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What Is Your Own Style quotes by A&E Kirk
#1. Ironic, is it not, that the great Divinicus Nex cowers in fear from that which should be her fated prey? A decidedly diametric circumstance.
What? It's irritating when the monster hunting you has a better vocabulary than your own. Maybe it could do my eulogy? #Quote by A&E Kirk
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Bernice Mosby
#2. Black History is enjoying the life of our ancestors who paved the way for every African-American. No matter what color you are, the history of Blacks affected everyone; that's why we should cherish and respect Black history. Black history changed America and is continuing to change and shape our country. Black history is about everyone coming together to better themselves and America. Black history is being comfortable in your own skin no matter what color you are. Black history makes me proud of where I came from and where I am going in life. #Quote by Bernice Mosby
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Epictetus
#3. You know yourself what you are worth in your own eyes; and at what price you will sell yourself. For men sell themselves at various prices. This is why, when Florus was deliberating whether he should appear at Nero's shows, taking part in the performance himself, Agrippinus replied, 'Appear by all means.' And when Florus inquired, 'But why do not you appear?' he answered, 'Because I do not even consider the question.' For the man who has once stooped to consider such questions, and to reckon up the value of external things, is not far from forgetting what manner of man he is. #Quote by Epictetus
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Dan Ariely
#4. In the U.S., I think there is an ideology of not telling kids what to do. Nobody to tell you who to marry, not tell you what job to pick. You're your own person. You have the freedom to choose, including the freedom to fail in magnificent ways. And I think that's the big difference. In other countries there is basically a social norm about saving that is passed from generation to generation. In the U.S. there isn't. #Quote by Dan Ariely
What Is Your Own Style quotes by John Updike
#5. What you lose as you age is witnesses, the ones that watched from early on and cared, like your own little grandstand. #Quote by John Updike
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Woody Guthrie
#6. I hate a song that makes you think that you are not any good. I hate a song that makes you think that you are just born to lose. Bound to lose. No good to nobody. No good for nothing. Because you are too old or too young or too fat or too slim or too ugly or too this or too that. Songs that run you down or poke fun at you on account of your bad luck or hard travelling. I am out to fight those songs to my very last breath of air and my last drop of blood. I am out to sing songs that will prove to you that this is your world and that if it has hit you pretty hard and knocked you for a dozen loops, no matter what color, what size you are, how you are built, I am out to sing the songs that make you take pride in yourself and in your work. And the songs that I sing are made up for the most part by all sorts of folks just about like you. I could hire out to the other side, the big money side, and get several dollars every week just to quit singing my own kind of songs and to sing the kind that knock you down still farther and the ones that poke fun at you even more and the ones that make you think that you've not got any sense at all. But I decided a long time ago that I'd starve to death before I'd sing any such songs as that. The radio waves and your movies and your jukeboxes and your songbooks are already loaded down and running over with such no good songs as that anyhow. #Quote by Woody Guthrie
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Bill Engvall
#7. I want you to think back to when you were a kid. Remember the day you learned you could burn ants with a magnifying glass? Oh, what a great day that was! You got to be God. You decided who lived, who died. I must've burned ants for an hour, just laughing. Then I saw one on my arm. Let me tell you something, when you burn yourself with a magnifying glass, you're on your own. You can't even tell your mom, because she gives that face, Oh, he is that stupid. #Quote by Bill Engvall
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Tucker Max
