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Violet quotes by Rajani LaRocca
#1. Lemon and... blueberries, right? No, hold on- blackberries, I think. And... lavender? Lavender, for... excitement? I think there's an old saying that lavender is good for something like that."
That sounded familiar. "Just a second." I took the book out of my backpack and flipped through the beginning again. "This isn't in alphabetical order, or any kind of order at all. Oh, here it is. Lavender brings luck and adventure for those who choose to embrace it," I said. "You were right."
"What book is that?" asked Vik. "It looks ancient."
"I just found it. It's got all these drawings and descriptions of herbs and spices."
"Cool! Can I take a look?"
I handed him the book, and he spent the next few minutes leafing through it, but then returned to eating the cupcake.
"I love this. It's so different from the usual boring things people make. Although..." He took another bite. "I have a suggestion." He studied the cupcake. "The cake is light, fluffy, and complex, and the creamy, tangy frosting complements it so well. It might be even better with an edible garnish. Like a sugared mint leaf." He took another bite. "Or a sugared violet," he said with his mouth half full. "That would be lovely."
I gaped in surprise. He was right. It would be lovely. I'd thought about topping them with fresh, mouth-puckering blackberries, but these suggestions were so much more elegant. #Quote by Rajani LaRocca
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#2. What was that all about?" Jay asked in loud whisper.
She still felt like her head was reeling. She had no idea what she was going to tell to Grady when school was out. "I think Grady just asked me to Homecoming," she announced to Jay.
He looked at her suspiciously. "The game?"
Violet cocked her head to the side and gave him a look that told him to be serious.
"No, I'm pretty sure he meant the dance," Violet clarified, exasperated by the obtuse question. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#3. The walls weren't moving, and the room was open - gaping. No colors, but shades of darkness, of night . Only those star-flecked violet eyes were bright, full of color and light. He gave me a lazy smile before he leaned forward.
I pulled away, but his hands were like shackles. I could do nothing as his mouth met with my cheek, and he licked away a tear. His tongue was hot against my skin, so startling that I couldn't move as he licked away another path of salt water, and then another. My body went taut and loose all at once and I burned, even as chills shuddered along my limbs. It was only when his tongue danced along the damp edges of my lashes that I jerked back.
He chuckled as I scrambled for the corner of the cell. I wiped my face as I glared at him.
He smirked, sitting down against a wall. "I figured that would get you to stop crying."
"It was disgusting." I wiped my face again.
"Was it?" He quirked an eyebrow and pointed to his palm - to the place where my tattoo would be. "Beneath all your pride and stubbornness, I could have sworn I detected something that felt differently. Interesting."
"Get out."
"As usual, your gratitude is overwhelming. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Violet quotes by Katie McGarry
#4. Pigpen's been tearing through the cabin, the yard, the clubhouse like a toddler on the warpath. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Violet quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#5. Then the violet coffin moved again and went in feet first. And behold! The feet burst miraculously into streaming ribbons of garnet coloured lovely flame, smokeless and eager, like pentecostal tongues, and as the whole coffin passed in it sprang into flame all over; and my mother became that beautiful fire. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Violet quotes by Julia Quinn
#6. I've always thought that violet ribbons look especially nice with brown hair. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Violet quotes by Jodi Picoult
#7. My mother nods toward Violet and her little friend, sprinkling grass over their mud pies. "This has been going on so much longer than either of us, Kennedy. From where you stepped in, in your life, it looks like we've got miles to go. But me?" She smiles in the direction of the girls. "I look at that, and I guess I'm amazed at how far we've come." - #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Violet quotes by Eleanor Perenyi
#8. A gift of flowers to a woman implies that she is as deliciously desirable as the blossoms themselves; but there may be another and hidden message, contained in the old-fashioned phrases like 'shy as a violet, 'clinging vine,' not originally conceived as pejoratives, that tells more of the truth - which is that flowers are also emblems of feminine submission. #Quote by Eleanor Perenyi
Violet quotes by Jennifer Niven
#9. I think of my own epitaph, still to be written, and all the places I'll wander. No longer rooted, but gold, flowing. I feel a thousand capacities spring up in me. -Violet #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Violet quotes by Sigbjorn Obstfelder
#10. Munch writes poetry with color. He has taught himself to see the full potential of color in art His use of color is above all lyrical. He feels color and he reveals his feelings through colors; he does not see them in isolation. He does not just see yellow, red and blue and violet; he sees sorrow and screaming and melancholy and decay. #Quote by Sigbjorn Obstfelder
Violet quotes by Tessa Dare
#11. Tranquility is the soul of our community."
Not a quarter mile's distance away, Susanna Finch sat in the lace-curtained parlor of the Queen's Ruby, a rooming house for gently bred young ladies. With her were the room house's newest prospective residents, a Mrs. Highwood and her three unmarried daughters.
"Here in Spindle Cove, young ladies enjoy a wholesome, improving atmosphere." Susanna indicated a knot of ladies clustered by the hearth, industriously engaged in needlework. "See? The picture of good health and genteel refinement."
In unison, the young ladies looked up from their work and smiled placid, demure smiles.
Excellent. She gave them an approving nod.
Ordinarily, the ladies of Spindle Cove would never waste such a beautiful afternoon stitching indoors. They would be rambling the countryside, or sea bathing in the cove, or climbing the bluffs. But on days like these, when new visitors came to the village, everyone understood some pretense at propriety was necessary. Susanna was not above a little harmless deceit when it came to saving a young woman's life.
"Will you take more tea?" she asked, accepting a fresh pot from Mrs. Nichols, the inn's aging proprietress. If Mrs. Highwood examined the young ladies too closely, she might notice that mild Gaelic obscenities occupied the center of Kate Taylor's sampler. Or that Violet Winterbottom's needle didn't even have thread. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Violet quotes by Lady Violet
#12. Love is a far more dangerous motive than dislike. #Quote by Lady Violet
Violet quotes by Angelica Chase
#13. I've had my tongue on your pussy for ten seconds, Violet, but I could eat it all night. Stop talking. #Quote by Angelica Chase
Violet quotes by Violet Winspear
#14. These days, young men seemed to flirt with love rather than burn with it. #Quote by Violet Winspear
Violet quotes by Jessica Shirvington
#15. It's like he's training you for battle or something." Her eyes lit up. "Hey, maybe he has some underground fight club and he's grooming you!"
"That's it, Steph. Definitely. #Quote by Jessica Shirvington
Violet quotes by Douglas Stewart
#16. My wife is a lovely leathery green, the blue-tongued lizard said;
Her eyes are as red as bulldog ants, lurking in holes in her head;
Her body is made of the speckled grass, a violet grows on her tongue,
And I could watch her for fifty years if nobody blundered along. #Quote by Douglas Stewart
Violet quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#17. He stalked closer, his movements feline, those violet eyes turning subdued-lethal. "You're welcome, you know."
"For saving you when asked." I stiffened. " I didn't ask for anything. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Violet quotes by Ann Charles
#18. For some stupid reason, I had this irrational need to prove to Cooper that I could inspect dead bodies over black coffee and maple bars just like him and the other guys on the police force.
(Violet Parker) #Quote by Ann Charles
Violet quotes by Skip Hollandsworth
#19. Nevertheless, the members of the Board of Trade were so delighted with the lamps that they decided to change Austin's official nickname from "City of the Violet Crown" (in honor of Austin's stunning sunsets) to "The City of Eternal Moonlight. #Quote by Skip Hollandsworth
Violet quotes by Violet
#20. These moments as beautiful as they are... they're evil, when their gone. #Quote by Violet
Violet quotes by Violet Duke
#21. I drag my husband out of bed, hook him up to a coffee to stay awake and make him listen to my plotting and any issues I may be having. I *need* his head-nodding (he's an expert head-nodder). #Quote by Violet Duke
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#22. Has he called you at all?" Violet asked, even though she already knew the answer. Chelsea would have exploded with joy if he had.
"No," Chelsea answered glumly, and then she snapped her gum, earning herself another scowl from the librarian. She ignored the scolding look. "And I don't get it. I've given him my best material, including the I'm-easy-and-you-can-totally-have-me bedroom eyes. What's he waiting for?" Chelsea stopped talking and dropped her face into her open history book. "Look out, crazy librarian at nine o'clock."
By the time Mrs. Hertzog reached them, Chelsea was pretending to be interested in her assignment, filling in the dates on her paper as if it were the most fascinating homework in the world. Although Violet was almost certain that the War of 1812 hadn't occurred in 1776.
"Miss Morrison, do I need to remind you that you're supposed to be working? Your teacher sent you down here to study, not to socialize." She smiled sweetly at Violet. Chelsea's gaze narrowed as she glared, first at Violet and then at Mrs. Hertzog. But, wisely, she kept her mouth shut. "If you need help finding reference material," Mrs. Hertzog offered, glancing over the answers on Chelsea's paper, "I'd be happy to point you in the right direction…"
Chelsea swallowed, and Violet suspected she'd just swallowed her gum, since gum was a library no-no, before answering. "No, thanks. I think I've got it covered." She smiled, trying for sweet but getting closer to sour. "Unl #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Violet Winspear
#23. It isn't love if it isn't everything. #Quote by Violet Winspear
Violet quotes by Lauren Kate
#24. You are radiant."
"Yes, she is."
She turned to him. His blond hair and violet eyes, the strong cut of his shoulders, the full lips that had brought her back to life a thousand times. They had loved each other even longer than Luce had realized. Their love had been strong since the early days of Heaven. Their relationship spanned the entire story of existence. She knew where she'd first met Daniel on Earth-right here, on the singled fields of Troy while the angels were falling-but there was an earlier story. A different beginning to their love.
When? How had it happened?
She searched for the answer in his eyes-but she knew she wouldn't find it there. She had to look back in her own soul. She closed her eyes. #Quote by Lauren Kate
Violet quotes by Lemony Snicket
#25. As Violet and Klaus Baudelaire stood, still in their nightgown and pajamas, backstage at Count Olaf's theater, they were of two minds, a phrase which here means "they felt two different ways at the same time." On one hand, they were of course filled with dread.

