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Vmek Sorting quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#1. Any fool can bomb a train, but just try sorting out the mess. #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Vmek Sorting quotes by Daniel Ionson
#2. Real life issues are not mathematical equations. We're not calculators crunching numbers. We're humans sorting through complex, multi-layered issues, and we're doing so while enduring the (sometimes profound) personal effects of our conclusions. While we want to be reasonable, we are inexorably pulled in the direction of our oldest mental habits and by our deepest life-impacting needs. We're repelled by those ideas which can jeopardize our comfort, safety, and happiness. We can try to be fair, but all the while we are fighting against our needs and fears. There are things we don't want to be true (or false). Our lives are built on certain beliefs which, if disproved, could wreck us. These are the truths that we 'can't handle'. #Quote by Daniel Ionson
Vmek Sorting quotes by Katherine Boo
#3. One of his private vanities was that all the garbage sorting had endowed his hands with killing strength - that he could chop a brick in half like Bruce Lee. "So let's get a brick," replied a girl with whom he had once, injudiciously, shared this conviction. Abdul had bumbled away. The brick belief was something he wanted to harbor, not to test. #Quote by Katherine Boo
Vmek Sorting quotes by Rosemary Edghill
#4. Tarot is a way of sorting out what's bothering you and getting advice from the best-informed source - you - in a way that you're likely to listen to. #Quote by Rosemary Edghill
Vmek Sorting quotes by Jim Butcher
#5. Calliope was never still. Even when she was seemingly motionless, he could see her mind at work, sorting ideas, seeking solutions, cataloging the space around her. To see her beauty, one had to see her in motion. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Vmek Sorting quotes by Lisa Edelstein
#6. What does it mean to a successful woman today? Does it mean you have to be a mother? If you are a mother, does it mean you have to be a mother with a husband? If you don't have a husband, what is the role that the man plays? I think there are a lot of confusing things that we're all really still sorting out. #Quote by Lisa Edelstein
Vmek Sorting quotes by Tim Kasser
#7. I can think of no wiser financial investment than in self-knowledge. It is the path to freedom, at many levels. By sorting through painful past experiences, irrational beliefs, and unacknowledged fears, people can become free of these chains and find healthier ways of coping than making money and consuming things. #Quote by Tim Kasser
Vmek Sorting quotes by N. T. Wright
#8. the story the Psalms tell is the story Jesus came to complete. It is the story of the creator God taking his power and reigning, ruling on earth as in heaven, delighting the whole creation by sorting out its messes and muddles, its injuries and injustices, once and for all. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Vmek Sorting quotes by Charles Handy
#9. The market is a mechanism for sorting the efficient from the inefficient, it is not a substitute for responsibility. #Quote by Charles Handy
Vmek Sorting quotes by J.K. Rowling
#10. Minerva drew unusual attention to herself on her very first evening, when she was revealed to be a Hatstall. After five and a half minutes, the Sorting Hat, which had been vacillating between the houses of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, placed Minerva in the latter. (In later years, this circumstance was a subject of gentle humour between Minerva and her colleague Filius Flitwick, over whom the Sorting Hat suffered the same confusion, but reached the opposite conclusion. The two Heads of House were amused to think that they might, but for those crucial moments in their youths, have exchanged positions). #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Vmek Sorting quotes by Hugh Kenner
#11. One senses that Hegel was possible only in German, and finds it natural that Locke in a language where large and red precede apple should have arrived at the thing after sorting out its sensory qualities, whereas Descartes in a language where grosse et rouge follows pomme should have come to the attributes after the distinct idea. #Quote by Hugh Kenner
Vmek Sorting quotes by Marie Kondo
#12. It is not memories but the person we have become because of those past experiences that we should treasure. This is the lesson these keepsakes teach us when we sort them. The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not the person we were in the past. P.118 #Quote by Marie Kondo
Vmek Sorting quotes by Woody Allen
#13. I have just spent the better part of a week sorting out the miasma of lunatic alibis known as your correspondence in an effort to adjust matters, that our game may be finished simply once and for all. #Quote by Woody Allen
Vmek Sorting quotes by Sarah Alderson
#14. When I'm done sorting out the Unit, Alex and I are going to have a little chat"
"Over my dead body"
"I'm thinking over his dead body. #Quote by Sarah Alderson
Vmek Sorting quotes by Janet Fitch
#15. I hated labels anyway. People didn't fit in slots
prostitute, housewife, saint