#8. See, what you're talking about is why hanging out with ME would be fun for YOU. It doesn't explain anything about why it'd be fun for ME. You don't bring banter. You aren't witty. You aren't funny. There is nothing to pick from your brain. You're looking for me to entertain you. A relationship is an exchange, not a one-way street. Look beyond your own personal desires for a second and understand what you bring to the exchange- nothing. #Quote by Tucker Max
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Dick Winters
#9. Attempting to express his gratitude to the men of Easy Company, he pondered, 'What is my attachment to men such as yourself, whom I have never met? Is it respect because you put your own life on the line to ensure younger people like me have the world we live in today? Is it awe that you could live from day to day watching friends being gunned down or blown apart and still get up the next day prepared to face the same horrors? Or perhaps, fascination at how you and your comrades were able to return to relative normality after the war, with the ghosts of the dead watching what you made of the life they were denied? #Quote by Dick Winters
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Alice Boyes
#10. Coming back to the theme of excessive responsibility taking: Anxious people sometimes spend too much time and energy trying to change other people. Be aware if you're doing this as a way of avoiding focusing on yourself and your own goals. Of course it's easier to shift focus to what others could change rather than deal with the psychological work that's sitting on your own plate. Another factor that can contribute to anxiety-prone people getting caught in this trap is their tendency to overpersist with actions beyond the point of what's useful. You try and try and try in situations where giving up might be a better choice.
Experiment: Is there someone you are trying to change and it's not working? Are you caught in the pattern of trying the same things and expecting different results? What would giving up on trying to change that other person look like? For example, in a situation where you'd normally complain to the person about his or her behavior, what could you do instead? #Quote by Alice Boyes
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#11. Here is an old phrase I like: "The only way to the universal good is that we all become strangers to ourselves." You imagine looking at yourself with a foreign gaze, through foreign eyes. I think this is something that could be the greatest thing in humanity. You are never really limited just to your own perspective. I don't like the false identity politics of multiculturalism which says that "you are enclosed in your culture." No, we have all this amazing capacity to be surprised, not by others, but by ourselves seeing how what we are doing is strange. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Ally Carter
#12. What about him?" "What's going on with you two?" "Nothing," Kat said, a little too quickly. "Yeah, and why is that exactly? I thought you two were getting all relationshipy. But now you're gone half of the time and he's ... angry." "No, he's not." "Yes, he is." Gabrielle gave a short laugh. "He doesn't like you going off, doing these jobs on your own. #Quote by Ally Carter
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Nicola Sturgeon
#13. There is nothing in your background that inherently holds you back or means you can't achieve what others can achieve. You are the master of your own fate, and if you work hard, you can do what you want. #Quote by Nicola Sturgeon
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#14. Knowing your ignorance is far better than knowing what you know! Understanding the path and will of God is far better than mastering your own path. #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Angelina Jolie
#15. No matter what you have gone through in your youth,
it is about who you choose to be in life.
You can define your own destiny.
You can be stronger than a very difficult past
and overcome it. #Quote by Angelina Jolie
What Is Your Own Style quotes by John G. Lake
#16. Men tell us in these days that sin is what you think it is. Well, it is not. Sin is what God thinks it is. You may think according to your own conscience. God thinks according to His. #Quote by John G. Lake
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Craig Krishna
#17. You don't need validation or approval from anyone but yourself. Even if the entire world goes against, disagrees with or attempts to crush you, stand up for what you believe in, and stand up alone if you have to! It's better to die while living your own truth than to live in the truth of another. Lord Krishna in the holy Bhagavad Gita pointed this out when he said;

