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Viking War quotes by Rick Riordan
#1. Back when I was a regular mortal kid, I didn't know much about combat.
I had some murky ideas that armies would line up, blow trumpets, and then march forward to kill one another in an orderly fashion. If I thought about Viking combat at all, I would envision some dude yelling SHIELD WALL! and a bunch of hairy blond guys calmly forming ranks and merging their shields into some cool geometric pattern like a polyhedron or a Power Ranger Megazord.
Actual battle was nothing like that. At least, not any version I'd ever been in.
It was more like a cross between interpretive dance, lucha libre wrestling, and a daytime talk show fight. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Viking War quotes by Josie Litton
#2. The Hawk of Essex looked out toward the sea and thought for a moment that he had stepped back in time. As it had more than two years before, a Viking war fleet was bearing down on his shore.
He called to his wife, who was, after all, Norse and whom he knew had a good grasp of things. "Would you agree that Wolf and Dragon are reasonable men?"
Krysta lifted their son from the basin in which she had been bathing him, grinned at the baby's eager kicks, and wrapped him snugly in a blanket before joining Hawk at the window. "Eminently reasonable."
He looked again over the sea. "Something has stirred them." Buckling on his sword,he went to find out what it was. #Quote by Josie Litton
Viking War quotes by Bruce Crown
#3. Unfortunately for him he looked more like an innocent man on America's terror watch-list rather than a gallant Viking possessing all the benefits of modernity. More like a villain in a Western fairy tale with his slicked-bouffant obsidian hair rather than the long sun-like curls that all great saviors of the poor have been obliged to possess. I squinted to the side towards him for a second and he caught my gaze almost immediately; his inky irises were comfortable enough to hold my stare indefinitely, his pupils seemed entirely ravenous as opposed to the feminist preferred oceanic turquoise, which for them is a physical demarcation of emotional sensitivity. He seemed like an uncanny bad guy any which way I looked at him, except of course, by his actions thus far… #Quote by Bruce Crown
Viking War quotes by Courtney Allison Moulton
#4. But he was there.Day and night he was there for me,risking his very existence to protect me from a war that claimed my life over and over again.He never faltered,never wavered,never feared for his own safety.He was beaten,stabbed,abused, and tortured again and again,yet he still stuck by me,ignoring the possibility that he would die for me one day. It wasn't right. I didn't deserve everything he sacrificed for me.I wasn't worth so high a price. #Quote by Courtney Allison Moulton
Viking War quotes by Bertrand Russell
#5. The best authorities are unanimous in saying that a war with H-bombs might possibly put an end to the human race. It is feared that if many H-bombs are used there will be universal death, sudden only for a minority, but for the majority a slow torture of disease and disintegration. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Viking War quotes by Kenneth Koch
#6. Some of the French surrealists at the beginning of the war had come over to New York and they brought out this magazine. It was a big, glossy magazine full of surrealist things. #Quote by Kenneth Koch
Viking War quotes by Feist
#7. I'm a Canadian. Outside Canada I carry the flag. Canadian nationalism isn't as insidious as American nationalism, though. It's good natured. It's all about maple syrup, not war. #Quote by Feist
Viking War quotes by Karen Quan
#8. Love enough to end a war. #Quote by Karen Quan
Viking War quotes by John F. Kerry
#9. We do not need to divide America over who served and how. I have personally always believed that many served in many different ways. Someone who was deeply against the war in 1969 or 1970 may well have served their country with equal passion and patriotism by opposing the war as by fighting in it. #Quote by John F. Kerry
Viking War quotes by Kevin Powers
#10. And I understood why he came and why I couldn't go, not just then at least, because one never knows if what one sees will disappear forever. #Quote by Kevin Powers
Viking War quotes by Randal Cremer
#11. All the vested interests and people who profit by war will - with the journals they control - resolutely oppose any reduction of armaments. #Quote by Randal Cremer
Viking War quotes by Richard Eberhart
#12. Was man made stupid to see his own stupidity?
Is God by definition indifferent, beyond us all?
