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Wild Horses quotes by Dave Barry
#1. We're wild horses. We're going to eat your food, knock down your tent and poop on your shoes. We're protected by federal law, just like Richard Nixon. #Quote by Dave Barry
Wild Horses quotes by Hope Mirrlees
#2. In [man's] mouth is ever the bittersweet taste of life and death, unknown to the trees. Without respite he is dragged by the two wild horses, memory and hope; and he is tormented by a secret that he can never tell. #Quote by Hope Mirrlees
Wild Horses quotes by Lindsay Hartley
#3. There is an event once a year that I'm able to sing at, through 'Passions,' in Tennessee. That's always fun. We perform at the Wild Horse Saloon. #Quote by Lindsay Hartley
Wild Horses quotes by Elyne Mitchell
#4. Spring comes to the Australian Alps like an invisible spirit. There is not the tremendous surge of upthrust life that there is in the lowland valleys, and no wild flowers bloom in the snow mountains till the early summer, but there is an immense stirring of excitement. A bright red and blue lowrie flits through the trees; snow thaws, and the streams become full of foaming water; the grey, flattened grass grows upwards again and becomes greener; wild horses start to lose their winter coats and find new energy; wombats sit, round and fat, blinking in the evening sunshine; at night there is the cry of a dingo to its mate. #Quote by Elyne Mitchell
Wild Horses quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#5. Wild horses don't know the burning taste of the whips. Freedom protects us from the many evils! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Wild Horses quotes by Jon Porter
#6. Although I agree that wild horses are a symbol of the American West, I also believe that it is the responsibility of Congress to ensure that these animals are managed, protected, and controlled in an effective manner. #Quote by Jon Porter
Wild Horses quotes by Weina Dai Randel
#7. I knew now: love and destiny were two wild horses that could not be curbed. They galloped in different directions and ran down different paths where streams of desire and hope would not converge. To follow one was to betray the other. To make one happy was to break the other's heart. Yet I supposed that was part of life, a lesson we had to learn. To grow up was also to give up, and to build the future was to dissolve the past. The only thing we could do was hope for the best, to believe that the horse we chose would find us a safe destination. #Quote by Weina Dai Randel
Wild Horses quotes by John William Kaye
#8. We cannot rein wild horses with silken braids. #Quote by John William Kaye
Wild Horses quotes by Miguel Angel Ruiz
#9. The voice in your head is like a wild horse taking you wherever it wants to go ... When the voice in your head finally stops talking, you experience inner peace. #Quote by Miguel Angel Ruiz
Wild Horses quotes by Nenia Campbell
#10. Young girls chased after bad boys for the same reason that riders broke wild horses; they wanted the rush of taming something, of bringing that raw energy to heel. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Wild Horses quotes by Frans De Waal
#11. One can train dolphins to jump synchronously because they do so in the wild, and one can teach horses to run together at the same pace because wild horses do the same. #Quote by Frans De Waal
Wild Horses quotes by Nora Roberts
