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Vices quotes by Voltaire
#1. It is amusing that a virtue is made of the vice of chastity; and it's a pretty odd sort of chastity at that, which leads men straight into the sin of Onan, and girls to the waning of their color. #Quote by Voltaire
Vices quotes by Samuel Johnson
#2. Though the wisdom or virtue of one can very rarely make many happy, the folly or vice of one man often make many miserable. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Vices quotes by Samuel Johnson
#3. Pleasure itself is not a vice #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Vices quotes by Bonnie Hammer
#4. I'm very lucky that my husband is a true partner in child-rearing. If I get home late, he gets home early or vice-versa. I travel more, and he's able to spell me when I'm gone. #Quote by Bonnie Hammer
Vices quotes by Eugene Ormandy
#5. Congratulations to each and every one of you for the concert last night in New York and vice versa. #Quote by Eugene Ormandy
Vices quotes by Thomas Browne
#6. Live by old Ethicks and the classical Rules of Honesty. Put no new names or notions upon Authentick Virtues and Vices. Think not that Morality is Ambulatory; that Vices in one age are not Vices in another; or that Virtues, which are under the everlasting Seal of right Reason, may be Stamped by Opinion. And therefore though vicious times invert the opinion of things, and set up a new Ethicks against Virtue, yet hold thou unto old Morality; and rather than follow a multitude to do evil, stand like Pompey's pillar conspicuous by thyself, and single in Example of Virtue; since no Deluge of Vice is like to be so general but more than eight will escape; Eye well those Heroes who have held their Heads above Water, who have touched Pitch, and have not been defiled, and in the common Contagion have remained uncorrupted. #Quote by Thomas Browne
Vices quotes by Richard III Of England
#7. Amongst other our secular businesses and cures, our principal intent and fervent desire is to see virtue and cleanness of living to be advanced, increased, and multiplied, and vices and all other things repugnant to virtue, provoking the high indignation and fearful displeasure of God, to be repressed and annulled. #Quote by Richard III Of England
Vices quotes by Thomas Brooks
#8. Ambition is a gilded misery, a secret poison, a hidden plague, the engineer of deceit, the mother of hypocrisy, the parent of envy, the original of vices, the moth of holiness, the blinder of hearts, turning medicines into maladies, and remedies into diseases. #Quote by Thomas Brooks
Vices quotes by Charles Dickens
#9. Vices are sometimes only virtues carried to excess! #Quote by Charles Dickens
Vices quotes by Paul Simon
#10. When I was a young reporter, the great vice among journalists was whiskey. Today, it's cynicism. #Quote by Paul Simon
Vices quotes by Ovid
#11. Envy, the meanest of vices, creeps on the ground like a serpent. #Quote by Ovid
Vices quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
#12. False modesty is the masterpiece of vanity: showing the vain man in such an illusory light that he appears in the reputation of the virtue quite opposite to the vice which constitutes his real character; it is a deceit. #Quote by Jean De La Bruyere
Vices quotes by Tom Robbins
#13. For all the ugly vices that capitalism encourages, it's at least interesting, exciting, it offers possiblities. In America, the struggle is at least an individual struggle. And if the individual has strength enough of character, salt enough of wit, the alternatives are thicker than polyesters in a car salesman's closet. In a socialistic system, you're no better or no worse than anybody else.'
But that's equality!'
Bullshit. Unromantic, unattractive bullshit. Equality is not in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Vices quotes by Daniel Defoe
#14. Vice came in always at the door of necessity, not at the door of inclination. #Quote by Daniel Defoe
Vices quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#15. It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Vices quotes by Daniel Schacter
#16. Memory's vices are also its virtues, elements of a bridge across time that allows us to link the mind with the world. #Quote by Daniel Schacter
Vices quotes by William Hazlitt
#17. Vice is man's nature: virtue is a habit
or a mask. #Quote by William Hazlitt
Vices quotes by Alexander Pope
#18. The heart resolves this matter in a trice, Men only feel the smart, but not the vice. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Vices quotes by Haley Reinhart
#19. I believe a great performer is someone who sounds just as great live as they do in the studio and vice versa. They should know how to work the stage. #Quote by Haley Reinhart
Vices quotes by Samuel Johnson
#20. Where secrecy or mystery begins, vice or roguery is not far off. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Vices quotes by Erasmus
#21. Conniving at your friends' vices, passing them over, being blind to them and deceived by them, even loving and admiring your friends' egregious faults as if they were virtues -- does not this seem pretty close to folly? #Quote by Erasmus
Vices quotes by Shenae Grimes
#22. I'm a sucker for fries. It's definitely one of my biggest vices. My biggest savory vice for sure. #Quote by Shenae Grimes
Vices quotes by Jean-Baptiste Rousseau
#23. Who does not sufficiently hate vice, does not sufficiently love virtue. #Quote by Jean-Baptiste Rousseau
Vices quotes by Henry Fielding
#24. Though we may sometimes unintentionally bestow our beneficence on the unworthy, it does not take from the merit of the act. For charity doth not adopt the vices of its objects. #Quote by Henry Fielding
Vices quotes by Seneca
#25. Why do we complain of Nature? She has shown herself kindly; life, if you know how to use it, is long. But one man is possessed by an avarice that is insatiable, another by a toilsome devotion to tasks that are useless; one man is besotted with wine, another is paralyzed by sloth; one man is exhausted by an ambition that always hangs upon the decision of others, another, driven on by the greed of the trader, is led over all lands and all seas by the hope of gain; some are tormented by a passion for war and are always either bent upon inflicting danger upon others or concerned about their own; some there are who are worn out by voluntary servitude in a thankless attendance upon the great; many are kept busy either in the pursuit of other men's fortune or in complaining of their own; many, following no fixed aim, shifting and inconstant and dissatisfied, are plunged by their fickleness into plans that are ever new; some have no fixed principle by which to direct their course, but Fate takes them unawares while they loll and yawn - so surely does it happen that I cannot doubt the truth of that utterance which the greatest of poets delivered with all the seeming of an oracle: "The part of life we really live is small."5 For all the rest of existence is not life, but merely time. Vices beset us and surround us on every side, and they do not permit us to rise anew and lift up our eyes for the discernment of truth, but they keep us down when once they have overwhelmed us and we are c #Quote by Seneca
Vices quotes by C.S. Lewis
