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Vestner Tor quotes by Lee Child
#1. Based on Tor, which is what they all use. Which was written by the United States Naval Research Laboratory, ironically. To provide a safe haven for political dissidents and whistleblowers, all around the world. Which is the law of unintended consequences, right there, biting the world in the ass. Tor stands for The Onion Router. Because that's what we're dealing with here. Layers upon layers upon layers, like the layers of an onion, in the Deep Web itself, and inside all of its separate sites. #Quote by Lee Child
Vestner Tor quotes by Carian Cole
#2. Hello, Satan. I know you've been waiting patiently for me since the demise of the good and noble Uncle Tor. I have a feeling I'll be staying here a while. #Quote by Carian Cole
Vestner Tor quotes by Magus Tor
#3. Write and keep writing, not because people will like it, but because someone may get a kick out of thrashing your book. #Quote by Magus Tor
Vestner Tor quotes by Jason Louv
#4. Faced with a totally controlled, monitored and owned online world, in which every utterance is immediately scanned and filed away, many have yet to make the connection that the best solution may not be running Tor and eighteen proxies, but writing things down on paper and talking face-to-face. Remember the mail? Remember conversations? Yeah, those still exist. Want to shake somebody out of their online trance? Send them a letter. Send them art. Want to record something that will last longer than a few seconds on Facebook or Twitter? Write a book. The physical world didn't go anywhere. In fact, physical artifacts and experiences have only grown in totemic power the more we've pushed them away. #Quote by Jason Louv
Vestner Tor quotes by Jim Butcher
#5. But that's just it. I ... I don't want to go. I don't want to see that..." She glanced aside at Mouse and shuddered. "Blood, like that. I don't remember what happened when you and Mother saved me from Arctis Tor. But I don't want to see more of that. I don't want it to happen to me. I don't want to hurt anyone."
I let out a low, non-committal sound. "Then why are you here?"
"B-because," she said, searching for words. "Because I need to do it. I know that what you're doing is necessary. And it's right. And I know that you're doing it because you're the only one who can. And I want to help."
"You think you're strong enough to help?" I asked her.
She bit her lip again and met my eyes for just a second. "I think ... I think it doesn't matter how strong my magic is. I know I don't ... I don't know how to do these things like you do. The guns and the battles and ..." She lifted her chin and seemed to gather herself a little. "But I know more than most."
"You know some," I admitted. "But you got to understand, kid. That won't mean much once things get nasty. There's no time for thinking or second chances."
She nodded. "All I can promise you is that I won't leave you when you need me. I'll do whatever you think I can. I'll stay here and man the phone. I'll drive the car. I'll walk at the back and hold the flashlight. Whatever you want." She met my eyes and her own hardened. "But I can't sit at home being safe. I need to be a part of this. I need to help. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Vestner Tor quotes by Kristen Ashley
#6. Quiet," he repeated on a growl, "I'm about to fuck my wife and the only words I want her saying when I do it are 'yes', 'Tor', 'my prince', 'baby' and 'oh my God'. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Vestner Tor quotes by Andrea Cremer
#7. Ansel sighed. You know, this is the problem with you alphas, you're so concerned about taking over the new pack that you don't notice what's happening right in front of your face. #Quote by Andrea Cremer
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Udall
#8. Tearing the paper means you've stopped believing in the infinite possibilities of a square. #Quote by Tor Udall
Vestner Tor quotes by Blake Morrison
#9. You can possess a book without really owning it, though. Beyond ownership in a commercial or legal sense, there's ownership of an emotional or metaphysical kind - when a book speaks so powerfully to us that we feel it's ours exclusively: that it exists just tor us. People we meet sometimes have this effect too; they look into our eyes, and speak in a hushed, intimate voice, and make us feel we're uniquely important to them - before going on to do the same to someone else. In life, we call these people flirts. The best books are flirtatious, too, since they seem to be ours alone when in reality they're anyone's. #Quote by Blake Morrison