#12. Wild horses wouldn't have made Daniel admit that his wife, Anna, would have lectured him for an hour if she'd known what he was up to.Daniel considered it basic strategy not to tell her until it was done. "Since she's been moping and sighing around here," he lied without qualm, "I thought I'd bury my pride and call you myself.It's time you took a weekend and came to see your mother."
Alan lifted a wry brow, knowing his father all too well. "I'd think she'd be all wrapped up in her first prospective granchild. How is Rena?"
"You can see for yourself this weekend," Daniel informed him. "I-that is, Rena and Justin have decided they want to spend a weekend with the family. Caine and Diana are coming too."
"You've been busy," Alan murmured.
"What was that? Don't mumble, boy."
"I said you'll be busy," Alan amended prudently.
"For your mother's sake, I can sacrifice my peace and quiet.She worries about all of you-you especially since you're still without wife and family.The firstborn," he added, working himself up, "and both your brother and sister settled before you. The eldest son,my own father's namesake, and too busy flitting around to do his duty to the MacGregor line."
Alan thought about his grueling morning and nearly smiled. "The MacGregor line seems to be moving along nicely. Maybe Rena'll have twins. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Wild Horses quotes by Phil McGraw
#13. You don't need a pack of wild horses to learn how to make a sandwich. #Quote by Phil McGraw
Wild Horses quotes by Gloria Vanderbilt
#14. I was fearless. Wild horses couldn't stop me. #Quote by Gloria Vanderbilt
Wild Horses quotes by Haskell Wexler
#15. Well, of course the general idea was dreamed up by the advertising agency and so my job was to realize that. And we down to Lubbock, Texas, usually and onto a ranch and we would pick cowboys who looked the part and photograph them under dramatic situations - rounding up wild horses or running through streams and then reaching in and taking a drag on a cigarette. #Quote by Haskell Wexler
Wild Horses quotes by Paulo Coelho
#16. Emotions are wild horses. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Wild Horses quotes by Jerry Hall
#17. 'Wild Horses' is my favourite Stones song. It's so beautiful. I don't mind that it was written for Bianca. #Quote by Jerry Hall
Wild Horses quotes by Terri Farley
#18. You know that expression, 'wild horses couldn't drag me away'? Well, let me tell you, that was obviously made by someone who's never been on the other side of a lead rope when a wild horse starts running. #Quote by Terri Farley
Wild Horses quotes by Gene Scott
#19. It would take wild horses to get me to talk. #Quote by Gene Scott
Wild Horses quotes by Victoria Vane
#20. What do I want?" His arms caged her on either side, his body pressing hot and hard against hers. "You, Aiwattsi. Only you. #Quote by Victoria Vane
Wild Horses quotes by Jo Nesbo
#21. The Stones are not the world's greatest band. Not even the world's second greatest band. What they are is the world's most overrated band. And it wasn't Keith or Mick who wrote "Wild Horses". It was Gram Parsons. #Quote by Jo Nesbo
Wild Horses quotes by Pablo Picasso
#22. If I paint a wild horse, you might not see the horse ... but surely you will see the wildness! #Quote by Pablo Picasso
Wild Horses quotes by Victoria Vane
#23. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close enough that she could hear his heart beating. I would never intentionally hurt you, Aiwattsi. If I ever did break your heart, it would break mine too. #Quote by Victoria Vane
Wild Horses quotes by Christopher Dines
#24. Maybe (Taoist story)