On the other hand, however, they were fascinated, as they had never been backstage at a theatrical production and there was so much to see. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Violet quotes by Danielle Joseph
#26. I mean it. I know Stacy thinks just because you're shy, she can step all over you, but that's B.S. #Quote by Danielle Joseph
Violet quotes by Stephanie Garber
#27. Shades of the rich ruby love she'd felt during the game mixed with hues of deep-indigo hurt, turning everything just a little bit violet. #Quote by Stephanie Garber
Violet quotes by Alice Morse Earle
#28. The grape Hyacinth is the favorite spring flower of my garden - but no! I though a minute ago the Scilla was! and what place has the Violet? the Flower de Luce? I cannot decide, but this I know - it is some blue flower. #Quote by Alice Morse Earle
Violet quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#29. Where are we going?" Arin stared out the carriage window at the trees of the Garden District, their bare branches slim and violet in the dusk.
Kestrel fidgeted with her skirts. "Arin. You know that we are going to Irex's party."
"Yes," he said shortly, but didn't tear his gaze away from the passing trees.
Better he look at them than at her. The velvet dress was a deep red, the skirts deliberately crushed in a pattern highlighted by golden embroidered leaves that twined up toward the bodice, where they interlaced and would catch the light. Conspicuous. The dress made her conspicuous. Kestrel sank into her corner of the carriage, feeling her dagger dig into her side. This evening at Irex's wouldn't be easy.
Arin seemed to think the same. He held himself so rigidly on the carriage seat across from her that he looked wooden. Tension seeped into the air between them.
When torches lit the darkness outside the windows and the driver lined up behind other carriage waiting to access the pathway to Irex's villa, Kestrel said, "Perhaps we should return home."
"No," said Arin. "I want to see the house." He opened the door.
They were silent as they walked up the path to the villa. Though not as large as Kestrel's, it was also a former Herrani home: elegant, prettily designed. Arin fell behind Kestrel, as was expected of slaves, but this made her uneasy. It was unsettling to feel him close and not see his face.
They entered the house with the other #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Violet quotes by Ann Charles
#30. I knew that kind of thinking was paranoid, but after the wacky crap that had happened to me over the last couple of months, these days I'd be suspicious of a jolly white-bearded man in a red suit carrying a bag over his shoulder.(Violet Parker) #Quote by Ann Charles
Violet quotes by Friedrich Schiller
#31. Most gladly would I give the blood-stained laurel for the first violet which March brings us, the fragrant pledge of the new-fledged year. #Quote by Friedrich Schiller
Violet quotes by Susan Mallery
#32. Career now....Men, whenever. #Quote by Susan Mallery
Violet quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#33. Hence the vanity of translation; it were as wise to cast a violet into a crucible that you might discover the formal principle of its color and odor, as seek to transfuse from one language into another the creations of a poet. The plant must spring again from its seed, or it will bear no flower - and this is the burden of the curse of Babel. #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Violet quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#34. As for the bracelet Mom wore to the funeral, what I did was I converted Dad's last voice message into Morse code, and I used sky-blue beads for silence, maroon beads for breaks between letters, violet beads for breaks between words, and long and short pieces of string between the beads for long and short beeps, which are actually called blips, I think, or something. Dad would have known. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Violet quotes by John Milton
#35. Iris all hues, roses, and jessamine Reared high their flourished heads between, and wrought Mosaic; underfoot the violet, Crocus, and hyacinth with rich inlay Broidered the ground, more coloured than with stone Of costliest emblem: other creature here Beast, bird, insect, or worm durst enter none; Such was their awe of man. #Quote by John Milton
Violet quotes by Kristy Cunning
#36. Maybe monsters should just use Facebook instead of bullying people into weird, suspicious friendships that don't sound optional
- Violet #Quote by Kristy Cunning
Violet quotes by Sharon Kay Penman
#37. The great hall was shimmering in light, sun streaming from the open windows, and ablaze with colour, the walls decorated with embroidered hangings in rich shades of gold and crimson. New rushes had been strewn about, fragrant with lavender, sweet woodruff, and balm ... the air was ... perfumed with honeysuckle and violet, their seductive scents luring in from the gardens butterflies as blue as the summer sky. #Quote by Sharon Kay Penman
Violet quotes by Vanessa Gravenstein
#38. He'd never sought to mark a woman's flesh these shades of indigo and violet for pleasure. #Quote by Vanessa Gravenstein
Violet quotes by Katie McGarry
#39. [-] Dust tailed them so Violet could ready for school at home. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#40. During those days before the girl from the lake was finally buried in her hometown, Jay had been the one who kept Violet sane. He slipped candy bars into her backpack for her to find and left little notes in her locker just to let her know he was thinking about her. She leaned on him every step of the way, and he never once complained. And afterward, when she felt back to her old self again, at least mostly anyway, he was still there.
She wondered what she'd done to deserve a friend like him, someone who never wavered and never questioned. Someone who was always there . . . being supportive, and funny, and thoughtful.
Violet stood in the hallway and watched him. He was digging through his locker looking for his math book, and even though she knew it wasn't there, Violet just let him search, smiling to herself. Crumpled wads of paper fell out onto the floor at his feet.
He seemed to sense that she was staring and he looked back at her. "What?" he asked.
"Nothing," she responded, the smile finding her lips.
He narrowed his eyes, realizing that he was the butt of some private joke. "What?"
She sighed and kicked a toe at his backpack, which was lying crookedly against the wall of lockers. "Your book's in your bag, dumbass," she announced as she turned away and started walking toward class.
She heard him groan, followed by the sound of his locket slamming, before he finally caught up with her.
"Why didn't you say anything? Sometimes you real #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Therese De Lisieux
#41. The brilliance of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not lessen the perfume of the violet or the sweet simplicity of the daisy. #Quote by Therese De Lisieux
Violet quotes by Tennessee Williams
#42. The mountain violets break the rocks. #Quote by Tennessee Williams
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#43. You know she made me a list, don't you?"
"What do you mean?"
"A list. Chelsea made me a list of questions to ask Mike."
Violet laughed, pulling herself up. It was too ridiculous to believe. But it was Chelsea, so of course it was true.
"What did you do with it? You didn't give it to him, did you?" Violet asked, her eyes wide with shock.
Jay sat up too and grinned, and Violet was sure that he had. And then he shook his head. "Nah. I told her if she really wanted the answers, she'd have to give it to him herself."
Violet relaxed back into the couch. "Did she?"
Jay shrugged. "I dunno. You never know with Chelsea." He leaned forward, watching Violet closely as he ran his thumb down the side of her cheek. "Anyway," he said, switching the subject, "I get off work at six tomorrow; maybe we can hook up after that." He moved closer, grinning. "And you can tell me how much you missed me."
He kissed her, at first quickly. Then the kiss deepened, and she heard him groan. This time, when he pulled back, there was indecision in his eyes.
Violet wanted to say something sarcastic and sharp-witted to lighten the mood, but with Jay staring at her like that, any hope of finding a clever response was lost. She could feel herself disappearing into the depths of that uncertain look. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Lemony Snicket
#44. They did not hop, even though the man had asked them to "hop in," because hopping is something done in the cheerful moments of one's life. A plumber might hop, for instance, if she finally fixed a particularly difficult leak in someone's shower. A sculptor would hop if his sculpture of four basset hounds playing cards was finally finished. And I would hop like nobody has ever hopped before, if I could somehow go back to that terrible Thursday, and stop Beatrice from attending that afternoon tea where she met Esmé Squalor for the first time.
But Violet, Klaus and Sunny did not hop, because they were not plumbers fixing leaks, or sculptors finishing works of art, or authors magically erasing a series of unfortunate events. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Violet quotes by Violet Cross
#45. Ugh. I do not miss being your age." Sarah muttered, retracting her hand and wrinkling her nose. "It's like all teenagers have hormones coming out of their ears. #Quote by Violet Cross
Violet quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#46. EMBALM, v.i. To cheat vegetation by locking up the gases upon which it feeds. By embalming their dead and thereby deranging the natural balance between animal and vegetable life, the Egyptians made their once fertile and populous country barren and incapable of supporting more than a meagre crew. The modern metallic burial casket is a step in the same direction, and many a dead man who ought now to be ornamenting his neighbour's lawn as a tree, or enriching his table as a bunch of radishes, is doomed to a long inutility. We shall get him after awhile if we are spared, but in the meantime, the violet and rose are languishing for a nibble at his gluteus maximus. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Violet quotes by Julia Quinn
#47. Daphne Bridgerton, I don't - "
" - like my tone, I know." Daphne grinned. "But you love me."
Violet smiled warmly and wrapped an arm around Daphne's shoulder. "Heaven help me, I do."
Daphne gave her mother a quick peck on the cheek. "It's the curse of motherhood. You're required to love us even when we vex you."
Violet just sighed. "I hope that someday you have children - "
" - just like me, I know." Daphne smiled nostalgically and rested her head on her mother's shoulder. Her mother could be overly inquisitive, and her father had been more interested in hounds and hunting than he'd been in society affairs, but theirs had been a warm marriage, filled with love, laughter, and children. "I could do a great deal worse than follow your example, Mother," she murmured. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Violet quotes by Lorna Landvik
#48. I fear the democratization of plastic surgery, when it's so cheap that everyone - the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker - goes under the knife and winds up looking like these tightly pulled, slightly surprised-looking society and celebrity aliens from Planet Botox. . . . When I was young, I could have bottled up my self-loathing and filled a mile of train cars with it. Now that I'm old, I can't think of anyone I'd rather be than me. . . . That's what we need now: surgeons who can slice away the self-consciousness, the fear, the loneliness, and inject a little hope instead. A little love. Or a doctor who implants only high spirits, penchants for practical jokes, or the ability to cha-cha even to a dirge beat. #Quote by Lorna Landvik
Violet quotes by Lali A. Love
#49. As Lilac found herself in the circle of love with her mother, Jasmine, Violet, Rose, Liz, and Jo, she could not help but feel the power of her divine feminine love for her soul tribe. It was so electrifying; she felt her heart was going to burst out of her chest into a million little lightning bolts. #Quote by Lali A. Love
Violet quotes by Violet Cross
#50. Jesus, Lacey. You just scared me half to death."
I forced a laugh. "Only half? Damn. #Quote by Violet Cross
Violet quotes by Jennifer Niven
#51. As she rattles on, about Violet, about Gemma Sterling, about the Bartlett Dirt, I don't say anything else. I suddenly don't want Bren or Charlie to talk about Violet, because I want to keep her to myself, like the Christmas I was eight - back when Christmases were still good - and got my first guitar, which I named No Trespassing, as in no one could touch it but me. #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Violet quotes by Ebenezer Elliott
#52. Again the violet of our early days Drinks beauteous azure from the golden sun, And kindles into fragrance at his blaze. #Quote by Ebenezer Elliott
Violet quotes by Djuna Barnes
#53. I'm a fart in a gale of wind, a humble violet under a cow pat. #Quote by Djuna Barnes
Violet quotes by Abigail Gibbs
#54. Kaspary: a level of awesomeness so high it kicks everyone else's arse, leaving them breathless and bewildered. #Quote by Abigail Gibbs
Violet quotes by John Greenleaf Whittier
#55. In kindly showers and sunshine bud The branches of the dull gray wood; Out from its sunned and sheltered nooks The blue eye of the violet looks. #Quote by John Greenleaf Whittier
Violet quotes by A. Violet End
#56. Well, fella, as much as I'd like to stick something up your ass, it ain't gonna be my finger or anything else on my body - sorry to disappoint. #Quote by A. Violet End
Violet quotes by Sara Gruen
#57. Violet was nothing if not sensible. She didn't even approve when we pulled entirely harmless pranks, like hiding someone's yacht in the wrong slip, or turning the racquet club's pool water purple. #Quote by Sara Gruen
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#58. Is everything okay, Vi?"
She swallowed, setting the rest down. "It's perfect…" She wrapped her blanket around her and went to Jay's chair. She leaned over him, her curls falling around hre shoulders like a dark curtain. "You're perfect." She smiled as she collapsed on top of him, kissing him.
He groaned and pulled her closer, making room for her as the kiss deepened.
She'd wanted to be in control but had too quickly lost the upper hand. Her breathing became uneven, and she pressed herself against him, squirming to get coser. The warmth between them spread through her like a fever, making her restless and impatient.
He stopped her then, before there was no going back, drawing his face away to create the most microscopic fissure between them. "You taste like tacos."
Violet gasped as she tried to catch her breath. "What?" She blinked, trying to gather her thoughts. "Really, Jay? Is that a complaint or something?"
He shook his head. "Of course not."
"Good. Because this is: I hate it when you stop like that." She pushed herself away from him and sat upright, crossing her arms in front of her.
"Come on, Violet, that's not what I meant." The dazed look in his eyes only made Violet feel slightly better. She was glad he was at least a little bit bothered. "It's just that I wanted to talk to you…you know, before we got distracted."
"God, I really am the guy," she glowered, but her shoulders slumped.
He hauled her toward him, dragging h #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Madi Merek
#59. Her entire life, she'd been told sin was wrong, a black and white interpretation of what is evil and what is holy in the world - colored like a priest's robe and collar - but she never believed it to be true. Sin was colorful: scarlet like rose blood, azure like skin deprived oxygen, violet as bruises, jade as rot; a colorful contradiction to the darkness and blinding light all are taught sin and holiness to be. #Quote by Madi Merek
Violet quotes by Camille Paglia
#60. Elizabeth Taylor is, in my opinion, the greatest actress in film history. She instinctively understands the camera and its nonverbal intimacies. Opening her violet eyes, she takes us into the liquid realm of emotion, which she inhabits by Pisces intuition. Richard Burton said that Taylor showed him how to act for the camera. Economy and understatement are essential. At her best, Elizabeth Taylor simply is. An electric, erotic charge vibrates the space between her face and the lens. It is an extra-sensory, pagan phenomenon. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Violet quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#61. To see you naked is to remember the Earth,
the smooth Earth, clean of horses,
the Earth without reeds, pure form,
closed to the future, confine of silver.
To see you naked is to understand the desire
of rain that looks for the delicate waist,
or the fever of the broad-faced sea
that cannot find the light of its cheek.
Blood will ring through the bedrooms
and will come with flaming swords,
but you will not know the hiding places
of the violet or the heart of the toad.
Your womb is a struggle of roots.
Your lips are a dawn without contour.
Under the lukewarm roses of the bed
the dead men moan, awaiting their return. #Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca
Violet quotes by Sara Elaine Violet
#62. Now that she is gone, I suppose there is no one left to care about it. " "That's not true Camille. I care." The woman looked at her with wonder in her eyes. #Quote by Sara Elaine Violet
Violet quotes by Kristy Cunning
#63. The peanut gallery around me has stopped giving any commentary, so I have no idea what is going on.
- Violet #Quote by Kristy Cunning
Violet quotes by Kenneth Grahame
#64. They fell a-twittering among themselves once more, and this time their intoxicating babble was of violet seas, tawny sands, and lizard-haunted walls. #Quote by Kenneth Grahame
Violet quotes by Lemony Snicket
#65. Like most fourteen-year-olds, she was right-handed, so the rocks skipped farther across the murky water when Violet used her right hand then when she used her left. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Violet quotes by Mary Szybist
#66. The Troubadours Etc."

