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Witch quotes by Shelby Mahurin
#1. I-I've never seen anyone savor anything the way you do everything. You make me feel alive. Just being in your presence - it's addictive. You're addictive. It doesn't matter you're a witch. The way you see the world . . . I want to see it that way too. I want to be with you always, Lou. I never want to be parted from you again. #Quote by Shelby Mahurin
Witch quotes by Henry Kuttner
#2. A long time ago I lived in Lisbon,' she said, in softly slurred Portuguese that made the name of the city Leesh-boa. 'But before that, meus neto, my tribe was in the mountains where there are only old things, like the trees and the rocks and the streams. There are truths to be learned from the old things -' She hesitated, and her brown, shrunken claw closed over Pete's hand. 'Do you know the truth, Pedrinho?'
("Before I Wake ... ") #Quote by Henry Kuttner
Witch quotes by J.K. Rowling
#3. I have many questions for you, Harry Potter."
"Like what?" Harry spat, fists still clenched.
"Well," said Riddle, smiling pleasantly, "how is it that you- a skinny boy with no extraordinary magical talent- managed to defeat the greatest wizard of all time? How did you escape with nothing but a scar, while Lord Voldemort's powers were destroyed?"
There was an odd red gleam in his hungry eyes now.
"Why do you care how I escaped?" said Harry slowly. "Voldemort was after your time...."
"Voldemort," said Riddle softly, "is my past, present, and future, Harry Potter...."
He pulled Harry's wand from his pocket and began to trace it through the air, writing three shimmering words:


Then he waved the wand once, and the letters of his name rearranged themselves:


"You see?" he whispered. "It was a name I was already using at Hogwarts, to my most intimate friends only, of course. You think I was going to use my filthy Muggle father's name forever? I, in whose veins runs the blood of Salazar Slytherin himself, through my mother's side? I, keep the name of a foul, common Muggle, who abandoned me even before I was born, just because he found out his wife was a witch? No, Harry- I fashioned myself a new name, a name I knew wizards everywhere would one day fear to speak, when I had become the greatest sorcerer in the world! #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Witch quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#4. Aelin ran for Manon, leaping over the fallen stones, her ankle wrenching on loose debris.
The island rocked with her every step, and the sunlight was scalding, as if Mala were holding that island aloft with every last bit of strength the goddess could summon in this land.
Then Aelin was upon Manon Blackbeak, and the witch lifted hate-filled eyes to her. Aelin hauled off stone after stone from her body, the island beneath them buckling.
"You're too good a fighter to kill," Aelin breathed, hooking an arm under Manon's shoulders and hauling her up. The rock swayed to the left-but held. Oh, gods. "If I die because of you, I'll beat the shit out of you in hell."
She could have sworn the witch let out a broken laugh as she got to her feet, nearly dead weight in Aelin's arms. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Witch quotes by Nichole McElhaney
#5. Be a witch they cannot burn. #Quote by Nichole McElhaney
Witch quotes by Lee DeBourg
#6. Dad told me he had been young once, and it is okay to have my fun.He said when I'm ready to settle down, I need to select a guy who will be good for the family business."
"Have you had your fun?"
"What has that witch Michelle told you? #Quote by Lee DeBourg
Witch quotes by Eva Sloan
#7. Crazy is such a misunderstood term. I like to think that I march to the beat of my own drummer. #Quote by Eva Sloan
Witch quotes by Charles De Lint
#8. Stone walls confine a tinker; cold iron binds a witch; but a musician's music can never be fettered, for it lives first in her heart and mind. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Witch quotes by Fyodor Sologub
#9. I wanted to burn her, the wicked witch. #Quote by Fyodor Sologub
Witch quotes by Terry Pratchett
#10. There are thousands of good reasons why magic doesn't rule the world. They're called Witches and Wizards. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Witch quotes by Starhawk
#11. The witches, the wise women, and the healers were also always the counselors. It's a whole other tradition of knowledge and learning that has been suppressed because it had political implications. #Quote by Starhawk
Witch quotes by Laken Cane
#12. The witch wasn't a woman, not really. She was evil wrapped in horror, tied neatly with a bow of rancid blood and sour anguish. #Quote by Laken Cane
Witch quotes by Kim Harrison
#13. Rachel, my itchy witch," Al said as he tugged the lace at his cuffs. "We've talked about this. You simply must stop collecting nasty little men. How many do you really need, love? #Quote by Kim Harrison
Witch quotes by Deyth Banger
#14. How do you know about the world is real?...
How you don't think that you are locked in matrix... which is programmed by a genius or something more further... which we don't believe it goes like fatasy and science fiction which is ...we are cursed by a witch and we stay in a box... full of illusions. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Witch quotes by Chris Galford
#15. That was magic, sweetest." The witch flexed her fingers, wriggled them in front of her. "Did she think it a wave of the hands? A slip of the tongue?" A kiss upon her skin. She could see the woman reaching out and taking her in hand, kissing each finger as though they were her possessions. Then it was gone. Charlotte blinked. The woman had not stirred. "Not all things are so simple. I was he and he was me and I took your poison into myself, and made it his. All things join beneath the earth. I burned, then so did he. More will burn. Come hair or wool, more will burn. #Quote by Chris Galford
Witch quotes by L.J.Smith
#16. Kaitlyn is that kind of girl that might be too interesting, might tempt you to get involved ... A girl who challenged him, who could be my equal ... Her mind was a place of blue pools and blazing meteors ... She stood slim and proud as some medival witch princess against dawn.
-Gabriel #Quote by L.J.Smith
Witch quotes by Leigh Ann Edwards
#17. Killian O'Brien, would I truly do anything to damage your diddler after I've only just healed it? #Quote by Leigh Ann Edwards
Witch quotes by L.J.Smith
#18. You're a witch, she reminded herself. You should love cemeteries. They're probably your natural habitat. #Quote by L.J.Smith
Witch quotes by Jose Saramago
#19. Who is that witch, asked the old man with the black eyepatch, these are things we say when we do not know how to take a good look at ourselves, had he lived as she had lived, we should like to see how long his civilised ways would last. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Witch quotes by C.S. Lewis
#20. And just as the Witch Jadis had looked different when you saw her in our world instead of in her own, so the fruit of that mountain garden looked different too. There were of course all sorts of colored things in the bedroom; the colored counterpane on the bed, the wallpaper, the sunlight from the window, and Mother's pretty, pale blue dressing jacket. But the moment Digory took the Apple out of his pocket, all those things seemed to have scarcely any color at all. Everyone of them, even the sunlight, looked faded and dingy. The brightness of the Apple threw strange lights on the ceiling. Nothing else was worth looking at: you couldn't look at anything else. And the smell of the Apple of Youth was as if there was a window in the room that opened on Heaven. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Witch quotes by Paulo Coelho
#21. Faith is not Desire. Faith is Will. Desires are things that need to be satisfied, whereas Will is a force. Will changes the space around us, ... #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Witch quotes by Libba Bray
#22. I do have to wonder what sort of childhood the Grimm brothers endured. They are not a merry bunch of storytellers, what with their children roasted by witches, maidens poisoned by old crones, and whatnot. #Quote by Libba Bray
Witch quotes by Terry Pratchett
#23. It might have interested Newt to know that, of the thirty-nine thousand women tested with the pin during the centuries of witch-hunting, twenty-nine thousand said "ouch," nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine didn't feel anything because of the use of the aforesaid retractable pins, and one witch declared that it had miraculously cleared up the arthritis in her leg. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Witch quotes by Stan Freberg
#24. Who are taking to the witch burning Saturday night? #Quote by Stan Freberg
Witch quotes by Terry Pratchett
#25. You wanted magic, watch". She put her hand into the struggling mass of insects and made a shrill faint piping noise in the back of her throat. There was a movement in the mass, and a large bee lander and flatter then the others crawled onto her hand. A few workers followed it stroking it and generally ministering to it.
"How did you do that" said Esk.
"Ahhh," said Granny, "wouldn't you like to know".
"Yes I would that's why I asked Granny," said Esk severely.
"Do you think I used magic", Esk looked down at the queen bee, then up at the witch.
"No, I think you just know a lot about bees".
Granny grinned, "Exactly correct, that's one form of magic of course".
"What just knowing things".
"Knowing things that other people don't know," said Granny #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Witch quotes by J.K. Rowling
#26. And this is Nymphadora-"
"Don't call me Nymphadora, Remus," said the young witch with a shudder. "It's Tonks."
"-Nymphadora Tonks, who prefers to be known by her surname only," finished Lupin.
"So would you if your fool of a mother had called you 'Nymphadora,' " muttered Tonks. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Witch quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#27. A witch there was, who webs could weave
to snare the heart and wits to reave,
who span dark spells with spider-craft,
and as she span she softly laughed;
a drink she brewed of strength and dread
to bind the quick and stir the dead.
In a cave she housed where winging bats
their harbour sought, and owls and cats
from hunting came with mournful cries,
night-stalking near with needle eyes. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Witch quotes by Stefan Molyneux
#28. To be exploited fundamentally means to be confused. When you're not confused you can't be exploited because you have clarity about the situation. To confuse people you must provide contradictory information. People who really want to do you harm will provide you confusing measures of good and bad feedback because that keeps you disorientated. Evil always want to camouflage itself as virtue witch means all the bad things that evil does is called justice against immorality. So they camouflage their brutality as a mask of virtue. Camouflage is so fundamentally an aspect of the predator-prey relationships.

