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Vocal Lessons quotes by Sofia Carson
#1. I took vocal lessons all through my childhood and still do. I was classically trained. #Quote by Sofia Carson
Vocal Lessons quotes by Jacqueline Emerson
#2. When I was six years old my friend was auditioning for 'Annie,' and I decided I wanted to audition with her. My mom was worried I would fall flat on my face because I'd never opened my mouth to sing, so she sent me to vocal lessons. I did the audition and fell in love with the entire process of a show. #Quote by Jacqueline Emerson
Vocal Lessons quotes by Travie McCoy
#3. I took vocal lessons for the first time and actually learned a lot about using my voice as an instrument as opposed to just doing what I've always done and going by feeling. I'm still doing that, but I've learned a lot of tricks and how to manipulate and play with my voice a little bit. #Quote by Travie McCoy
Vocal Lessons quotes by Aaliyah
#4. I've been singing all my life. I've always wanted this. I sang in church, in school plays, and my parents gave me vocal lessons. My parents always said this was destined for me. #Quote by Aaliyah
Vocal Lessons quotes by Sofia Vassilieva
#5. I would like to learn so many things: I'd like to take tennis classes, I'd like continuing vocal lessons, and I'd definitely like taking more ice skating and more tap. #Quote by Sofia Vassilieva
Vocal Lessons quotes by Alessia Cara
#6. I was too shy to do any vocal lessons or go to choirs; I just didn't want to be seen doing it. It's something that I kept to myself. I started easing into it, and I started doing talent shows, and YouTube really helped with that, too. #Quote by Alessia Cara
Vocal Lessons quotes by Le1f
#7. I'm the only person in my family who can't sing. My grandmother was an opera singer and all of her kids were in church five days a week - or between church and vocal lessons at Carnegie Hall. But my mom had her first studio experience recording on my album. She's used to having to fill the room, so she had to adjust to the microphone and not sing opera. #Quote by Le1f
Vocal Lessons quotes by Captain John Sheridan
#8. If you're falling off a cliff, you may as well try to fly. You have nothing to lose. #Quote by Captain John Sheridan
Vocal Lessons quotes by Jesse Petersen
#9. Fake it til you make it. Just make it. #Quote by Jesse Petersen
Vocal Lessons quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#10. Believe in God is the beauty of being. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Vocal Lessons quotes by Henry Rollins
#11. We all learn lessons in life. Some stick, some don't. I have always learned more from rejection and failure than from acceptance and success. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Vocal Lessons quotes by Sachin Kumar Puli
#12. I'm willing to grind, endure & suffer to wake that beast within me, to grow, accomplish & win. #Quote by Sachin Kumar Puli
Vocal Lessons quotes by Anthony Marais
#13. A creative life has nothing to do with where you're from or how much money you earn. It's merely a reflection of the creative intellect. #Quote by Anthony Marais
Vocal Lessons quotes by Santosh Kalwar
#14. You only get one life. Live it to the fullest. All your miseries will be forgiven when you will be dead. #Quote by Santosh Kalwar
Vocal Lessons quotes by Sonia Sotomayor
#15. Quiet pragmatism, of course, lacks the romance of vocal militancy. But I felt myself more a mediator than a crusader. My strengths were reasoning, crafting compromises, finding the good and the good faith on both sides of an argument, and using that to build a bridge. Always, my first question was, what's the goal? And then, who must be persuaded if it is to be accomplished? A respectful dialogue with one's opponent almost invariably goes further than a harangue outside his or her window. If you want to change someone's mind, you must understand what need shapes his or her opinion. To prevail, you must first listen. #Quote by Sonia Sotomayor
Vocal Lessons quotes by Madeline Bruser
#16. Whether you are five years old and irresistibly drawn to the piano in your home, or you are an adult who suddenly falls in love with music and decides to take lessons, the knowledge that you belong in the world of music is deep and indestructible. It is part of your basic nature, as much as the color of your eyes or the sound of your voice. Even your choice of instrument might feel choiceless; you hear a piano or a cello and somehow know that that is the instrument you must play. #Quote by Madeline Bruser
Vocal Lessons quotes by Mark Frost
#17. He wants us to think for ourselves, without fear of ridicule or judgment. He wants us to make up our minds and ignore what the rest of the world is saying. Pay no attention to fads or fashions, and listen, always, to the voice of your innermost self. Learning who you are is your primary task. There are no mistakes in life, as far as Emerson's concerned, only lessons. Once you master one lesson, you move on to the next. And the only place you can learn is right now. In the everlasting present. #Quote by Mark Frost