#26. There is one vice of which no man in the world is free; which every one in the world loathes when he sees it in someone else; and of which hardly any people, except Christians, ever imagine that they are guilty themselves. [ ... ] There is no fault which makes a man more unpopular, and no fault which we are more unconscious of in ourselves.[ ... ]The vice I am talking of is Pride or Self-Conceit: and the virtue opposite to it, in Christian morals, is called Humility. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Vices quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#27. It is often said that Europeans learned religious intolerance from the Old Testament. Then how did we happen to skip over the parts where the laws protect and provide for the poor, and where oppression of them is most fiercely forbidden? It is surely dishonest to suggest we learned anything at all from the Torah, if we have not learned anything good from it. Better to say our vices are our own than to try to exculpate ourselves by implying that our attention strayed during the humane and visionary passages. The law of Moses puts liberation theology to shame in its passionate loyalty to the poor. #Quote by Marilynne Robinson
Vices quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#28. The vices of man, as full of horror as one might suppose them to be, contain the proof (if in nothing else but their infinitely expandable nature) of his taste for the infinite; only, it is a taste that often takes a wrong turn. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
Vices quotes by Aleister Crowley
#29. Every individual has some qualities that endear him to some other. And per contra, I doubt if there is any class which is not detestable to some other class. Artists, police, the clergy, "reds," foxhunters, Freemasons, Jews, "heaven-born," women's clubwomen (especially in U.S.A.), "Methodys," golfers, dog-lovers; you can't find one body without its "natural" enemies. It's right, what's worse; every class, as a class, is almost sure to have more defects than qualities. As soon as you put men together, they somehow sink, corporatively, below the level of the worst of the individuals composing it. Collect scholars on a club committee, or men of science on a jury; all their virtues vanish, and their vices pop out, reinforced by the self-confidence which the power of numbers is bound to bestow. #Quote by Aleister Crowley
Vices quotes by Orlando Bloom
#30. I had plenty of vices growing up. #Quote by Orlando Bloom
Vices quotes by H.L. Mencken
#31. The true aim of medicine is not to make men virtuous; it is to safeguard and rescue them from the consequences of their vices. The physician does not preach repentance; he offers absolution. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Vices quotes by Lucian
#32. Avarice is a cursed vice: offer a man enough gold, and he will part with his own small hoard of food, however great his hunger. #Quote by Lucian
Vices quotes by A.J.P. Taylor
#33. Manchester has everything but good looks ... , the only place in England which escapes our characteristic vice of snobbery. #Quote by A.J.P. Taylor
Vices quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
#34. No vice exists which does not pretend to be more or less like some virtue, and which does not take advantage of this assumed resemblance. #Quote by Jean De La Bruyere
Vices quotes by Andrew Sean Greer
#35. Less knows so well the pleasures of youth - danger, excitement, losing oneself in a dark club with a pill, a shot, a stranger's mouth - and, with Robert and his friends, the pleasures of age - comfort and ease, beauty and taste, old friends and old stories and wine, whiskey, sunset over water. His entire life, he has alternated between the two. There is his own distant youth, that daily humiliation of rinsing out your one good shirt and putting on your onw good smile, along with the daily rush of newness: new pleasures, new people, new reflections of yourself. There is Robert's middle age of selecting his vices as carefully as tiles in a Paris shop, napping in the sunlight on an afternoon and getting up from a chair and hearing the creak of death. The city of youth, the country of age. But in between, where Less is living - that exurban existence? How has he never learned to live it? #Quote by Andrew Sean Greer
Vices quotes by William Shakespeare
#36. So may the outward shows be least themselves:
The world is still deceived with ornament.
In law, what plea so tainted and corrupt,
But, being seasoned with a gracious voice,
Obscures the show of evil? In religion,
What damned error, but some sober brow
Will bless it and approve it with a text,
Hiding the grossness with fair ornament?
There is no vice so simple but assumes
Some mark of virtue on his outward parts. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Vices quotes by Aristotle.
#37. Some vices miss what is right because they are deficient, others because they are excessive, in feelings or in actions, while virtue finds and chooses the mean. #Quote by Aristotle.
Vices quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#38. A woman attracts men by her charm and holds them by their vices. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Vices quotes by William Shakespeare
#39. Lear Act IV, Scene 6
Why dost thou lash that whore? Strip thy own back.
Thou hotly lusts to use her in that kind
For which thou whipp'st her. The usurer hangs the
Through tottered rags small vices do appear;
Robes and furr'd gowns hide all. (Plate sin with gold,
And the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks;
Arm it in rags, a pigmy's straw does pierce it.
Lear Act IV, Scene 6
Get thee glass eyes;
And, like a scurvy politician, seem
To see the things thou dost not.
Lear Act IV, Scene 6 #Quote by William Shakespeare
Vices quotes by Dean Koontz
#40. Most people indulged in their vices and clung to their virtues based on their responses to temptation and conflict, not because some Other within them drove their behavior. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Vices quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
#41. When poverty is more disgraceful than even vice, is not morality cut to the quick? #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft
Vices quotes by Samuel Johnson
#42. Religion informs us that misery and sin were produced together. The depravation of human will was followed by a disorder of the harmony of nature; and by that Providence which often places antidotes in the neighborhood of poisons, vice was checked by misery, lest it should swell to universal and unlimited dominion. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Vices quotes by Plutarch
#43. A few vices are sufficient to darken many virtues. #Quote by Plutarch
Vices quotes by Mikhail Bulgakov
#44. The only thing he said was that among human vices he considered cowardice one of the first. #Quote by Mikhail Bulgakov
Vices quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#45. Virtue may not always make a Face handsome, but Vice will certainly make it ugly. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Vices quotes by Will Durant
#46. The qualities of character can be arranged in triads, in each of which the first and last qualities will be extremes and vices, and the middle quality a virtue or an excellence. So between cowardice and rashness is courage; between stinginess and extravagance is liberality; between sloth and greed is ambition; between humility and pride is modesty; between secrecy and loquacity, honesty; between moroseness and buffoonery, good humor; between quarrelsomeness and flattery, friendship; between Hamlet's indecisiveness and Quixote's impulsiveness is self-control.49 "Right," then, in ethics or conduct, is not different from "right" in mathematics or engineering; it means correct, fit, what works best to the best result. The #Quote by Will Durant
Vices quotes by George W. Bush
#47. I regret that a private comment I made to the vice presidential candidate made it through the public airways. #Quote by George W. Bush
Vices quotes by Juvenal
#48. Every vice makes its guilt the more conspicuous in proportion to the rank of the offender.
