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Vulgarians Rock quotes by Paulo Coelho
#1. It's because I dream of being accepted and respected, though I don't owe anything to anyone. Why do I need that? I waste my time on worries, regrets, and darkness - a darkness that only enslaves me, chaining me to a rock where I'm served up as food for birds of prey, a rock that I can no longer leave. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Joe Perry
#2. The Beatles did everything long before anyone else. They weren't afraid to try things and to experiment with a lot of sounds. In 200 years, when you look up 'rock and roll' in the dictionary, it'll have a picture of the Beatles next to it. #Quote by Joe Perry
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Chris Rock
#3. See Relationships are hard, man. For order, for any relationship to work, both people have to be on the same page, both people have to have the same focus, and we all know what that page is. We all know what that focus is. In order for the relationship to work both people have to have the same focus, and what's that focus? That focus is all about HER! It's all about her! #Quote by Chris Rock
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Lisa Kotin
#4. Jenny is what people would call a "big girl." Jenny from screenwriting class. I watch how she lives in her own imperfect skin, recognizing her limitations but still going for what she wants and doing what she loves - writing, smoking, drinking coffee, eating cake, listening to rock 'n' roll, reading Shakespeare, and wearing cute, punky clothes, all despite being a "big girl." It's like she actually believes she has a right to be in this world. #Quote by Lisa Kotin
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Marie Mutsuki Mockett
#5. To practice the Way single heartedly is, in itself, enlightenment. There is no gap between practice and enlightenment and daily life. This stripped-down Buddhist aesthetic pervades all aspects of St Zen. Most St Zen temples eschew the fantastic sculptures of bodhisattvas with their jewelry and fluttering robes. Instead, Zen emphasizes rock gardens, green-tea caffeine-infused meditation, and single-mindedness. #Quote by Marie Mutsuki Mockett
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Steven Tyler
#6. When you start a rock n' roll band, you've gotta fake it till you make it. You begin by doin' what you love- and what you love is usually what some other people have already done. It just depends on how much of a fool you make of yourself along the way to finding your own sound, assuming you find it. #Quote by Steven Tyler
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Paul Simon
#7. I have my books
And my poetry to protect me;
I am shielded in my armor,
Hiding in my room, safe within my womb.
I touch no one and no one touches me.
I am a rock,
I am an island.
#Quote by Paul Simon
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Kurt Angle
#8. Pro wrestling was there, and I was good at it, thank God. I started getting a lot of offers, but unfortunately, at WWE I was under a tight leash. I think it had a lot to do with The Rock making the transition, and me possibly being the next guy - you know, the company didn't want to lose another top performer. #Quote by Kurt Angle
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Ace Frehley
#9. I had a feeling it was gonna work out because not only did I enjoy the music and hit it off with the guys, but I was into theatrical rock and was willing to wear makeup and do anything to make it. #Quote by Ace Frehley
Vulgarians Rock quotes by M.L. LeGette
#10. A creature
a frightfully, awful creature
was mere feet from her. Its eyes were enormous, the size of goose eggs and milky white. Its gray, slippery skin was stretched taut upon its face. Its mouth was wide and full of needle teeth. Its hands rested on the rock, hands that were webbed and huge with each finger ending in a sharp, curved nail. It was as tall as a human man, yet oddly shrunken and hunched. #Quote by M.L. LeGette
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Corrie Ten Boom
#11. For I, too, had a hiding place when things were bad. Jesus was this place, the Rock cleft for me. #Quote by Corrie Ten Boom
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Anonymous
#12. 14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my [firm, impenetrable] Rock and my Redeemer. #Quote by Anonymous
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Kelseyleigh Reber
