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Wagenborg Manila quotes by Dan Eaton
#1. A man named Vicente Fox was sworn in as president of Mexico, ending seventy-five years of control by the Institutional Revolutionary Party. Across the border, the United States Supreme Court released its landmark decision in Bush v. Gore, deciding the 2000 presidential election and ensuring the term "hanging chad" took its place permanently in the English lexicon. Leninist guerrillas launched an attack in Istanbul, and a series of bombs exploded in downtown Manila, killing twenty-two people and injuring dozens more. Cambodia's failed coup slipped from network news bulletins, and the country returned once more to relative international obscurity. #Quote by Dan Eaton
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Muhammad Ali
#2. Frazier soaked it all up like a sponge. When they arrived in Manila it was the same story. Ali poured scorn on his opponent. Humiliated him. Joe had the heart of a lion but verbally he was out of his depth when Ali got going. One time, as fight day approached, Ali spotted Frazier on a hotel balcony, grabbed a security guard's gun and fired some rounds at him. Everybody knew it wasn't live ammo but it still startled the hell out of Joe.] Go back in your hole, Gorilla, You gonna scare the people! Come out again and I'm gonna kill ya before time! #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Janet Evanovich
#3. Oh boy," Lula said when she saw me. "Think we got a good story walking in the door, here. What's with the handcuff?"
"I thought it would look good with the cheese balls in my hair. You know, dress up the outfit."
"I hope it was Morelli," Connie said. "I wouldn't mind being cuffed by Morelli."
"Close," I said. "It was Ranger."
"Uh-oh," Lula said. "Think I just wet my pants."
"It wasn't anything sexual," I said. "It was ... an accident. And then we lost the key."
Connie fanned herself with a manila folder. "I'm having a hot flash. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Manila Luzon
#4. Playing on stereotypes was meant to be humorous. If it doesn't tickle you in certain spots, it's not going to be funny. Falling down the stairs is a seriously dangerous thing, but watching it is HILARIOUS! #Quote by Manila Luzon
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Luke Evans
#5. Before the 'Fast & Furious' promo in Manila, I went on a vacation in the Philippines 10 years earlier. I loved it. My 'Miss Saigon' friends showed me around. #Quote by Luke Evans
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#6. TIA OR TARA has stopped applying makeup to my wife's face and is looking at Scottie with disapproval. The light is hitting this woman's face, giving me an opportunity to see that she should perhaps be working on her own makeup. Her coloring is similar to a manila envelope. There are specks of white in her eyebrows, and her concealer is not concealing. I can tell my daughter doesn't know what to do with this woman's critical look.

"What?" Scottie asks. "I don't want any makeup." She looks at me for protection, and it's heartbreaking. All the women who model with Joanie have this inane urge to make over my daughter with the notion that they're helping her somehow. She's not as pretty as her older sister or her mother, and these other models think that slapping on some rouge will somehow make her feel better about her facial fate. They're like missionaries. Mascara thumpers.

"I was just going to say that I think your mother was enjoying the view," Tia or Tara says. "It's so pretty outside. You should let the light in."

My daughter looks at the curtain. Her little mouth is open. Her hand reaches for a tumbleweed of hair.

"Listen here, T. Her mother was not enjoying the view. Her mother is in a coma. And she's not supposed to be in bright light."

"My name is not T," she says. "My name is Allison."

"Okay, then, Ali. Don't confuse my daughter, please."

"I'm turning into a remarkable young lady," Scottie say #Quote by Kaui Hart Hemmings
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Teju Cole
#7. Not in this specific form. But all great cities are inhabited by ghosts. A book of this kind could probably be written about Jakarta, Manila, or London by anyone who had a feeling for the invisible truths of those places. #Quote by Teju Cole
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Dawn Casey-Rowe
#8. For a kid in crisis, there is no "make it happen," only "survive today." Who am I to have the cojones to think my "critical questions" are the most important thing in this kid's life? I think of the times I was in crisis and failed to pay attention to the manila folders on my desk as an adult. #Quote by Dawn Casey-Rowe
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Henry Johnson Jr
#9. Money cannot buy you "HEALTH. #Quote by Henry Johnson Jr
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Grant Morrison
#10. My art school rejection letter arrived as a cold manila fist that closed around my fragile hopes [ ... ] The fear was practically edible. Nothing would happen unless I get out and make it happen.
Then, as if handing me the keys to the jet pack, my dad bought me a typewriter and a taped message to the inside of its case: 'Son- the world is waiting to hear from you'. #Quote by Grant Morrison
Wagenborg Manila quotes by John Grisham
#11. In little pockets of conversation, old men were telling stories of ancient floods. Women were talking of about how much rain there'd been in other towns
Paragould, Lepanto, and Manila. #Quote by John Grisham
Wagenborg Manila quotes by James Sinclair
#12. A Safety Travel with Sinclair James International

Traveling to somewhere completely foreign to you may be challenging but that is what travelers always look for. It can be a good opportunity to find something new and discover new places, meet new people and try a different culture. However, it can involve a lot of risk as well. You may be surprised to find yourself naked and penniless on the side of the road trying to figure out what you did wrong. These kinds of situations come rarely when you are careful and cautious enough but it is not impossible.