The mugger does not camouflage himself but, that's because he can leave. He is gonna run off and you'll never find him or catch him or at least that's the goal or plan right? The relationships were you're supposed to stay and continue to provide resources are the ones were camouflage is the most essential because you're constantly looking at somebody who is a predator and that have to continually camouflage themselves as somebody who is not a predator. The most fundamental thing is the camouflage of non-empathy with empathy. This is why people who lack empathy always use the language of empathy and that's whats so confusing.

There are a lot of great antidotes to this. I mean, you just ask that person questions about yourself that they dont have any self interest in knowing and find out whether they know the answers. All the things personal to you that don #Quote by Stefan Molyneux
Witch quotes by Eve Langlais
#29. In her eyes, he could see the fear, but also the love. The need. Time to show her, that to him, she meant everything.
"Before you shower me with kisses for saving you –"
"I think it could be argued that I played a part."
"Not when I retell the story you won't. But we can argue about that later, naked. As I was saying, I have something for you." Remy pulled the sheet of paper out of his back pocket and unfolded it.
Initially he'd worried about it being too short. But as Lucifer assured him when he made the contract and binding, the less clauses he put in, the more his promise would stick out. Handing it to her, he waited.
Fidgeted when she didn't say a word. Almost tore it from her grasp. Then stumbled back as she threw herself at him.

I, Remy, the most awesome demon in Hell, do declare to love the witch Ysabel, fiery temper and all, for an eternity. I will never stray. Never betray her trust. Never do anything to cause her pain upon penalty of permanent death.
This I do swear in blood,

A simple contract, which in its very lack of clauses and sub items, awed her. "You love me that much?"
He peered at her with incredulity on his face. "Of course I love you that much. Would I have done all the things I did if I didn't?"
"Well, you are related to a mad woman."
"Yes, and maybe it's madness for me to love you, but I do. Do you think just any woman would inspire me enough to take on a bloody pai #Quote by Eve Langlais
Witch quotes by Sarah Cross
#30. Birthdays were wretched, delicious things when you lived in Beau Rivage. The clock stuck midnight, and presents gave way to magic.
Curses bloomed.
Girls bit into sharp apples instead of birthday cake, chocked on the ruby-and-white slivers, and collapsed into enchanted sleep. Unconscious beneath cobweb canopies, frozen in coffins of glass, they waited for their princes to come. Or they tricked ogres, traded their voices for love, danced until their glass slippers cracked.
A prince would awaken, roused by the promise of true love, and find he had a witch to destroy. A heart to steal. To tear from the rib cage, where it was cushioned by bloody velvet, and deliver it to the queen who demanded the princess's death.
Girls became victims and heroines.
Boys became lovers and murderers.
And sometimes ... they became both. #Quote by Sarah Cross
Witch quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#31. Listen, everything is possible in here. You can burn every spinning wheel in the kingdom. You can cut your hair before he ever gets the chance to climb up. It is possible to decline the beanstalk. You can let the old witch dance at your wedding, hand out the kind of forgiveness that would wake the dead and sleeping. You can just walk away, get on a horse, and go wake some other maiden from her narrative coffin, if you're brave, if you're strong. What do you want? Do you want to escape? Or were you looking for that candy house? #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Witch quotes by Paulo Coelho
#32. The day is made up of 24 hours and an infinite number of moments. We need to be aware of those moments and make the most of them regardless of whether we're busy doing something or contemplating life. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Witch quotes by C.S. Lewis
#33. Sweet master doctor, learned master doctor, who ever heard of a witch that really died? You can always get them back. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Witch quotes by Terry Gilliam
#34. Because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her #Quote by Terry Gilliam
Witch quotes by Sara Poole
#35. ... I opened the door to a knock and found a ashen-faced messenger quailing at the prospect of facing an undead witch who was, as I shortly learned, the talk of Rome.
The poor man thrust a package into my arms, declined any payment, and fled with such alacrity that I waited to make sure did not fall headfirst down the steps before stepping back inside my apartment. #Quote by Sara Poole
Witch quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#36. Mr. Crossley suddenly wondered why he was why he was worrying about the note. It was only a joke, after all. He cleared his throat. Everyone looked up hopefully. 'Somebody,' said Mr. Crossley, 'seems to have sent me a Halloween message.' And he read out the note: 'SOMEONE IN THIS CLASS IS A WITCH.'
6B thought this was splendid news. Hands shot up all over the room like a bed of beansprouts.
'It's me, Mr. Crossley!'
'Mr. Crossley, I'm the witch!'
'Can I be the witch, Mr. Crossley?'
'Me, Mr. Crossley, me, me, me! #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
Witch quotes by Juliette Cross
#37. Wait a minute. You watched it once? So you've seen one Star Wars movie? And that's it? #Quote by Juliette Cross
Witch quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#38. Can't you just keep your big mouth shut?" Brian said furiously to Nan. He pointed to Chrestomanci. "How do we know he's safe? For all we know, he could be the devil that you summoned up!"
"Oh, you flatter me, Brian," Chrestomanci said. #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
Witch quotes by Jason Jack Miller
#39. Henry,that's how you get rid of fleas. You keep them from laying eggs. You go to war with them. #Quote by Jason Jack Miller
Witch quotes by Barbara Hambly
#40. Can you tell me the difference between a witch and a wizard?
Sure, a wizard is what they call you when they want to hire you, and a witch is what they call you when they're getting ready to run you out of town. #Quote by Barbara Hambly
Witch quotes by John C. Wright
#41. Or, in your case, as wide. Wait. Did you just say Gandalf?"
"He is the founder of our order, and the first of the Five Warlocks. He comes from afar across the Western Ocean, from Easter Island, or perhaps from Japan."
"No, I think he comes from the mind of a story writer. An old-fashioned Roman Catholic from the days just before First Space Age. Unless I am confusing him with the guy who wrote about Talking Animal Land? With the Cowardly Lion who gets killed by a Wicked White Witch? I never read the text, I watched the comic."
"Oh, you err so! The Witches, we have preserved this lore since the time of the Fall of the Giants, whom we overthrew and destroyed. The tale is this: C. S. Lewis and Arthur C. Clarke were led by the Indian Maiden Sacagawea to the Pacific Ocean and back, stealing the land from the Red Man and selling them blankets impregnated with smallpox. It was called the Lewis and Clarke Expedition. When they reached the Pacific, they set out in the Dawn Treader to find the sea route to India, where the sacred river Alph runs through caverns measureless to man down to a sunless sea. They came to the Last Island, called Ramandu or Selidor, where the World Serpent guards the gateway to the Land of the Dead, and there they found Gandalf, returned alive from the underworld, and stripped of all his powers. He came again to mortal lands in North America to teach the Simon Families. The Chronicle is a symbolic retelling of their journey. It is one of our #Quote by John C. Wright
Witch quotes by Bryan Fuller
#42. If I were to remake a movie, I'd love to remake Halloween 3 Season of the Witch because even though it's a very flawed film, at its core is a brilliant idea: An evil toymaker is set to kill all the children of the world on Halloween night - and I think that's absolutely fantastic. So whoever has the rights can give me a call. #Quote by Bryan Fuller
Witch quotes by L. Frank Baum
#43. It's so kind of you to want to visit me in my loneliness. - The Wicked Witch of the West. Now I know I have a heart, because it's breaking. - The Tin Woodsman Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable. #Quote by L. Frank Baum
Witch quotes by Steven Chuks Nwaokeke
#44. When evil altars are invoked, great destinies are altered #Quote by Steven Chuks Nwaokeke
Witch quotes by Dacha Avelin
#45. Witchcraft is a path of personal freedom. #Quote by Dacha Avelin
Witch quotes by Carolyn Jewel
#46. I am not your wicked witch," Alexandrine said.
"Beg to differ there," Nikodemus said. "You sure as hell are."
"I'm your sworn fiend," she returned. Between Xia's body and hers, she moved her hand over Xia's crotch. "But I'm his wicked witch."
"Fuck, yes," Xia said. #Quote by Carolyn Jewel
Witch quotes by Kathleen O'Neal Gear
#47. Only a fool would cross a night traveler. #Quote by Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Witch quotes by Rin Chupeco
#48. To be a perfectionist is not the same as being deaf," Khalad said without looking up, and the bone witch laughed. #Quote by Rin Chupeco
Witch quotes by Anne Sexton
#49. Her Kind

I have gone out, a possessed witch,
haunting the black air, braver at night;
dreaming evil, I have done my hitch
over the plain houses, light by light:
lonely thing, twelve-fingered, out of mind.
A woman like that is not a woman, quite.
I have been her kind.

I have found the warm caves in the woods,
filled them with skillets, carvings, shelves,
closets, silks, innumerable goods;
fixed the suppers for the worms and the elves:
whining, rearranging the disaligned.
A woman like that is misunderstood.
I have been her kind.

