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Famous Quotes About Volkow And Baler

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Volkow And Baler quotes by Miriam Toews
#1. Between 2005-2009, more than 300 girls and women of Molotschna were made unconscious and attacked in their own beds. On average, an attack occurred every three or four days.
Finally, Leisl Neustandter forced herself to stay awake night after night until she caught a young man prying open her bedroom window, holding a jug of belladonna spray in one hand. Leisl and her adult daughter wrestled the man to the ground and tied him up with baler twine. #Quote by Miriam Toews
Volkow And Baler quotes by Nora D. Volkow
#2. Addiction is a disease - a treatable disease - and it needs to be understood. #Quote by Nora D. Volkow
Volkow And Baler quotes by Nora Volkow
#3. I could have gone for gambling or sex addiction, ... But I went for obesity because of the tremendous impact it has. #Quote by Nora Volkow

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