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Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Sean Quinn
#1. I was never one to run away from trouble - I intend to continue to fight my corner and try to redeem our reputation in some way. It's very difficult when you see the PR campaign that Anglo have built up against us. A lot of the media would be very anti-Quinn and have fallen hook, line and sinker for the Anglo story where they are the good guys. #Quote by Sean Quinn
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Jason Fox
#2. Scientists will discover a weak correlation between A and B, assuming C under D conditions. The university PR office will then post something for immediate release: 'Scientists Find Potential Link Between A and B (under certain conditions)'. News organisations will pick it up and publish, 'A causes B, say scientists', which will then be read by The Internets and turned into 'A causes B - ALL THE TIME!' Which will then be picked up by TV shows that run stories like 'A ... A Killer Among Us??' All of this eventually leads to your grandma getting all weird about A. #Quote by Jason Fox
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Michael Crichton
#3. In my view, our approach to global warming exemplifies everything that is wrong with our approach to the environment. We are basing our decisions on speculation, not evidence. Proponents are pressing their views with more PR than scientific data. Indeed, we have allowed the whole issue to be politicized-red vs blue, Republican vs Democrat. This is in my view absurd. Data aren't political. Data are data. Politics leads you in the direction of a belief. Data, if you follow them, lead you to truth. #Quote by Michael Crichton
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Mary Roach
#4. Few sciences are as rooted in shame, infamy, and bad PR as human anatomy. The troubles began in Alexandrian Egypt, circa 300 B.C. King Ptolemy I was the first leader to deem it a-okay for medical types to cut open the dead for the purpose of figuring out how bodies work. #Quote by Mary Roach
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Justin Bog
#5. The show's supposed to be a cross between Melrose Place and Breaking Bad (with a little Dukes of Hazzard thrown in for the hell of it), but done straight (the PR people actually say that). #Quote by Justin Bog
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Bertrand Blier
#6. Loneliness forced me to be my own best friend. #Quote by Bertrand Blier
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Teresa Medeiros
#7. Wilbury, my dear," Caroline said, "would you mind taking the children and keeping them occupied for a bit?"
"Twould be the high point of my golden years, my lady," he replied with frigid politeness. "The culmination of a lifelong dream I had nearly abandoned in favour of waiting peacefully for the Grim Reaper to come and relieve me of my earthly duties."
Immune to his sarcasm, Caroline beamed fondly at him. "Thank you, Wilbury. I thought that's what you would say."
Shuffling toward the hearth, the butler muttered under his breath, "I just love children, you know. I simply dote upon the overindulged little darlings with their grasping little hands and their sticky little fingers that foul up every freshly polished surface in the house". As he leaned toward the hearth, the twins paused in play to gape at him. Baring his pointed yellowing teeth in a grimace of a smile, he rasped, "Come now, lads. I'll take you to the kitchen for some nice hot chocolate."
Eyes widening in terror, the two boys leapt to their feet and ran shrieking from the room. Wilbury straightened as much as his hunched back would allow, rolling his eyes.
"Wilbuwy!" Eloisa crowed, scrambling from her mother's lap and toddling across the room. Wrapping her arms around one of the butler's scrawny legs, she looked up and batted her long eyelashes at him. "Me want cocoa!"
With a long-suffering sigh, he scooped the plump child into his arms, every one of his ancient bones creaking in pr #Quote by Teresa Medeiros
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Elisabeth Elliot
#8. Psychology describes. The Bible prescribes. 'Turn from evil. Let that be the medicine to keep you in health.' Pr 3:7,8. #Quote by Elisabeth Elliot
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Peter Pomerantsev
#9. I encounter forms of this attitude every day. The producers who work at the Ostankino channels might all be liberals in their private lives, holiday in Tuscany, and be completely European in their tastes. When I ask how they marry their professional and personal lives, they look at me as if I were a fool and answer: "Over the last twenty years we've lived through a communism we never believed in, democracy and defaults and mafia state and oligarchy, and we've realized they are illusions, that everything is PR." "Everything is PR" has become the favorite phrase of the new Russia; my Moscow peers are filled with a sense that they are both cynical and enlightened. When I ask them about Soviet-era dissidents, like my parents, who fought against communism, they dismiss them as naïve dreamers and my own Western attachment to such vague notions as "human rights" and "freedom" as a blunder. "Can't you see your own governments are just as bad as ours?" they ask me. I try to protest - but they just smile and pity me. To believe in something and stand by it in this world is derided, the ability to be a shape-shifter celebrated. Vladimir Nabokov once described a species of butterfly that at an early stage in its development had to learn how to change colors to hide from predators. The butterfly's predators had long died off, but still it changed its colors from the sheer pleasure of transformation. Something similar has happened to the Russian elites: during the Soviet period they learne #Quote by Peter Pomerantsev
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Maxim Behar
#10. We do need these two words, "public" and "relations" - and, of course, those words are still extremely important.
However, those 3 billion people who are social media users are all dealing with "relations," and everything has become "public"!
With social media, everything has been "public" for quite a while now; there is nothing "nonpublic" anymore. #Quote by Maxim Behar
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Mark Morford
#11. When Benedict dies, he will have the pleasure of standing before whatever furious God he believes in, to answer for how it was that he knew for undeniable fact that one
if not dozens
of his priests repeatedly molested, abused and/or raped young children for decades, and he did nothing to stop it. How much does God believe the pope's argument that Vatican PR trumps pedophilia? Joe Ratzinger, 82, will soon find out. #Quote by Mark Morford
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Ron Johnson
#12. Apple has great marketing, among the best PR and marketing in the world. #Quote by Ron Johnson
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Philip Appleman
#13. Darwin's Bestiary


