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What Is It Worth quotes by Emile M. Cioran
#1. Glory - once achieved, what is it worth? #Quote by Emile M. Cioran
What Is It Worth quotes by Charles Studd
#2. What is it worth to possess the riches of the world, when a man comes to face Eternity? #Quote by Charles Studd
What Is It Worth quotes by Jim Rohn
#3. Before I met Mr. Shoaff, I used to ask, "How much does it cost?" But he taught me to ask, "What is it worth?" When I started to base my life on value instead of price, all kinds of things began to happen. #Quote by Jim Rohn
What Is It Worth quotes by Michael Bay
#4. Do you know what directors go through? It's just hell. Like, why do I work so hard - to think I'm only going to see this movie five times and then never see it again 'cause I'm so sick of it? What is it worth, honestly? #Quote by Michael Bay
What Is It Worth quotes by Edmund Burke
#5. And, first, I premise that labour is, as I have already intimated, a commodity, and as such, an article of trade. If I am right in this notion, then labour must be subject to all the laws and principles of trade, and not to regulations foreign to them, and that may be totally inconsistent with those principles and those laws. When any commodity is carried to market, it is not the necessity of the vender, but the necessity of the purchaser that raises the price. The extreme want of the seller has rather (by the nature of things with which we shall in vain contend) the direct contrary operation. If the goods at market are beyond the demand, they fall in their value; if below it, they rise. The impossibility of the subsistence of a man, who carries his labour to a market, is totally beside the question in this way of viewing it. The only question is, what is it worth to the buyer? But if authority comes in and forces the buyer to a price, who is this in the case (say) of a farmer, who buys the labour of ten or twelve labouring men, and three or four handycrafts, what is it, but to make an arbitrary division of his property among them? [Thoughts and Details on Scarcity] #Quote by Edmund Burke
What Is It Worth quotes by Carson McCullers
#6. All useful things have a price, and are bought only with money, as that is the way the world is run. You know without having to reason about it the price of a bale of cotton, or a quart of molasses. But no value has been put on human life; it is given to us free and taken without being paid for. What is it worth? If you look around, at times the value may seem to be little or nothing at all. Often after you have sweated and tried and things are not better for you, there comes a feeling deep down in the soul that you are not worth much. #Quote by Carson McCullers
What Is It Worth quotes by Carson McCullers
#7. But no value has been put on human life; it is given to us free and taken without being paid for. What is it worth? If you look around, at times the value may seem to be little or nothing at all. #Quote by Carson McCullers
What Is It Worth quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#8. It may be that at some time in the dim future of the race the need for war will vanish: but that time is yet ages distant. As yet no nation can hold its place in the world, or can do any work really worth doing, unless it stands ready to guard its right with an armed hand. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
What Is It Worth quotes by Thomas Aquinas
#9. The meaning of what is said is according to the motive for saying it: because things are not subject to speech, but speech to things. Therefore we should take account of the motive of the lawgiver, rather than of his very words. #Quote by Thomas Aquinas
What Is It Worth quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#10. Fear totally obliterates a person, it makes people tolerate what is impossible to handle #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
What Is It Worth quotes by LL Cool J
#11. What is more important than the name is that people know that I really like acting, I enjoy it and I want people to know that I am serious. The name thing: I will always be L.L. Cool J. #Quote by LL Cool J
What Is It Worth quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#12. If it were true love, he would never make you sacrifice your dignity to be with him. He would respect you and treat you as if you were sacred to his heart. If he loved you as dearly as he professes to love Christ, then he would never let anyone that loved him suffer or lower their self worth to be with him. True love is compassion, respect and honorable acts that prove love. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
What Is It Worth quotes by Sandor Marai
#13. Do you also believe that what gives our lives their meaning is the passion that suddenly invades us heart, soul, and body, and burns in us forever, no matter what else happens in our lives? And that if we have experienced this much, then perhaps we haven't lived in vain? Is passion so deep and terrible and magnificent and inhuman? Is it indeed about desiring any one person, or is it about desiring desire itself? That is the question. Or perhaps, is it indeed about desiring a particular person, a single, mysterious other, once and for always, no matter whether that person is good or bad, and the intensity of our feelings bears no relation to that individual's qualities or behavior? #Quote by Sandor Marai
What Is It Worth quotes by Elizabeth Bishop
#14. Questions of Travel

There are too many waterfalls here; the crowded streams
hurry too rapidly down to the sea,
and the pressure of so many clouds on the mountaintops
makes them spill over the sides in soft slow-motion,
turning to waterfalls under our very eyes.
- For if those streaks, those mile-long, shiny, tearstains,
aren't waterfalls yet,
in a quick age or so, as ages go here,
they probably will be.
But if the streams and clouds keep travelling, travelling,
the mountains look like the hulls of capsized ships,
slime-hung and barnacled.