like sorting the mail. We were so mutable, fluid with fear and desire, ideals and angles, changeable as water. #Quote by Janet Fitch
Vmek Sorting quotes by Janice Gray
#16. When we write memoir we are re-creating, sorting through the layer of remembering, to put form and shape to our experience through language. By borrowing from the techniques of fiction and poetry, we are able to make the events of our past come alive, creating detailed pictures of time and place and portraits of the people who have come and gone in our lives. We use scene and dialogue, challenging ourselves to recall how someone talked, what they said (or more accurately, what we remember that they said) and how we felt when moving among the people and events of our past. #Quote by Janice Gray
Vmek Sorting quotes by Sterling Production
#17. general supplies that you should always have on hand. Pencils, pens, markers, chalk, etc. Art supplies such as paint, glue, beads, etc. Paper, paper and more paper of all kinds. Self-care and cleaning supplies, such as hand soap and paper towels. Trays or baking sheets. These will be used to as portable workstations for each activity. Place mats, or another type of work mat. Small scoops, tongs and tweezers. Cups or muffin trays to be used for sorting activities or keeping supplies separate. #Quote by Sterling Production
Vmek Sorting quotes by Thomas E. Brown
#18. Last Saturday he set out to fix a screen upstairs. He went to the basement to get some nails. Downstairs he saw that the workbench was a mess, so he started organizing the workbench. Then he needed some pegboard to hang up the tools, so he jumped into the car and went to buy the pegboard. At the lumber yard he saw a sale on spray paint, so he bought a can to paint the porch railing and came home totally unaware that he hadn't gotten the pegboard, that he had never finished sorting out the work bench, and that he had started out to fix the broken screen, which we really needed fixed. #Quote by Thomas E. Brown
Vmek Sorting quotes by Alberto Alvaro Rios
#19. The Day of the Dead is, in fact, a day of sadness. But it is not a day of regret. I think we're all at work sorting our calendars out. What it is, is that sometimes as human beings we just simply feel something. That feeling has value. That's what holidays are. That's what this day and others like it are about. #Quote by Alberto Alvaro Rios
Vmek Sorting quotes by Ron Moody
#20. I think I'm a straight actor who occasionally does musicals; most people think I'm an eccentric comedian. It's amazing how many years you can spend in this business just sorting out something as simple and basic as that. #Quote by Ron Moody
Vmek Sorting quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#21. The way to maintain one's connection to the wild is to ask yourself what it is that you want. This is the sorting of the seed from the dirt. One of the most important discriminations we can make in this matter is the difference between things that beckon to us and things that call from our souls.
Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in the choice of mates and lovers. A lover cannot be chosen a la smorgasbord. A lover has to be chosen from soul-craving. To choose just because something mouthwatering stands before you will never satisfy the hunger of the soul-self. And that is what the intuition is for; it is the direct messenger of the soul. #Quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Vmek Sorting quotes by Sandra Kring
#22. Just as we don't move without first sorting through what we've gathered through the years, throwing away what is broken and can't be fixed, and what no longer fits, so too, should we do the same with what we've mentally gathered, before we move on. So let us do our sorting, throwing away regrets and old hurts, and taking for our journey only the treasures worth keeping: The lessons, the love, the best of what we've lived. #Quote by Sandra Kring
Vmek Sorting quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#23. You go from dream to dream inside me. You have passage to my last shabby corner, and there, among the debris, you've found life. I'm no longer sure which of all the words, images, dreams or ghosts are 'yours' and which are 'mine.' It's past sorting out. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Vmek Sorting quotes by Ryu Murakami
#24. This was a factory, a sorting house. We were no different from dogs and pigs and cows: all of us were allowed to play when we were small, but then, just before reaching maturity, we were sorted and classified. Being a high school student was the first step toward becoming a domestic animal. #Quote by Ryu Murakami
Vmek Sorting quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#25. This is life.
Learning to love through loss. Seeking warm pockets in the bitter cold. Finding the worth of a smile on a cloudy day. Carrying the weight of the world on weary shoulders - mistakes, sins, injustices - added upon daily. Enduring burdens that spur greater strength.
This is life.
Sorting through layers of expressions staring you straight in the eye. A battle to be right when wrong, to be good when bad, to be content when in need, and to laugh when tearing up.
This is life.
Valuing things of no worth. Reevaluating dreams. Laboring ceaselessly against the current. Seeing less, wanting more, having enough.
This is life.
