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Wedding Night quotes by Jase Robertson
#1. I remember meeting a man who gave sex seminars to students at various college campuses. To get people to come he passed out flyers that were entitled "How to Have the Best Sex on Earth." Of course, his lecture attracted a huge turnout. He spoke about sex between two virgins on their wedding night being disease-free, guilt-free, comparison-free, and shame-free, as well as being pleasing to God. It is the best sex you can have on earth. He explained that many people fall short and that is why Jesus died on a cross. In Christ anyone can start over. As 1 Corinthians 6:9--11 says: "The sexually immoral…will [not] inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed…sanctified…[and] justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God." The forgiveness found in Christ doesn't take away from the fact that God's way is always the best way for a marriage and our world. Hebrews 13:4 says: "Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure." That is exactly what Missy and I did. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Wedding Night quotes by Jalaluddin Rumi
#2. Wedding Night

The day I've died, my pall is moving on -
But do not think my heart is still on earth!
Don't weep and pity me: "Oh woe, how awful!"
You fall in devil's snare - woe, that is awful!
Don't cry "Woe, parted!" at my burial -
For me this is the time of joyful meeting!
Don't say "Farewell!" when I'm put in the grave -
A curtin is it for eternal bliss.
You saw "descending" - now look at the rising!
Is setting dangerous for sun and moon?
To you it looks like setting, but it's rising;
The coffin seems a jail, yet it means freedom.
Which seed fell in the earth that did not grow there?
Why do you doubt the fate of human seed?
What bucket came not filled from out the cistern?
Why should the Yusaf "Soul" then fear this well?
Close here your mouth and open it on that side.
So that your hymns may sound in Where-no-place #Quote by Jalaluddin Rumi
Wedding Night quotes by Marissa Meyer
#3. I heard of a tradition," said Thorne, "where the guests are supposed to make a bunch of raucous noise outside of the bridal chambers on the wedding night, until you give us candy and send us away."
Scarlet glared at him. "Yeah, please don't do that. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Wedding Night quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#4. You know," I told him on our wedding night, "I'm just as much me when I'm with you, as I am without you." And because Hardy understood what I meant, he pulled me into his arms, against his heart. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Wedding Night quotes by E. Jamie
#5. I'm insatiable? I am?" Alessandro asked cocking an eyebrow as he ran his warm hands along the satin material covering her body. "Alessandro. You're alive. I can touch you, look into your eyes and hear your arrogant English voice. We're gonna spend the rest of our lives together, that's plenty romantic for me." Bree pressed her mouth against him. He tasted of coffee and peppermint. He nibbled slightly on her lower lip before pulling away. "Darling, that sounds lovely, but my wedding night fantasy was more along the lines of fucking you into the mattress." Bree smacked his shoulder. "Patience, Dardano. Tonight we take things slow, the mattress fucking will come in time. Now, get on your back and let me put my hands on you and assure myself that you're real." Alessandro sighed but did as she ordered. "Now if you feel anything-" "I certainly hope so or we have a very big problem," Alessandro joked. She smacked his chest. "If you feel any pain you let me know and we'll stop." "Says the woman who's smacked me twice in the past five minutes," Alessandro said, but his eyes were shining with amusement. #Quote by E. Jamie
Wedding Night quotes by Lauren Blakely
#6. Giving it, rather than giving away my heart.

"We're doing this."
He smiles widely. "Yeah? We're a couple of crazies, aren't we?"
"Are we?"
Laughing, he pulls me close. "It's crazy."
"But brilliant."
"It's bloody brilliant. You know what else will be brilliant?"
"Finally getting you naked and under me tonight."
"You're assuming I'll put out since it's our wedding night, are you?"
"Hope springs eternal. So does my cock when I look at you. #Quote by Lauren Blakely
Wedding Night quotes by Lavinia Kent
#7. Every woman deserves a wedding night. And what could be better than one that comes without a husband? #Quote by Lavinia Kent
Wedding Night quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#8. I fought back the memory of our wedding night. He was a virgin; his hands trembled when he touched me. I had been afraid too
with better reason. And then in the dawn he had held me, naked back against his chest, his thighs warm and strong behind my own, murmuring into the clouds of my hair, Dinna be afraid. There's two of us now. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Wedding Night quotes by Ehsan Sehgal
#9. The virginity is not any more valuable in the West, even unimportant to the girls themselves. While in the Muslim world and the Eastern societies, especially in the Hindus and Jews, most of the girls are strictly careful with their virginity. They celebrate and enjoy the purity of the wedding night comparing, with the Western girls, who do not care their values of the virginity. #Quote by Ehsan Sehgal
Wedding Night quotes by Khalid Ibn Al-Walid
#10. When I am in the battlefield, I love it more then my wedding night with the most beautiful of women #Quote by Khalid Ibn Al-Walid
Wedding Night quotes by Frank Lesser
#11. ...every time a unicorn laughs, an angel has tender sexual intercourse on her wedding night. And nine months later, a rainbow is born! #Quote by Frank Lesser
Wedding Night quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#12. A divorce is like a controlled explosion. Everyone on the outside is OK. #Quote by Sophie Kinsella
Wedding Night quotes by
#13. In 1800s Paris, women were prohibited from studying the nude human form, because this would've ruined the wedding-night surprise. (Surprise! It's a penis.) #Quote by
Wedding Night quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#14. Daily her tactics grew more sly and underhanded. Last night the audacious wench had picked the lock to his
chamber! Because he'd had the foresight to barricade the door with a heavy armoire, she'd then gone to his door in
the corridor and picked that lock. He'd been forced to escape out the window. Halfway down he'd slipped, crashed the last fifteen feet to the ground, and landed in a prickly bush. Since he'd not had time to don his trews, his
manly parts had taken the brunt of his abrupt entry into the bush, putting him in a foul mood indeed.
The wench sought to unman him before his long-anticipated wedding night. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Wedding Night quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#15. Of all the things that people do in the name of God, killing a girl because she doesn't bleed on her wedding night is among the most cruel. Yet the hymen
fragile, rarely seen, and pretty pointless
remains an object of worship among many religions and societies around the world ... it is frequently worth more than a human life. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Wedding Night quotes by Sara Craven
#16. He has never understood that sometimes real love requires one to let the beloved go. Probably he never will. #Quote by Sara Craven
Wedding Night quotes by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
#17. When I said yes,
it implies till death,
and forever thence.

