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Werewolf Romance quotes by Dani Harper
#1. Travis ignored her protests as he pulled his cell phone from his pocket, thankful anew for that little Changeling quirk that allowed him to retain his clothes and everything that was within his aura each time he shifted. Christ, if life was like the movies, he'd end up naked and penniless every damn time he ran as a wolf. No wonder Hollywood werewolves were insane with rage. Probably pissed off at the sheer inconvenience of their lives. #Quote by Dani Harper
Werewolf Romance quotes by Catherine Banks
#2. I growled softly. "Why are the French so rude?"
She shrugged. "We're French, it's in our blood to 'ate Americans. #Quote by Catherine Banks
Werewolf Romance quotes by Alexa D. Wayne
#3. Vampires have the ability to control the mind of their prey." - Damian Blackwood, Mrs. Blackwood #Quote by Alexa D. Wayne
Werewolf Romance quotes by Thea Harrison
#4. Giving her a slow, coaxing smile that turned the heat in the room up by a thousand degrees, he stroked her lips with the balls of his thumbs as he murmured, "Can we get back to talking about possibly inviting that werewolf for sex? #Quote by Thea Harrison
Werewolf Romance quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#5. He pressed his forearms flat against the wall, caging me with his body. Electric heat sparked in the space between us. He pulled back. His irises swirled with silver flecks, twisting into a metallic pool. His Wolf stared down at me. I don't want anyone touching you, except me. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Werewolf Romance quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#6. Please don't let this be a dream. I don't want to wake up, if it is. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Werewolf Romance quotes by D.R. Hedge
#7. No amount of speed could break me of this darkness... The sorrow is ever clinging to me. #Quote by D.R. Hedge
Werewolf Romance quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#8. I let my sword slip to the ground, and for the second time I stood unarmed in the presence of werewolves.

Kresh put his lips to my forehead, and my skin burned beneath his kiss. When his hands repositioned to take me by the waist, my breathing - already shallow - ceased entirely. Then his lips fell on mine and I was suddenly everything he claimed me to be - his mate, his wife, his world.

The taste of him seemed mysteriously new and old at the same time. Every bit of tension eased as if internally I had come home again, and yet a sense of foreignness made our connection a sweet venture. My breast was afire as he continued to grasp my hips, keeping me close. I burned for him as if vampire venom were coursing through every inch of me.

