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Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Julia Quinn
#1. Why didn't you just let me run home?" she asked.
"I wanted you here," he said simply.
"But why?" she persisted.
He shrugged. "I don't know.Punishment, perhaps, for spying on me."
"I wasn't-" Sophie's denial was automatic, but she cut herself off halfway through, because of course she'd been spying on him.
"Smart girl," he murmured.
She scowled at him. She would have liked to have said something utterly droll and witty, but she had a feeling that anything emerging from her mouth just then would have been quite the opposite,so she held her tongue. Better to be a silent fool than a talkative one.
"It's very bad to spy on one's host," he said, planting his hands on his hips and somehow managing to look both authoritative and relaxed at the same time.
"It as an accident," she grumbled.
"Oh,I believe you there," he said. "But even if you didn't intend to spy on me, the fact remains that when the opportunity arose, you took it."
"Do you blame me?"
He grinned. "Not at all.I would have done precisely the same thing."
Her mouth fell open.
"Oh,don't pretend to be offended," he said.
"I'm not pretending."
He leaned a bit closer. "To tell the truth, I'm quite flattered."
"It was academic curiosity," she ground out, "I assure you."
His smile grew sly. "So you're telling me that you would have spied upon any naked man you'd come across?"
"Of course not!"
"As I said," he drawled, leaning back again #Quote by Julia Quinn
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Anna Funder
#2. Prison left me with some strange little tics.' She has taken all the door off their hinges in all the apartments she has lived in since. It's not that she has anxiety attacks about small spaces, she says, it's just that she starts to sweat and go cold. 'This apartment is perfect for me,' she says, looking around the open space.
'How about elevators?' I ask, recalling the schlepp up the stairs.
'Exactly,' she replies, 'I don't like them much either.'
One day, years later, her husband Charlie was fooling around at home, playing the guitar. Miriam said something provocative and he stood up suddenly, lifting his arm to take off the guitar strap. He was probably just going to say 'That's outrageous', or tickle her or tackle her. But she was gone. She was already down in the courtyard of the building. She does not remember getting down the stairs-it was an automatic flight reaction. #Quote by Anna Funder
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Edward Abbey
#3. My god! i'm thinking, what incredible shit we've put up with most of our lives - the domestic routine (same old jobs, insufferable arrogance of elected officials, the crafty cheating and the slimy advertising of the businessman, the tedious wars in which we kill our buddies instead of our real enemies back home in the capital, the foul diseased and hideous cities and towns we live in, the constant petty tyranny of automatic washers and automobiles and tv machines and telephones -! ah christ!, i'm thinking, at the same time that i'm waving goodby to that hollering idiot on shore, what intolerable garbage and what utterly useless crap we bury ourselves in day by day, while patiently enduring at the same time the creeping strangulation of the clean white collar and the rich but modest four-in-hand garrote) #Quote by Edward Abbey
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by John D. MacDonald
#4. Hascomb snatched an ancient weapon out of his glove compartment. Officers have smuggled them home from the last five wars. The Colt.45 automatic. #Quote by John D. MacDonald
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#5. Let go!" I insisted. He ignored me. I staggered along sideways across the wet sidewalk until we reached the Volvo. Then he finally freed me – I stumbled against the passenger door.
"You are so pushy!" I grumbled
"It's open," was all he responded. He got in the driver's side.
"I am perfectly capable of driving myself home!" I stood by the car, fuming. It was raining harder now, and I'd never put my hood up, so my hair was dripping down my back.
He lowered the automatic window and leaned toward me across the seat. "Get in, Bella."
I didn't answer. I was mentally calculating my chances of reaching the truck before he could catch me. I had to admit it, they weren't good.
