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Watching Her Go quotes by Kristen Ashley
#1. She nodded, grabbed her purse out of the drawer and skedaddled, walking like she was on a catwalk, one foot in front of the other, her ass swaying under the skirt of her expensive, tailored suit.
Bitch. I thought again, watching her go.
"No comparison," Luke said after the door closed behind Dawn and I turned to him.
"Excuse me?"
"Dawn's a man eater. You're not. No comparison," Luke answered and I didn't know how to take that.
"Is that good?"
The half-smile came back.
"Most men prefer to do the eating."
Holy fucking cow. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Watching Her Go quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#2. The ship began moving. And Chaol - the man she hated and loved so much that she could hardly think around him - just stood there, watching her go. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Watching Her Go quotes by Maya Angelou
#3. He watched her every move and when she left the room, his eyes allowed her reluctantly to go. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Watching Her Go quotes by Ian Cross
#4. Standing there. watching her go, I felt lonelier than I have ever been in my life. #Quote by Ian Cross
Watching Her Go quotes by Daniel Handler
#5. The file clanked against me, my stupid idea nobody would have gotten had I ever done it. You even wouldn't have gotten it, Ed, I thought, watching her go. It's why we broke up, so here it is. Ed, how could you? #Quote by Daniel Handler
Watching Her Go quotes by Cindy Gerard
#6. Damn" Johnny muttered watching her go. "It might not be love, but it sure is fun. #Quote by Cindy Gerard
Watching Her Go quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#7. She saw that Devin's bedroom door was still closed, and a sudden, irrational fear gripped her that Devin might not be there. But she opened her door and saw her sleeping on her back, her limbs spread out like points of a star. Her glasses were perched on her bedside table as if watching her, as if lonely for her. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Watching Her Go quotes by Maureen Johnson
#8. When they separated, the freckleless spot between Pete's eyes was bright red. Before anything else could be said or done, May grabbed her bike and hopped on. She waited until she was six houses down to turn and see if he was still standing in the driveway watching her. He was. She stopped for just a moment, and they caught each other's eyes. Then he slowly started walking backward toward the house. May couldn't see that well, considering that her eyes were still a little blurry and he was far away, but it looked like he was smiling. #Quote by Maureen Johnson
Watching Her Go quotes by Jack Campbell
#9. Desjani pulled out a ration bar. 'Hungry?' she asked Geary.
'I had something earlier. Is that a Yanika Babiya?'
'No. It's ... ' She squinted at the label. 'Spicy chicken curry.'
'A chicken curry ration bar? How are they?'
Taking a small bite, Desjani chewed slowly, pretending not to be aware that everyone on the bridge was watching her instead of staring at the representation of the alien hypernet gate. 'It's definitely got curry in it. Spicy, not so much. Some of the other stuff tastes like chicken.'
'That doesn't narrow it down too much, does it?' Geary said.
'Every kind of meat in a ration bar tastes like chicken, Captain,' Lieutenant Castries suggested. 'Except the chicken.'
'You're right, Lieutenant,' Desjani said. 'Real chicken in ration bars tastes like, what, mutton?'
'Ham,' Yuon tossed in. 'Bad ham.'
'So this can't be chicken because it tastes like chicken,' Desjani concluded. #Quote by Jack Campbell
Watching Her Go quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#10. Rhys straightened. "You'd- make me food?"
"Heat," I said. "I can't cook."
It didn't seem to make a difference. But whatever it was, the act of offering him food... I dumped some cold soup into a pan and lit the burner. "I don't know the rules," I said, my back to him. "So you need to explain them to me."
He lingered in the center of the cabin, watching my every move. He said hoarsely, "It's an... important moment when a female offers her mate food. It goes back to whatever beats we were a long, long time ago. But it still matters. The first time matters. Some mated pairs will make an occasion of it- throwing a party just so the female can formally offer mate food... That's usually done amongst the wealthy. But it means that the female... accepts the bond."
I stared into the soup. "Tell me the story- tell me everything."
He understood my offer: tell me while I cooked, and I'd decide at the end whether or not to offer him that food. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Watching Her Go quotes by Tracy Chevalier
#11. She'd had a terrible time with his brothers' wives : seeing her with them was like watching someone pet a cat against its fur. #Quote by Tracy Chevalier
Watching Her Go quotes by Juliet Marillier
#12. She had sacrificed her childhood to save her brothers; she loved her family above all else, and her spirits yearned to return home once more, to the wild forest and the land of mystic tales and ancient spirits whence he had taken her. That was the place of her heart, and if he loved her, he must let her go. #Quote by Juliet Marillier
Watching Her Go quotes by Jacqueline Francis - The Journal
#13. The virus seemed to be thriving on his misery, relentlessly tearing through his insides.
Every day it made its rounds through his body. It started at his fingers, making them itch to touch her until he could almost feel her fleshy lips beneath his thumb, the silky strands of her hair sliding through his fingers. It would then move up to his arms, creating an urge to hold her, an urge that could not be fulfilled.
Next it went for his eyes, causing him to see her everywhere, in every little thing. He would see her in the kitchen, making coffee. He would see her cuddled up on the sofa, watching T.V. He had to blink several times before he realised that she wasn't really there. It would then move to his heart, ruthlessly choking it until it was so heavy and so sore, he could feel the pain of losing her in every beat.
And then, finally, just as night fell, it would attack his brain, invoking images of her.
Thoughts and memories and dreams. He could not take much more. It was slowly driving him insane. He could not break out of these shackles. #Quote by Jacqueline Francis - The Journal
Watching Her Go quotes by Katie Reus
#14. The ten-year-old shifter wore long flannel pajama pants and a T-shirt, his blond hair sticking up everywhere in the most adorable way. "No, I'm thirsty. I didn't mean to both you --"
"You're not bothering us," Teresa interjected. Ryan didn't seem to want to let her go, but she didn't care. She needed distance from this male if she wanted to think straight. "I just stopped by to ..." Her brain chose that moment to malfunction. She couldn't even think of a decent lie.
"To kiss Ryan?" the boy asked, all innocence. #Quote by Katie Reus
Watching Her Go quotes by Minae Mizumura
#15. You will tell me that there always exists a chasm between the world depicted in novels and films and the world that people actually live in. It is the chasm between the world mediated by art and the world unmediated by art, formless and drab. You are absolutely right. The gap that my mother felt was not necessarily any deeper than the gap felt by a European girl who loved books and films. Yet there is one critical difference. For in my mother's case, the chasm between the world of art and real life also symbolized something more: the asymmetrical relationship I mentioned earlier - the asymmetrical relationship between those who live only in a universal temporality and those who live in both a universal and a particular one.

