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Waterway Car Wash quotes by Bill Hayes
#1. I've come to believe that a good cry is like a car wash for the soul #Quote by Bill Hayes
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Jarod Kintz
#2. The car wash sign said, "Free Vacuums." So I told them I wanted a high-powered Dyson. I figured it'd be a good gift for my girl, so she could stop sweeping the living room carpet. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Chris Offutt
#3. MY FATHER was a brilliant man, a true iconoclast, fiercely self-reliant, a dark genius, cruel, selfish, and eternally optimistic. Early in his sales career, a boss called him an "independent son of a bitch," which Dad took as the highest compliment he'd ever received. He wanted me to be the same way. Dad had no hobbies, no distractive activities. He didn't do household chores, wash the car, #Quote by Chris Offutt
Waterway Car Wash quotes by David Sedaris
#4. You just take and take don´t you? Out there with your thumb in the air - not a care in the world, just grabbing whatever you can get. Yes, sir, you just take and take until you´re ready to burst. But what about giving? Did you ever think about that? Of course not - you´re too busy taking, Mr. Handout, Mr. Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee. Me, I´m what you call a ´taxpayer.´ Tax, it´s a... tariff that working people have to pay so that someone like yourself can enjoy a life of leisure. I give and give until I´ve got nothing left! Nothing! Then I turn around and give some more. I give and I give to all of Uncle Sam´s little takers, every last one of you, but what´s in it for me? I´ve been thinking that maybe it´s time I get a little something in retum. Yes, indeed, maybe it´s about time we try that shoe on the other foot for a change. You, my young friend, are going to wash my car inside and out. And you´re going to pay for it! #Quote by David Sedaris
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Robert De Niro
#5. Running a casino is like robbing a bank with no cops around. For guys like me, Las Vegas washes away your sins. It's like a morality car wash. #Quote by Robert De Niro
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Joey Logano
#6. I wash my cars and clean the garage a lot. That's kind of my thing. #Quote by Joey Logano
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Trent Reznor
#7. If I go onstage, I want to give people everything they want and more. I'll wash their car for them on their way out. #Quote by Trent Reznor
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Drew Magary
#8. Take any two-year-old through a car wash and their skulls are blown. FLAPS! FOAM! ROLLING THINGS! It's the closest they'll ever get to being inside a working spaceship. #Quote by Drew Magary
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Jennifer Echols
#9. My knee radiated heat. As I watched him pull himself from the car and walk casually across the brightly lit parking lot, I thought dumb things. I will never wash my knee again. I will never wash these jeans again. I will cut the knee out of these jeans and sew a pillow to sleep on every night, just to have a molecule of him in my bed with me. #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Richard Pryor As
#10. It is better to have money and not to need it, than to need it and not to have it. #Quote by Richard Pryor As "Daddy Rich" From The Film "Car Wash
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Donald A. Norman
#11. Attractive things work better When you wash and wax a car, it drives better, doesn't it? Or at least feels like it does. #Quote by Donald A. Norman
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Billy Collins
#12. Eastern Standard Time

Poetry speaks to all people, it is said,
but here I would like to address
only those in my own time zone,
this proper slice of longitude
that runs from pole to snowy pole
down the globe through Montreal to Bogota.

Oh, fellow inhabitants of this singular band,
sitting up in your many beds this morning -
the sun falling through the windows
and casting a shadow on the sundial -
consider those in other zones who cannot hear these words.

They are not slipping into a bathrobe as we are,
or following the smell of coffee in a timely fashion.

Rather, they are at work already,
leaning on copy machines,
hammering nails into a house-frame.

They are not swallowing a vitamin like us;
rather they are smoking a cigarette under a half moon,
even jumping around on a dance floor,
or just now sliding under the covers,
pulling down the little chains on their bed lamps.

But we are not like these others,
for at this very moment on the face of the earth,
we are standing under a hot shower,

or we are eating our breakfast,
considered by people of all zones
to be the most important meal of the day.

