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Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Vanilla Ice
#1. You can't please everybody, and basically I just decided to please myself first on this record. This record is more like my diary and I am expressing myself through my music. And that's what it should be about. That's why I didn't change my name or anything. It's not about the name; it's about the music. The old saying goes that video killed the radio star and it's very true. And now I'm just letting everything revolve around the music. There is no image; I am just being myself. #Quote by Vanilla Ice
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
#2. The decision to create a book trailer is entirely up to you. I can remember when "video killed the radio star" on MTV and how excited I was with some music videos (the ones that lived up to or exceeded my imagined vision of the song) and the ones I disliked so much, I even stopped listening to the song (the imagery just ruined it for me!) Some people argue that in a visual landscape, a book trailer is a must, while others stand firm that books should be read and not seen; unless of course it gets made into a screenplay and then a film. The most practical advice is to trust your instinct. You know what you want to say with your book and if it aligns congruently with your brand, then for a non-fiction book it may be a strategic move. On the other hand, it may come off as too "salesy" and go in the opposite direction. As you can see, I still have a love / hate relationship with matching someone else's images to my own imagination. No matter what you decide, remember to keep it aligned with your brand. #Quote by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Evan Dara
#3. it's true what they sang in that song, that video killed the radio star-how in the long war between the senses, the eye, in its unstoppable scorched-earth campaign, has mobilized a kind of technologi­cal Gresham's Law against radio, and has almost entirely sidelined it; #Quote by Evan Dara
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Virginia Postrel
#4. Our demand for good looks, expressed in the biting comments that ensue when public figures fall short of perfection, puts enormous pressures on these individuals and may screen out the otherwise qualified. If video killed the radio star, it may also be doing away with the homely politician. #Quote by Virginia Postrel
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Robert David Hall
#5. I have a lot of musician friends. I worked in radio as a music director, and I know everybody hears about the George Straits and the Garth Brooks and the Kenny Chesneys and all that, but for every major star, there are thousands who didn't quite make it. #Quote by Robert David Hall
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Casey Kasem
#6. They are going to be playing Shaggy and Scooby-Doo for eons and eons, and they're going to forget Casey Kasem - unless they happen to step on his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I'll be one of those guys people say, 'Who's that?' about. And someone else will say, 'He's just some guy who used to be on the radio.' #Quote by Casey Kasem
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#7. Pulsar: a dying star spinning under its own exploding anarchic energy, like a lighthouse on speed. A star the size of a city, a city the size of a star, whirling round and round, its death-song caught by a radio receiver, light years later, like a recorded message nobody heard, back-played now into infinity across time. Love and loss. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Randall Munroe
#8. You can work through the physics of interstellar radio attenuation,1 but the problem is captured pretty well by considering the economics of the situation: If your TV signals are getting to another star, you're wasting money. Powering a transmitter is expensive, and creatures on other stars aren't buying the products in the TV commercials that pay your power bill. The full picture is more complicated, but the bottom #Quote by Randall Munroe
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Amy Landecker
#9. I was at the radio station all the time and on the air all the time. I met John Travolta and a lot of the other big '70s icons. Shaun Cassidy sang 'Da Do Ron Ron' to me onstage. I thought I was a rock star; I had an all-access-pass childhood. #Quote by Amy Landecker
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Tom Verlaine
#10. There were a lot of things I listened to, but so-called pop music never killed me, you know, the type of stuff that always seems to make it on the radio. The whole radio thing seems so ... it's like they've accepted the whole "new wave" thing only because this kind of pop element came into it. In Europe they really love emotion, but here it's like, "let's stay away from it because we might cry or something". #Quote by Tom Verlaine
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by L.A. Reid
#11. The deepest and most sincere feeling I get is when I meet an artist and they have that steel in their eyes and they have that fire and that passion and all they want is to be a star and to hear themselves on the radio. #Quote by L.A. Reid
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Michael Pollan
#12. The second or third time I watched Stamets show a video of a Cordyceps doing its diabolical thing to an ant - commandeering its body, making it do its bidding, and then exploding a mushroom from its brain in order to disseminate its genes - it occurred to me that Stamets and that poor ant had rather a lot in common. Fungi haven't killed him, it's true, and he probably knows enough about their wiles to head off that fate. But it's also true that this man's life - his brain! - has been utterly taken over by fungi; he has dedicated himself to their cause, speaking for the mushrooms in the same way that Dr. Seuss's Lorax speaks for the trees. He disseminates fungal spores far and wide, helping them, whether by mail order or sheer dint of his enthusiasm, to vastly expand their range and spread their message. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Carl Sagan
#13. We inhabit a universe where atoms are made in the centers of stars; where each second a thousand suns are born; where life is sparked by sunlight and lightning in the airs and waters of youthful planets; where the raw material for biological evolution is sometimes made by the explosion of a star halfway across the Milky Way; where a thing as beautiful as a galaxy is formed a hundred billion times - a Cosmos of quasars and quarks, snowflakes and fireflies, where there may be black holes and other universe and extraterrestrial civilizations whose radio messages are at this moment reaching the Earth. How pallid by comparison are the pretensions of superstition and pseudoscience; how important it is for us to pursue and understand science, that characteristically human endeavor. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Ashton Shepherd
#14. One of my favorites is one called 'Rory's Radio' that I wrote about my brother Jeff's best friend growing up - his name was Rory Dunigan. I dedicated my first record to my brother, who got killed in a car accident in 1999, and I really didn't have any songs on the first album about him, nothing on a personal note. #Quote by Ashton Shepherd
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by David Rakoff
#15. For most of my life, I would have automatically said that I would opt for conscientious objector status, and in general, I still would. But the spirit of the question is would I ever, and there are instances where I might. If immediate intervention would have circumvented the genocide in Rwanda or stopped the Janjaweed in Darfur, would I choose pacifism? Of course not. Scott Simon, the reporter for National Public Radio and a committed lifelong Quaker, has written that it took looking into mass graves in former Yugoslavia to convince him that force is sometimes the only option to deter our species' murderous impulses.