To make this discussion a little more concrete, let me introduce a character named Francoise. Francoise is a young Parisienne living before World War II. Like my mother, she loves reading books and watching films. Also like my mother, she lives in a small apartment with her mother, who is old, shabby looking, and illiterate. One day Francoise, full of artistic aspirations, writes an autobiographical novel. It is the tale of her life torn between the world of art and the world of reality. (Not an original tale, I must say.) The novel is well received in France. Several hundred Japanese living in Japan read this novel in French, and one of them decides to translate it into Japanese. My mother reads the novel. She identifies with the heroine and sa #Quote by Minae Mizumura
Watching Her Go quotes by Eloisa James
#16. There was no mistaking the look in his eyes. Pain wrenched her heart. All those skills she had developed so painstakingly as a girl were apparently going to destroy a dream that she'd never had the courage to hold ... 'It's only desire,' she explained, watching his eyes. 'Desire is an artificial thing, created by - by -'
'By what?'
'By artificial things,' Annabel said obstinately. 'Smiles I practiced, Ewan ... You don't understand how fabricated it all is ... I let my hips sway when I walk, because men like it. You like it.'
'Your hips don't sway naturally?'
'No. Or perhaps they do at this point, but only because I consciously changed my walk when I was younger. But it's all just a facade, put on to inspire desire.' ...
'A game of desire?'
No. A game to get what I wish from men. #Quote by Eloisa James
Watching Her Go quotes by Haruki Murakami
#17. Folding her arms and closing her eyes, Hatsumi sank back into the corner of the seat. Her small gold earrings caught the light as the taxi swayed. Her midnight blue dress seemed to have been made to match the darkness of the cab. Every now and then her thinly daubed, beautifully formed lips would quiver slightly as if she had caught herself on the verge of talking to herself. Watching her, I could see why Nagasawa had chosen her as his special companion. There were any number of women more beautiful than Hatsumi, and Nagasawa could have made any of them his. But Hatsumi had some quality that could send a tremor through your heart. It was nothing forceful. The power she exerted was a subtle thing, but it called forth deep resonances. I watched her all the way to Shibuya, and wondered, without ever finding an answer, what this emotional reverberation that I was feeling could be.