Just for this evening, let's not mock them.
Not their curtsies or cross-garters
or ever-recurring pepper trees in their gardens
promising, promising.

At least they had ideas about love.

All day we've driven past cornfields, past cows poking their heads
through metal contraptions to eat.
We've followed West 84, and what else?
Irrigation sprinklers fly past us, huge wooden spools in the fields,
lounging sheep, telephone wires,
yellowing flowering shrubs.

Before us, above us, the clouds swell, layers of them,
the violet underneath of clouds.
Every idea I have is nostalgia. Look up:
there is the sky that passenger pigeons darkened and filled -
darkened for days, eclipsing sun, eclipsing all other sound
with the thunder of their wings.
After a while, it must have seemed that they followed
not instinct or pattern but only
one another.

When they stopped, Audubon observed,
they broke the limbs of stout trees by the weight of the numbers.

And when we stop we'll follow - what?
Our hearts?

The Puritans thought that we are granted the ability to love
only through miracle,
but the troubadours knew how to burn themselves through,
how to make themselves shrines to their own longing.
The spectacular was never behind them.

Think of days of those scarlet-breasted, blue-winged #Quote by Mary Szybist
Violet quotes by A. Violet End
#67. Between the inner and outer beaches, a strand of woods thrived: palms, palmettos, mahogany, figs, and calabash. Coconut palms and fig trees dropped enough fruit to feed the wildlife that swooped by in droves. It was so easy to catch a fish with your bare hands, Tristan and I had made a game of it during our weeks of lovemaking on the warm, supple sand. It truly was paradise. #Quote by A. Violet End
Violet quotes by Tracy Letts
#68. BARBARA: They're called Native Americans now, Mom.
VIOLET: Who calls them that? Who makes that decision? #Quote by Tracy Letts
Violet quotes by Viet Thanh Nguyen
#69. I might have been just half an Asian, but in America it was all or nothing when it came to race. You were either white or you weren't. Funnily enough, I had never felt inferior because of my race during my foreign student days. I was foreign by definition and therefore was treated as a guest. But now, even though I was a card-carrying American with a driver's license, Social Security card, and resident alien permit, Violet still considered me as foreign, and this misrecognition punctured the smooth skin of my self-confidence. #Quote by Viet Thanh Nguyen
Violet quotes by Katie McGarry
#70. The suck part about falling is that eventual crash landing. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#71. What are you thinking about?" Jay asked as he plopped down next to her.
She blinked, wondering if she was wearing her frustration on her face. "Nothing," she lied, pushing her salad around her plate.
She wasn't sure why she didn't just tell him.
"Doesn't look like nothing," Jules interrupted from across the table.
Violet cast a quick glare at her friend for inconveniently pointing out the obvious.
"What?" Jay asked, nudging Violet with his shoulder. "Tell me."
Violet hesitated, suddenly embarrassed over her new insecurity. Yet, inside her head, she bitterly referred to Mike as "Jay's boyfriend."
Ironically, though, it was Mike who saved Violet from having to confess those very thoughts, when he slid into an open space on the other side of the table. "What'd I miss?" His lazy smile reached all the way into his tawny-colored eyes, and even the dimples on his cheek made a fleeting appearance.
Violet could see the draw for Chelsea; he was sort of stunning to look at.
So then what was Jay's excuse? She jokingly hoped it wasn't the adorable dimple too. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Deanna Raybourn
#72. I stepped closer still. He closed his eyes again and covered my hand with his own. 'You smell of violets. You always smell of violets,' he said. 'You've no idea how many times I have walked these moors and smelled them and thought you were near. On and on I walked, following the scent of you, and you were never there. When I saw you in the hall tonight, I thought I had finally gone mad. #Quote by Deanna Raybourn
Violet quotes by Amy Tan
#73. Accept love when it is offered, Violet. Return love and not suspicion. Then you'll receive more. - Loyalty Tang #Quote by Amy Tan
Violet quotes by D.L. Moody
#74. Others read the Bible to make it fit in and prove their favorite creed or notions; and if it does not do so, they will not read it. It has been well said that we must not read the Bible by the blue light of Presbyterianism; nor by the red light of Methodism; nor by the violet light of Episcopalianism; but by the light of the Spirit of God. #Quote by D.L. Moody
Violet quotes by Jessica Shirvington
#75. Violet: "You're an asshole."
Onyx: "Thank you, it's something that took an eternity to perfect. #Quote by Jessica Shirvington
Violet quotes by Jack Vance
#76. The Silver Samarsanda stood above the Jardeen, behind a line of tall pencil cypress: an irregular bulk of masonry, plastered and whitewashed, with a wide, many-slanted roof of mossy tiles. Beside the entrance five colored lanterns hung in a vertical line: deep green, a dark, smoky scarlet, a gay light green, violet, and once more dark scarlet; and at the bottom, slightly to the side, a small, steady yellow lamp, the purport of all being: Never neglect the wonder of conscious existence, which too soon comes to an end! #Quote by Jack Vance
Violet quotes by Glen Duncan
#77. I noticed how utterly indifferent the passengers were to what they were doing, namely, flying through the air. A glance out of the window would have revealed furrowed fields of cloud stained smoke-blue and violet as night and morning changed shifts –- but how were they passing time in First, Business and Coach? Crosswords. In-flight movies. Computer games. E-mail. Creation sprawls like a dewed and willing maiden outside your window awaiting only the lechery of your senses –- and what do you do? Complain about the dwarf cutlery. Plug your ears. Blind you eyes. Discuss Julia Roberts's hair. Ah, me. Sometimes I think my work is done. #Quote by Glen Duncan
Violet quotes by Virginia Woolf
#78. Death is woven in with the violets," said Louis. "Death and again death.") #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Violet quotes by Violet Bonham Carter
#79. Bonar Law never led his Party. He was always looking over his shoulder to see if he was being followed. #Quote by Violet Bonham Carter
Violet quotes by Anna Banks
#80. That's when I decide that prom is stupid. It's just a dumb dance that might have meant something to the old me, but the new me doesn't really give a flying frick.
And that's when Mark Baker, whom I now refer to as Galen's BFF because of their testosterone-enhanced run-in last year, walks up to me. "You got your dress picked out for prom? Let me guess. It's violet, to match your eyes."
I raise a brow at him. Since Galen has been gone, Mark has been awfully attentive. Not that Mark isn't nice, and not that if it were a year ago, I'd be a babbling idiot if he took the time out of being godlike to ask what I planned on wearing for prom. But like everything else, Mark is so one year ago.
And I don't know if I like that.
I shrug. "I'm probably not going."
Mark is not good at hiding surprise. "You mean Galen won't allow you to-"
"Knock it off. I know you think Galen is controlling or whatever, but you're wrong. And anyways, I can hold my own. If I wanted to go to prom, you can bet your sweet Aspercreme I'd be going."
Mark holds up his hands in surrender. "Simmer down, skillet. I was just asking a polite question. Did you want to talk about starving children or government conspiracy instead?"
I laugh. I'd forgotten how easygoing Mark is. "Sorry. I'm just in a bad mood I guess."
"You think?"
I punch his arm, then feel guilty about how flirty it looks. "Well, nobody's perfect."
The bell rings and he starts walking backward, away fr #Quote by Anna Banks
Violet quotes by Violet Winspear
#81. You shouldn't do this - you shouldn't!" was all she found breath to say.
He laughed softly, deeply. "I'm doing it, though. Want me to stop?"
"Little liar!" He took her lips then and Fay was lost. Like a small moth she fluttered in the dark flame of him and it mattered not that destruction might lie beyond the ecstasy he offered now. #Quote by Violet Winspear
Violet quotes by T. Kingfisher
#82. It was a large, neatly kept cottage, with a well-tended yard full of chickens. Hollyhocks grew along the side, in shades of red and violet, unless magic had gotten into them again, in which case they had a tendency to go plaid. #Quote by T. Kingfisher
Violet quotes by Courtney Milan
#83. Do you want to know why you don't meet my standards?" he asked.
She shook her head in mortification.
"Too late," he replied. "Here's my most important rule: Never have intercourse when one of the parties is in love with the other. It won't end well."
She gasped. "You arrogant cad! I'm not in love with you."
"I know." He didn't look away from her. "Isn't that what I said? Only one of us is in love, and it isn't you."
Violet stared at him. Her ears appeared to be working; her brain seemed to function. Tentatively, she added two and three and verified that they still made five. #Quote by Courtney Milan
Violet quotes by Renee Ahdieh
#84. My favorite color is violet. The scent of roses makes me feel at home, wherever I am. I do not enjoy fish, but I will eat it to make a loved one happy, suffering through my smile. #Quote by Renee Ahdieh
Violet quotes by Jennifer Niven
#85. This is my secret
that any moment I might fly away. Everyone on earth but me
and now Violet
moves in slow motion, like they're filled with mud. We are faster than all of them. #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Violet quotes by Anthony Trollope
#86. Having a comfortable allowance from his father, he could devote the whole proceeds of his curacy to violet gloves and unexceptionable neck ties. #Quote by Anthony Trollope
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#87. He ruffled her hair as he came in, all uncle and no cop about him now. She far preferred her uncle to the chief; he had inherited the sense of humor in the family, while her father got the receding hairline and mad skills with numbers. "Geez, Vi, you didn't need to break your own leg to get out of going to the dance with Grady Spencer. A simple 'no' would have been just fine, I'm sure."