While we're on the subject of the horrors of war, and humanity's most poisonous and least charitable attributes, let me not forget to mention Barbara Bush (that would be former First Lady and presidential mother as opposed to W's liquor-swilling, Girl Gone Wild, human ashtray of a daughter. I'm sorry, that's not fair. I've no idea if she smokes.) When the administration censored images of the flag-draped coffins of the young men and women being killed in Iraq - purportedly to respect "the privacy of the families" and not to minimize and cover up the true nature and consequences of the war - the family matriarch expressed her support for what was ultimately her son's decision by saying on Good Morning America on March 18, 2003, "Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? I mean it's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something #Quote by David Rakoff
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Connie Suttle
#16. Karzac and many of the hospital's employees were glued to the video screen, watching in horror as people were running away, some of them not getting far before being torn apart by priests in their red robes. "They're eating them!" One of the nurses wept as they all watched. Karzac schooled his face; he'd seen this before, just not to this degree or on his home planet. The cameras, some of them, now focused on the vampires who were fighting the priests, allowing the people to run away as best they could.

"Those are the vampires," another physician said, the awe in his voice unconcealed.

"Those monsters are exploding when they're killed," someone else observed.

"Come, I think we're needed there more than here," Karzac said. "Leave half behind. Those who are willing, come with me." He gathered up as much in the way of supplies as he could and headed toward the door. Several followed his lead. "Look, there's a female vampire," someone said as Karzac made his way through the sliding glass doors of the emergency room. Karzac smiled grimly at the comment. #Quote by Connie Suttle
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Joe Kelly
#17. As the emergency personnel and squad cars descended on Pier Three that bitter afternoon, the same questions bounced from radio to radio.

"What is Superman doing here?"

"Why had the Man of Steel taken time to recover the body of a fifty-year-old Costa Rican Newspaper Man who never had been or done anything important?"

Because not a single one of us is background noise. Because when one of us disappears… Someone should notice.

Every person is a star. A Life. A Heart. A Voice. And when a voice is silenced by darkness another must rise to see that justice is done.