It finally hit me some dozen or so years later. I had come to Santa Fe to interview a painter and was sitting in a local pizza parlor, drinking beer and eating pizza and watching a miraculously beautiful sunset. Everything was soaked in brilliant red - my hand, the plate, the table, the world - as if some special kind of fruit juice had splashed down on everything. In the midst of this overwhelming sunset, the image of Hatsumi flashed into my mind, and in that moment I understood what that tremor of the heart had been. It was a kind of childhood longing that had always remained - and would fo #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Watching Her Go quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#18. So she moved away from the carving of the mythical stag, instantly cold as she severed contact with the delightful heat living within the stone. Part of her could have sworn that ancient, strange power was sad to see her go. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Watching Her Go quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
#19. I would like to live to see the time when the men and woman of God - holy, separated and spiritually enlightened - walk out of the evangelical
church and form a group of their own; when they get off the sinking ship and let her go down in the brackish and worldliness and form a new ark to ride out the storm. #Quote by Aiden Wilson Tozer
Watching Her Go quotes by Quinn Loftis
#20. Oh," Sally brightened proud of herself for deciphering his sign language, "you're telling me not to leave my room."
Costin nodded his big wolf head again. His eyes had begun glowing back in the party and even now they continued to emit an eerie shade of green.
Sally's inner Jen had been triggered as soon as she got the words out. So naturally she did what her inner Jen told her to. She stepped forward putting one toe outside her door. Costin growled, so she stepped back. Watching him coyly she put her other toe outside her door and he growled again. She was inwardly scolding herself for taunting him and allowing her inner Jen to control her actions, but she had discovered long ago that sometimes inner Jen is just more fun.
When Sally stuck her foot out for the third time, she giggled when Costin snapped at her. She could tell that he was playing by the way his tail wagged and his eyes lightened, but had not stopped glowing all together. #Quote by Quinn Loftis
Watching Her Go quotes by Natasha Anders
#21. Without seeming to think about it, he turned sideways, dropping his feet over the arm of the couch and - shockingly - his head into her lap. He tugged at his tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons in an effort to get more comfortable and then turned to face the TV.

"What are we watching?"

