did he actually use?"

I grit my teeth so hard my jaw aches. "He said he's backing off because he doesn't want to get in the middle of something so complicated. I pointed out that there's nothing complicated about it, seeing as you and I are not together." My aggravation heightens. "And then he insisted that I need to give you a chance, because you're a - " I angrily air-quote Morris's words " - 'stand-up guy who deserves another shot.'"

Logan breaks out in a grin.

I stab the air with my finger. "Don't you dare smile. Obviously you put those words in his mouth. And what the hel #Quote by Elle Kennedy
With My Friends quotes by Tim O'Brien
#206. ("I love you," someone says, and instantly we begin to wonder - "Well, how much?" - and when the answer comes - "With my whole heart" - we then wonder about the wholeness of a fickle heart.) Our lovers, our husbands, our wives, our fathers, our gods - they are all beyond us. #Quote by Tim O'Brien
With My Friends quotes by Kristin Bauer Van Straten
#207. One lesson I got from Gandhi, 'Be the change you want to see,' haunts me. I just feel like I can't keep stomping around pointing the finger at BP when I am supporting the oil industry with my very own dollars and actions by buying their products, helping to pay their mortgage - plastic is from oil ... polyester, shower curtains. #Quote by Kristin Bauer Van Straten
With My Friends quotes by J.R. Ward
#208. If any harm shall befall him, I will come after you, and find you where you sleep. I do not care where you lay your head or who with, my vengeance shall rain upon you until you drown. #Quote by J.R. Ward
With My Friends quotes by Jennifer Jason Leigh
#209. I loved being on the set with my stepfather. I loved the magic of movies. I went on the set of 'The Mod Squad' - I mean, can you imagine? Just walking into a living room and then walking behind the living room, and it's just flat. There's nothing I love more than being on a sound stage. #Quote by Jennifer Jason Leigh
With My Friends quotes by Ron Baratono
#210. I'd rather be completely alone with my thoughts then be around anyone with a toxic attitude. #Quote by Ron Baratono
With My Friends quotes by LeBron James
#211. I'm just blessed that I was able to have guys around me that had some of the same goals. The man above gave me a gift and he gave me friends and a mentor that can help me reach my goal and reach my potential. And we all had the same goal, so it wasn't hard for us to get, you know, off track because we all wanted the same thing. #Quote by LeBron James
With My Friends quotes by Amanda Seyfried
#212. I'm never going to be with a guy that can't deal with my friendship with him. #Quote by Amanda Seyfried
With My Friends quotes by Hamish Bowles
#213. This is how I started: My mom was crazy for antique shops and junk shops, and my sister and I would play this game where, if we were driving with my parents and saw a junk shop or an antique shop, we'd scream at the top of our lungs. My poor father would have heart failure and screech to a halt, and we'd leap out and go and explore. #Quote by Hamish Bowles
With My Friends quotes by Aristotle.
#214. The fool tells me his reason; the wise man persuades me with my own. #Quote by Aristotle.
With My Friends quotes by Nikki Sixx
#215. I keep interested and I keep my eyes wide open ... I try to read as much as possible ... try to go to places that are off the beaten path ... and I love to listen in on other peoples conversations ... all the things that are floating around out there and I regurgitate it with my perspective ... lyrically and musically ... #Quote by Nikki Sixx
With My Friends quotes by Ree Drummond
#216. Then he took my arm, in a much softer grip than the one he'd used on our first date when he'd kept me from biting the dust. "No, c'mon," he said, pulling me closer to him and securing his arms around my waist. I died a thousand deaths as he whispered softly, "What's wrong?"