The man was a constellation of suns in my desire, unlike Thaddeus who hardly equaled a speck of stardust. The thought of that coward reminded me of grim news. It took every bit of willpower I possessed to tear my lips away from what they craved, and yet I remained a submissive puddle in this werewolf's arms. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Werewolf Romance quotes by Lisa Kessler
#9. My pulse pounded in my ears, heat smoldering deep in my belly. I'd never been so tempted. This is a dangerous game. #Quote by Lisa Kessler
Werewolf Romance quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#10. Well, shit." I forced a laugh. "I guess I do know what love is, after all." It was Clare. Always Clare. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Werewolf Romance quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
#11. Scroll through a list of books online, and you will find page after page after page of book covers with shirtless guys and titles that scream BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE! or ALPHA-MALE PARANORMAL WEREWOLF ROMANCE! or something equally ridiculous. All these shitty books look like clones of each other. There's not an original thought in sight. #Quote by Oliver Markus Malloy
Werewolf Romance quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#12. All I can really tell you, laddie, is to live for today. For the moment. Wasting time is the biggest mistake we can make in lo-ove. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Werewolf Romance quotes by Alexa D. Wayne
#13. If one night you ask for my permission to release you so you will be forever free from me, know that I'll also have the freedom to leave you and never come back." - Damian Blackwood, Mrs. Blackwood #Quote by Alexa D. Wayne
Werewolf Romance quotes by Dani Harper
#14. I'm no werewolf, and I'm tired of hearing the word. I'm a Changeling, okay? And either you trust me or we call it quits right here. It was Travis's turn to fold his arms, as if he was daring her to convince him. #Quote by Dani Harper
Werewolf Romance quotes by Lisa Kessler
#15. His barely there smile warmed me. "You try really hard to hide behind that Ice Queen disguise, but that's not who I see. I see a girl who had to grow up fast, and a mom who would sacrifice everything for her son. You're beautiful, Taryn, inside and out, and I want to get to know the woman you keep hidden away." He lowered his hand and my body ached at the loss. "If you're willing, I'll walk through the fire with you. #Quote by Lisa Kessler
Werewolf Romance quotes by Thea Harrison
#16. Just when I was coping with the idea that I'd necked with a werewolf," she muttered. "Just when I was beginning to flirt with the idea of possibly… possibly inviting sex with a werewolf. I'm trying to imagine how I would tell this story to my best friend. I think it would go something like this: See, I've never seen him in daylight. He's just this werewolf guy."
Beside her, he had stiffened. Very quietly, he said, "Sex? #Quote by Thea Harrison
Werewolf Romance quotes by Thea Harrison
#17. Lifting his head, he whispered against her wet, throbbing lips, "Too much?"
Wasn't that sweet,
Consider even.
But oh, hell no.
She gasped, "Not enough. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Werewolf Romance quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#18. The desire to run so far that he wouldn't be able to catch up played through me, but in my
gut, I knew he would. And somehow, it filled me with an odd sense of safety, knowing that,
no matter how far I ran, he would always be able to catch me, and I would always want him to. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Werewolf Romance quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#19. I haven't stopped thinking about anything you have said." She looked down at the worktop. "You're not perfect, Owen, and I apologize for pointing it out to you on so many occasions. I honestly didn't think you were serious until last night, but you're right, I do want you. I always have." She looked up at me. "So, why would I walk away from you now? #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Werewolf Romance quotes by Lisa Kessler
#20. She stepped back, staring up into my eyes. "You've given me hope." She ran her hand up my chest. "I don't know how to thank you for that."
I grinned. "You can start by taking my calls. #Quote by Lisa Kessler
Werewolf Romance quotes by D.R. Hedge
#21. Once a month, for one evening, we are free to wear our natural skins. We are on the outside as we are internally. #Quote by D.R. Hedge
Werewolf Romance quotes by Chudney Thomas
#22. I'm the Alpha. I get busy and in order for me to be able to court you, one of us has to be available.
She blinked up at him. "You didn't just say that to me."...
"You expect me to be available whenever."
He sat back. The intensity of his gaze had her pinned to the seat. If took all she had to keep eye contact....
"Do you remember who I am?"
"I'm pretty sure some spoiled celebrity is wondering who stole their line right now. #Quote by Chudney Thomas
Werewolf Romance quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#23. Thank you," I managed to say.

Replying with a nod, he approached my horse. "Here, let me help you - "

I slipped down myself before he could lend a hand, keeping the fur hide in my possession. "I'm not suddenly incapable because I wear a dress, Thaddeus."

"I wasn't suggesting…." Wisely, he let the issue drop.

Lifting an arm, he offered it to me. That's when I noticed my sword in sheath belted to his waist.

"That's mine!" I declared, reaching for the hilt.

Thaddeus managed a quick side-step. He hardened his jaw at my look of incredulity. I would only wait momentarily for an explanation.

"I know the sword is yours, Catherine, everyone knows that. But you're too beautiful tonight to ruin that radiant look with an ugly, leather belt strapped about you."

I was starting to think the man was using compliments as a weapon to defend himself against me. It did work to temper my anger somewhat.

"I brought the sword as a cautionary act, just in case those nasty werewolves show up. Seeing how I'll be standing beside you all evening, the blade will be at your disposal if needed."

I accepted his reasoning and stood down.

"Besides," Thaddeus added, apparently feeling safe, "what's yours is mine now anyway."

I glared at the fool. "That works both ways, you know."

He rolled his eyes and shrugged. "If it must."