Sinclair James International Travel and Tours, your Australian based traveling guide can help you travel safely through the following tips:

1. Pack all Security Items
In case of emergencies, you should have all the safety tools and security items with you. Carry a card with your name and number with you and don't forget to scribble down the numbers of local police station, fire department, list of hospitals and other necessary numbers that you may need. Place them in each compartment and on your pockets. If ever you find yourself being a victim of pick pocketing in Manila, Philippines or being driven around in circles in the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, you will definitely find these numbers very helpful. It is also advisable to put your name and an emergency number in case you are in trouble and may need someone else to call.

2. Protect your Passport
Passports nowadays have #Quote by James Sinclair
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Neal Stephenson
#13. But around the time Manila heaves into view, a warm breeze springs up over the deck and all of the Marines sigh, as if they have all ejaculated in unison. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Natalie Cole
#14. I have been on dialysis in Istanbul, Milan, Indonesia, Manila, London. It's - it's amazing. #Quote by Natalie Cole
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Manila Luzon
#15. I consider myself an artist, but instead of paint or clay, my medium is drag. I put so much of myself into my drag from every detail of the costume, makeup and hair to my performance, the way I speak or even stand. #Quote by Manila Luzon
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Anonymous
#16. Igor, one night drunk in a Manila strip club does not make you a Chippendale. It just makes you a little sad, #Quote by Anonymous
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Jess Walter
#17. I wrote short stories for seven years and used to mail them out. You couldn't send them by e-mail. I called them manila boomerangs. I'd seal the self-addressed stamped envelope inside an envelope and I'd mail it off, and it would come back six weeks later with a rejection letter in it. #Quote by Jess Walter
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Piper Kerman
#18. Box held seven hammered-gold rings, each as thin as manila paper, to be worn stacked. And he had gotten himself a ring too, #Quote by Piper Kerman
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#19. The nations of the earth through the centuries of time have waged war to gain territory. I think ours is the only nation on the face of the earth which has not claimed territory gained out of conflict.

I have stood in the American Military Cemetery in Suresnes, France, where are buried some who died in the First World War. Among those was my eldest brother. It is a quiet and hallowed place, a remembrance of great sacrifice 'to make the world safe for democracy.' No territory was claimed by America as recompense for the sacrifices of those buried there.

I have stood in reverence in the beautiful American military cemetery on the outskirts of Manila in the Philippines. There marble crosses and the Star of David stand in perfect symmetry marking the burial places of some 17,000 Americans who lost their lives in the Second World War. Surrounding that sacred ground are marble colonnades on which are incised the names of another 35,000 who were lost in the battles of the Pacific during that terrible conflict. After so great a sacrifice there was victory, but there was never a claim for territory except for some small islands over which we have had guardianship.

I have been up and down South Korea from the 38th parallel in the North to Pusan in the South, and I have seen the ridges and the valleys where Americans fought and died, not to save their own land but to preserve freedom for people who were strangers to them but whom they acknowledged to be #Quote by Gordon B. Hinckley
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Sukarno
#20. I am very unhappy about reports that I was seeking asylum in Manila. #Quote by Sukarno
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Rafe Bartholomew
#21. The PBA was a symptom of the Philippines' basketball obsession, not the cause. I was thrilled to be witnessing the professional game from inside Alaska's locker room, but that wasn't what brought me to Manila in the first place. I was inspired by the idea that a Southeast Asian nation populated by five-foot-five men and mostly forgotten by America except for its political corruption, widespread prostitution, and violent Muslim separatist movement could be devoted to hoops with a passion unequaled by any other country. It was a nationwide tale of unrequited love. Forty million short men obsessed with basketball--they might as well have been a nation of blind art historians. #Quote by Rafe Bartholomew
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Stuart Kirsch
#22. In the ensuing discussion at the Manila workshop, I compared the search for a responsible mine to the pursuit of a mythical beast that people believe in because they have heard stories of its existence, even though no one claims to have seen it.18 #Quote by Stuart Kirsch
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#23. I tried not to dwell on the comparison; it was one thing to accept that New York was more wealthy than Lahore, but quite another to swallow the fact that Manila was as well. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Carlos Celdran
#24. I believe that Manila can be a reflection of your state of mind. Being a city of extreme contrasts it's easy to see how it can become an intense personal experience. Manila can be chaotic and spiritual, dirty and divine, gritty and gorgeous all at once. If you don't find beauty and poetry here, you will never find it anywhere. #Quote by Carlos Celdran
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Tom Douglas
#25. Tender and sweet, Manila clams partner well with a wide variety of foods - white wine, sake, beer, butter, leeks, fresh herbs, roasted peppers, olives, and wild mushrooms, to name a few. #Quote by Tom Douglas
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Manila Luzon
#26. If people don't like you, it doesn't matter how much uniqueness, nerve or talent you have! #Quote by Manila Luzon
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Adam Minter
#27. ...[I]f the goal is a realistic sustainable future, then it's necessary to take a look at what we can do to lengthen the lives of the products we're going to buy anyway. So my ... answer to the question of how we can boost recycling rates is this: Demand that companies start designing products for repair, reuse, and recycling.

