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When You Get A Chance quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#1. Je suis ce que je suis." – Death
"Is that a spell?" – Nick
"It's French, Nick. Means 'I am what I am.' Sheez, kid. Get educated. Read a book. I promise you it's not painful." – Death
"I would definitely argue that. Have you seen my summer reading list? It's nothing but girl books about them getting body parts and girl things I don't want to discuss in class with my female English teacher. Maybe in the boys' locker room and maybe with a coach, but not with a woman teacher in front of other girls who already won't go out with me. Or worse, they're about how bad all of us men reek and how we need to be taken out and shot 'cause we're an affront to all social and natural orders. Again – thanks, Teach. Give the girls even more reason to kick us down when we talk to one. Not like it's not hard enough to get up the nerve to ask one out. Can you say inappropriate content? And then they tell me my manga's bad. Riiight…Is it too much to ask that we have one book, just one, on the required reading list that says, 'Hey, girls. Guys are fun and we're okay. Really. We're not all mean psycho-killing, bloodsucking animals. Most of us are pretty darn decent, and if you'll just give us a chance, you'll find out we're not so bad.'" – Nick #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
When You Get A Chance quotes by Mark Twain
#2. My, you ought to seen old Henry the Eight when he was in bloom. He was a blossom. He used to marry a new wife every day, and chop off her head next morning. And he would do it just as indifferent as if he was ordering up eggs. 'Fetch up Nell Gwynn,' he says. They fetch her up. Next morning, 'Chop off her head!' And they chop it off. 'Fetch up Jane Shore,' he says; and up she comes, Next morning, 'Chop off her head' - and they chop it off. 'Ring up Fair Rosamun.' Fair Rosamun answers the bell. Next morning, 'Chop off her head.' And he made every one of them tell him a tale every night; and he kept that up till he had hogged a thousand and one tales that way, and then he put them all in a book, and called it Domesday Book - which was a good name and stated the case. You don't know kings, Jim, but I know them; and this old rip of ourn is one of the cleanest I've struck in history. Well, Henry he takes a notion he wants to get up some trouble with this country. How does he go at it - give notice? - give the country a show? No. All of a sudden he heaves all the tea in Boston Harbor overboard, and whacks out a declaration of independence, and dares them to come on. That was his style - he never give anybody a chance. He had suspicions of his father, the Duke of Wellington. Well, what did he do? Ask him to show up? No - drownded him in a butt of mamsey, like a cat. S'pose people left money laying around where he was - what did he do? He collared it. S'pose he contracted to do a thin #Quote by Mark Twain
When You Get A Chance quotes by Justin Southwick
#3. In life in general we get back what we put out, if we ever were to find ourselves in a situation where we get back less or even the opposite of what we put out, then we need to get out, take ourselves out of that situation, for it is futile to try to go against the grain of feelings, emotions, life... it is not only going to lead to nowhere but pain, it is also going to lead to loneliness, bitterness, sadness, despair and heartbreak. so for those of you who are going through this currently, brush that crap off of your plate and move on. Those of you that have not experienced this yet, keep your eyes and your ears open, because in most cases it takes a while to see what has been right in front of you hitting you with baseball bats. BE AWARE OF WHAT IS. be aware of what that other person is giving to you. ask yourselves a few questions, 1) am I getting back the love that I am putting out? 2) Do I always have to initiate the conversation? 3) When I do initiate the conversation, do I get a response? 4) if so, is it on par with what I put forth. 5) in most cases of conversation does it seem like I am being ignored? 6) If I reach out to hold his/her hand does it get held back? or am I doing all the holding? ~~ The more of these simple yet profound questions you can answer negatively too. the bigger the chance that you are in a hopeless, futureless, hated by the other person relationship. So, keep your eyes and your ears open, ask yourselves questions and always and I do mean always #Quote by Justin Southwick
When You Get A Chance quotes by Joe Eszterhas
#4. He'd been down at the Cass County Library, reading...Win danced a jig he thought that was so funny...about this cat Henry David Thoreau, which he pronounced Toe-Row. He read about his life and read some of his writings and this cat really had his shit together...Toe-Row knew better than anybody that Life is a Big Fat Asshole with everybody trying to Stick It To You when they get half the chance. #Quote by Joe Eszterhas
When You Get A Chance quotes by Nelly
#5. Your hater is your future fan in a way. Cause when it's different they don't really take to it at first, but after you look back on it you get a chance to reflect on it. #Quote by Nelly
When You Get A Chance quotes by Jung Chang
#6. Most peasants did not miss the school.

"What's the point?" they would say.

"You pay fees and read for years, and in the end you are still a peasant, earning your food with your sweat. You don't get a grain of rice more for being able to read books. Why waste time and money?

Might as well start earning your work points right away."

The virtual absence of any chance of a better future and the near total immobility for anyone born a peasant took the incentive out of the pursuit of knowledge. Children of school age would stay at home to help their families with their work or look after younger brothers and sisters. They would be out in the fields when they were barely in their teens. As for girls, the peasants considered it a complete waste of time for them to go to school.

"They get married and belong to other people. It's like pouring water on the ground."

The Cultural Revolution was trumpeted as having brought education to the peasants through 'evening classes." One day my production team announced it was starting evening classes and asked Nana and me to be the teachers. I was delighted. However, as soon as the first 'class' began, I realized that this was no education.

The classes invariably started with Nana and me being asked by the production team leader to read out articles by Mao or other items from the People's Daily. Then he would make an hour-long speech consisting of all the latest po #Quote by Jung Chang
When You Get A Chance quotes by Dru Edmund Kucherera
#7. You may not get it right the first time...life happens,people meddle,you frustrate each other and in those circumstances,you drift apart...
When you get a second chance and the universe smiles at you,destiny lends a hand and fate brings you together again,

Do not mess it up #Quote by Dru Edmund Kucherera
When You Get A Chance quotes by Brandy Norwood
#8. When you get a chance to step back, you notice all these great things you've done and all these great people that you've worked with. #Quote by Brandy Norwood
When You Get A Chance quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#9. My dear Rosie,

Unbeknownst to you I took this chance before, many, many years ago. You never received that letter and I'm glad because my feelings since then have changed dramatically. They have intensified with every passing day.
I'll get straight to the point because if I don't say what I have to say now, I fear it will never be said. And I need to say it.
Today I love you more than ever; I want you more than ever. I'm a man of fifty years of age coming to you, feeling like a teenager in love, asking you to give me a chance and love me back.
Rosie Dunne, I love you with all my heart. I have always loved you, even when I was seven years old and I lied about falling asleep on Santa watch, when I was ten years old and didn't invite you to my birthday party, when I was eighteen and had to move away, even on my wedding days, on your wedding day, on christenings, birthdays and when we fought. I loved you through it all. Make me the happiest man on this earth by being with me.
Please reply to me.