Again, he offered me his arm wh #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Werewolf Romance quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#24. Turn around….you've got grass and dead flowers…"

My fingers naturally began to comb through my long, black strands, shaking things loose as Sarti carefully removed more stubborn pieces. The flowers had been left over from my forced marriage to Thaddeus. The grass, from a sensual night with Kresh the eve of my honeymoon. Devilish irony. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Werewolf Romance quotes by Dani Harper
#25. Come with me if you want to live."
Neva stared at the enormous hand the stranger extended her. Her gaze followed the black leather-clad arm up to the massive shoulders, the strong jaw, and the thick lock of wavy blonde hair hanging over his dark glasses. "You have so got to be kidding me," she said.
He shrugged. "I always wanted to say that line. Except I'm not kidding. #Quote by Dani Harper
Werewolf Romance quotes by Lisa Kessler
#26. No room in my world for drama, and the last thing I needed was more death. This beautiful woman would bring me both. #Quote by Lisa Kessler
Werewolf Romance quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#27. I cocked my eyebrow at her. "Are you kidding me, Clare?" I indicated to the dead man on the broken pine table. "There is a dead Rogue in your kitchen."
"Why is there a dead Rogue in my kitchen?"
"Because I killed him in there. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Werewolf Romance quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#28. I indicated to Karl slumped on the stool next to Clare at the bar. The fucking jerk didn't deserve a free lap dance, but it was the only way to get him away from Clare without ripping out his jugular. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Werewolf Romance quotes by Chudney Thomas
#29. His wolf was triumphant. At last, she recognized him. He scented her panic and swooped in, determined to nip it in the bud. His hand closed on her neck. The curls at her nape tickled his palm Drake wrapped her ponytail around his fist as she tried to back away. A brief warning growl left his lips as they covered hers in a soul-searing kiss. #Quote by Chudney Thomas
Werewolf Romance quotes by Chudney Thomas
#30. Drake's eyes opened, and Ria felt her heart rate pick up. Gently, he removed her hand and backed off the bed to shed his jeans in record time. Commando. She couldn't help the grin that spread across her face.
He crooked an eyebrow at her. "I'm not going to be the only one naked here. #Quote by Chudney Thomas
Werewolf Romance quotes by Kait Ballenger
#31. I warned you if you got any closer, I'd devour you." He bent over her, dipping his head just above the tip of one of her nipples. "I intend to keep that promise. #Quote by Kait Ballenger
Werewolf Romance quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#32. She has always wanted you as a mate, Owen. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Werewolf Romance quotes by Thea Harrison
#33. I want you too, so much," she whispered.
He murmured in her ear, "Then take me. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Werewolf Romance quotes by Renee Rose
#34. You don't know what I'd do to you. #Quote by Renee Rose
Werewolf Romance quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#35. I don't know what they are. They aren't completely human, so I don't know what to call them." I pulled one of the bags over the man's head, then rolled it down to his waist. My fingers brushed Clare's; the feel of her skin sent a warm tingle firing up my arms. I met her gaze, and without thinking too much about it, I slid my right hand over hers. God, I had missed her.
"Owen, there is a dead body between us," she said, her gaze never straying from mine.
"Best be thankful for that, flower." I pushed down everything I wanted to say. There wasn't time, and her bloody kitchen definitely wasn't the place. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Werewolf Romance quotes by Nora Roberts
#36. I've never been the one. Not for anybody."
He closed the distance between them.
"You'll get used to it." He tipped her face up to his, kissed her.
"Why? Why am I the one?"
"Because my life opened up, and it flooded with color when you walked back into it. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Werewolf Romance quotes by Victoria Vane
#37. Does misfortune follow you everywhere, Miz Powell?" "Not normally," She pursed the lips that he found increasingly fascinating. "Why do you ask?"
"Because I'm thinking it might be prudent for me to increase my insurance before I drive you anywhere. #Quote by Victoria Vane
Werewolf Romance quotes by Lisa Kessler
#38. This zipper only comes down for you. #Quote by Lisa Kessler
Werewolf Romance quotes by Ashley Stoyanoff
#39. If you want to make a lie believable, you gotta weave it with the truth."
My brows furrow, confused by the comment. "What?"
"Two truths and a lie, babe," he says. "Makes the lie harder to pick up on. #Quote by Ashley Stoyanoff
Werewolf Romance quotes by Jane Monheit
#40. Like a ghost that dances on the tip of a lit cigarette,
I know what romance is, but it hasn't happened yet.
Watch it floating up to heaven only knows,
Disappearing before you get too close-
It's only smoke. You might say a flame was burning, only smoke--
but my heart is more discerning,
I keep dreaming of a fire
But when I wake up to the cold--
It's only smoke.

