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Willige Teens quotes by Nancy Lublin
#1. Teens look at cause-related efforts with some scrutiny. They know they are often a target market, but it has to make sense to them. #Quote by Nancy Lublin
Willige Teens quotes by F. Paul Wilson
#2. I survived a number of garage bands during my teens and early twenties, both as drummer and guitarist. It's nigh impossible for me to listen to music without parsing it. #Quote by F. Paul Wilson
Willige Teens quotes by Tino Sehgal
#3. My father had to flee from what is today Pakistan when he was a child, and he became a manager at IBM, and any item of consumption he would acquire was a direct measurement of his success in life. But that same equation wasn't going to work for me - I was quite clear about that in my early teens. #Quote by Tino Sehgal
Willige Teens quotes by Danah Boyd
#4. for the teens that I interviewed, privacy isn't necessarily something that they have; rather it is something they are actively and continuously trying to achieve in spite of structural or social barriers that make it difficult to do so. Achieving privacy requires more than simply having the levers to control information, access, or visibility. Instead, achieving privacy requires the ability to control the social situation by navigating complex contextual cues, technical affordances, and social dynamics. Achieving privacy is an ongoing process because social situations are never static. #Quote by Danah Boyd
Willige Teens quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
#5. Youth is the trustee of prosperity. #Quote by Benjamin Disraeli
Willige Teens quotes by Malorie Blackman
#6. The best thing about being Children's Laureate has definitely been all the children and teens I've met. #Quote by Malorie Blackman
Willige Teens quotes by Sarah Mlynowski
#7. I feel more pressure when I'm writing for teens. I'm very aware that my audience is impressionable. Therefore, I'm far more careful about what I say and the language I use. #Quote by Sarah Mlynowski
Willige Teens quotes by Gretchen Carlson
#8. In our family, at this point,[Sunday School] its not a choice for my kids. It's a duty for us as parents to give them faith as a foundation and hope that when they bemuse older teens and young adults they will choose the same thing for themselves. #Quote by Gretchen Carlson
Willige Teens quotes by Marian McPartland
#9. I started to play Jazz music in my early teens. A boyfriend brought records over, so I listened to everything #Quote by Marian McPartland
Willige Teens quotes by Elana K. Arnold
#10. It's not new, our valuation of young female people for how they can serve, satisfy, and satiate. Our girls are both the platter and the meal, and we eat them up--we eat their meat, we lap up their sweetness, we covet and control and consume. #Quote by Elana K. Arnold
Willige Teens quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
#11. We pay attention to every demographic in every country, so we're going to focus on building things that teens are going to like, and we're also going to focus on building things that other folks are going to like. #Quote by Mark Zuckerberg
Willige Teens quotes by Shelby Harris
#12. So someone who is a child usually goes to bed about 8:00 or 9:00 at night, but then when they have a circadian rhythm shift, it shifts later. And this is natural. And they start to go to bed at 11:00, 12:00, 1:00 and they want to sleep later. So we see this a lot in teens. #Quote by Shelby Harris
Willige Teens quotes by Andrew Solomon
#13. I look at the rates of suicide among gay teens. They are so, so high for suicide attempts and for completed suicides. #Quote by Andrew Solomon
Willige Teens quotes by Mark Glamack
#14. If you surround yourself with the good and righteous, they can only raise you up. If you surround yourself with the others, they will drag you down into the doldrums of mediocrity, and they will keep you there, but only as long as you permit it. #Quote by Mark Glamack
Willige Teens quotes by Michael Medved
#15. It wasn't that expectations changed. But [teens] went from general expectations of success to having no idea of the right thing to do. In the '60s there was a strong prejudice against careerism. We were self-indulgent and self-destructive. #Quote by Michael Medved
Willige Teens quotes by Jason Evert
#16. If you do not speak to your teens about the meaning of human sexuality and love, the world will fill the void of your silence with a very contrary message. #Quote by Jason Evert
Willige Teens quotes by Ben Shapiro
#17. Real-life teens wish they could live like the teens Hollywood promotes. Everyone has sex, and relationships are deep and meaningful, even if they only last a couple episodes. There are never any consequences to any action, except for experiencing the angst of teenage life alongside the characters. When a generation becomes desensitized to the ramifications of the culture around them, it's natural to seek out any sort of feeling, even angst. #Quote by Ben Shapiro
Willige Teens quotes by Larry Carlton
#18. Back in the day in my teens I was listening to Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery a lot; before that I was listening to what I would call now the more 'simple' jazz players (but still very valid), like Barney Kessell or Johnny Smith; I learnt a lot of voicings from Johnny Smith records. Now, I listen to the old blues players; that's what you'd hear in my house if there was music on. It would be Albert Collins or Albert King. #Quote by Larry Carlton
Willige Teens quotes by Manasa Rao
#19. I don't understand how teens in this generation stress being in a relationship/love more than adults do about their future. She's testing him to see if he's loyal, he's testing her to see if she's after money. So, basically it's a messed up-stressed-testing generation. Love has been blown so far out of proportion I reckon. The stress surrounding the single sentence 'I love you' is saddening. Relax!!! You're young! Your teen years are supposed to be fun. You have your whole lives ahead to find the right one. Just sit back, chill and live life the way it comes. #Quote by Manasa Rao
Willige Teens quotes by Nicole Sobon
#20. But do you think our futures are already determined for us?"