A classic ancient story illustrates the importance of equanimity and emotional resilience beautifully. Once upon a time, there was a wise old farmer who had worked on the land for over 40 years. One morning, while walking to his stable, he noticed that his horse had run away. His neighbours came to visit and sympathetically said to the farmer, "Such bad luck".

"Maybe," the farmer replied. The following morning, however, the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. "Such good luck," the neighbours exclaimed.

"Maybe," the farmer replied. The following afternoon, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses and was thrown off, causing him to break his leg. The neighbours came to visit and tried to show sympathy and said to the farmer, "how unfortunate".

"Maybe," answered the farmer. The following morning military officials came to the farmer's village to draft young men into the army to fight in a new war. Observing that the farmer's son's leg was broken, they did not draft him into the war.

The neighbours congratulated him on his good luck and the farmer calmly replied, "Maybe". #Quote by Christopher Dines
Wild Horses quotes by Virginia Woolf
#25. Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in us. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Wild Horses quotes by Mark  Ferguson
#26. On the Larch Scape humans had never managed to extend a sizeable population across entire continents, so much of the megafauna considered to be a distant Pleistocene memory on other Scapes had lingered. The mammoths, giant sloths and woolly rhinoceroses were extinct, but there were hyenas, fanged cats and amphicyonids hunting bison, omnivorous deer, glyptodons, great boars, and wild horses too large for men to ride south of the Laurentian Sea, in what was called Illinois on Malone's Scape. The island of Manhattan was not an island due to the lower sea level, and it was uninhabited by men, an impenetrable mass of old growth larch trees ruled by creatures thought to be related to the raccoon. The Larch 'raccoon' was frequently said to be too intelligent to domesticate; in groups they would destroy shelters and eat the faces of sleeping humans. The atrox cat had been genetically sequenced in cooperation with Austral scientists years ago and determined to be more closely related to the lion than the cougar, and it had enjoyed a range extending north of the Laurentian Sea up to the glaciers until very recently. It was a dark creature with a thick mane in both genders; besides the elements, their prides were the deadliest things to encounter in the far north. #Quote by Mark Ferguson
Wild Horses quotes by Lissa Bryan
#27. She could tell he was wavering and had to suppress a grin. "And horses eat grass, right? She'll find plenty of that along the road." "I've been around horses, some. Not much, but enough to know they need more than just grass." "How do wild horses survive, then?" Justin swore under his breath and turned the wagon around. "I'm going to the goddamn feed store." As he walked away, she heard him mutter, ". . . Pied Piper of the Apocalypse . . . #Quote by Lissa Bryan
Wild Horses quotes by Victoria Vane
#28. She studied his profile, the high cheekbones, deep-set eyes, strong, masculine nose, and full, sensuous mouth, fixing on the last, her insides quivering at the thought of those soft and knowing lips ... #Quote by Victoria Vane
Wild Horses quotes by Keith Richards
#29. Wild Horses" started in a B-minor chord, and Stu didn't play minor chords, "fucking Chinese music. #Quote by Keith Richards
Wild Horses quotes by Paulo Coelho
#30. But emotions were, indeed, wild horses and they demanded to be heard. Brida let them run free for a while until they grew tired #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Wild Horses quotes by Alicia Keys
#31. Adam Levine and I remade the Rolling Stones' classic Wild Horses, and it is right up my alley, that whole style. It has a style of its own but still stays very true to the classic arrangement, and I love it. #Quote by Alicia Keys
Wild Horses quotes by Victoria Vane
#32. Do you deny that you want me, Miranda?" he whispered seductively. His gaze dropped to her mouth. Was he going to kiss her? Her nerves coiled tighter, her anticipation ramping up another notch. "Isn't that the real reason you came out here with me?" His mouth hovered inches from hers, his hot, humid breath inciting tiny ripples down her spine. "If I can't hear it from your lips, I'll make your body speak. #Quote by Victoria Vane
Wild Horses quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#33. They watched storms out there so distant they could not be heard, the silent lightning flaring sheetwise and the thin black spine of the mountain chain fluttering and sucked away again in the dark. They saw wild horses racing on the plain, pounding their shadows down the night and- leaving in the moonlight a vaporous dust like the palest stain of their passing. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Wild Horses quotes by D.D. Prince
#34. I sat on the floor behind him, putting my legs on either side of his hips so that my calves were over the edge, and I rested my cheek on his bare back. He continued to play and I recognized the tune. Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones. #Quote by D.D. Prince
Wild Horses quotes by Alan W. Watts
#35. This may be illustrated by the Taoist story of a farmer whose horse ran away. That evening the neighbors gathered to commiserate with him since this was such bad luck. He said, "May be." The next day the horse returned, but brought with it six wild horses, and the neighbors came exclaiming at his good fortune. He said, "May be." And then, the following day, his son tried to saddle and ride one of the wild horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. Again the neighbors came to offer their sympathy for the misfortune. He said, "May be." The day after that, conscription officers came to the village to seize young men for the army, but because of the broken leg the farmer's son was rejected. When the neighbors came in to say how fortunately everything had turned out, he said, "May be."14 #Quote by Alan W. Watts
Wild Horses quotes by Paulo Coelho
#36. Emotions are wild horses. It is not explanations that carry us forward, but our will to go on. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Wild Horses quotes by Connie Zweig
#37. The Taoists realized that no single concept or value could be considered absolute or superior. If being useful is beneficial, the being useless is also beneficial. The ease with which such opposites may change places is depicted in a Taoist story about a farmer whose horse ran away.

His neighbor commiserated only to be told, "Who knows what's good or bad?" It was true. The next day the horse returned, bringing with it a drove of wild horses it had befriended in its wanderings. The neighbor came over again, this time to congratulate the farmer on his windfall. He was met with the same observation: "Who knows what is good or bad?" True this time too; the next day the farmer's son tried to mount one of the wild horses and fell off, breaking his leg. Back came the neighbor, this time with more commiserations, only to encounter for the third time the same response, "Who knows what is good or bad?" And once again the farmer's point was well taken, for the following day soldiers came by commandeering for the army and because of his injury, the son was not drafted.