Apparently no one had noticed that Jay had barely let go of her hand for a second. His thumb was now tracing lazy circles around her palm, and he answered her uncle's teasing comment without looking away from Violet for even a split second. "She's not going to the dance with Grady," he announced, smiling at her mischievously, and for a moment Violet forgot how to breathe. She hoped she never got used to how a simple look from him could turn her into a blithering idiot.
"Really?" her aunt Kat asked, her eyes narrowing as she glanced from Violet to Jay, and then down at their intertwined hands. Clearly she wasn't going to let the comment pass unnoticed. "Why is that?" she asked in a voice filled with unspoken meaning.
Stephen Ambrose looked at his wife curiously, a little slow to catch on, which was sad, really, considering it was his job to seek out clues and solve mysteries.
Jay answered Kat without missing a beat. "Because she's going with me." He winked at Violet, whose cheeks had flushed to a brilliant shade of scarlet. She wasn't entirely sure she was ready for this.
#Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Karina Halle
#88. No matter where you are. Violet, you're under my skin. You're in my bones. You're in the sun, the moon, the light in my dark. Your heart beats in the air I breathe and I don't know how I survived this long in the world without it. #Quote by Karina Halle
Violet quotes by Alan Lightman
#89. There were other, more subtle artistic effects. The slow shift of the light through each day caused shadows to drift, shorten and lengthen, producing constantly changing silhouettes. The summits of mountains, which might be pink in the mornings, turned violet and amaranth in the afternoon ... Like music, (these phenomena) created a feeling that was not there before #Quote by Alan Lightman
Violet quotes by Amy Ewing
#90. I am Violet lasting again. I am home. #Quote by Amy Ewing
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#91. Violet didn't bother responding, and Jay bounded from the car to help her inside.
He gave the briefest of glances at Lissie, barely acknowledging her presence as he gently eased Violet onto the seat. For good measure, and Violet was sure it was premeditated, he gave her a long, sweet kiss before closing her door.
Violet was surprised at how quickly she responded to his touch, even when she knew it was more for Lissie's benefit than for hers. But she had to suppress a triumphant smile when she stole a quick look at the other girl's disgusted expression before Jay put the car in drive and left Lissie standing there, gawking after them.
"Sorry about that," he said apologetically as he concentrated on maneuvering through the busy parking lot. "I've been so worried about strange men following you around that I forgot how dangerous Homecoming Queens can be."
Violet smiled at him. "That's okay. That kiss was a nice touch, by the way. Sheer genius."
"Yeah, that one just came to me," he chuckled.
"Maybe you can show it to me again...later," she said playfully.
He reached over and gave her leg a squeeze, his eyes never leaving the road. "I like the way you think, my friend."
"Is that how it is now, we're back to just friends?" Violet asked, raising her eyebrows at him challengingly. "I'll remember to keep that in mind next time we're 'doing homework.'"
He was suddenly serious, his tone determined. "We'll never be just friends again, not if I #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#92. I read somewhere once that souls were like flowers,' said Priscilla.
'Then your soul is a golden narcissus,' said Anne, 'and Diana's is like a red, red rose. Jane's is an apple blossom, pink and wholesome and sweet.'
'And our own is a white violet, with purple streaks in its heart,' finished Priscilla. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#93. That was fast," Jay said as Violet got into the car.
"I told you I wouldn't be long."
"Good, 'cause I think we're gonna be late," he answered, glancing at the clock on his dash.
Violet sighed. "Is this about the party?"
"I already told you: There is no party." And then he grinned at her. "Besides, if you don't act surprised, Chelsea's going to kill me."
"Ugh! I hate parties!"
Jay reached over and slipped his hand around the back of Violet's neck, pulling her toward him. She could smell the mint he'd been chewing on as she leaned into him.
"Come on. None of them got to celebrate your birthday with you." He kissed her once, softly, sweetly, on her cheek. "Let them have their little party; it won't last long." He kissed her other cheek and then her chin, and Violet felt her resolve slipping.
"We'll be out of there in no time." His lips brushed her forehead; his eyes smoldered as he gazed down at her. "And then afterward"-he found her lips, lightly teasing her-"we can have our own party."
Violet sighed in defeat, losing herself to his very persuasive argument.
"I think we're gonna be late," she whispered, surrendering at last. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#94. It was the first breath of the new moon, but the whole of it was visible, a perfect ball of violet and indigo cupped in a sickle of light, luminous among the stars. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Violet quotes by Thea Harrison
#95. Thunderclouds gathered in his violet eyes. He growled. A thoroughly annoyed baby dragon was quite a sight. Her face compressed, and she bit both of her lips. She would not laugh. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Violet quotes by A. Violet End
#96. You think all I can do is frog legs? I got Legs on my mind, alright, but yours. I'll do whatever it takes the save the ass on top of 'em and everything else, you hear me? #Quote by A. Violet End
Violet quotes by Henry Miller
#97. Even if his talk carried him to Paris, for example, to a place like the Faubourg Montmartre, he spiced and flavored it with his Attic ingredients, with thyme, sage, tufa, asphodel, honey, red clay, blue roofs; acanthus trimmings, violet light, hot rocks, dry winds, dust, rezina, arthritis and the electrical crackle that plays over the low hills like a swift serpent with a broken spine. He was a strange contradiction, even in his talk. With his snake-like tongue which struck like lightning, with fingers moving nervously, as though wandering over an imaginary spinet, with pounding, brutal gestures which somehow never smashed anything but simply raised a din, with all the boom of surf and the roar and sizzle and razzle-dazzle, if you suddenly observed him closely you got the impression that he was sitting there immobile, that only the round falcon's eye was alert, that he was a bird which had been hypnotized, or had hypnotized itself, and that his claws were fastened to the wrist of an invisible giant, a giant like the earth. All this flurry and din, all these kaleidoscopic prestidigitations of his, was only a sort of wizardry which he employed to conceal the fact that he was a prisoner - that was the impression he gave me when I studied him, when I could break the spell for a moment and observe him attentively. But to break the spell, required a power and a magic almost equal to his own; it made one feel foolish and impotent, as one always does when one succeeds in destroying t #Quote by Henry Miller
Violet quotes by Jennifer Niven
#98. If I do anything, I have to start over, but all I have is fragments of ideas. Just pieces. Like a germ of an idea for this, and a germ of an idea for that. Nothing whole or concrete" - Violet

" 'Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.' Pearl S. Buck. Maybe a germ is enough. Maybe it's all you need. We can start small. Open up a new document or pull out a black piece of paper. We'll make it our canvas. Remember what Michelangelo said about the sculpture being in the stone - it was there from the beginning, and his job was to bring it out. Your words are in there too" -Finch #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Violet quotes by Amy Tan
#99. It was our fate and our natures, flawed and wounded, that brought us together - Violet Minturn #Quote by Amy Tan
Violet quotes by J.M. Kessler
#100. Davey saw Violet climbing down to make the tea, and decided that he'd better get Grandpa off the ceiling. After all, they had company. #Quote by J.M. Kessler
Violet quotes by Violet Trefusis
#101. How I adore you and want you. You can't know how much ... I love belonging to you
I glory in it, that you alone have bent me to your will, shattered my self-possession, robbed me of my mystery, and made me yours, so that away from you I am nothing but a useless puppet, an empty husk. #Quote by Violet Trefusis
Violet quotes by Heinrich Heine
#102. The violets prattle and titter, And gaze on the stars high above. #Quote by Heinrich Heine
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#103. Jay sat down across from Chelsea and took both of her hands in his. The oversized lunchroom was buzzing with activity, and he practically had to yell to be heard.
"Chelsea, for the love of everything good and holy, please ... please stop ruining my friend."
Violet bit her lip to stop from laughing at the two of them. She knew what he was talking about before he even explained. It was the new facial hair.
Chelsea jerked her hands out of his. "Oh, relax, drama queen. He's not broken. Besides, I'm gonna fix him this weekend."
Jay seemed relieved. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Susan Gloss
#104. ...Violet followed her friend into the massive kitchen with its Restoration Hardware fixture and faux-weathered, farmhouse-style cabinets. Its perplexed Violet, the way people tried to make the insides of new homes look old. #Quote by Susan Gloss
Violet quotes by Kathleen Valentine
#105. If the solar winds have stirred far off in the velvety night then showers of light
gold and violet. rose and green
paint the sky. #Quote by Kathleen Valentine
Violet quotes by Jessica Shirvington
#106. You're incredible. I can feel your power and it's more than anything I ... Violet," he swallowed, watching me in awe. "It's like ... It's like you're as powerful as an angel."
-Lincoln #Quote by Jessica Shirvington
Violet quotes by Lemony Snicket
#107. Count Olaf: You should have given up a long time ago, orphans. I triumphed the moment you lost your family.
Violet: We didn't lose our family. Only our parents. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Violet quotes by Kristy Cunning
#108. I'm first up, love," Arion says as he starts invading my space again. "I thought the only thing holding you back was your fear. Clearly the fear is absent if you're willing to turn yourself over to the very darkest part of me. It's amazing you're in one piece, so clearly you played submissive very well, Violet. It's because you were ready for me to save you and overcame your fear of me. Now we can be together."