Animals tame and animals feral
prowled the Dark Ages in search of a moral:
the canine was Loyal, the lion was Virile,
rabbits were Potent and gryphons were Sterile.
Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Pride - every peril
was fleshed into something phantasmic and rural,
while Courage, Devotion, Thrift - every bright laurel
crowned a creature in some mythological mural.

Scientists think there is something immoral
in singular brutes having meat that is plural:
beasts are mere beasts, just as flowers are floral.
Yet between the lines there's an implicit demurral;
the habit stays with us, albeit it's puerile:
when Darwin saw squirrels, he saw more than Squirrel.


The ant, Darwin reminded us,
defies all simple-mindedness:
Take nothing (says the ant) on faith,
and never trust a simple truth.
The PR men of bestiaries
eulogized for centuries
this busy little paragon,
nature's proletarian -
but look here, Darwin said: some ants
make slaves of smaller ants, and end
exploiting in their peonages
the sweating brows of their tiny drudges.

Thus the ant speaks out of both
sides of its mealy little mouth:
its example is extolled
to the workers of the world,
but its habits also preach
the virtues of #Quote by Philip Appleman
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Brian Solis
#14. Social Media is much bigger than we give it credit for. It's not just about PR or just about marketing. #Quote by Brian Solis
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Abha Maryada Banerjee
#15. I am my biggest mouthpiece..Saves a lot of money on PR! #Quote by Abha Maryada Banerjee
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Chrissy Teigen
#16. I would not like to try any high stress job. Honestly, I wouldn't like something like a PR job. I can't diffuse situations. #Quote by Chrissy Teigen
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Eric Ries
#17. As new mainstream customers are acquired and new markets are conquered, the product becomes part of the public face of the company, with important implications for PR, marketing, sales, and business development. In most cases, the product will attract competitors: copycats, fast followers, and imitators of all stripes. #Quote by Eric Ries
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Vera Wang
#18. It's hard to juggle being a businessperson with being a creative person. You have to organize yourself - PR needs me for PR, and the licensing division needs me for licensing, the bridal people need me for bridal. #Quote by Vera Wang
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Robert Anton Wilson
#19. Privilege implies exclusion from privilege, just as advantage implies disadvantage," Celine went on. "In the same mathematically reciprocal way, profit implies loss. If you and I exchange equal goods, that is trade: neither of us profits and neither of us loses. But if we exchange unequal goods, one of us profits and the other loses. Mathematically. Certainly. Now, such mathematically unequal exchanges will always occur because some traders will be shrewder than others. But in total freedom - in anarchy - such unequal exchanges will be sporadic and irregular. A phenomenon of unpredictable periodicity, mathematically speaking. Now look about you, professor - raise your nose from your great books and survey the actual world as it is - and you will not observe such unpredictable functions. You will observe, instead, a mathematically smooth function, a steady profit accruing to one group and an equally steady loss accumulating for all others. Why is this, professor? Because the system is not free or random, any mathematician would tell you a priori. Well, then, where is the determining function, the factor that controls the other variables? You have named it yourself, or Mr. Adler has: the Great Tradition. Privilege, I prefer to call it. When A meets B in the marketplace, they do not bargain as equals. A bargains from a position of privilege; hence, he always profits and B always loses. There is no more Free Market here than there is on the other side of the Iron Curtain. The pri #Quote by Robert Anton Wilson
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Kristoffer Polaha
#20. One incredible tool to accomplish bringing a product to the public is to put a face on TV shows, movies, and the actors in them by using good PR. #Quote by Kristoffer Polaha
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Maxim Behar
#21. One implication is that we, the people who have been known as PR experts - and still go by that title - have now turned into a combination of publishers, reporters, and editors. #Quote by Maxim Behar
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Katherine Schwarzenegger
#22. I graduated high school, and I did my internship at Dove in their public relations department because I thought I wanted to be in PR, which turns out I did not. It was right when they were coming out with the Campaign for Real Beauty, so I got an inside view on the whole thing. #Quote by Katherine Schwarzenegger
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Tracey Bond
#23. Success has its genesis at the fertilization of a properous thought process. (#A'Visual) #Quote by Tracey Bond
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Lindsay Buroker
#24. Oh, they'll be punished." Amaranthe smiled and pointed at the heretofore silent Sicarius.
"Pa here, he's the farm dis-ci-pli-nar-i-an. He was a soldier and he knows how to lay into a man an' make him wish he'd never thunk of running off. Ain't that right, Pa?" She smiled up at Sicarius.
"Yes," he said flatly. "Ma. #Quote by Lindsay Buroker
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Mary Robinette Kowal
#25. And that's why you are a brilliant choice for pilot. Octogenarian Grandmother Paves Way for Humanity."