Vocal Lessons quotes by Amiri Baraka
#18. The further jazz moves away from the stark blue continuum and the collective realities of Afro-American and American life, the more it moves into academic concert-hall lifelessness, which can be replicated by any middle class showing off its music lessons. #Quote by Amiri Baraka
Vocal Lessons quotes by Jenny McCarthy
#19. I deserve to be happy and I think a lot of people stay in relationships for wrong reasons and instead of just looking at each other and just saying, 'you know, it's like sands of the hourglass, we learned our lessons, we can end in war or we can end in peace.' #Quote by Jenny McCarthy
Vocal Lessons quotes by Kevin James Breaux
#20. Think first. Think twice. Think again. Respect others. Respect yourself. Respect dreams. #Quote by Kevin James Breaux
Vocal Lessons quotes by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
#21. Certain aspects of dying are still a mystery to me now, but as I grow and study life more, the end of my life becomes more of a certain truth. #Quote by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
Vocal Lessons quotes by Naomi Alderman
#22. No wonder we spend our adult lives feeling we're simply pretending to know what we're doing. After sixteen years spent doing exams, where the lessons we've received perfectly fit the challenges we're faced with, our preparation for the unpredictable events of normal life will always seem shoddy and haphazard. #Quote by Naomi Alderman
Vocal Lessons quotes by Plato
#23. There should be no element of slavery in learning. Enforced exercise does no harm to the body, but enforced learning will not stay in the mind. So avoid compulsion, and let your children's lessons take the form of play. #Quote by Plato
Vocal Lessons quotes by Ian Schrager
#24. I'm not into nostalgia, and I only look back to find lessons. #Quote by Ian Schrager
Vocal Lessons quotes by Grant Bowler
#25. I think my children have presented one of the biggest lessons so far in my life. It was only when my kids were born that I realized just how much I'd been living my life worried about what everybody thought of me and, even more strangely, worried about what I imagined other people might be thinking about me. #Quote by Grant Bowler
Vocal Lessons quotes by Gary Hayden
#26. Life is a bumpy ride. The trick is to relax, absorb the bumps - and learn to enjoy it. #Quote by Gary Hayden
Vocal Lessons quotes by Anthony Burgess
#27. You needn't take it any further, sir. You've proved to me that all this ultraviolence and killing is wrong, wrong, and terribly wrong. I've learned me lesson, sir. I've seen now what I've never seen before. I'm cured! Praise Bog! I'm cured! I was cured alright. #Quote by Anthony Burgess
Vocal Lessons quotes by Francis Shenstone
#28. Ordinary people achieve extraordinary goals when they put "Extra" first. #Quote by Francis Shenstone
Vocal Lessons quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#29. Tell me, Acheron, is there anyone you will ever trust enough to release your soul? (Artemis)
You know better. You've tutored me too well on how vicious women are. On how much love ruins and destroys. Thank you for the lesson, Artemis. It was just what I needed. And I assure you, it's one I'll never forget. (Acheron) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Vocal Lessons quotes by Karl Wiggins
#30. Rag, Tag & Bobtail, as I call the tedious and humdrum type of people most of us have to work with, always seem to manage life better and have better control over their finances #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Vocal Lessons quotes by Romain Gary
#31. This was what he stood for: a world where there would be room enough even for such a mass of clumsy and cumbersome freedom. A margin of humanity, of tolerance, where some of life's beauty could take refuge. His eyes narrowed a little, and an ironic, bitter smile came to his lips. I know you all, he thought. Today you say that elephants are archaic and cumbersome, that they interfere with roads and
telegraph poles, and tomorrow you'll begin to say that human rights too are obsolete and cumbersome, that they interfere with progress, and the temptation will be so great to let them fall by the road and not to burden ourselves with that
extra load. And in the end man himself will become in your eyes a clumsy luxury, an archaic survival from the past, and you'll dispense with him too, and the only thing left will be total efficiency and universal slavery and man himself will disappear under the weight of his material achievement. He had learned that much behind the barbed wire of the forced labor camp: it was our education, a lesson be was not prepared to forget. #Quote by Romain Gary
Vocal Lessons quotes by Ruth Reichl
#32. I lay there unable to move, reading about disasters in the far corners of the world. What could I do? Write letters, send checks. But there will never be a time when terrible trouble is not stalking the earth, and I began to see how important it is to appreciate what you have.