Is the eternal truth man's fighting soul
Wherein the Beast ravens in its own avidity? #Quote by Richard Eberhart
Viking War quotes by Meg Rosoff
#13. On the warm stone walls, climbing roses were just coming into bloom and great twisted branches of honeysuckle and clematis wrestled each other as they tumbled up and over the top of the wall. Against another wall were white apple blossoms on branches cut into sharp crucifixes and forced to lie flat against the stone. Below, the huge frilled lips of giant tulips in shades of white and cream nodded in their beds. They were almost finished now, spread open too far, splayed, exposing obscene black centers. I've never had my own garden but I suddenly recognized something in the tangle of this one that wasn't beauty. Passion, maybe. And something else. Rage. #Quote by Meg Rosoff
Viking War quotes by Henry Rollins
#14. I don't know if music has ever achieved anything past appealing to the people that it appeals to. If a song could stop a war, then Bob Marley and Bob Dylan songs would have stopped one or two. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Viking War quotes by Orson Scott Card
#15. Sima nodded. "To lose a soldier is a type of death. A lesser death than the one that will take us all, but a death nonetheless. If we did not feel so, I suppose we would be unfit for command." He turned and faced them. "I have lost upwards of ten thousand since this war began. All of them sons and daughters to me. If we do not stop this gas, this weapon of the enemy, I will lose them all. See to it that I don't. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Viking War quotes by Bob Dylan
#16. The dominant myth of the day seemed to be that anybody could do anything, even go to the moon. You could do whatever you wanted -in the ads and in the articles, ignore your limitations, defy them. If you were an indecisive person, you could become a leader and wear lederhosen. If you were a housewife, you could become a glamour girl with rhinestone sunglasses. Are you slow witted? No worries -you can be an intellectual genius. If you're old, you can be young. Anything was possible. It was almost like a war against the self. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Viking War quotes by Edwin Campion Vaughan
#17. The cries of the wounded had much diminished now, and as we staggered down the road, the reason was only too apparent, for the water was right over the tops of the shell-holes. #Quote by Edwin Campion Vaughan
Viking War quotes by Enoch Powell
#18. History is littered with the wars everybody knew could never happen. #Quote by Enoch Powell
Viking War quotes by Bill Drummond
#19. All war will end when women cease to find men in uniforms attractive - discuss. #Quote by Bill Drummond
Viking War quotes by Don Winslow
#20. When you ask people, "What's America's longest war?" they usually answer "Vietnam" or amend that to "Afghanistan," but it's neither. America's longest war is the war on drugs. #Quote by Don Winslow
Viking War quotes by Mark Boal
#21. One big, glaring difference I can think of between Iraq and Vietnam is the news coverage. During the Vietnam War era, you had TV coverage of the war saturating the airwaves every night, and that coverage wasn't put through a military filter at all. #Quote by Mark Boal
Viking War quotes by David Ramsey
#22. When you authorised Congress to borrow money, and to contract debts, for carrying on the late war, you could not intend to abridge them of the means of paying their engagements, made on your account. You may observe that their future power is confined to provide common defence and general welfare of the United States. If they apply money to any other purposes, they exceed their powers. The people of the United States who pay, are to be judges how far their money is properly applied. #Quote by David Ramsey
Viking War quotes by Kami Garcia
#23. It was like being born in Germany after World War II, being from Japan after Pearl Harbour, or America after Hiroshima. History was a bitch sometimes. You couldn't change where you were from. But still, you didn't have to stay there. You didn't have to stay stuck in the past, like the ladies in the DAR, or the Gatlin Historical Society, or the Sisters. And you didn't have to accept that things had to be the way they were, like Lena. Ethan Carte Wate hadn't, and I couldn't either. #Quote by Kami Garcia
Viking War quotes by Timothy Snyder
#24. The American and British soldiers who liberated the dying inmates from camps in Germany believed that they had discovered the horrors of Nazism. The images their photographers and cameramen captured of the corpses and the living skeletons at Bergen-Belsen and Buchenwald seemed to convey the worst crimes of Hitler...this was far from the truth. The worst was in the ruins of Warsaw, or the fields of Treblinka, or the marshes of Belarus, or the pits of Babi Yar. #Quote by Timothy Snyder
Viking War quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#25. A German officer visited Picasso in his Paris studio during the Second World War. There he saw Guernica and, shocked at the modernist «chaos» of the painting, asked Picasso: «Did you do this?» Picasso calmly replied: «No, you did this!» #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Viking War quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#26. The great epics sang of war, the novel of marriage. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Viking War quotes by Kate Elliott
#27. War was so simple, wasn't it? Much simpler than justice. #Quote by Kate Elliott
Viking War quotes by Lawrence Winters
#28. No one goes unaffected by the aftereffects of war. How we embrace this truth shall determine our path into the future. #Quote by Lawrence Winters
Viking War quotes by Sun Tzu
#29. When one treats people with benevolence, justice, and righteoousness, and reposes confidence in them, the army will be united in mind and all will be happy to serve their leaders'. #Quote by Sun Tzu
Viking War quotes by Lora Leigh
#30. Damned mating heat. Lawe is threatening to join a monastery and Rule's threatening to quit. Why don't you two try to show the younger guys it can be fun instead of taking a note out of everyone else's books and letting it drive you insane?
-Jonas #Quote by Lora Leigh
Viking War quotes by Mark Twain
#31. An inglorious peace is better than a dishonorable war. #Quote by Mark Twain
Viking War quotes by Wm. Paul Young
#32. The dark wave had receded, but he knew it wasn't gone, just a monster in waiting, lurking for another opportunity. For the moment it was tamed by the presence of this woman. This was no longer only a game or lighthearted adventure. This was war, and it seemed that the battlefield was in his own heart and mind; something old and hurt was in conflict with something that was beginning to emerge. #Quote by Wm. Paul Young
Viking War quotes by Chayada Welljaipet
#33. Thank you father, thank you. I know you watched me from above and protected me. I promise I shall serve the Magnarian Confederation with all my body and soul. I shall dedicate myself fully to our confederation, the family that you so loved. And I love it too. I shall protect, love and respect it always. This is my promise and commitment. Thank you #Quote by Chayada Welljaipet
Viking War quotes by Walter Scott
#34. Great God! hast Thou given men Thine own image that it should be thus cruelly defaced by the hands of their brethren! #Quote by Walter Scott
Viking War quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#35. Without doubt, ferocious and disordered men are much weaker than timid and ordered ones. For order chases fear from men and disorder lessens ferocity. #Quote by Niccolo Machiavelli
Viking War quotes by Laura Thalassa
#36. I'm still the King of the East, you're still married to me, and the world's still at war. Good and evil have little to do with it." Now I lean forward, until there are only inches between our faces. "They have everything to do with it. So which are you?" He leans forward, closing the last of the distance between us, and just as his lips meet mine, he says, "Both. #Quote by Laura Thalassa
Viking War quotes by Lois Lowry
#37. I often compare myself as a kid to my own grandchildren, who are around 11 and 14 now. That's the age kids usually read my book. And I remember myself; we'd gone through a world war. My father was an army officer so I was aware of what was going on. But I wasn't bombarded with images of catastrophe like many kids are today. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Viking War quotes by Norman Cousins
#38. The possibility of war increases in direct proportion to the effectiveness of the instruments of war. #Quote by Norman Cousins

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