When I said love,
it connotes trust,
allied in situations tough.

And today,
when I hold your hand,
I am prepared to stand,
any trouble,
any avalanche. #Quote by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
Wedding Night quotes by Wendell Berry
#18. She would do a mans work when she needed to, but she lived and died without ever putting on a pair of pants. She wore dresses. Being a widow, she wore them black. Being a woman of her time she wore them long. the girls of her day I think must have been like well wrapped gifts to be opened by their husbands on their wedding night, a complete surprise. 'Well! What's this!? #Quote by Wendell Berry
Wedding Night quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#19. And, no, they haven't done it." I put him out of his misery.
"Done what?" asks Noah.
"Put the sausage in the cupcake," says Lorcan, draining his coffee.
"Lorcan!" I snap. "Don't say things like that!"
Noah explodes with laughter. "Put the sausage in the cupcake!" he crows. "The sausage in the cupcake!"
Great. I glare at Lorcan, who stares back, unmoved. And, anyway, cupcake? I've never heard it called that. #Quote by Sophie Kinsella
Wedding Night quotes by Jamie McGuire
#20. Are you sure about that, Mrs. Maddox?"
"Are you ever going to stop calling me that? You've said it a hundred times since we left the chapel."
He shook his head as he held the cab door open for me. "I'll quit calling you that when it sinks in that this is real."
"Oh, it's real all right," I said, sliding to the middle of the seat to make room. "I have wedding night memories to prove it.
He leaned against me, running his nose up the sensitive skin of my neck until he reached my ear. "We sure do. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Wedding Night quotes by Julie Garwood
#21. Madelyne, we're married now. 'Tis a usual occurrence to bed one's wife on the wedding night. #Quote by Julie Garwood
Wedding Night quotes by Wallace Stegner
#22. If I were a modern writing about a modern young woman I would have to do her wedding night in grisly detail. The custom of the country and the times would demand a description, preferable "comic," of foreplay, lubrication, penetration, and climax and in deference to the accepted opinions about Victorian love, I would have to abort the climax and end the wedding night in tears and desolate comfortings. But I don't know. I have a good deal of confidence in both Susan Burling and the man she married. I imagine they worked it out without the need of any scientific lubricity and with even less need to make their privacies public. #Quote by Wallace Stegner
Wedding Night quotes by M. Night Shyamalan
#23. Ivy Walker: When we are married, will you dance with me? I find dancing very agreeable. Why can you not say what is in your head?
Lucius Hunt: Why can you not stop saying what is in yours? Why must you lead, when I want to lead? If I want to dance I will ask you to dance. If I want to speak I will open my mouth and speak. Everyone is forever plaguing me to speak further. Why? What good is it to tell you you are in my every thought from the time I wake? What good can come from my saying that I sometimes cannot think clearly or do my work properly? What gain can rise of my telling you the only time I feel fear as others do is when I think of you in harm? That is why I am on this porch, Ivy Walker. I fear for your safety before all others. And yes, I will dance with you on our wedding night. #Quote by M. Night Shyamalan
Wedding Night quotes by Christina Lauren
#24. Hungry?" he asks.

"The wager?" I remind him.

"I'm getting there - it's related to my question." He lifts his chin to the meat locker. "They have good steaks here."

And just like that, I'm interested in whatever he's suggesting. "They do. What're you thinking?"

"They have a porterhouse for two, three, or four."

I haven't eaten in nearly twenty-four hours, and the idea of a big juicy steak has me salivating. "Yeah?"

"So, I say we split the one for three, and whoever eats more wins."

"I'm going to guess their porterhouse for three could feed us both for a week."

"I'm betting you're right." His adorable grin should be accompanied by the sound of a silvery ding. "And your dinner is on me."

For not the first time, it occurs to me to ask him how he makes ends meet, but I can't - not here, and maybe not when we're alone, either. "You don't have to do that."

"I think I can handle treating my wife to dinner on our wedding night."

Our wedding night. My heart thuds heavily. "That's a lot of meat. No pun intended."