"Why are you asking all of this? What's going on?"
I let out a small laugh. "Remember when we were in the hallway?" He nodded. "Well, Thirteen tried telling me that I couldn't escape my fate and that there was no point in fighting the inevitable."
"Do you think it is inevitable?" he asked.
"Me?" I scoffed. "No. Nothing is ever guaranteed. One minor adjustment can alter everything. Nothing is ever set in stone. As of right now, we're all on one path: we're all stuck inside of this hell that we're trying to escape, and it may seem like the outcome has already been determined for us, but it hasn't. The smallest of things could change everything. A death. Deception. Anything could force us to follow another path, and you know what? We determine that path, not fate."
"What path do you see yourself on?" Colton hopped up onto the computer desk, tucking his hands underneath his thighs.
"I see us starting new lives outside of this place, far from McVeigh and his men," I answered honestly. "But I know not all of us will make it out of here. There is still more pain to come our way, but there is also happiness if we allow for it. #Quote by Nicole Sobon
Willige Teens quotes by Danielle Rohr
#21. We don't speak of it, or react to it. Paralyzed in a reality of uncertainty and madness,this is where we are. #Quote by Danielle Rohr
Willige Teens quotes by John Green
#22. I'm a very introverted person. Nothing that's happened has changed that, but one of the reasons I write for teens is it's a real privilege to have a seat at the table in the lives of young people when they're figuring out what matters to them. #Quote by John Green
Willige Teens quotes by Libba Bray
#23. Sometimes I just want to go in a room and break things and scream. Like, it's so much pressure all the time and if you get upset or angry, people say, 'Are you on the rag of something?' And it's like I want to say, 'No. I'm just pissed off right now. Can't I just be pissed off? How come that's not okay for me?' Like my dad will say, 'I can't talk to you when you're hysterical.' And I'm totally not being hysterical! I'm just mad. And he's the one losing it. But then I feel embarrassed anyway. So I slap on that smile and pretend everything's okay even though it's not. #Quote by Libba Bray
Willige Teens quotes by Garry Mulholland
#24. A small town called Phoenixville in Pennsylvania is invaded by aliens. Or maybe alien singular, it's hard to tell. Because this hostile visitor is an amorphous mass of goo that must be jelly 'cos jam don't shake like that. It doesn't do too much leaping (unless you count the jerk-edit special effects), but it's very good at sliding across the floor, killing puny humans by absorbing them. Steve McQueen is Steve is the boy who leads a group of teens who foil its evil plan to turn Earth into a giant trifle. #Quote by Garry Mulholland
Willige Teens quotes by Pattie Boyd
#25. I didn't have boyfriends until my late teens. I was at a girls' boarding school, and my stepfather disapproved of me going out with anybody. I never really came across any boys. When I did, one of them asked me out, and I was petrified. I felt like a fish out of water, and it was excruciating. #Quote by Pattie Boyd
Willige Teens quotes by Wendy Mogel
#26. Teens are by nature, experimental learners. There is no real understanding of biology without the lab ... #Quote by Wendy Mogel
Willige Teens quotes by Beverly K. Bachel
#27. If all else fails, try to get some sleep…whether you realize it or not, getting enough sleep can make it easier to solve problems, control your emotions, and cope with change. #Quote by Beverly K. Bachel
Willige Teens quotes by Anthony M. Esolen
#28. For those of you who may be homeschooled: high school is that four-year asylum where they put teenagers because we have no idea what else to do with them. #Quote by Anthony M. Esolen
Willige Teens quotes by Bruce Beutler
