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Why Do You Want It quotes by Olawale Daniel
#1. Know your biggest WHY? Why do you joined network marketing business. Why do you want to change your life? It is your WHY that pushes you and edges you towards the crown of glory in the industry. Discover your why and get things done quickly, #Quote by Olawale Daniel
Why Do You Want It quotes by Machado De Assis
#2. I am beginning to be sorry that I ever undertook to write this book. Not that it bores me; I have nothing else to do; indeed, it is a welcome distraction from eternity. But the book is tedious, it smells of the tomb, it has a rigor mortis about it; a serious fault, and yet a relatively small one, for the great defect of this book is you, reader. You want to live fast, to get to the end, and the book ambles along slowly; you like straight, solid narrative and a smooth style, but this book and my style are like a pair of drunks; they stagger to the right and to the left, they start and they stop, they mutter, they roar, they guffaw, they threaten the sky, they slip and fall ...
And fall! Unhappy leaves of my cypress tree, you had to fall, like everything else that is lovely and beautiful; if I had eyes, I would shed a tear of remembrance for you. And this is the great advantage in being dead, that if you have no mouth with which to laugh, neither have you eyes with which to cry. #Quote by Machado De Assis
Why Do You Want It quotes by Jill Douglas
#3. I think whatever it is you decide to do in life, if you want to be the very best at it, you have to be able to make sacrifices. Not everybody can do that and I think it makes our sportsmen and women that little bit special. #Quote by Jill Douglas
Why Do You Want It quotes by David Hieatt
#4. Each day you're given 86,400 seconds from the 'Time Bank'. Everyone is given the same. There are no exceptions. Once you make your withdrawal, you're free to spend it as you want. The 'Time Bank' won't tell you how to spend it. Time poorly spent will not be replaced with more time. Time doesn't do refunds. #Quote by David Hieatt
Why Do You Want It quotes by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
#5. You have to believe that it is what you want to do with your life and you have to be dedicated to it. #Quote by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Why Do You Want It quotes by John Renard
#6. Each being is simply what it is and it is a serious mistake to treat your world as though it existed for you, as if what you value in each thing is its value. In a sense, the Buddha argued, all things are "empty," in that they simply do not possess the "soul" that a grasping, craving person invests them with. Pile all your expectations onto some person or object as though you truly hope it will deliver what you want, and you are making the fundamental mistake. The notion of non-soul (anatman) is difficult to understand, but it is one of the Buddha's most provocative teachings. #Quote by John Renard
Why Do You Want It quotes by Daniel Handler
#7. She's so, everybody's so stupid, you know? Christian too, Todd, whoever says stupid things, you're from different worlds, like you dropped here in a spaceship."
I had to say something. "Yeah," I said. "So - ?"
"So they can fuck themselves," you said. "I don't care, you know?"
I felt a smile on my face, tears too.
"Because Min, I know, OK? I'm stupid I know, about faggy movies, sorry, fuck, I'm stupid about that too. No offense. Ha! But I want to do it, Min.
Any party you want, anything, not go to bonfires. Whatever you want to do, for the eighty-ninth birthday, even though I can't remember the name."
"Lottie Carson." I stepped close to you, but you held your hands out, you weren't done.
"And they'll say things, right? I know they will, of course they will. Your friends are, probably, too, right?"
"Yes," I said. I felt furious, or furiously something, pacing with you and waiting to fall into your moving arms.
"Yes," you said, with a huge grin. "Let's stay together, I want to be with you. Let's. Yes?"
"Because I don't care, virginity, different, arty, weird parties with bad cake, that igloo. Just together, Min."
"Like everyone is telling us not to be."
"Because Min, listen, I love you."
I gaped.
"Don't, you don't have to - I know it's crazy, Joan says I've really lost it, but - "
"I love you too," I said. #Quote by Daniel Handler
Why Do You Want It quotes by Lynn Byk Quoting Mister B.
#8. The rain is letting up, Mr. B. What do you want to do?'
'Oh, I'm gonna go fix the Weed Eater, and then, I'm gonna do dog patrol. At 97, I gotta find ways to keep moving!' He pushes himself up from the table. 'See ya later, kiddo.'
Joe has decided to get fit. Every day he hops onto our stationary bike that we left sitting on the back porch. He says it helps his balance. He times himself to ensure he rides it ten minutes a day. I bring him a glass of cool water to keep him hydrated. He refuses the water. 'I'm not used to drinking water, Miss.' His exercise routine would never be approved by a local gym. #Quote by Lynn Byk Quoting Mister B.