"It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection."

Integrity is the key to freedom. It's only your own truth that can 'set you free.' It's perfectly fine if your truth doesn't match that of others because the experience of physical reality is a completely subjective one. It doesn't make either of you wrong, as long as you're both being true to yourselves, that's all that matters. #Quote by Craig Krishna
What Is Your Own Style quotes by David Wolfe
#18. Faith is the ability to have trust in powers greater than yourself, to confidently stride into the unknown, and to believe in your own abilites-no matter what. #Quote by David Wolfe
What Is Your Own Style quotes by C.G. Jung
#19. You know, it is sometimes an ideal not to have any kind of convictions or feelings that are not based upon reality. One must even educate people...that their emotions ought to have a real basis, that they cannot swear hell and damnation at somebody on a mere assumption, and that there are absolute reasons why they are not justified in doing such a thing. They really have to learn that their feelings should be based on facts.

But to [develop further] one should unlearn all that. One should even admit that all one's psychical facts have nothing to do with material facts. For instance, the anger which you feel for somebody or something, no matter how justified it is, is not caused by those external things. It is a phenomenon all by itself. That is what we call taking a thing on its subjective level. ...

If you have reached that level...you have succeeded in dissolving the absolute union of material external facts with internal or psychical facts. You begin to consider the game of the world as your game, the people that appear outside as exponents of your psychical condition. Whatever befalls you, whatever experience or adventure you have in the external world, is your own experience. #Quote by C.G. Jung
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Linda Sunshine
#20. Any idiot would know women's needs are simple. All we want is your basic millionaire brain surgeon criminal lawyer great dancer who pilots his own Lear Jet and owns seafront property. On the other hand, things being what they are today, most of us will settle for a guy who holds down a steady job and isn't carrying an infectious disease. #Quote by Linda Sunshine
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Sarah Mayberry
#21. You are unbelievable, you know that? You want to throw around blame, how about you take a good hard look at yourself and your stupid, prematurely middle-aged life? This is the 21st century, not the 1800s. People have sex in positions other than missionary, and lots of women like doing it doggy style. And no, they're not all prostitutes or porn stars-they're people who are in touch with their own feelings and wants and desires. Unlike you, Mr. Sick-Up-Your-Ass." Martin flushed a deep red. "Charming, as always, Violet. Your parents must be so proud. #Quote by Sarah Mayberry
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Jim Butcher
#22. Hell's bells," I snarled, taking an involuntary step back. "Right here? Now? You could have given me a couple of minutes to get clear, dammit."
"And what fun would that be?" Maeve asked, pushing out her lower lip in a pout. "I am who I am, too. I love violence. I love treachery. I love your pain - and the best part, the part I love most, is that I am doing it for your own good." Her eyes gleamed white all the way around her irises. "This is me being one of the good guys. #Quote by Jim Butcher
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Mary Gaitskill
#23. What is faithfulness, anyway? Can you be unfaithful to your own feelings and faithful to someone else? Is it faithful to lie in bed night after night with someone you love but no longer desire while ardently dreaming of someone else? #Quote by Mary Gaitskill
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Sally Thorne
#24. The Kissing Game goes like this, Shortcake. Press, retreat, tilt, breathe, repeat. Use your hands to angle just right. Loosen up until it's a slow, wet slide. Hear the drum of blood in your own ears? Survive on tiny puffs of air. Do not stop. Don't even think about it. Shudder a sigh, pull back, let your opponent catch you with lips or teeth and ease you back into something even deeper. Wetter. Feel your nerve endings crackle to life with each touch of tongue. Feel a new heaviness between your legs. The aim of the game is to do this for the rest of your life. Screw human civilization and all it entails. This elevator is home now. This is what we do now. Do not fucking stop. He #Quote by Sally Thorne
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Karen Armstrong
#25. Look into your own heart, discover what it is that gives you pain and then refuse, under any circumstance whatsoever, to inflict that pain on anybody else. #Quote by Karen Armstrong
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Avina Celeste
#26. There is no reason that you need to adhere to other people's standards of how you should be. No one ever created something new by doing what everyone else was doing. Create your own life. #Quote by Avina Celeste
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Ian Hacking
#27. The important thing is to be able to understand anyone who has something useful to say. - There is a general moral here. Be very careful and very clear about what you say. But do not be dogmatic about your own language. Be prepared to express any careful thought in the language your audience will understand. And be prepared to learn from someone who talks a language with which you are not familiar. #Quote by Ian Hacking