I have ridden in your cart, driver,
waved my nude arms at villages going by,
learning the last bright routes, survivor
where your flames still bite my thigh
and my ribs crack where your wheels wind.
A woman like that is not ashamed to die.
I have been her kind. #Quote by Anne Sexton
Witch quotes by Dacha Avelin
#50. Spellwork is a form of creation. Manifesting the invisible and the imaginable into real life verifiable forms, through perfectly natural means. #Quote by Dacha Avelin
Witch quotes by Deborah Blake
#51. Only one kiss. That was what he had intended. But Ciera's lips were sweet like the juice of a pomegranate, and her skin under his hands felt like velvet. When she put her arms around him, he deepened the kiss, pulling the pins out of her hair until it cascaded over her shoulders. The tiny jingle of the bits of metal falling to the floor was almost lost in the moan she let out when he moved his lips down her neck, and then he was lost too. #Quote by Deborah Blake
Witch quotes by Robin Wall Kimmerer
#52. There are some aches witch hazel can't assuage. For those, we need each other. #Quote by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Witch quotes by Bill Maher
#53. What is it with conservatives? Seriously, I'm not trying to be partisan but it seems like if they're anti-illegal alien, they have illegal aliens working for them. If they're anti-gay, they turn out to be gay. If they're super Christian, they're a witch. #Quote by Bill Maher
Witch quotes by Chris Colfer
Witch quotes by Mat Auryn
#55. Many philosophers and theologians have grappled with the question of whether reality is a dream, or whether we are the dreamer or the dreamed. In Hermetic philosophy, the answer is both. We are but the dreams and thoughts of the Infinite Mind, but as microcosms of the Infinite Mind, we are also the dreamers. #Quote by Mat Auryn
Witch quotes by L. Frank Baum
#56. Which road leads to the Wicked Witch of the West?" asked Dorothy.

"There is no road," answered the Guardian of the Gates. "No one ever wishes to go that way."

"How, then, are we to find her?" inquired the girl.

"That will be easy," replied the man, "for when she knows you are in the country of the Winkies she will find you, and make you all her slaves."

"Perhaps not," said the Scarecrow, "for we mean to destroy her."

"Oh, that is different," said the Guardian of the Gates. "No one has ever destroyed her before, so I naturally thought she would make slaves of you, as she has of the rest. But take care; for she is wicked and fierce, and may not allow you to destroy her. Keep to the West, where the sun sets, and you cannot fail to find her. #Quote by L. Frank Baum
Witch quotes by Anne Bishop
#57. I lost nothing I regret losing," Witch said softly. "I am what I want to be. #Quote by Anne Bishop
Witch quotes by Sarah Henning
#58. It's never safe for a witch to have no warning. #Quote by Sarah Henning
Witch quotes by Leigh Ann Edwards
#59. As she glanced down at the great distance to the ground below, she whispered in his ear, "You have obviously taken the heights of passion to an entirely new level, Killian O'Brien! #Quote by Leigh Ann Edwards
Witch quotes by Neil Gaiman
#60. The witch was as old as the mulberry tree
She lived in the house of a hundred clocks
She sold storms and sorrows and calmed the sea
And she kept her life in a box. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Witch quotes by Nadine Strossen
#61. No other work has more often been blamed for more heinous crimes by the perpetrators of such crimes. The Bible has been named as the instigating or justifying factor for many individual and mass crimes, ranging from the religious wars, inquisitions, witch burnings, and pogroms of earlier eras to systematic child abuse and ritual murders today. #Quote by Nadine Strossen
Witch quotes by Lia Davis
#62. She sagged against the wall, finding it hard to breathe. It wasn't from fear. Gods, she hadn't been that turned on in years. If that was her punishment, she was going to be lippy a little more often #Quote by Lia Davis
Witch quotes by Gunter Grass
#63. What more shall I say: born under light bulbs, deliberately stopped growing at age of three, given drum, sang glass to pieces, smelled vanilla, coughed in churches, observed ants, decided to grow, buried drum, emigrated to the West, lost the East, learned stonecutter's trade, worked as model, started drumming again, visited concrete, made money, kept finger, gave finger away, fled laughing, rode up escalator, arrested, convicted, sent to mental hospital, soon to be acquitted, celebrating this day my thirtieth birthday and still afraid of the Black Witch. Chapter 46, pg. 587 #Quote by Gunter Grass
Witch quotes by Lord Dunsany
#64. The witch approached it and pared its edges with a sword that she drew from her thigh. Then she sat down beside it on the earth and sang to it while it cooled. Not like the runes that enraged the flames was the song she sang to the sword: she whose curses had blasted the fire till it shrivelled big logs of oak crooned now a melody like a wind in summer blowing from wild wood gardens that no man tended, down valleys loved once by children, now lost to them but for dreams, a song of such memories as lurk and hide along the edges of oblivion, now flashing from beautiful years of glimpse of some golden moment, now passing swiftly out of remembrance again, to go back to the shades of oblivion, and leaving on the mind those faintest traces of little shining feet which when dimly perceived by us are called regrets. She sang of old Summer noons in the time of harebells: she sang on that high dark heath a song that seemed so full of mornings and evenings preserved with all their dews by her magical craft from days that had else been lost, that Alveric wondered of each small wandering wing, that her fire had lured from the dusk, if this were the ghost of some day lost to man, called up by the force of her song from times that were fairer. #Quote by Lord Dunsany
Witch quotes by Danielle Paige
#65. That witch talks a big game, but she couldn't be a bigger candy-ass if she dropped her pink little undies and sat on a pile of gumdrops. #Quote by Danielle Paige
Witch quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#66. Tell me the story, Pew ... It was a woman. You always say that. There's always a woman somewhere, child; a princess, a witch, a stepmother, a mermaid, a fairy godmother, or one as wicked as she is beautiful, or as beautiful as she is good. Is that the complete list? Then there is the woman you love. Who's she? That's another story. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Witch quotes by Nalini Singh
#67. In my time," he said, "they believed in witches. Are you a witch, Honor, that you make me say these things to you?"
Causing him to rip open wounds that had stayed safely scabbed over for so long that, most of the time, he managed to forget they existed.
Her hands, so very, very gentle, continued to hold his face as she tugged him down until their foreheads touched.
"I'm no witch, Dmitri. If I was, I'd know how to fix you. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Witch quotes by Amanda Lovelace
#68. i am
the girl
with the
arsonist heart #Quote by Amanda Lovelace
Witch quotes by Cole McCade
#69. Every day she would spread her wings and tell herself today was the day she would fly - but every day a quiet, hateful old witch told her if she tried even once, she would fall. Told her little girls weren't meant to fly. Little girls were meant to stay at home and be pretty, and as long as she did that all the good things in the world would come to her." The words tasted foul. "And the little girl, who used to be fearless, learned fear. Just a little more each day, until her wings grew too heavy to lift her and her fear weighed her down to earth. #Quote by Cole McCade
Witch quotes by John Fante
#70. The kitchen. La cucina, the true mother country, this warm cave of the good witch deep in the desolate land of loneliness, with pots of sweet potions bubbling over the fire, a cavern of magic herbs, rosemary and thyme and sage and oregano, balm of lotus that brought sanity to lunatics, peace to the troubled, joy to the joyless, this small twenty-by-twenty world, the altar a kitchen range, the magic circle a checkered tablecloth where the children fed, the old children, lured back to their beginnings, the taste of mother's milk still haunting their memories, fragrance in the nostrils, eyes brightening, the wicked world receding as the old mother witch sheltered her brood from the wolves outside. #Quote by John Fante
Witch quotes by Evangeline Walton
#71. It was so awful! And he kept on looking at me and I knew I must get out of bed or he'd come and touch me. I did, too, but when I got out I wasn't me-I was a little white bunny. And he started out of the room and I had to go with him for fear he'd touch me. It felt so horrid, going out with him and looking back at mother there asleep.

"We went into the main part of the house, and one of the big front doors was open, and we went out through it. And then he gave a big jump, and so did I, and it took us clear up into the sky. We couldn't fly, but we kept jumping and jumping.

"Sometimes we stayed in the sky a little while, jumping from cloud to cloud, and the moon would get closer and closer and bigger and bigger, and its face would change and get horrible and grin at us until it seemed like its mouth was a mile wide and open, to swallow us up. And then we'd come down again and jump from one cliff to another, and the sea would be roaring down under us, and the waves all grey and cold and moving around and boiling like they were mad or afraid.

"We went all over the island and sometimes we jumped over the sea to the mainland and back again; and sometimes I tried to get away and run back to Mother - I thought she'd know me even if I was a bunny - but always, whichever way I turned, the hare was there in front of me, and his teeth were shining.

"We kept it up all night, and I was so tired and cold and miserable, and so scared. I didn't know #Quote by Evangeline Walton
Witch quotes by Nenia Campbell
#72. His eyes were like a forest at night - dark, wild, and dangerous. They were as fey as the rest of him, calling to mind thoughts of terrifying legends and powerful magic. You could fall into eyes like that, she thought, and find yourself trapped forever.

