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Walraven Realty quotes by E.B. Hood
#1. I love fantasy woven through the backdrop of realty. #Quote by E.B. Hood
Walraven Realty quotes by Lou Holtz
#2. Nothing is as good as it seems, and nothing is as bad as it seems. Somewhere in between lies realty. #Quote by Lou Holtz
Walraven Realty quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#3. Therein resides the fundamental systemic violence of capitalism, much more uncanny than direct pre-capitalist socio-ideological violence: its violence is no longer attributable to concrete individuals with their 'evil' intentions, but is purely 'objective,' systemic, anonymous
quite literally a conceptual violence, the violence of a Concept whose self-deployment rules and regulates social realty. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Walraven Realty quotes by Gregg Braden
#4. Beliefs, and the feelings that we have about them, are the language that "speaks" to the quantum stuff that makes our realty. #Quote by Gregg Braden
Walraven Realty quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
#5. Labor Day symbolizes our determination to achieve an economic freedom for the average man which will give his political freedom realty. #Quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Walraven Realty quotes by Sambalme
#6. I was searching for the souls that would matched with mine and we can have a community together
but some of them are worried about my future and trying to make me centred on my life and they are acting like my enemies on the facts of life and realty. #Quote by Sambalme
Walraven Realty quotes by Grover Cleveland
#7. No investment on earth is so safe, so sure, so certain to enrich its owners as undeveloped realty. I always advise my friends to place their savings in realty near a growing city. There is no such savings bank anywhere. #Quote by Grover Cleveland
Walraven Realty quotes by Sarah Jakes
#8. When you're a teenager - How do you determine what being a Christian looks like, if you're not willing to be as transparent as the realty TV world we live in? If we are to make it easy for others to find God, we must be more diligent about sharing our stories, openly and honestly. #Quote by Sarah Jakes
Walraven Realty quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#9. Max had a book with her and began leafing through it, looking for something. "There's a passage our conversation reminds me of ..."
"In the Upanishads -- a series of Sanskrit works which are part of the Veda. Here it is Pol, listen: In this body, in this town of Spirit, there is a little house shaped like a lotus, and in that house there is a little space. There is as much in that little space within the heart as there is in the whole world outside. Maybe that little space is the realty of your you and my me?"
"Could I copy that?" I asked.
"Of course. I've been watching that little space within your heart enlarging all year as more and more ideas are absorbed into it. Some people close their doors and lock them so that nothing can come in, and the space cannot hold anything as long as the heart clutches in self-protection or lust or greed. But if we're not afraid, that little space can be so large that one could put a whole universe in it and still have room for more. #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle

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