[Lat., Omne animi vitium tanto conspectius in se
Crimen habet, quanto major qui peccat habetur.] #Quote by Juvenal
Vices quotes by Ignacio Chapela
#49. US academic institutions are being bought via funding by biotechnology firms which exert a vice-like grip on the US government. #Quote by Ignacio Chapela
Vices quotes by Victor Hugo
#50. Let us never fear robbers or murderers. They are dangers from without, petty dangers. Let us fear ourselves. Prejudices are the real robbers; vices are the real murderers. The great dangers lie within ourselves. What matters it if something threatens are head or our purse! Let us think only of that which threatens the soul. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Vices quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#51. SATIRE, n. An obsolete kind of literary composition in which the vices and follies of the author's enemies were expounded with imperfect tenderness. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Vices quotes by Jeanne Marie Bouvier De La Motte Guyon
#52. Prayer is the key of perfection and of sovereign happiness; it is the efficacious means of getting rid of all vices and of acquiring all virtues; for the way to become perfect is to live in the presence of God. #Quote by Jeanne Marie Bouvier De La Motte Guyon
Vices quotes by Bertrand Russell
#53. With the wise man, what he has does not cease to be enjoyable because some one else has something else. Envy, in fact, is one form of vice, partly moral, partly intellectual, which consists in seeing things never in themselves but only in their relations #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Vices quotes by David Brainerd
#54. As the most extravagant errors were received among the established articles of their faith, so the most infamous vices obtained in their practice, and were indulged not only with impunity, but authorized by the sanction of their laws. #Quote by David Brainerd
Vices quotes by C.S. Lewis
#55. According to Christian teachers, the essential vice, the utmost evil, is Pride. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Vices quotes by Thomas Robert Malthus
#56. The vices and moral weakness of man are not invincible: Man is perfectible, or in other words, susceptible of perpetual improvement. #Quote by Thomas Robert Malthus
Vices quotes by Seneca.
#57. the other vices seize individuals, this is the one passion that sometimes takes hold of an entire state. Never has an entire people burned with love for a woman, no state in its entirety has placed its hope in money or profit; ambition seizes men one by one on a personal basis, lack of self-restraint does not afflict a whole people; often they rush to anger in one mass. #Quote by Seneca.
Vices quotes by Javed Jamil
#58. The current political dispensation in the country takes pride in its affiliations with religion and culture. But unfortunately, they have become a corporate government more than a moral government. Religion to them does not mean the supremacy of moral, family and social values prescribed by religion, but hatred based on religious identity. If they can revisit their strategy, and take a bold stand against social vices, almost all the religious communities of the country, which means more than 95 pc of the people, will be standing behind them. But unfortunately, they stand for the rest 5 per cent. #Quote by Javed Jamil
Vices quotes by William Shakespeare
#59. The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices
Make instruments to plague us. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Vices quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#60. IDLENESS, n. A model farm where the devil experiments with seeds of new sins and promotes the growth of staple vices. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Vices quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
#61. As regards this vice, we read that the peacock is more guilty of it than any other animal. For it is always contemplating the beauty of its tail, which it spreads in the form of a wheel, and by its cries attracts to itself the gaze of the creatures that surround it. And this is the last vice to be conquered. #Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci
Vices quotes by Juvenal
#62. There will he nothing more that posterity can add to our immoral habits; our descendants must have the same desires and act the same follies as their sires. Every vice has reached its zenith. #Quote by Juvenal
Vices quotes by John Fowles
#63. It came to me ... that I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world at that moment, that what I was feeling at that moment justified all I had been through, because all I had been through was my being there. I was experiencing ... a new self-acceptance, a sense that I had to be this mind and this body, its vices and its virtues, and that I had no other chance or choice. #Quote by John Fowles
Vices quotes by Grant Morrison
#64. If this book has made any point clear, I hope it's that things don't have to be real to be true. Or vice versa. #Quote by Grant Morrison
Vices quotes by Raymond E. Feist
#65. It takes a man of unusual character to openly confront his own shortcomings. It's so much more convenient to blame others. #Quote by Raymond E. Feist
Vices quotes by Samuel Butler
#66. The extremes of vice and virtue are alike detestable, and absolute virtue is as sure to kill a man as absolute vice is. #Quote by Samuel Butler
Vices quotes by Ann Radcliffe
#67. The passions are the seeds of vices as well as of virtues, from which either may spring, accordingly as they are nurtured. Unhappy they who have never been taught the art to govern them! #Quote by Ann Radcliffe
Vices quotes by John Fowles
#68. The rival you both share is myself. I do not wish to marry ... First, because my past habituated me to loneliness. I had always thought I hated it. And now I have found I treasure it. I do not want to share my life. I wish to be what I am, not what a husband must expect me to become in marriage. My second reason is my present. I never expected to be happy in life. Yet I find myself happy where I am situated now. I have varied congenial work ... I am admitted to the daily conversation of genius. Such men have their faults. Their vices. But they are not those the world chooses to imagine. I have no genius myself, I have no more than the capacity to aid genius in very small and humble ways ... I believe I owe a debt to good fortune. I am not to seek it elsewhere. I am to see it as precarious, as a thing of which I must not allow myself to be bereft. #Quote by John Fowles
Vices quotes by Mary Wortley Montagu
#69. I have never, in all my various travels, seen but two sorts of people I mean men and women, who always have been, and ever will be, the same. The same vices and the same follies have been the fruit of all ages, though sometimes under different names. #Quote by Mary Wortley Montagu
Vices quotes by Norm MacDonald
#70. None seem to bear the imputation of supposed guilt with greater intolerance than such as are, on other occasions, obviously culpable of vice or crime. #Quote by Norm MacDonald
Vices quotes by A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
#71. The four major vices of Kali-yuga are (1) illicit connection with women, (2) animal slaughter, (3) intoxication, (4) speculative gambling of all sorts. #Quote by A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Vices quotes by Harriet Ann Jacobs
#72. The degradation, the wrongs, the vices, that grow out of slavery, are more than I can describe. They are greater than you would willingly believe. #Quote by Harriet Ann Jacobs
Vices quotes by John Calvin
#73. The vices of which we are full we carefully hide from others, and we flatter ourselves with the notion that they are small and trivial; we sometimes even embrace them as virtues. #Quote by John Calvin
Vices quotes by Wendell Berry
#74. That we can prescribe the terms of our own success, that we can live outside or in ignorance of the Great Economy are the greatest errors. They condemn us to a life without a standard, wavering in inescapable bewilderment from paltry self-satisfaction to paltry self-dissatisfaction. But since we have no place to live but in the Great Economy, whether or not we know that and act accordingly is the critical question, not about economy merely, but about human life itself.