"You can't pave the stars. I'm not a grandmother. And I'm sixty-three not eighty."

"It's a figure of speech. The point is that you're a PR goldmine."

I had known that they asked me to helm this mission because of my age - it would be a lot to ask of someone who had a full life ahead of them. Maybe I was naive to think that my experience in establishing the Mars colony was considered valuable.

How can I explain the degree to which I resented being used for publicity? This wasn't a new thing by a long shot. My entire career has been about exploitation for publicity. I had known it, and exploited it too, once I'd realized the power of having my uniform tailored to show my shape a little more clearly. You think they would have sent me to Mars if it weren't intended to be a colony? I was there to show all the lady housewives that they could go to space too. Posing in my flight suit, with my lips painted red, I had smiled at more cameras than my colleagues.

I stared Garrett Biggs and his fork. "For someone in PR, you are awfully blunt. #Quote by Mary Robinette Kowal
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Eden Summers
#26. And when we get arrested, and Leah has to deal with the PR nightmare, it will make this night of hell worthwhile," Ryan offered, rolling his eyes. #Quote by Eden Summers
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Eric Ries
#27. ...a long-term reputation is only at risk when companies engage in vocal launch activities such as PR and building hype. When a product fails to live up to those pronouncements, real long-term damage can happen to a corporate brand. But startups have the advantage of being obscure, having a pathetically small number of customers and not having much exposure. Rather than lamenting them, use these advantages to experiment under the radar and then do a public marketing launch once the product has proved itself with real customers. #Quote by Eric Ries
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Tom Wainwright
#28. It is a testament to the success of cartels in laundering their images that millions of consumers buy drugs each year without giving a moment's thought to the fact that they are funding unimaginable suffering #Quote by Tom Wainwright
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Tana French
#29. P.39 - "Sor-ry," said Cassie, rolling her eyes and grinning at Damien. He grinned back, bonding away. I was taking a vague, unjustifiable dislike to Damien. I could see exactly why Hunt had assigned him to give the site tours - he was a PR dream, all blue eyes and diffidence - but I have never liked adorable, helpless men. I suppose it's the same reaction Cassie has to those baby-voiced, easily impressed girls whom men always want to protect: a mixture of distaste, cynicism and envy. #Quote by Tana French
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by David Hewson
#30. Opinions are 10 a penny. In the spin-driven, PR-controlled world of the 21st century, hard facts are rare indeed. #Quote by David Hewson
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by David Graeber
#31. The explosion of paperwork, in turn, is a direct result of the introduction of corporate management techniques, which are always justified as ways of increasing efficiency, by introducing competition at every level. What these management techniques invariably end up meaning in practice is that everyone winds up spending most of their time trying to sell each other things: grant proposals; book proposals; assessments of our students' job and grant applications; assessments of our colleagues; prospectuses for new interdisciplinary majors, institutes, conference workshops, and universities themselves, which have now become brands to be marketed to prospective students or contributors. Marketing and PR thus come to engulf every aspect of university life. #Quote by David Graeber
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by David Meerman Scott
#32. You can buy attention (advertising). You can beg for attention from the media (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free. #Quote by David Meerman Scott
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Alan Moore
#33. You were already in a prison. You've been in a prison all your life. Happiness is a prison, Evey. Happiness is the most insidious prison of all. Your lover lived in the penitentiary that we are all born into, and was forced to rake the dregs of that world for his living. He knew affection and tenderness but only briefly. Eventually, one of the other inmates stabbed him with a cutlass and he drowned upon his own blood. Is that it, Evey? Is that the happiness worth more than freedom? It's not an uncommon story, Evey. Many convicts meet with miserable ends. Your mother. Your father. Your lover. One by one, taken out behind the chemical sheds... and shot. All convicts, hunched and deformed by the smallness of their cells, the weight of their chains, the unfairness of their sentences. I didn't put you in a prison, Evey. I just showed you the bars.'
'You're wrong! It's just life, that's all! It's just how life is. It's what we've got to put up with. It's all we've got. What gives you the right to decide it's not good enough?'
'You're in a prison, Evey. You were born in a prison. You've been in a prison so long, you no longer believe there's a world outside. That's because you're afraid, Evey. You're afraid because you can feel freedom closing in upon you. You're afraid because freedom is terrifying. Don't back away from it, Evey. Part of you understands the truth even as part pretends not to. You were in a cell, Evey. They offered you a choice between the death of your pr #Quote by Alan Moore
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by James Morcan