What could I possibly say? Oh, nothing, it's just that I've been slowly breaking up with my boyfriend from California and I uninvited him to my brother's wedding last week and I thought everything was fine and then he called last night after I got home from cooking you that Linguine and Clam Sauce you loved so much and he said he was flying here today and I told him not to because there really wasn't anything else we could possibly talk about and I thought he understood and while I was driving out here just now he called me and it just so happens he's at the airport right now but I decided not to go because I didn't want to have a big emotional drama (you mean like the one you're playing out in Marlboro Man's kitchen right now?) and I'm finding myself vacillating between sadness over the end of our four-year relationship, regret over not going to see him in person, and confusion over how to feel about my upcoming move to Chicago. And where that will leave you and me, you big hunk of burning love.
"I ran over my dog today!" I blubbered and collapsed into another heap of impossible-to-corral tears. Marlboro Man was embracing me tightly now, knowing full well that his arms were the only offering he #Quote by Ree Drummond
With My Friends quotes by Ren Ng
#217. I loved photography but was frustrated by the limitations of cameras. When trying to take a picture of a friend's young, active daughter using my DSLR, it was impossible to capture the fleeting moments. #Quote by Ren Ng
With My Friends quotes by J.J. McAvoy
#218. I never minded a little pain with my pleasure. "What #Quote by J.J. McAvoy
With My Friends quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#219. Some people just need a high-five. In the face. With my knives. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
With My Friends quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#220. Act like you're chanting a prayer," hissed Kamala in my ear.
"Like what?"
"Mutter something," said Kamala. "Do you know how many sadhus I've listened to? Let alone eaten? If you don't start muttering something, they will turn on you. And I don't want to eat them. They look like they'd taste horrible."
"A list or something."
"Uh," I stammered, trying to draw out the sound into the beginning of a chant. The people of Bharata were beginning to frown at me. Some had even stopped hurling shouts at the gates to watch me fail.
Kamala nodded approvingly.
"Can they hear you?" I hissed.
"No, not at all. Continue talking to me. That will definitely make you seem crazy. Very convincing for a holy person."
"Are you sure?"
"Quite," said Kamala. "You are like me. Half a thing. Mildly insane. A little of the Otherworld."
"How comforting," I muttered, continuing with my ridiculous list as we shouldered through people. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
With My Friends quotes by Jeffrey Blount
#221. But my relationship with my father was now ashes on the river and I felt myself becoming jealous of Mummy, because as of that day, I would never be a daddy's girl again. #Quote by Jeffrey Blount
With My Friends quotes by Quinn Loftis
#222. He told me to not let my friends throw my clothes out of the window," she paused and looked pointedly at Sally, who had the good sense to look sheepish, "because he had to get my clothes back – which he called souvenirs – from the wolves who apparently found them." She chuckled to herself, knowing she was once again the color of a beet.
"And from the tone in his voice, said souvenirs must've been my womanly garments."
Jacque laughed. "Did you just call your bras and panties 'womanly garments'?"
"That is classic." Sally laughed along.