The "we" undid her, and she allowed the tension to leave her body at this unexpected turn of events. Her hands, which had been hovering in midair as she tried to figure out where to place them, dropped - one to his hair and the other to his shoulder. #Quote by Natasha Anders
Watching Her Go quotes by Allana Kephart
#22. On any other occasion, I would have been happy to sit back and watch her almost-apologize. But right now it just makes my headache worse. My eyes roll up to the ceiling and I cover them with one hand. She can't be serious. When I bring my eyes back to her level, she's staring at me for a response. "Uh," I begin. "No… You assume correctly."
She pauses. "What?"
"I brought him down here," I admit openly, again preparing to be attacked with knives. "I told him of your cousin's stupid plan, and I tried to assure him that no one is gonna be gutted in the process."
She gapes at me for a few moments and lifts a hand as if to point at me. It's shaking wildly; her mouth hanging open in an attempt to reply. Eventually she manages an, "Of course I was right," and turns on her heel; muttering profanities under her breath.
Now, a smart man would just drop this altogether. A smart man would let her go off and have her hissy fit, and then try to talk some sense into her in the morning. A smart man would respect the fact she carries multiple weapons that could inflict fatality upon anyone she so desired.
I've still never admitted to being a smart man. #Quote by Allana Kephart
Watching Her Go quotes by Connie Brockway
#23. Why did you refuse to marry me then?" he demanded.
She should be quiet; she should just stay mute. But she was angry and hurt. Only moments before he'd been saying such lovely things; now he was being horrible. "Why can't you help yourself?" she countered, shouting back.
"Why are you compelled to come after me?" she demanded, setting her hands on her hips.
For a moment, he just stared at her as if she was daft.
"Because I love you," he finally said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
"What?" She'd waited to hear him say those words for what seemed like an eternity, and now he'd said them just as casually and unconcernedly as he might have said, "I like that dress" or "Spot is a good name for a dog."
"Because I love you," he repeated. "Why else would I?"
"I don't know. Because you're mad?" she suggested. How dare he say he loved her here, in such a manner, with so little fanfare?
He was watching her carefully. "You seem upset."
"Oh. Do I?" she asked sweetly. Behind her, the horse shifted uneasily. Smart horse. "Perhaps it's because I do not believe you. #Quote by Connie Brockway
Watching Her Go quotes by Laurie Faria Stolarz
#24. What's the verdict?" Kimmie asks, peering back at me.
I stare down at the jumble of words. "I can't quite tell yet."
"Give us a clue," Wes says. "I love puzzles."
"That's because you are one," Kimmie jokes.
I read them the list of words: ARE, ALONE, YOU, NEVER, EYE, WATCHING, ALWAYS, AM.
Not five seconds later, Wes has the whole thing figured out. "YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. EYE AM ALWAYS WATCHING!" he says, making his voice all deep and throaty.
"Wait, seriously?" I ask, completely bewildered by the idea that he'd be able to unravel the message so quickly. I look at the individual words, making sure they're all included, and that he didn't add any extra.
"What can I say? I'm good at puzzles."
"Are you good at making them, too?" Kimmie asks. "Because it's a little scary how you were able to figure that out so fast."
"Do you think it matters that the "eye" in the puzzle is the noun and not the pronoun?" I ask them.
"Since when is it a requirement for psychos to be good in English?" Wes asks.
"Only you would know." Kimmie glares at him.
"Plus, it's a puzzle," he says, ignoring her comment. "You have to expect a few quirks."
"I don't know," I say, still staring at the words. "Maybe there's some other message here. Maybe we need to try unscrambling it another way."
"Such as 'EYE AM NEVER ALONE. YOU ARE ALWAYS WATCHING,'" he suggests. "Or perhaps the ever-favorite. 'YOU ARE NEVER WATCHING. EYE AM ALWAYS ALONE.'"
#Quote by Laurie Faria Stolarz
Watching Her Go quotes by Garfield Ogilvie
#25. At her husband's funeral, Jackie was an endless source of care and compassion to his grieving family and friends. When asked how she could be so strong, "Jackie said she received great comfort from three guardian angels: 'my mother-in-law, my mother, and a lifetime friend who always said she was my guardian angel.... I always know they're at my side, watching over me and praying for me. #Quote by Garfield Ogilvie