Why Do You Want It quotes by Ronda Rousey
#9. I never aspired to be 2nd. I was taught ... you can do whatever you want in this world, so why not be the best in the world? #Quote by Ronda Rousey
Why Do You Want It quotes by Oscar Zeta Acosta
#10. I have no desire to be a politician. I don't want to lead anyone. I have no practical ego. I am not ambitious. I merely want to do what is right. Once in every century there comes a man who is chosen to speak for his people. Moses, Mao and Martin are examples. Who's to say that I am not such a man? In this day and age the man for all seasons needs many voices. Perhaps that is why the gods have sent me into Riverbank, Panama, San Francisco, Alpine and Juarez. Perhaps that is why I've been taught so many trades. Who will deny that I am unique? For months, for years, no, all my life I sought to find out who I am. Why do you think I became a Baptist? Why did I try to force myself into the Riverbank Swimming Pool? And did I become a lawyer just to prove to the publishers I could do something worthwhile? Any idiot that sees only the obvious is blind. For God sake, I have never seen and I have never felt inferior to any man or beast. #Quote by Oscar Zeta Acosta
Why Do You Want It quotes by Paris Reidhead
#11. I have talked with people that have no assurance of sins forgiven. They want to feel saved before they're willing to commit themselves to Christ. But I believe that the only ones whom God actually witnesses by His Spirit are born of Him, are the people whether they say it or not, that come to Jesus Christ and say something like this: 'Lord Jesus, I'm gonna obey You and love You and serve You and do what You want me to do as long as I live even if I go to hell at the end of the road simply because You are worthy to be loved, obeyed and served. And I'm not trying to make a deal with You.' #Quote by Paris Reidhead
Why Do You Want It quotes by Nalini Singh
#12. Riley."
Kisses on her cheek, along her jaw. "So, how many brat-lets do you want?"
"As many as it takes to drive you insane. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Why Do You Want It quotes by Juliette Cross
#13. Don't settle, Genevieve. Don't let strangers grope you on dance floors. Don't allow college boys to fondle you in doorways. Don't waver in uncertainty about your own desires....Know what you want. Endeavor to seize it, and keep it when you do. #Quote by Juliette Cross
Why Do You Want It quotes by J. Courtney Sullivan
#14. You want your kids to do better than you did," he said. "That's what the American Dream is all about. But it's hard when they outgrow you. It hurts like hell. #Quote by J. Courtney Sullivan
Why Do You Want It quotes by Deyth Banger
#15. Sometimes to imagine that you are having fuck with a sexy girl or a hot girl or with a girl which you want to have. It's useless it won't happen, and you can't do anything! #Quote by Deyth Banger
Why Do You Want It quotes by Suzanne Collins
#16. Do you want me to lie about it?"
"No I want you to rethink it and come up with the right opinion. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Why Do You Want It quotes by Cedric Nye
#17. I once fed a dog-fight operator to the dogs he had abused for so long, and do you want to know something? It felt so good. It was justice, girl. The fucking law never gave a shit about a victim, but justice is all heart. #Quote by Cedric Nye
Why Do You Want It quotes by Michael Scott
#18. Are you coming with us?"
Black Hawk laughed. "Are you insane, or do you think I am? One immortal and three Elders,heading onto an island of monsters. I know who's not coming back from that trip."
Mars worked his head from side to side, easing the stiffness. "He's probably right-he'd slow us down."
"I'll be right here," Black Hawk said, "so that when you all come screaming back here,I'll be able to get you off the island."
Even Hel laughed. "We'll not come screaming to you."
"Have it your way.I'll be here,though. For a while,anyway," he added with a grin.
"I thought you would want to rescue your friend Billy," Mars said.
Black Hawk laughed again. "Trust me, Billy never needs rescuing. Usually people need to be rescued from him. #Quote by Michael Scott
Why Do You Want It quotes by Bill Maher
#19. Well, that's exactly the wrong attitude. That is not the attitude they had in World War II. Your attitude is that freedom means you can do whatever you want whenever you want it, and that sacrifice is somehow un-American. But the idea that we should also be defensive about our flaws and weaknesses and our vulnerabilities is ridiculous. #Quote by Bill Maher
Why Do You Want It quotes by Carla Speed McNeil
#20. Excuse me.
Nine hours ago, I broke off the single most pointlessly agonizing one-way relationship of my young life.