All my love,
Alex #Quote by Cecelia Ahern
When You Get A Chance quotes by Olivia
#10. You know what I've seen? Is that people who have gone through unfair, horrific experiences, is that they have this will, and when they get support, a chance, they can not only survive, they can thrive. #Quote by Olivia
When You Get A Chance quotes by Kody Keplinger
#11. I needed something to distract me-anything far away from my parents' drama-just for a second. And when I saw my chance I didn't stop to think about how much I'd regret it later. An opportunity sat on the bar stool beside me, and I lunged at it. Literally.
I kissed Wesley Rush.
One second his hand lay on my shoulder, and his gray eyes rested, for once, on my face, and the next my mouth was on his. My lips were fierce with bottled emotion, and he seemed to tense, his body frozen in shock. That didn't last very long. An instant later, he returned the aggression, his hands flying to my sides and pulling me toward him. It felt like a battle between our mouths. My hands clawed into his curly hair, tugging it way harder than necessary, and his fingertips dug into my waist.
It worked better than punching someone would have. Not only did it help me release the agonizing pressure, but it definitely distracted me. I mean, it's hard to think about your dad when you're making out with somebody.
And as disturbing as it sounds, Wesley was a really good kisser. He leaned into me, and I tugged at him so hard that he nearly fell off his bar stool. In that moment, we just couldn't get close enough to each other. Our separate seats seemed like they were miles apart.
All of my thoughts vanished, and I became a sort of physical being. Emotions disappeared. Nothing existed but our bodies, and our warring lips were at the center of everything. It was bliss! It was amazing no #Quote by Kody Keplinger
When You Get A Chance quotes by Divya Chawla
#12. Write when you Get a Chance but Read at Every Chance. #Quote by Divya Chawla
When You Get A Chance quotes by John Bingham
#13. It was being a runner that mattered, not how fast or how far I could run. The joy was in the act of running and in the journey, not in the destination. We have a better chance of seeing where we are when we stop trying to get somewhere else. We can enjoy every moment of movement, as long as where we are is as good as where we'd like to be. That's not to say that you need to be satisfied forever with where you are today. But you need to honor what you've accomplished, rather than thinking of what's left to be done (p. 159). #Quote by John Bingham
When You Get A Chance quotes by Tanya Shaffer
#14. Here's what I love about travel: strangers get a chance to amaze you. Sometimes a single day can bring a blooming surprise, a simple kindness that opens a chink in the brittle shell of your heart and makes you a different person when you go to sleep--more tender, less jaded--than you were when you woke up. #Quote by Tanya Shaffer
When You Get A Chance quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#15. Here," she said. She pulled the shirt over her head, revealing a black bra and ribs shadowed like the furrows of a tilled field. "Don't get Dawes."
Why was she so willing to put herself in his hands? Was she unafraid or just reckless? Neither trait boded well for her future at Lethe. But he had the sense it was neither of those things. It felt like she was testing him now, like she'd laid down another challenge.
"Some propriety wouldn't kill you," he said.
"Why take the chance?"
"Usually when a woman takes her clothes off in front of me I have some warning."
Alex shrugged, and the shadows moved over her skin. "Next time, I'll light the signal fires."
"That would be best. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
When You Get A Chance quotes by Robert Gilmore
#16. Oh no, you do not get any choice in the matter. What you are likely to see is determined by the probabilities for the various quantum states. What you actually see is a matter of random choice. You do not get to choose what will happen; the quantum amplitudes only give the probability of different results, but they do not fix what will happen. That is pure chance and only becomes fixed when an observation is made. #Quote by Robert Gilmore
When You Get A Chance quotes by Leonard Woolf
#17. I get your moments when nothing seems to matter & I suppose that most of the time we, or I at any rate, are passively inert to happiness or unhappiness. I mean that we are so persistently automatic that most of the day is a trance. When I do think or feel, it is usually with rage or despair. Don't you feel often or always that there is so little time to lose, & that we are losing it so fast. The Christians are right there, I feel, it wouldn't matter if there were another life, if there were some chance of making up for the time we are cruelly forced to lose here. But to be hurrying to annihilation, & only to have lived for a hour or two out of twenty five years! And you say, as they all would say, 'I feel it's an episode': you don't seem to see that in a few minutes we shall be old & in a few hours dead, that it's an episode between youth & life, & sterility & annihilation. #Quote by Leonard Woolf
When You Get A Chance quotes by Derek Hough
#18. Don't jump to conclusions over first impressions.