Take, for example, the super-thin MacBook Air, a wonder of modern design packed into an aluminum case that's barely bigger than a handful of documents in a manila envelope. At first glance, it would seem to be a sustainable wonder that uses fewer raw materials to do more. But that's just the gloss; the reality is that the MacBook Air's thin profile means that its components - memory chips, solid state drive, and processor - are packed so tightly in the case that there's no room for upgrades (a point driven home by the unusual screws used to hold the case together, thus making home repair even more difficult). Even worse, from the perspective of recycling, the thin profile (and the tightly packed innards) means that the computer is exceptionally difficult to break down into individual components when it comes time to recycle it. In effect, the MacBook Air is a machine built to be shredded, not repaired, upgraded, and reused. #Quote by Adam Minter
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Nick Joaquin
#28. Intramuros! The old Manila. The original Manila. The Noble and Ever Loyal City ... #Quote by Nick Joaquin
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Michael Chabon
#29. The hidden master of the Filipino-style Chinese donut is Benito Taganes, proprietor and king of the bubbling vats at Mabuhay. Mabuhay, dark, cramped, invisible from the street, stays open all night long. It drains the bars and cafes after hours, concentrates the wicked and the guilty along its chipped Formica counter, and thrums with the gossip of criminals, policemen, shtarkers and shlemiels, whores and night owls. With the fat applauding in the fryers, the exhaust fans roaring, and the boom box blasting the heartsick kundimans of Benito's Manila childhood, the clientele makes free with their secrets. A golden mist of kosher oil hangs in the air and baffles the senses. Who could overhear with ears full of KosherFry and the wailing of Diomedes Maturan? #Quote by Michael Chabon
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Pico Iyer
#30. The poverty one still sees in America today is more shocking to me than anything I have seen in Ethiopia or Calcutta or Manila, and has made me, as someone living in a society of great wealth and someone who's never had to worry about the next meal, think seriously about what universal responsibility really means. #Quote by Pico Iyer
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Sid Waddell
#31. I want the little lassies who are thinking of going to a nightclub in Cardiff to stop to see what that guy's screaming for, or Grandma to put her knitting down to see why that guy's chatting about Alexander the Great. I'm after pulling in, whether it's in Manila, Beijing or whatever, the biggest possible audience. #Quote by Sid Waddell
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Yann Martel
#32. Japanese-owned cargo ship Tsimtsum, flying Panamanian flag, sank July 2nd, 1977, in Pacific, four days out of Manila. Am in lifeboat. Pi Patel my name. Have some food, some water, but Bengal tiger a serious problem. Please advise family in Winnepeg, Canada. Any help very much appreciated. Thank you. #Quote by Yann Martel
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Florencio Abad
#33. As past presidents of the Liberal Party, we deeply regret and are greatly saddened by the precipitate action by some party officers and members at the Manila Hotel. #Quote by Florencio Abad
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Clifton Fadiman
#34. For most men life is a search for the proper manila envelope in which to get themselves filed. #Quote by Clifton Fadiman
Wagenborg Manila quotes by Katie Hafner
#35. My mother has always loved piano music and hungered to play. When she was in her early sixties, she retired from her job as a computer programmer so that she could devote herself more fully to the piano. As she had done with her dog obsession, she took her piano education to an extreme. She bought not one, not two, but three pianos.

One was the beautiful Steinway B, a small grand piano she purchased with a modest inheritance left by a friend of her parents'. She photocopied all of her music in a larger size so she could see it better and mounted it on manila folders. She practiced for several hours every day. When she wasn't practicing the piano she was talking about the piano.

I love pianos, too, and wrote an entire book about the life of one piano, a Steinway owned by the renowned pianist Glenn Gould. And I shared my mother's love for her piano. During phone conversations, I listened raptly as she told me about the instrument's cross-country adventures.

Before bringing the Steinway north, my mother had mentioned that she was considering selling it. I was surprised, but instead of reminding her that, last I knew, she was setting it aside for me, I said nothing, unable to utter the simple words, "But, Mom, don't you remember your promise?" If I did, it would be a way of asking for something, and asking my mother for something was always dangerous because of the risk of disappointment. #Quote by Katie Hafner

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