Valentin Reyes, survived by his daughter, Maribella, was buried last Saturday at a small service, attended by three. #Quote by Joe Kelly
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Liane Moriarty
#18. The opening bars of a new band's song comes on the radio and Sophie quickly flicks up the volume. A good omen. She's been listening out for the song for ages. She's in the early stages of falling in love with it, where she knows the chorus but not the verses and she makes up pretend words so she doesn't have to stop singing. She sings lustily, enjoying how stupid she must look to other people, with her mouth opening and shutting and her face twisting in rock-star anguish. #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#19. Still, to me, the bottom line wasn't about the Dark Book at all. It was about uncovering the details of my sister's secret life. I didn't want the creepy thing. I just wanted to know who or what had killed Alina, and I wanted him or it dead. Then I wanted to go home to my pleasantly provincial po-dunk little town in steamy southern Georgia and forget about everything that had happened to me while I was in Dublin. The Fae didn't visit Ashford? Good. I'd marry a local boy with a jacked-up Chevy pickup truck, Toby Keith singing "Who's Your Daddy?" on the radio, and eight proud generations of honest, hardworking Ashford ancestors decorating his family tree. Short of essential shopping trips to Atlanta, I'd never leave home again. But #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Nancy Giles
#20. What must it be like to live in Rush Limbaughs world? A world where when anyone other than conservative, white men attempts to do anything or enter any profession, be it business, politics, art or sports, the only reason theyre allowed entry or, incredibly, attain excellence is because the standard was lowered. Be they liberals, people of color, women, the poor or anyone with an accent ... Edgy, controversial, brilliant. What a way to shake up intelligent sports commentary. Hitler would have killed in talk radio. He was edgy, too. #Quote by Nancy Giles
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Vicki Myron
#21. Books have survived television, radio, talking pictures, circulars (early magazines), dailies (early newspapers), Punch and Judy shows, and Shakespeare's plays. They have survived World War II, the Hundred Years' War, the Black Death, and the fall of the Roman Empire. They even survived the Dark Ages, when almost no one could read and each book had to be copied by hand. They aren't going to be killed off by the Internet. #Quote by Vicki Myron
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Sam Harris
#22. My mind begins to seem like a video game: I can either play it intelligently, learning more in each round, or I can be killed in the same spot by the same monster, again and again. #Quote by Sam Harris
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Vladimir Putin
#23. As for that footage, video footage showing the dead children allegedly killed in the chemical attack, it is horrible. The question is only who did it and what they did, and who is responsible for this. These pictures do not answer the questions I have just posed. There is an opinion that it's a compilation by these very rebels, who are connected with al-Qaida and who were always distinguished by exceptional brutality. #Quote by Vladimir Putin
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Phil Cooke
#24. In spite of the phenomenal growth of the Internet and mobile devices, I still believe television will continue to be an incredibly important medium for the Church. After all, over the last century, radio never killed movies, and TV never killed radio. Everything finds its level in the media universe. #Quote by Phil Cooke
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by David  Wong
#25. There are really only two kinds of monsters in the world, which you already know if you've been watching horror movies: Breeders and Non-breeders. So for instance, Frankenstein's monster would fall into the second category if he was real. He's a freak, a singular being and once you kill him, he's gone. Problem solved.

The Breeders are an exponentially bigger problem. Within that group you've got slow breeders like vampires (if they were real, which they're not) which breed in a small-scale controlled way, but mainly to avoid extinction rather than spread. But then you've got the fast breeders, like zombies (if they existed, which they don't) where breeding is all they do. They are basically walking epidemics, and are the worst of the worst-case scenarios, because such a creature could, hypothetically, wipe out civilization. This is humanity's greatest fear, which is why at the moment half of the world's horror novels, movie posters and video games have zombies on the cover. So in any situation like this, step one is to find out what category of creature you're dealing with. Step two is to anticipate what the creature is going to do next, based on what you determined in step one. Then step three is you find out if the thing can be killed with a chainsaw. #Quote by David Wong
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by David Livingstone Smith
#26. Three years earlier, when the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in Iraq became public, Rush Limbaugh - the most popular radio broadcaster in the United States, whose syndicated radio show has, at last count, 13 million listeners - described the prisoners who had been killed, raped, tortured, and humiliated by or at the behest of U.S. military personnel, as less than human. "They are the ones who are sick," fumed Limbaugh. #Quote by David Livingstone Smith
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Steven Magee
#27. The rise of Autism has coincided with: 1. Color televisions. 2. Double glazing & window coatings. 3. Insulated homes that are abnormally quiet. 4. Cell phones. 5. Satellites. 6. Affordable Jet Travel. 7. Home computers & video games. 8. Energy efficient light bulbs. 9. Immunizations. 10. Global Pollution. 11. Processed foods. 12. Adoption of cars by the masses. 13. Radioactive smoke detectors in the home. 14. Increasing television screen sizes. 15. WiFi. 16. Energy Star homes that are sealed up and lacking external fresh air ventilation. 17. FM stereo radio. #Quote by Steven Magee
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Kresley Cole
#28. Occasionally, he left the compound. I'd figured he must be out hunting, at least some of the time, but he hadn't returned with a new icon, and I'd heard nothing on Arcana Radio. Plus, Lark's laminated player list - the little twit actually did keep it on the fridge door - had had no updates since the Star.

