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Famous Quotes About Web Traffic

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Web Traffic quotes by Jounayet Rahman
#1. Regular content update and regular backlink means more traffics. #Quote by Jounayet Rahman
Web Traffic quotes by Alain De Botton
#2. Web traffic figures for the BBC news website: #Quote by Alain De Botton
Web Traffic quotes by Marc Ostrofsky
#3. Direct navigation traffic is by far the most highly targeted form of web traffic available. #Quote by Marc Ostrofsky
Web Traffic quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#4. What are we doing here? (Delphine)
Going to eat. What? You got Alzheimer's? (Jericho)
No, but I don't see a restaurant around here. (Delphine)
If I put us inside the restaurant, people might scream and freak. Not to mention, it has a Web cam there that makes it even harder to just poof inside. Damn modern people and their wizard's tools. (Jericho) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Web Traffic quotes by Timothy Ferriss
#5. No newspapers, magazines, audiobooks, or nonmusic radio. Music is permitted at all times. No news websites whatsoever (cnn.com, drudgereport.com, msn.com,10 etc.). No television at all, except for one hour of pleasure viewing each evening. No reading books, except for this book and one hour of fiction11 pleasure reading prior to bed. No web surfing at the desk unless it is necessary to complete a work task for that day. Necessary means necessary, not nice to have. #Quote by Timothy Ferriss
Web Traffic quotes by Mary Hooper
#6. Prince Albert was gazing out of the window into the dark streets. Grace's eyes locked with Prince Albert's and she immediately sank into curtsey. On rising, she blushed to see that he was nodding in acknowledgment and smiling. Not knowing what else to do, she curtseyed again, and while her knee was still bent, the traffic eased and the royal carriage moved off. #Quote by Mary Hooper
Web Traffic quotes by Patrick Leahy
#7. I'm addicted to the Internet. I admit it. It has transformed the way I work as a senator, communicate with my children, and keep tabs on news and cultural developments ... The Internet is a more direct communications link between legislators and their constituents ... I constantly work at fusing my Senate work into my office home page to make it as useful, timely, and user-friendly as possible for Vermonters and others who may visit ... I look at my Web site, as my 24-hour virtual office, where visitors can send me an e-mail or search for the information they need anytime, day or night. #Quote by Patrick Leahy
Web Traffic quotes by Steven Johnson
#8. The economics of television syndication and DVD sales mean that there's a tremendous financial pressure to make programs that can be watched multiple times, revealing new nuances and shadings on the third viewing. Meanwhile, the Web has created a forum for annotation and commentary that allows more complicated shows to prosper, thanks to the fan sites where each episode of shows like 'Lost' or 'Alias' is dissected with an intensity usually reserved for Talmud scholars. #Quote by Steven Johnson
Web Traffic quotes by Walter Kirn
#9. E-mails, phone calls, Web sites, videos. They're still all letters, basically, and they've come to outnumber old-fashioned conversations. They are the conversation now. #Quote by Walter Kirn
Web Traffic quotes by Joanna Russ
#10. There's no being out too late in Whileaway, or up too early, or in the wrong part of town, or unescorted. You cannot fall out of the kinship web and become sexual prey for strangers, for there is no prey and there are no strangers
the web is world-wide. In all of Whileaway there is no one who can keep you from going where you please (though you may risk your life, if that sort of thing appeals to you), no one who will follow you and try to embarrass you by whispering obscenities in your ear, no one who will attempt to rape you, no one who will warn you of the dangers of the street, no one who will stand on street corners, hot-eyed and vicious, jingling loose change in his pants pocket, bitterly bitterly sure that you're a cheap floozy, hot and wild, who likes it, who can't say no, who's making a mint off it, who inspires him with nothing but disgust, and who wants to drive him crazy. #Quote by Joanna Russ
Web Traffic quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#11. Darcy closed her eyes. Their lips met, and she breathed in the scent of the sun-heated tar beneath them and the salt of Imogen's skin. She felt the rumble of the traffic below traveling up through the building and into her spine, her fingertips, her tongue. #Quote by Scott Westerfeld
Web Traffic quotes by Gary B. Shelly
#12. 2 Searching for Health Information
1. Choose a fitness or diet plan to research.
2. Determine the keywords you will use in the search query.
3. Time how long it takes you to find the information you are seeking using multiple
search engines and the Internet Explorer Search box and QuickPick menu.