In that moment, he resembled exactly what he was: a witch prince, out for blood. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Witch quotes by Frances Hardinge
#73. This was the hardest part. It was easier to be the witch, the harpy. Being human was dangerous. #Quote by Frances Hardinge
Witch quotes by Hawkeye Avengers
#74. We're fighting an army of robots, And I got a bow"

Hawkeye to scarlet witch. - Avengers 2 age of ultron. #Quote by Hawkeye Avengers
Witch quotes by Cornello, Arakawa Hiromu
#75. The greatest army in the world is one witch does not fear death. #Quote by Cornello, Arakawa Hiromu
Witch quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#76. Sometimes, it seemed, the business of a Witch or a Godmother was not so much using magic as knowing when not to use it. #Quote by Mercedes Lackey
Witch quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#77. Serafina, Ava, Ling, and Becca swam inside. Neela followed them, but at the very last second, shield. "I can't," she said. "Once I go in, there's no way out again. This is real. You're real. All this time, a part of me was hoping you were only a dream."

The witch cocked her head. "Only a dream?" she said mockingly. "Long ago, a great mage dreamed of stealing the gods' powers. Abbadon was born of that dream. Atlantis died because of it. Now, because of a new dreamer, all the waters of the world may fall. There is nothing more real than a dream." She nodded at the waters behind Neela. Silt was rising in the distance, a great deal of it. "The merman Traho knows this. He's coming. If you do not believe me, perhaps he can convince you. #Quote by Jennifer Donnelly
Witch quotes by C.S. Lewis
#78. In Charn [Jadis] had taken no notice of Polly (till the very end) because Digory was the one she wanted to make use of. Now that she had Uncle Andrew, she took no notice of Digory. I expect most witches are like that. They are not interested in things or people unless they can use them; they are terribly practical. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Witch quotes by Kami Garcia
#79. - L, did you know we're reenacting the Salem witch trials in English
- Haven't been memorizing your case file? Do you even look in your
backpack anymore?
- Did you know my dad is videotaping it? I do. Because I walked in on his lunch date with Mrs. English.
- Ewww.
- What should we do?
- I guess we should start calling her Ms. English?
- Not funny, L. #Quote by Kami Garcia
Witch quotes by Alex E. Carey
#80. When the time comes, don't be afraid to open the door, just make sure you choose the right one. #Quote by Alex E. Carey
Witch quotes by John Steinbeck
#81. There is a curious idea among unscientific men that in scientific writing there is a common plateau of perfectionism. Nothing could be more untrue. The reports of biologists are the measure, not of the science, but of the men themselves. There are as few scientific giants as any other kind. In some reports it is impossible, because of inept expression, to relate the descriptions to the living animals. In some papers collecting places are so mixed or ignored that the animals mentioned cannot be found at all. The same conditioning forces itself into specification as it does into any other kind of observation, and the same faults of carelessness will be found in scientific reports as in the witness chair of a criminal court. It has seemed sometimes that the little men in scientific work assumed the awe-fullness of a priesthood to hide their deficiencies, as the witch-doctor does with his stilts and high masks, as the priesthoods of all cults have, with secret or unfamiliar languages and symbols. It is usually found that only the little stuffy men object to what is called "popularization", by which they mean writing with a clarity understandable to one not familiar with the tricks and codes of the cult. We have not known a single great scientist who could not discourse freely and interestingly with a child. Can it be that the haters of clarity have nothing to say, have observed nothing, have no clear picture of even their own fields? A dull man seems to be a dull man no matter wh #Quote by John Steinbeck
Witch quotes by Anne Rice
#82. Stella seems the most carefree, the most flamboyant, the most daring, and the only Mayfair Witch ever bent entirely upon having fun. #Quote by Anne Rice
Witch quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#83. There are three classes into which all the women past seventy that ever I knew were to be divided: 1. That dear old soul; 2. That old woman; 3. That old witch. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Witch quotes by Steven Erikson
#84. Rigga, Riggalai the Seer, the wax-witch who trapped souls in candles and burned them. Souls devoured in flame - #Quote by Steven Erikson
Witch quotes by Terry Pratchett
#85. A witch relied too much on words ever to go back on them. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Witch quotes by Margaret Walker
#86. Old Molly Means was a hag and a witch;
Chile of the devil, the dark, and sitch. #Quote by Margaret Walker
Witch quotes by Chris Colfer
#87. Because," Conner explained with a smirk on his face, "if you're going to live in a house made of candy, don't move next door to a couple of obese kids. A lot of these fairy-tale characters are missing common sense." Alex let out another disapproving grunt. Conner figured he could get at least fifty more out of her before they got home. "The witch didn't live next door! She lived deep in the forest! They had to leave a trail of bread crumbs behind so they could find their way back, remember. And the whole point of the house was to lure the kids in. They were starving!" Alex reminded him. "At least have all the facts straight before you criticize." "If they were starving, what were they doing wasting bread crumbs?" Conner asked. "Sounds like a couple of troublemakers to me." Alex grunted again. "And #Quote by Chris Colfer
Witch quotes by Rachel Renee Russell
#88. Wicked Witch of the West #Quote by Rachel Renee Russell
Witch quotes by Cyrese Covelli
#89. Simple and predictable seem pretty darn tantalizing when you're a witch.
Lately, I've wished for a lot of things to be the way they were. Gone are my lust
for the macabre and the sweetly sinful fantasies of meeting a vampire. Something
about unconscious people slumped against the dark leather of the booths at
crimson made it less sexy. #Quote by Cyrese Covelli
Witch quotes by Kristen Ashley
#90. "Heard you choking, are you all right?"
"You're beautiful, a good kisser, this is our first date, my bed is in the room, I'm nervous as all heck and I just thought I was going to die choking after spitting out gum so no, I'm not all right."
Yes, that's what I blurted, word for word.
Chace stared at me.
I stared back both wondering if I could will myself to melt like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz and if that was what Laurie meant by honesty or if it was a tad over the top.
( ... )
Then his tongue was in my mouth.
( ... )
"Still nervous?"
"No," I whispered.
"Good," he muttered. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Witch quotes by E.L. Konigsburg
#91. Just because I don't have on a silly black costume and carry a silly broom and wear a silly black hat, doesn't mean that I'm not a witch. I'm a witch all the time and not just on Halloween. #Quote by E.L. Konigsburg
Witch quotes by Erica Jong
#92. As long as women are denied the priesthood, we will try to make our own rituals at our own kitchen altars and we will sew our own magical capes at our own sewing machines #Quote by Erica Jong
Witch quotes by William Shakespeare
#93. First Witch He knows thy thought: Hear his speech, but say thou nought. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Witch quotes by Trevor Carss
#94. Feed Hansel and Gretel one breadcrumb at a time. Don't present the witch and the oven in one go. #Quote by Trevor Carss
Witch quotes by Christina Aguilera
#95. The red lips are - I don't want to call them "armor," but they're the clothes of my character, and I'm in the business of entertainment. Wearing red lipstick helps get me into that world. #Quote by Christina Aguilera
Witch quotes by Philippa Gregory
#96. That she is a witch and has enchanted the king by sorcery. That she is a murderess and would poison the queen if she could. That she has made him impotent with all other women so he has to marry her. That she blasted the children in the queen's womb and put barrenness on the throne of England." George #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Witch quotes by Brad Kessler
#97. In April, he perched on a witch hazel branch, shivering, one eye closed, waiting for the sun to warm his wings. The night had been particularly cold, the winter long, the fishing scarce.
He'd been alone all the time.
When the sun appeared, the warmth felt good on his wings. he lifted from his perch, wheeled, then cackled over the river, studying the surface for the slightest flash: a trout, a small shad, a frog. He lit on a willow snag downriver and sunned himself, raised his tail, shat, and called again. The days were growing longer now, the alewives ascending the streams. The year before, he'd built his nest near the estuary in a seam of clay, and soon - if she returned - the time would come for a new nest along the bank.
The kingfisher fished all morning. He returned to the willow snag at noon; slept, then woke shortly after, startled by the call. Was it she? They hadn't seen each other since the summer before.
He dropped from the branch, called, winged downriver, his image doubled in the water. He heard the call again, closer now. If she returned, he'd dive into the river, greet her with a fish, fly around her, feed her beak to beak. If she returned, he'd begin to exxcavate a new nest, claw clay out of the earth, arrange the perfect pile of fish bones to lay their eggs upon.
He pumped his wings harder now. He heard the cackle closer, louder more insistent. he recognized her voice. She was hurling her way upriver.
Any moment now: she'd fly int #Quote by Brad Kessler
Witch quotes by Lucinda Riley
#98. I believe that our lives, just like fairy tales - the stories that have been written by us humans, through our own experiences of living - will always have a Hero and a Heroine, a Fairy Godmother and a Wicked Witch. #Quote by Lucinda Riley
Witch quotes by Juliette Cross
#99. You know, for a big, bad werewolf, you sure are sweet. #Quote by Juliette Cross
Witch quotes by Nataša Pantović

Dark and cold and wet were Her hands
I felt Her chilly breath inside my throat
Her claws deep inside trying to find traces of
Fear within me

I stayed still Accepting Opening Receiving

Within a moment She was inside
Two fingers below My belly button

In there She found no traces of shivers
no traces of resistance, no traces of weakness
just clear pure Passage-Way

Then She grew into Her most powerful Self
She stood undisturbed, unmoved, unchanged
Totally free and She screamed

From the centre of the earth, Through the tunnels of the caves, To the surface of the volcanoes

To open: Mountain tops untouched by clouds and rain
Cherry fields in their full blossom
A dog running after a train filled with the excitement
A witch laughing at passers-by mirroring their paranoia
Death looking us in the eyes searching for the chosen Few Capable to see the Key behind Her magic veil #Quote by Nataša Pantović
Witch quotes by Jaimey Grant
#101. He found her unwillingness to quake in the face of his temper oddly intriguing. It was no reason to think he loved the witch, but it was curious. And that made him want to know her better. #Quote by Jaimey Grant
Witch quotes by Jostein Gaarder
#102. Love, your own witch-daughter, Queen of the Mirror and the Highest Protector of Irony #Quote by Jostein Gaarder
Witch quotes by Neil Davies
#103. Claws grabbed his head from behind, curving round his face, serrated talons gouging into his eyes #Quote by Neil Davies
Witch quotes by John Le Carre
#104. I worked for MI6 in the Sixties, during the great witch-hunts, when the shared paranoia of the Cold War gripped the services. #Quote by John Le Carre
Witch quotes by Anne Tyler
#105. You think we're a family,' Cody said, turning back. 'You think we're some jolly, situation-comedy family when we're in particles, torn apart, torn all over the place, and our mother was a witch. #Quote by Anne Tyler
Witch quotes by A.E. Van Vogt
#106. I looked up its history, and, surprisingly, it has quite a history. You know how in Europe they make you study a lot of stuff about the old alchemists and all that kind of stuff, to give you an historical grounding.'