Eyes are hypnotizing when they hold you within their embrace.
Words are mezmerizing even when they've got nothing to say.
The game is charming in an empty kind of way.
What's the harm in asking me to play?
It's only smoke. You might say a flame was burning, only smoke--
but my heart is more discerning,
I keep dreaming of a fire
But when I wake up to the cold--
It's only smoke. #Quote by Jane Monheit
Werewolf Romance quotes by Kelly Moran
#41. Death carves holes in your soul, and love fills them. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Werewolf Romance quotes by C.S. Lewis
#42. If you find that the reader of popular romances
however uneducated a reader, however bad the romances
goes back to his old favourites again and again, then you have pretty good evidence that they are to him a sort of poetry. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Werewolf Romance quotes by Terry Spear
#43. Go ahead and try. I'll attempt to loosen up.
Her muscles tightened when I took her hand in mine.
"Do you know any self-hypnosis?"
"I guess I'm tensing too much." She took several deep calming breaths then tensed her muscles and relaxed them, repeating the steps several times. The pulse in her wrist slowed to normal.
I nodded, grateful that Marissa was such a treasure despite my initial concern she might be more like the teen witch that had turned me into a frog. #Quote by Terry Spear
Werewolf Romance quotes by Karen Witemeyer
#44. Running wouldn't make her free. It would only further entangle her. True freedom could only be gained by trusting God and standing fast in his strength. Like David facing Goliath. Or Esther Standing uninvited before the king. #Quote by Karen Witemeyer
Werewolf Romance quotes by Astrid Brown
#45. It was a very special moment for John's spirit was awakening and he was opening up, I had touched and
resonated with his soul. It was more than just cyber sex, more than making love with someone you loved, it was blending souls as soul mates do and it was an incredible moment for the two of us. We both cried beautiful happy tears #Quote by Astrid Brown
Werewolf Romance quotes by Lebo Grand
#46. Our partners can add sweet dimensions to our lives, but for us to be utterly fulfilled we need to be totally aligned with our own sensuality. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Werewolf Romance quotes by Joan Kilby
#47. Her brain said, he's like a brother to you. Her body rejected that notion absolutely. Her heart was confused as hell. #Quote by Joan Kilby
Werewolf Romance quotes by Veronica Rossi
#48. Without thinking, he reached for her hand. Tucked it against her chest, feeling that was where it should be. Perry's heart slammed against his ribs. She had to feel it. #Quote by Veronica Rossi
Werewolf Romance quotes by Elle Kennedy
#49. She rubbed her lips over him, then lifted her head to meet his eyes. "Tell me what you like."
"Everything," he choked out. "I like everything you're doing."
"Tell me," she insisted....
Although it nearly killed him to say it, he mumbled, "Start slow. Make me beg for it. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Werewolf Romance quotes by Cassidy Calloway
#50. And don't stress about the trip. We'll find some alone time in London," he continued, bending his head closer to mine. "Nothing keeps 007 from romancing a beautiful woman. #Quote by Cassidy Calloway
Werewolf Romance quotes by Poppet
#51. For why war? Nada ne hurt, sister ne hurt, for why you make vesna sore? For why! #Quote by Poppet
Werewolf Romance quotes by Donna Grant
#52. The seven there are, warriors all.
Do not do wrong or their blade will fall,
Their appearances shrouded,
Their approach, clouded.
Against evil they fight.
Power and magic are their might.
They serve only one.
If you expose their identity - run.
Secrecy is their defense.
If the truth escapes, Death will commence. #Quote by Donna Grant
Werewolf Romance quotes by Rowena Cherry
#53. Wouldn't you rather play chess, Ma'am? ... It's less destructive of clothes. #Quote by Rowena Cherry