When I say nothing and simply stare at him like he's forever losing his mind more and more when we speak, he frowns like he's genuinely perplexed.

"Arion, no matter what you did, I couldn't have endured another second of those cries. And you were at Abby's mercy while in that state. You ripped my throat out and told me to put on some healing potion so you could sit down and watch the fight."

Apparently, I guess right, because his pupils widen marginally.

"I held your hand when you finished," he says like he's defending himself.

"So you could watch the fight."

"Vance was focused. It's been ages since he focused. Thing of beauty while it happens," he says as if that's important information.

I gesture between us. "That's sort of the problem. I feel like the conduit for your feelings for them because you have heterosexual body parts with a homosexual mentality. I'm not sure I'm okay with simply being a conduit," I carefully explain, causing his eyes to widen a little more, as several muffled sound #Quote by Kristy Cunning
Violet quotes by Krystle Kotara
#109. I painted sonnets in the sky
with soft strokes of self-love.
Violet and mauve cursive lines
caused my blues to vanish,
allowing my spirit to soar. #Quote by Krystle Kotara
Violet quotes by Violet Yates
#110. I am a work in progress. #Quote by Violet Yates
Violet quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#111. Spring is the fresh green of young corn and the pink blush of blossoms. Autumn contrasts the yellowed foilage with violet hues. Winter is the white of snow against its black forms ... Summer is the contrast of blues and the golden bronze of the corn. #Quote by Vincent Van Gogh
Violet quotes by April Adams
#112. Scarlett activated the viola and it came down like short shimmering curtain that covered her eyes with a band of violet light. It dilated her eyes, increasing her binocular summation so that everything in her field of vision was magnified and clear. It also protected her retinas from any sort of laser fire or plasma flash. #Quote by April Adams
Violet quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#113. There came to that room wild streams of violet midnight glittering with dust of gold, vortices of dust and fire, swirling out of the ultimate spaces and heavy perfumes from beyond the worlds. Opiate oceans poured there, litten by suns that the eye may never behold and having in their whirlpools strange dolphins and sea-nymphs of unrememberable depths. Noiseless infinity eddied around the dreamer and wafted him away without touching the body that leaned stiffly from the lonely window; and for days not counted in men's calandars the tides of far spheres that bore him gently to join the course of other cycles that tenderly left him sleeping on a green sunrise shore, a green shore fragrant with lotus blossums and starred by red camalates ... #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Violet quotes by Lemony Snicket
#114. Dramatic irony is a cruel occurrence, one that is almost always upsetting and I'm sorry to have it appear in this story, but Violet, Klaus, and Sunny have such unfortunate lives that it was only a matter of time before dramatic irony would rear its ugly head. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Violet quotes by Jennifer Niven
#115. You make me happy...
You make me special...
You make me lovely... #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#116. What did you think when I first told you about the animals I found?"
He seemed confused. It obviously wasn't what he'd expected. "Violet, I was seven years old. I thought it was badass. I think I was probably even jealous."
She made a face at him. "Didn't you think it was creepy? Or that I was weird?"
"Yeah," he agreed enthusiastically. "That's why I was so jealous. I wanted to be the one finding dead bodies. You were like an animal detective or something. You were only weird 'cause you were a girl." He grinned. "But I learned to overlook that since you always took me on such cool adventures."
Violet released a breath, smiling. She knew he was telling the truth, which only made it funnier to hear him saying the words out loud. Of course, what little boy didn't want to go scavenging through the woods and digging in the dirt?
She tried again. "Did you ever tell anyone? Does your mom know?"
He lifted her hand to his mouth and rubbed her knuckles across his lower lip, his gaze locked with hers. "No," he promised. "I swore I wouldn't, not even her. I think she knows something, or at least she thinks you have the worst luck ever, since you found all those dead girls." He lowered his voice. "She was really worried about you after the shooting last year. You're like a daughter to her." He leaned close. "Of course, that makes it kind of creepy when I do things like this."
He kissed her. It was intimate. Not soft or sweet this time, it was deep and pa #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Sarah Waters
#117. There seemed something rather devotional about her pose, the still­ness, so that I thought at last, She is praying!, and made to draw my eyes away in sudden shame. But then she stirred. Her hands opened, she raised them to her cheek, and I caught a flash of colour against the pink of her work-roughened palms. She had a flower there, between her fingers - a violet, with a drooping stem. As I watched, she put the flower to her lips, and breathed upon it, and the purple of the petals gave a quiver and seemed to glow . . . #Quote by Sarah Waters
Violet quotes by Nicole Christie
#118. The sounds of people entering the kitchen snap me out of my thoughts. Before I can react, creepy moaning noises and breathless giggles erupt from the other side of my counter."Oh, Grant," a familiar voice sighs.I pop up suddenly, unable to believe my ears. Guess what I see? Jane, locked in the embrace of a balding middle aged man whom I'm pretty sure is married."Jane!" I gasp.They both scream a little and break apart, wide-eyed.
"Violet!" Jane gasps, holding a hand against her heart."I thought you were a lesbian," I blurt out.
"It's not what it - what? Why would you think I'm a lesbian?""Oh ... " I shrug. "Never mind. I should go. #Quote by Nicole Christie
Violet quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#119. The multicolored leaves were softly glowing against the black sky, creating an untimely nocturnal rainbow which scattered its spectral tints everywhere and dyed the night with a harvest of hues: peach gold and pumpkin orange, honey yellow and winy amber, apple red and plum violet. Luminous within their leafy shapes, the colors cast themselves across the darkness and were splattered upon our streets and our fields and our faces. Everything was resplendent with the pyrotechnics of a new autumn. #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#120. Nothing had changed in that moment when Violet and Jay had finally decided to have sex. Nothing-and everything.
Violet was amazed by what they'd done. Amazed that they'd shared themselves with each other, like that. It was wonderful, and beautiful, and not anything that Violet had expected it to be.
The pain had been more intense than she could have imagined, and she'd done her best not to cry out. But, of course, Jay had noticed as her body tensed, and then she shuddered. Tears dampened her lashes, yet she'd refused to let them fall.
Jay had insisted that they stop, but Violet wouldn't let him. Instead they'd waited, with Jay holding her, stroking her hair, her shoulders, her face, until the pain subsided, becoming something…less.
Later, when she was lying in his arms, she shuddered again.
Jay hugged her tight. "What's wrong? You're not sorry, are you?" The tenderness of his words made her heart twist.
"Of course not. How could I be sorry for that?"
He kissed her eyes, gently. "Then why are you shivering? I didn't mean to hurt you, Vi."
She shook her head, clumsily bumping his chin. "I don't know why." She ran her fingertips over his arm, memorizing the feel of his coarse hairs, his skin, the muscles beneath it all. "It's just…it's a lot. You know?"
Jay smiled. It was a satisfied smile. "Yeah." He leaned back and pulled her to him, tucking her against his shoulder. "It was a lot. A really good lot."
She wanted to shove him, t #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Kristy Cunning
#121. Violet is missing, and it seems Vance is as well," Damien says on a huff as he exits.

"Why the bloody hell would he leave with her directly after a wolf attack?" I ask as I start toward the door, finishing off my drink. "Without a word?"

"I'm not sure he left with her, so much as chased after her, since it looks like he found her note first," Damien says as he jogs down the stairs.

I have the paper snatched out of his hand before he realizes it's missing, and I flip it over, reading it.



the SINGLE gypsy girl who can think for herself

P.S. I'LL KEY YOUR FUCKING CARS if you come looking for me before I'm ready to deal with you again.

"Little rude to leave so soon, considering how hard I worked to find out where the hell you'd all gone," I point out before walking out the door.

I'm gone before they can further delay me.

"She put it in shouty caps!" Damien calls to my back, though I have no idea what the hell that's supposed to mean. #Quote by Kristy Cunning
Violet quotes by Cassandra  Barnes
#122. Then, she stepped hard on something soft.
"Ouch!" exclaimed an urgent, musical voice behind her followed by another blast of that scent. That voice rang out in the night like a small bell. Damn, thought Carmen. These late-night stragglers always show up just as I am closing!
"We're closed," she commented impatiently, not even bothering to turn around. "I can't get you anything, my cash register is empty. And, I definitely can't get you any gasoline. The pumps are shut down."
"You're on my foot!" said the small, feminine voice again, protesting more loudly. "Get off!" The girl laughed. The street lights came on, as if the pressure of stepping on this person's foot had turned them on. Carmen laughed at the synchronicity. She felt a small hand on her waist as she moved her foot off the soft place it had landed. It had been years since she had felt a woman's touch.
The feminine voice said quietly, "That hurt."
Carmen whirled around to face the girl she had stepped on, and almost lost her balance. Her eyes met the huge violet eyes of the most beautiful country girl she had ever seen standing directly behind her. Obviously, she had stepped on her. She apologized until she was speechless. Then, she coughed and indicated her truck.
The girl had straight, healthy blue hair, delicately shaved over one ear and well-done light makeup with a few rhinestone studs in her ears and nose. Carmen had sucked her breath in audibly at the girl's appearance. This dimin #Quote by Cassandra Barnes
Violet quotes by Julie Anne Long
#123. He began to stand, and saw Lyon stiffen, poised to do whatever he needed to do. He, like Lyon, could throw himself on a pyre, too. Because fire cleansed. She'd won, and he'd lost.

It had stopped mattering. Her happiness was indistinguishable from his own. No matter what became of him, he wanted her to know he loved her.

"You'd best get out of here, Redmond. Your secret is safe with me."

Lyon's eyes flared in wary surprise. He froze. And his smile, when it came, was slow, and crooked, and he looked very like Lavay when Lavay was being insufferably knowing.

"Ah. You do love her more than life. Splendid. And that, my dear Lord Flint, is what I came here today to discover."

Whatever he felt was between him and Violet. "Go before I change my mind, Redmond. #Quote by Julie Anne Long
Violet quotes by William Trevor
#124. The wife he had first chosen had dressed drably: from silence and inflexious--more than from words--he learned that now. Her grey hair straggled to her shoulders, her back was a little humped. He poked his way about, and they were two old people when they went out on their rounds, older than they were in their ageless happiness. She wouldn't have hurt a fly, she wasn't a person you could be jealous of, yet of course it was hard on a new wife to be haunted by happiness, to be challenged by the simplicities there had been. He had given himself to two women; he hadn't withdrawn from the first, he didn't from the second.
Each house that contained a piano brought forth its contradictions. The pearls old Mrs. Putrill wore were opals, the pallid skin of the stationer in Kiliath was freckled, the two lines of oaks above Oghill were surely beeches? 'Of course, of course,' Owen Dromgould agreed, since it was fair that he should do so. Belle could not be blamed for making her claim, and claims could not be made without damage or destruction. Belle would win in the end because the living always do. And that seemed fair also, since Violet had won in the beginning, and had had the better years."