They're often dead wrong. When I first met Mark, I thought he was spoiled. When I met Shirley, I assumed she was tough as nails. But getting to know them both as a member of their family, I saw how wrong I was. Shirley is a teddy bear, a caring, loving person who would do anything for me. And Mark? I think of him as a brother, in every sense of the word. I've learned to make a special effort to get to know the people who put up walls and seem cold or tough. It's like an onion; you have to peel back the layers. I'm sure some of my DWTS partners made an assumption about who I was the first time they worked with me. They probably thought I was a tough taskmaster and cursed me out for putting them through this! But anyone who truly knows me will tell you, I'm harder on myself than I am on anyone else. And I'm a softie who loves to goof around. But to see that side of me, you need to move past the first impression. What's the lesson here? Dig a little deeper. Get to know people and what makes them tick. Don't make an assumption till you know someone a lot better. Think of all the people you might have dismissed who could have been great friends, mentors, or allies, if you'd only given them the chance.
Perfect example: dancing with Lil' Kim on DWTS. She had recently spent time in jail and I remember thinking, Oh my gosh, I'm afraid I'm going to get shanked in the middle of the dance! Then I realized I was judging her #Quote by Derek Hough
When You Get A Chance quotes by E.D. Baker
#19. Then welcome, you poor things! I'm so gald you're here! I never get to talk to anyone except when I'm working, and then I'm supposed to say things like, 'Woe is me' and 'Beware' and 'Uncle Rupert is going to die.' And then they look at me like I have two heads, which I don't because I'm not a troll , and they always say, 'Oh, no, the banshee is here!' Do you know how that makes me feel? Every time I show up, people run screaming and warn everybody else that I'm around. Believe me, I've thought about staying home and sleeping late, but I can't because I care about people. Without me to warn them, people would die unexpectedly, and then where would their relatives be? When I tell them, they have time to make arrangments, say good-bye ... you know-important things. I'm actually a very nice person; it's just that no one gives me a chance to prove it. #Quote by E.D. Baker
When You Get A Chance quotes by Kimberly Derting
#20. Jay showed up after school with a bouquet of flowers and an armful of DVDs, although Violet couldn't have cared less about either . . . he was all she wanted. She couldn't help the electric thrill of excitement she felt when he came strolling in, grinning at her foolishly as if he hadn't seen her in weeks rather than hours. He scooped her up from the couch and dropped her onto his lap as he sat down where she had been just a moment before. He was careful to arrange her ankle on a neatly stacked pile of pillows beside him.
He stubbornly refused to hide his affection for her, and if Violet hadn't known better she would have sword that he was going out of his way to make her self-conscious in her own home. Fortunately her parents were giving them some space for the time being, and they were left by themselves most of the time.
"Did you miss me?" he asked arrogantly as he gently brushed his lips over hers, not bothering to wait for an answer.
She smiled while she kissed him back, loving the topsy-turvy feeling that her stomach always got when he was so close to her. She wound her arms around his neck, forgetting that she was in the middle of the family room and not hidden away in the privacy of her bedroom.
He pulled away from her, suddenly serious. "You know, we didn't get much time alone yesterday. And I didn't get a chance to tell you . . ."
Violet was mesmerized by the thick timbre of his deep voice. She barely heard his words but rather concentrated #Quote by Kimberly Derting
When You Get A Chance quotes by Jason Medina
#21. The '60s were a very turbulent time for colored people. Being away at war was a chance for them to escape the racial bullshit for a while. It was a shame it came down to that kind of choice.
Don't get me wrong. There were plenty of guys, who tried to bring that racial crap over there with them. However, when the shit hits the fan, you don't give a damn about who's standing next to you, saving your ass. You certainly don't care what color his skin is or what language he speaks. All that matters to you is that he is an American G.I. Government Issued, baby! #Quote by Jason Medina
When You Get A Chance quotes by Si Robertson
#22. I was largely drinking to forget where I was. When you're in a place like Vietnam, you get to a point where you don't care any more. You're in a place that's foreign to you, and you know for a fact that many people there hate you and will kill you if they get the chance. It really does something to your mind to know that many of the people living around you don't like you and want you to die. #Quote by Si Robertson
When You Get A Chance quotes by Virginia Woolf
#23. There it was before her - life. Life: she thought but she did not finish her thought. She took a look at life, for she had a clear sense of it there, something real, something private, which she shared neither with her children nor with her husband. A sort of transaction went on between them, in which she was on one side, and life was on another, and she was always trying to get the better of it, as it was of her; and sometimes they parleyed (when she sat alone); there were, she remembered, great reconciliation scenes; but for the most part, oddly enough, she must admit that she felt this thing that she called life terrible, hostile, and quick to pounce on you if you gave it a chance. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
When You Get A Chance quotes by Nelson Cruz
#24. When you get a chance to get a W, that's the most important thing. #Quote by Nelson Cruz
When You Get A Chance quotes by Rebecca Deel
#25. Sweetheart, you have to get some sleep. The doctor said you needed to rest, that your body was still flushing that drug out of your system."
Eli said nothing for a moment. "You called me 'sweetheart.'"
"I did?"
"Did you mean it? Cause here's the thing, sugar. You turned my world upside down. I've never been so scared in my life as when I realized Scarlett Group had taken you. I was afraid I wouldn't have the chance to tell you how much I love you."
"Oh, Eli." Tears filled her eyes. Her handsome Navy SEAL loved her enough that he was laying his heart on the line without having a clue she felt the same way about him.. An act of courage from the man staring at her with a wary gaze.
"We haven't known each other long. If it's too soon for you to know how you feel about me, I'll wait. Just know you own my heart, Brenna. I want to marry you and someday watch you rock my children."
She laid her hand over his mouth, stemming the tidal wave of words. "Eli, you don't have to wait."
"I don't?"
"I'm a romance writer, my love. Happy endings are my stock in trade. Without you in my life, I wouldn't have a happy ending because I love you, too, Eli. And, yes, I will marry you." "Soon?"
"The sooner, the better. #Quote by Rebecca Deel
When You Get A Chance quotes by Gavin MacLeod
#26. Sometimes you don't get a second chance. You need to take a chance when you have the opportunity. Always. #Quote by Gavin MacLeod
When You Get A Chance quotes by Abby Fabiaschi
#27. My husband has never been one to catch the subtleties of a situation. He called every Valentine's Day to ask if I wanted him to stop on the way home to get a card. Every year I said no, don't bother, and he'd say something like, "Okay, but I want to go on record I asked, so you can't say I'm not romantic." I never did point out that any chance the gesture had of being romantic was lost when he asked whether he had to do it. #Quote by Abby Fabiaschi
When You Get A Chance quotes by Louise Rozett
#28. Some people have to wait their whole lives for great love. Some people find it when they're too young to know what to do with it. I don't know if one is easier than the other, but I do know that whenever you find it, if you have it in you to keep trying, you might actually get a second, and third, and fourth chance to get it right. And maybe, just maybe, that's how you end up with the strongest love there is. #Quote by Louise Rozett
When You Get A Chance quotes by Frank Wildhorn
#29. I enjoy the kind of characters that allow you to write the dark stuff. I love Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky, and when I'm writing for Dracula or Jekyll & Hyde, I get a chance to use that vocabulary. #Quote by Frank Wildhorn
When You Get A Chance quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#30. I believe that when a woman is given the chance to come to the defense of another woman, that is an opportunity that she should take in behalf of not only that woman; but in behalf of herself and all other women, everywhere. Men don't have low opinions of women because women are sluts and whores; but men have low opinions of women because they see how women compete with one another, pull one another down in order to rise above and backbite one another endlessly. There are men who have low opinions of women because of how women treat other women. They see that and they think, "What kind of a species can do that to their own species?" So if you really want the guy, why not get him by showing him what a true friend you are to your girlfriends? Or by showing him how happy you are for the good fortune of another woman and how much you admire her? And if he doesn't appreciate that then he doesn't deserve you! I know we've got a long, long way to go before we change the way our gender treats one another; but it's got to start somewhere and I suggest we start right now. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
When You Get A Chance quotes by Lindy West
#31. My relationship with brick-and-mortar shopping is, in general, unpleasant. I can't remember a time in my life when I could go to a physical store and find a variety of things in my size that excited me and fit my personal style. As a plus-size shopper at a typical mall, you're limited to at most five stores out of maybe 50 clothing retailers. That leaves us with very few options and, for people on a tight budget, pretty much no chance of comparison shopping. You take what you can get. #Quote by Lindy West
When You Get A Chance quotes by Brittainy C. Cherry
#32. Why do people fall in love if it means there is a chance of feeling this way? What the fuck is wrong with humans?! HUMANS ARE FUCKING SICK AND TWISTED! I mean, I get it - it feels good, you know? Being in love, being happy." Her body trembled as the tears fell faster than she could take breaths. "But when that magical rug is ripped out from under you, it takes all the happy and good feelings with it. And your heart? It just breaks. It breaks and it's unapologetic. It shatters into a million pieces, leaving you numb, blankly staring at the pieces because all your free will, all the common sense you once had in your life is gone. You gave up everything for this bullshit thing called love, and now you're just destroyed." I #Quote by Brittainy C. Cherry
When You Get A Chance quotes by Dannika Dark
#33. It's a rare opportunity when a person removes all the layers and allows you to see who they are at the core. Sometimes we don't even get that chance with our own family or friends, and maybe it's easier to let someone you don't have any emotional connection with see that side of you. There's no fear of rejection, ridicule, or withholding love. We had nothing to lose. #Quote by Dannika Dark
When You Get A Chance quotes by R.J. Palacio
#34. You ever wonder what happens to people when they die?" I asked. He shrugged. "Not really. I mean, I guess they go to heaven? That's where my Grans went." "I think about it a lot," I said. "I think when people die, their souls go to heaven but just for a little while. Like that's where they see their old friends and stuff, and kind of catch up on old times. But then I actually think the souls start thinking about their lives on earth, like if they were good or bad or whatever. And then they get born again as brand-new babies in the world." "Why would they want to do that?" "Because then they get another chance to get it right," I answered. "Their souls get a chance to have a do-over. #Quote by R.J. Palacio
When You Get A Chance quotes by Elizabeth Hayley
#35. You don't want me, and I don't want anybody else. So I'll just be . . . left behind. Left to pick up the pieces of my dreams and my heart when you get up from this table and walk away, shattering them both because the girl who means everything never even gave me a chance to mean something. #Quote by Elizabeth Hayley
When You Get A Chance quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#36. What do you do when it seems as if people want to stay in their pain. They have a story to tell and they tell you every chance they get. Well, believe it or not, they may like where they are. Our job is to leave them there. You can point the way out of pain, but you cannot force them to get out. You can support the move beyond their limitations, but you cannot make the move for them. #Quote by Iyanla Vanzant
When You Get A Chance quotes by Denis Leary
#37. When you write about real life, there's always a chance that somebody involved is going to see it and get upset. #Quote by Denis Leary
When You Get A Chance quotes by Njabulo P. Vilakazi
#38. Letter to read on your way to Success