He grins enthusiastically. "I'd sure like to see how you handle it."

"You're betting Holland can't finish a steak?" Lulu chimes in from behind me. "Oh, you sweet summer child."


As we get up, I groan, clutching my stomach. "Is this what pregnancy feels like? Not interested."

"I could carry you," Calvin #Quote by Christina Lauren
Wedding Night quotes by Jana Aston
#25. I'm open to trying whatever your thing is. Unless it's anal. I'm saving an for marriage."
"Saving anal for marriage," he repeats back to me. "Is that an actual thing?"
"It's a thing."
"I don't think that's a thing."
"Well I think it's a thing and it's my ass."
"Fair." he nods. "Just out of curiousity, how do you see that playing out? Wedding night anal? Honeymoon anal? Or are you talking first anniversary anal?"
"Wedding night anal doesn't seem right does it? Post-honeymoon, pre-first anniversary seems like the anal sweet spot. #Quote by Jana Aston
Wedding Night quotes by Brooklyn Ann
#26. As she took her father's arm and prepared to march down the aisle, Margaret called, "Do not forget what I told you about tonight." How could I? Angelica thought as her mother's lecture about the wedding night and the marriage bed flitted through her mind. "There will be incredible pain the first time, darling," Margaret had said. "And you might bleed. But you must submit to him without complaint until you are pregnant with his heir. After that, he should leave you alone for the most part and fulfill his baser desires on a mistress. #Quote by Brooklyn Ann
Wedding Night quotes by Diane Wolkstein
#27. Inanna spoke:
"What I tell you
Let the singer weave into song.
What I tell you,
Let it flow from ear to mouth,
Let it pass from old to young:

My vulva, the horn,
The Boat of Heaven,
Is full of eagerness like the young moon.
My untilled land lies fallow.

As for me, Inanna,
Who will plow my vulva?
Who will plow my high field?
Who will plow my wet ground?

As for me, the young woman,
Who will plow my vulva?
Who will station the ox there?
Who will plow my vulva?"

Dumuzi replied:
"Great Lady, the king will plow your vulva.
I, Dumuzi the King, will plow your vulva."