#34. From the many years he'd spent in the Omega Agency, the special agent understood there were no obvious good guys or bad guys on the world stage. Contrary to the PR spin generated within Congress and spoon-fed to the well-meaning American public by a gullible or at least malleable media, Kentbridge also knew there were no clear sides anymore. As he often told the orphans, patriotism was a useless emotion because the modern world was no longer shaped by countries or governments. In fact, nations had long since been superseded by the vast spider web of elite conspirators spanning the globe. #Quote by James Morcan
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by David Frum
#35. One might almost say, to adapt von Clausewitz, that modern warfare is PR by other means. And war-winning strategies mean that modern armies most stop treating their communications operations as secondary assignments or (as still too often happens) dumping grounds for officers who have failed at everything else - but as missions absolutely essential to success. #Quote by David Frum
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Douglas Leone
#36. In a downturn, aggressive PR and communications strategy is key. #Quote by Douglas Leone
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Maxim Behar
#37. In the same way, when newspapers began to die and social media started its supreme reign, we didn't imagine the risk of fake news. We didn't think that when media is freely in the hands of billions of people, they will do with it as they please. We didn't suspect that social media profiles could be stolen and fake personalities would come up. We didn't know that there would be fake profiles, pretend- ers, bots, and other ill-minded actors whose only goal would be to carry out some political or business manipulation agenda so they could destroy some company or boost another that didn't have what it takes. #Quote by Maxim Behar
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by J.D. Robb
#38. We're the blue line, sir, and that will resonate on-screen. But Peabody is the face, the very human element. And she would symbolize who we are, contrast sharply against what Renee Oberman is."
He rubbed his chin, and his lips curved a little above his fingers. "You can carve out an angle like that, an excellent angle, and believe the idea of your ass in the chair someday down the road is terrifying?" He waved off her response before she could make it. "I should have thought of it myself, should have thought it through exactly that way. I'll contact Furst."
Something inside her unknotted. "Thank you, sir."
"Don't thank me. I'm wondering why I haven't assigned you to Media and PR."
"Because, sir, I hope I've done nothing to deserve that kind of punishment. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Iliyana Stareva
#39. Inbound PR is about being human-centered with content that is relevant, remarkable, and created for a specific audience and its needs. #Quote by Iliyana Stareva
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Kevin Hearne
#40. They need to get a good PR guy." "What's a PR guy?" "They're kind of like the old Greek sophists who played with words until you believed up was down. PR guys get paid to make people believe that a pile of shit is an investment in soil fertility. Professional liars." "Ah!" Manannan's expression lit with comprehension. "They are politicians?" "No, they're smarter and less pretty. They advise politicians. #Quote by Kevin Hearne
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Bill O'Reilly
#41. Jesus of Nazareth was the most famous human being who ever lived on this planet, and he had no infrastructure, and it's never been done. He had no government, no PR guy, no money, no structure. He had nothing, yet he became the most famous human being ever. #Quote by Bill O'Reilly
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Eric Dezenhall
#42. The PR industry loves the concept that if you just apologize, the problem goes away. The concept of apology is known in the Judeo-Christian sense: You apologize, but then you suffer. The problem is nobody wants the suffering. Everybody wants drive-through redemption. #Quote by Eric Dezenhall
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Azzedine Alaia
#43. Anna Wintour doesn't deal with pictures; she is just doing PR and business, and she scares everybody. #Quote by Azzedine Alaia
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Teddy Wayne
#44. It's super-important to have a strong social media presence, and Jane's always going, When interviewers ask you about your Twitter, say you love reaching out directly to your fans, and I'm like, I don't even know how to use Twitter or what the password is because you disabled my laptop's wireless and only let me go on the Internet to do homework research or email Nadine assignments, and she says, I'm doing you a big favor, it's for nobodies who want to pretend like they're famous and for self-promoting hacks without PR machines, and adults act like teenagers passing notes and everyone's IQ drops thirty points on it. #Quote by Teddy Wayne
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Richard Branson
#45. Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad. #Quote by Richard Branson
Vrt Ci Pri Pr Ci quotes by Eugene Mirman
#46. Some PR is about getting information about a great product or thingy out to the people who would enjoy it, while other PR is about creating a web of lies that conceals the fact that your company harnesses the energy produced by rape and uses it to make a chemical that kills forests for fun. Either way, you're going to need it. #Quote by Eugene Mirman

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