Dear Me

If you see someone successful. Don't envy them, but rather remind yourself that we all had to start somewhere. I mean if you think about it we were all kids at once with big dreams. What separates us as we grow older is the choices we had to make along the way. Shakespeare to put it well when he said, "some are born into greatness and others simply choose to be." I simply love these to quotes when you put them together, "Don't compare yourself with others cause it is because were different that each of us is special" and "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will always seem like failure to you." The message here is that we are all good at something. So if you haven't made it thus far, don't be to hard on yourself by comparing yourself with others, cause you know nothing about their journey. We are all on our own individual paths in life. Some people have already given themselves the job of trying to put you down every chance they get, don't make it worse for yourself by doing the same. Its never to late to be what you always wanted to be. But before you start on your journey be sure what that is exactly, so as to prevent you climbing a ladder only to end up on the wrong wall. #Quote by Njabulo P. Vilakazi
When You Get A Chance quotes by Debbie Mason
#39. I don't know why you're making such a big deal about me wearing the engagement ring," Shay said to Michael from behind the wheel of his Range Rover.
Before he had a chance to respond, she shifted from reverse to drive and shot out of the parking lot. Straight into oncoming traffic.
"Shay, watch out for . . . " He trailed off, his heart in his throat as she expertly avoided being creamed by another speeding SUV. With his hand still gripping the door and his foot
pressed on the floor as if he could somehow miraculously slow the vehicle down, Michael said, "Obviously the ring is a big deal to you or you wouldn't be trying to kill me."
"Being aggressive will save you. Being cautious, that's what'll kill you."
"No doubt you'll live to be a hundred and ten, then." He relaxed when the speedometer needle inched down toward a more reasonable speed. "I'm taking it that your life lesson only refers to driving; otherwise you would've been applauding my efforts at the club."
She glanced at him, a smile tipping up the corner of her mouth. "So, you actually choked on purpose to cozy up to Costello's hired henchman and disrupted the dancer's performance so the bouncers would haul you to Kozack's office?"
He ignored everything else but the part that would get him an answer to his earlier question. "I choked because you took my breath away, and - "
She laughed. "Either you're easily impressed or you don't get out to many strip clubs. Kozack was going to #Quote by Debbie Mason
When You Get A Chance quotes by Chip Kelly
#40. When I took the job in Philadelphia, we had a chance to hire a personnel guy and I hired Tom [Gamble], really from my relationship in college. When you're in college, you get to see scouts on a daily basis, and the ones you kind of hit it off with. I thought he had a great eye. #Quote by Chip Kelly
When You Get A Chance quotes by Josh Gad
#41. When you get into the series, the progression is much different. You actually have breathing room and the chance to sit down with each actor, which was a part of our process, to talk to them about their pasts. #Quote by Josh Gad
When You Get A Chance quotes by Jenny Han
#42. I'm going to have to start booking you guys a month in advance."
"Or you could invite Ms. Rothschild over," Kitty suggests. "Her weekends are pretty lonely too."
He gives her a funny look. "I'm sure she has plenty she'd rather do than watch The Sound of Music with her neighbor."
Brightly I say, "Don't forget the tacos al pastor! Those are a draw, too. And you, of course. You're a draw."
"You're definitely a draw," Kitty pipes up.
"Guys," Daddy begins.
"Wait," I say. "Let me just say one thing. You should be going on some dates, Daddy."
"I go on dates!"
"You've gone on, like, two dates ever," I say, and he falls silent. "Why not ask Ms. Rothschild out? She's cute, she has a good job, Kitty loves her. And she lives really close by."
"See, that's exactly why I shouldn't ask her out," Daddy says. "You should never date a neighbor or a coworker, because then you'll have to keep seeing them if things don't work out."
Kitty asks, "You mean like that quote 'Don't shit where you eat'?" When Daddy frowns, Kitty quickly corrects herself. "I mean 'Don't poop where you eat.' That's what you mean, right, Daddy?"
"Yes, I suppose that's what I mean, but Kitty, I don't like you using cuss words."
Contritely she says, "I'm sorry. But I still think you should give Ms. Rothschild a chance. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out."
"Well, I'd hate to see you get your hopes up," Daddy says.
"That's life," Kitty says. "Things #Quote by Jenny Han
When You Get A Chance quotes by Avijeet Das
#43. When one door closes, another thousand get a chance to be opened by you.

Never feel sad at not getting something in life. You may be on your way to something better! #Quote by Avijeet Das
When You Get A Chance quotes by John Flanagan
#44. Young men!" he snorted to Erak. "They think a pretty face can cure every ill."
"Some of us can remember back that far. Halt," Erak told him with a grin. "I suppose that's all far behind an old hack like you. Svengal told me you were settling down. Some plump, motherly widow seizing her last chance with a broken-down old gray bear, is she?"
Erak, of course, had been told by Svengal that Halt had recently married a great beauty. But he enjoyed getting a reaction from the smaller man. Halt's one-eyed stare locked onto the Oberjarl.
"When we get back, I'd advise you not to refer to Pauline as a 'plump, motherly widow' in her hearing. She's very good with that dagger she carries and you need your ears to keep that ridiculous helmet of yours in place. #Quote by John Flanagan
When You Get A Chance quotes by Duke Snider
#45. We wept, Brooklyn was a lovely place to hit. If you got a ball in the air, you had a chance to get it out. When they tore down Ebbets Field, they tore down a little piece of me. #Quote by Duke Snider
When You Get A Chance quotes by Pema Chodron
#46. Others will always show you exactly where you are stuck. They say or do something and you automatically get hooked into a familiar way of reacting - shutting down, speeding up, or getting all worked up. When you react in the habitual way, with anger, greed, and so forth, it gives you a chance to see your patterns and work with them honestly and compassionately. Without others provoking you, you remain ignorant of your painful habits and cannot train in transforming them into the path of awakening. #Quote by Pema Chodron
When You Get A Chance quotes by Melanie Shankle
#47. But my personal favorite words of wisdom came from Gulley during the last thirty minutes of the trip, when she broke up a backseat scuffle by declaring, 'When you lick the person sitting next to you, there's a good chance you're going to get punched.'
I believe the only reason that gem is missing from the book of Proverbs is because Solomon must never have traveled with three kids in the back of his chariot. #Quote by Melanie Shankle
When You Get A Chance quotes by Aidan Chambers
#48. Sometimes the course of our lives depends on what we do or don't do in a few seconds, a heartbeat, when we either seize the opportunity, or just miss it. Miss the moment and you never get a chance again. #Quote by Aidan Chambers
When You Get A Chance quotes by Ilona Andrews
#49. What may I do to get back into your good graces?"
"You've done nothing to offend me."
"Then why did you acknowledge Robart before me?"
"You addressed him before you addressed me."
I cleared my throat. "Just to be clear, you're upset because I spoke to Robart before I spoke to you? In the ballroom just before we went to check on the car?"
"I understand that the circumstances of the summit prevent frank exchanges," Arland said. "An appearance of propriety must be maintained and any hint of favoritism is to be avoided at all costs. But when one travels so far, one looks for the small things. A chance glance. A brief kindness, freely offered and gone unnoticed by all except its intended recipient. Some hint, some indication that he has not been forgotten. One might take an acknowledgment of a bitter rival before him, in public, as an indication of certain things."
It dawned on me. His feelings were actually hurt. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
When You Get A Chance quotes by Nba 2k18 Locker Codes
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When You Get A Chance quotes by Lewis Hamilton
#51. Nothing can really prepare you for when you get in the Formula One car. Knowing that you're driving a multimillion-dollar car, and if you crash it it's going to cost a lot of money, and they might not give you another chance, is scary. #Quote by Lewis Hamilton
When You Get A Chance quotes by JusticeMikayla
#52. Fertility Care- The Latest & the Best Place to deal with Infertility Issues

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The best fertility clinic will naturally provide you with the best fertility treatment to the husband or the wife to increase their chance of getting baby in a natural manner. The fertility treatment is individual based. It is not necessary that the two individuals will be benefitted by the same treatment. The right fertility treatment for any individual will depend on the type of fertility problem, the age and the medical history.