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Ulven
#10. I never got to see a proper striptease. Not anything even remotely close. I was stupid and went to literary cafés and spent my time on artistic nonsense instead. Now it is too late. I am old and blind. I must content myself with hearing the garments fall. I dictated this. #Quote by Tor Ulven
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Norretranders
#11. The least interesting aspect of good conversation is what is actually said. What is more interesting is all the deliberations and emotions that take place simultaneously #Quote by Tor Norretranders
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Norretranders
#12. Such compression of large amounts of information into a few exformation-rich macrostates with small quantities of nominal information are not only intelligent: they are very beautiful: yes, even sexy. Seing a jumble of confused data and shreds of rote learning compressed into a concise, clear message can be a real turn-on. #Quote by Tor Norretranders
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Udall
#13. Chloe takes a mental snapshot, as if one day she will paint him. It will be a day's work getting to know his body. #Quote by Tor Udall
Vestner Tor quotes by Brian Hodge
#14. A year after I'd graduated college, I went to a weeklong conference intensive in Boston, and that's when things kicked into high gear. My workshop leader was a Harvard professor and editor. At the end of the week we met one-on-one over breakfast, and she said, in essence, "Look, you're ready to turn pro." She gave me a list of literary agents to query once I had something to show them. I came home and wrote my first real novel, and the agent that sold it to Tor Books was on that list. #Quote by Brian Hodge
Vestner Tor quotes by Debasish Mridha
#15. Oh, my beauty!
Oh, my reflection of life!
Oh, my unmet desires!
I am longing for you
tor now and forever! #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Vestner Tor quotes by Ryan Graudin
#16. She'd been trained to survive many things: starvation and bullet wounds. Winter nights and scouring sun. Double-tied knots and interrogations at knifepoint. But this? A boy's lips on hers. Moving and melding. Soft and strength, velvet and iron. Opposite elements that tugged and tor Yael from the inside. Feelings bloomed, hot and warm. Deep and dark. #Quote by Ryan Graudin
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Udall
#17. I don't want to return to the world outside these Gardens. All I want is to notice the dew on a leaf. The holy busyness of worms in the soil. #Quote by Tor Udall
Vestner Tor quotes by Ann Aguirre
#18. I choose not to serve the Conglomerate as an ambassador, but that doesn't mean I've given up on humanity. Surrender isn't a word in my personal lexicon; there are other ways and means. If nothing else, Ithiss-Tor taught me there's always a choice. #Quote by Ann Aguirre
Vestner Tor quotes by John Steinbeck
#19. The other night I discovered that 50 feet from our house,through a break in the trees, you can see St Michael's Tor at Glastonbury ... There is no question that there is magic here and all kinds of magic. (Bruton 1959) #Quote by John Steinbeck
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Udall
#20. They talked in the supermarket, the butcher's and the post office of how they had watched a child collecting twigs, or was it flowers...? How they had noticed the sky, what a blue sky there was that day. Chloe remembers her walking through the trees, the branches growing bigger until she couldn't see her any more. A child had been lost and Kew would never be the same. #Quote by Tor Udall
Vestner Tor quotes by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
#21. Back in 2008, when we were first preparing to launch, I knew I wanted Jo Walton to be a regular writer for the site. #Quote by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Vestner Tor quotes by Kristen Britain
#22. Identify you as messenger ... to other Riders." The words were gasped as if he
were forcing air in and out of his lungs by sheer will to extend his life. "Fly ... Rider, with
great speed. Don't read m-message. Then they can't tor-torture ... it from you. If captured,
shred it and toss it to the winds." Then, because his voice had grown so faint, she had to
lean very close to hear his final words. "Beware the shadow man."