Well, other than her scratching my title out and scribbling in "The Unclean One." Har. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Mark Z. Danielewski
#29. Of course curiosity killed the cat, and even if satisfaction supposedly brought it back, there's still that little problem with the man on the radio telling me more and more about some useless information. #Quote by Mark Z. Danielewski
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#30. Unless we have the courage to fight for a revival of wholesome reserve between man and man, we shall perish in an anarchy of human values ... . Socially it means the renunciation of all place-hunting, a break with the cult of the "star," an open eye both upwards and downwards, especially in the choice of one's more intimate friends, and pleasure in private life as well as courage to enter public life. Culturally it means a return from the newspaper and the radio to the book, from feverish activity to unhurried leisure, from dispersion to concentration, from sensationalism to reflection, from virtuosity to art, from snobbery to modesty, from extravagance to moderation. #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#31. You don't love anyone either. An argument could be made that you only ever do one of three things to the people closest to you: make enemies of them, kill the people they love, or get them killed. Careful. You're on thinner ice than you've ever been with me. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Jude Watson
#32. When was the last time we slept?"
"Day before yesterday?" Amy asked with a frown. "I know what you mean. This is some jet lag. Let's get a coffee while we make a plan."
"Oh, yeah. Jet lag. That must be it," Dan agreed as he trailed after her to the espresso bar. "Not the fact that we pulled off a museum heist, went without sleep and food, and oh, yeah - did I mention this - almost got killed? Jet lag. That's why we're tired."
"Well, if you want to get technical. #Quote by Jude Watson
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Rick Yancey
#33. That's my name. Not Cassie for Cassandra. Or Cassie for Cassidy. And it's not Cassie for Cassiopeia. Not anymore. I am more than her now.
I am all of them, Evan and Ben and Marika and Megan and Sam. I am Dumbo and Pounkcake and Teacup. I am all the ones you emptied, the ones you corrupted, the ones you discarded, the thousands you thought you had killed, but who live on in me. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
#34. Indeed, cancer's emergence in the world is the product of a double negative: it becomes common only when all other killers themselves have been killed. #Quote by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Rachel Caine
#35. He held up one finger. "I thought it wasn't loaded" Shane said. Second finger. "Hand me a match so I can check the gas tank." Third finger. "Killed over ice cream. Basically, any death that requires me to be stupid first."
Michael shook his head. "So what's on your good list?"
"Oh you know. Hero stuff that gets me rerun on CNN, Like I died saving a busload of supermodels" Claire smacked his arm. "Ow! Saving them! What did you think I meant? #Quote by Rachel Caine
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by C.S. Pacat
#36. And with returning awareness, he saw as if for the first time the bodies of the men that he had killed to get to the Regent's decoy, and beyond that, the evidence of what he had done. The #Quote by C.S. Pacat
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Eoin Colfer
#37. So why don't we have a go? There are two of us.'
Little Mike realized that his friend was actually serious. 'Two of us? Father Hillary had God Almighty helping out, and look where it got him.'
'I know. But we're a team. For years, since primary. Batman and Robin.'
'Robin got killed,' said Mike.
Christy was shocked. 'He did not, did he? Jesus, I didn't hear about that.'
'Yeah. It was a big shock. The Joker kilt him.'
'That fuckin' Joker. I didn't see that coming.' ("Taking on PJ") #Quote by Eoin Colfer
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Peter Matthiessen
#38. The pig had been killed because spirits, like people, cannot resist the smell of cooking pig. #Quote by Peter Matthiessen
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Jacqueline Marino
#39. Youngstown - the place where, you know, we were told, people got killed. #Quote by Jacqueline Marino
Video Killed The Radio Star quotes by Katherine Dunn
#40. Dear daughter, I won't try to call my feeling for Arty love. Call it focus. My focus on Art was an ailment, noncommunicable, and, even to me all these years later, incomprehensible. Now I despise myself. But even so I remember, in hot floods, the way he slept, still as death, with his face washed flat, stony as a carved tomb and exquisite. His weakness and his ravening bitter needs were terrible, and beautiful, and irresistible as an earthquake. He scalded or smothered anyone he needed, but his needing and the hurt that it caused me were the most life I ever had. Remember what a poor thing I have always been and forgive me.

He saw no use for you and you interfered with his use of me. I sent you away to please him, to prove my dedication to him, and to prevent him from killing you...

My job was to come back [from the convent] directly, with nothing leaking from beneath my dark glasses, to give Arty his rubdown and then paint him for the next show, nodding cheerfully all the while, never showing anything but attentive care for his muscular wonderfulness. Because he could have killed you. He could have cut off the money that schooled and fed you. He could have erased you so entirely that I never would have had those letters and report cards and photos, or your crayon pictures, or the chance to spy on you, and to love you secretly when everything else was gone. #Quote by Katherine Dunn

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