--"The Piano Tuner's Wives #Quote by William Trevor
Violet quotes by Kristy Cunning
#125. Do you really want me to tell the girl you're not allowing her to get her art piece because you think I want in her knickers?" he asks like he's confused.

"Violet! Vance is having daddy issues and is trying to talk him out of giving you the stained glass!" Anna yells very loudly.

Vance's eyes widen. "I'm going to fucking kill you for fifty-three years, you stupid son of a b - " He stops, calming himself, because his grandmomma was a damn fine woman who'd punch him in the nuts for calling her that word…if she knew what it meant.

She always hated dogs. Especially female dogs. #Quote by Kristy Cunning
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#126. Chelsea was something else. Like an unstoppable force of nature. Similar to a hurricane or a tornado. Or a pit bull.
Violet admired that about her.
And, in this instance, Chelsea had proven to be nothing less than formidable.
So when Jay had mentioned earlier in the week that they might be able to go to the movies over the weekend, Chelsea held him to it. A time and a place were chosen. And word spread.
And, somehow, Chelsea managed to unravel it all.
She still wanted the Saturday night plans; she just didn't want the crowd that came with them. She'd decided it should be more of a "double date." With Mike.
Except Mike would never see it coming.
By the time the bell rang at the end of lunch on Friday, everyone had agreed to meet up for the seven o'clock showing the next night. But when they split up to go to their classes, Chelsea set her own plan into motion. She began to separate the others from the pack and, one by one, they all fell.
She started with Andrew Lauthner. Poor Andrew didn't know what hit him.
"Hey, Andy, did you hear?"
From the look on his face, he didn't hear anything other than that Chelsea-his Chelsea-was talking to him. Out of the blue. Violet needed to get to class, but she was dying to see what Chelsea had up her sleeve, so she stuck it out instead.
"What?" His huge frozen grin looked like it had been plastered there and dried overnight.
Chelsea's expression was apologetic, something that may ha #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Jessica Day George
#127. Violet heard the coughing and came running back. She sank down on the bench beside Rose, putting her arm around the older girl and holding a handkerchief to Rose's lips. "What happened?" she asked Galen, her tone just shy of being accusatory.

"I am so sorry, Your Highness," Galen said, backing away. "I made her laugh, and–"

"You made her laugh?" Violet's eyes widened. "She hasn't laughed in weeks!" She smiled at Galen and gave Rose's shoulders a little squeeze. #Quote by Jessica Day George
Violet quotes by Stephen King
#128. Above, the stars were unwinking, also constant. Suns and worlds by the million. Dizzying constellations, cold fire in every primary hue. As he watched, the sky washed from violet to ebony. A meteor etched a brief, spectacular arc and winked out. The fire threw strange shadows ... not ideograms but a straightforward crisscross vaguely frightening in its own no-nonsense surety. ... The fire burned it's steady, slow flame, and phantoms danced in its incandescent core. #Quote by Stephen King
Violet quotes by Ann Charles
#129. I'm seeing someone." He grinned sheepishly. "Well, not officially, but we're screwing around every chance we get." "Oh, that's … uh … wonderful." Hallmark needed to make a card that said: I'm positively thrilled you're getting laid! #Quote by Ann Charles
Violet quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#130. What a pity flowers can utter no sound!-A singing rose, a whispering violet, a murmuring honeysuckle ... oh, what a rare and exquisite miracle would these be! #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Violet quotes by Arthur Machen
#131. The woods hung dark on the hills; above, the sky violet, specked with minute feathery clouds, white as snowflakes. #Quote by Arthur Machen
Violet quotes by Kristi Cook
#132. Don't, Violet. I won't let you. Just ... come here." Abruptly, he (Matthew) held out his arms to me, and I allowed him to gather me in his embrace, his chin resting on the top of my head. "Got to England and have a great time with your friends, okay?" he murmured, his voice thick with emotion. "Just ... be happy. #Quote by Kristi Cook
Violet quotes by Sara Shepard
#133. If the next car passed is blue, Violet will be okay, she thought. If it's red, A will do something horrible to her.
She heard a growl of an engine and shut her eyes, afraid to see what the future might hold. She'd never cared so much about anything in her life. Just as the car was passing, she opened her eyes and saw a Mercedes hood ornament. She let out a long sigh, tears coming to her eyes once more.
The car was blue. #Quote by Sara Shepard
Violet quotes by Louis Auchincloss
#134. Violet, surveying him with a cruel detachment, had never felt less married. #Quote by Louis Auchincloss
Violet quotes by Heather Heffner
#135. In a world of fog and gray, the youth is a shining being dressed in dark violet, his golden-flecked hair smoothed back from his bronzed temples. He resembles a human, but no man I have ever seen holds himself like a king, like a gleaming statue chiseled from topaz.
I swallow. I am standing before a demon, the most beautiful being I have ever seen, and I can't run. I can only stand in the hushed glade and stare, snowflakes falling in the space between us. #Quote by Heather Heffner
Violet quotes by Bernard Capes
#136. He saw a chamber, broad and low, designed, in its every rich stain of picture and slumberous hanging, to appeal to the sensuous. And here the scent was thick and motionless. Costly marqueterie; Palissy candlesticks reflected in half-concealed mirrors framed in embossed silver; antique Nankin vases brimming with pot-pourri; in one comer a suit of Milanese armour, fluted, damasquinee, by Felippo Negroli; in another a tripod table of porphyry, spectrally repeating in its polished surface the opal hues of a vessel of old Venetian glass half filled with some topaz-coloured liqueur - such and many more tokens of a luxurious aestheticism wrought in the observer an immediate sense of pleasurable enervation. He noticed, with a swaying thrill of delight, that his feet were on a padded rug of Astrakhan - one of many, disposed eccentrically about the yellow tassellated-marble floor; and he noticed that the sole light in the chamber came from an iridescent globed lamp, fed with some fragrant oil, that hung near an alcove traversed by a veil of dark violet silk.

("The Accursed Cordonnier") #Quote by Bernard Capes
Violet quotes by Stephen Deas
#137. He woke up frozen stiff. A cold dawn was lighting up the peaks on the other side of the valley, making them shine like giant lanterns. Above, through the broken bones of the roof, he could see the sky, clear now, a deep violet blue, waiting for the sun to breach the mountaintops. The snow clouds had gone, off to bother someone else. Where he lay was still dark, wrapped in leftover shadows. The wall, so deliciously warm when he'd fallen asleep, was like ice, sucking the heat out of him, but what had woken him were screams. Long piercing screams, over and over. #Quote by Stephen Deas
Violet quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#138. Violet will be a good color for hair at just about the same time that brunette becomes a good color for flowers. #Quote by Fran Lebowitz
Violet quotes by Duff McDonald
#139. Enron followed the unwise practice of paying bonuses based on forecasted profits, not actual cash flows, a system that posed a problem remarkably similar to the R&D issues Gluck and his colleagues had solved at Northern Electric years earlier. In short: You can forecast anything. Delivering actual results is a different story. The emphasis on forecasts also neutralized Enron's so-called risk-management group, which became a shrinking violet in the face of ever more outrageous estimates. #Quote by Duff McDonald
Violet quotes by Abigail Gibbs
#140. He sighed, his hands tangling themselves in my already-knotted hair. Violet, don't ever leave me. Whatever happens; however things get, just don't go. Please. #Quote by Abigail Gibbs
Violet quotes by Kelly Barnhill
#141. There's no such thing as complete when it comes to stories. Stories are infinite. They are as infinite as worlds. #Quote by Kelly Barnhill
Violet quotes by Jessica Shirvington
#142. Jesus Christ!" I yelled, jumping up and down to shake out the fear as I opened the sliding door, frowning when I realised it wasn‟t locked.
"Nope, but you‟re not the first to make that mistake," Spence said, grinning mischievously. #Quote by Jessica Shirvington
Violet quotes by Herman Melville
#143. Who in the rainbow can draw the line where the violet tint ends and the orange tint begins? Distinctly we see the difference of the colors, but where exactly does the one first blendingly enter into the other? So with sanity and insanity. #Quote by Herman Melville
Violet quotes by Candida Martinelli
#144. She can go places we cannot, associate with people we cannot, understand things about society types and women that we never can. (Why Mr. Burke hires Violet Strange.) #Quote by Candida Martinelli
Violet quotes by Kristy Cunning
#145. It's a screwed up situation when you can't spend your best friend's possible last day with her because she needs to borrow your body #Quote by Kristy Cunning
Violet quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#146. I kissed him lightly and used the moment to slip the package out of the inside of his pocket. I was a white handkerchief folded into a square. "What's this?"
He pretended to look put out. "Did you just pick my pocket?"
"Good thing it's for you then."
"It is? Really?" I'd only been teasing him when I went through his pockets. I unwrapped it, touched. It was a small brooch made of tin, in the shape of a rose. "Oh, Colin, it's lovely. Thank you!"
"I thought the rose would remind you of this place. I guess now you don't need it." he pinned it to my top, just under my collarbone. "I love you, Violet. Could you love a gardener who can't afford real silver, now that you're an earl's daughter living in a fine house?"
I leaned forward so my lips were so close to his they brushed lightly when I spoke. "I love you, Colin Lennox."
His grin was crooken and wicked.
"Then we'll be just fine. #Quote by Alyxandra Harvey
Violet quotes by Jessica Shirvington
#147. I think of all that happened since finding her. Barely a blink in my existence, but everything has changed ... We love the ones we hate.
And I hate her with all my heart #Quote by Jessica Shirvington
Violet quotes by Lemony Snicket
#148. Very lovely indeed
- Quigley responding to Violet's comment about the view, while actually looking at her. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Violet quotes by Courtney Milan
#149. How many lovers?" He could have given her a straight answer. Dozens. Or, more specifically: Thirty-seven. Thirty-seven, if you counted mutual versions of the conduct he'd just engaged in, and Sebastian did.But what he finally said was, "Too many. And not enough." Her face was in shadow. He couldn't tell if she was disgusted by him, or if this was just a matter of idle curiosity for her.
She exhaled. "How many would be enough?"
He smiled sadly. "One more, Violet." He looked over at her - at her arms folded around herself, at her head, turned from his, as if that would be enough to distract him from the ferocity of his want. "I've only ever wanted one more. #Quote by Courtney Milan
Violet quotes by Paul Gauguin
#150. In my yellow room,
Sunflowers with purple eyes stands out on a yellow background.
They bath their stems in a yellow pot, on a yellow table.
In a corner of the painting, the signature of the painter: Vincent.
And the yellow sun that passes through the yellow curtains of my room floods all this fluorescence with gold.
And in the morning upon awakening, from my bed,
I imagin that all this smells very good.
Oh yes! He loved yellow, this good Vincent, this painter from holland.
Those glimmers of sunlight rekindled his soul
That abhorred the fog, that needed the warmth.
When two of us were together in arles, both of us mad and at constant war over the beauty of color, me, i loved the color red,
Where to find a perfect vermilion?
He traced with his most yellow brush on the wall,
Suddenly turned violet.