After fertility centers, the health care has got another exciting stream in reproductive segment and that is fertility care. The fertility care allows the women and men #Quote by JusticeMikayla
When You Get A Chance quotes by Katya G. Cohen
#53. Why is it that we claim to want certainty? Only fools and cowards seek certainty. Certainty is a dead end; it's a rich old widow living out the rest of her days on the Upper East Side with a little dog and big memories. Unless you are a senior citizen, you'll go nuts after a few weeks of knowing what the rest of your life will bring. You'll die of boredom. But uncertainty is what keeps us alive. It is that flip of a coin, that brief moment when it's in the air or spinning on its side, that snaps us out of our daily stasis. Some invisible Odds Gods are giving you a chance to become better, smarter, richer. What fun it is to get paid if you earned it by the skin of your teeth, by the close call. And how dreadful it is to shoot fish in a barrel. Exposure to uncertainty earns you membership in a select tribe: You are a Padawan mastering the Force. Once the trade is on, once the die has been cast, you're in a parallel, auspicious universe. #Quote by Katya G. Cohen
When You Get A Chance quotes by Jermain Defoe
#54. When I get up in the morning, I look forward to the games and I'm just buzzing. At the end of the day, if you are nervous or scared before games, you are not going to perform. I just go out there and think, 'If I get a chance, I'm going to score' and that's it. #Quote by Jermain Defoe
When You Get A Chance quotes by Rick Riordan
#55. We only have a few hours, so listen carefully.
If you're hearing this story, you're already in danger. Sadie and I might be your only chance.
Go to the school. Find the locker. I won't tell you which school or which locker, because if you're the right person, you'll find it. The combination is 13/32/33. By the time you finish listening, you'll know what those numbers mean. Just remember the story we're about to tell you isn't complete yet.
How it ends will depend on you.
The most important thing: when you open the package and find what's inside, don't keep it longer than a week. Sure, it'll be tempting. I mean, it will grant you almost unlimited power. But if you possess it too long, it will consume you. Learn its secrets quickly and pass it on. Hide it for the next person, the way Sadie and I did for you. Then be prepared for your life to get very interesting. #Quote by Rick Riordan
When You Get A Chance quotes by Judith McNaught
#56. Come inside with me," he urged, increasing the pressure on her elbow, "and I'll begin making it up to you."
Elizabeth let herself be drawn forward a few steps and hesitated. "This is a mistake. Everyone will see us and think we've started it all over again-"
"No, they won't," he promised. "There's a rumor spreading like fire in there that I tried to get you in my clutches two years ago, but without a title to tempt you I didn't have a chance. Since acquiring a title is a holy crusade for most of them, they'll admire your sense. Now that I have a title, I'm expected to use it to try to succeed where I failed before-as a way of bolstering my wounded male pride." Reaching up to brush a wisp of hair from her soft cheek, he said, "I'm sorry. It was the best I could do with what I had to work with-we were seen together in compromising circumstances. Since they'd never believe nothing happened, I could only make them think I was in pursuit and you were evading."
She flinched from his touch but didn't shove his hand away. "You don't understand. What's happening to me in there is no less than I deserve. I knew what the rules were, and I broke them when I stayed with you at the cottage. You didn't force me to stay. I broke the rules, and-"
"Elizabeth," he interrupted in a voice edge with harsh remorse, "if you won't do anything else for me, at least stop exonerating me for that weekend. I can't bear it. I exerted more force on you than you understand."
Longing #Quote by Judith McNaught
When You Get A Chance quotes by Nick Hornby
#57. I know, despite all the gloom and self-doubt that bubbles up from the deep when you get dumped, that you did not represent my last and best chance of a relationship. So, you know. Nice try. Close, but no cigar. See you around. #Quote by Nick Hornby
When You Get A Chance quotes by L.H. Cosway
#58. Trash first. Then supplies.
Stepping forward, I kicked a pile of takeout containers to one side, wanting to clear a path to the cabinets so I could look for latex gloves. But then I stopped, stiffening, an odd scratching sound coming from the pile I'd just nudged with my foot.
Turning back to it, I crouched on the ground and lifted a greasy paper at the top of the mess. And that's when I saw it.
A cockroach.
In Ireland.
A giant behemoth of a bug, the likes I'd only ever seen on nature programs about prehistoric insects.
Okay, perhaps I was overexaggerating its size. Perhaps not. Honestly, I didn't get a chance to dwell on the matter, because the roach-shaped locust of Satan hopped onto my hand.
I screamed.
Jumping back and swatting at my hand, I screamed again. But evil incarnate had somehow crawled up and into the sleeve of my shirt. The sensation of its tiny, hairy legs skittering along my arm had me screaming a third time and I whipped off my shirt, tossing it to the other side of the room as though it was on fire.
"What the hell is going on?"
I spun toward the door, finding Ronan Fitzpatrick and Bryan Leech hovering at the entrance, their eyes darting around the room as though they were searching for a perpetrator. Meanwhile, I was frantically brushing my hands over my arms and torso. I felt the echo of that spawn of the devil's touch all over my body.
"Cockroach!" I screeched. "Do you see it? Is it st #Quote by L.H. Cosway
When You Get A Chance quotes by David Dunn
#59. The secret of successfully giving yourself away lies not so much in calculated actions as in cultivating friendly, warm-hearted impulses. You have to train yourself to obey giving impulses on the instant
before they get a chance to cool. When you give impulsively, something happens inside of you that makes you glow, sometimes for hours. #Quote by David Dunn
When You Get A Chance quotes by Richelle Mead
#60. Ms. Terwilliger didn't have a chance to respond to my geological ramblings because someone knocked on the door. I slipped the rocks into my pocket and tried to look studious as she called an entry. I figured Zoe had tracked me down, but surprisingly, Angeline walked in.
"Did you know," she said, "that it's a lot harder to put organs back in the body than it is to get them out?"
I closed my eyes and silently counted to five before opening them again. "Please tell me you haven't eviscerated someone."
She shook her head. "No, no. I left my biology homework in Miss Wentworth's room, but when I went back to get it, she'd already left and locked the door. But it's due tomorrow, and I'm already in trouble in there, so I had to get it. So, I went around outside, and her window lock wasn't that hard to open, and I - "
"Wait," I interrupted. "You broke into a classroom?"
"Yeah, but that's not the problem."
Behind me, I heard a choking laugh from Ms. Terwilliger's desk.
"Go on," I said wearily.
"Well, when I climbed through, I didn't realize there was a bunch of stuff in the way, and I crashed into those plastic models of the human body she has. You know, the life size ones with all the parts inside? And bam!" Angeline held up her arms for effect. "Organs everywhere." She paused and looked at me expectantly. "So what are we going to do? I can't get in trouble with her."
"We?" I exclaimed.
"Here," said Ms. Terwilliger. I turned around, an #Quote by Richelle Mead
When You Get A Chance quotes by Deborah Harkness
#61. That's wonderful news" Clairmont said. "Can you get this lady some tea when you have a chance? She's threatened to kill for it."
"Won't be necessary, dearie," Mary told me with a smile. "We serve tea without bloodshed. #Quote by Deborah Harkness
When You Get A Chance quotes by Shadowstorm Norwicca
#62. Lilith listened to her father having a fucking tantrum and then she saw a retreating Ian. Ian figured he would take this chance to get away from what was like the twilight zone. Lilith turned around making her father growl from her lack of respect. "If you so much as move you will regret it Ian and I swear by all the fires in hell I will make you feel every fucking sting from my paddle. My patience is thin and I am tired of your fear so fucking stay put." She turned back to her father "Fine I will go save your sorry ass but if you ever threaten mine again..." Pointing to Ian and then turning back to a enraged Lucifer "We will have a fucking problem. Do I make myself clear father?" before he could reply she turned to a pissed off Ian and at this point she could care less because she was beyond pissed right now. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to her lips and kissed him with everything she hoped and wanted from him. Ian was beyond sense when Lilith threw him into an abyss of fire. She pulled back watching a dazed Ian "So help me if you ever let any woman touch you again I will kill her." Ian didn't know what to say to that he was still drunk on her taste. This time she pulled his hair and looked into his eyes; he saw passion and seduction "Mine" and she kissed him again and then pulled away. Lilith faced her father and nodded. Ian watched as she walked away. #Quote by Shadowstorm Norwicca
When You Get A Chance quotes by James Hanley
#63. Like your mother. That's what you are. Another obstinate pig like your mother. But I'll fix you. We'll see. And if you don't pass that exam next week, by God I'll lame you for life. When I was your age, I had to get up and work. I had to rise at five in the morning and drag a milk cart half round the town for a few shillings a week. Here you get a chance of earning over a pound a week and you stick your nose up at it. I'll fix you. You wait. I have had to work hard for my living and I'll bloody well see that you do the same. #Quote by James Hanley
When You Get A Chance quotes by Kiera Cass
#64. Hey I'm sorry about the other day. Didn't mean to give you a hard time, I ---"

He held up his hands. "It's no problem. And I didn't mean to be pushy. But i've seen a lot of people let the bad around them make them hard or stubborn. In the end, they miss the chance to make their world bette because they only see the worst in it."