4. Evaluate how well you perform the search:
a. Record how many Web sites you visit.
b. For each site you visit, evaluate the quality of information and credibility of the
site. List the qualities that make the site more or less credible.
c. For the fitness or diet plan that you choose, find out the recommendations for
exercise and any major food restrictions.
d. Write down what further steps you should take to evaluate the quality of the
3 #Quote by Gary B. Shelly
Web Traffic quotes by John Battelle
#13. 'Dependent web' platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Yahoo are where people go to discover and share new content. Independent sites are the millions of blogs, community and service sites where passionate individuals 'hang out' with like-minded folks. This is where shared content is often created. #Quote by John Battelle
Web Traffic quotes by John William Swank
#14. Visit my web site at http://www.jwswankbooks.com. to learn about my books.

"My web page is a place for me to share with you information about my books and writings. My writings are on various subjects, both factual and fictional. I write about my hobbies and my faith. I hope my writings will inform, entertain, and inspire you." JWS #Quote by John William Swank
Web Traffic quotes by Reed Hastings
#15. If the Starbucks secret is a smile when you get your latte ... ours is that the Web site adapts to the individual's taste. #Quote by Reed Hastings
Web Traffic quotes by Shin Kyung-sook
#16. Life demands sacrifice and difficult decisions from us at every moment. Living does not mean passing through a void of nothingness but rather through a web of relationships among beings, each with their own weight and volume and texture. #Quote by Shin Kyung-sook
Web Traffic quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#17. Women worldwide ages 15 through 44 are more likely to die or be maimed because of male violence than because of cancer, malaria, war and traffic accidents combined, #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Web Traffic quotes by Jesse James Garrett
#18. Ajax is an important development for Web applications, and its importance is only going to grow. #Quote by Jesse James Garrett
Web Traffic quotes by Tom Vanderbilt
#19. This raises the interesting, if seemingly outlandish, question of why car drivers, virtually alone among users of wheeled transport, do not wear helmets. Yes, cars do provide a nice metal cocoon with inflatable cushions. But in Australia, for example, head injuries among car occupants, according to research by the Federal Office of Road Safety, make up half the country's traffic-injury costs. Helmets, cheaper and more reliable than side-impact air bags, would reduce injuries and cut fatalities by some 25 percent.95 A crazy idea, perhaps, but so were air bags once. #Quote by Tom Vanderbilt
Web Traffic quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#20. You have a dress with a décolletage to emphasise your breasts. I suppose the cleavage is the proper focus but what I wanted to do was to fasten my index finger and thumb at the bolts of your collar bone, push out, spreading the web of my hand until it caught against your throat. You asked me if I wanted to strangle you. No, I wanted to fit you, not just in the obvious ways but in so many indentations. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Web Traffic quotes by Trip Adler
#21. Just as it can be addictive to be in a real world bookstore or library, it's the same on the Web. #Quote by Trip Adler
Web Traffic quotes by Justin Hartley
#22. It's all about story and character with me, and I don't care if the job is on daytime or prime time or the web. Hey, give me a good character and someone to listen, and I'll do my acting on a street corner. #Quote by Justin Hartley
Web Traffic quotes by Julie Ann Dawson
#23. Companies from which I have purchased items are more than welcome to call me with a sale or discount. If I request information on your Web site, please call me. If I don't want your wares, calling me 15 times in a week will not change that. #Quote by Julie Ann Dawson
Web Traffic quotes by Scott McCloud
#24. If you think about it, for any kind of content on the web, the natural price per unit of these things should be under a dollar. #Quote by Scott McCloud
Web Traffic quotes by Jeff Bezos
#25. Infrastructure web services had to happen. #Quote by Jeff Bezos
Web Traffic quotes by Jonathan Raban