It is possible to make a little economy, such as our present one, that is so short-sighted and in which accounting is of so short a term as to give the impression that vices are necessary and practically justifiable. When we make our economy a little wheel turning in opposition to what we call "nature," then we set up competitiveness as the ruling principle in our explanation of reality and in our understanding of economy; we make of it, willy-nilly, a virtue. But competitiveness, as a ruling principle and a virtue, imposes a logic that is extremely difficult, perhaps impossible, to control. That logic explains why our cars and our clothes are shoddily made, why our "wastes" are toxic, and why our "defensive" weapons are suicidal; it explains why it is so difficult for us to draw a line between "free enterprise" and crime. If our economic ideal is maximum profit with minimum responsibility, why should we be surprised to find our corporations so frequently in court and robbery on the increase? Why sh #Quote by Wendell Berry
Vices quotes by Craig Silvey
#75. And I realize I've been betrayed by the two vices that fiction promised me I'd adore. Sal Paradise held up bottles of booze like a housewife in a detergent commercial. Holden Caulfield reached for his cigarettes like an act of faith. Even Huckleberry Finn tapped on his pipe with relief and satisfaction. If sex turns out to be this bad, I'm never reading again. #Quote by Craig Silvey
Vices quotes by Finley Peter Dunne
#76. Vice goes along way towards making life bearable. A little vice now and then is relished by the best of men. #Quote by Finley Peter Dunne
Vices quotes by Rebecca West
#77. The general tendency [is] to be censorious of the vices to which one has not been tempted. #Quote by Rebecca West
Vices quotes by John Quincy Adams
#78. A wiser and more useful philosophy, however, directs us to consider man according to the nature in which he was formed; subject to infirmities, which no wisdom can remedy; to weaknesses, which no institution can strengthen; to vices, which no legislation can correct. Hence, #Quote by John Quincy Adams
Vices quotes by Lao-Tzu
#79. The more prohibitions you have, the less virtuous people will be. #Quote by Lao-Tzu
Vices quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#80. Out of all the vices, the most difficult is ingratitude. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Vices quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#81. Jehovah was not a moral god. He had all the vices and he lacked all the virtues. He generally carried out all his threats, but he never faithfully kept a promise. #Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll
Vices quotes by Boethius
#82. In other living creatures the ignorance of themselves is nature, but in men it is a vice. #Quote by Boethius
Vices quotes by Honore De Balzac
#83. Vice is perhaps a desire to learn everything. #Quote by Honore De Balzac
Vices quotes by Oswald J. Smith
#84. This last month I have felt the burden of a city. Its great sorrow has pressed in on my soul. Its vice and sin have bowed me upon my knees in tears. #Quote by Oswald J. Smith
Vices quotes by John Locke
#85. Why, then, does this burning zeal for God, for the Church, and for the salvation of souls - burning I say, literally, with fire and faggot - pass by those moral vices and wickednesses, without any chastisement, which are acknowledged by all men to be diametrically opposite to the profession of Christianity, and bend all its nerves either to the introducing of ceremonies, or to the establishment of opinions, which for the most part are about nice and intricate matters, that exceed the capacity of ordinary understandings? #Quote by John Locke
Vices quotes by Mark Kingwell
#86. If you have ever been accused of being rude when you were merely stating the truth, or called a gossip because you like to dwell on other people's actions, Westacott is for you. His linked studies of everyday vices offer elegant analysis of the goods that lurk in behavior that is usually condemned. This wise book is practical philosophy in the best sense. #Quote by Mark Kingwell
Vices quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#87. The Grecian are youthful and erring and fallen gods, with the vices of men, but in many important respects essentially of the divine race. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Vices quotes by Israel Shenker
#88. Jews are a singular confusion - difficult to define, awkward to describe, impossible to understand. All the virtues, all the vices, every pleasure, every pain - nothing is spared them. #Quote by Israel Shenker
Vices quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#89. Men wish to be saved from the mischiefs of their vices, but not from their vices. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Vices quotes by Patrick Leahy
#90. Why do the President and Vice-President constantly change the subject when asked to explain why things are going so badly in Iraq? The answer is simple. They have been consistently wrong about Iraq, and the results speak for themselves. #Quote by Patrick Leahy
Vices quotes by Julia Glass
#91. I, too, seem to be a connoisseur of rain, but it does not fill me with joy; it allows me to steep myself in a solitude I nurse like a vice I've refused to vanquish. #Quote by Julia Glass
Vices quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#92. The reason that men are so slow to confess their vices is because they have not yet abandoned them. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Vices quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#93. Every vice is only an exaggeration of a necessary and virtuous function. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Vices quotes by Geraldine Ferraro
#94. I am the first to admit that were I not a woman, I would not have been the vice-presidential nominee. #Quote by Geraldine Ferraro
Vices quotes by Nelson Mandela
#95. The impression that you are a demigod worried me. I wanted to be like an ordinary human being with virtues and vices. #Quote by Nelson Mandela
Vices quotes by Diane Arbus