"I'll just drag you back," he threatened, guessing my plan. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Peter Jackson
#6. When I worked as a newspaper photo engraver in the only job I ever had, many years ago, I'd get the train home to Pukerua Bay where I was staying with my parents. An hour ride, 16 stops, and almost always, I'd have automatic wake-up, seconds before we pulled into my station. #Quote by Peter Jackson
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Joshua Foer
#7. Experts see the world differently. They notice things that nonexperts don't see. They home in on the information that matters most, and have an almost automatic sense of what to do with it. #Quote by Joshua Foer
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Stephen King
#8. Guys, gals, now hear this: No one wants to take away your hunting rifles. No one wants to take away your shotguns. No one wants to take away your revolvers, and no one wants to take away your automatic pistols, as long as said pistols hold no more than ten rounds. If you can't kill a home invader (or your wife, up in the middle of the night to get a snack from the fridge) with ten shots, you need to go back to the local shooting range. #Quote by Stephen King
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by David Bayles
#9. Over time, the life of a productive artist becomes filled with useful conventions and practical methods, so that a string of finished pieces continues to appear at the surface. And in truly happy moments those artistic gestures move beyond simple procedure, and acquire an inherent aesthetic all their own. They are your artistic hearth and home, the working-places-to-be that link form and feeling. They become - like the dark colors and asymmetrical lilt of the Mazurka - inseparable from the life of their maker. They are canons. They allow confidence and concentration. They allow not knowing. They allow the automatic and unarticulated to remain so. Once you have found the work you are meant to do, the particulars of any single piece don't matter all that much. #Quote by David Bayles
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Soraya Chemaly
#10. Ask a woman if she has been harassed, or if she thinks about rape regularly, and she will almost always say "no" initially. Who wants to think about rape? Ask her, however, if she makes eye contact when she walks down the street, where and when she loiters for pleasure on a warm day, if she runs by herself at night, or if she pays for cabs instead of peacefully strolling home. Then ask her why. We are taught to fear rape but not to question its pervasive threat or doubt how "natural" it is or isn't. #Quote by Soraya Chemaly
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Mark McGwire
#11. What a perfect way to end the home stand, by hitting sixty-two for the city of St. Louis and all the fans. I truly wanted to do it here and I did. Thank you St. Louis. #Quote by Mark McGwire
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Barbara Corcoran
#12. A whopping 89 percent of buyers start their home search online. How your house looks online is the modern equivalent of 'curb appeal.' Rent a wide-angle lens and good lighting, get rid of your clutter and post at least eight great photos to win the beauty contest. #Quote by Barbara Corcoran
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#13. Each of us is like the waves and also like the water. Sometimes we're excited, noisy, and agitated like the waves. Sometimes we're tranquil like still water. When water is calm, it reflects the blue sky, the clouds, and the trees. Sometimes, whether we're at home, work, or school, we become tired, agitated, or unhappy and we need to transform into calm water. We already have calmness in us; we just need to know how to make it manifest. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#14. They had supper and went away, and Ivan Ilyich was left alone with the consciousness that his life was poisoned and was poisoning the lives of others, and that this poison did not weaken but penetrated more and more deeply into his whole being.
With this consciousness, and with physical pain besides the terror, he must go to bed, often to lie awake the greater part of the night. Next morning he had to get up again, dress, go to the law courts, speak, and write; or if he did not go out, spend at home those twenty-four hours a day each of which was a torture. And he had to live thus all alone on the brink of an abyss, with no one who understood or pitied him. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Knut Hamsun
#15. This is a life you do not understand. Yes, your home is in the city, and you have furnished it with vanities, with pictures and books; but you have a wife and a servant and a hundred expenses. Asleep or awake you must keep pace with the world and are never at peace. I have peace. You are welcome to your intellectual pastimes and books and art and newspapers; welcome, too, to your bars and your whisky that only makes me ill. Here am I in the forest, quite content. If you ask me intellectual questions and try to trip me up, then I will reply, for example, that God is the origin of all things and that truly men are mere specks and atoms in the universe. You are no wiser than I. But if you should go so far as to ask me what is eternity, then I know quite as much in this matter, too, and reply thus: Eternity is merely unborn time, nothing but unborn time. #Quote by Knut Hamsun
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Christina Mercer
#16. Fogged, bogged gates of Brume, barrier to my home; Timeless, faceless watchers loom, but I am allowed to roam. #Quote by Christina Mercer
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Rachel Brosnahan
#17. Home is where your rump rests. #Quote by Rachel Brosnahan
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Sam Abell
#18. There are a lot of ways to be expressive in life, but I wasn't good at some of them. Music, for instance. I was a distinct failure with the cello. Eventually, my parents sold the cello and bought a vacuum cleaner. The sound in our home improved. #Quote by Sam Abell
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Jean-Marie G. Le Clezio
#19. My message will be very clear; it is that I think we have to continue to read novels. Because I think that the novel is a very good means to question the current world without having an answer that is too schematic, too automatic. The novelist, he's not a philosopher, not a technician of spoken language. He's someone who writes, above all, and through the novel asks questions. #Quote by Jean-Marie G. Le Clezio