"Could you two Pollyannas focus, please? #Quote by Quinn Loftis
With My Friends quotes by Esther Hicks
#223. I want to be the best that I can be. I want to do and have and live in a way that is in harmony with my idea of the greatest goodness. I want to harmonize physically here in this body with that which I believe to be the best, or the good way, of life. If you will make those statements, and then do not take action unless you feel good, you will always be moving upon the path in harmony with your idea of that which is good. #Quote by Esther Hicks
With My Friends quotes by Cindy McCain
#224. I would feel safe with my husband as president. I think Barack Obama is a fine man, I think Michelle Obama is a fine woman. This is about who would be better and I think my husband would be better. #Quote by Cindy McCain
With My Friends quotes by Yousuf Karsh
#225. My personal interest in ordinary people is unlimited, but I am fascinated by the challenge of portraying true greatness adequately with my camera. #Quote by Yousuf Karsh
With My Friends quotes by Emma Chase
#226. Then in one move, I pick up his plate - and smash the apple pie in his stupid, handsome face. "Kiss this, asshole." I straighten up and slap the check down. "Here's your bill; leave the money on the table. There's the door - use it before I come back with my baseball bat and show you why they used to call me Babe Ruthette." I #Quote by Emma Chase
With My Friends quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#227. One has personally to come under the shadow of war to feel fully its oppression; but as the years go by it seems now often forgotten that to be caught in youth by 1914 was no less hideous an experience than to be involved in 1939 and the following years. By 1918 all but one of my close friends were dead. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
With My Friends quotes by Theophilus London
#228. I need to travel, of course, with my laptop, so I can do my business on the road. #Quote by Theophilus London
With My Friends quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#229. I wanted so badly to tell him, but something about that entire night seemed so beautiful, so bizarre, that I didn't trust it with my secrets. #Quote by Lauren DeStefano
With My Friends quotes by Ian Anderson
#230. I make up my own mind in light of available facts, with my own experience and a sense of personal ethics. #Quote by Ian Anderson
With My Friends quotes by Kim Coates
#231. I know people have tattooed my 'Sons of Anarchy' photos, they've painted them, on their bikes. I've seen a few of those, sent to me through friends, where they've actually taken my 8x10 Tig photo and put it right on their bike. #Quote by Kim Coates
With My Friends quotes by Nancy Lancaster
#232. How lucky I've been to live in such beautiful places and able to make them as I dreamed. I've been lucky. I've adored my houses more than my friends (or husbands). #Quote by Nancy Lancaster
With My Friends quotes by Alicia Silverstone
#233. I love cooking and one of my favourite things to do with my husband is open up the refrigerator. #Quote by Alicia Silverstone
With My Friends quotes by Marlon James
#234. 'The Daily Mail' interviewed my friends in Jamaica to find out if I was ever the victim of a vicious homophobic attack because, to them, I'm a gay refugee. But nothing like that happened. So, no surprise, that story didn't appear. I'm really pretty boring. #Quote by Marlon James
With My Friends quotes by Jeff Britting
#235. The idea for Anthem the play began over twenty years ago. I was assisting in the production of another Ayn Rand work, Ideal. I moved to New York and began working on producing the play with my partners. And as a way to raise money to cover some venture debt, we decided to stage Anthem for a limited run at the Lex Theatre in Hollywood. #Quote by Jeff Britting
With My Friends quotes by Gertrude Stein
#236. One of the things that I have liked all these years is to be surrounded by people who know no english. It has left me more intensely alone with my eyes and my english. I do not know if it would have been possible to have english be so all in all to me otherwise. And they none of them could read a word I wrote, most of them did not even know that I did write. No, I like living with so very many people and being all alone with english and myself. #Quote by Gertrude Stein
With My Friends quotes by Billy Carter
#237. I think I may have created a monster with my - I won't say act - but with my redneck pose. #Quote by Billy Carter
With My Friends quotes by Venky Naidu
#238. I would rather fight with my pain or end up with self destruction. #Quote by Venky Naidu
With My Friends quotes by Carol Lee
#239. You obliterate my central sun and i hate and fear you for it . . . every moment with you is fraught with my anxiety of failure to be who you want me to be, to say what you want me to say . . .
You don't remember you have a daughter. You never see my pain. You see yourself. #Quote by Carol Lee
With My Friends quotes by Craig Silvey
#240. A tree
doesn't know it's a tree.
It doesn't know how pretty its flowers are,
or how beautiful they smell,
or how soft and sweet its fruit is,
It can't feel how warm I am with my arms around it.
It can't hear me when I tell it these things.
It doesn't know anything.
I'm glad you're not a tree. #Quote by Craig Silvey
With My Friends quotes by Jay Bell
#241. Coming out is something you never stop doing. You start by telling your friends and family. Then you tell new acquaintances or coworkers who invite you out for a drink. Even the telemarketers who call and ask if my wife is home. You don't have to tell everyone you meet, of course, but coming out is something that accompanies your entire life. #Quote by Jay Bell

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