Chasing the moon when the sun would extend its warmth. Slapping the hand that would offer a gentle caress. Cowering at personal, monstrous shadows. Giving and taking in unbalanced weights. Diminishing the majesty of mountains in order to form our own lowly hills. Hoping for more than we deserve.
This is life.
Hurting. Despairing. Losing. Weeping. Suffering. Laboring. Sinking. Mourning. Appreciating with greater capacity and sincerity a learned knowledge that these adversities do have their opposites.
This is life.
A taste. A revelation. A banishment. A mercy. A test. An experience. A turbulent sea-voyage that shall assuredly reach the unseen shore, making seasoned sailors of us all.
This is life. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Vmek Sorting quotes by Tinsel Korey
#26. But, yeah, it was just the regular audition process. There were a couple people telling me about it and that they were looking for the actors, but my manager is pretty good at sorting that out. And, (casting director) Rene Haynes cast me in Into the West, and she's always kept in touch and been a real big supporter of my career. #Quote by Tinsel Korey
Vmek Sorting quotes by Gwyneth Jones
#27. They went and found somewhere, and had a sorting out, nothing held back. Sometimes nothing less than savage discharge can express, can explain, can release the hard, hard place we're in. #Quote by Gwyneth Jones
Vmek Sorting quotes by Hilary Thayer Hamann
#28. They were sorting, or classifying. It's easy-anyone dressed funny is the enemy, especially if they reject your supremacy or do not acknowledge school as entertainment. If the enemy tries to look like you and act like you, only in more affordable clothes, that person is still the enemy, only of a more contemptible, less terrifying variety- #Quote by Hilary Thayer Hamann
Vmek Sorting quotes by A.S. Byatt
#29. She devoured stories with rapacious greed, ranks of black marks on white, sorting themselves into mountains and trees, stars, moons and suns, dragons, dwarfs, and forests containing wolves, foxes and the dark. #Quote by A.S. Byatt
Vmek Sorting quotes by Peter N. Stearns
#30. Guilty people apologize and also take steps to avoid repetition. Shame, in contrast, is a more global emotion, which can emerge in response to the same kind of wrong act and violation of standards. It may develop earlier in life than guilt-- guilt requires more cognitive sorting capacity-- but above all it emphasizes self-abasement. It is the self that is at fault, not the commission of the act. This creates greater pain and intensity than guilt. A shamed person feels very bad indeed-- but also makes it more difficult to escape. #Quote by Peter N. Stearns
Vmek Sorting quotes by Nikhil Goyal
#31. What are the purposes of modern-day schools? The primary purpose is warehousing -- keeping children off the streets, out of the workplace, and out of the home for most of the day to the benefit of parents, some employers, and the general public. Call it the "jail function" as John Holt put it frankly. There is no attempt to cloak this fact. In a blog post bemoaning the number of days her children have off from school, one blogger's headline read: "November Is the Cruelest Month for Moms".

The second purpose is teaching children how to comply with orders, submit to authority, and fit into our consumerist, capitalist economy. This is not usually acknowledged. Schools, educators, and policymakers are not candidly saying that the objective of schools is to produce compliant students, but that's generally what happens.

The third purpose is ranking and sorting students based on their performance in school. It's an efficient way to determine who should be rewarded for her compliance, or in other words, who should go to the top colleges and universities and later hold positions of power and influence and society. As the eminent linguist Noam Chomsky once put it, "The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who don't know how to be submissive, and so on -- because they're dysfunctional to the institutions.

The fourth is a distor #Quote by Nikhil Goyal
Vmek Sorting quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#32. Not that I will ever believe there is nothing in common between any two people, as some declare is the case. I am sure people make a great mistake in sorting each other into groups, by appearances; #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Vmek Sorting quotes by Toni Morrison
#33. It had to do with making a place for fear as a way of controlling it. He knew the smell of death and was terrified of it, for he could not anticipate it. It was not death or dying that frightened him, but the unexpectedness of both. In sorting it all out, he hit on the notion that if one day a year were devoted to it, everybody could get it out of the way and the rest of the year would be safe and free. In this manner he instituted National Suicide Day. On the third day of the new year, he walked through the Bottom down Carpenter's Road with a cowbell and a hangman's rope calling the people together. Telling them that this was their only chance to kill themselves or each other. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Vmek Sorting quotes by Barack Obama
#34. Eventually my rejection of authority spilled into self-indulgence and self-destructiveness, and by the time I enrolled in college, I'd begun to see how any challenge to convention harbored within it the possibility of its own excesses and its own orthodoxy. I started to reexamine my assumptions, and recalled the values my mother and grandparents had taught me. In this slow, fitful process of sorting out what I believed, I began silently registering the point in dorm-room conversations when my college friends and I stopped thinking and slipped into can't: the point at which the denunciations of capitalism or American imperialism came too easily, and the freedom from the constraints of monogamy or religion was proclaimed without fully understanding the value of such constraints, and the role of victim was too readily embraced as a means of shedding responsibility, or asserting entitlement, or claiming moral superiority over those not so victimized. #Quote by Barack Obama
Vmek Sorting quotes by Roland Barthes
#35. Afternoon with Michel, sorting maman's belongings.