#26. We need – more urgently than architectural utopias, ingenious traffic disposal systems, or ecological programmes – to comprehend the nature of citizenship, to make serious imaginative assessment of that special relationship between the self and the city; its unique plasticity, its privacy and freedom. #Quote by Jonathan Raban
Web Traffic quotes by Kiersten White
#27. You cannot control faeries. Can. Not. They aren't logical or rational. They don't obey the same laws (physical, social, emotional, traffic - you name it) that we do. #Quote by Kiersten White
Web Traffic quotes by Lev Grossman
#28. It was a worrying trend. Everybody else was deep into their own stories, and all the stories were woven together just beneath the surface into a web that included Plum. But what was Plum's story? #Quote by Lev Grossman
Web Traffic quotes by Bailey Chase
#29. George Clooney had the web of celebrity from television and doing 'ER,' and he's able to parlay that into films. God willing, I'll be up there in a few years. #Quote by Bailey Chase
Web Traffic quotes by Anonymous
#30. A report by ArchCity Defenders, a non-profit group, found that the municipal court in Ferguson - a city of 21,135 people - issued 32,975 arrest warrants last year, mostly for traffic violations. These fines and fees were the second-biggest source of the city's $20m income. #Quote by Anonymous
Web Traffic quotes by Werner Vogels
#31. What sets the The Next Web apart is a focus on the internet as a key driver for a global market. Their international view is unique, making their blogs a must read and their conferences a must attend for professionals like me who do business around the globe #Quote by Werner Vogels
Web Traffic quotes by Thomas Szasz
#32. The two greatest enemies of the individual in the modern world are communism and psychiatry. Each wages a relentless war against that which makes a person an individual: communism against the ownership of property, psychiatry against the ownership of the self (mind and body). Communists criminalize the autonomous use of capital and labor, and harshly punish those who "traffic" in the black market, especially in foreign currencies. Psychiatrists criminalize the autonomous use of the self, and harshly punish those who "traffic" in self-abuse, especially in self-medication and self-destruction. #Quote by Thomas Szasz
Web Traffic quotes by Chief Seattle
#33. Will you teach your children what we have taught our children? That the earth is our mother? What befalls the earth befalls all the sons of the earth. This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. One thing we know: our god is also your god. The earth is precious to him and to harm the earth is to heap contempt on its creator. #Quote by Chief Seattle
Web Traffic quotes by William Monahan
#34. But the web is to some degree a broth of psychopaths seeing what they can get away with in circumstances of anonymity. Look, we live in a world where one is unsafe in various ways because of the Internet. Anything can be said. Someone can look at your house from space. #Quote by William Monahan
Web Traffic quotes by Jim Balsillie
#35. There may be 300,000 apps for the iPhone and iPad, but the only app you really need is the browser. You don't need an app for the web ... You don't need to go through some kind of SDK ... You can use your web tools ... And you can publish your apps to the BlackBerry without writing any native code. #Quote by Jim Balsillie
Web Traffic quotes by Adeline Yen Mah
#36. Day after day, anxiety spun its web around my thoughts and spread to all corners of my heart. #Quote by Adeline Yen Mah
Web Traffic quotes by Kevin Mitnick
#37. To have transactions made on your web site via credit card, you must be PCI compliant. Businesses make the mistake of thinking that because you passed the requirements and are PCI certified, you are immune to attacks. #Quote by Kevin Mitnick
Web Traffic quotes by Katy Evans
#38. There's an awful video of me on YouTube.com, titled Dumas, her life is over! which was taped by some amateur during my first Olympic tryouts and has had quite a bit of traffic-like all videos of humiliated people do. This is where the exact moment that my life shattered around me was perfectly immortalized on film and can now be played and replayed, over and over, so the world can watch for their enjoyment. #Quote by Katy Evans
Web Traffic quotes by Michael Cunningham
#39. I'm not this unusual," she said. "It's just my hair."
She looked at Bobby and she looked at me, with an expression at once disdainful and imploring. She was forty, pregnant, and in love with two men at once. I think what she could not abide was the zaniness of her life. Like many of us, she had grown up expecting romance to bestow dignity and direction.