Watching Her Go quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#26. The bell of Limehouse Church rang as each of them, in this house, drifted into sleep - suddenly once more like children who, exhausted by the day's adventures, fall asleep quickly and carelessly. A solitary visitor, watching them as they slept, might wonder how it was that they had arrived at such a state and might speculate about each stage of their journey towards it: when did he first start muttering to himself, and not realise that he was doing so? When did she first begin to shy away from others and seek the shadows? When did all of them come to understand that whatever hopes they might have had were foolish, and that life was something only to be endured? Those who wander are always objects of suspicion and sometimes even of fear: the four people gathered in this house by the church had passed into a place, one might almost say a time, from which there was no return. The young man who had been bent over the fire had spent his life in a number of institutions - an orphanage, a juvenile home and most recently a prison; the old woman still clutching the brown bottle was an alcoholic who had abandoned her husband and two children many years before; the old man had taken to wandering after the death of his wife in a fire which he believed, at the time, he might have prevented. And what of Ned, who was now muttering in his sleep? #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Watching Her Go quotes by Eloisa James
#27. You're confusing desire and love,' she said, watching him. 'They are not the same.'
'I do love you. I feel near to murder at the idea of you marrying another man, and that's the truth of the matter.'
'Desire is bloody, perjured, full of blame.'
Ewan walked up the steps to her. 'Is that poetry?'
'I don't like the sound of it. There's something nasty about that poet.'
'It's Shakespeare,' Annabel said.
Ewan obviously dismissed Shakespeare as a lost cause. 'We would be happy together,' he said. #Quote by Eloisa James
Watching Her Go quotes by Jessica Scott
#28. I swear, one range fire and you've turned into a timid little baby kitten afraid of his own shadow."
Reza swore under his breath, wishing Emily wasn't standing right there watching Teague show his ass - figuratively, of course. He wondered how long it would be before Teague tried to hit on her.
The thought made Reza's spine stiffen as he glanced over at her.
Emily raised both eyebrows, her lips twitching. "Range fire?"
Heat crawled up Reza's neck, along with a strong desire to throttle Ben Teague. "I may or may not have been involved in an accident involving a small fire here at Fort Hood."
"Ha," Teague snorted and grabbed his helmet. "He burned down three hundred acres of training area last year."
"It was an accident," Reza snarled. #Quote by Jessica Scott
Watching Her Go quotes by Amy Andrews
#29. You should come and watch me."
She frowned. "Watch you?"
A small smiled nudged his lips. She didn't need to be a mind reader to know where his mind had just gone. "Ride bulls. On the weekend."
There were probably about a hundred things she'd put her hand up to watch this guy do, a lot of them just as dirty as the things he'd been thinking. Watching him get tossed around for entertainment on the back of a large angry animal wasn't one of them. #Quote by Amy Andrews
Watching Her Go quotes by Kristin Hannah
#30. watching her. No one was. #Quote by Kristin Hannah
Watching Her Go quotes by Terry Pratchett
#31. Polly felt questing eyes boring into her. She was embarrassed, of course. But not for the obvious reason. It was for the other one, the little lesson that life sometimes rams home with a stick: you are not the only one watching the world. Other people are people; while you watch them they watch you, and they think about you while you think about them. The world isn't just about you. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Watching Her Go quotes by Paullina Simons
#32. He didn't mind it in the beginning, this slowness. It left him alone with himself while he fished and listened to the call of the herons, and taught Anthony to row a boat and to play baseball and soccer, while Anthony read to him from his children's books as Alexander held the fishing line. The soul was repairing itself little by little. And it was on Bethel Island, with his mother and father twenty-four hours by his side, watching over him, talking to him, playing with him, that Anthony stopped waking up with nightmares in the middle of the night and settled down to silence inside himself. And it was on Bethel Island that Alexander stopped needing ice cold baths at three in the morning - the hot sudsy dimly lit baths with her soapy hands and soapy body in the late evening sufficing. #Quote by Paullina Simons
Watching Her Go quotes by Chris Lester
#33. The man raised the violin under his chin, placed the bow across the strings, and closed his eyes. For a moment his lips moved, silently, as if in prayer. Then, with sure, steady movements, he began to play.