A cold tremor ran through Karigan's body. "I'll do my best," she told him. #Quote by Kristen Britain
Vestner Tor quotes by Chris Owen
#23. He gave River a couple of apples and some water, keeping an eye on Tor, who was now standing, shaking with anger. Jake decided it was a good thing he was mad at Tor, 'cause shit, the man was soaked, everything clung to him and he looked hard and lean and completely touchable. Yeah, best to be pissed at the jerk when he looked like that. #Quote by Chris Owen
Vestner Tor quotes by Robin McKinley
#24. There was a long pause while she hated everyone impartially: Tor for behaving like a farmer's son whose pet chicken has just been insulted; her father, for being so immovably kingly; and Perlith for being Perlith. #Quote by Robin McKinley
Vestner Tor quotes by Ann Aguirre
#25. The dark breaks wide in fragile rays. Dawn on Ithiss-Tor is more subtle than other sunrises. I have lost count of the worlds where I have stood and watched the light rise, peeling away the sky, sometimes in quiet colors, and sometimes in raw, violent slashes, as if the goddess I don't believe in has cut her veins. And sometimes, as on Gehenna, the sky changes not at all, just endless night, or endless brilliance
and after a time, the constant uniformity makes you feel as if you are the thing that must give way. #Quote by Ann Aguirre
Vestner Tor quotes by Lorenz Font
#26. Quitting is a hiccup for losers. And down they go. #Quote by Lorenz Font
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Norretranders
#27. Civilization is about removing information about our surroundings; discarding information about nature so our senses are not burdened with all that information and our consciousness can concentrate on other matters. #Quote by Tor Norretranders
Vestner Tor quotes by S.G. Night
#28. He and Alexis had met on his first day in Velik Tor. He had been eleven, she ten. They had bonded almost instantly, and had been like brother and sister ever since. They were, after all, the only family they really had. #Quote by S.G. Night
Vestner Tor quotes by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
#29. As a senior editor at Tor Books and the manager of our science fiction and fantasy line, I rarely blog to promote specific projects I'm involved with, for reasons that probably don't need a lot of explanation. #Quote by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Norretranders
#30. A thing not structured and organized contains more information, because it is more difficult to describe #Quote by Tor Norretranders
Vestner Tor quotes by Patrick DeWitt
#31. And yet he held his tongue, wanting his farewell with Marina to be peaceable, not out of any magnanimity, but so that after Tor ruined her - he felt confident Tor would ruin her - and she was once more alone, she would think of Lucy's graciousness and feel the long-lingering sting of bitter regret. #Quote by Patrick DeWitt
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Udall
#32. It doesn't matter where she looks, there are always the beautiful imperfections of a marriage. #Quote by Tor Udall
Vestner Tor quotes by Muhammad Yunus
#33. I am not a capitalist in the simplistic left/right sense. But I do believe in the power of the global free-market economy and in using capitalist tools. I believe in the power of teh free market and the power of capital in the marketplace. I also believe that providing unemployment benefits is not the best way to address poverty. The able-bodied poor don't wan tor need charity. The dole only increases their misery, robs them of incentive and, more important, of self-respect. #Quote by Muhammad Yunus
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Norretranders
#34. Consciousness is not about information but about its opposite: order. #Quote by Tor Norretranders
Vestner Tor quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#35. It was a good ten minutes before I realized Roman and I had been sitting in silence. I stole a look at him out of the corner of my eye, but he seemed unbothered by quiet as I was.

For the first time in a long while, I didn't feel like I had to say anything. There was no one to comfort tor convince. There was no one to charm or encourage. I disappeared into myself as I drove on, trying to find my center. I could breathe. Be still.

What I hadn't expected was how much Roman seemed to need it, too.

Some people feared silence. They did anything to fill it, talking about things that didn't matter, asking questions just to hear some kind of response. it seemed to me that a lot of people saw it as a kind of failure. Evidence that they weren't interesting enough, or that a bond wasn't strong enough. Or maybe they were just nervous about what it would reveal about themselves. #Quote by Alexandra Bracken
Vestner Tor quotes by Tor Norretranders
#36. It is not what we say to each other every day that establishes all the meaning and beauty and truth, it is everything we think before we speak #Quote by Tor Norretranders

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