#13. I cannot detain Love, holding him captive so that he may never break my heart. No more than I can stick Guilt in a pot so that I may boil him until all of my sins are vaporized, rising alongside the screaming steam. I cannot hold Sorrow in my arms and rock him to a fit and endless sleep. Nor can I search for Joy and effortlessly find him beneath the pink-dusted sky of late afternoon, where he waits for me with open arms. #Quote by Kelseyleigh Reber
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Kamala Nair
#14. A Rakshasi did not live here.
A princess did.
I was staring into the most dazzling garden I had ever seen. Cobblestone pathways meandered between rows of salmon-hued hibiscus, regal hollyhock, delicate impatiens, wild orchids, thorny rosebushes, and manicured shrubs starred with jasmine. Bunches of bougainvillea cascaded down the sides of the wall, draped across the stone like extravagant shawls. Magnolia trees, cotton-candy pink, were interspersed with coconut trees, which let in streaks of purplish light through their fanlike leaves. A rock-rimmed pond glistened in a corner of the garden, and lotus blossoms sprouting from green discs skimmed its surface. A snow white bird that looked like a peacock wove in and out through a grove of pomegranate trees, which were set aflame by clusters of deep orange blossoms. I had seen blue peacocks before, but never a white one.
An Ashoka tree stood at one edge of the garden, as if on guard, near the door. A brief wind sent a cluster of red petals drifting down from its branches and settling on the ground at my feet. A flock of pale blue butterflies emerged from a bed of golden trumpet flowers and sailed up into the sky. In the center of this scene was a peach stucco cottage with green shutters and a thatched roof, quaint and idyllic as a dollhouse. A heavenly perfume drifted over the wall, intoxicating me- I wanted nothing more than to enter. #Quote by Kamala Nair
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Philip Dormer Stanhope
#15. Pleasure is the rock which most young people split upon: they launch out with crowded sails in quest of it, but without a compass to direct their course, or reason sufficient to steer the vessel; for want of which, pain and shame, instead of pleasure, are the returns of their voyage. #Quote by Philip Dormer Stanhope
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Felipe Alou
#16. Those who feel they are clean, go ahead and throw the first rock. If you're clean, if you have not done anything wrong or been accused of anything wrong, go ahead and start the show. #Quote by Felipe Alou
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Ann Beattie
#17. Because I don't work with an outline, writing a story is like crossing a stream, now I'm on this rock, now I'm on this rock, now I'm on this rock. #Quote by Ann Beattie
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Halle Berry
#18. I never wanted to be a model. My modelling career was nothing but a stepping stone to my acting career and that's all I ever saw it as. A pointless rock in the river that has to be stepped on in order to get to the meaningful oasis of acting. #Quote by Halle Berry
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Charles Kelley
#19. We're definitely a hodgepodge of influences. Mine, most heavily, would be Southern rock - the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and stuff like that. Hillary is more from the country side - her mom is Linda Davis, a country singer. Dave, he's a big fan of the Eagles and like that. #Quote by Charles Kelley
Vulgarians Rock quotes by J.K. Rock
#20. It is our choices ... that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. Albus Dumbledore #Quote by J.K. Rock
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Naomi Klein
#21. When we marvel at that blue marble in all its delicacy and frailty, and resolve to save the planet, we cast ourselves in a very specific role. That role is of a parent, the parent of the earth. But the opposite is the case. It is we humans who are fragile and vulnerable and the earth that is hearty and powerful, and holds us in its hands. In pragmatic terms, our challenge is less to save the earth from ourselves and more to save ourselves from an earth that, if pushed too far, has ample power to rock, burn, and shake us off completely. That knowledge should inform all we do - especially #Quote by Naomi Klein
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Ellen Bass
#22. Gate C22

