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Verum Rex quotes by Adam Rex
#1. Look," I said halfheartedly. "Another one of those tumbleweeds made out of old hair weaves."
"Tumbleweave," said J.Lo. #Quote by Adam Rex
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Stout
#2. Then she's the mother!" "No. For various good reasons, no. I won't - " "But she knows who the mother is!" "Probably she did. At least she knew where she got it and who from. But she won't tell because she's dead. She was - " "Dead?" "I'm telling you. After a short talk with her Friday morning I left to get to a phone and send for help, and when I got back to the house her car was gone and so was she. I spent three hours searching the house. I'm reporting only the details that you need to understand the situation. Ellen Tenzer never returned to her house. At six o'clock yesterday morning a cop found a dead woman in a parked car - here in Manhattan, Thirty-eighth Street near Third Avenue. She had been strangled with a piece of cord. It was Ellen Tenzer, and it was her car. You would know about that if you read the papers. So she can't tell us anything. #Quote by Rex Stout
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Curry
#3. ...a murder of crows gormandized until they were satiated. #Quote by Rex Curry
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Harrison
#4. The important thing is to learn through experience.
The more you do the more you learn. I don't think
anyone can teach acting from a podium. #Quote by Rex Harrison
Verum Rex quotes by Adam Rex
#5. Told you," said Mick. "Things comin' together. We set off lookin' for the Utz kids an' find a tree full o' everybody. That's magic, too."
"It's like a story."
"Same thing. The universe don't like plot. Story is magic's way o' telling the universe to sod off."
"That's good then, right?" said Scott. After this episode with Emily, he was ready for some optimism. "Magic wants us all to live happily ever after."
"Not necessarily," Mick answered. "Magic likes a good tragedy, too. #Quote by Adam Rex
Verum Rex quotes by Adam Rex
#6. I began thinking that this was a guy who displayed his books the way another guy might display his animal trophies. #Quote by Adam Rex
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Ryan
#7. We're going to be as loyal to our fans as they are to us. #Quote by Rex Ryan
Verum Rex quotes by Adam Rex
#8. Woah,' I said, blocking the doorway. 'You can't come in here. This is the girls' room.'
Even as it came out of my mouth, I knew it sounded dumb. Dumb, I thought and maybe even wrong.
You ... are a boy, aren't you?' I asked. 'I mean, don't take that the wrong way or anything -'
J.Lo is a boy, yes.' I let that go.
So ... you Boov have boys and girls ... just like us?'
Of course,' said J.Lo. 'Do not be ridicumlous.'
I smiled a wan little smile. 'Sorry.'
The Boov have seven magnificent genders. There is boy, girl, girlboy, boygirl, boyboy, boyboygirl, and boyboyboyboy.'
I had absolutely no response to this. #Quote by Adam Rex
Verum Rex quotes by Sophocles
#9. Long, long ago; her thought was of that child
By him begot, the son by whom the sire
Was murdered and the mother left to breed
With her own seed, a monstrous progeny.
Then she bewailed the marriage bed whereon
Poor wretch, she had conceived a double brood,
Husband by husband, children by her child. #Quote by Sophocles
Verum Rex quotes by Adam Rex
#10. Director Tom Stone is currently a potato farmer in Holbrook and could not be reached for comment. RECORDING #Quote by Adam Rex
Verum Rex quotes by Adam Rex
#11. Allo!" he shouted as he drifted away."there is no to fear! The Boov have stopped eating you people! #Quote by Adam Rex
Verum Rex quotes by Adam Rex
#12. You are singing to the preacher," said J.Lo.
"Preaching to the choir," I corrected him.
"Yes. This thing. #Quote by Adam Rex
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Stout
#13. God made you and me, in certain respects, quite unequal, and it would be futile to try any interference with His arrangements. #Quote by Rex Stout
Verum Rex quotes by Ian Tinny
#14. If you can see a cop in your rear view mirror - no matter how far back the cop is - TURN! The sooner you turn the better. Your goal while driving should be to never let a law enforcement officer into a position where he can pull you over. Don't even let them come close enough to read your tag. #Quote by Ian Tinny
Verum Rex quotes by Elle Lothlorien
#15. Suddenly, the giant, three-headed dog that guards the entrance to the Underworld appears next to her - sans two of its heads - and sits down. As a child, we had a neighbor with a Great Dane, and I know they're about three feet tall at the shoulder. Allow another twelve inches for their T-Rex-sized heads, and you've got a dog that this woman could throw a saddle on and ride like a pony. #Quote by Elle Lothlorien
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Stout
#16. If you want to be contentious wait until you learn what you have to contend with. It works better that way. #Quote by Rex Stout
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Stout
#17. I don't answer questions containing two or more unsupported assumptions. #Quote by Rex Stout
Verum Rex quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#18. If this is called civilization, then I am afraid humanity is no more civilized than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Hunt
#19. Because each are going to blame each other. The thing that Canberra has to really get right is the sharing of the resource. But my problem with people in the government who are there for a short time is that there's no consequences for some of these decisions they make. #Quote by Rex Hunt
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Tillerson
#20. Experience tells us that a good foundation is critical for success in the Arctic and elsewhere. ExxonMobil's Sakhalin-1 project with Rosneft is an example where we have put this experience to work. #Quote by Rex Tillerson
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Brandt
#21. All is measured by that relative term, quality. It is in this search for quality that the artist is, of necessity, the eternal student. #Quote by Rex Brandt
Verum Rex quotes by Adam Rex
#22. I'm half white," I said, folding my arms.