Werewolf Romance quotes by Caity Lotz
#54. On 'Death Valley,' I fought this werewolf, and he was picking me up and slamming me down. They put padding down in the garbage so he could really slam me down. They're flying around and I'm doing these jumping flying triangles pulling the guy down. It's just fun. #Quote by Caity Lotz
Werewolf Romance quotes by Pamela Clare
#55. He held up the AK-47, the muscles in his arm bunching against the weight. "This is an assault rifle." Then held up the handgun. "This is a semi-automatic pistol."
Then he gave a little thrust of his hips and looked down at his penis. "That is my gun. As you've discovered, it's pumpaction like a shotgun , but it doesn't fire bullets. #Quote by Pamela Clare
Werewolf Romance quotes by Lorraine Loveit
#56. He headed for the stairs, pulling me along behind him. He was forceful, yet took the steps at a slow pace so I did not stumble. It was an overwhelming experience, heightened by the fact he didn't speak, nor once look back at me. #Quote by Lorraine Loveit
Werewolf Romance quotes by Cat Johnson
#57. Don't let the tattoo fool you. I'm no angel. #Quote by Cat Johnson
Werewolf Romance quotes by F. Scott Fitzgerald
#58. … And, after all, an obsolete list. She was in love now, set for the eternal romance that was to be the synthesis of all romance, yet sad for these man and these moonlights and for the 'thrills' she had had – and the kisses. The past – her past, oh, what a joy! She had been exuberantly happy. #Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Werewolf Romance quotes by Kim Cormack
#59. She could just kill them. If she did they would be healed again in moments She'd better let sleeping demons lie.
"Enlightenment." Coming soon #Quote by Kim Cormack
Werewolf Romance quotes by Riteish Deshmukh
#60. It's such a lovely feeling to be in love, to marry the person you love and finally to be with that person. I feel the romance should never go out of any marriage. Even after one has had kids, etc. Love never ends, na? #Quote by Riteish Deshmukh
Werewolf Romance quotes by Paul Ryan
#61. This is a government takeover of our healthcare system. It is the government basically running the entire healthcare system, turning large insurers into de facto public utilities, depriving people of choice, depriving people of options, raising people's prices, raising taxes when we need new jobs. #Quote by Paul Ryan
Werewolf Romance quotes by Laura Kaye
#62. She nodded and watched him job up the steps. And good God did he do all kinds of justice to a pair of jeans. #Quote by Laura Kaye
Werewolf Romance quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#63. That was the true terror of love, that you could love with your whole heart, your whole soul, and lose both #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Werewolf Romance quotes by R.W.  Patterson
#64. Grief - in all of its agony - burrowed deep into her essence, its serrated edges killing her piece by piece. #Quote by R.W. Patterson
Werewolf Romance quotes by Natasha Anders
#65. Wife trumps all. #Quote by Natasha Anders
Werewolf Romance quotes by Shonali Dey
#66. You'll find more emotions of words in those crumpled & rolled papers thrown in the dustbin than the edited script you jolted down last night in your folder. More splashes of paints lay scattered around your drawing paint-plate, the brushes equally messed up with their romance with the colours before the actual finishing of a fine portrait. Your draft box breathes more words than the real, grammatically -groomed post on your blog. The room smells more of the combined samples of vividly used tropical, musky, floral essences mixed in different ratios to get the exotic cologne at the end.
Gist is spending that extra cent to obtain a perfect blend. That extra counts to the journey of a masterpiece which later finds itself an identity of an extra-ordinary creation.
You're that 'extra' to me who glorifies my existence and makes me feel like a clone-sister of masterpiece or rather a mistress-piece!!!