Je suis saint esprit
Je suis sain d'espri.

Paul gauguin, 1894. #Quote by Paul Gauguin
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#151. She kept herself busy for a moment, pouring hot water into a mug and giving Jay a chance to absorb what she'd just asked of him, letting him consider her request.
Before the dance and before they were a couple, there would have been nothing to think about; he would never have told on her. They'd kept each other's secrets. No matter what.
But now everything - everything - had changed, and Violet was sometimes surprised by how far he would go to keep her out of harm's way. She knew that, for him anyway, it meant that he would even betray her secrets if it meant she'd be safer in the end.
She carried her steaming mug, with the tea bag steeping inside, and set it on the table as she sat down.
Jay reluctantly sat too. He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, watching her warily. Finally he sighed, "I won't tell . . . if you make me one promise."
She met his eyes, hesitating at the look she saw on his face. The unusual mixture of tenderness and fear were at odds, but it made Violet feel warm and soft inside. He reached out his hand to her, and she took it, letting him pull her toward him. She settled onto his lap as he wrapped his arms around her. He nuzzled her neck, inhaling deeply as if the scent of her was somehow reassuring.
"Next time . . ." he insisted in a voice quieter than before, "you call me."
She nodded, satisfied that he would keep her safe . . . secrets and all.
It was completely astonishing to her - even after all #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#152. and I looked and looked at her, and knew as clearly as I know I am to die, that I loved her more than anything I had ever seen or imagined on earth, or hoped for anywhere else. She was only the faint violet whiff and dead leaf echo of the nymphet I had rolled myself upon with such cries in the past; an echo on the brink of a russet ravine, with a far wood under a white sky, and brown leaves choking the brook, and one last cricket in the crisp weeds... but thank God it was not that echo alone that I worshipped. What I used to pamper among the tangled vines of my heart, mon grand pch radieux, had dwindled to its essence: sterile and selfish vice, all that I cancelled and cursed. You may jeer at me, and threaten to clear the court, but until I am gagged and halfthrottled, I will shout my poor truth. I insist the world know how much I loved my Lolita, this Lolita, pale and polluted, and big with another's child, but still gray-eyed, still sooty-lashed, still auburn and almond, still Carmencita, still mine; Changeons de vie, ma Carmen, allons vivre quelque, part o nous ne serons jamais spars; Ohio? The wilds of Massachusetts? No matter, even if those eyes of hers would fade to myopic fish, and her nipples swell and crack, and her lovely young velvety delicate delta be tainted and torneven then I would go mad with tenderness at the mere sight of your dear wan face, at the mere sound of your raucous young voice, my Lolita. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Violet quotes by Heinrich Heine
#153. The eyes of spring, so azure, Are peeping from the ground; They are the darling violets, That I in nosegays bound. #Quote by Heinrich Heine
Violet quotes by Sara  Daniel
#154. I got my heart broken by following it and making stupid choices. It happens. I grew up. I got over it." She leaned so close to him that he could see violet flecks in her round blue eyes. "What I can't understand, Wyatt, is why you didn't." ~Nicole from Wyatt's Guilt #Quote by Sara Daniel
Violet quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#155. They've drunk everything in the house, including a pitcher of African violet plant food I'd just mixed up and was stupid enough to leave on the counter."
Tremaine punched Eddie in the shoulder. "I told you it tasted weird."
Eddie shrugged. "Tasted okay to me. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Violet quotes by Julia Quinn
#156. You're very impatient," Violet said, facing the door. "You always have been."

"I know," Eloise said, wondering if this was a scolding, and if so, why was her mother choosing to do it now?

"I always loved that about you," Violet said. "I always loved everything about you, of course, but for some reason I always found your impatience especially charming. It was never because you wanted more, it was because you wanted everything."

Eloise wasn't so sure that sounded like such a good trait.

"You wanted everything for everyone, and you wanted to know it all and learn it all, and . . ."

For a moment Eloise thought her mother might be done, but then Violet turned around and added, "You've never been satisfied with second-best, and that's good, Eloise. I'm glad you never married any of those men who proposed in London. None of them would have made you happy. Content, maybe, but not happy."

Eloise felt her eyes widen with surprise.