For too long I'd been waiting for the wonderful. But there is so much joy in everyday occurrences: a butterfly in the sun the first crisp bite of an apple, the rich aroma of roasting meat. Maybe I had to break my foot to open my eyes, but I finally understood why cooking means so much to me. In a world filled with no, it is my yes. #Quote by Ruth Reichl
Vocal Lessons quotes by Andrew Morton
#33. The most poignant lesson, which proved to be the last, was held a few days before the wedding. Diana's thoughts were on the profound changes ahead. Miss Snipp noted: "Lady Diana rather tired--too many late nights. I delivered silver salt-cellars--present from West Heath school--very beautiful and much admired. Lady Diana counting how many days of freedom are left to her. Rather sad. Masses of people outside of Palace. We hope to resume lessons in October. Lady Diana said: "In 12 days time I shall no longer be me.'"
Even as she spoke those words Diana must have known that she had left behind her bachelor persona as soon as she had entered the Palace portals. In the weeks following the engagement she had grown in confidence and self-assurance, her sense of humour frequently bubbling to the surface. Lucinda Craig Harvey saw her former cleaning lady on several occasions during her engagement, once at the 30th birthday party of her brother-in-law, Neil McCorquodale. "She had a distance to her and everyone was in awe of her," she recalls. It was a quality also noticed by James Gilbey. "She has always been seen as a typical Sloane Ranger. That's not true. She was always removed, always had a determination about her and was very matter-of-fact, almost dogmatic. That quality has now developed into a tremendous presence."
While she was in awe of Prince Charles, deferring to his every decision, she didn't appear to be overcome by her surroundings. Inwardly she may have been ne #Quote by Andrew Morton
Vocal Lessons quotes by Duane Hewitt
#34. So much of life isn't about having the right answer; it's about knowing the right question. #Quote by Duane Hewitt
Vocal Lessons quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#35. So everything is necessary. Every least thing. This is the hard lesson. Nothing can be dispensed with. Nothing despised. Because the seams are hid from us, you see. The joinery. The way in which the world is made. We have no way to know what could be taken away. What omitted. We have no way to tell what might stand and what might fall. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Vocal Lessons quotes by Joy Marino
#36. I have been abandoned by people I did not want to leave me and I have deserted people who begged me to stay. Yep ... you definitely reap what you sow. #Quote by Joy Marino
Vocal Lessons quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda
#37. All honest work is good work; it is capable of leading to self-development, provided the doer seeks to discover the inherent lessons and makes the most of the potentialities for such growth. #Quote by Paramahansa Yogananda
Vocal Lessons quotes by Warren L. Woodruff
#38. And now you, young lady, may have learned the greatest lessons of all." Dr. Fuddle cherished the tender moment, watching the light dance in Christina's eyes. "It is a lesson I had to learn, too, that no handicap is too great to prevent one's voice from being heard. #Quote by Warren L. Woodruff
Vocal Lessons quotes by James Cash Penney
#39. I am grateful for all of my problems. After each one was overcome, I became stronger and more able to meet those that were still to come. I grew in all my difficulties. #Quote by James Cash Penney
Vocal Lessons quotes by Antonya Nelson
#40. You own a dog with the knowledge that it will move through the stages of existence in fast forward, providing you with a lesson about your own life passages if you let it. #Quote by Antonya Nelson
Vocal Lessons quotes by Jennifer Esposito
#41. You want a lesson? I'll give you a lesson. How about a geography lesson? My father's from Puerto Rico. My mother's from El Salvador. And neither one of those is Mexico. #Quote by Jennifer Esposito
Vocal Lessons quotes by Lada Ray
#42. You are too alive to bury yourself at this age, Jade. Don't do it - it won't work anyway. #Quote by Lada Ray
Vocal Lessons quotes by Andrew Lang
#43. In the old stories, despite the impossibility of the incidents, the interest is always real and human. The princes and princesses fall in love and marry