"Be brave," I told her. Bobby and I stood before her, confused and homeless and lacking a plan, beset by an aching but chaotic love that refused to focus in the conventional way. Traffic roared behind us. A truck honked its hydraulic horn, a monstrous, oceanic sound. Clare shook her head, not in denial but in exasperation. Because she could think of nothing else to do, she began walking again, more slowly, toward the row of trees. #Quote by Michael Cunningham
Web Traffic quotes by Tim Berners-Lee
#40. The concept of the Web is of universal readership. #Quote by Tim Berners-Lee
Web Traffic quotes by Frederic M. Perrin
#41. Teach them a spider does not spin a web. Spiders spin meaning. Cut one strand and the web holds. Cut many, the web falls. With the web's fall, so too falls the spider. Break the web. Break the spider. So breaks the circle of life. #Quote by Frederic M. Perrin
Web Traffic quotes by David Brooks
#42. People with character are capable of long obedience in the same direction, of staying attached to people and causes and callings through thick and thin. People with character also have scope. They are not infinitely flexible, free-floating, and solitary. They are anchored by permanent attachments to important things. In the realm of the intellect, they have a set of permanent convictions about fundamental truths. In the realm of emotion, they are enmeshed in a web of unconditional loves. In the realm of action, they have a permanent commitment to tasks that cannot be completed in a single lifetime. #Quote by David Brooks
Web Traffic quotes by Tim Berners-Lee
#43. The Semantic Web is not a separate Web but an extension of the current one, in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation. #Quote by Tim Berners-Lee
Web Traffic quotes by Orson Scott Card
#44. If human beings are all monsters, why should I sacrifice anything for them?"
"Because they are beautiful monsters ... , And when they live in a network of peace and hope, when they trust the world and their deepest hungers are fulfilled, then within that system, that delicate web, there is joy. That is what we live for, to bind the monsters together, to murder their fear and give birth to their beauty. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Web Traffic quotes by Adi Shankar
#45. I don't subscribe to the school of thought that as a feature film producer I shouldn't dabble in television, web content, or even comic books ... #Quote by Adi Shankar
Web Traffic quotes by Robert B. Parker
#46. Corsetti pulled up and parked on 52nd Street in front of an apartment near the river. He put the cop light on top of the cruiser.
"Keep the fucking traffic buzzards from hauling it off to the tow lot," he said. #Quote by Robert B. Parker
Web Traffic quotes by Michael Scott
#47. We're going nowhere, " Joan said grimly. Traffic on the narrow street was at a complete standstill.
A chill settled in Sophie's stomach: it was the appalling fear that her brother was going to die.
"Sidewalk," Nicholas said decisively. "Take it."
"But the pedestrians - "
"Can get out of the way. Use your horn. #Quote by Michael Scott
Web Traffic quotes by Derek Landy
#48. This is a very important undercover operation which you are endangering just by talking to us." He opened his jacket. "Look, I have a gun. I am Detective Inspector Me. This is my partner, Detective Her." The traffic warden frowned. "Her?" "Me," said Stephanie. "Him?" "Not me," said Skulduggery. "Her." "Me," said Stephanie. "You?" said the traffic warden. "Yes," said Stephanie. "I'm sorry, who are you?" Stephanie looked at him. "I'm Her, he's Me. Got it? Good. #Quote by Derek Landy
Web Traffic quotes by Milton Jones
#49. I hate sitting in traffic, because I always get run over. #Quote by Milton Jones
Web Traffic quotes by Paul Greenberg
#50. Generation Y is the first generation to spend more time on the Net than watching TV, with 10.6 hours per week watching TV and 12.2 hours surfing the Web. #Quote by Paul Greenberg
Web Traffic quotes by Ayn Rand
#51. The basic trouble with the modern world ... is the intellectual fallacy that freedom and compulsion are opposites. To solve the gigantic problems crushing the world today, we must clarify our mental confusion. We must acquire a philosophical perspective. In essence, freedom and compulsion are one. Let me give you a simple illustration. Traffic lights restrain your freedom to cross a street whenever you wish. But this restraint gives you the freedom from being run over by a truck. If you were assigned to a job and prohibited from leaving it, it would restrain the freedom of your career. But it would give you freedom from the fear of unemployment. Whenever a new compulsion is forced upon us, we automatically gain a new freedom. The two are inseparable. Only by accepting total compulsion can we achieve total freedom. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Web Traffic quotes by Robert Cailliau
#52. At one point, CERN was toying with patenting the World Wide Web. #Quote by Robert Cailliau

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