Later, when the time is right,
we might sit down with the boss,
wash the car, or linger at a candle-lit table,
but now is the hour for pouring the juice
and flipping the eggs with #Quote by Billy Collins
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Anne Lamott
#13. Are you born again?" he asked, as we taxied down the runway. He was rather prim and tense, maybe a little like David Eisenhower with a spastic colon. I did not know how to answer for a moment.
"Yes," I said. "I am."
My friends like to tell each other that I am not really a born-again Christian. They think of me more along the lines of that old Jonathan Miller routine, where he said, "I'm not really a Jew -- I'm Jew-ish." They think I am Christian-ish. But I'm not. I'm just a bad Christian. A bad born-again Christian. And certainly, like the apostle Peter, I am capable of denying it, of presenting myself as a sort of leftist liberation-theology enthusiast and maybe sort of a vaguely Jesusy bon vivant. But it's not true. And I believe that when you get on a plane, if you start lying you are totally doomed.
So I told the truth; that I am a believer, a convert. I'm probably about three months away from slapping an aluminum Jesus-fish on the back of my car, although I first want to see if the application or stickum in any way interferes with my lease agreement. And believe me, all this boggles even *my* mind. But it's true. I could go to a gathering of foot-wash Baptists and, except for my dreadlocks, fit right in. I would wash their feet; I would let them wash mine. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#14. It's settled, then," Grace said. She turned back to Nick. "Take the Jag to the car wash and for heaven's sake clean the McDonald's Happy Meal boxes out of it."
"Hey," Nick said, his face offended. "That's a low blow. Those boxes are collectibles. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Charlie Puth
#15. When we used to go to the car-wash where people would wipe the windows, my dad would go out and help them and then tip them as well, so I learned my empathy from my dad, and my mum is very empathetic too, but in a very stern way; she will always check my ego. #Quote by Charlie Puth
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#16. My God," she says. "I feel like I've gone through a car wash."

I laugh, or force myself to, because it's not something I'd normally laugh at.

"What about you?" she says to Scottie. "How did you make out?"

"I'm a boy," Scottie says. "Look at me."

Sand has gotten into the bottom of her suit, creating a huge bulge. She scratches at the bulge. "I'm going to go to work now," she says. I think she's impersonating me and that Mrs. Speer is getting an unrealistic, humiliating glimpse.

"Scottie," I say. "Take that out."

"It must be fun to have girls," Mrs. Speer says.

She looks at the ocean, and I see that she's looking at Alex sunbathing on the floating raft. Sid leans over Alex and puts his mouth to hers. She raises a hand to his head, and for a moment I forget it's my daughter out there and think of how long it has been since I've been kissed or kissed like that.

"Or maybe you have your hands full," Mrs. Speer says.

"No, no," I say. "It's great," and it is, I suppose, though I feel like I've just acquired them and don't know yet. "They've been together for ages." I gesture to Alex and Sid. I don't understand if they're a couple or if this is how all kids in high school act these days.

Mrs. Speer looks at me curiously, as if she's about to say something, but she doesn't.

"And boys." I gesture to her little dorks. "They must keep you busy."

