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Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Margot Adler
#1. When a person assumes that his or her revelation is the only true one, it only says that this person has had very few religious revelations and hasn't realized how many there are. #Quote by Margot Adler
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Scott Cunningham
#2. Wicca's temples are flowered-splashed meadows, forest, beaches, and deserts. #Quote by Scott Cunningham
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Salman Rushdie
#3. Call it Mooristan,' Aurora told me. 'This seaside, this hill, with the fort on top. Water-gardens and hanging gardens, watchtowers and towers of silence too. Place where worlds collide, flow in and out of one another, and washofy away. Place where an air-man can drowno in water, or else grow gills; where a water-creature can get drunk, but also chokeofy, on air. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Abramelin Keldor
#4. Make no mistake, Elphaba, Goddess Magick was potent in the old days. During the Dark Ages the Catholic Church had their hands full fighting it. Unfortunately, in large measure the Church won that war, relegating Wicca, Druidism and the rest to the fringes of society. With vastly weakened power."
"Except yours, Nick."
"I've always been a special case, Elphaba," Nick explained. "Even though I began my career as an alchemist, I soon turned away from that practice and forged my own path. I uncovered my own secrets and kept them secret. That's how I was able to maintain my power for so long. #Quote by Abramelin Keldor
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#5. What matters most has an ultimate metallic quality of death. The chasuble and the wagon wheel, the razor and the prickly beards of shepherds, the bare moon, a fly, humid cupboards, rubble piles, the images of saints covered in lace, quicklime, and the wounding edges of the rooflines and watchtowers. #Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Michael Montoure
#6. What do you tell someone who hasn't live through it all?

Try to explain what it's like, living under a pressure-front of madness crawling up out of the sea - the fairy folk nearly done with their centuries-long crossing of the Atlantic. Tell him about the watchtowers of the air, brought to earth by fire in New York. Tell him about New Orleans, all its magic and voudoun drawing the Fey like a magnet, the ocean rising up to meet it. By the time they burn like wildfire all across the country to Hollywood, the whole world will be dreaming their dreams. #Quote by Michael Montoure
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by John Michael Greer
#7. There are two common and complementary mistakes, which have been made over and over again concerning spirits by people in the Western world. The first of these is the orthodox Christian habit of assuming that all spirits are malevolent, dishonest and evil; the second is the corresponding habit, common in many New Age circles nowadays, of assuming that all spirits are loving, wise and good. Both of these attitudes are as foolish when applied to spirits as they would be if applied to human beings. #Quote by John Michael Greer
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Anne Lamott
#8. San Quentin's is the safest beach in the world. We're not talking about lifeguards here who might yell at someone who's being rude-we're talking about armed guards, in watchtowers, two blocks away. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Scott Cunningham
#9. In Wicca, rituals are ceremonies which celebrate and strengthen our relationships with the Goddess, the God and the Earth. #Quote by Scott Cunningham
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Davis Bunn
#10. Ancient indeed. Joppa was a walled city with a stone barricade curving like a quarter moon around the natural port. Along its length, seven watchtowers rose like pillars holding up the sky. The ancient port had long since outgrown its former boundaries, however. More people lived outside the city walls than within. #Quote by Davis Bunn
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Lily  Anderson
#11. Most of witchcraft is just being present. #Quote by Lily Anderson
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#12. The goddess will always smile,
For those in her light,
For she will show them love,
On many a given night.
Bathing in her beauty,
Seeing her heavenly glow,
As she surrounds her brethren,
On the land called Earth below.
Her brethren will rejoice,
When they feel her light,
As it travels through their body,
On those given nights.
So say,
Blessed Be!
And welcome her to thee,
For she will be with you always,
Our goddess,
Blessed Be! #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
#13. You don't have to wander around in silk robes burning sage with crystals tied to your head to find the power within. #Quote by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Lawren Leo
#14. For a thought to manifest on the earth realm, a sacrifice must occur. #Quote by Lawren Leo
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Lawren Leo
#15. If the goal is what you want to achieve, then the purpose is why you want to achieve it. Without purpose, reaching your goal will have little or no meaning. #Quote by Lawren Leo
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Fady Joudah
#16. Having financial independence does not increase one's chances of independent, artistic creation whatsoever. Our conditioned behavior toward mimicry for the sake of market forces is an amazing syndrome. The watchtowers guide us well. #Quote by Fady Joudah
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
#17. When you're outnumbered by trees your perspective shifts. #Quote by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Adelina St. Clair
#18. Nature is also God's way of communicating with us. Jesus himself used nature to teach us about God. He used birds and flowers, the weather, precious stones ... Looking at nature, we can come to understand God himself. #Quote by Adelina St. Clair
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#19. Wicca if God and Jesus are both Father and Son couldn't your God and your Goddess be the same one? #Quote by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Sasha Cillihypi
#20. The Wiccan Rede You can do whatever you want so long as you do not harm anyone. This is a belief that true practitioners take to heart and is one of the underlying, non-negotiable beliefs common to all schools of Wicca. The Rule of Three This is quite a simple principle - whatever you do to others will come back to you three times over. Thus, if you choose to send out negative energy into the world, or choose to do wicked things, you are only hurting yourself. We are all Connected Wiccans believe that everyone and everything is spiritually connected and so it is important to work to improve the world, for the good of all. #Quote by Sasha Cillihypi
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Rudolph Herzog
#21. Comrades, we are going to try to cheer you up, and our sense of humor will help us in this endeavor, although the phrase gallows humor has never seemed so logical and appropriate. The external circumstances are exactly in our favor. We need only to take a look at the barbed wire fences, so high and full of electricity. Just like your expectations.