"Hrrm. Which half?"
I blinked. "Uh ... dunno. Let's just say it's from the waist down."
Chief Shouting Bear nodded. "Deal. I only hate your legs. #Quote by Adam Rex
Verum Rex quotes by Adam Rex
#23. Can I come into the out now? - Jlo #Quote by Adam Rex
Verum Rex quotes by Simon Rex
#24. Paris Hilton said something interesting to me once: she said, 'I just tell everyone what they want to hear, and I do what I want to do.' #Quote by Simon Rex
Verum Rex quotes by Adam Rex
#25. A row of tables manned by seated, serious women. Each woman looked like she could be someone's least-favourite aunt. #Quote by Adam Rex
Verum Rex quotes by Plautus
#26. I love truth and wish to have it always spoken to me: I hate a liar.
[Lat., Ego verum amo, verum volo mihi dici; mendacem odi.] #Quote by Plautus
Verum Rex quotes by Chris Pratt
#27. I surprised myself with my ability to run. It's kind of like tippy toe running. I would not be able to outrun Indominus Rex, but with enough practice I might be able to make it 40 or 50 feet before I was killed. #Quote by Chris Pratt
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Stout
#28. The brain can be hoodwinked but not the stomach. #Quote by Rex Stout
Verum Rex quotes by David Walliams
#29. In Britain, a cup of tea is the answer to every problem.
Fallen off your bicycle? Nice cup of tea.
Your house has been destroyed by a meteorite? Nice cup of tea and a biscuit.
Your entire family has been eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex that has travelled through a space/time portal? Nice cup of tea and a piece of cake. Possibly a savoury option would be welcome here too, for example a Scotch egg or a sausage roll. #Quote by David Walliams
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Resurreccion
#30. The excellent person manages himself. He will not allow the environment to manage him. #Quote by Rex Resurreccion
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Stout
#31. I gathered that with the men the consensus was that women were okay in their place, which I guess was the way cavemen felt about it, and all their male descendants. The question was, and still is, what's their place? #Quote by Rex Stout
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Stout
#32. [T]he human equipment includes, for instance, a capacity for personal affection and a willingness to strangle selfish and predatory impulse with the rope of social decency. #Quote by Rex Stout
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Stout
#33. Archie." He was gruff. "No man can hold himself accountable for the results of his psychological defects, especially those he shares with all his fellow men, such as lack of omniscience. It is a vulgar fallacy that what you don't know can't hurt you; but it is true that what you don't know can't convict you. #Quote by Rex Stout
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Ryan
#34. If you don't believe it yourself your team darn sure won't. #Quote by Rex Ryan
Verum Rex quotes by T.H. White
#35. Hic jacet Arthurus Rex quandam Rexque futurus - the once and future king. #Quote by T.H. White
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Murphy
#36. Everything written, if it has anything in it, will offend someone, and if the mere taking of offence was to amount to a licence to kill the offender, well the world would be sadly underpopulated of novelists, columnists, bloggers, and the writers of editorials. #Quote by Rex Murphy
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Stout
#37. The only thing I want is something I can't have; and that is to know if, 100 years from now, people will still buy my books. #Quote by Rex Stout
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Stout
#38. I got the address from her, and by good luck it wasn't Bucyrus, Ohio, but merely Brooklyn. Whatever else you want to say about Brooklyn, and so do I, it does have one big advantage, it's close. #Quote by Rex Stout
Verum Rex quotes by Rex Stout
#39. Saul Panzer stood facing the cast, not the audience. There is nothing impressive about Saul. He is undersized, his nose and ears are too big, and his shoulders slant. With Saul a thousand wrongdoers had made the mistake of believing what they saw. He spoke. "I believe this is the way it was Thursday evening when Mr. Wolfe entered. Does anyone disagree? #Quote by Rex Stout

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