- Shonali Dey (Shon Alley) #Quote by Shonali Dey
Werewolf Romance quotes by Bethany Joy Lenz
#67. I love the romance of the '40s. It was the perfect time to live. Technology wasn't so advanced that it made life more difficult, but it was just enough that you can send a phone call or a telegram. And people still took pride in how they looked. The men got dressed up and the women got dressed up and they took care of themselves. #Quote by Bethany Joy Lenz
Werewolf Romance quotes by Sadie Jones
#68. It's not a romance, it's a love story. #Quote by Sadie Jones
Werewolf Romance quotes by Ella Dominguez
#69. Your middle name might be discreet, but mine is resourceful, Darling. #Quote by Ella Dominguez
Werewolf Romance quotes by Sonal Panse
#70. An uneventful, quiet life together is more my idea of a romance."

"Really? Oh. Well. It won't get you featured in any of the ballads though."

"Yes," he said, with a heavy sigh. "And that will be the great tragedy of my romance. #Quote by Sonal Panse
Werewolf Romance quotes by Electa Rome Parks
#71. Treat me with respect, dignity, and grace because I am worthy of your love. #Quote by Electa Rome Parks
Werewolf Romance quotes by Thomas Allen
#72. John and Jenny's planes arrived in Rome only hours apart. They had never imagined, when they walked away from each other graduation night 1960, it would be forty years and five thousand miles away before they would meet again. #Quote by Thomas Allen
Werewolf Romance quotes by Bijou Hunter
#73. JOURNEY: ...no one messes with my family without suffering the consequences. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
Werewolf Romance quotes by SARK
#74. My godchild Zoe, age 6, suddenly said: "Can you describe what romance is?" I talked about wooing, and yearning, and she sighed and leaned back, "I think that love is my favorite thing in this whole world ... " Me too, Zoe, me too. #Quote by SARK
Werewolf Romance quotes by Theresa Lewis
#75. Live In The Moment...Dance like it's your last dance...Sing like it's your last song...Laugh like it's your breath...And love like it's your last romance...Everyone isn't given second chances so seize the moment. #Quote by Theresa Lewis
Werewolf Romance quotes by Tara Janzen
#76. It worried him. Like him, she had to be exhausted. She smelled like gasoline; her clothes were torn. She had a small white bandage on her forehead where the EMT had cleaned her cut. Dirt smudged her face, her arms, her legs. He knew she still didn't have any underwear, and for the first time, he felt bad about it. Real bad. He wanted to protect her, make her feel secure, keep her from harm - and all he'd done was lose her underwear and practically get her blown up. #Quote by Tara Janzen
Werewolf Romance quotes by Tom Savini
#77. Unless you're a psycho, there's no such thing as a vampire and there's no such thing as a werewolf. But there certainly are people who could be controlled by a drug like Scopolamine, to lose all will and do your bidding. That's what the whole voodoo zombie thing was about, with chemical mind control, so it is possible to have real zombies. Maybe the [doomsday] preppers weren't so wrong. I thought they were idiots. How can you prepare for a zombie apocalypse? #Quote by Tom Savini
Werewolf Romance quotes by Nemrah Ahmed
#78. How can you do sin with hands you used for prayers? #Quote by Nemrah Ahmed
Werewolf Romance quotes by Awatef A
#79. Unconditional conditions are sometimes conditioned to conditionally exist. #Quote by Awatef A
Werewolf Romance quotes by Ali Harper
#80. . She couldn't help but cry silently as she realized what she was giving up. She was giving up her anchor, the one person that stabilized her insanity and embraced her chaos with open arms but she wanted him to be happy something he would never be with a person like her so she would let him go. #Quote by Ali Harper

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