nothing could be more human than that. Their lives and loves are crossed by human sorrows ... The hero and heroine are persecuted or separated by cruel stepmothers or enchanters; they have wanderings and sorrows to suffer; they have adventures to achieve and difficulties to overcome; they must display courage, loyalty and address, courtesy, gentleness and gratitude. Thus they are living in a real human world, though it wears a mythical face, though there are giants and lions in the way. The old fairy tales which a silly sort of people disparage as too wicked and ferocious for the nursery, are really 'full of matter,' and unobtrusively teach the true lessons of our wayfaring in a world of perplexities and obstructions. #Quote by Andrew Lang
Vocal Lessons quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#44. You can not live at all if you do not learn to adapt yourself to your life as it happens to be. #Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt
Vocal Lessons quotes by Susan Meissner
#45. It is much harder to pretend than it is to simply be who you already are. #Quote by Susan Meissner
Vocal Lessons quotes by Kevin Kwan
#46. That's what I want for my kids. I want them to love their family, but to feel a deeper sense of pride in who they are as individuals, Nick, not in how much money they have, what their last name is, or how many generations they go back to whatever dynasty. I'm sorry, but I've had enough. I've had enough of being around all these crazy rich Asians, all these people whose lives revolve around making money, spending money, flaunting money, comparing money, hiding money, controlling others with money, and ruining their lives over money. #Quote by Kevin Kwan
Vocal Lessons quotes by Stephen Gardiner
#47. Of all the lessons most relevant to architecture today, Japanese flexibility is the greatest. #Quote by Stephen Gardiner
Vocal Lessons quotes by Biz Stone
#48. The ability to listen,watch and draw lessons from obvious and unlikely places breeds originality and growth #Quote by Biz Stone
Vocal Lessons quotes by Kiera Van Gelder
#49. DBT's catchphrase of developing a life worth living means you're not just surviving; rather, you have good reasons for living. I'm also getting better at keeping another dialectic in mind: On the one hand, the disorder decimates all relationships and social functions, so you're basically wandering in the wasteland of your own failure, and yet you have to keep walking through it, gathering the small bits of life that can eventually go into creating a life worth living. To be in the desolate badlands while envisioning the lush tropics without being totally triggered again isn't easy, especially when life seems so effortless for everyone else. #Quote by Kiera Van Gelder
Vocal Lessons quotes by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
#50. To loveres our theree...

Sometimes we get carried away with the fights we are having. With the mistakes and problems we have in a relationship. That we forget to show each other and tell each other, how
much we love each other. We concentrate on the bad things and forget what do we mean to each other and what brought us together. We forget to show appreciation and that we care for one another. #Quote by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
Vocal Lessons quotes by Irene Cara
#51. My mother always wanted to be in show business, but her parents discouraged her. So when I started performing for the mirror she enrolled me in dancing, singing and piano lessons. #Quote by Irene Cara
Vocal Lessons quotes by Forrest Church
#52. God language can tie people into knots, of course. In part, that is because 'God' is not God's name. Referring to the highest power we can imagine, 'God' is our name for that which is greater than all and yet present in each. For some the highest imaginable power will be a petty and angry tribal baron ensconced high above the clouds on a golden throne, visiting punishment on all who don't believe in him. But for others, the highest power is love, goodness, justice, or the spirit of life itself. Each of us projects our limited experience on a cosmic screen in letters as big as our minds can fashion. For those whose vision is constricted (illiberal, narrow-minded people), this can have horrific consequences. But others respond to the munificence of creation with broad imagination and sympathy. Answering to the highest and best within and beyond themselves, they draw lessons and fathom meaning so redemptive that surely it touches the divine. #Quote by Forrest Church
Vocal Lessons quotes by Amit Ray
#53. False has many wings. Do not judge anything by its popularity. #Quote by Amit Ray

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