#29. I felt I ought not to be wasting time, and I hurried to graduate from high school to enroll at UCSD. I also hurried to finish college, to go on to higher studies. By the time I was in my teens, I had a strong sense of mission, wanting to discover something important or solve a major problem in biology or medicine. #Quote by Bruce Beutler
Willige Teens quotes by Andrei Daniel Proca
#30. Adrian never recovered after the loss of his dear friend. I am not sure if he has any family, he never talks about parents, brothers or sisters; it looks as if his dead friend was the only guy that ever cared for him. Eventually Adrian found us, a bunch of misfits, lonely teens, each with our sad lives, and we all hung out together, because Adrian kept us together, gave us a purpose and it made us feel like we're a family. I'm the "baby" of the group, the little guy that always has to be protected; they tutor me, feed me, and rarely let me go on "missions", obviously. When I get sick I have to be taken care; when I get injured, they have to fix me. I feel like I have five big brothers, and, even though I miss a mother and a father, I am not alone in this world. #Quote by Andrei Daniel Proca
Willige Teens quotes by George Carlin
#31. Suddenly, I was thirty, very unhappy entertaining people in their forties, and here came a group of people in their teens and twenties who had similar anti-authority problems and similar dreams and wishes, hopes for mankind. So I gravitated toward them. #Quote by George Carlin
Willige Teens quotes by John Townsend
#32. When your teen withdraws, take the initiative to go after him and try to reconnect. Teens sometimes don't have the skills to pull themselves back into relationship, so they need their parents to help them. But while you are inviting your teen back into connection with you, keep your requirements and expectations intact. #Quote by John Townsend
Willige Teens quotes by Sara Farizan
#33. It felt kind of good to scream. I wished it were socially acceptable to scream more often. Not in class or anything, but maybe there could be some roped-off area or campus designated for screaming your cares away. #Quote by Sara Farizan
Willige Teens quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#34. I have lived my life backwards as compared to my peers. Everyone did incredibly stupid things as teenagers and pre-teens. I didn't. I was the one telling everybody that they were incredibly stupid. Now that they are all past that stage and we are all much older - I am the one doing incredibly stupid things. I have figured that I've earned that right, by now! You have to earn the right to be stupid. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Willige Teens quotes by Millicent Ashby
#35. You always have choices," the teen placed her hands on her hips. "You just choose to disobey."
I wanted to strangle her, yet I lifted an eyebrow to her claim. It would have been a mess anyway. "Oh? And how do you explain the matter at River Park?"
The question perked Jane to ask, "What incident at River Park?"
The teen's face whitened, her eyes bulged like pool balls. "I thought we'd agreed to not mention it!"
"We did," I said, casually. "But you should've known better than to trust a demon. #Quote by Millicent Ashby
Willige Teens quotes by Eugene Mirman
#36. High School: Oh, man. This is where boys and girls go from tweens to teens and become complicated and cruel. Girls play sick mind games; boys try to pull each other's penises off and throw them in the bushes. If you can, buy the most expensive jeans in a two-hundred-mile radius of your town and wear them on your first day. If anyone asks how you could afford them say that your father is the president of Ashton Kutcher. When they are like, 'Ashton Kutcher has a president?' answer, 'Yes.' Everyone will be in awe of you and you won't have to go through a lot of pain and cat fights. #Quote by Eugene Mirman
Willige Teens quotes by George Takei
#37. I've been an activist since my late teens. I take this very seriously and try to use the gift that's been given to me - access to the media - as positively as I can. #Quote by George Takei

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