#96. One thing that struck me early is that you don't put into a photograph what's going to come out. Or, vice versa, what comes out is not what you put in. #Quote by Diane Arbus
Vices quotes by Anthony Trollope
#97. How constantly in her triumph would she be able to forget all his vices, his debts, his gambling, his late hours, and his cruel treatment of herself! As #Quote by Anthony Trollope
Vices quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#98. unless an evil thought is born in a twisted mind, human nature is repelled by crime. However, civilization has given us needs, vices and artificial appetites which sometimes cause us to repress our good instincts and lead us to wrongdoing. #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Vices quotes by William Ralph Inge
#99. Deliberate cruelty to our defenceless and beautiful little cousins is surely one of the meanest and most detestable vices of which a human being can be guilty. #Quote by William Ralph Inge
Vices quotes by David Hume
#100. Virtue is attended by more peace of mind than vice, and meets with a more favourable reception from the world. I am sensible, that, according to the past experience of mankind, friendship is the chief joy of human life and moderation the only source of tranquillity and happiness. #Quote by David Hume
Vices quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#101. Yes, my particular virtue of being very often objective, and thus sidetracked from thinking about myself, suffers lapses of affirmation, as do all virtues and even all vices. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Vices quotes by Theodore T. Munger
#102. The debt-habit is the twin brother of poverty. #Quote by Theodore T. Munger
Vices quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#103. Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Vices quotes by Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux
#104. When we envy another, we make their virtue our vice. #Quote by Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux
Vices quotes by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
#105. It is only in some corner of the brain which we leave empty that Vice can obtain a lodging. When she knocks at your door be able to say: No room for your ladyship; pass on. #Quote by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
Vices quotes by Francis Scott Key
#106. Nothing but Christianity will give you the victory. Until a man believes in his heart that Jesus Christ is his Lord and Master ... his course through life will be neither safe nor pleasant. My only regret is that I was so long blinded by my pleasures, my vices and pursuits, and the examples of others that I was kept fr ... om seeing, admiring, and adoring the marvelous light of the gospel. #Quote by Francis Scott Key
Vices quotes by Karl A. Menninger
#107. Self love is not opposed to the love of other people. You cannot really love yourself and do yourself a favor without doing other people a favor, and vice versa. #Quote by Karl A. Menninger
Vices quotes by Baruch Spinoza
#108. The superstitious, who know how to reprove vices rather than how to teach virtues, and who strive, not to lead people by reason, but to restrain them by fear in such a way that they flee what is bad rather than love the virtues, simply intend all other people to be as miserable as they are, and so it is not surprising that they are for the most part irksome and hateful to human beings. #Quote by Baruch Spinoza
Vices quotes by Kevin Keegan
#109. Luis Figo is totally different to David Beckham, and vice versa. #Quote by Kevin Keegan
Vices quotes by William Hazlitt
#110. Features alone do not run in the blood; vices and virtues, genius and folly, are transmitted through the same sure but unseen channel. #Quote by William Hazlitt
Vices quotes by Wally Olins
#111. The only requirement of a symbol is that it have substance underneath: The first thing to do is to try to establish the substance. The style comes after the substance. Only then can the style help the substance, and vice versa. #Quote by Wally Olins
Vices quotes by John McCain
#112. I want to tell the vice president and everybody else that when I'm president there will be a controlling legal authority. #Quote by John McCain
Vices quotes by T.H. White
#113. He, unfortunately for himself, had been beautifully brought up. His teacher had educated him as the child is educated in the womb, where it lives the history of man from fish to mammal
and, like the child in the womb, he had been protected with love meanwhile. The effect of such an education was that he had grown up without any of the useful accomplishments for living
without malice, vanity, suspicion, cruelty, and the commoner forms of selfishness. Jealousy seemed to him the most ignoble of vices. He was sadly unfitted for hating his best friend or torturing his wife. He had been given too much love and trust to be good at these things. #Quote by T.H. White
Vices quotes by Tina Fey
#114. The barrier between TV and movies has come down and film actors are willing to do TV and vice versa, because they just want to follow what's interesting. #Quote by Tina Fey
Vices quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#115. Be a pattern to others, and then all will go well; for as a whole city is affected by the licentious passions and vices of great men, so it is likewise reformed by their moderation. #Quote by Thomas Carlyle
Vices quotes by William Graham Sumner
#116. Nine-tenths of our measures for preventing vice are really protective towards it, because they ward off the penalty. #Quote by William Graham Sumner
Vices quotes by David Gregory
#117. Let's just be clear here. The vice president of the United States accidentally shoots a man, and he feels that it's appropriate for a ranch owner who witnessed this to tell the local Corpus Christi newspaper and not the White House press corps at large, or notify the public in a national way. #Quote by David Gregory
Vices quotes by Aristotle.
#118. Moral virtue is a mean ... between two vices, one of excess and the other of defect; ... it is such a mean because it aims at hitting the middle point in feelings and in actions. This is why it is a hard task to be good, for it is hard to find the middle point in anything. #Quote by Aristotle.