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Mia Sheridan
#20. I want my home to be your home, my bed to be your bed. I want your nighttime heat to be within arm's reach. #Quote by Mia Sheridan
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Tony Fadell
#21. Google has the business resources, global scale and platform reach to accelerate Nest growth across hardware, software and services for the home globally. #Quote by Tony Fadell
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Curtis Jackson
#22. Every morning I wake up in a home where Mike Tyson previously laid in the bed and he earned over $500 million his career. It makes me conscious. #Quote by Curtis Jackson
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by N.W. Harris
#23. I said get out, damn it," Dad repeated, spittle flying from his mouth. "I won't have a sixteen-year-old boy bawl'n like a little girl all the way home. Man up or walk." Too much wine had left Dad's teeth and lips stained red, and Shane could smell the alcohol, even over the foul stench of Jackie's cigarette. His aunt had whispered an apology to Shane at the funeral reception, saying she'd only put wine out because she didn't think his dad would drink it. What she didn't realize was Dad had become such a raging alcoholic that he would've #Quote by N.W. Harris
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Lawren Harris
#24. No man can roan or inhabit the Canadian North without it affecting him, and the artist, because of his constant habit of awareness and his discipline in expression, is perhaps more understanding of its moods and spirit than others are. He is thus better equipped to interpret it to others, and then, when her has become one with its spirit, to create living works in their own right, by using forms, colors, rhythms and moods, to make a harmonious home for the imaginative and spiritual meaning it has evoked in him. #Quote by Lawren Harris
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Kirsten Fullmer
#25. From the antique Persian rugs covering the gleaming hardwood floors to the molded tin ceilings and ornate chandeliers, the house was a showstopper. Throughout its long life, no one had allowed this home to fall into disrepair. Every detail of the wainscoting, every pocket door, every window, floor tile, and bathtub was original to the house. #Quote by Kirsten Fullmer
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Gbenga Akinnagbe
#26. Growing up, I was in and out of trouble in group homes and other institutions, and when I was 14, I was locked up in a psychiatric hospital for a number of months for behavioral problems. #Quote by Gbenga Akinnagbe
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Marian Wright Edelman
#27. We are willing to spend the least amount of money to keep a kid at home, more to put him in a foster home and the most to institutionalize him. #Quote by Marian Wright Edelman
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by L.A. Weatherly
#28. Take me home!" Alex didn't respond, and I shoved his arm. #Quote by L.A. Weatherly
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Blake Shelton
#29. When I think about the songs I might record, I ask myself, 'Can I picture anybody I know back home sitting in their truck cranking this up?' #Quote by Blake Shelton
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#30. It reminded me of what Dad said after every snail's crawl home from
Albany when snow hit.It's New York, people. It's winter. We get snow. If you aren't prepared
to deal with it, move to Miami. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Kate Morton
#31. Once again she was struck by a sense of profound familiarity. She knew this place. In the story that her mother used to tell, the house had been a literal gateway to another world; for Elodie, though, curled up in her mother's arms, breathing in the exotic fragrance of narcissus that she wore, the story itself had been a gateway, an incantation that carried her away from the here and now and into the land of imagination. After her mother's death, the world of the story had become her secret place. Whether at lunchtime in her new school, or at home in the long, quiet afternoons, or at night when the darkness threatened suffocation, all she had to do was hide herself away and close her eyes and she could cross the river, brave the woods, and enter the enchanted house... #Quote by Kate Morton
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Cynthia Bond
#32. Ain't nobody ever gone answer you cries. You can fill a well with tears, and all you gonna get is drowned. You sit there long enough and the crazy man find you. You weep too long, your heart ache so, the flesh slip off your bones and your soul got to find a new home. You wait on answers 'til the scaredy-cat curl up in your belly and use your liver for a pin cushion. And that's just how you die.O #Quote by Cynthia Bond
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#33. The second issue of The Nosy Parker - Kami had decided to put out two issues in the first week of school, to gain momentum - was even more popular than the first.

"People took home copies for their parents," Kami announced, and did a victory dance in the privacy of her headquarters. "The photocopy machine overheated and broke down. I think I can still hear the sound of it sobbing and wanting to talk about its childhood. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Linda Weaver Clarke
#34. As they passed the giant saguaro cacti, Amelia knew they were getting close to home. They were magnificent, standing like humungous pitchforks in the middle of the desert. To her, it represented the American West...
Amelia noticed Sam in the distance. He seemed intrigued by the Teddy Bear Chollas. Sam was not originally from Arizona, so he seemed enchanted by the fuzzy little cactus.
As he reached toward it, Amelia yelled, "Stop! No! Don't touch that, Sam!"
But it was too late. The little razor sharp needles seemed to jump toward his finger... #Quote by Linda Weaver Clarke
Wennersten Automatic Home quotes by Robert Plant
#35. Well, when I was a kid I used to hide behind the curtains at home at Christmas and I used to try and be Elvis. There was a certain ambience between the curtains and the French windows, there was a certain sound there for a ten year old. That was all the ambience I got at ten years old ... I think! And I always wanted to be a certain, a bit similar to that. But I didn't want to sell pizza. #Quote by Robert Plant

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