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Waterdown Collision quotes by Joel Edgerton
#1. I wanted to make a redemptive thriller that didn't end with some kind of big, crazy shootout and blood spill, but more of a collision of ideas and a discussion of ethics. #Quote by Joel Edgerton
Waterdown Collision quotes by Tommy Wallach
#2. Why does anyone fall in love with anyone? I don't believe we each have some single special person waiting for us out there, if that's what you're getting at. I've been in love too many times over the years to buy into that old canard. It's more a question of timing you know? As if we all have these elaborate locks inside our hearts that are constantly changing shape, and every once in a while, someone happens along with the perfect key. Love is nothing more than a fortuitous collision of circumstances. And then you discover you've ended up spending fifty years with someone. #Quote by Tommy Wallach
Waterdown Collision quotes by Lauren Oliver
#3. I wonder if it's ever really possible to know the truth about someone else, or if the best we can do is just stumble into each other, heads down, hoping to avoid collision. I ... wonder how many people are clutching secrets like little fists, little rocks sitting in the pits of their stomachs. All of them, maybe. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Waterdown Collision quotes by Jack Spicer
#4. Well Dennis you don't have to hear any
of the mountain music they play here.
Telling the young lies so that they can learn to get old.
Favouring them
with biscuits. "It's a mighty rough road from Lynchburg to
Danville, declension on a three mile grade." In either case
collision course. You either pick up the music or you don't. #Quote by Jack Spicer
Waterdown Collision quotes by G.M.W. Wemyss
#5. I saw a pair of great tits some days ago. (Massingham Major, you are a dirty-minded boy, and if you snigger again, you will do five hundred lines.) The squeaking-wheel song of Parus major is always gladsome, a precursor to interesting scenes at the bird table. On this occasion, however, what hearing and seeing the two greenery-yallery Paridae first called up in me was a memory from last year's early Springtide: an aerial near-collision. A very young squirrel – native red, I am rejoiced to say – was leaping from one tree trunk to another, adjacent, just as a great tit was exploding outwards in flight from the second tree. You never saw a more indignant bird or a more startled squirrel in your life. #Quote by G.M.W. Wemyss
Waterdown Collision quotes by Adam Johnson
#6. Aren't our lives a collision of the comic and the uncertain and the terrifying and the mundane? #Quote by Adam Johnson
Waterdown Collision quotes by Ree Drummond
#7. You okay?" Marlboro Man called out. I didn't answer. I just kept on walking, determined to get the hell out of Dodge.
It took him about five seconds to catch up with me; I wasn't a very fast walker. "Hey," he said, grabbing me around the waist and whipping me around so I was facing him. "Aww, it's okay. It happens."
I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to hear it. I wanted him to let go of me and I wanted to keep on walking. I wanted to walk back down the hillside, start my car, and get out of there. I didn't know where I'd go, I just knew I wanted to go. I wanted away from all of it--riding horses, saddles, reins, bridles--I didn't want it anymore. I hated everything on that ranch. It was all stupid, dumb…and stupid.
Wriggling loose of his consoling embrace, I squealed, "I seriously can't do this!" My hands trembled wildly and my voice quivered. The tip of my nose began to sting, and tears welled up in my eyes. It wasn't like me to display such hysteria in the presence of a man. But being driven to the brink of death had brought me to this place. I felt like a wild animal. I was powerless to restrain myself. "I don't want to do this for the rest of my life!" I cried.
I turned to leave again but decided instead to give up, choosing to sit down on the ground and slump over in defeat. It was all so humiliating--not just my rigid, freakish riding style or my near collision with the ground, but also my crazy, emotional reaction after the fact. This wa #Quote by Ree Drummond
Waterdown Collision quotes by Suzanne Segal
#8. Collision with the Infinite: A Life Beyond the Personal Self #Quote by Suzanne Segal
Waterdown Collision quotes by Anita Shreve
#9. A novel is a collision of ideas. Three or four threads may be floating around in the writer's consciousness, and at a single moment in time, these ideas collide and produce a novel. #Quote by Anita Shreve
Waterdown Collision quotes by Heyneke Meyer
#10. Ballroom dancing is a contact sport. Rugby is a collision sport. #Quote by Heyneke Meyer
Waterdown Collision quotes by Richard Eyre
#11. I think the collision between the First and Third world is going to become more and more conspicuous. It's the big cliff that we've all got to climb. #Quote by Richard Eyre
Waterdown Collision quotes by Gilberto Gil
#12. We are sufficiently conscious of this dimension or quality of Brazil as a melting pot, as a culture and a nation that is being subjected to an amalgamating process. More than just a mixing process, it is an amalgamation where the fragments, the parts in collision, really interact profoundly. They become another thing after the contact. #Quote by Gilberto Gil
Waterdown Collision quotes by Simon Hawke