"Then plow my vulva, man of my heart!
Plow my vulva! #Quote by Diane Wolkstein
Wedding Night quotes by Richie Norton
#28. Sometimes it is not the marriage that is boring, it's your life. ⁣ #Quote by Richie Norton
Wedding Night quotes by Joan Rivers
#29. I have no boobs whatsoever. On my wedding night my husband said, 'Let me help you with those buttons' and I told him, 'I'm completely naked'. #Quote by Joan Rivers
Wedding Night quotes by Ilona Andrews
#30. This is embarrassing," Mr. Haffey informed me. I winked at him. "What, Mrs. Haffey never carried you over the threshold on your wedding night? #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Wedding Night quotes by Red Buttons
#31. Alexander the Great, who said on his wedding night, It's only a nickname. Never got a dinner! #Quote by Red Buttons
Wedding Night quotes by Henny Youngman
#32. My wife and I went back to the hotel where we spent our wedding night. Only this time, I stayed in the bathroom and cried. #Quote by Henny Youngman
Wedding Night quotes by Judith McNaught
#33. In one of her more philosophical moments, she decided that the reason virginity was so prized for a bride was because early man must have realized that a bride who knew what was in store for her on her wedding night, would not be smiling quite so radiantly when she walked down that aisle! #Quote by Judith McNaught
Wedding Night quotes by Phyllis Diller
#34. Never refer to your wedding night as the original amateur hour. #Quote by Phyllis Diller
Wedding Night quotes by Ilona Andrews
#35. No." Roman got up off his chair. "The wedding night is for you and Curran. The wedding is for everyone else and it's the price you pay so you can get to the wedding night. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Wedding Night quotes by Red Buttons
#36. Alexander Graham Bell's wife, who said to Alex on their wedding night, Your three minutes are up. Never got a dinner! #Quote by Red Buttons
Wedding Night quotes by Rebecca Musser
#37. Rulon motioned to me to help him up. I'd never imagined that my wedding night would involve a crash course in geriatric care, but my new husband was older than my grandpa Wall. Rulon was very tall, and it took all of my strength to get him up. #Quote by Rebecca Musser
Wedding Night quotes by Mickey Rupp
#38. Air racing may not be better than your wedding night, but it's better than the second night. #Quote by Mickey Rupp
Wedding Night quotes by Cynthia Hand
#39. What's a wedding without the wedding night? Considering that their first wedding night ended with a heap of horse dung in the corner of their room, it wasn't difficult to hope for something better this time. #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Wedding Night quotes by Emily Giffin
#40. I had seen the light, come to believe that a wedding should be about a feeling between two people, not a show for the masses ... It was a magical, romantic evening, and although I occasionally wish I had worn a slightly fancier dress, and that Nick and I had danced on our wedding night, I have no real regrets about the way we chose to do things. #Quote by Emily Giffin
Wedding Night quotes by Kelly Wearstler
#41. The best thing I ever bought is a vintage Oscar de la Renta short gingham dress that I wore to my rehearsal dinner the night before my wedding. #Quote by Kelly Wearstler
Wedding Night quotes by Anne Baxter
#42. My grandfather Frank Lloyd Wright wore a red sash on his wedding night. That is glamour! #Quote by Anne Baxter
Wedding Night quotes by Whitney Stewart
#43. On July 13, 1925, Walt and Lillian were married. They spent their honeymoon at Mount Rainier. On their wedding night, Walt had such a bad toothache that he couldn't sleep. To take his mind off the pain, he left their room and helped a porter shine shoes all night. The next morning he went to a dentist and had his tooth pulled. It certainly wasn't the most fun way to start off a marriage. But Walt had a good story to tell. #Quote by Whitney Stewart
Wedding Night quotes by Swarnakanthi Rajapakse
#44. Carolina protected her so that Suneetha should remain a virgin until her wedding night. The worth of such purity in character was immeasurable in this society and culture. Therefore, she never even allowed Suneetha to go with other village girls when they went to the desolate cinnamon gardens to gather firewood. #Quote by Swarnakanthi Rajapakse
Wedding Night quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#45. My last night as Isabella Swan. Tomorrow night, I would be Bella Cullen. Though the whole marriage ordeal was a thorn in my side, I had to admit that I liked the sound of that.
- bella swan #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Wedding Night quotes by Margaret Mallory
#46. Hmm?" She raised her eyebrows and looked up at him, then her cheerful expression faded. "Don't look at me like that."
"Like what?" he asked, though he knew damned well what she meant.
"Like ye think I'd be willing to have my wedding night lying in the dirt," she said, narrowing her eyes at him. "If ye believe that, you're quite mistaken."
"So we're only debating where, and not whether, to have a wedding night?" he asked. #Quote by Margaret Mallory
Wedding Night quotes by Cat Johnson
#47. After all of this is over and Tuck and Becca leave for their wedding night at the hotel, I don't want to be the sister of the bride or the maid of honor or anything else with responsibilities attached to it. I want to forget about everything and just have fun. Be. Feel. Live in the moment. And God, it's been so long since I've had sex." She stopped and looked up at his face. "Did I scare you yet?"
Scared, no. Speechless, yes, but only because all the blood in his body had rushed to his penis. Logan shook his head. "Nope, I'm definitely not scared. You, uh, have any candidates in mind for this night of reckless abandon? #Quote by Cat Johnson
Wedding Night quotes by Christina Lauren
#48. You're making fun of your bride on her wedding night?" His expression straightened and his brow smoothed as I ran my greedy hand down his chest. "Of course I am." "What kind of monster are you?" I teased, lightly scratching his stomach. His answering smile tilted up one half of his perfect mouth. "The kind that's going to fuck you so hard it'll look like your legs were put on backwards. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Wedding Night quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#49. I feel scalded inside. Like, third-degree burns. But no one can see them. (Fliss talking about her divorce.) #Quote by Sophie Kinsella
Wedding Night quotes by Bonnie Dee
#50. Alan lowered the lamp flame until there was only a glimmer of light in the room. His skin burned with fever as he climbed into bed beside Huiann. He felt like a groom on his wedding night except, he reminded himself, there would be no copulation. None. Not tonight. #Quote by Bonnie Dee
Wedding Night quotes by Victor Hugo
#51. Here we stop. On the threshold of wedding nights stands an angel smiling, a finger to his lips. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Wedding Night quotes by Mary Shelley
#52. It is well. I go; but remember, I shall be with you on your wedding-night. #Quote by Mary Shelley
Wedding Night quotes by Danya Kukafka
#53. On his wedding night, Russ thought of Lee Whitley in the way you think of someone dead. Fondly, too fondly, until absence takes this fondness and multiplies it, stretching until it becomes something invasive. Until it swallows you whole. #Quote by Danya Kukafka
Wedding Night quotes by Melody Snow Monroe
#54. A picture perfect day for a picture perfect wedding. #Quote by Melody Snow Monroe
Wedding Night quotes by Gore Vidal
#55. Each youth betrays considerable anxiety about the wedding night ahead. #Quote by Gore Vidal
Wedding Night quotes by Stacy Schiff
#56. Briefly (Vladimir Nabokov) caught the (Superman) fever too, composing a poem, now lost, on the the Man of Steel's wedding night. #Quote by Stacy Schiff
Wedding Night quotes by C.L. Wilson
#57. Tildy warned us the Winter King could identify a person by scent," Summer said. "Since he thinks you're Autumn, Tildy said the wedding night should take place here, in Autumn's bedroom, where her scent is already absorbed into everything."

"She added the flowers and incense to help mask your own scent," Spring added, "and deliberately arranged the candles so he won't be able to get a good look at your face so long as you keep to the bed."

"Where's Autumn?" she asked.


Khamsin turned. Her sister emerged from the connecting wardrobe room wrapped in a forest green satin robe. Her long auburn hair spilled around her shoulders in ringlets.

"Scenting up your nightclothes." Autumn grimaced. "I know I'm clean. I bathed this morning, but there's still something wrong about rolling on sheets and rubbing myself on clothes all day. It just seems so . . . so . . . dirty."

Despite everything, Khamsin laughed. For some reason, Autumn's complaint struck her as funny. "You rolled on the sheets?"