According to the Taoists, yang and yin, light and shadow, useful and useless are all different aspects of the whole, and the minute we choose one side and block out the other, we upset nature's balance. If we are to be whole and follow the way of nature, we must pursue the difficult process of embracing the opposites. #Quote by Connie Zweig
Wild Horses quotes by Willie Nelson
#38. Sadly, there are more wild horses in holding pens than in the wild. #Quote by Willie Nelson
Wild Horses quotes by Louise Gann
#39. They were like fire and water, two opposing forces forever lost in an epic rivalry. Quite frankly, it would have been easier attempting to break a deal with wild horses than these two boys. #Quote by Louise Gann
Wild Horses quotes by Zoe Helene
#40. America's remaining wild horses are under aggressive attack and rapidly disappearing from government-managed, citizen-owned wilderness spaces. #Quote by Zoe Helene
Wild Horses quotes by Jasz Gill
#41. I'm born with wild horses in my head..
With an imagination to conquer this world..
I will not settle for the comforts of a golden cage. #Quote by Jasz Gill
Wild Horses quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#42. The best thing you can do about the wild horses is to leave them alone! Leave the wild life alone, then you will be the best protector! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Wild Horses quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#43. When you say you want all peoples to unite, you really mean that you want all peoples to unite to learn the tricks of your people. If the Bedouin Arab does not know how to read, some English missionary or schoolmaster must be sent to teach him to read, but no one ever says, 'This schoolmaster does not know how to ride on a camel; let us pay a Bedouin to teach him.' You say your civilisation will include all talents. Will it? Do you really mean to say that at the moment when the Esquimaux has learnt to vote for a County Council, you will have learnt to spear a walrus? I recur to the example I gave. In Nicaragua we had a way of catching wild horses - by lassooing the fore feet - which was supposed to be the best in South America. If you are going to include all the talents, go and do it. If not, permit me to say what I have always said, that something went from the world when Nicaragua was civilised. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Wild Horses quotes by Jon Porter
#44. I represent a district in Nevada, a state that is home to more wild horses than all other states combined. #Quote by Jon Porter
Wild Horses quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#45. Poor man! You have many burdens on you: The burdens of your religion, of your culture, of your ignorance, of your oppressive government! Find a wild horse and watch it! You will see what is to be unburdened and free! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Wild Horses quotes by Elvis Presley
#46. Once I catch you and the kissing starts, a team of wild horses couldn't tear us apart. #Quote by Elvis Presley
Wild Horses quotes by Rob Brezsny
#47. Imagine that the whole world belongs to you. The birch trees in New Hampshire's White Mountains are yours, and so are the cirrus clouds in the western sky at dusk and the black sand on the beaches of Hawaii's big island.
You own everything, my dear sovereign - the paintings in all the museums of the world, as well as the internet and the wild horses and the roads. Please take good care of it all, OK? Be an enlightened monarch who treats your domain with reverent responsibility. And make sure you also enjoy the full measure of fun that comes with such mastery. Glide through life as if all of creation is yearning to honor and entertain you. #Quote by Rob Brezsny
Wild Horses quotes by Richard Rohr
#48. Right Relationship With Life Itself Gerald May, a dear and now deceased friend of mine, said in his very wise book Addiction and Grace that addiction uses up our spiritual desire. It drains away our deepest and true desire, that inner flow and life force which makes us "long and pant for running streams" (Psalm 42). Spiritual desire is the drive that God put in us from the beginning, for total satisfaction, for home, for heaven, for divine union, and it just got displaced onto the wrong object. It has been a frequent experience of mine to find that many people in recovery often have a unique and very acute spiritual sense; more than most people, I would say. It just got frustrated early and aimed in a wrong direction. Wild need and desire took off before boundaries, strong identity, impulse control, and deep God experience were in place.2 #Quote by Richard Rohr
Wild Horses quotes by Viggo Mortensen
#49. When we shot 'The Lord of the Rings,' we had special permission to film in wild areas of New Zealand that could be accessed only by helicopter. They would drop us off and we would work all day, and they'd pick us up and take us out again. #Quote by Viggo Mortensen
Wild Horses quotes by Jeanette LeBlanc
#50. I see you, flawed and humble and road weary and proud and still in spite of the deep ache, somehow sure you've done all you can.

I see all you feel but cannot speak. I see the way the words grow and swell, expanding your chest and pressing against the confines in your throat until they form the most unbearable pain, and the air around you so heavy with the weight of words unsaid.

I see the way your chest caves in and your shoulders curl around and your arms hold your knees so tight that you circle in upon yourself.