#13. Ah, adventure! Ah, romance! Ah, courtly graces and the noble gestures! Don't you wish you knew people like that? Don't you wish we could still walk around in cloaks and boots and breeches, with leather doublets and flowing white dueling shirts and swords strapped around our waists? Of course, if we did, given the way things are today, there'd be people out there lobbying for sword control, and we'd need a National Sword Association and bumper stickers that would read "Swords don't kill people, knights kill people," and there would be a five-day waiting period and background check before you could buy a rapier. We'd have drive-by lungings and people would be afraid of children carrying broadswords to school. "Milady" would be regard as a sexist term and feminists would go absolutely berserk if any woman called a man "Milord." Ralph Nader would probably get quarter horses banned because they are too small and unsafe in a collision and someone would figure out a way to put seat belts and air bags on our saddles. That's why people join the SCA and read fantasy novels, because the real world sucks. #Quote by Simon Hawke
Waterdown Collision quotes by David James Duncan
#14. In a head-on collision with Fanatics, the real problem is always the same: how can we possibly behave decently toward people so arrogantly ignorant that they believe, first, that they possess Christ's power to bestow salvation, second, that forcing us to memorize and regurgitate a few of their favorite Bible phrases and attend their church is that salvation, and third, that any discomfort, frustration, anger or disagreement we express in the face of their moronic barrages is due not to their astounding effrontery but to our sinfulness? #Quote by David James Duncan
Waterdown Collision quotes by Henry Petroski
#15. There's so much written about the Titanic, and it's hard to separate what's fact and what's fiction. My understanding is that the way the Titanic was designed, the emphasis was placed on surviving a head-on collision. #Quote by Henry Petroski
Waterdown Collision quotes by Steven Forrest
#16. The reality, as I have come to understand it, is that the future is not fixed, and that therefore it cannot be reliably predicted. Consciousness interacts with vast archetypal fields of possibility and probability. What actually happens is the result of the collision of both forces. #Quote by Steven Forrest
Waterdown Collision quotes by David Platt
#17. The formal definition of impact is a forcible contact between two things, and God has designed our lives for a collision course with the world. #Quote by David Platt
Waterdown Collision quotes by Mandy Ashcraft
#18. She was an anomaly of her own universe and of his, and represented the collision of everything he'd ever known and everything he'd ever wanted to. #Quote by Mandy Ashcraft
Waterdown Collision quotes by David Nevins
#19. I like stories with a collision of disparate tones. Look at 'Shameless' or 'House of Lies'. They go from big, silly, and comedic to very real dramatic moments in the wink of an eye. #Quote by David Nevins
Waterdown Collision quotes by James Baldwin
#20. People make you pay for the way you look, which is also the way you think you look, and what time writes is a record of that collision. #Quote by James Baldwin
Waterdown Collision quotes by Anthony Marra
#21. When I came to the last line of 'Car Crash While Hitchhiking,' I read it as a pitiless statement of indifference: a refusal to warn the family of their impending collision, a refusal to help when miraculously spared, a refusal to act on the empathy hiding behind the story's language. #Quote by Anthony Marra
Waterdown Collision quotes by Wilhelm Von Humboldt
#22. All political arrangements, in that they have to bring a variety of widely-discordant interests into unity and harmony, necessarily occasion manifold collisions. From these collisions spring misproportions between men's desires and their powers; and from these, transgressions. The more active the State is, the greater is the number of these. #Quote by Wilhelm Von Humboldt
Waterdown Collision quotes by James Gustave Speth
#23. The pattern is clear: if we could speed up time, it would seem as if the global economy is crashing against the earth - the Great Collision. #Quote by James Gustave Speth
Waterdown Collision quotes by Tom Scharpling
#24. The funny thing is just the collision of genres, taking one medium and trying to ram it into another medium, whether it fits or not. #Quote by Tom Scharpling
Waterdown Collision quotes by Andrea Hirataira
#25. I wanted to climb to the summit of challenges, attack my way through hardships as solid as granite, tempt all sorts of peril, and break through mysteries with science. I longed to inhale all sorts of experience and then explore the labyrinthine ins and outs of life that in the end cannot be guessed. I yearned for possibilities that react with each other, like the collision of uranium molecules: binding, multiplying, bursting, and dispersing in unexpected directions. I wanted to go to faraway places and meet with endless varieties of foreign languages and peoples. I wished to rove, finding my direction through reading the stars of constellations. I wanted to cross fields and deserts, to be burned by the sun until I blistered, to be shook by the assaulting wind, and shrink from being gripped by cold. I wanted a life that was thrilling, filled with conquest. I wanted to live! To feel the essence of being! #Quote by Andrea Hirataira
Waterdown Collision quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#26. Slavery is founded in the selfishness of man's nature, opposition to it in his love of justice. These principles are an eternal antagonism, and when brought into collision so fiercely as slavery extension brings them, shocks and throes and convulsions must ceaselessly follow. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Waterdown Collision quotes by Max Mayfield