"Tildavera suggested it. #Quote by C.L. Wilson
Wedding Night quotes by Melvin Helitzer
#58. I sort of feel like Cindy Crawford's new husband on their wedding night. I know what's expected of me. I'm just not sure I've got the ability to make it interesting. #Quote by Melvin Helitzer
Wedding Night quotes by Gregory Colbert
#59. Letter 4

As I lay dreaming, Montezuma introduced himself and put his hand on my shoulder. The palm of the Aztec king felt like ancient papyrus.
When I looked up at him, I saw that his nose was chipped like that of a sphinx. His arms were like long ivory ropes that frayed into hands.
He led me down to the river, where we sat together and shared the river's silence. Then he spoke:
„Allow me to tell you my story. It may help you understand your own.
At dusk, in the year of one thousand rivers, the Spanish explorer Cortés arrived at the gates of my city. I welcomed him with open arms.
I showed Cortés hundreds of aviaries that had built in the city, and finally I took him to the most aviary of sighs. These birds carried only love letters.
Cortes laughed and said that all the bird songs made him feel like a virgin bride who is drunk with faith as she walks down the aisle of the church. On her wedding night, she undresses for her husband and he takes her in his arms. She believes everything is possible.
When Cortés stared straight into my eyes and said 'It is a night that is always colored in blood'." He paused for a long time before he spoke. Then he said, „Cortés returned with a small army of soldiers on horseback. When they ransacked the city, I was Cortes's own hand that lit the torch that set fire to the aviary of sighs.
The fires raged. The birds painted the blue sky black with the ashes of their wings. The gardens were redde #Quote by Gregory Colbert
Wedding Night quotes by Warsan Shire
#60. Old Spice

Every Sunday afternoon he dresses in his old army uniform,
tells you the name of every man he killed.
His knuckles are unmarked graves.

Visit him on a Tuesday and he will describe
the body of every woman he could not save.
He'll say she looked like your mother
and you will feel a storm in your stomach.

Your grandfather is from another generation–
Russian degrees and a school yard Cuban national anthem,
communism and religion. Only music makes him cry now.

He married his first love, her with the long curls down
to the small of her back. Sometimes he would
pull her to him, those curls wrapped around his hand
like rope.

He lives alone now. Frail, a living memory
reclining in a seat, the room orbiting around him.
You visit him but never have anything to say.
When he was your age he was a man.
You retreat into yourself whenever he says your name.

Your mother's father,
"the almost martyr,
can load a gun under water
in under four seconds.

Even his wedding night was a battlefield.
A Swiss knife, his young bride,
his sobs as he held Italian linen between her legs.

His face is a photograph left out in the sun,
the henna of his beard, the silver of his eyebrows
the wilted handkerchief, the kufi and the cane.

Your grandfather is dying.
#Quote by Warsan Shire
Wedding Night quotes by Tessa Dare
#61. He put his hand on a waist-high bit of wall, and a chunk of stone immediately shook loose. It landed on his boot, crushing his great toe. Logan kicked it aside and ground out a curse.
He turned in time to see Rabbie extending an open palm in Callum's direction. "I'll take my payment now."
Callum resentfully dug a coin from his sporran and placed it in Rabbie's hand.
Logan had had enough of their mysterious chatter. "Explain yourselves."
"I'm just settling a wager with Callum," Rabbie said.
"What kind of bet?" he demanded.
"As to whether you bedded your wee little English bride on the wedding night." Rabbie grinned. "I said no. I won."
Damn. Was his frustration that obvious?
Logan thought of the way he'd just cursed at a rock.
Yes, it probably was.
-Rabbie, Callum, & Logan #Quote by Tessa Dare
Wedding Night quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#62. Kev," Win said calmly, stepping forward, "I would like to talk to you about something."

Merripen, attentive as always to his wife, gave her a frowning glance. "Now?"

"Yes, now."

"Can't it wait?"

"No," Win said equably. At his continued hesitation, she said, "I'm expecting."

Merripen blinked. "Expecting what?"

"A baby."

They all watched as Merripen's face turned ashen. "But how ..." he asked dazedly, nearly staggering as he headed to Win.

"How?" Leo repeated. "Merripen, don't you remember that special talk we had before your wedding night?" He grinned as Merripen gave him a warning glance. Bending to Win's ear, Leo murmured, "Well done. But what are you going to tell him when he discovers it was only a ploy?"

"It's not a ploy," Win said cheerfully.

Leo's smile vanished, and he clapped a hand to his forehead. "Christ," he muttered. "Where's my brandy?" And he disappeared into the house.