Kemp laughed. 'You haven't got a witch around your place by any chance?'

'Eh!' The exclamation almost burned Marson's lips. He fought hard to hide the tremendousness of that shock.

Kemp laughed again. 'According to 'Die Geschichte der Zauberinnen' by the Austrian, Karl Gloeck, Hydrodendon Barelia is the modem name for the sinister witch's weed of antiquity. I'm not talking about the special witches of our Christian lore, with their childish attributes, but the old tribe of devil's creatures that came out of prehistory, regular full-blooded sea witches. It seems when each successive body gets old, they choose a young woman's body, attune themselves to it by living with the victim, and take possession any time after midnight of the first full moon period following the 21st of June. Witch's weed is supposed to make the entry easier. Gloeck says... why, what's the matter, sir?'

His impulse, his wild and terrible impulse, was to babble the whole story to Kemp. With a gigantic effort, he stopped himself; for Kemp, though he might talk easily of witches, was a scientist to the depths of his soul.

("The Witch") #Quote by A.E. Van Vogt
Witch quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#107. When you took me from the witch trial at Cranesmuir--you said then that you would have died with me, you would have gone to the stake with me, had it come to that!"

He grasped my hands, fixing me with a steady blue gaze.

"Aye, I would," he said. "But I wasna carrying your child."

The wind had frozen me; it was the cold that made me shake, I told myself. The cold that took my breath away.

"You can't tell," I said, at last. "It's much too soon to be sure."

He snorted briefly, and a tiny flicker of amusement lit his eyes.

"And me a farmer, too! Sassenach, ye havena been a day late in your courses, in all the time since ye first took me to your bed. Ye havena bled now in forty-six days."

"You bastard!" I said, outraged. "You counted! In the middle of a bloody war, you counted!"

"Didn't you?"

"No!" I hadn't; I had been much too afraid to acknowledge the possibility of the thing I had hoped and prayed for so long, come now so horribly too late.

"Besides," I went on, trying still to deny the possibility, "that doesn't mean anything. Starvation could cause that; it often does."

He lifted one brow, and cupped a broad hand gently beneath my breast.

"Aye, you're thin enough; but scrawny as ye are, your breasts are full--and the nipples of them gone the color of Champagne grapes. You forget," he said, "I've seen ye so before. I have no doubt--and neither hav #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Witch quotes by J.K. Rowling
#108. As Harry and Ron rounded the clump of trees behind which Harry had first heard the dragons roar, a witch leapt out from behind them.
It was Rita Skeeter. She was wearing acid-green robes today; the Quick-Quotes Quill in her hand blended perfectly against them.
"Congratulations, Harry!' she said beaming at him. "I wonder if you could give me a quick word? How you felt facing that dragon? How do you feel now about the fairness of the scoring?"
"Yeah, you can have a word," said Harry savagely. "Goodbye! #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Witch quotes by Sarah J. Maas
Witch quotes by Leigh Ann Edwards
#110. You cannot know what it is to say farewell to the one you love more than life. #Quote by Leigh Ann Edwards
Witch quotes by Courtney Cole
#111. Someone should have mentioned to him that Karma was a venomous witch. #Quote by Courtney Cole
Witch quotes by Anne Bishop
#112. Seven hundred years ago, Tersa had told [Daemon] the living myth was coming. Seven hundred years of waiting, watching, searching, hoping. Seven hundred heartbreaking, exhausting years. He refused to give up, refused to wonder if she'd been mistaken, refused because his heart yearned too much for that strange, wonderful, terrifying creature called Witch.

In his soul, he knew her. In his dreams, he saw her. He never envisioned a face. It always blurred if he tried to focus on it. But he could see her dressed in a robe made of dark, transparent spidersilk, a robe that slid from her shoulders as she moved, a robe that opened and closed as she walked, revealing bare, night-cool skin. And there would be a scent in the room that was her, a scent he would wake to, burying his face in her pillow after she was up and attending her own concerns.

It wasn't lust - the body's fire paled in comparison to the embrace of mind to mind - although physical pleasure was part of it. He wanted to touch her, feel the texture of her skin, taste the warmth of her. He wanted to caress her until they both burned. He wanted to weave his life into hers until there was no telling where one began and the other ended. He wanted to put his arms around her, strong and protecting, and find himself protected; possess her and be possessed; dominate her and be dominated. He wanted that Other, that shadow across his life, who made him ache with every breath while he stumbled among these feeb #Quote by Anne Bishop
Witch quotes by Charlaine Harris
#113. Though I was having a blissful moment of being happy and content, I had one of those stray ideas you get at odd moments. I thought,How nice it would be if Eric were here with me in the car. He'd look so good with the wind blowing his hair, and he'd enjoy the moment . Well, yeah, before he burned to a crisp.
But I realized I'd thought of Eric because it was the kind of day you wanted to share with the person you cared about, the person whose company you enjoyed the most. And that would be Eric as he'd been while he was cursed by a witch: the Eric who hadn't been hardened by centuries of vampire politics, the Eric who had no contempt for humans and their affairs, the Eric who was not in charge of many financial enterprises and responsible for the lives and incomes of quite a few humans and vampires. In other words, Eric as he would never be again. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Witch quotes by Patrick Ness
#114. So the good prince was a murderer and the evil queen wasn't a witch after all. #Quote by Patrick Ness
Witch quotes by Mariana Zapata
#115. Why are you making that face?" he asked suddenly.

I blinked up at him, caught off guard. I raised my eyebrows, trying to play dumb. "What face?"

It didn't work.

With a fork hanging out of his mouth, he narrowed his dark eyes just the slightest bit. "That one." He gestured toward me with his chin.

I shrugged in an 'I don't know what you're talking about' expression.

"Is there something you want to say?"

There were a hundred things I wanted to tell him on a regular basis, but I knew him too well. He didn't really care if there was something I wanted to say or not. He didn't care if my opinion was different from his or if I thought he should do something differently. He was just reminding me who the boss was.

AKA not me.


"Me?" I blinked. "Nope."

He gave me a lazy glare before his eyes lowered to focus on the hand I had hidden on the other side of the kitchen island. "Then quit flipping me off. I'm not changing my mind about the signing," he said in a deceptively casual voice.

I pressed my lips together as I dropped my hand. He was a goddamn witch. I swear on my life, he was a freaking witch. A wizard. An oracle. A person with a third eye. Every single time I had ever flipped him off, he'd been aware of it. I didn't think I was that obvious about it either. #Quote by Mariana Zapata
Witch quotes by Nur Bedeir
#116. «And in the end» said the witch to the drowning prince «You've been the one choosing the thornless path in spite of knowing where it could lead. The one who afraid of the pricking roses, plunged himself into an abyss without petals #Quote by Nur Bedeir
Witch quotes by Ilona Andrews
#117. I turned to the courtyard and waved at Roman and the witch next to him.
"Is that his sister?" Andrea asked me.
"No." I had spoken with both of them. "I'd asked her that. Her name is Alina, she isn't his sister, and she feels deeply sorry for his sisters, because if she had to put up with being in his presence for longer than a day, she would throw herself off the nearest bridge just to end the agony."
"Well," Andrea said. "Glad she cleared that up. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Witch quotes by John Derbyshire
#118. Puritans don't laugh - except at the sight of a burning witch. #Quote by John Derbyshire
Witch quotes by Ilona Andrews
#119. A dense wall of greenery bordered it, ... an impenetrable barrier of oaks, evergreen shrubs, blackberry that somehow resisted the frost, and thorns. In the defense department, the witches would make Sleeping Beauty's evil witch weep with jealousy. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Witch quotes by Zoe Forward
#120. Shall we take it slow this time? Maybe I'll make you beg me to let you come."
"I don't beg."
He laughed wholeheartedly. "We'll see about that. #Quote by Zoe Forward
Witch quotes by Monica Rus Carmen Psychologyst
#121. Genes and education are fundamental building blocks with witch man develops personality and lifestyle in one way or other... #Quote by Monica Rus Carmen Psychologyst
Witch quotes by Catherynne M. Valente
#122. If you are a monster, stand up.
If you are a monster, a trickster, a fiend,
If you've built a steam-powered wishing machine
If you have a secret, a dark past, a scheme,
If you kidnap maidens or dabble in dreams
Come stand by me.