"They're a ha #Quote by Kaui Hart Hemmings
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Billiam Coronel
#17. I like Yorkshire terriers. They're good to wash your car with. They fit right in the bucket. #Quote by Billiam Coronel
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Bum Phillips
#18. That boy could throw a ball through a car wash and not get it wet. (on Warren Moon) #Quote by Bum Phillips
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Johnny Weir
#19. I'm a tough person. I wasn't afraid of other kids because I understood that someday they'd wash my car. #Quote by Johnny Weir
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Dave Barry
#20. Miami drivers will attempt to pass you inside a car wash. #Quote by Dave Barry
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Eric Foner
#21. Hey, Pedro, could you get your shopping cart out of my faculty parking space? Yes, I know you live on the street. But you know how hard it is to find a parking spot on the Upper West Side. After all, you used to be one of my best students! So how's that Columbia degree working out for you? Not so good, huh? Sorry about that. Really! But you know, a college degree isn't like some cheap used car. There's no warantee. Right, there's no Lemon Law either. Buyer beware! Look, Pedro, I don't want to call security again. Yes, I know they're your cousins. What's that? You'll wash my car for a dollar? Well, I guess that's a good deal. Where's your sponge bucket? What's that? You've got a hose? What do you mean, it's tucked in your pants? Hey Pedro
no, no, no don't
aw, Pedro! #Quote by Eric Foner
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#22. But it is at home and not in public that one should wash ones dirty linen.
[Fr., Car c'est en famille, ce n'est pas en public, qu'un lave son linge sale.] #Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Stephen King
#23. Hodges could remember buying his first new car and letting the guy's post-sales tutorial wash over him - uh-huh, yep, right, gotcha - just anxious to get his new purchase out on the road, to dig the rattle-free ride and inhale that incomparable new-car smell, which to the buyer is the aroma of money well spent. #Quote by Stephen King
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Sarah Dessen
#24. Told you. Everything sounds better in the car wash. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Cherry Cheva
#25. Huh. Have you ever even kissed anybody?"
"Uh..." I looked away from him, at the lockers, at the STUDENT CAR WASH! posters in the hallways, at someone's backpack as it passed through the line of vision, at anything, Camden studied me for a moment. Then he took a step forward, bent his head, and gently kissed me.
"Now you have," he said. #Quote by Cherry Cheva
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Brittany Snow
#26. Have you ever noticed how nice people are at the car wash?! Maybe it's just me, but it makes me happy. Weird, I know! #Quote by Brittany Snow
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Ilona Andrews
#27. Gradually, it sank in. The Mother Beast was dead. I had killed her. The taste of her blood burned in my mouth. Behind her, a deep black hole bore into the ground beneath the remnants of the railroad car. It must have been her underground lair. She had raised her brood there, safe and far away from everyone, until Kyle's crew invaded her den.
Such an awful waste. None of this was necessary. At least one person died, many others were injured, and this great magnificient beast and her brood lost their lives all because Kyle Bell wanted to make a quick buck on the side. He stood by the remnants of the tent now, arms crossed, barking orders.
I marched over to Kyle. He saw me, opened his mouth, and I backhanded him. The blow knocked him to the ground. «This is your fault. You brought these people here. You knew this place was dangerous.» I pulled him upright and spun him toward the dead beast. «Look! People died because of you. Do you understand that? If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have had to murder her. She was just protecting her children.»
«She tried to kill us!»
I backhanded him again. «She tried to kill you because you broke into her house.»
The workers stood around us, thier faces grim. Nobody made any move to help their boss.
I found my bow and quiver and walked away. Ascanio jumped off the beast and joined me. His voice was a deep growl, shredded by his teeth. «It. Wash. Aweshome.»

«This was a tragedy.» People came before #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Kim Addonizio
#28. You Don't Know What Love Is
But you know how to raise it in me
like a dead girl winched up from a river. How to
wash off the sludge, the stench of our past.
How to start clean. This love even sits up
and blinks; amazed, she takes a few shaky steps.
Any day now she'll try to eat solid food. She'll want
to get into the fast car, one low to the ground, and drive
to some cinderblock shithole in the desert
where she can drink and get sick and then
dance in nothing but her underwear. You know
where she's headed, you know she'll wake up
with an ache she can't locate and no money
and a terrible thirst. So to hell
with your warm hands sliding inside my shirt
and your tongue down my throat
like an oxygen tube. Cover me
in black plastic. Let the mourners through. #Quote by Kim Addonizio
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#29. You look like you got more of a bath than the car. I never
thought washing a car would be so hard, but after watching you for the last fifteen minutes, I'm convinced it should be an Olympic sport. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Waterway Car Wash quotes by BikeSnobNYC
#30. But surely the commute that defines the era was Noah's voyage aboard his eponymous ark, and to this day it remains the most epic commuting story ever told. As most people know, God felt that Earth had essentially "jumped the shark" (or "raped the angel" as they used to say back then), so rather than try to fix it, He instead decided to simply wash everyone away in a great flood and start over from scratch
just as you might do to your computer's hard drive if it has a really bad virus. So God spoke to Noah and commanded him to build an ark, aboard which he'd carry two of every animal in the world ... Thus was born humankind's lust for gigantic vehicles, for God's instructions to Noah were basically the world's first car commercial, and the sales pitch was this: Large vehicles are your salvation. #Quote by BikeSnobNYC
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Tyson Fury
#31. My first job was working for my dad. He was a used-car dealer, and I used to wash the cars down, clean them out, and so on. I would do stuff for him pretty much every day. It was quite a good job, to be honest. #Quote by Tyson Fury
Waterway Car Wash quotes by Henny Youngman
#32. My brother was a lifeguard in a car wash. #Quote by Henny Youngman

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