Vices quotes by Paula McLain
#119. There was only today to throw yourself into without thinking about tomorrow, let alone forever. To keep you from thinking, there was liquor, an ocean's worth at least, all the usual vices and plenty of rope to hang yourself with. Love is a beautiful liar. #Quote by Paula McLain
Vices quotes by Washington Irving
#120. This, to a busy mind like his, was a truly deplorable situation; and had he not been a man of inflexible morals and regular habits, there would have been great danger of his taking to politics or drinking - both which pernicious vices we daily see men driven to by mere spleen and idleness. #Quote by Washington Irving
Vices quotes by Benedict Of Nursia
#121. It is useless to subdue the flesh by abstinence, unless one gives up his irregular life, and abandons vices which defile his soul. #Quote by Benedict Of Nursia
Vices quotes by Paula McLain
#122. Not everyone believes in marriage then. To marry was to say you believed in the future and in the past, too – that history and tradition and hope could stay knitted together to hold you up. But the war had come and stolen all the fine young men and our faith too. There was only today to throw yourself into without thinking about tomorrow, let alone forever. To keep you from thinking there was liquor, an ocean's worth at least, all the usual vices and plenty of rope to hang yourself with. But some of us, very few in the end, bet on marriage against the odds. #Quote by Paula McLain
Vices quotes by William Graham Sumner
#123. Can anyone imagine that the masterfulness, the overbearing disposition, the greed of gain, and the ruthlessness in methods, which are the faults of the master of industry at his worst, would cease when he was a functionary of the State, which had relieved him of risk and endowed him with authority? Can anyone imagine that politicians would no longer be corruptly fond of money, intriguing, and crafty when they were charged, not only with patronage and government contracts, but also with factories, stores, ships, and railroads? Could we expect anything except that, when the politician and the master of industry were joined in one, we should have the vices of both unchecked by the restraints of either? #Quote by William Graham Sumner
Vices quotes by Amy Bloom
#124. Be real and be unashamed, even of your faults. I do truly know what my husband is made of and vice versa. #Quote by Amy Bloom
Vices quotes by Blaise Pascal
#125. There are vices which have no hold upon us, but in connection with others; and which, when you cut down the trunk, fall like the branches. #Quote by Blaise Pascal
Vices quotes by Caitlin Moran
#126. Perhaps it's time for women to finally stop being secretive about their vices and start treating them like all other addicts treat their habits instead. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Vices quotes by Ray Dalio
#127. Some people who are creative are not reliable and vice versa; some see big pictures while others see details, etc. All of them are important to have on well-orchestrated teams. #Quote by Ray Dalio
Vices quotes by Joseph Conrad
#128. And having no respect he ceases to love, and in order to occupy and distract himself without love he gives way to passions and coarse pleasures, and sinks to bestiality in his vices, all from continual lying to other men and to himself. The man who lies to himself can be more easily offended than anyone. You know it is sometimes very pleasant to take offence, isn't it? A man may know that nobody has insulted him, but that he has invented the insult for himself, has lied and exaggerated to make it picturesque, has caught at a word and made a mountain out of a molehill- he knows that himself, yet he will be the first to take offence, and will revel in his resentment till he feels great pleasure in it, and so pass to genuine vindictiveness. But #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Vices quotes by James Clarke
#129. All boys wish to be manly; but they often try to become so by copying the vices of men rather than their virtues. They see men drinking, smoking, swearing; so these poor little fellows sedulously imitate such bad habits, thinking they are making themselves more like men. They mistake rudeness for strength, disrespect to parents for independence. They read wretched stories about boy brigands and boy detectives, and fancy themselves heroes when they break the laws, and become troublesome and mischievous. Out of such false influences the criminal classes are recruited. Many a little boy who only wishes to be manly, becomes corrupted and debased by the bad examples around him and the bad literature which he reads. The cure for this is to give him good books, show him truly noble examples from life and history, and make him understand how infinitely above this mock-manliness is the true courage which ennobles human nature. #Quote by James Clarke
Vices quotes by John Dryden
#130. Fattened in vice, so callous and so gross, he sins and sees not, senseless of his loss. #Quote by John Dryden
Vices quotes by William Hazlitt
#131. Virtue steals, like a guilty thing, into the secret haunts of vice and infamy, clings to their devoted victim, and will not be driven quite away. Nothing can destroy the human heart. #Quote by William Hazlitt
Vices quotes by Tito Colliander
#132. Remember: there is no place, no community, no external circumstance that is not serviceable for the battle you have chosen. The exception is only such work as directly serves your vices. #Quote by Tito Colliander
Vices quotes by Walter Raleigh
#133. According to Solomon, life and death are in the power of the tongue; and as Euripides truly affirmeth, every unbridled tongue in the end shall find itself unfortunate; for in all that ever I observed in the course of worldly things, I ever found that men's fortunes are oftener made by their tongues than by their virtues, and more men's fortunes overthrown thereby, also, than by their vices. #Quote by Walter Raleigh
Vices quotes by William Habington
#134. No distinction is 'tween man and man,
But as his virtues add to him a glory
Or vices cloud him. #Quote by William Habington
Vices quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
#135. Some philosophers would give a sex to revenge, and appropriate it almost exclusively to the female mind. But, like most other vices, it is of both genders; yet, because wounded vanity and slighted love are the two most powerful excitements to revenge, it has been thought, perhaps, to rage with more violence in the female heart. #Quote by Charles Caleb Colton
Vices quotes by Samuel Johnson
#136. Most vices may be committed very genteelly: a man may debauch his friend's wife genteelly: he may cheat at cards genteelly #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Vices quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#137. When our relatives are at home, we have to think of all their good points or it would be impossible to endure them. But when they are away, we console ourselves for their absence by dwelling on their vices. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Vices quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#138. Life was certainly more entertaining when people were indulging their vices as opposed to going to meetings to indulge in a new vice: discussing their innermost thoughts in public. #Quote by Fran Lebowitz
Vices quotes by George William Curtis
#139. Virtue does not truly reward her votary if she leaves him sad and half doubtful whether it would not have been better to serve vice. #Quote by George William Curtis
Vices quotes by Tom Stoppard
#140. Plays ... Maidens aspiring to Godheads and vice versa! #Quote by Tom Stoppard
Vices quotes by T. S. Eliot
#141. After such knowledge, what forgiveness? Think now
History has many cunning passages, contrived corridors
And issues, deceives with whispering ambitions,
Guides us by vanities. Think now
She gives when our attention is distracted
And what she gives, gives with such supple confusions
That the giving famishes the craving. Gives too late
What's not believed in, or if still believed,
In memory only, reconsidered passion. Gives too soon
Into weak hands, what's thought can be dispensed with
Till the refusal propagates a fear. Think
Neither fear nor courage saves us. Unnatural vices
Are fathered by our heroism. Virtues
Are forced upon us by our impudent crimes.