"But don't let your impatience become all that you are," Violet said softly. "Because it isn't, you know. There's a great deal more to you, but I think sometimes you forget that." She smiled, the gentle, wise smile of a mother saying goodbye to her daughter. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Violet quotes by R. J. Anderson
#157. Once upon a time there was a girl who was special. This is not her story. Unless you count the part where I killed her. #Quote by R. J. Anderson
Violet quotes by Lauren Kate
#158. Please wait here.
"Annoying yet romantic," she said aloud. She sat down on the folding chair and peered inside the paper bag. A handful of tiny jam-filled donuts dusted with cinnamon and sugar sent up an intoxicating scent. The bag was warm in her hands, flecked with little bits of oil seeping through. Luce popped one into her mouth and took a sip from the tiny white cup, which contained the richest, most delightful espresso Luce had ever tasted.
"Enjoying the bombolini?" Daniel called from below.
Luce shot to her feet and leaned over the railing to find him standing at the back of a gondola painted with images of angels. He wore a flat straw hat bound with a thick red ribbon, and used a broad wooden paddle to steer the boat slowly toward her.
Her heart surged the way it did each time she first saw Daniel in another life. But he was here. He was hers. This was happening now.
"Dip them in the espresso, then tell me what it's like to be in Heaven," Daniel said, smiling up at her.
"How do I get down to you?" she called.
He pointed to the narrowest spiral staircase Luce had ever seen, just to the right of the railing. She grabbed the coffee and bag of donuts, slipped the peony stem behind her ear, and made for the steps.
She could feel Daniel's eyes on her as she climbed over the railing and slinked down the stairs. Every time she made a full rotation on the staircase, she caught a teasing flash of his violet eyes. By the time she made it #Quote by Lauren Kate
Violet quotes by April Genevieve Tucholke
#159. You stop fearing the Devil when you're holding his hand ... #Quote by April Genevieve Tucholke
Violet quotes by Violet Fane
#160. All things come to those who wait, #Quote by Violet Fane
Violet quotes by Adi Alsaid
#161. The sun kept dipping down into the ocean and the lights came on at the harbor, casting sudden shadows on the ground, illuminating the faces that were just a second ago silhouettes. The sky was golden and purple, the ocean a darker shade of violet. #Quote by Adi Alsaid
Violet quotes by Arnold Bennett
#162. There was something magnificent in dire tragedy, in the terror of it, in the necessity which it laid upon everybody to behave nobly and efficiently. #Quote by Arnold Bennett
Violet quotes by Katie McGarry
#163. Took her [Ms. Whitlock] long enough to grade it." He mumbles.
True. "But it took us forever to turn it in. She didn't have to accept it was from, she didn't have to let us write it together and she didn't have to give us an A-plus, but she did. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Violet quotes by Julia Caroline Dorr
#164. Stars will blossom in the darkness, Violets bloom beneath the snow. #Quote by Julia Caroline Dorr
Violet quotes by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
#165. Deep violets, you liken to The kindest eyes that look on you, Without a thought disloyal. #Quote by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Violet quotes by Violet Trefusis
#166. Heaven preserve me from littleness and pleasantness and smoothness. Give me great glaring vices, and great glaring virtues, but preserve me from the neat little neutral ambiguities. Be wicked, be brave, be drunk, be reckless, be dissolute, be despotic, be a suffragette, be anything you like, but for pity's sake be it to the top of your bent. Live fully, live passionately, live disastrously. Let's live, you and I, as none have ever lived before.
(- to Vita Sackville-West, October 25, 1918) #Quote by Violet Trefusis
Violet quotes by Terry Pratchett
#167. But we are running out of colors," said Mr. Violet, intervening.
"That cannot be the case," said Mr. white. "There are an infinite number of colors."
"But there are not that many names," said Miss Taupe.
"That is not possible. A color must have a name."
"We can find only one hundred and three names for green before the color becomes noticeably either blue or yellow," said Miss Crimson.
"But the shades are endless!"
"Nevertheless, the names are not."
"This is a problem that must be solved. Add it to the list, Miss Brown. We must name very possible shade. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Violet quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#168. I would stand transfixed before the windows of the confectioners' shops, fascinated by the luminous sparkle of candied fruits, the cloudy lustre of jellies, the kaleidoscope inflorescence of acidulated fruit drops - red, green, orange, violet: I coveted the colours themselves as much as the pleasure they promised me. #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Violet quotes by T. S. Eliot
#169. A woman drew her long black hair out tight, And fiddled whisper music on those strings, And bats with baby faces in the violet light Whistled, and beat their wings, And crawled head downward down a blackened wall. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Violet quotes by Julia Quinn
#170. What can I do for you, Mother?" he asked. "And don't say 'Dance with Hermione Smythe-Smith.' Last time I did that I nearly lost three toes in the process."
"I wasn't going to ask anything of the sort," Violet replied. "I was going to ask you to dance with Prudence Featherington."
"Have Mercy, Mother," he moaned. "She's even worse."
"I'm not asking you to marry the chit," she said. "Just dance with her."
Benedict fought a groan. Prudence Featherington, while essentially a nice person, had a brain the size of a pea and a laugh so grating he'd seen grown men flee with their hands over their ears. "I'll tell you what," he wheedled. "I'll dance with Penelope Featherington if you keep Prudence at bay."
"That'll do," his mother said with a satisfied nod, leaving Benedict with the sinking sensation that she'd wanted him to dance with Penelope all along.
"She's over there by the lemonade table," Violet said, "dressed as a leprechaun, poor thing.The color is good for her,but someone really must take her mother in hand next time they venture out to the dressmaker. A more unfortunate costume,I can't imagine."
"You obviously haven't seen the mermaid," Benedict murmured.
She swatted him lightly on the arm. "No poking fun at the guests."
"But they make it so easy. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Violet quotes by Violet Winspear
#171. There isn't anything very tender about being in's a cruel and clamouring hunger. #Quote by Violet Winspear
Violet quotes by Francesca Lia Block
#172. When you look at pain as material it makes all the difference in the world. I thought, the pain that is too big to be eased by its use as material would be a pain I couldn't (and wouldn't want to) even imagine. #Quote by Francesca Lia Block
Violet quotes by Silvia Violet
#173. I think I see it." I hoped I was looking in the right place. Constellations had always seemed like a cruel joke to me. How could someone take a few dots in the sky, turn them into an elaborate picture, and expect everyone to share their delusion? #Quote by Silvia Violet
Violet quotes by Carolyn Brown
#174. You killed Violet, Anna Ruth? How'd you do it? If you didn't drive a stake through her heart, she'll come back alive. #Quote by Carolyn Brown
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#175. Your dad told me what happened today . . . out in the woods. He told me that you tracked down the guy who's been killing all the girls around here . . . that you put yourself in danger." Violet couldn't tell if he was angry or annoyed . . . or both. He ran his hand through his messy hair in an agitated gesture that indicated he was getting all worked up. "And it's not like it was the first time you've done that. Trouble seems to follow you wherever you go, and you're the only person I know who doesn't seem to care. I don't even want to think about what could have happened to you if I hadn't shown up last night while Grady was . . . assaulting you." He paused as if it really was too much to think about, and then he continued to rail at her. "You can't even go to the mall safely. I made a promise to your parents, and you just wandered off without even telling me where you were going." His voice was suddenly too abrasive, and it felt to Violet like he was scratching his nails across a chalkboard.
She bristled against the accusation in his tone, and suddenly he wasn't the only one who was upset. "And you didn't speak to me for a week!" she lashed back at him. "What was that all about? I spent the entire week waiting for you to stop ignoring me. And all because I didn't bother to check in with you? You don't get to tell me what to do! You're not my father, you know."
"Thanks for clarifying that, Violet," he said sardonically. "It would be creepy if you got your boyfriend #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Paige Vanderbeck
#176. Tropical palms bring strong solar energy to your home that break up stale energy, and keep your home safe from nasty spiritual entities. The African violet is associated with love and magic, and its vibrant purple flowers pull lunar energy into your home. Aloe, a succulent that grows in long spears, is moon planet associated with the water element because the gel inside the leaves in cooling and healing. The clusters of star shaped flowers that grow on the long tendrils of the hoya, also called a wax plant, produce truly intoxicating nectar whose aroma fills the whole house and bestows blessings on anyone who smells it. #Quote by Paige Vanderbeck
Violet quotes by Valerie M. Bodden
#177. It was as if Violet had smashed down all his walls and seen right into his heart. Seen exactly what he needed to hear, exactly what had been weighing on his soul for the past seven years.
She knew him without his ever saying a word. #Quote by Valerie M. Bodden
Violet quotes by Lindsey Iler
#178. Trust me, if I was going to leave Dan for anyone, it would be Mark," Violet barks, #Quote by Lindsey Iler
Violet quotes by Lemony Snicket
#179. The next name on the list is Ed Valiantbrue, which doesn't have an O in it anyway."
"O!" Sunny shrieked.
"O!" Klaus agreed.
"O!" Sunny insisted.
"Oh!" Klaus cried. "I see what you mean! If it doesn't have am O in it, it can't be an anagram of Violet Baudelaire. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Violet quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#180. :She sits by her window.
She sips at her tea.
She waits for her love,
To return from the sea.
Her suitors come calling.
She watches the tides,
And all the while Violet bides. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Violet quotes by Violet Haberdasher
#181. Imagination is what you do with your inspiration. #Quote by Violet Haberdasher
Violet quotes by Therese Of Lisieux
#182. I had wondered for a long time why God had preferences and why all souls did not receive an equal amount of grace [ ... ] Jesus saw fit to enlighten me about this mystery. He set the book of nature before me and I saw that all the flowers He has created are lovely. The splendor of the rose and whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of its scent nor the daisy of its simple charm. I realized that if every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness and there would be no wild flowers to make the meadows gay. #Quote by Therese Of Lisieux
Violet quotes by Violet Howe
#183. The other people in your life are going to make decisions based on what they want in their life. Always. Even when it seems like they are interested in you, even when they genuinely do care about you, they are still going to make their decisions based on what works best for them. So you have to figure out what works for you. What will get you where you want to be. Then make sure any decision you make, no matter how small, will take you toward it. #Quote by Violet Howe
Violet quotes by Kristen Ashley
#184. Violet, there a reason Joe Callahan is lookin' at me like he wants to rip my head off? #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Violet quotes by Violet Winspear
#185. Woman is as elemental as the sea, and at times equally terrible in her power.' he murmured. 'Man resorts to brute force in order to subdue her subtle cruelty, for he is constantly aware of the forces which can overcome his strength and drown his will to a mere incoherent murmur in the silken hollow of a fragile white shoulder. Be wise in your power, pequena. It can bring you happiness or despair. #Quote by Violet Winspear
Violet quotes by Ellen Bass
#186. To love life, to love it even
when you have no stomach for it
and everything you've held dear
crumbles like burnt paper in your hands,
your throat filled with the silt of it.
When grief sits with you, its tropical heat
thickening the air, heavy as water
more fit for gills than lungs;
when grief weights you like your own flesh
only more of it, an obesity of grief,
you think, How can a body withstand this?
Then you hold life like a face
between your palms, a plain face,
no charming smile, no violet eyes,
and you say, yes, I will take you
I will love you, again. #Quote by Ellen Bass
Violet quotes by J.A. Baker
#187. Cold air rises from the ground as the sun goes down. The eye-burning clarity of the light intensifies. The southern rim of the sky glows to a deeper blue, to pale violet, to purple, then thins to grey. Slowly the wind falls, and the still air begins to freeze. The solid eastern ridge is black; it has a bloom on it like the dust on the skin of a grape. The west flares briefly. The long, cold amber of the afterglow casts clear black lunar shadows. There is an animal mystery in the light that sets upon the fields like a frozen muscle that will flex and wake at sunrise. #Quote by J.A. Baker
Violet quotes by Lyanda Lynn Haupt
#188. And what is this wild summons? What art is asked of us? The gift offered is different for each but all are equal in grandeur. To paint, draw, dance, compose. To write songs, poems, letters, diaries, prayers. To set a violet on the sill, stitch a quilt,; bake bread; plant marigolds, beans, apple trees. To follow the track of the forest elk, the neighborhood coyote, the cupboard mouse. To open the windows, air beds, sweep clean the corners. To hold the child's hand, listen to the vagrant's story, paint the elder friend's fingernails a delightful shade of pink while wrapped in a blanket she knit with deft young fingers of her past. To wander paths, nibble purslane, notice spiders. To be rained upon. To listen with changed ears and sing back what we hear. #Quote by Lyanda Lynn Haupt
Violet quotes by Lisa Mantchev
#189. Ding! Ding! Ding! I tapped the brass bell in rapid succession until Violet bustled in from the back room, wearing the blue-and-white pinafore that was the SugarWerks's uniform and a frown that was not. The same age as Nic and I, Violet wore her amethyst hair spiked and a brass gearring stud on the left side of her nose. On one set of knuckles, BAKE was tattooed in elaborate black calligraphy; CAKE was on the other. Today she had an aquamarine bow pinned to the top of her head, a silver cupcake and crossbones marking the spot between the two loops of ribbon. #Quote by Lisa Mantchev
Violet quotes by Violet Fane
#190. In green old gardens, hidden away From sight of revel and sound of strife, Here I have leisure to breathe and move, And to do my work in a nobler way; To sing my songs, and to say my say; To Dream my dreams, and to love my love; To hold my faith, and to live my life. Making the most of its shadowy day. #Quote by Violet Fane
Violet quotes by Phoebe Cary
#191. I know not which I love the most, Nor which the comeliest shows, The timid, bashful violet Or the royal-hearted rose: The pansy in purple dress, The pink with cheek of red, Or the faint, fair heliotrope, who hangs, Like a bashful maid her head. #Quote by Phoebe Cary
Violet quotes by Katie McGarry
#192. Her spirit is hurting, weak and in need, and so is mine. I don't know much either. I'm confused and blinded by the fog we've stumbled into, but Violet is real and warm and a fortress by which I fall to my knees whenever I come into contact. I need her, she needs me and tonight we just need to hold each other. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Violet quotes by Lemony Snicket
#193. What does 'giddy' mean?" Violet asked, when they had finished reading the note.
"'Dizzy and excited,'" Klaus said, having learned the word from a collection of poetry he'd read in first grade. "I guess he means excited about Peru. Or maybe he's excited about having a new assistant."
"Or maybe he's excited about us," Violet said. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Violet quotes by Violet Winspear
#194. Never again could she give herself to any man as she had given herself to her husband; completely, as though the world might end before morning came. #Quote by Violet Winspear
Violet quotes by Lemony Snicket
#195. Who are you?" Violet asked. It is confusing to fall asleep in the daytime and wake up at night.
"what are you doing with Uncle Monty's reptiles?" Klaus asked. It is also confusing to realize you have been sleeping on stairs, rather than in a bed or sleeping bag.
"Dixnik?" Sunny asked. It is always confusing why anyone would choose to wear a plaid shirt. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Violet quotes by Benny Hill
#196. Roses are reddish
Violets are bluish
If it weren't for Christmas
We'd all be Jewish. #Quote by Benny Hill
Violet quotes by Lauren Kate
#197. He's not-" Daniel started to say. He watched a red-tailed hawk land in an oak tree over their heads. "He's not good enough for you."
Luce had heard people say that line a thousand times before. It was what everyone always said. Not good enough. But when the words passed Daniel's lips, they sounded important, even somehow true and relevant, not vague and dismissive the way the phrase had always sounded to her in the past.
"Well, then," she said in a quiet voice, "who is?"
Daniel put his hands on his hips. He laughed to himself for a long time. "I don't know," he said finally. "That's a terrific question."
Not exactly the answer Luce was looking for. "It's not like it's that hard," she said, stuffing her hands into her pockets because she wanted to reach out for him. "To be good enough for me."
Daniel's eyes looked like they were falling, all the violet that had been in them a moment before turned a deep, dark gray. "Yes," he said. "Yes, it is. #Quote by Lauren Kate
Violet quotes by Julia Quinn
#198. Francesca actually felt her chin drop. "Mother," she said, shaking her head, "you really should have stopped at seven."
"Children, you mean?" Violet asked, sipping at her tea. "Sometimes I do wonder."
"Mother!" Hyacinth exclaimed.
Violet just smiled at her. "Salt?"
"It took her eight tries to get it right," Hyacinth announced, thrusting the salt cellar at her mother with a decided lack of grace.
"And does that mean that you, too, hope to have eight children?" Violet inquired sweetly.
"God no," Hyacinth said. With great feeling. And neither she nor Francesca could quite resist a chuckle after that. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Violet quotes by Kimberly Derting
#199. If it makes you feel any better, he's been all sad doll lately too."
"What are you talking about, Chels?"
Chelsea stopped walking and stared at Violet.
"Jay. I'm talking about Jay, Vi. I thought you might want to know that you're not the only one who's hurting. He's been moping around school, making it hard to even look at him. He's messed up ... bad." Just like the other night in Violet's bedroom, something close to ... sympathy crossed Chelsea's face.
Violet wasn't sure how to respond.
Fortunately sympathetic Chelsea didn't stick around for long. She seemed to get a grip on herself, and like a switch had been flipped, the awkward moment was over and her friend was back, Chelsea-style: "I swear, every time I see him, I'm halfway afraid he's gonna start crying like a girl or ask to borrow a tampon or something. Seriously, Violet, it's disgusting. Really. Only you can make it stop. Please make it stop. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Violet quotes by Ann Charles
#200. Violet Lynn Parker, you'd better spill or I'll start bellowing 'Happy Birthday' to you in my Bobcat Goldthwait voice. #Quote by Ann Charles

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