The song was like nothing Abbey had heard anywhere else. The notes were clear, sweet and perfect, with a purity of tone that not one violin in ten thousand could produce. But the song was more than that. The song was pain, and loss, and sorrow, an anthem of unrelenting grief for which no words could be sufficient. In its strains Abbey heard the cry of the mother clutching her lifeless child; of the young woman whose husband never returned from war; of the father watching his son die of cancer; of the old man weeping at his wife's grave. It was the wordless cry of every man, woman and child who had ever shaken a fist at the uncaring universe, every stricken heart that had demanded an answer to the question, "Why?", and was left unsatisfied.

When the song finally, mercifully ended, not a dry eye remained in the darkened hall. The shades had moved in among the mortals, unseen by all but Abbey herself, and crowded close to the stage, heedless of all but the thing that called to them. Many of the mortals in the audience were sobbing openly. Those newcomers who still retained any sense of their surroundings were staring up at the man, their eyes wide with awe and a silent plea for understanding.

The man gave it to them. "I am not the master of t #Quote by Chris Lester
Watching Her Go quotes by William Gibson
#34. Netherton was watching the intricate texture of her bustier, which resembled a microminiature model of some Victorian cast-iron station roof, its countless tiny panes filmed as by the coal smoke of fingerling locomotives, yet flexing as she breathed and spoke. #Quote by William Gibson
Watching Her Go quotes by Graham Greene
#35. The woman had gone down on her knees and was shuffling slowly across the cruel ground towards the group of crosses: the dead baby rocked on her back. When she reached the tallest cross she unhooked the child and held the face against the wood and afterwards the loins: then she crossed herself, not as ordinary Catholics do, but in a curious and complicated pattern which included the nose and ears. Did she expect a miracle? And if she did, why should it not be granted her? the priest wondered. Faith, one was told, could move mountains, and here was faith--faith in the spittle that healed the blind man and the voice that raised the dead. The evening star was out: it hung low down over the edge of the plateau: it looked as if it was within reach: and a small hot wind stirred. The priest found himself watching the child for some movement. When none came, it was as if God had missed an opportunity. The woman sat down, and taking a lump of sugar from her bundle, began to eat, and the child lay quiet at the foot of the cross. Why, after all, should we expect God to punish the innocent with more life? #Quote by Graham Greene
Watching Her Go quotes by Jim Bishop
#36. Watching your daughter being collected by her date feels like handing over a million dollar Stradivarius to a gorilla. #Quote by Jim Bishop
Watching Her Go quotes by Claire Contreras
#37. He was unsure of a lot of things, but never of them. She'd built a home in his heart, and he couldn't rid himself of any of the things she'd left behind. He wanted to go after her, beg her to stay with him, for him, but he was scared. He didn't let her go because he loved her too much to ask her to stay, but because he couldn't bear to hear her say that she wouldn't. #Quote by Claire Contreras
Watching Her Go quotes by Natalie Dormer
#38. I love watching the old movies. I love Katharine Hepburn. I just adore her and everything that she stood for. I find it interesting watching the likes of Gene Tierney and those classic movies of the '40s. #Quote by Natalie Dormer
Watching Her Go quotes by Ira Levin
#39. Today the combat takes a different shape; instead of wishing to put man in a prison, woman endeavors to escape from one; she no longer seeks to drag him into the realms of immanence but to emerge, herself, into the light of transcendence. Now the attitude of the males creates a new conflict: it is with a bad grace that the man lets her go. #Quote by Ira Levin
Watching Her Go quotes by Salma Hayek
#40. I really do love Diana Ross; I grew up listening to her records. I grew up in a little town in Mexico, so while we got the music, we never got the experience of watching her. #Quote by Salma Hayek
Watching Her Go quotes by Jodi Lynn Anderson
#41. I don't know when Tiger Lily stopped growing older; I can't pinpoint that moment. But I do know I never saw her visibly age beyond the days when she was with Peter. I like to think her growing stopped the day they were on the plateau, watching the horses. #Quote by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Watching Her Go quotes by Ray Hagen
#42. The vocal credits for Singin' in the Rain are interesting, and rather confusing. In the film, Debbie Reynolds has been hired to re-dub [Jean Hagen]'s dialogue and songs in the latter's first talking picture. We see the process being done in a shot of Reynolds, back to camera, matching her dialogue to Jean's and synchronizing it while watching the sequence on film. But the voice that is used to replace Jean's dialogue is not Reynolds', but Jean's own quite lovely natural voice. Director Stanley Donen explained, in Hugh Fordin's The World of Entertainment: "We used Jean Hagen dubbing Debbie dubbing Jean. Jean's voice is quite remarkable and it was supposed to be cultured speech, and Debbie had that terrible western noise." To further confuse matters, the voice we hear as Jean sings "Would You?," also supposedly supplied by Reynolds, is that of yet a third girl, unbilled studio singer Betty Noyes. #Quote by Ray Hagen
Watching Her Go quotes by Renee Carlino
#43. I thought about every mundane moment that makes up that gray area of a person's life. It's the hour or two a day that you clean your kitchen or watch TV or do the laundry. All my gray moments with Mia were colored in: chasing her around the Laundromat, spraying water on her from the kitchen sink, or messing around with her on the couch while we spent whole days watching reruns of The Office. I looked forward to the rest of my life, even if the rest of my life only consisted of the humdrum day-in, day-out bullshit, it didn't matter because Mia turned the most unremarkable moments into moments I cherished. #Quote by Renee Carlino