Think of the long trip home.
Should we have stayed at home and thought of here?
Where should we be today?
Is it right to be watching strangers in a play
in this strangest of theatres?
What childishness is it that while there's a breath of life
in our bodies, we are determined to rush
to see the sun the other way around?
The tiniest green hummingbird in the world?
To stare at some inexplicable old stonework,
inexplicable and impenetrable,
at any view,
instantly seen and always, always delightful?
Oh, must we dream our dreams
and have them, too?
And have we room
for one more folded sunset, still quite warm?

But surely it would have been a pity
not to have seen the trees along this road,
really exaggerated in their beauty,
not to have seen them gesturing
like #Quote by Elizabeth Bishop
What Is It Worth quotes by Lloyd Alexander
#15. Had I done it sooner, perhaps he might have lived. He was a man of courage and good heart, a proud man. Now he is dead. I saved the signal to use in a worthy cause, and when I found one it was wasted."

"Wasted?" answered Fflewddur. "I think not. Since you did your best and didn't begrudge using it, I shouldn't call it wasted at all. #Quote by Lloyd Alexander
What Is It Worth quotes by Yann Martel
#16. And what of my extended family-birds, beasts, and reptiles? They too have drowned. Every single thing I value in life has been destroyed. And I am allowed no explanation? I am to suffer hell without any account from heaven? In that case, what is the purpose of reason, Richard Parker? Is it no more than to shine at practicalities-the getting of food, clothing and shelter? Why can't reason give greater answers? Why can we throw a question further than we can pull in an answer? Why such a vast net if there's so little fish to catch? (pg. 98) #Quote by Yann Martel
What Is It Worth quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#17. To measure the worthiness of an issue or political leader:
First, is the proposal, the policy or the idea being promoted, right as measured by the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
Second, is it right as measured by the Lord's standard of constitutional government? ... The Lord's standard is a safe guide.
Third, ... is it right as measured by the counsel of the living oracles of God?
Fourth, what will be the effect upon the moral and the character of the people if this or that policy is adopted? #Quote by Ezra Taft Benson
What Is It Worth quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#18. Sturdy lad from New Hampshire or Vermont, who in turn tries all the professions, who teams it, farms it, peddles, keeps a school, preaches, edits a newspaper, goes to Congress, buys a township, and so forth, in successive years, and always like a cat falls on his feet, is worth a hundred of these city dolls. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
What Is It Worth quotes by Peter Drucker
#19. Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for. A product is not quality because it is hard to make and costs a lot of money, as manufacturers typically believe. This is incompetence. Customers pay only for what is of use to them and gives them value. Nothing else constitutes quality. #Quote by Peter Drucker
What Is It Worth quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#20. ...trust yourself and your instincts; even if you go wrong in your judgement, the natural growth of your inner life will gradually, over time, lead you to other insights. Allow your verdicts their own quiet untroubled development which like all progress must come from deep within and cannot be forced or accelerated. Everything must be carried to term before it is born. To let every impression and the germ of every feeling come to completion inside, in the dark, in the unsayable, the unconscious, in what is unattainable to one's own intellect, and to wait with deep humility and patience for the hour when a new clarity is delivered: that alone is to live as an artist, in the understanding and in one's creative work. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
What Is It Worth quotes by Galileo Galilei
#21. It is surely harmful to souls to make it a heresy to believe what is proved. #Quote by Galileo Galilei
What Is It Worth quotes by Kate Zambreno
#22. What is it with young women and exclamation points and smiley faces! So afraid of appearing somber, always wanting to appear light and happy and sparkling, even when they are dying inside. Not ever being able to escape the mask that smiles. She wants to write, really write someday. But she is not fully formed. So she does not write. Not really. Unless attempting to live is a form of attempting to write. The agony of becoming. This is what she experiences. The young girl. She would like to be someone, anyone else. She wants, vaguely, to be something more than she is. But she does not know what that is, or how one goes about doing such a thing. #Quote by Kate Zambreno
What Is It Worth quotes by Seneca The Younger
#23. That moderation which nature prescribes, which limits our desires by resources restricted to our needs, has abandoned the field; it has now come to this
that to want only what is enough is a sign both of boorishness and of utter destitution. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
What Is It Worth quotes by Steven Johnson
#24. This is how great intellectual breakthroughs usually happen in practice. It is rarely the isolated genius having a eureka moment alone in the lab. Nor is it merely a question of building on precedent, of standing on the shoulders of giants, in Newton's famous phrase. Great breakthroughs are closer to what happens in a flood plain: a dozen separate tributaries converge, and the rising waters lift the genius high enough that he or she can see around the conceptual obstructions of the age. #Quote by Steven Johnson
What Is It Worth quotes by Cindy Skaggs