I see how in spite of this you are expanding, even though others wish you small and in spite of your own efforts to keep peace. I see that you are a wild thing, not meant for containment. #Quote by Jeanette LeBlanc
Wild Horses quotes by John Steinbeck
#51. The mountains of things we throw away are much greater than the things we use. In this, if no other way, we can see the wild an reckless exuberance of our production, and waste seems to be the index. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Wild Horses quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#52. Fasting is an indispensable condition of a good life; but in fasting, as in abstinence in general, the question arises with what shall we begin: how to fast, - how often to eat, what to eat, what to avoid eating? And as we can do no work seriously without regarding the necessary order of sequence, so also we cannot fast without knowing where to begin, - with what to commence abstinence in food.
Fasting! And even an analysis of how to fast, and where to begin! The notion seems ridiculous to the majority of men.
I remember how an evangelical preacher who was attacking monastic asceticism and priding himself on his originality, once said to me, "My Christianity is not concerned with fasting and privations, but with beefsteaks." Christianity, or virtue in general - with beefsteaks!
During the long period of darkness and of the absence of all guidance, Pagan or Christian, so many wild, immoral ideas became infused into our life, especially into that lower region concerning the first steps toward a good life, - our relation to food, to which no one paid any attention, - that it is difficult for us even to understand the audacity and senselessness of upholding Christianity or virtue with beefsteaks.
We are not horrified by this association solely because a strange thing has befallen us. We look and see not: listen and hear not. There is no bad odor, no sound, no monstrosity, to which man cannot become accustomed, so that he ceases to remark that which would strik #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Wild Horses quotes by Meredith Wild
#53. I miss my mother every day," I said. "But this is my life and everything that has made me who I am, so I can't dwell on what might have been." I'd always be out of step with most people my age who'd been given many more chances to get it right, whose parents were there to scoop them up when they faltered and to point them in the right direction when indecisions were met. I had quickly learned that my own safety net had sizeable gaping holes in it, which likely explained why lately I felt like I was at sea without a life preserver. #Quote by Meredith Wild
Wild Horses quotes by Robert B. Reich
#54. There can be no "free market" without government. The "free market" does not exist in the wilds beyond the reach of civilization. Competition in the wild is a contest for survival in which the largest and strongest typically win. Civilization, by contrast, is defined by rules; rules create markets, and governments generate the rules. #Quote by Robert B. Reich
Wild Horses quotes by James Buchan
#55. Soaring prices for crude oil, falling production surpluses, wild speculation in commodities, a rush into the precious metals, turmoil in the Middle East, assertive oil producers: it is 1973-74 all over again, and at dictation speed. #Quote by James Buchan
Wild Horses quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#56. No commentary, Nora. Please," he said as he pushed an arm inside the mare.
"I won't say a single word," she pledged as she took the horse's head in her lap. "Except that this reminds me of my last date with Griffin. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Wild Horses quotes by Helen Macdonald
#57. Elusive, spectacular, utterly at home, the fact of these British goshawks makes me happy. Their existence gives the lie to the thought that the wild is always something untouched by human hearts and hands. The wild can be human work. It #Quote by Helen Macdonald
Wild Horses quotes by Mary Oliver
#58. Are the roses not also--even as the owl is--excessive? Each flower is small and lovely, but in their sheer and silent abundance the roses become an immutable force, as though the work of the wild roses was to make sure that all of us, who come wandering over the sand, may be, for a while, struck to the heart and saturated with a simple joy. #Quote by Mary Oliver
Wild Horses quotes by Jack London
#59. But he is not always alone. When the long winter nights come on and the wolves follow their meat into the lower valleys, he may be seen running at the head of the pack through the pale moonlight or glimmering borealis, leaping gigantic above his fellows, his great throat a-bellow as he sings a song of the younger world, which is the song of the pack. #Quote by Jack London
Wild Horses quotes by Mike Judge
#60. You know, at that age you want to show everyone else how wild you are. It's a combination of being bored, looking for a cheap thrill and being really stupid - a dangerous combination. #Quote by Mike Judge
Wild Horses quotes by John Florio
#61. England is the paradise of women, the purgatory of men, and the hell of horses. #Quote by John Florio
Wild Horses quotes by Nelly