#27. Today's coastal development along with hurricane amnesia places modern man on a collision course with catastrophe if the lessons of history are ignored. #Quote by Max Mayfield
Waterdown Collision quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#28. When the Christian Crusaders in the East came into collision with that invincible order of assassins, that order of free spirits par excellence, whose lowest grade lives in a state of discipline such as no order of monks has ever attained, then in some way or other they managed to get an inkling of that symbol and tally- word, that was reserved for the highest grade alone as their secretum, "Nothing is true, everything is allowed," - in sooth, that was freedom of thought, thereby was taking leave of the very belief in truth. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Waterdown Collision quotes by James Shapiro
#29. Shakespeare didn't conceive of his tragedy in Aristotelian terms - that is, as a tragedy of the fall of a flawed great man - but rather as a collision of deeply held and irreconcilable principles, embodied in characters who are destroyed when these principles collide. #Quote by James Shapiro
Waterdown Collision quotes by David Halberstam
#30. Rowing, particularly sculling, inflicts on the individual in every race a level of pain associated with few other sports. There was certainly pain in football during a head-on collision, pain in other sports on the occasion of a serious injury. That was more the threat of pain; in rowing there was the absolute guarantee of it every time. #Quote by David Halberstam
Waterdown Collision quotes by Patrick Suskind
#31. From his youth on , he had been accustomed to people's passing him and taking no notice of him whatever , not out contempt -as hehad once believed - But because they were quite unaware of his existence. There was no space surrounding him, no waves broke from him into the atmosphere, as with other people; he had no shadow, so to speak, to cast across another's face. Only if he ran right into someone in a crowd or in a street-corner collision would there be a brief moment of discernment; and th person en countered would bounce off and stare at him for a few seconds as if gazing at a creature that ought not even exist, a creature that, although undeniably there, in some way or other was not present- and would take to his heels and have forgotten him, Grenouille, a moment later ....... #Quote by Patrick Suskind
Waterdown Collision quotes by Teju Cole
#32. It has become hard to stand still, wrapped in the glory of a single image, as the original viewers of old paintings used to do. The flood of images has increased our access to wonders and at the same time lessened our sense of wonder. We live in inescapable surfeit. A number of artists are using this abundance as their starting point, setting their own cameras aside and turning to the horde - collecting and arranging photographs that they have found online. These artist-collectors, in placing one thing next to another, create a third thing - and this third thing, like a subatomic particle produced by a collision of two other particles, carries a charge. A #Quote by Teju Cole
Waterdown Collision quotes by Gary Hensley
#33. As per this course, students use to learn necessary driving skills that can help them further in defending themselves on the road against a possible crash that can be caused due to drunk drivers, bad drivers or poor weather condition. All you need to look ahead in order to detect possible dangers. Your eyes should move in order to trace and avoid any possible collision. Once a potential threat is detected on the road while driving, you need to take the decision right away and act on it instantly. Defensive drivers are lessoned up with the safe and secure driving practices. Due to this reason they are always good at avoiding dangers while driving on the road. #Quote by Gary Hensley
Waterdown Collision quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#34. Cities give us collision. 'Tis said, London and New York take the nonsense out of a man. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Waterdown Collision quotes by Tom Breen
#35. THE NEW

All that appeared true seems to be coming unglued;
All that was established is being questioned anew;
All that was in place is being quickly erased;

We are coming to a crossroad on a collision course and the train is rapidly accelerating;
The winds of the New are howling and anxious to be embraced;
The usual is blinding and needs to be replaced;

So turn it around and rethink your thoughts;
The old ways are going and the cracks are showing;
Reshape the unchangeable and shake the unshakable;
Then face the new light with its brilliance absorbing you;

Now you've left behind what shouldn't have been and attained a new plateau to view the past;
When you arise the old will be left in the wake;
And you will go forward to a better place.

The Complaint, page 34. #Quote by Tom Breen
Waterdown Collision quotes by Stephen Crane
#36. But he said, in substance, to himself that if the earth and moon were about to clash, many persons would doubtless plan to get upon the roofs to witness the collision. #Quote by Stephen Crane
Waterdown Collision quotes by Jacques Vaché
#37. Well then – I see two ways of letting things take their course – Create one's own sensations with the help of a flamboyant collision of rare words – not often, mind you – or else neatly draw the angles, the squares, the entire geometry of feelings – those of the moment, naturally. #Quote by Jacques Vaché

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