#25. Honey, you can't call dibs on a human being." Her tone rose high enough to shatter glass. "Like calling something mine makes it so, because if it did, I'd be driving around town in a Porsche instead of Granddaddy's broken down Ford. Ain't nothing here that was yours." Using the tray, she backed him against the office door. "Anything you left behind is at the DAV thrift store. They put a price tag on things, and let me tell you, yours wasn't worth much. #Quote by Cindy Skaggs
What Is It Worth quotes by Stanley M. Horton
#26. The Holy Spirit's work in assisting the student to understand the Bible is, however, not to be feared as a work that will lead into bizarre interpretations previously unknown. In fact, "when the Spirit guides into all truth, it is actually a matter of bringing forth or eliciting what is already known. #Quote by Stanley M. Horton
What Is It Worth quotes by Sadie Grubor
#27. A falling star is actually on fire as it enters the atmosphere, so if I were to try and catch one, I'm pretty sure there would be some pain involved. Though, I would suppose some pain would be worth it to find something so rare. #Quote by Sadie Grubor
What Is It Worth quotes by Dennis Prager
#28. Unlike other countries, the United States is more an idea than a place, ethnicity, or race. Unfortunately, most American young people today cannot answer, "What is America for? What is it about? Why was it founded? Why is it different?" They can't answer these questions because they haven't been taught an answer. #Quote by Dennis Prager
What Is It Worth quotes by Harold Cruse
#29. America is a nation that lies to itself about who and what it is. It is a nation of minorities ruled by a minority of one-it thinks and acts as if it were a nation of white Anglo-Saxons and Protestants. #Quote by Harold Cruse
What Is It Worth quotes by Andrew Carnegie
#30. Humanity is an organism, inherently rejecting all that is deleterious, that is, wrong, and absorbing after trial what is beneficial, that is, right. If so disposed, the Architect of the Universe, we must assume, might have made the world and man perfect, free from evil and from pain, as angels in heaven are thought to be; but although this was not done, man has been given the power of advancement rather than of retrogression. The Old and New Testaments remain, like other sacred writings of other lands, of value as records of the past and for such good lessons as they inculcate. Like the ancient writers of the Bible our thoughts should rest upon this life and our duties here. "To perform the duties of this world well, troubling not about another, is the prime wisdom," says Confucius, great sage and teacher. The next world and its duties we shall consider when we are placed in it. #Quote by Andrew Carnegie
What Is It Worth quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#31. So why the sudden girlspeak, Urian? Neither one of us is really into discussing our feelings ... and no offense, I like the fact we don't. (Acheron) I do too most times and I'm truly grateful you don't pry, but as a man who defied everything he once valued in this world and one who sacrificed the love of a father he worshiped ... even though it ended badly, the days I had with Phoebe were worth every wound I've suffered. (Urian) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
What Is It Worth quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#32. One's duty is to feel what is great, cherish the beautiful, and to not accept the conventions of society with the ignominy that it imposes upon us. #Quote by Gustave Flaubert
What Is It Worth quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#33. Make a list of what is really important to you. Embody it. #Quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn
What Is It Worth quotes by Timothy Keller
#34. Idolatry is attached to everything. All of our bitterness, all our impurity, all our malice, all of our problems, everything that troubles us is a result of idolatry. And what is idolatry? It's taking a good thing and making it an ultimate thing. #Quote by Timothy Keller
What Is It Worth quotes by David VanDrunen
#35. Christians should pursue cultural activities not with a spirit of triumph and conquest over their neighbors but with a spirit of love and service toward them. Far too often Christian writers and leaders imbue their audience with a drive to take over- to take over politices, education, the courts, and whatever else or maybe it is put in more platable terms such as taking back instead of taking over as if Christians are the rightful owners of everything and are simply reclaiming what is already theirs. #Quote by David VanDrunen
What Is It Worth quotes by Iain M. Banks
#36. I could try composing wonderful musical works, or day-long entertainment epics, but what would that do? Give people pleasure? My wiping this table gives me pleasure. And people come to a clean table, which gives them pleasure. And anyway" - the man laughed - "people die; stars die; universes die. What is any achievement, however great it was, once time itself is dead? Of course, if all I did was wipe tables, then of course it would seem a mean and despicable waste of my huge intellectual potential. But because I choose to do it, it gives me pleasure. And," the man said with a smile, "it's a good way of meeting people. So where are you from, anyway? #Quote by Iain M. Banks
What Is It Worth quotes by Samuel Johnson
#37. In civilized society external advantages make us more respected. A man with a good coat upon his back meets with a better reception than he who has a bad one. You may analyze this and say, What is there in it? But that will avail you nothing, for it is a part of a general system. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
What Is It Worth quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#38. What is it that brings on these moods of yours?
Nothing mysterious: the ordinary pain of being alive. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire

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