These tears are shaken from the wrath-bearing tree. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Vices quotes by Gary Larson
#142. The idea for any cartoon (my experience, anyway) is rarely spontaneous. Good ideas usually evolve out of pretty lame ones, and vice versa. #Quote by Gary Larson
Vices quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#143. A new philosophy generally means in practice the praise of some old vice. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Vices quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#144. I never was so rapid in my virtue but my vice kept up with me. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Vices quotes by Susanna Clarke
#145. I was always amazed at Cambridge how quickly people appeared to take offence at everything I said, but now I see plainly that it was not my words they hated - it was this fairy face. The dark alchemy of this face turns all my gentle human emotions into fierce fairy vices. Inside I am all despair, but this face shows only fairy scorn. My remorse becomes fairy fury and my pensiveness is turned to fairy cunning. #Quote by Susanna Clarke
Vices quotes by Samuel Butler
#146. The function of vice is to keep virtue within reasonable bounds. #Quote by Samuel Butler
Vices quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
#147. Faults of the head are punished in this world, those of the heart in another; but as most of our vices are compound, so also is their punishment. #Quote by Charles Caleb Colton
Vices quotes by Thomas Paine
#148. It is unnatural that a pure stream should flow from a foul fountain its vices are but a continuation of the vices of its origin. A man of moral honor and good political principles, cannot submit to the mean drudgery and disgraceful arts, by which such elections are carried. To be a successful candidate, he must be destitute of the qualities that constitute a just legislator: and being thus disciplined to corruption it is not to be expected that the representative should be better than the man. #Quote by Thomas Paine
Vices quotes by Cassandra Clare
#149. Perhaps [James Herondale] loved vice for vice's own sake. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Vices quotes by Horace
#150. Curst is the wretch enslaved to such a vice,
Who ventures life and soul upon the dice. #Quote by Horace
Vices quotes by John Wesley
#151. Vice does not lose its character by becoming fashionable. #Quote by John Wesley
Vices quotes by Ted Turner
#152. I like something with 'vice' in it. #Quote by Ted Turner
Vices quotes by Edward Gibbon
#153. To a philosophic eye, the vices of the clergy are far less dangerous than their virtues. #Quote by Edward Gibbon
Vices quotes by John Dryden
#154. Satire is a kind of poetry in which human vices are reprehended. #Quote by John Dryden
Vices quotes by Honore De Balzac
#155. Hatred is the vice of narrow souls; they feed it with all their littleness, and make it the pretext of base tyrannies. #Quote by Honore De Balzac
Vices quotes by Ryan C. Gordon
#156. The simple fact is that code quality tends to improve as you move between platforms ... non-obvious bugs on Windows become VERY obvious in the Linux port and vice versa, and thus get fixed. So even the Windows gamers will win in all of this. #Quote by Ryan C. Gordon
Vices quotes by Menzies Campbell
#157. It can fairly be said of John Smith that he had all the virtues of a Scottish presbyterian, but none of the vices. #Quote by Menzies Campbell
Vices quotes by John Hodgman
#158. The very idea that there is no truth, but only the filter of narrative through which truth is invented is something I learned at the feet of the most leftist professors at Yale and am learning again from Sarah Palin during the Vice Presidential debate, and I find that very disorienting. #Quote by John Hodgman
Vices quotes by Luc De Clapiers
#159. Is it against justice or reason to love ourselves? And why is self-love always a vice? #Quote by Luc De Clapiers
Vices quotes by Rob Brezsny
#160. You're a star
and so am I. I'm a genius
and so are you.
Your success encourages my brilliance, and my charisma enhances your power.
Your victory doesn't require my defeat, and vice versa. #Quote by Rob Brezsny
Vices quotes by Peter Drucker
#161. Capitalism is being attacked not because it is inefficient or misgoverned but because it is cynical. And indeed a society based on the assertion that private vices become public benefits cannot endure, no matter how impeccable its logic, no matter how great its benefits. #Quote by Peter Drucker
Vices quotes by John Milton
#162. That virtue therefore which is but a youngling in the contemplation of evil, and knows not the utmost that vice promises to her followers, and rejects it, is but a blank virtue, not a pure; her whiteness is but an excremental whiteness. #Quote by John Milton
Vices quotes by Eduardo Galeano
#163. Work is the most useless of vices. There is no commodity in the world cheaper than labor. While wages fall and hours rise, the labor market vomits up people. Take it or leave it – there's a long line behind you. #Quote by Eduardo Galeano
Vices quotes by Raymond E. Feist
#164. Of all the weaknesses that beset a man, vanity is the most deadly. For through vanity can a wise man turn to folly. #Quote by Raymond E. Feist
Vices quotes by Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke
#165. It is a very easy thing to devise good laws; the difficulty is to make them effective. The great mistake is that of looking upon men as virtuous, or thinking that they can be made so by laws; and consequently the greatest art of a politician is to render vices serviceable to the cause of virtue. #Quote by Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke
Vices quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#166. You hate America, don't you?'
That would be as silly as loving it,' I said. 'It's impossible for me to get emotional about it, because real estate doesn't interest me. It's no doubt a great flaw in my personality, but I can't think in terms of boundaries. Those imaginary lines are as unreal to me as elves and pixies. I can't believe that they mark the end or the beginning of anything of real concern to a human soul. Virtues and vices, pleasures and pains cross boundaries at will. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Vices quotes by Anthony Trollope
#167. Nevertheless a certain class of dishonesty, dishonesty magnificent in its proportions, and climbing into high places, has become at the same time so rampant and so splendid that there seems to be reason for fearing that men and women will be taught to feel that dishonesty, if it can become splendid, will cease to be abominable. If dishonesty can live in a gorgeous palace with pictures on all its walls, and gems in all its cupboards, with marble and ivory in all its corners, and can give Apician dinners, and get into Parliament, and deal in millions, then dishonesty is not disgraceful, and the man dishonest after such a fashion is not a low scoundrel. Instigated, I say, by some such reflections as these, I sat down in my new house to write The Way We Live Now. And as I had ventured to take the whip of the satirist into my hand, I went beyond the iniquities of the great speculator who robs everybody, and made an onslaught also on other vices;--on the intrigues of girls who want to get married, on the luxury of young men who prefer to remain single, and on the puffing propensities of authors who desire to cheat the public into buying their volumes. #Quote by Anthony Trollope
Vices quotes by John William Fletcher
#168. The sins we do, people behold with optics,
Which shew them ten times more than common vices,
And often multiply them. #Quote by John William Fletcher
Vices quotes by Walter Lippmann
#169. Unless the reformer can invent something which substitutes attractive virtues for attractive vices, he will fail. #Quote by Walter Lippmann
Vices quotes by Albert Pike
#170. Hypocrisy is the homage that vice and wrong pay to virtue and justice . #Quote by Albert Pike
Vices quotes by Louis Antoine De Saint-Just
#171. You who make the laws, the vices and the virtues of the people will be your work. #Quote by Louis Antoine De Saint-Just
Vices quotes by J. A. Spender
#172. Hostility to youth is the worst vice of the middle-aged. #Quote by J. A. Spender
Vices quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#173. A typical vice of American politics is the avoidance of saying anything real on real issues. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Vices quotes by Joseph Addison
#174. To this end, nothing is to be more carefully consulted than plainness. In a lady's attire this is the single excellence; for to be what some people call fine, is the same vice, in that case, as to be florid is in writing or speaking. #Quote by Joseph Addison
Vices quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#175. Humility is often only the putting on of a submissiveness by which men hope to bring other people to submit to them; it is a morecalculated sort of pride, which debases itself with a design of being exalted; and though this vice transform itself into a thousand several shapes, yet the disguise is never more effectual nor more capable of deceiving the world than when concealed under a form of humility. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Vices quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
#176. The martyrs to vice far exceed the martyrs to virtue, both in endurance and in number. #Quote by Charles Caleb Colton
Vices quotes by Matt Walsh
#177. If you won 600 million dollars in the lottery, would you go out the next day and break into cars to steal the change from the cup holders? That's what sleeping around is like when you've already found a woman who will pledge her life and her entire being to you for the remainder of her existence.