If you have been broken, stand up.
If you have been broken, abandoned, alone
If you have been starving, a creature of bone
If you live in a tower, a dungeon, a throne
If you weep for wanting, to be held, to be known,
Come stand by me.

If you are a savage, stand up.
If you are a witch, a dark queen, a black knight,
If you are a mummer, a pixie, a sprite,
If you are a pirate, a tomcat, a wright,
If you swear by the moon and you fight the hard fight,
Come stand by me.

If you are a devil, stand up.
If you are a villain, a madman, a beast,
If you are a strowler, a prowler, a priest,
If you are a dragon come sit at our feast,
For we all have stripes, and we all have horns,
We all have scales, tails, manes, claws and thorns
And here in the dark is where new worlds are born.
Come stand by me. #Quote by Catherynne M. Valente
Witch quotes by Norah Lofts
#123. Perhaps I am the only person who, asked whether she were a witch or not, could truthfully say, "I do not know. I do know some very strange things have happened to me, or through me."
Lady Alice Rowhedge #Quote by Norah Lofts
Witch quotes by Sylvia Townsend Warner
#124. The night was at her disposal. She might walk back to Great Mop and arrive very late; or she might sleep out and not trouble to arrive till to-morrow. Whichever she did Mrs Leak would not mind. That was one of the advantages of dealing with witches; they do not mind if you are a little odd in your ways, frown if you are late for meals, fret if you are out all night, pry and commiserate when at length you return. Lovely to be with people who prefer their thoughts to yours, lovely to live at your own sweet will, lovely to sleep out all night! #Quote by Sylvia Townsend Warner
Witch quotes by Sophie Gonzales
#125. Mama, Ollie taught me how to play 'Let It Go' on guitar," Crista piped up in a muffled voice as she pulled her pajama shirt over her head. Aunt Linda shot me a look that was half sheer terror, half witch hunt. The face of someone at peak Frozen saturation. I didn't, I swear, I mouthed, making chopping motions by my neck. #Quote by Sophie Gonzales
Witch quotes by Claire Legrand
#126. This is our fight, Sly Boots, not yours. You're not a witch." "No, #Quote by Claire Legrand
Witch quotes by Terry Spear
#127. A human wasn't an acceptable boyfriend for a witch; nor would a human wish to date a witch. The two would never in a million light years be interested in each other. Then, again, unwritten rules were made to be broken. #Quote by Terry Spear
Witch quotes by Hollow Ryan
#128. I'm an eclectic assortment of power and pride. I don't need rules or labels. Though if there was one I would lay claim to every time, it is as simple as it is misunderstood. I am a witch. #Quote by Hollow Ryan
Witch quotes by Scott Tracey
#129. The easiest part of the writing process is whichever part I'm not currently doing. #Quote by Scott Tracey
Witch quotes by Jenny Han
#130. Now sing!"
"You little witch." He looks around to see if anyone is listening, and then he softly sings, "I need someone older and wiser telling me what to do…You are seventeen going on eighteen…I'll depend on you."
I clap my hands in delight. Is there anything more intoxicating than making a boy bend to your will? I roll closer to him and throw my arms around his neck.
"Now you're the one making PDAs!" he says.
"You really do have a pretty voice, Peter. You never should've quit chorus."
"The only reason I ever took chorus is because all the girls were in chorus."
"Well, then forget about joining a chorus at UVA. No a cappella groups either. #Quote by Jenny Han
Witch quotes by Katherine Arden
#131. Witch. The word drifted across his mind. We call such women so, because we have no other name. #Quote by Katherine Arden
Witch quotes by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh
#132. night has enveloped, to give me some relief
now invisible are walls of separation, and thy grief

where blood quenches the thirst
disloyalty is faith last and first
is the religion my beloved belongs to

I beckoned, red and black robed lady with a wand
let me take her by the hand
heard of her about sorcery
her powers useless, and witch now about to succumb
from just a gaze of eyes filled with Kohl of Leila

my nights worthless, body breathless
every moment, feeling restless
be silent and hear, hear me, my cries
don't forget the promise you swore
I have lost my childhood over you

don't know, how these years left me alone
sufferings, separation, theft me alone
I never knew how pain excrutiates
sometimes, i enlivened you my dear
Love is a blessing, and not a fear