#62. I think rappers are the fall guy because some of us don't have the wits to point the finger back. The thing is when you take a whole generation and whip them out, string the mothers out and put the fathers in jail - the reason I know respect is because my father is the mediator between me and my grandfather. I'm the mediator between my son and my father because I'm old enough to understand where my father is coming from and young enough to understand what my kid is trying to do. When you whip out the mediator the kids run wild and the old people are scared of them. #Quote by Nelly
Wild Horses quotes by Cassandra Clare
#63. I can find another maid; I cannot find another Sophie. If being a Shadowhunter was what you wanted, my girl, I wish you had spoken. I could have gone to the Consul before I was at odds with him. Still, when we return-'
She broke off, and Cecily heard the words beneath the words: If we return.
'When we return, I will put you forward for Acension,' Charlotte finished.
'I will speak out for her aswell,' Gideon said. 'After all, I have my father's place on the Council-his friends will listen to me; they still owe loyalty to our family-and besides, how else can we be married?'
'What'? said Gabriel with a wild hand gesture that accidentally flipped the nearest plate on the floor, where it shattered.
'Married?' said Henry. 'You're marrying your father's friends on the Council? Which of them? #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Wild Horses quotes by Virginia Woolf
#64. Orlando was unaccountably disappointed. She had thought of
literature all these years (her seclusion, her rank, her sex must be
her excuse) as something wild as the wind, hot as fire, swift as
lightning; something errant, incalculable, abrupt, and behold,
literature was an elderly gentleman in a grey suit talking about
duchesses. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Wild Horses quotes by George R R Martin
#65. Tyrion Lannister knew the maps as well as anyone, but a fortnight on the wild track that passed for the kingsroad up here #Quote by George R R Martin
Wild Horses quotes by Nick Clooney
#66. We decided that how we react to and treat those fellow mortals, wild and domestic, tells us more about ourselves than, perhaps, some of us want to know. #Quote by Nick Clooney
Wild Horses quotes by Kate Mulgrew
#67. It's the digital era. What makes it exciting is that it's both the Golden Age of television and the Wild West of television. Something is happening now that's unprecedented, and we know that we're a part of it. What could be more exciting or better than that? You can't lose because you're on the pony and you're staking the claim. #Quote by Kate Mulgrew
Wild Horses quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#68. Only wild animals harm each other. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Wild Horses quotes by Leon Uris
#69. Johann Clement watched the blows fall. First there had been wild talk and then printed accusations and insinuations. Then came a boycott of Jewish business and professional people, then the public humiliations: beatings and beard pullings. Then came the night terror of the Brown Shirts. Then came the concentration camps. Gestapo, SS, SD, KRIPO, RSHA. Soon every family in Germany was under Nazi scrutiny, and the grip of tyranny tightened until the last croak of defiance strangled and died. #Quote by Leon Uris
Wild Horses quotes by Karel Capek
#70. You never realize a dog is a man's best friend until you start betting on horses. #Quote by Karel Capek
Wild Horses quotes by Joseph Conrad
#71. Well, you know that was the worst of it - this suspicion of their not being inhuman. It would come slowly to one. They howled and leaped, and spun, and made horrid faces; but what thrilled you was just the thought of their humanity - like yours - the thought of your remote kinship with this wild and passionate uproar. Ugly. Yes, it was justly enough; but if you were man enough you would admit to yourself that there was in you just the faintest trace of a response to the terrible frankness of that noise, a dim suspicion of there being a meaning in it which you - you so remote from the night of first ages could comprehend. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Wild Horses quotes by Margot Robbie
#72. I really want to do a Western. I want to be the dude who is riding horses and doing exciting things - something where I get to do something physical and have to train for it. I don't want to be the damsel. #Quote by Margot Robbie
Wild Horses quotes by Seneca The Younger
#73. What view is one likely to take of the state of a person's mind when his speech is wild and incoherent and knows no constraint? #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Wild Horses quotes by Abigail Roux
#74. „Ty, the horses are not conspiring against you."
Ty crossed his arms and shook his head. „He looks at me. And he talks to me! And he knows I don't know what he's saying!"
Zane squinted at him. „Okay. I think you've been out in the sun a little too long. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Wild Horses quotes by Eve Langlais
#75. -"I am really starting to dislike you."
-"You know what they say: dislike is akin to lust."
-"That's not the expression."
-"It is in my world. You wouldn't be the first one to tell me you hate me only to rip my clothes off and ride me like a wild cowgirl. #Quote by Eve Langlais
Wild Horses quotes by Jodi Ellen Malpas
#76. Oh, Sam, this is Kate. Kate, meet Sam.' I wave my hand between the two of them, watching as Kate turns all angelic, putting her hand out to Sam, who grins before clasping it.