And then there are the watchtowers that monitor our every move. The guards have machine guns. But machine guns won't intimidate us, comrades. They just have barrels of guns, whereas we are going to have barrels of laughs.
You may be surprised at how upbeat and cheerful we are. Well, comrades, there are goods reasons for this. It's been a long time since we were in Berlin. But every time we appeared there, we felt very uneasy. We were afraid we'd get sent to the concentration camps. Now that fear is gone. We're already here. #Quote by Rudolph Herzog
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Patti Stanger
#22. I used to practice Wicca. #Quote by Patti Stanger
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Scott Cunningham
#23. That perhaps is at the core of Wicca--it is a joyous union with nature. The earth is a manifestation of divine energy. Wicca's temples are flower-splashed meadows, forests, beaches, and deserts. When a Wicca is outdoors, she or he is actually surrounded by sanctity, much as is a Christian when entering a church or cathedral. #Quote by Scott Cunningham
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by John Michael Greer
#24. As polytheism is in religious belief reflected in the recognition of moral complexity, so henotheism in religious practice is reflected in the recognition of moral diversity. To worship different gods is to align oneself with different ideals, and to embrace different moral standards. The example of the mother and the judge shows one way in which this works out in practice. The mother places parental love above impartial justice, while the judge does the opposite. In the language of Greek Paganism, the mother bows to Hera, the judge to Zeus Dikaios, and both are right to do so. #Quote by John Michael Greer
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Margot Adler
#25. The first time I called myself a 'Witch' was the most magical moment of my life. #Quote by Margot Adler
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Jon Wiederhorn
#26. When we were recording the Ozzmosis album we did a batch of it in New York. There was this occult bookstore...and they had everything in there on Wicca, Catholicism, Satanism, the whole nine yards. I was getting some Aleister Crowley stuff because Jimmy Page owned the castle (Crowley's former home) and the other guys were into him. ...I go to get his poster they had in there, I go "How much for this poster?" and the guy looks at me deadpan and goes "$6.66." I put seven bucks down and say "Keep the goddamn change. I can't take it, dude." So I hang the poster up and the boss man (Ozzy) walks in and he goes "Zakk, who's the guy upon the wall?" . I'm crying laughing and he goes "Zakk, who the fuck is he?!" I said "Ozz, you don't know who that is?" He goes "I don't fucking know, who is it?!" I said "Ozz! It's Aleister Crowley, bro!" He goes "Oh is that what that bald-headed cunt looks like? #Quote by Jon Wiederhorn
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Cherie De Sues
#27. WEST SALEM ~ October 2011
A sudden vision, fraught with malevolence and darkness, obscured her sight. The face of a menacing figure turned from the shadows of his grisly handiwork and stared at Sorcha.
Her muscles tensed. By the Goddess, could he see her?
Please! No!
She wanted to scream, to run, but the vision ensnared her into the horrific moment like a fly in a spider's web. #Quote by Cherie De Sues
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Cate Tiernan
#28. I felt an overwhelming gratitude in my life right now and wanted a chance to acknowledge it. I felt that any thanks given to any god all went to the same place, anyway, no matter what religion you were centered in. #Quote by Cate Tiernan
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Morgana Sythove
#29. I remember writing the series with great enthusiasm, and I hope this enthusiasm continues to inspire newcomers to see the truly life-changing possibilities Wicca can offer. As a 'religion of self expression' I wish everyone an inspiring quest on this path called Wicca. #Quote by Morgana Sythove
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Lawren Leo
#30. Strength, Confidence
Original Thought
I Seek You Out
Until Your Caught #Quote by Lawren Leo
Watchtowers Wicca quotes by Doreen Valiente
#31. An it harm none, do what ye will. #Quote by Doreen Valiente

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