Began the day by looking at her photographs.
A cruel mourning begins again (but had never ended).
To begin again without resting. Sisyphus. #Quote by Roland Barthes
Vmek Sorting quotes by Eric Liu
#36. Race in America has always centered on our mutual agreement not to see each other. White or non-white. Black or non-black. Mongoloid, Hindoo. We've always bought into to the crudest, humanity-denying forms of sorting. #Quote by Eric Liu
Vmek Sorting quotes by Emily Trunko
#37. Dear World,

I'm not quiet because I'm shy. I'm quiet because everywaking minute there are thousands of thoughts swirling around in my head. And I'm constantly sorting through them, remembering the good ones and fighting the bad ones. I'm an overthinker. It's who I am. Please just be patient with me. I swear I want to talk to you. I just need some extra time to get my thoughts in order.

Love, me #Quote by Emily Trunko
Vmek Sorting quotes by Lynne Truss
#38. So what happened to the comma in this process? Well, between the 16th century and the present day, it became a kind of scary grammatical sheepdog. As we shall shortly see, the comma has so many jobs as a 'separator' (punctuation marks are traditionally either 'separators' or 'terminators') that it tears about on the hillside of language, endlessly organising words into sensible groups and making them stay put: sorting and dividing; circling and herding; and of course darting off with a peremptory 'woof' to round up any wayward subordinate clause that makes a futile bolt for semantic freedom. Commas, if you don't whistle at them to calm down, are unstoppably enthusiastic at this job. Luckily the trend in the 20th century (starting with H. W. Fowler's The King's English in 1906) has been towards ever-simpler punctuation, with fewer and fewer commas; but take any passage from a non-contemporary writer and you can't help seeing the constituent words as so many defeated sheep that have been successfully corralled with the gate slammed shut by good old Comma the Sheepdog. #Quote by Lynne Truss
Vmek Sorting quotes by James Dashner
#39. Thomas stood there, sorting through his options. The irony wasn't lost on him. He'd escaped WICKED only to be held at gunpoint by an average everyday city worker. #Quote by James Dashner
Vmek Sorting quotes by Craig Groeschel
#40. Or maybe they just accept that it's wrong in God's eyes, although not in their own, and they'll worry about sorting it out later. #Quote by Craig Groeschel
Vmek Sorting quotes by Initially NO
#41. At night we sort the energy that by day we sense. #Quote by Initially NO
Vmek Sorting quotes by Seanan McGuire
#42. The books were in no particular order, and Lundy found the process of sorting them remarkably soothing, involving, as it did, a strange sort of scavenger hunt through the entire shack. Books had been used to prop up tables and level out shelves; they were piled on surfaces where books had no business being and tucked under the edge of the thin mattress of the Archivist's bed. In the case of books that had become load-bearing, Lundy used her school ruler to carefully note their heights and went searching for rocks or pieces of scrap wood that would do the job as well, if not better. In the case of books left too near to water or exposed to the air, she rolled her eyes and whisked them away to literary safety. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Vmek Sorting quotes by Walter Edney
#43. soon as I was old enough, I found myself a holiday job as errand boy to earn some money. My first job was probably at the age of 9 or 10, delivering papers before attending school. I remember working for Smith's at the railway station in Bognor. We would arrive about 6:30am, unload the papers from the train when it arrived, take them to the book stall for sorting and each collect our own round in a large newspaper sack. #Quote by Walter Edney
Vmek Sorting quotes by Keith Schreiter
#44. There isn't any rejection. Only sorting. #Quote by Keith Schreiter
Vmek Sorting quotes by L. Todd Rose
#45. We've become so used to the concept as a measuring and sorting tool, that it and its correlates - below-average, above-average - are everyday speech. We don't even question the language, although the challenges we face require a different mindset. #Quote by L. Todd Rose

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