in a melancholy cloudy day, I mourn
glistening eyes, weeping sky, and heart torn
I gaze from a window in Kashmir
For a moment, condoling the tragedy, sighing
In sombre time, lifeless, as if dying #Quote by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh
Witch quotes by Cristela Alonzo
#133. I did the 'Wizard of Oz' in third grade, and I was a witch. #Quote by Cristela Alonzo
Witch quotes by Jason Jack Miller
#134. Yeah, but a hellbender never dies. You ever see a dead one? #Quote by Jason Jack Miller
Witch quotes by J.K. Rowling
#135. Good day to you, Harry Potter's relatives!" said Dedalus happily, striding into the living room. The Dursleys did not look at all happy to be addressed thus; Harry half expected another change of mind. Dudley shrank nearer to his mother at the sight of the witch and wizard.
"I see you are packed and ready. Excellent! The plan, as Harry has told you, is a simple one," said Dedalus, pulling an immense pocket watch out of his waistcoat and examining it. "We shall be leaving before Harry does. Due to the danger of using magic in your house--Harry being still underage, it could provide the Ministry with an excuse to arrest him--we shall be driving, say, ten miles or so, before Disapparating to the safe location we have picked out for you. You know how to drive, I take it?" he asked Uncle Vernon politely.
"Know how to--? Of course I ruddy well know how to drive!" spluttered Uncle Vernon.
"Very clever of you, sir, very clever, I personally would be utterly bamboozled by all those buttons and knobs," said Dedalus. He was clearly under the impression that he was flattering Vernon Dursley, who was visibly losing confidence in the plan with every word Dedalus spoke.
"Can't even drive," he muttered under his breath, his mustache rippling indignantly, but fortunately neither Dedalus nor Hestia seemed to hear him. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Witch quotes by Leah Stewart
#136. His face became a mirror, and in it I saw a monster version of myself, unleashing my anger like black magic. In front of my children, in front of my neighbors' house. If I'd really been a witch Nathan would have been a column of dust. Not even a lizard, not even a toad. Just nothing. Nothingness, #Quote by Leah Stewart
Witch quotes by Paul Russell
#137. It is Halloween," he explains coyly. "I wanted to come out as something beautiful. None of this witch stuff for me. My God, don't we spend our whole life as witches? #Quote by Paul Russell
Witch quotes by Anne Ursu
#138. A boy got a splinter in his eye, and his heart turned cold. Only two people noticed. One was a witch, and she took him for her own. The other was his best friend. And she went after him in ill-considered shoes, brave and completely unprepared. #Quote by Anne Ursu
Witch quotes by John Michael Greer
#139. The local political and religious officials
were more than ready to take action and
began rounding up suspects at once. Anyone
who was accused of witchcraft by at least three witnesses was arrested. Those who confessed were burned at the stake; those who refused to confess were tortured until they said what their accusers wanted to hear and then were burned. Clerk of the court Johannes Fründ, the author of the most detailed record of the Valais witch trials, noted with amazement that some of the accused kept insisting on their innocence until they died under torture; like most of the officials involved in the trials, he assumed that every person accused of witchcraft must be guilty. #Quote by John Michael Greer
Witch quotes by Michael Shermer
#140. A witch is a causal theory of explanation. And it's fair to say that if your causal theory to explain why bad things happen is that your neighbor flies around on a broom and cavorts with the devil at night, inflicting people, crops, and cattle with disease, preventing cows from giving milk, beer from fermenting, and butter from churning - and that the proper way to cure the problem is to burn her at the stake - then either you are insane or you lived in Europe six centuries ago, and you even had biblical support, specifically Exodus 22:18: Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. #Quote by Michael Shermer
Witch quotes by Dacha Avelin
#141. Witches work with the truth of the Earth itself. #Quote by Dacha Avelin
Witch quotes by Anne Ursu
#142. The witch raised one careful eyebrow. "I? I want nothing," she told Hazel. "Don't you see? I want nothing. #Quote by Anne Ursu
Witch quotes by William O'Brien
#143. My path will weave
The way you say
There is no doubt
You'll create the way #Quote by William O'Brien
Witch quotes by Zoey Sweete
#144. I have lost my mate, my mind, my existence.." Blood Wrath book 3 of The draven Witch Series #Quote by Zoey Sweete
Witch quotes by Rebecca Makkai
#145. These were wise, modern children, and they knew: a mother could be a witch, a child could be a criminal. A librarian could be a thief. #Quote by Rebecca Makkai
Witch quotes by Carleton S. Coon
#146. It is the retention by twentieth-century, Atom-Age men of the Neolithic point of view that says: You stay in your village and I will stay in mine. If your sheep eat our grass we will kill you, or we may kill you anyhow to get all the grass for our own sheep. Anyone who tries to make us change our ways is a witch and we will kill him. Keep out of our village. #Quote by Carleton S. Coon
Witch quotes by Andrea Cremer
#147. News flash," he says. "I'm gay, not a witch. Gay and witch is Dumbedore, and last time I checked, he was still just a guy in a book. #Quote by Andrea Cremer
Witch quotes by E.B. White
#148. We grow tyrannical fighting tyranny ... The most alarming spectacle today is not the spectacle of the atomic bomb in an unfederated world, it is the spectacle of the Americans beginning to accept the device of loyalty oaths and witch hunts, beginning to call anybody they don't like a Communist. #Quote by E.B. White
Witch quotes by William Shakespeare
#149. Friendship is constant in all other things
Save in the office and affairs of love.
Therefore all hearts in love use their own tongues.
Let every eye negotiate for itself,
And trust no agent; for beauty is a witch
Against whose charms faith melteth into blood. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Witch quotes by Seanan McGuire
#150. The Luidaeg.
Something woke in me that remembered how to hope, because I recognized her as soon as I knew her name
the sea witch, Blind Michael's sister, who sent me to him in the first place. There were figures in the darkness behind her, but none of them mattered; the Luidaeg would save me if anyone could. I owed her, after all. She needed me alive to pay my debts. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Witch quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#151. Elide saw the sorrow on her face before she reached her. The dullness and pain in the golden eyes.
She went still. "Who?"
Manon's throat bobbed. "All."
All of the Thirteen. All those fierce, brilliant witches. Gone.
Elide put a hand to her heart, as if it could stop it from cracking.
But Manon closed the distance between them, and even with that grief in her battered, bloodied face, she put a hand on Elide's shoulder. In comfort.
As if the witch had learned to do such things. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Witch quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#152. There was nothing wrong with having an expensive home, nothing wrong at all. There's a pride in building something up, working hard to achieve something. But it shouldn't have been his manhood that increased with each new success, it should have been his heart. His success was like the witch in 'Hansel and Gretel' fairy tale: it fed him for all the wrong reasons, fattening him in all the wrong places. Dad deserved his success, he just needed a masterclass in humility. I could have done with one too. How special I thought I was in the silver Aston Martin in which he drove me to school some mornings. How special am I now, now that somebody bought it from a depot of reprocessed cars, for a fraction of the price. How special indeed #Quote by Cecelia Ahern
Witch quotes by Rob Zombie
#153. I think probably the scariest thing, as weird as it sounds, was 'The Wizard of Oz' and the flying monkeys with the witch. I remember seeing that - it still seems freaky. #Quote by Rob Zombie
Witch quotes by C.S. Lewis
#154. He'll be coming and going" he had said. "One day you'll see him and another you won't. He doesn't like being tied down
and of course he has other countries to attend to. It's quite all right. He'll often drop in. Only you mustn't press him. He's wild, you know. Not like a tame lion. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Witch quotes by Paulo Coelho
#155. I start to think that I'm losing the love I have without having yet won the love I hope to win. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Witch quotes by Christina L. Barr
#156. My entire life, I saw myself as the beautiful damsel or the graceful maiden. I was the princess searching for her knight. But with my newfound abilities, I finally discovered that, after all this time, I was the powerful witch. #Quote by Christina L. Barr
Witch quotes by C.S. Lewis
#157. Are you my councilor or my slave, said the witch. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Witch quotes by Neil Gaiman
#158. Behind them were the lights of the market, the lanterns and candles and witch-lights and fairy glitter, like a dream of the night sky brought down to earth. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Witch quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#159. There was a second scream then, from the mountains. From the Blueblood Matron, screaming for her daughter as she plummeted down to the rocks below. The other Bluebloods whirled, but they were too far away, their wyverns too slow to stop that fatal plunge.
But Abraxos was not.
And Manon didn't know if she gave the command or thought it, but that scream, that mother's scream she'd never heard before, made her lean in. Abraxos dove, a shooting star with his glistening wings.
They dove and dove, for the broken wyvern and the still-living witch upon it. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Witch quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#160. Let me get back to the fact that the universe speaks to us constantly. And this little puppy barks loudly. Guard this with your life because in the right hands, it is your life and your death. You've bled in this book, and it is the most personal of possessions you'll ever have. A master wizard, witch, upper-level demon, or any number of other entities can use it to control or destroy you. In fact, guard every possession you have. Every stray hair. Every particle of skin and clothing. Let no one near anything you have ever owned or will own. You're special, kid. In ways you can't conceive, and you will have to guard your back every second you want to keep breathing." – Death
"Aren't you just Mary Sunshine?" – Nick #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Witch quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#161. I heard the man and woman cry a warning as I frantically racked my brain for some sort of throat-repairing spell, which I was clearly about to need. Of course the only words that I actually managed to yell at the werewolf as he ran at me were, 'BAD DOG!'
Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of blue light on my left. Suddenly, the werewolf seemed to smack into an invisible wall just inches in front of me ...
"You know," someone said off to my left, "I usually find a blocking spell to be a lot more effective than yelling 'Bad dog,' but maybe that's just me. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Witch quotes by Lia Davis
#162. Hands on hips, she cast him a narrowed-eye gaze. "Move."
"You're not leaving."
"And you're not stopping me. #Quote by Lia Davis
Witch quotes by Kim Harrison
#163. A witch, a vampire, and a pixy walk into a bar, I thought as I led the way into the Squirrel's End. It was early, and the sun had yet to set when the door swung shut behind Jenks, sealing us in the warm air smelling faintly of smoke. Immediately Nick yanked it open to come in behind us. And there's the punch line. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Witch quotes by Thea Harrison
#164. There was nothing else in the entire universe, nothing but the two of them together. Her curves, his angles. Her light, his darkness. Her softness, his exquisitely aching hardness.
Male. Female. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Witch quotes by Michelle Knudsen
#165. He's doing some kind of demony witch-craft (demoncraft?), and there is someone's blood all over the place, and do evil murdering demon librarians generally let witnesses to their crimes go running off into the late afternoon to tattle to the world? No. No, they don't. #Quote by Michelle Knudsen
Witch quotes by John Steinbeck
#166. Her great-great-great-great-great grandmother had been burned as a witch. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Witch quotes by Paulo Coelho
#167. People give flowers as presents because flowers contain the true meaning of love. Anyone tries to possess a flower will have to watch its beauty fading. But if you simply look at a flower on a field, you will keep it forever, because the flower is part of the evening and the sunset and the smell of damp earth and the clouds on the horizon. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Witch quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#168. This is the worst problem with living history museums. They always leave the best parts out. Like typhus. And opium. And scarlet letters. Shunning. Witch-burning. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Witch quotes by Arla Dahl
#169. A witch so bold would not flinch, no matter how harsh her punishment might be, though his wish was for her to feel every strike. #Quote by Arla Dahl
Witch quotes by Leslie Jamison
#170. The phenomenon of female anger has often been turned against itself, the figure of the angry woman reframed as threat - not the one who has been harmed, but the one bent on harming. She conjures a lineage of threatening archetypes: the harpy and her talons, the witch and her spells, the medusa and her writhing locks. The notion that female anger is unnatural or destructive is learned young; children report perceiving displays of anger as more acceptable from boys than from girls. #Quote by Leslie Jamison
Witch quotes by Dee Williams
#171. When I mentioned my early morning waking to the old witch down the street, she explained that this is the time the "ceiling is the thinnest," the moment that the earth's creatures have the greatest access to the heavens... It is a magical time, or so she said. #Quote by Dee Williams
Witch quotes by Michela Wrong
#172. Keep your head down, think small, look after yourself: these constituted the lessons of Leopold. The spirit, once comprehensively crushed, does not recover easily. For seventy-five years, from 1885 to 1960, Congo's population had marinated in humiliation. No malevolent witch-doctor could have devised a better preparation for the coming of a second Great Dictator. #Quote by Michela Wrong
Witch quotes by Toby Barlow
#173. Men have dragged us by our hair through the ages, and whether they give us crumbs or bright, shiny rocks, they truly give us nothing at all. If you have not opened your legs for them so that they could drawl out as babies or crawl in as men, they they will leave you to starve like a dog on the street. So now we are done playing the way they want us to play. Now we are moving to music they cannot hear, to a rhythm they cannot understand. They call it madness and we call it truth and find me the magistrate you can trust to judge between the two? Bah. So we dance on, we dance on. #Quote by Toby Barlow
Witch quotes by Shelby Mahurin
#174. I crept into his lap. "What am I, Reid? Say it again." "You're a witch." "And what are you?" He didn't hesitate, and my heart swelled. "I am too." "Only partly right, I'm afraid." My smile - now genuine - grew at his confusion, and I leaned forward, rubbing my nose against his. He closed his eyes. "Allow me to fill in the gaps for you." I kissed his nose. "You are a huntsman." Though he recoiled slightly, I didn't let him escape, kissing his cheek. "You are a son." I kissed his other cheek. "You are a brother." His forehead. "You are a husband." His eyelids and his chin. "You are brave and strong and good ." And, finally, his lips. "But most important, you are loved. #Quote by Shelby Mahurin
Witch quotes by Simon Sebag Montefiore
#175. So much of the inexplicable about the Soviet experience - the hatred of the peasantry for example, the secrecy and paranoia, the murderous witch hunt of the Great Terror, the placing of the Party above family and life itself, the suspicion of the USSR's own espionage that led to the success of Hitler's 1941 surprise attack - was the result of the underground life, the konspiratsia of the Okhrana and the revolutionaries, and also the Caucasian values and style of Stalin. And not just of Stalin. #Quote by Simon Sebag Montefiore
Witch quotes by Wendy Brown
#176. Only recently has tolerance become an emblem of Western civilization, an emblem that identifies the West exclusively with modernity, and with liberal democracy in particular, while also disavowing the West's
savagely intolerant history, which includes the Crusades, the Inquisition, witch burnings, centuries of anti-Semitism, slavery, lynching, genocidal and other violent practices of imperialism and colonialism, Naziism, and brutal responses to decolonization. #Quote by Wendy Brown
Witch quotes by N.D. Wilson
#177. Give me priests. Give me men with feathers in their hair, or tall domed hats, female oracles in caves, servants of the python, smoking weed and reading palms. A gypsy fortuneteller with a foot-peddle ouija board and a gold fish bowl for a crystal ball knows more about the world than many of the great thinkers of the West. Mumbling priests swinging stink cans on their chains and even witch doctors conjuring up curses with a well-buried elephant tooth have a better sense of their places in the world. They know this universe is brimming with magic, with life and riddles and ironies. They know that the world might eat them, and no encyclopedia could stop it #Quote by N.D. Wilson
Witch quotes by Sarah Dessen
#178. I'd been caught up in some wild cyclone, like Dorothy throw into Oz, with not a good witch in sight to save me. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Witch quotes by Lisa Carlisle
#179. Four gargoyle brothers came and went with their mates, which included a wolf shifter, a Pegasus shifter, a gargoyle, and Kayla (a tree witch). Only one remained unattached, the middle brother, Gavin. He swore it would always remain that way. #Quote by Lisa Carlisle
Witch quotes by L. Frank Baum
#180. We dare not harm this little girl," he said to them, "for she is protected by the Power of Good, and that is greater than the Power of Evil. All we can do is carry her to the castle of the Wicked Witch and leave her there. #Quote by L. Frank Baum
Witch quotes by Elaine White
#181. He was angry with himself for having kissed her and enjoyed it, only to be disappointed by her in the end.
He knew that love was never simple, but it was even less so for a vampire.
He shook his head in disbelief as he walked away. He had really thought that she was the one for him and had genuinely believed that he
was going to spend the rest of his life with her, but now, he knew better. #Quote by Elaine White
Witch quotes by Rose Tremain
#182. There is something about the unexpected that moves us. As if the whole of existance is paid for in some way, except for that one moment, witch is free. #Quote by Rose Tremain
Witch quotes by David James Duncan
#183. I think it might fly around and around in there like a witch on a broomstick flies round the sky, and go right on hurting invisible parts of the person you don't even know you're hurting, because you can't see all the ways their insides are connected to the mean thing you did to their outside And from them on, maybe that hump of mean energy sits inside the hurt person like a coiled-up hose or a rattlesnake, just waiting in there. And someday, when that person touches somebody else, maybe even way in the future, that rattlesnake energy might come humping up out of them by accident and hurt that next person too, even though they didn't mean to, and even though the person didn't deserve it. #Quote by David James Duncan
Witch quotes by T. Thorn Coyle
#184. In wishing to know ourselves fully, we must forget our quest for gain and seek only completion. At a certain point in our development, we no longer even seek to become Mystic, Magister, Sorcerer, or Witch: we seek only our own perfection in the wholeness of our Will, in the joining of light with dark and strength with love. We are varied and gorgeous yet pure of heart. Our aim is this: to know ourselves and to know the world. #Quote by T. Thorn Coyle
Witch quotes by Terry Pratchett
#185. Young women should not go alone on dark nights, even in Oxfordshire. But any prowling maniac would have had more than his work cut out if he had accosted Anathema Device. She was a witch, after all. And precisely because she was a witch, and therefore sensible, she put little faith in protective amulets and spells; she saved it all for a foot-long bread knife which she kept in her belt. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Witch quotes by Juliet Blackwell
#186. You're going to the ball?" Luc asked. "Need an escort?"
"I appreciate the offer, but I hear it's all the rage to go stag."
He raised his eyebrows.
"Besides, I think your brother might take it amiss."
"I thought you two were... taking a break?"
"I'd like to wait and see. He's only gone for a couple of weeks."
"I'll take you," Aidan interrupted again. "I was planning on going, myself."
"Dude, I'll take you," echoed Conrad from his seat at the counter.
"Thanks guys." I had to smile. This for a witch who was quite literally banned from any and all high school dances. "But, really, I sort of like the idea of going solo."
Just then we all looked around as the bell on the front door tinkled again, this time announcing the arrival of Inspector Carlos Romero.
"Blessed goddess!" Bronwyn exclaimed, throwing up her hands. "Don't tell me you're here to ask Lily out as well? I'm beginning to feel like a dueña."
"No," Carlos said, looking puzzled. #Quote by Juliet Blackwell
Witch quotes by Susan Ee
#187. Asleep, he looks like a bleeding Prince Charming chained in the dungeon. When I was little, I always thought I'd be Cinderella, but I guess this makes me the wicked witch.
But then again, Cinderella didn't live in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by avenging angels. #Quote by Susan Ee
Witch quotes by Kresley Cole
#188. Cadeon, can you hear me?"