"I'm sure he meant to say 'congratulations,' " Beatrix remarked brightly, following the group as they all went inside. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Wedding Night quotes by Rohit  Sharma
#63. It was the most beautiful night of their lives – their wedding night. The moon was full, splashing its bright silver light all over and making the night shine, with a magical canopy of stars sprayed against a velvety sky. #Quote by Rohit Sharma
Wedding Night quotes by H.M. Ward
#64. What kind of married couple uses a pole on their wedding night? #Quote by H.M. Ward
Wedding Night quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#65. Je t'aime, Lottie. Plus qu'un zloty." I hesitate, not sure what to say. "Well, it's a start ... "
"'I love you, Lottie, More that a zloty'?" Lorcan translates incredulously. "Seriously?"
"Lottie's a difficult rhyme!" Richard says defensively. "You try!"
"You could have used 'potty,'" suggests Noah. "'I love you, Lottie, Sitting on the potty.'"
"Thanks, Noah," says Richard grouchily. "Appreciate it. #Quote by Sophie Kinsella
Wedding Night quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#66. Underpants! Underpants! #Quote by Sophie Kinsella
Wedding Night quotes by Melinda Heald
#67. May your wedding night be like a kitchen table, all legs and no drawers. #Quote by Melinda Heald
Wedding Night quotes by John Donne
#68. Here lies a she sun, and a he moon there;
She gives the best light to his sphere;
Or each is both, and all, and so
They unto one another nothing owe;
And yet they do, but are
So just and rich in that coin which they pay,
That neither would, nor needs forbear, nor stay;
Neither desires to be spared nor to spare.
They quickly pay their debt, and then
Take no acquittances, but pay again;
They pay, they give, they lend, and so let fall
No such occasion to be liberal.
More truth, more courage in these two do shine,
Than all thy turtles have and sparrows, Valentine. #Quote by John Donne
Wedding Night quotes by Ree Drummond
#69. Eric, my German hairdresser, was waiting for me in the large dressing room upstairs. He'd cut my auburn hair since I was six and had seen it through tragic self-trimmings of my bangs, unfortunate summers of excessive Sun-In use, and horrible home perms gone terribly wrong. He'd never shrunk from haughtily chastising me through my follicular antics and had thrown in plenty of Teutonic life coaching along the way, on every subject from pimply high school boys to current events and politics. And he'd pretty much made me feel equal parts stupid and uncultured on more than one occasion with his superior knowledge of theater and art and opera.
But I loved him. He was important to me. So when I asked him to come to my wedding to transform my hair into an elegant and sexy and uncontrived but polished updo, Eric had answered, simply, "Yes."
And the moment I sat down in the chair, he chastised me for washing my hair right before I arrived.
"Ees juss too smooz," Eric scolded.
"I'm sorry," I begged. "Please don't ground me, Eric. I didn't want my head to stink on my wedding night."
And for the first time ever, I saw Eric crack a relaxed, mellow smile.
I loved it that Eric was there. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Wedding Night quotes by Ngina Otiende
#70. Dear newlywed wife, somebody out there is determined to shape your view of intimacy and marriage. You get to choose who will shape your opinion; the Author of marriage or offended humans? #Quote by Ngina Otiende
Wedding Night quotes by Wendy Higgins
#71. When I lift her, she wraps her legs around me and I carry her to an oversized chair. I fall back onto it and giver her bum a good slap, making her scream, "Hey!"
I hush her complaint with another kiss, and pull her hips down against mine until she lets her head fall back and sinks into my lap perfectly.
It's still our wedding night. She's all mine until the sun rises and it's time to release her back into the world. Until then, let the celebration continue. #Quote by Wendy Higgins
Wedding Night quotes by Mildred Walker
#72. And you've gone on all these years hating each other. Gil felt that hate. He could tell just being here. That's one of the things that drove him away from here, from me...'

Mom was still so long I looked up at her...She shook her head.

...'No, Yelena, I never hate Ben an' Ben don't hate me. Gospode Boge! I love him here so all these years!' Mom touched her breast and her face broke into life. Her eyes were softer. 'Me hate Ben!' she laughed...

I couldn't look at her, but I had to say what was in my mind. 'But all these years, even when I was a child, I've felt that you hated each other. When I heard you that night you both sounded cold and hard.'

Mom made a sound of disgust in her throat. 'That don't mean nothing. We get mad, sure! Like ice an' snow an' thunder an' lightning storm, but they don't hurt the wheat down in the ground any.' Mom picked up her whitewash brush and slapped it against the rough boards. 'Yolochka, you don't know how love is yet.'