It was a thin slice of hell, and now it is over.. He's not mine. He never will be mine, and I've thrown away three years of my life pining and hoping. Well, not anymore, and I need to get him out of my system. I've given the matter serious thought, and all I want right now is for some total stranger to nail me to a mattress for the next fourteen hours. I will almost certainly cry all over you and call you by his name, but I assure you that my sexual frustration has built to such a fever peak that I will fuck you dry. What do you say?"
"whine #Quote by Carla Speed McNeil
Why Do You Want It quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#21. I say, Bertie, is it really true that you were once engaged to Honoria?"
"It is."
Biffy coughed.
"How did you get out - I mean, what was the nature of the tragedy that prevented the marriage?"
"Jeeves worked it. He thought out the entire scheme."
"I think, before I go," said Biffy thoughtfully, "I'll just step into the kitchen and have a word with Jeeves."
I felt that the situation called for complete candour.
"Biffy, old egg," I said, "as man to man, do you want to oil out of this thing?"
"Bertie, old cork," said Biffy earnestly, "as one friend to another, I do. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Why Do You Want It quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#22. I'll use any means necessary -- any f*cking violence I want --in order to keep you safe. Do you understand me, Eve? This isn't bloody negotiable. I will f*cking kill if it means it'll keep you safe. #Quote by Elizabeth Hoyt
Why Do You Want It quotes by Shirley Chisholm
#23. My God, what do we want? What does any human being want? Take away an accident of pigmentation of a thin layer of our outer skin and there is no difference between me and anyone else. All we want is for that trivial difference to make no difference. What can I say to a man who asks that? All I can do is try to explain to him why he asks the question. You have looked at us for years as different from you that you may never see us really. You don't understand because you think of us as second-class humans. We have been passive and accommodating through so many years of your insults and delays that you think the way things used to be is normal. When the good-natured, spiritual-singing boys and girls rise up against the white man and demand to be treated like he is, you are bewildered. All we want is what you want, no less and no more. (Chapter 13). #Quote by Shirley Chisholm
Why Do You Want It quotes by Marshall Segal
#24. Before we begin dating, we have to develop a vision for what makes marriage worth having. Why do we even want to be married in the first place?...Marriage is worth having because you get God in your lifelong commitment to one another. Marriage is about knowing God, worshiping God, depending on God, displaying God, and being made like God....What makes marriage worth having is that you, your spouse, and those around you see more of God and his love in Jesus. #Quote by Marshall Segal
Why Do You Want It quotes by Jerome K. Jerome
#25. Oh, please could you spare us a little water?" "Certainly," replied the old gentleman; "take as much as you want, and leave the rest." "Thank you so much," murmured George, looking about him. "Where - where do you keep it?" "It's always in the same place my boy," was the stolid reply: "just behind you. #Quote by Jerome K. Jerome
Why Do You Want It quotes by Dashiell Hammett
#26. Now I pass up about twenty-five or thirty thousand of honest gain because I like being a detective, like the work. And liking work makes you want to do it as well as you can. Otherwise there'd be no sense to it. That's the fix I am in. I don't know anything else, don't enjoy anything else, don't want to know or enjoy anything else. You can't weight that against any sum of money. Money's good stuff. I haven't anything against it. #Quote by Dashiell Hammett
Why Do You Want It quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#27. I do what I want to do. It was a brash statement of(her)girlhood. Now she was an adult, the boast seemed quaint. For rarely do you know what you want. Even after you've done it you can't say clearly if that was what you'd wanted or just something that happened to you, like weather. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Why Do You Want It quotes by Sally Ride
#28. The best advice I can give anybody is to try to understand who you are and what you want to do, and don't be afraid to go down that road and do whatever it takes and work as hard as you have to work to achieve that. #Quote by Sally Ride
Why Do You Want It quotes by Rachel Gibson
#29. Are you trying to tell me - in your own typically macho way - that you want to make love again?"
He glanced at her. "I'm not trying to tell you anything. I want you. You want me. Someone is going to end up wearing nothing but a satisfied smile on her lips."
"I don't know, Nick, I might talk afterward. Do you think you can handle it?"
"I can handle anything you can think up, and a few things you've probably
never even thought of."
"Do I have a choice?"