Watching Her Go quotes by Aria Cole
#44. It may make me a bastard and a total pervert, but even if she is seventeen, underage and way, way too young, I am afraid I won't be able to let her go. #Quote by Aria Cole
Watching Her Go quotes by Ian Thomas Curtis
#45. Oh, I'll break them down, no mercy shown,
Heaven knows, it's got to be this time,
Watching her, these things she said,
The times she cried,
Too frail to wake this time. #Quote by Ian Thomas Curtis
Watching Her Go quotes by Anne Mallory
#46. Marietta is good for you, Gabriel. I quite like her. Don't be a fool and let her go."
"I can do nothing but let her go, John. Sometimes love can only be given by setting someone free. #Quote by Anne Mallory
Watching Her Go quotes by Mary Downing Hahn
#47. As Mrs. Armiger drew near, the fountain clerk put my sundae in front of me. "Here you are," he said. "I made this one especially for you, Andrew. Plenty of chocolate sauce and whipped cream--just the way you like it."
Glad Andrew and I had at least one thing in common, I scooped up a big spoonful of ice cream. My mouth was watering for chocolate, but before I had a chance to taste it, Mrs. Armiger pounced on me. "How wonderful to see you up and about, dear boy. I was just plain worried to death when I heard you'd come down with diphtheria."
Her perfume hung around me in a cloud so dense I could hardly breathe. "Yes, ma'am," I stammered, trying hard not to cough. "Thank you, ma'am."
Laying a plump hand on my shoulder, Mrs. Armiger smiled. "Why, Andrew, I believe a touch of the dark angel's wings has improved your manners."
Theo gave me one of the sharp little kicks he specialized in. Blowing through his straw, he made loud bubbling sounds in his drink.
He expected me to do something outrageous too. They all did--the whole family was watching, waiting for me to mortify them. I could almost hear Mama holding her breath. I knew Andrew would never have sat as still as a stone, ears burning with embarrassment, but, unlike him, I couldn't think what to do or say.
"That's a very rude noise, Theodore," Mrs. Armiger said.
Mama snatched Theo's glass. "If you want to finish your phosphate, apologize to Mrs. Armiger."
Without looking at anyone, Theo #Quote by Mary Downing Hahn
Watching Her Go quotes by V. Theia
#48. Reaper's heart stumbled and ached, it hurt so bad because every instinct told him to ride back, sweep her up, kiss the ever-loving fuck out of her and never let her go.
Taste her.
Own her.
Belong to her. #Quote by V. Theia
Watching Her Go quotes by R.D. Laing
#49. If you had actually screwed me it would have wrecked everything. It
would have convinced me that you were only interested in pleasure with
my animal body and that you didn't really care about the part that was
a person. It would have meant that you were using me like a woman
when I really wasn't one and needed a lot of help to grow into one. It
would have meant you could only see my body and couldn't see the real
me which was still a little girl. The real me would have been up on the
ceiling watching you do things with my body. You would have seemed
content to let the real me die. When you feed a girl, you make her feel
that both her body and her self are wanted. This helps her get joined
together. When you screw her she can feel that her body is separate and
dead. People can screw dead bodies, but they never feed them. #Quote by R.D. Laing
Watching Her Go quotes by Julie Klausner
#50. I think Joan Rivers is such an untapped legend that people just don't appreciate, because they grew up with her on QVC, or they grew up with her on E!, or they grew up watching her do the things that in their minds the more prestigious comics wouldn't have taken or done. #Quote by Julie Klausner
Watching Her Go quotes by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
#51. I really have discovered something at last. Through watching so much at night, when it changes so, I have finally found out. The front pattern does move - and no wonder! The woman behind shakes it! Sometimes I think there are a great many women behind, and sometimes only one, and she crawls around fast, and her crawling shakes it all over. Then in the very ' bright spots she keeps still, and in the very shady spots she just takes hold of the bars and shakes them hard. And she is all the time trying to climb through. But nobody could climb through that pattern - it strangles so: ... #Quote by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Watching Her Go quotes by Tabitha Conall
#52. She couldn't wait to curl up on her couch and eat dinner while watching an episode of Grimm. Bowie #Quote by Tabitha Conall
Watching Her Go quotes by Cassandra Clare
#53. The Frays had never been a religiously observant family, but Clary loved Fifth Avenue at Christmas time. The air smelled like sweet roasted chestnuts, and the window displays sparkled with silver and blue, green and red. This year there were fat round crystal snowflakes attached to each lamppost, sending back the winter sunlight in shafts of gold. Not to mention the huge tree at Rockefeller Center. It threw its shadow across them as she and Simon draped themselves over the gate at the side of the skating rink, watching tourists fall down as they tried to navigate the ice.

Clary had a hot chocolate wrapped in her hands, the warmth spreading through her body. She felt almost normal - this, coming to Fifth to see the window displays and the tree, had been a winter tradition for her and Simon for as long as she could remember.

"Feels like old times, doesn't it?" he said, echoing her thoughts as he propped his chin on his folded arms.

She chanced a sideways look at him. He was wearing a black topcoat and scarf that emphasized the winter pallor of his skin. His eyes were shadowed, indicating that he hadn't fed on blood recently. He looked like what he was - a hungry, tired vampire.

Well, she thought. Almost like old times. "More people to buy presents for," she said. "Plus, the always traumatic what-to-buy-someone-for-the-first-Christmas-after-you've-started-dating question."

"What to get the Shadowhunter who has everything," S #Quote by Cassandra Clare

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