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Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Ed Helms
#1. When you're in New York City or Los Angeles, even if you're not dealing with show business, there's still this sense that it's the center of the universe. And I think that's a really dangerous, limiting mindset. #Quote by Ed Helms
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Lennox Lewis
#2. I am proud to be in Los Angeles. I have a lot of fans that love me here. When you talk about the Meccas of boxing - Las Vegas, New York - now you have to talk about Los Angeles. #Quote by Lennox Lewis
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Rich Sommer
#3. For the three years I lived in New York leading up to moving out to Los Angeles for 'Mad Men,' I was an office temp at Ernst & Young in Times Square. That's about as desk-jobby as it can get. There was a lot of, 'Go two floors up and make a copy of this and then bring it to me.' #Quote by Rich Sommer
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Cancercenter
#4. Dr. Sankhala is skilled in victimisation novel metastatic tumor medication for patients with advanced malignancies. #Quote by Cancercenter
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Cat Power
#5. I moved to Los Angeles to be with a man I loved. #Quote by Cat Power
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Victoria De Los Angeles
#6. After that I won a prize, I was with a group of ancient music of Spain that they helped me a lot with a grant, you see, during three years. And so I made my debut in 1944 and I found myself helping my family, it was a very poor family. #Quote by Victoria De Los Angeles
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
#7. You mustn't let men drive you to mangling the English language, no matter how sweet they are. #Quote by Marisa De Los Santos
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by John Lydon
#8. Anger is an energy. It really bloody is. It's possibly the most powerful one-liner I've ever come up with. When I was writing the Public Image Ltd song 'Rise', I didn't quite realize the emotional impact that it would have on me, or anyone who's ever heard it since. I wrote it in an almost throwaway fashion, off the top of my head, pretty much when I was about to sing the whole song for the first time, at my then new home in Los Angeles. It's a tough, spontaneous idea. 'Rise' was looking at the context of South Africa under apartheid. I'd be watching these horrendous news reports on CNN, and so lines like 'They put a hotwire to my head, because of the things I did and said', are a reference to the torture techniques that the apartheid government was using out there. Insufferable. You'd see these reports on TV and in the papers, and feel that this was a reality that simply couldn't be changed. So, in the context of 'Rise', 'Anger is an energy' was an open statement, saying, 'Don't view anger negatively, don't deny it – use it to be creative.' I combined that with another refrain, 'May the road rise with you'. When I was growing up, that was a phrase my mum and dad – and half the surrounding neighbourhood, who happened to be Irish also – used to say. 'May the road rise, and your enemies always be behind you!' So it's saying, 'There's always hope', and that you don't always have to resort to violence to resolve an issue. Anger doesn't necessarily equate directly to violence. Vio #Quote by John Lydon
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Denzel Washington
#9. In Los Angeles, everyone is a star. #Quote by Denzel Washington
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Brandon Jennings
#10. I've never really been told my game reflects like I'm from Los Angeles. I'm always told that I have more of an East Coast type game. #Quote by Brandon Jennings
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Jim Sturgess
#11. It was when '21' came out. I was in Los Angeles and my face was everywhere: on buses, on posters, on the side of buildings. I didn't feel that blown away by it. I was still hungry to prove myself. I realised that quite quickly, that I had to find something that challenged me from an acting point of view. #Quote by Jim Sturgess
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Greg Fitzsimmons
#12. They just tested the tap water in Los Angeles and they found traces of estrogen and antidepressants in the tap water. So it's nice to know my son's going to grow up and have huge breasts but it's not going to bother him that much. #Quote by Greg Fitzsimmons
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Argus Hamilton
#13. Bill Clinton blasted anti-immigration supporters at the National Council of La Raza convention in Los Angeles Saturday. Thousands of Hispanics poured into Los Angeles for the convention. The hot weather in the desert kept the numbers down. #Quote by Argus Hamilton
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by James Ellroy
#14. L.A.: Come on vacation, go home on probation. #Quote by James Ellroy
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Cassandra Clare
#15. Valentine had wanted to crush the world as Magnus knew it. But this woman had helped crush him instead, and now she was looking at her daughter as if she would make another world, shining and brand new, just for Clary, so Clary would never be touched by any of the darkness of the past. Magnus knew what it was to want to forget as badly as Jocelyn did, knew the passionate urge to protect that came with love.