"Sure, wild thing. I have four bedrooms. You can choose which one we use first. #Quote by Rachel Gibson
Why Do You Want It quotes by Hajime Isayama
#30. I know that people like you exist. I respect that. Going against the flow, it takes a lot of courage. Maybe people who can do it are just stupid, but what I'm sure of is that people like that are rare. So you can't call them common. You can't call them normal either. People like you get called special. So what should you call people like us then? People who put their own interests ahead of others? People who go along with it when they see injustice? What do you call them? Worthless or evil? I do think we're worthless and we're definitely evil, but doesn't that just make us regular people? So even if I'm the kind of weak person who gets swept along with the flow, I just want you to think of me as human, that's all. #Quote by Hajime Isayama
Why Do You Want It quotes by A.J. Kazinski
#31. Niels remembered all too well the telex machine that had received updates and warnings from Interpol's headquarters in Lyon. The telex machine had run nonstop. The monotonous sound of the mechanical printer reminded them that the world was a fucked-up place. If anyone wanted a brief, concentrated look into the world's misery, all he had to do was spend 20 minutes in front of the humming machine: serial killers, drug smuggling, women kidnapped for prostitution, cross-border traffic with stolen children, illegal immigration, enriched uranium.... You could get a headache simply from standing in front of the fax machine. It made you want to scream and run away; to jump into the sea and wish that life had never crawled up out of the water, that the dinosaurs still dominated the earth. #Quote by A.J. Kazinski
Why Do You Want It quotes by Philip K. Dick
#32. I will always speak the truth to you, Herb Asher," the boy continued. "There is no deceit in God. I want you to live. I made you live once before, when you lay in psychological death. God does not desire any living thing's death; God takes no delight in nonexistence. Do you know what God is, Herb Asher? God is He Who causes to be. Put another way, if you seek the basis of being that underlies everything you will surely find God. You can work back to God from the phenomenal universe, or you can move from the Creator to the phenomenal universe. Each implies the other. The Creator would not be the Creator if there were no universe, and the universe would cease to be if the Creator did not sustain it. The Creator does not exist prior to the universe in time; he does not exist in time at all. God creates the universe constantly; he is with it, not above or behind it. This is impossible to understand for you because you are a created thing and exist in time. But eventually you will return to your Creator and then you will again no longer exist in time. You are the breath of your Creator, and as he breathes in and out, you live. Remember that, for that sums up everything that you need to know about your God. There is first an exhalation from God, on the part of all creation; and then, at a certain point, it starts its journey back, its inhalation. This cycle never ceases. You leave me; you are away from me; you start back; you rejoin me. You and everything else. It is a process, an #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Why Do You Want It quotes by Ken Loach
#33. Every time a colony wants independence, the questions on the agenda are: a) how do you get the imperialists out, and b) what kind of society do you build? There are usually the bourgeois nationalists who say, 'Let's just change the flag and keep everything as it was.' Then there are the revolutionaries who say, 'Let's change the property laws.' It's always a critical moment. #Quote by Ken Loach
Why Do You Want It quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#34. I know you want to fuck me. And I know you wish you didn't. So how about we compromise and you can sit here and say, 'No, Nora,' 'Don't, Nora,' 'Stop, Nora,' and I'll ignore all those protests and slide right down on your cock anyway? And I'll do it because no and don't and stop aren't your safe word. So you can finally get fucked and still sleep like a baby in your big lonely bed tonight feeling all clean and shiny and virginal because, after all, you did say 'no' and that awful Nora Sutherlin just wouldn't listen. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Why Do You Want It quotes by JoAnna Carl
#35. If you want to look at a Detroit Free Press published since 2000," the reference librarian said, "you can use a database."
"I'll be right over."
"Come ahead. Unless you want to access it from your own computer."
"I can do that?"
"Certainly." The librarian explained how, and she didn't even sound condescending. Librarians are wonderful people. #Quote by JoAnna Carl
Why Do You Want It quotes by BarlowGirl
#36. My hands hold safely to my dreams
Clutching tightly not one has fallen
So many years I've shaped each one
Reflecting my heart showing who I am
Now you're asking me to show
What I'm holding oh so tightly
Can't open my hands can't let go
Does it matter?
Should I show you?
Can't you let me go?

Surrender, surrender you whisper gently
You say I will be free
I know but can't you see?
My dreams are me. My dreams are me

You say you have a plan for me
And that you want the best for my life
Told me the world had yet to see
What you can do with one
That's committed to Your calling
I know of course what I should do
That I can't hold these dreams forever
If I give them now to You
Will You take them away forever?
Or can I dream again? #Quote by BarlowGirl
Why Do You Want It quotes by Kenneth G. Ortiz
#37. You do not choose who you love. Love just comes about. You can choose who you want or do not want to be around. But love is not a choice, it just forms on its own... #Quote by Kenneth G. Ortiz

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