...She finished her wall and poured the whitewash that was left back in the bigger pail. 'You can write that young Gil of yours that he don't know what he think he does. Sure, we fight sometime, but we got no hate here. #Quote by Mildred Walker
Wedding Night quotes by Martin Henderson
#73. When you're doing a one-man play, you maybe rehearse for a month, and then you're just doing it an hour or two a night. #Quote by Martin Henderson
Wedding Night quotes by William Shakespeare
#74. A lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Wedding Night quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
#75. Wanna know how I know I'm straight? On a 3 week road trip through Scotland right after high school, my best friend (gayyy!) and I slept in the same bed at quaint little B&Bs every night. And nothing ever happened in bed between us, except for the occasional fart. If I was gay, I would have totally fucked the shit out of his cute little gay ass. #Quote by Oliver Markus Malloy
Wedding Night quotes by Terry Pratchett
#76. It's like that in the Watch, too." said Angua. "You can be any sex you like provided you act male. There's no men and women in the Watch, just a bunch of lads. You'll soon learn the language. Basically it's how much beer you supped last night, how strong the curry was you had afterwards, and where you were sick. Just think egotesticle. You'll soon get the hang of it. And you'll have to be prepared for sexually explicit jokes in the Watch House. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Wedding Night quotes by Kathryn Wesley
#77. At our wedding, the Dwarves gave me away, and I saw in their eyes that gleam of pride and hurt, and I realized I had received something very special. The love of people who do not give their love easily, or do not give them often. But I had to leave to fulfill my destiny. There are a great many lies, but the biggest of them is the lie of obedience. #Quote by Kathryn Wesley
Wedding Night quotes by Bud Grant
#78. 'Monday Night Football' has the good and the bad points. The bad point is you have to wait around all day, and it disrupts your schedule for the next week. Now you have one less day to prepare for the following week. #Quote by Bud Grant
Wedding Night quotes by Victoria Denault
#79. Cinderella didn't ask for a prince. All she wanted was - " "A night out and a dress. #Quote by Victoria Denault
Wedding Night quotes by Rudolf Simek
#80. Nine is the mythical number of the Germanic tribes. Documentation for the significance of the number nine is found in both myth and cult. In Odin's self-sacrifice he hung for nine nights on the windy tree (Hávamál), there are nine worlds to Nifhel (Vafprudnismal 43), Heimdallr was born to nine mothers, Freyr had to wait for nine nights for his marriage to Gerd (Skírnismál 41), and eight nights (= nine days?) was the time of betrothal given also in the Þrymskviða. Literary embellishments in the Eddas similarly used the number nine: Skaði and Njörðr lived alternately for nine days in Nóatún and in Þrymheimr; every ninth night eight equally heavy rings drip from the ring Draupnir; Menglöð has nine maidens serve her (Fjölsvinnsmál 35ff), and Aegir had as many daughters. Thor can take nine steps at Ragnarök after his battle with the Midgard serpent before he falls down dead. Sacrificial feasts lasting nine days are mentioned for both Uppsala and Lejre and at these supposedly nine victims were sacrificed each day. #Quote by Rudolf Simek
Wedding Night quotes by Bella Meraki
#81. Whatever thoughts you have in the end moment of night will affect your next morning and whatever thoughts you have in the beginning of your day will affect your entire day. Think wisely. Then again it is your choice #Quote by Bella Meraki
Wedding Night quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#82. I am like a child who awakes At the light, so safe and secureFree from night's fears when dawn breaks, In Thee I am ever secure. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Wedding Night quotes by Rumi
#83. A thief loves the night. I am day. I reveal essences. #Quote by Rumi
Wedding Night quotes by Ryokan
#84. Too lazy to be ambitious,
I let the world take care of itself.
Ten days' worth of rice in my bag;
a bundle of twigs by the fireplace.
Why chatter about delusion and enlightenment?
Listening to the night rain on my roof,
I sit comfortably, with both legs stretched out. #Quote by Ryokan
Wedding Night quotes by Colson Whitehead
#85. He was all of them in one black body that night in the ring, and all of them when the shite men took him out back to those two iron rings. #Quote by Colson Whitehead
Wedding Night quotes by Debra Messing
#86. I don't think it's possible to have a wedding without it being stressful! #Quote by Debra Messing
Wedding Night quotes by Chris Kattan
#87. With the Roxbury guys (on 'Saturday Night Live'), I think the breaking point was when Stallone came on and wanted to do the sketch just because. And we're, like, 'Well, now we've got to create a story, so, what, are we bopping our heads with Rocky? What are we doing?' #Quote by Chris Kattan
Wedding Night quotes by Constantinos P. Cavafy
#88. Επιθυμίες
Σαν σώματα ωραία νεκρών που δεν εγέρασαν
και τάκλεισαν, με δάκρυα, σε μαυσωλείο λαμπρό,
με ρόδα στο κεφάλι και στα πόδια γιασεμιά --
έτσ' η επιθυμίες μοιάζουν που επέρασαν
χωρίς να εκπληρωθούν· χωρίς ν' αξιωθεί καμιά
της ηδονής μια νύχτα, ή ένα πρωϊ της φεγγερό."

"Like beautiful bodies of the dead who had not grown old
and they shut them, with tears, in a brilliant mausoleum,
with roses at the head and jasmine at the feet --
this is what desires resemble that have passed
without fulfillment; without any of them having achieved
a night of sensual delight, or a morning of brightness. #Quote by Constantinos P. Cavafy
Wedding Night quotes by Jack Kerouac
#89. I go all the way down to First Avenue ... I realize it's Friday Night all over America, in New York it's just ten o'clock and the fight's started in the Garden and longshoremen in North River bars are all watching the fight and drinking 20 beers apiece, and Sams are sitting in the front row ... while I spent all summer pacing and praying in mountaintops, of rock and snow, of lost birds and bears, these people've been sucking on cigarettes and drinks and pacing and praying in their souls, too, in their own way ... #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Wedding Night quotes by Alan Paton
#90. We do not know, we do not know. We shall live from day to day, and put more locks on the doors, and get a fine fierce dog when the fine fierce bitch next door has pups, and hold on to our handbags more tenaciously; and the beauty of the trees by night, and the raptures of lovers under the stars, these things we shall forego. We shall forego the coming home drunken through the midnight streets, and the evening walk over the star-lit veld. We shall be careful, and knock this off our lives, and knock that off our lives, and hedge ourselves about with safety and precaution. And our lives will shrink, but they shall be the lives of superior beings; and we shall live with fear, but at least it will not be a fear of the unknown. And the conscience shall be thrust down; the light of life shall not be extinguished, but be put under a bushel, to be preserved for a generation that will live by it again, in some day not yet come; and how it will come, and when it will come, we shall not think about at all. #Quote by Alan Paton
Wedding Night quotes by Charles Dickens
#91. A mystery man has just died in the novel. I've had these same thoughts when I see some of the homeless.