There was still something about the tone of his voice and his features that made me feel like I knew him.

"I know what you mean." I shook my head. "I don't want to be like that. But I get so angry. Sometimes I feel like I know too much, or that I've done things I can't make right, and it just hovers over me. And when I see things happen that shouldn't..."

"You don't know what to do with yourself."


He nodded. "Well, I'd start by thinking about what's good. Then I'd ask myself how I could make that good even better."

I laughed. "That doesn't make sense."

He stood. "You just think about it a little. #Quote by Kiera Cass
When You Get A Chance quotes by P.C. Cast
#65. I want you to remember something. Zo. It's important, and it'll make more sense when you have yourself together again. I'm gonna leave here and get another chance at life.You're gonna be a big, famous vamp High Priestess. That means you're gonna live like a gazillion years. I'll find you again. Even if it takes a hundred of those years. I promise you, Zoey Redbird, we'll be together again." Heath pulled her into his arms and kissed her trying through touch to show her that his love was never-ending. When he finally forced himself to let her go, he thought he saw understanding in her haunted, shocked gaze. "I'll love you forever, Zo."
Then Heath turned and walked away from his true love. The air before him opened, curtainlike, and he stepped from one realm to another and disappeared completely. #Quote by P.C. Cast
When You Get A Chance quotes by Cesar Chavez
#66. The poor, you know, have a way of solving problems ... they have a tremendous capacity for suffering. And so when you build a vehicle to get something done, as we've done here in the strike and the boycott, then they continue to suffer - and maybe a little bit more - but the suffering becomes less important because they see a chance of progress; sometimes progress itself. They've been suffering all their live.s It's a question of suffering with some kind of hope now. That's better than suffering with no hope at all. #Quote by Cesar Chavez
When You Get A Chance quotes by Meaka Kyel
#67. He took my hand and stopped walking then shook his head when I looked up at him. "Look, I didn't want to do this on your birthday, but this isn't working out."

I raised an eyebrow at him. No shit, Sherlock. I waited for him to continue.

"This whole arrangement with you and Lane, it's weird. You're not kids anymore. I can put up with your choice of livelihood. Hell, I can even get used to the fact that you refuse to do yourself up in the morning before I wake up when you spend the night." He paused at my frown. "But I won't play second place man in a woman's life. If you want to have any chance with me, you're going to have to leave him. Move out; get your own place. Just quit having him around all the time."

"If I want to have a chance with you?" Wow, this man was a piece of work. I gazed over to Lane who didn't look too happy as he watched what was happening. I turned back to Brian. "But who would get custody of Iggy? We can't do that to him. It would break his fragile little heart! And joint custody won't work. We can't just move an iguana around in the middle of winter. Plus, have you tried moving that tank? It's huge…" I said the last of my speech to his back as he simply turned and walked away. "Jackass. #Quote by Meaka Kyel
When You Get A Chance quotes by T.D. Badyna
#68. You wonder what had happened, when a feller like that, in a place like that, talked of a childhood that might have as easily belonged to a millionaire, a lawyer, a schoolteacher, you. You had to think he was defective somehow, or had fucked up not once, not twice, but again and again, a peculiar resolve to his life. That was the thing, that resolve. We didn't credit it. You looked at him and your brain said he was on the losing end of one of the two bargains that America made with you. There was the romantic one, that of the rambler, the man out seeking his destiny, living by his wits, all that horseshit. Then there was the classical American dare, that you could risk all, take an internal grudge and make of it a billion dollars and get a monumental tomb in the bargain. But the truth was neither. America was a grindstone. She used those notions as twin abrasives to wear you down into a dutiful drudge walking the straight and narrow. But there was something in the hearts of the some men, some of whom became Fritz, that wouldn't accept that. These men in crummy bars, some of them, most of them, they were main-chance fellers. You could take ten of these wrecks and offer them a salesman's job, a dozen white shirts and ties, forty Gs a year and perks, a neat house on a quiet street, a yard, a car, a dog, a wife, an expense account, a Chinese laundryman, membership in a church, grandkids who'd bounce on their knees, and you'd be lucky if one or two took you up on it. And those two #Quote by T.D. Badyna
When You Get A Chance quotes by Gordon Ramsay
#69. When you're a chef, you graze. You never get a chance to sit down and eat. They don't actually sit down and eat before you cook. So when I finish work, the first thing I'll do, and especially when I'm in New York, I'll go for a run. And I'll run 10 or 15k on my - and I run to gain my appetite. #Quote by Gordon Ramsay
When You Get A Chance quotes by Muadh Ibn Jabal
#70. My son, when you pray, do it like a person who is bidding farewell to this world, and don't assume you will have another chance to pray again. My son, know that a believer dies in between two deeds, one he offers for today, where he will get immediate blessings, and the second deed is what he offers towards the day of resurrection, and that is where he will gain the ultimate benefits #Quote by Muadh Ibn Jabal
When You Get A Chance quotes by John Burnside
#71. Growing up, I learnt to think, 'Let's make it a big night tonight, as you never know what's going to happen next.' So now I have enough, I take too much; when I get the chance to have a fine dinner, I will. And it's had an effect on my health. #Quote by John Burnside
When You Get A Chance quotes by Suzanne Collins
#72. Maybe ... because for the first time ... there was a chance I could keep him," I say.
"So now that you've got me, what are you going to do with me?"
"Put you somewhere you can't get hurt."
And when he kisses me, people in the room actually sigh. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
When You Get A Chance quotes by Usher
#73. The first time I got a chance to meet Michael was onstage at Madison Square Garden. There were tons of people on the stage, and I just remember losing my mind. Like, Oh my God, that's Michael Jackson right there. I was just over his right shoulder. And then when I finally got a chance to get on the stage with him, I was just shut down. He had the type of magic that you just bowed to. I just said, I love you, and I know you've heard it a million and one times from fans all over the world, but you've meant so much to me as an entertainer, and I love you, and I've admired you all these years. #Quote by Usher
When You Get A Chance quotes by David Sanborn
#74. When you see the same familiar faces, it's nice when you get a chance to play with the same musicians. You start to develop this shorthand so everybody knows where you're at and where you're going, but then again, there are always surprises. But the more people are comfortable with the material, the more free you can be with the music. #Quote by David Sanborn
When You Get A Chance quotes by Jeremy Bushnell
#75. ... when people love you, they show up. Sometimes that means that they get to bail you out of trouble. It's not bad when that happens; it just means that you return the obligation when you get the chance. You be a guy who is present instead of a fuck-up. #Quote by Jeremy Bushnell
When You Get A Chance quotes by Monica Alexander
#76. Here's the deal," she continued. "You might get hurt. You might be married fifty years. No one knows what the outcome is when they take a chance with someone, but the worst thing you can do is take a chance with the wrong man. That is a mistake you'll never forgive yourself for when you finally realize it. #Quote by Monica Alexander
When You Get A Chance quotes by Tessa Bailey
#77. I should have left yesterday before I found out how hot you run. But I didn't. And now I'm fucked." One hand dropped from the wall to grip the side of her hip, squeezing and releasing. "That exquisite body of yours needs a lot of care and attention. I didn't even get a chance to use my tongue on you. I hate not knowing how you taste."