You tell me that you are in an "open marriage." I will probably be lambasted for "judging" you for it, but, sorry Professor, an "open marriage" makes about as much sense as a plane without wings or a boat that doesn't float. Marriages, by definition, are supposed to be closed. Actually, I'm getting rather tired of people like you trying to hijack the institution, strip it of its beauty and purpose, and convert it into some shallow little thing that suits your vices. #Quote by Matt Walsh
Vices quotes by Eliza Parsons
#178. Vain mistaken mortals, who, valuing themselves on names and titles, suppose that the virtues of the mind must be attached to an empty sound, when every day's experience proves that birth is disgraced, titles rendered contemptible, and riches a curse, by the vices, meanness, and dissipation of its possessors! #Quote by Eliza Parsons
Vices quotes by Mignon McLaughlin
#179. Minor vices lead to major ones, but minor virtues stay put. #Quote by Mignon McLaughlin
Vices quotes by Juvenal
#180. Vice deceives us when dressed in the garb of virtue. #Quote by Juvenal
Vices quotes by Mark Twain
#181. I haven't a particle of confidence in a man who has no redeeming petty vices whatsoever. #Quote by Mark Twain
Vices quotes by Helen Hunt Jackson
#182. Most men call fretting a minor fault, a foible, and not a vice. There is no vice except drunkenness which can so utterly destroy the peace, the happiness of a hoe. #Quote by Helen Hunt Jackson
Vices quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#183. We early arrive at the great discovery that there is one mind common to all individual men: that what is individual is less than what is universalthat error, vice and disease have their seat in the superficial or individual nature. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Vices quotes by Arturo Perez Reverte
#184. But that is the way of life, and that was but one of the first times, among no few to come, that I was taught a useful lesson about how appearances trump truth, and how villains hide their vices behind masks of piety, honour, and decency. And that to denounce evildoers without proof, attack them with weapons, trust blindly in reason or justice, is often the fastest road toward one's own perdition, while the scoundrels who use influence or money as a shield remained untouched. #Quote by Arturo Perez Reverte
Vices quotes by George Berkeley
#185. To me it seems that liberty and virtue were made for each other. If any man wish to enslave his country, nothing is a fitter preparative than vice; and nothing leads to vice so surely as irreligion. #Quote by George Berkeley
Vices quotes by Luc De Clapiers
#186. It cannot be a vice in men to be sensible of their strength. #Quote by Luc De Clapiers
Vices quotes by Victor Buono
#187. My only aversion to vice, is the price. #Quote by Victor Buono
Vices quotes by Aristotle.
#188. Youth should be kept strangers to all that is bad, and especially to things which suggest vice or hate. When the five years have passed away, during the two following years they must look on at the pursuits which they are hereafter to learn. There are two periods of life with reference to which education has to be divided, from seven to the age of puberty, and onwards to the age of one and twenty. #Quote by Aristotle.
Vices quotes by Seneca The Younger
#189. Nothing is as certain as that the vices of leisure are gotten rid of by being busy. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Vices quotes by Publilius Syrus
#190. The little vices of the great must needs be accounted very great. #Quote by Publilius Syrus
Vices quotes by Seneca The Younger
#191. We pardon familiar vices. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Vices quotes by Ann Coulter
#192. Canada used to be ... one of our most ... most loyal friends, and vice versa. I mean, Canada sent troops to Vietnam. Was Vietnam less containable and more of a threat than Saddam Hussein? #Quote by Ann Coulter
Vices quotes by Daniel J. Boorstin
#193. Although we may suffer from idolatry, we do not, I think, suffer from materialism - from the overvaluing of material objects for their own sake. Of this the world accuses us. Yet our very wealth itself has somehow made us immune to materialism - the characteristic vice of impoverished peoples. Instead, our peculiar idolatry is one with which the world till now has been unfamiliar... To flood the world with images of ourselves. It is to these images and not the material objects that we are devoted. No wonder that the puzzled world finds this unattractive and calls it by the name of its own old-fashioned vices. #Quote by Daniel J. Boorstin
Vices quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#194. Your business as a writer is not to illustrate virtue but to show how a fellow may move toward it or away from it. #Quote by Robert Penn Warren
Vices quotes by Francis Bacon
#195. Beauty is as summer fruits, which are easy to corrupt, and cannot last; and for the most part it makes a dissolute youth, and an age a little out of countenance; but yet certainly again, if it light well, it maketh virtue shine, and vices blush. #Quote by Francis Bacon
Vices quotes by Aristotle.
#196. Virtue also depends on ourselves. And so also does vice. For where we are free to act we are also free to refrain from acting, and where we are able to say No we are also able to say Yes; if therefore we are responsible for doing a thing when to do it right, we are also responsible for not doing it when not to do it is wrong, and if we are responsible for rightly not doing a thing, we are also responsible for wrongly doing it. #Quote by Aristotle.
Vices quotes by Thomas Browne
#197. The vices we scoff at in others laugh at us within ourselves. #Quote by Thomas Browne
Vices quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#198. Friendship was given by nature to be an assistant to virtue, not a companion in vice. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Vices quotes by Sarah Palin
#199. What does the vice president do? #Quote by Sarah Palin
Vices quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#200. Nothing is quite so wretchedly corrupt as an aristocracy which has lost its power but kept its wealth and which still has endless leisure to devote to nothing but banal enjoyments. All its great thoughts and passionate energy are things of the past, and nothing but a host of petty, gnawing vices now cling to it like worms to a corpse. #Quote by Alexis De Tocqueville

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