At gate C22 in the Portland airport
a man in a broad-band leather hat kissed
a woman arriving from Orange County.
They kissed and kissed and kissed. Long after
the other passengers clicked the handles of their carry-ons
and wheeled briskly toward short-term parking,
the couple stood there, arms wrapped around each other
like he'd just staggered off the boat at Ellis Island,
like she'd been released at last from ICU, snapped
out of a coma, survived bone cancer, made it down
from Annapurna in only the clothes she was wearing.

Neither of them was young. His beard was gray.
She carried a few extra pounds you could imagine
her saying she had to lose. But they kissed lavish
kisses like the ocean in the early morning,
the way it gathers and swells, sucking
each rock under, swallowing it
again and again. We were all watching–
passengers waiting for the delayed flight
to San Jose, the stewardesses, the pilots,
the aproned woman icing Cinnabons, the man selling
sunglasses. We couldn't look away. We could
taste the kisses crushed in our mouths.

But the best part was his face. When he drew back
and looked at her, his smile soft with wonder, almost
as though he were a mother still open from giving birth,
as your mother must have looked at you, no matter
what happened after–if she beat you or left you #Quote by Ellen Bass
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Cappadonna
#23. Park hill staten island seal, rock the reel to reel we high hills deep #Quote by Cappadonna
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Wayne Knight
#24. I had the most fun on '3rd Rock'. It was a great show to work on. #Quote by Wayne Knight
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Elizabeth Bear
#25. Angelo, he said, and felt the bed rock as Angelo shuddered, caught halfway between REM atonia - the inhibition of movement caused by the shutdown of monoamines in the brain - and waking. #Quote by Elizabeth Bear
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Ben Okri
#26. One human life is deeper than the ocean. Strange fishes and sea-monsters and mighty plants live in the rock-bed of our spirits. The whole of human history is an undiscovered continent deep in our souls. There are dolphins, plants that dream, magic birds inside us. The sky is inside us. The earth is in us. #Quote by Ben Okri
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Luka Sulic
#27. People don't think of cello as a rock instrument, really, and we want people to know all the possibilities that the cello can offer. #Quote by Luka Sulic
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Kim Gordon
#28. I just think that playing bass, like punk rock bass with a pick, wasn't meant to be done for 25 years. #Quote by Kim Gordon
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Pamela Morsi
#29. Suddenly, from the depths of that chair emerged the biggest, meanest-looking dog Jesse had ever seen. One side of his face had suffered some disfiguring injury.
The jaw hung slack and the eye on that side was missing.
Jesse froze in her tracks, terrified that she might be mauled by this monstrosity of a pet. She glanced
around, looking for a stick or a rock or anything to defend herself. There was nothing close but she was afraid to move. Surely if the animal were dangerous, Floyd and Alice Fay would have said something. Jesse waited tensely for a moment before realizing the dog wasn't so much growling or barking as he was howling; loudly, purposefully howling.
"She don't bite," a voice called out. "She's my hillbilly alarm system, letting me know that they's strangers about. #Quote by Pamela Morsi
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Martha Stewart
#30. I am not a rock star or a movie star; I'm a businessperson. I definitely know who my friends are. I'm much more open and trusting than, say, my daughter is. #Quote by Martha Stewart
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Bob Goff
#31. Stand up like a mountain; have faith like a rock; love like an avalanche #Quote by Bob Goff
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Les Stroud
#32. All you need is a [insert plant], some [insert stick / rock / animal feces], and a good multitool. #Quote by Les Stroud
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Isaiah
#33. Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal. #Quote by Isaiah
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Chris Rock
#34. Gun control? We need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost 5,000 dollars. Because if a bullet cost five thousand dollar, we wouldn't have any innocent bystanders. #Quote by Chris Rock
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Jay Rock
#35. See them demons and them omens staring at you, mind control, they want your soul. If he don't see a dollar, somebody visiting Satan #Quote by Jay Rock
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Thomas Paine
#36. The union of America is the foundation-stone of her independence; the rock on which it is built; and is something so sacred in her constitution, that we ought to watch every word we speak, and every thought we think, that we injure it not, even by mistake. #Quote by Thomas Paine
Vulgarians Rock quotes by John Mellencamp
#37. This is serious business, sex, violence, and rock and roll. #Quote by John Mellencamp
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Chris Rock
#38. Men lie the most,

women tell the biggest lies. #Quote by Chris Rock
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Jinxx
#39. I've never believed in so much as I do the BVB Army. Rock and Roll is my religion. And Rock and Roll is back. I love all of you outcast. #Quote by Jinxx
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Chris Jericho
#40. I've got news for you ... both those idiots [Al Snow and the Rock] aren't your friends! They hate you! Everybody hates you! All the people at home, all these people in the arena hate you, and most importantly, Y2J hates you! #Quote by Chris Jericho
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Josh Hutcherson
#41. T-shirt and jeans style now is where I'm at. Maybe a little rock 'n' roll T-shirt and jeans. #Quote by Josh Hutcherson
Vulgarians Rock quotes by John Lennon
#42. ... Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I don't know what will go first, rock 'n' roll or Christianity. We're more popular than Jesus now. Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me. #Quote by John Lennon
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Elisabeth Elliot
#43. Lead me, Lord, to the Rock that is higher than I. Let me hear your word, give me grace to obey, to build steadily, stone upon stone, day by day, to do what You say. Establish my heart where floods have no power to overwhelm, for Christ's sake. Amen. #Quote by Elisabeth Elliot
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Rob Liano
#44. Don't ever perceive other people's success as your own failure. #Quote by Rob Liano
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Raymond Berry
#45. Whatever's most important to you is your god. If it's not the Rock Christ Jesus, then it's sand! #Quote by Raymond Berry
Vulgarians Rock quotes by Frank Portman
#46. No one does antimaterialism better than multigazillionaire rock stars. #Quote by Frank Portman

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