He didn't open his eyes. "Nothing wrong with my ears."

"Of course not." She laid the cloth on his forehead. "So . . you and Tera seemed close."

"Been through a lot."

"Was she your girlfriend?"

He gave a laugh that sounded like a grunt. "Not at all."

"And you really didn't sleep with Imatra?"

"Bloody hell, noooo, I didn't . . . She's a slag."

"Then why did you kiss her?" Holly asked.

"Directions. . . and to see."

"To see what?"

"That it wouldn't be all that bad without you."

This was interesting. "Did you make a determination?"

He gave a bitter laugh. "It'll be all that bad."

Oh, Cadeon. "You've known I was your female for a year?" He nodded. "Why I would be chosen for you?"

"Fate decides . . . who I can be most satisfied with."

Nibbling her lip, she asked, "Have you slept with anyone else since you knew it was me?"

"Gave a halfhearted try for a witch . . . she wanted a werewolf instead."

There was no getting around it--Holly was jealous of the witch.

But then Cadeon said, "And I wanted you. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Witch quotes by Adelaide Crapsey
#189. When I was girl by Nilus stream
I watched the deserts stars arise;
My lover, he who dreamed the Sphinx,
Learned all his dreaming from eyes.
I bore in Greece a burning name,
And I have been in Italy
Madonna to a painter-lad,
And mistress to a Medici.
And have you heard (and I have heard)
Of puzzled men with decorous mien,
Who judged - the wench knew far too much -
And burnt her on the Salem green? #Quote by Adelaide Crapsey
Witch quotes by Paulo Coelho
#190. All we have to do is understand that we're all here for a reason and to commit ourselves to that. Then we can laugh at our sufferings, large and small and walk fearlessly, aware that each step has meaning #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Witch quotes by K. Martin Beckner
#191. Some of the more superstitious townsfolk even believed she was a witch. The fact that she had four dead husbands lined up in a neat row at the local Promise Land Cemetery was not an argument in her defense. #Quote by K. Martin Beckner
Witch quotes by Mat Auryn
#192. With any spiritual or metaphysical practice, you reap what you sow. In other words, the more time, energy, and dedication that you invest in developing and maintaining these practices, the greater your results will be. #Quote by Mat Auryn
Witch quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#193. I'm either the witch or Lady Macbeth of English politics, but someone gotta wear the pants in England when others wearing kilts #Quote by Margaret Thatcher
Witch quotes by Mary Stewart
#194. I suppose my mother could have been a witch if she had chosen to. But she met my father, who was a rather saintly clergyman, and he cancelled her out. #Quote by Mary Stewart
Witch quotes by Isabelle Hardesty
#195. She looked at her best friend as he unraveled the tightly wound cord from his heart and told her what she had been hoping to hear." from the upcoming The Witch of Belle Fleur #Quote by Isabelle Hardesty
Witch quotes by Terry Pratchett
#196. You couldn't set out to be a good witch or a bad witch. It never worked for long. All you could try to be was a witch, as hard as you could. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Witch quotes by Christine Feehan
#197. One of these days, you keep asking, Brice, and I might scare you to death and say yes. I'd turn into a clingy, nagging witch and drive you nuts #Quote by Christine Feehan
Witch quotes by Wynter Wilkins
#198. Not all vampires are created equal. #Quote by Wynter Wilkins
Witch quotes by Mike Ormsby
#199. I'm not interested in whether I'm better than you; only whether I'm better than yesterday. #Quote by Mike Ormsby
Witch quotes by Carl Sagan
#200. If we're absolutely sure that our beliefs are right, and those of others wrong; that we are motivated by good, and others by evil; that the King of the Universe speaks to us, and not to adherents of very different faiths; that it is wicked to challenge conventional doctrines or to ask searching questions; that our main job is to believe and obey - then the witch mania will recur in its infinite variations down to the time of the last man. #Quote by Carl Sagan

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