'Nice to meet you, Kate.' he says smoothly, maintaining his grin and running his free hand through his mousey waves.

'You too.' She arches a brow.

She's a brazen hussy! She's flirting with him. She giggles as Sam compliments her on her wild, red hair, their hands still linked. My phone declares a text. To escape the blatant flirting exchange going on in front of me, I pick it up and open the message with one eye closed.

There better be a GOOD f**king reason for you standing me up. Someone had better be dying. I'm going out of my f**king mind, lady. NO KISS #Quote by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Wild Horses quotes by Xenophanes
#77. For our wisdom is better than the strength of men or of horses ... nor is it right to prefer strength to excellent wisdom. For if there should be in the city [any athlete whose skill] is honoured more than strength ... the city would not on that account be any better governed. #Quote by Xenophanes
Wild Horses quotes by Alan Coren
#78. English Bohemianism is a curiously unluscious fruit ... Inside this hothouse, huge lascivious orchids slide sensuously up the sweating windows, passion-flowers cross-pollinate in wild heliotrope abandon, lotuses writhe with poppies in the sweet warm beds, kumquats ripen, open and plop flatly to the floor-and outside, in a neat, trimly-hoed kitchen-garden, English bohemians sit in cold orderly rows, like carrots. #Quote by Alan Coren
Wild Horses quotes by Freeman Patterson
#79. Unlike a child in a totally urban environment, my friends and peer group were not only other children, but also wild and domesticated animals, plants of every sort, brooks and waterfalls, rocks and sand. #Quote by Freeman Patterson
Wild Horses quotes by Truman Capote
#80. You musn't give your heart to a wild thing. #Quote by Truman Capote
Wild Horses quotes by Michael Pearl
#81. There was no hastiness or anger in his response. He did not take the disobedience personally. He had trained many horses and mules and knew the value of patient perseverance. In the end, the twelve-month-old submitted his will to his father, sat as he was placed, and became content - even cheerful. He was now ready to quietly sit through three hours of the most boring church service a sleeping patriarch ever attended. #Quote by Michael Pearl
Wild Horses quotes by Ree Drummond
#82. Was it just a high school thing? Or worse, I imagined, is it just that I'm not and never will be a country girl? Is it that country girls have some wild sense of abandon that I wasn't born with? A reckless side, a fun, adventurous side that makes them worthy of riding next to boys in pickups? Am I untouchable? Am I too prim? Too proper? I'm not! I'm really not! I'm fun and adventurous. Reckless, too! I have a pair of jeans: Anne Kleins! And I want to be Middle Seat Worthy. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Wild Horses quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#83. The crowd cleared a path for them. They returned to their horses and mounted.
"See?" Roshar said, "wasn't that fun?"
Arin looked ready to shove the prince off his horse. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Wild Horses quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#84. Pandora's dress was disheveled, her bodice askew, and her gloves were missing. A few raised red scratches marred the surface of her shoulder. The pins had been pulled from her ruined coiffure during the carriage ride, allowing a profusion of heavy black-coffee locks to fall to her waist in waves and ripples. Her coltish form quivered like a wild creature held in restraints. She gave off a kind of... energy, of... there didn't seem to be a word for it, but Gabriel could feel the irresistible voltage eating up the space between them. Every hair on his body individuated as he was flooded with the hot, humming awareness of her.
Holy hell. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Wild Horses quotes by Willa Cather
#85. Something soft and wild and free, something that whispered to the ear on the pillow, lightened the heart, softly, softly picked the lock, slid the bolts, and released the prisoned spirit of man into the wind, into the blue and gold, into the morning, into the morning! #Quote by Willa Cather
Wild Horses quotes by Jeanette LeBlanc
#86. To know the hope and the struggle and the stay still and the run away and the come here and the push back. And also what it is to say yes, to be present exactly where you are. #Quote by Jeanette LeBlanc
Wild Horses quotes by Julia Child
#87. I admired the English immensely for all that they had endured, and they were certainly honorable, and stopped their cars for pedestrians, and called you "sir" and "madam," and so on. But after a week there, I began to feel wild. It was those ruddy English faces, so held in by duty, the sense of "what is done" and "what is not done," and always swigging tea and chirping, that made me want to scream like a hyena #Quote by Julia Child
Wild Horses quotes by Christopher Robin Winnie The Pooh
#88. I found courage in the countryside, in nature. Being alone never frightened me, even at night, provided I was in contact with my surroundings - with the grass underfoot, with the dim shapes of trees and distant mountains. This was what I clung to. #Quote by Christopher Robin Winnie The Pooh
Wild Horses quotes by Christine Feehan
#89. Her wild imagination immediately interpreted his statement as him claiming her, making her his, letting her know no matter what, he would stand for her. #Quote by Christine Feehan

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