Perhaps none of the children of the new generation- not this small stubborn red headed scrap, or half-faerie Helen and Mark Blackthorn at the Los Angeles Institute, or even Maryse Lightwood's children growing up in New York far from the Glass City- would ever have to learn the full truth about the ugliness of the past. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Joe Torre
#16. I have great confidence in Rick Caruso's unique qualifications and his ability to lead a successful bid for the Los Angeles Dodgers. #Quote by Joe Torre
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Rose George
#17. long. Trade has always traveled and the world has always traded. Ours, though, is the era of extreme interdependence. Hardly any nation is now self-sufficient. In 2011, the United Kingdom shipped in half of its gas. The United States relies on ships to bring in two-thirds of its oil supplies. Every day, thirty-eight million tons of crude oil sets off by sea somewhere, although you may not notice it. As in Los Angeles, New York, and other port cities, London has moved its working docks out of the city, away from residents. Ships are bigger now and need deeper harbors, so they call at Newark or Tilbury or Felixstowe, not Liverpool or South Street. #Quote by Rose George
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by John Krasinski
#18. I want to start a Dunkin' Donuts in Los Angeles. I already have the perfect location picked out. It would be the old Tower Records buildings on Sunset. #Quote by John Krasinski
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
#19. But every time, what brought me to my senses was my conviction that before a person dropped a new life into this world, she should probably get a real one herself. #Quote by Marisa De Los Santos
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Lisa Vidal
#20. I'm involved with Children's Hospital Los Angeles. I love anything that helps and improves the life of children. #Quote by Lisa Vidal
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Vivienne Westwood
#21. Within one generation, Los Angeles will be uninhabitable if people don't do something about it. The world is going to get smaller and be uninhabitable and impossible to live in. #Quote by Vivienne Westwood
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Chris O'Donnell
#22. I don't know that 'NCIS: Los Angeles' is a complete reinvention, but I'm playing one of the guys in charge this time. Before I'd be cast as a young impressionable character. I think part of that is just being more mature. #Quote by Chris O'Donnell
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Bill Dedman
#23. In Atlanta, with a large African-American population, Sosa is often considered a black man. In Miami and Los Angeles, with larger Hispanic populations, he is a Latino man, and the black label is rejected as robbing Hispanics of a hero. #Quote by Bill Dedman
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Nora Ephron
#24. When I finish reading People, I always feel that I have just spent four days in Los Angeles. Women's Wear Daily at least makes me feel dirty; People makes me feel that I haven't read or learned or seen anything at all. #Quote by Nora Ephron
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Kevin Schmidt
#25. I've been home-schooled since I was in the fifth grade, mainly because I had two brothers who were acting. We were from Kansas but moved out to Los Angeles. #Quote by Kevin Schmidt
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Jensen Ackles
#26. My father is an actor, so he brought me into his agency when I was young. It wasn't something I wanted to do until high school, when I started taking theater and really liked it. Then an agent found me and wanted me to come out to Los Angeles and give it a shot. I gave myself six months, but it only took me like a week to get a job. #Quote by Jensen Ackles
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Robert McChesney
#27. When the government picked companies and gave them monopoly rights to frequencies in San Francisco and Los Angeles and New York and Chicago, it was picking the winners of the competition; it wasn't setting the terms of the competition. #Quote by Robert McChesney
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Steve Carell
#28. From cheesecake on a stick to meat skewers to deep-fried bananas on a stick - there are no plates anymore. In Los Angeles, everything has become a corn dog. Actually, corn dogs still work. But most other food should be stickless. #Quote by Steve Carell
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Monika Chiang
#29. If London is the Emerald City, then Los Angeles is what exists at the other end of the yellow brick road. #Quote by Monika Chiang
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
#30. Yes, it's true, what I said earlier: A real life doesn't mean geting what you want; the achievement, the privilege, too, is knowing what you love.But getting what you love? Having what you love love you back? Oh, my friend, it's miracle: your one tiny life's head-on collision with divinity. #Quote by Marisa De Los Santos
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Christopher Isherwood
#31. The landscape, like Los Angeles itself, is transitional. Impermanence haunts the city, with its mushroom industries
the aircraft perpetually becoming obsolete, the oil which must one day be exhausted, the movies which fill America's theatres for six months and are forgotten. Many of its houses
especially the grander ones
have a curiously disturbing atmosphere, a kind of psychological dankness which smells of anxiety, overdrafts, uneasy lust, whisky, divorce and lies. #Quote by Christopher Isherwood
Visitando Los Volcanes quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
#32. If I were to ever have a full-fledged vocation, as opposed to a half-assed avocation, I needed to love it and, in my experience, it isn't always easy to figure out what you love. #Quote by Marisa De Los Santos

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