Her head dropped back against the door. When his hand slipped under her dress to run up the outside of her thigh, a moan escaped her lips. Unconsciously, she thrust her breasts upward, in the direction of his mouth.

"Yes, I see them, baby. I'd taste you there, too." Slowly, his hand slid around toward the juncture between her thighs. "You came so quickly for me yesterday, like something out of a fantasy. Were you neglected here?" He ran a knuckle along the seam of her panties. "I know how to make it better. #Quote by Tessa Bailey
When You Get A Chance quotes by Lauren Hart
#78. I just love to sing, so like my dad's advice when I was younger - anytime you get a chance to sing, just go out there and do it! I truly just love the actual singing. #Quote by Lauren Hart
When You Get A Chance quotes by Gregory Burke
#79. Sergeant Aye. But when the fuck are any ay you lot ever again, in your whole fucking life, gonnay get the fucking chance tay write off a two-million-quid, state-ay-the-art piece ay kit? #Quote by Gregory Burke
When You Get A Chance quotes by Kinley MacGregor
#80. A tall, well-muscled blond man drew alongside Christian. He inclined his head to them. "Abbot," he said to Christian in greeting.
Christian seemed pleased to see him. "Falcon. It's been a long time."
"Aye. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to greet you yester eve when you arrived."
Christian offered him a lopsided grin. "'Tis well understood. I heard about your escapade with the butcher's daughter and your near miss with her father's cleaver."
Falcon laughed. "Lies all. 'Twas the tanner's daughter and her father's ax."
Christian joined his laughter. "One day, my friend, you will meet the one father who can run faster than you."
"'Tis why God gave us horses." He winked at Christian, then tilted his head so that he could see Adara. "'Tis a pleasure to meet you, Queen Adara. I am Lord Quentin of Adelsbury and my sword is ever at your disposal."
Christian gave him a meaningful stare. "And your sword had best stay sheathed, Falcon, until you're on the battlefield."
"Your warning is well taken into consideration, Abbot, along with your sword skill and horsemanship. Have no fear of me. Your wife is ever safe from my designs. But no woman is safe from my charm."
Adara couldn't help teasing the man who seemed of remarkable good spirit and cheer. "However some women might find themselves immune from it, my Lord Falcon."
"What, ho?" he said with a laugh. "Congratulations, Christian. You have found a woman as intelligent as she is #Quote by Kinley MacGregor
When You Get A Chance quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#81. Growing up means learning what life is. When you're little, you have a set of ideals, standards, criteria, plans, outlooks, and you think that you have to sit around and wait for them to happen to you and then life will work. But life isn't like that, for anybody; you can't fall in love with a standard, you have to fall in love with a person. You can't live in a criteria, you have to live your life. You can't wait for your plans to materialize, because they may never materialize the way you think they will. You can't wait to watch your ideals and standards walk up to you, because you can't know what's yours until you have it. I always say, always take the first chance in case you never get a second one, but growing up takes that even one step further, growing up means that you have to hold on to what you have, when you have it, because what you have- that's yours- and all the ideals and criteria you have set in your head, those aren't yours, because those haven't happened to you. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
When You Get A Chance quotes by Jaclyn Moriarty
#82. Dear Amelia,
I hear there are giant jellyfish in the Arctic,
tentacles longer than train carriages.
Haystacks fly over cities in whirlwinds, and fish frogs and turtles rain on towns.
There are spaces of perfect nothing that they call black holes.
Nothing's impossible- that's what you think I'm trying to say.
But I'm not.
There are things that are impossible - unimaginable even- and here they are: That I broke you.
Betrayed you.
Said I'd given up on you. Sent you flying to a park in a thunderstorm.
That I've been wrong about you all along- saw something in your face each time you faded to your past, when the opposite was true.
That all this time you've been lost and that I won't get a second chance to find you.
Amelia your name is a song. It's a name you can't say without smiling or crying, without casting both shadows and light. But there are too many places to hide or get lost in a name like Amelia.
So this is me shouting that name. They say nobody ever escapes from a black hole. They don't know the strength in my Amelia. The strength in your grip when you want to stay out dancing- the strength in your wicked smile.

Riley #Quote by Jaclyn Moriarty
When You Get A Chance quotes by Abigail Roux
#83. Not a unicorn's chance in Hell," Owen grunted.
"Now, what would a unicorn be doing in Hell?" Liam asked.
"You can ask him when you get there. #Quote by Abigail Roux
When You Get A Chance quotes by Gal Gadot
#84. When you play a character, you bring yourself into the character. You get a chance to shine and show your translation for the character and her state of mind. #Quote by Gal Gadot
When You Get A Chance quotes by Julia Golding
#85. Ramil sighed with relief when the talkative landlord finally decided to go, but he didn't get very far with his supper before Tashi swatted him in the stomach.

"Hot coals? Stringy hair?"

He laughed. "Shh! You know I was only saying what I had to say in front of him."

"But those words occurred to you--you must have thought them!"

Ramil scratched his head, knowing that he was probably damned whatever he said now.

"Well, your eyes can blaze when they're angry. I bet they're blazing now.

And compared to us, your hair is pale--not that it doesn't have a most wonderful color. Um . . . stringy--well, you had been in prison for a while."


"But you always looked beautiful to me." He put his arm around her. "May I?"he asked.

She nodded, wondering what he was going to do.

He leant forward and sniffed. "Not a hint of brimstone. Just mud and horses."


"But I like horses."

"Ram, if you were thinking of making more attempts at winning my affections, I don't think this is the recommended practice in any part of the known world."

"So I still have a chance?" He pulled her snugly against him so she fitted in the crook of his arm.

"Not like this you won't. And don't forget, we are supposed to be brother and sister."