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#28. You think it's because they're lying? Nonsense! I like it when people lie! Lying is man's only privilege over all other organisms. If you lie--you get to the truth! Lying is what makes me a man. Not one truth has ever been reached without first lying fourteen times or so, maybe a hundred and fourteen, and that's honorable in its way; well, but we can't even lie with our own minds! Lie to me, but in your own way, and I'll kiss you for it. Lying in one's own way is almost better than telling the truth in someone else's way; in the first case you're a man, and in the second - no better than a bird! The truth won't go away, but life can be nailed shut; there are examples. Well, so where are we all now? With regard to science, development, thought, invention, ideals, aspirations, liberalism, reason, experience, and everything, everything, everything, we're all, without exception, still sitting in the first grade! We like getting by on other people's reason--we've acquired a taste for it! Right? Am I right? #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Jenny Offill
#29. Why can you hear the ocean inside a seashell? This is just a trick your ears play on you. What you hear is not the sound of the ocean, but rather the sound of your own blood rushing through your ears. All the shell does is amplify the sound so that you can hear it, the way a stethoscope lets you hear the beating of your heart. Some people say you hear the sea inside a shell because the shell remembers its home even when it has been taken away, but this is just a story. #Quote by Jenny Offill
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#30. You say respect my elders, but what you mean is respecting my betters, is that not right? Are you so full of your own arrogance that you need me to bow and kowtow to you like some throwback fledgling? Or perhaps we should reinstate the role of concubines in our society. Then you may have the pleasure of claiming me and forcing me to fall to my knees, bowing low in respect of your masculine eminence!"
Gideon watched as she did just that, her gown billowing around her as she gracefully kneeled before him, so close to him that her knees touched the tips of his boots. She swept her hands to her sides, bowing her head until her forehead brushed the leather, her hair spilling like reams of heavy silk around his ankles.
The Ancient found himself unusually speechless, the strangest sensation creeping through him as he looked down at the exposed nape of her neck, the elegant line of her back. Unable to curb the impulse, Gideon lowered himself into a crouch, reaching beneath the cloak of coffee-colored hair to touch her flushed cheek. The heat of her anger radiated against his touch and he recognized it long before she turned her face up to him.
"Does this satisfy you, my lord Gideon?" she whispered fiercely, her eyes flashing like flinted steel and hard jade.
Gideon found himself searching her face intently, his eyes roaming over the high, aristocratic curves of her cheekbones, the amazingly full sculpture of her lips, the wide, accusing eyes that lay behind extrao #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Joseph Conrad
#31. I don't like work
no man does
but I like what is in the work
the chance to find yourself. Your own reality
for yourself not for others
what no other man can ever know. They can only see the mere show, and never can tell what it really means. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Chanel Cleeton
#32. Is the buying-your-own-drinks thing what you use to give guys the polite brush-off, and now you're just offering me the seat because you feel sorry for me, or do I actually have a chance here? #Quote by Chanel Cleeton
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Anonymous
#33. Do Not Judge 7:1 "Do not judge so that you will not be judged.1 7:2 For by the standard you judge you will be judged, and the measure you use will be the measure you receive.2 7:3 Why3 do you see the speck4 in your brother's eye, but fail to see5 the beam of wood6 in your own? 7:4 Or how can you say7 to your brother, 'Let me remove the speck from your eye,' while there is a beam in your own? 7:5 You hypocrite! First remove the beam from your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye. 7:6 Do not give what is holy to dogs or throw your pearls before pigs; otherwise they will trample them under their feet and turn around and tear you to pieces.8 #Quote by Anonymous
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#34. Don't you want to know about your truth, child? That is what's important now. Don't you want to know about love? About what is forbidden and what is fated?"...

"I don't want to know about love."

"But you should, my child. You need to know about love.
The things people wil do for love. All truths come down to love, do they not? One way or another, they do.
See, there is a difference between love and need. Sometimes, what you feel is immediate and without rhyme or reason... Two people see each across a room or their skin brushes. Their souls recognize the person as their own. It doesn't need time to figure it. The soul always knows… whether it's right or wrong...

The first… the first is always the most powerful... Then there is need and fate. That is a different type. Need covers itself with love, but need… need is never love. Always beware of the one who needs you. There is always a want behind a need."

Caleb let go of my arm and jabbed fiercely at the walkway behind us.

"Sometimes you wil mistake need for love. Be careful.

The road with need is never a fair one, never a good one.

Much like the road you must walk down. Beware of the one who needs. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
What Is Your Own Style quotes by Steve Maraboli
#35. Waiting for a sign? What sign do you await, besides your own misery? What sign, besides the calendar that reminds you how many days and years you've thrown away? What other sign do you need besides the burning inner fire that demands you're better than what you've settled for? Stop lying to yourself! You have seen so many signs ... you know what you want ... no more delays ... no more excuses! Our days are too limited to wait for signs ... Life IS a sign! Go live it! #Quote by Steve Maraboli

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