"Then there is rest around the lonely figure, now laid in its last earthly habitation; and it is watched by the gaunt eyes in the shutters through some quiet hours of night. If this forlorn man could have been prophetically seen lying here by the mother at whose breast he nestled, a little child, with eyes upraised to her loving face, and soft hand scarcely knowing how to close upon the neck to which it crept, what an impossibility the vision would have seemed! Oh, if in brighter days the now-extinguished fire within him ever burned for one woman who held him in her heart, where is she, while these ashes are above the ground! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Wedding Night quotes by Andrew Ripp
#92. Being an opener is easy because fans aren't expecting anything. However, when you go up there and blow their minds and they flip out that is such an unbelievable feeling, so you want to make sure you bring your everything, every single night to ensure that happens. #Quote by Andrew Ripp
Wedding Night quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#93. I cannot think that man is meant to find happiness so easily! Happiness is like one of those palaces on an enchanted island, its gates guarded by dragons. One must fight to gain it; and, in truth, I do not know what I have done to deserve the good fortune of becoming Mercédès, husband. #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Wedding Night quotes by Phyllis Diller
#94. Just because I have rice on my clothes doesn't mean I've been to a wedding. A Chinese man threw up on me. #Quote by Phyllis Diller
Wedding Night quotes by Martin Amis
#95. It's all strange to me. I know I live on a fierce and magical planet, which sheds or surrenders rain or even flings it off in whipstroke after whipstroke, which fires out bolts of electric gold into the firmament at 186,000 miles per second, which with a single shrug of its tectonic plates can erect a city in half an hour. Creation ... is easy, is quick. There's also a universe, apparently. But I cannot bear to see the stars, even though I know they're there all right, and I do see them, because Tod looks upward at night, as everybody does, and coos and points. The Plough. Sirius, the dog. The stars, to me, are like pins and needles, are like the routemap of a nightmare. Don't join the dots. ... Of the stars, one alone can I contemplate without pain. And that's a planet. The planet they call the evening star, the morning star. Intense Venus. #Quote by Martin Amis
Wedding Night quotes by Sammy Davis Jr.
#96. I hadn't been in Vegas 20 minutes when I got word that the bookmakers were offering three to one that Frank wouldn't show for my wedding. #Quote by Sammy Davis Jr.
Wedding Night quotes by Tina Fey
#97. After a couple hours of this, seven-year-old Christo was beside himself. He had never been babysat before. How long was this fuckery going to go on? His sister was hysterical. He paced around our living room, now in his shirtsleeves and black pants. Pulling his golden curls nervously, he looked like the night manager of a miniature diner who had just had a party of six dine and dash. He ranted to his baby sister in Greek, This sent my mother running into the dining room laughing hysterically. I chased her. What? What did he say? Roughly translated it was Oh! My Maria! What is to become of us? #Quote by Tina Fey
Wedding Night quotes by Courtney Cole
#98. Cheese and crackers? Really?" She looks at me skeptically. "Besides, he's not a gigolo, you prude! He's an escort. Big difference."
"An escort who, at the end of the night for a little more cash, will have sex with people. What do you call that?"
Sara's laugh has a wicked edge to it "I call it my good fortune. #Quote by Courtney Cole
Wedding Night quotes by Richard LaGravenese
#99. A friend of mine from college is married to Neil Levy, who started on 'Saturday Night Live' in the early days and is a really great guy and funny writer. #Quote by Richard LaGravenese
Wedding Night quotes by Micheline Aharonian Marcom
#100. And she would like to cry, but she is unable to; and she would like to disappear but she won't; and she would like to stop feeling this despair and so she thinks that she will go to the movies see friends shop eat barter fuck the neighbor's husband: she is like a sow in her mud (of loneliness) and covers herself in it and what of it--it is the disease of her country, and the late night television shows the magazines and movies in cheap collusion with it. #Quote by Micheline Aharonian Marcom
Wedding Night quotes by Katherine Mansfield
#101. Goodness gracious! - What's that? It's the clock striking! And here I've been keeping you awake. Oh, madam, you ought to have stopped me... Can I tuck in your feet? I always tuck in my lady's feet, every night, just the same. And she says, "Good night, Ellen. Sleep sound and wake early!" I don't know what I should do if she didn't say that, now. ... #Quote by Katherine Mansfield
Wedding Night quotes by Monique DeVere
#102. Ethan: "I'm not asking you to continue that night."
Karis: "Then what are you asking?"
Ethan: "For a whole new night. #Quote by Monique DeVere
Wedding Night quotes by Jason Mraz
#103. When I look into your eyes it's like watching the night sky or a beautiful sunrise; well, there's so much they hold. And just like them old stars, I see that you've come so far to be right where you are. How old is your soul? #Quote by Jason Mraz

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