"Ah yes." He dropped his arm. "What a shame #Quote by Julia Golding
When You Get A Chance quotes by Clint Smith
#86. The sling is to a rifle what the holster is to a pistol. If you have a sling, chances are you will keep the rifle with you. If there is no sling present, you will set the rifle down. When you are at the absolutely farthest point away from the rifle that you can possibly get, you'll need it. #Quote by Clint Smith
When You Get A Chance quotes by Sammy Sosa
#87. Right now what's in my mind is going up there and being disciplined. I was swinging at so many pitches out of the strike zone, and when you do that, you're not going to get a chance to hit strikes. It makes it easier for the pitcher every time I do that. #Quote by Sammy Sosa
When You Get A Chance quotes by Anna Banks
#88. When the Archives file out of the room, Galen turns to Emma. She's ready for him. She holds up her shushing finger. "Don't even," she says. "I was going to tell you, but I just didn't have a chance."
"Tell me now," he says. "Since it seems I'm the last to know." He isn't the last to know, of course. But he'd really hoped she would come to him with it. Before now. Before it became an issue for other people.
She raises a hesitant brow.
"Please," he grates out.
She sighs in a gust. "I still don't think it's important at the moment, but when Rayna took off for the Arena, I hoped on one of the jet skis and tried to follow. But," she amends, "I did not intend to get in the water. I swear I didn't. It's just that Goliath wanted to play, and he tipped over the"-she must sense all his patience oozing out-"anyway, so I come across this Syrena, Jasa, and she's been caught in a net and two men are pulling her aboard. So me and Goliath helped her."
"Where are the fishermen now?"
"Um. Unless Rachel did something drastic, they're probably at home telling their kids crazy stories about mermaids."
Galen feels a sense of control slipping, but of what he's not sure. For centuries, the Syrena have remained unnoticed by humans. Now within the span of a week, they've allowed themselves to be captured twice. He hopes this does not become a pattern.
Toraf must have mistaken his long pause for brooding. "Don't be too hard on her, Galen," he says. "I told you, E #Quote by Anna Banks
When You Get A Chance quotes by Ryan Field
#89. I love all bars, not just gay bars," Evan said. It was the first time he'd ever admitted this aloud to anyone. "I love bars where there are men drinking and looking for nothing but casual sex. I love that hungry look in their eyes and the way they smell and feel. I love the way they look at me. The first time I ever went into a bar I felt as if I'd gone home again. I'd never felt so comfortable in my life. All the stress and anxiety and problems in the world disappeared within those dark walls. And that was a straight bar. When I started going to gay bars and I realized the power I had over other men there, it felt as if I'd won the lottery and nothing was beyond my reach. Combine that feeling of elation with vodka and you get the most fantastic concoction the universe has ever known. But it's gets tired after a while, and soon you begin to block out reality and nothing else matters but getting drunk and pleasing other men. It reaches the point where you can't stop thinking about your next drink. And I just can't do it anymore. I want to know what it's like to walk past a bar and not feel as if I'm going to shatter into a million little pieces. I'm turning thirty years old soon and I know deep down that if I don't get it right this time I might not get another chance. #Quote by Ryan Field
When You Get A Chance quotes by Brodi Ashton
#90. Jack?"
The band was playing a softer song, mellow and slow.
"Why did you ask me out when you did?" I tried to sound casual.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean,did something specific happen to make you ask me out?"
"Yes," he said.
"What was it?" Had I thrown myself at Jack Caputo? Had I done something to get in Lacey's way?
"You remember the first game of the season?"
"Yeah," I said. It was Jack's first game as starting quarterback, the youngest starter in school history. I remembered sitting in the second row, directly behind the team bench.
"After I threw for the first touchdown of the game?"
"Yes." I still couldn't figure out where he was going with this.Had I flashed him or something,and blocked it out of my memory? I was pretty sure I wasn't holding up any large signs declaring my love or anything.
"Our defense took the field, and I was on the bench.When I turned around to look at the fans..." He paused.
Oh,no. "What did I do?"
He smiled. "You looked at me.Not the game." He sighed,as if reliving the memory.
I felt my face scrunch up in confusion. "That's it?"
"That's it." He shrugged. "It was the first time I thought there might be a chance. I asked Jules about it."
I bit my lip. "Apparently she doesn't understand that trusty sidekicks aren't supposed to spill secrets."
In a flash,I was suspended in air, the back of my head inches from the ground, Jack's face a breath away from mine #Quote by Brodi Ashton
When You Get A Chance quotes by Howard Fast
#91. Either you get a chance to be a kid when you are a kid, or you don't grow up. #Quote by Howard Fast
When You Get A Chance quotes by Melissa Foster
#92. And when you graduate and get a job and find the one woman who finally stays - who you want to stay - she won't care that there's not a chance in hell you'll ever figure her out. #Quote by Melissa Foster
When You Get A Chance quotes by Jyoti Patel
#93. I don't want you to give up on love and you should never stop believing in love. It's just that, you never actually felt love; you never met someone 'real'. Let me tell you something, if you don't believe in love, you will never receive it and you will never appreciate it even when it is so near to you. If you always be stuck in the negative thoughts about love, there is a huge chance that you let it go even when it is totally and truly trying to be yours! It's just so simple, you can't attract something you hate, and you can't get something you push away so effortlessly. #Quote by Jyoti Patel
When You Get A Chance quotes by Pascal Mercier
#94. Many a teacher was afraid when Amadeu's concentrated look fell on him. Not that it was a rejecting, provoking or belligerent look. But it gave the explainer exactly one chance to get it right. If you made a mistake or showed uncertainty, his look wasn't lurking or contemptuous, you couldn't even read disappointment in it, no , he simply averted his eyes, didn't wanted to make you feel it, was polite and friendly as he left. But it was precisely this tangible desire not to would that was destructive. #Quote by Pascal Mercier
When You Get A Chance quotes by RaeLynn Fry
#95. Here in the Outer City, life isn't linear like it is in the Dahn. Life is lived in fragments, scattered in the pitted and uneven, dirty streets. They're picked up as you get a chance, and dropped back to be trampled over when the Corporation gets in the way. #Quote by RaeLynn Fry
When You Get A Chance quotes by Nora Roberts
#96. Can I tell you something without it going to your head?" Shelby murmured as she ran her fingers down his chest, over his ribs.
"Probably not." His voice had thickened from the pleasure of being touched. "I'm reasily flattered."
"In my workroom..." Shelby pressed her lips to his chest and felt his heartbeat thud faster against them. "When I messed up your shirt and you took it off to rinse it? I turned around and saw you-I wanted to get my hands on you like this." She ran her palms up,then down again to where his waist narrowed. "Just like this,I nearly did."
Alan felt his blood start to pound-in his head, his heart,his loins. "I wouldn't have put up much of a fight."
"If I'd decided to have you, Senator," she murmured on a sultry laugh, "you wouldn't have had a chance."
"Is that so?"
Shelby ran her tongue down his rib cage. "Mmm," she said when she heard the small, quick intake of breath. "Just so.A MacGregor will always buckle under to a Campbell."
Alan started to form a retort, then her fingers skimmed his thigh. As a politician, he knew the value of a debate-but sometimes they didn't require words.She could have the floor first. #Quote by Nora Roberts
When You Get A Chance quotes by Oliver Markus
#97. There are only 24 hours in a day. The average man has to sleep about 8 hours. And work for 8 hours. That leaves 8 hours to run some errands, drive to and from work, eat, and have some spare time. And in that little bit of spare time, a man has to figure out how to get the one thing he likes more than anything else: sex.

So when a man has to choose whether or not he will hang out with a female and spend any time, money or attention on her, the question of whether the resources he spent will result in sex plays a very big factor. If your male "friend" chooses to spend his time and money on you, it's because he thinks there is a chance it might pay off in sex at some point. If he hangs out with you instead of with some other female, it's because he thinks you are his best bet to getting sex.

The more likely there will be sex, the more willing he is to spend his little bit of free time with you. If he thinks his chances of having sex are higher with a different female, he will spent more time, money and attention on her. That's just common sense, and using his limited resources wisely. #Quote by Oliver Markus
When You Get A Chance quotes by Paulo Coelho
#98. The roller-coaster is my life; life is a fast, dizzying game; life is a parachute jump; it's taking chances, falling over and getting up again; it's mountaineering; it's wanting to get to the very top of yourself and feeling angry and dissatisfied when you don't manage it #Quote by Paulo Coelho
When You Get A Chance quotes by Jonathan Cainer
#99. It's easy to feel happy when things are going your way. The trick is to remain inspired in difficult situations. That's where life stops being a game of chance and becomes one of skill. That's when, if you can stay serene in the face of adversity, you get back on track in half the time it might otherwise take. #Quote by Jonathan Cainer
When You Get A Chance quotes by Esther M. Friesner
#100. This trip would be a lot easier if we had weapons bearers coming with us," he grumbled, toeing his waiting pile of belongings. He looked rumpled, red-eyed, and hurting, not much of a surprise after all he'd had to drink the previous night. "You'd think every lad in Delphi would jump at the chance to join us on a fabulous quest like this."
"We'll have weapons bearers when we reach our quest's start at Iolkos," Polydeuces told him. "Maybe before. We'll pass through many cities before we reach Iolkos. Jason hasn't completed his crew yet."
"I still don't see why we can't find any now," Castor persisted. "It's a fine opportunity for any boy would hopes to be a warrior someday. They can't all have kinsmen to teach them about the warrior's life and how to fight. We'd see to it that they learn how to use the sword and spear and shield they carry for us."
"You don't have shields," I pointed out.
"We'll get them in Iolkos!" Castor snapped, then winced and cradled his head tenderly in one hand. "Just as well I don't have a shield yet: If that scrawny boy'd had the sense to become my weapons bearer, the weight of it would've crushed him."
"What scrawny boy?" I asked.
"Someone with no stomach for adventure, that's all," Polydeuces said, resting one hand on my shoulder. "Not like us, eh, Helen? #Quote by Esther M. Friesner

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